The Whitlock DNA project was started in 2006 and has yielded some exciting results. The connection of so many of our charts to the WHITLOCK02H chart has been very interesting. Most of the Virginia families are close matches to this chart, including WHITLOCK23,33 & 85. In 2014 we discovered the connection of the Virginia families to the WHITLOCK02H family and confirmed what the YDNA tests were indicating.  We then discovered the Whitlock who was likely the husband of Grizel (Coleman) Whitlock who headed the WHITLOCK33 family and connected this family to the WHITLOCK02H family as well, again confirming what the YDNA tests were indicating.  We recently confirmed the descent from Lemuel Whitlock who shows at the end of the WHITLOCK33 chart is not part of that family as we now have two YDNA tests that match as a separate family.

We have enough test results now to indicate that the WHITLOCK09 and WHITLOCK16 families share the same YDNA and likely both originate in Wiltshire, England.  These YDNA tests have also shown an African American family that shares the same YDNA with these Wiltshire families.

Matching YDNA tests normally indicates a common ancestor within 500 years.

We are also getting some deep ancestry indicators as well.  Most of the Whitlocks have Haplogroup R which indicates central European origins.  The WHITLOCK01 family is Haplogroup I which orginates in Sweden and Norway and likely follows the Norse migration down through northern France and up through Cornwall, Devon, Wales and Ireland.

One of the most curious results is a couple of Haplogroup E with origins in West Africa, Morocco and Spain.  Both these results came from families tracing back to Oxford and Wiltshire in the 1600's.  Recent YDNA results from a University study have shown Haplogroup E, while a very small group, has origins in Britain before the conquest in 1066 and may originate with a Roman Soldier recruited in Spain in the 4th or 5th century.

Over all the Whitlock YDNA project has confirmed what we expected.  The name is likely a physical description name eg white enclosure, white lake, white hair etc. and therefore originates in several different locations as people chose surnames in the 1200's & 1300's.

There have been 46 YDNA tests done so far and there are more being done.  An interesting project and we encourage anyone curious to have a male Whitlock relation take the test and send in their confidential results.  Our project is registered with Family Tree DNA and we get a special rate for the 37 marker YDNA tests through the Guild of One Name Studies