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X0001 4 Family tree of Julian Wyatt of Southampton - descent from Roger De la Beche (C.1200) through Agnes De la Beche and John Whitlocke
X0002 6 Six Whitlock families of Pitton, Wiltshire, from Ralph Whitlock
X0003 35 Information from Mrs. Myrtle Johns about Whitlock families and descendants of Ontario
X0004 9 Family of Peter Whitlock (1863-1939) and Martha Jane Williams (1863-1940) from Cliff Whitlock of St. Thomas, Ont.
X0005 2 Descent from Isaac Whitlock (1822- ?) & Hannah Ann Wright from Elmo Ashton of Michigan
X0006 1 Letter from Elise Whitlock re Whitlocks of West Hernham James Whitlock (1817-?) & Caroline (1822-?)
X0007 1 Descent of Thomas Whitlock of Langtree, Devon who married Mary Heaman Apr.8,1673
X0008 1 Further descent of #7
X0009 12 Original and typed copy of notes by Irene Russell on Jenkin, Earl and Gilbert families and Whitlock families of Canada
X0010 1 Notes on Wilfred Whitlocks Uncles and Brothers
X0011 4 Notes from Mrs. Johns on families of Thomas Whitlock and Ann Whitlock married 1841
X0012 5 Letter dated Feb.27,1968 (Dept.of Lands and Forests/Mrs. A.E.Johns) re Township of Hay Canada Land Co. grants 1836-1838 Letter (Dept.of Public Records and Archives/ Frank Whitlock) re Johns and Whitlock land deeds 1844-1865; Letter dated Mar.15,1968 (Dept
X0013 1 Obituary of Harry H. Whitlock of Charlottetown, P.E.I. Oct.2,1967
X0014 1 Information on Whitlocks of Peters Marland, Devon from Mary (Allin) Whitlock (d.1874)
X0015 1 Information on William Charles Whitlock b.1918, -M- Jessie Reardon
X0016 1 Extracts from 1913&1967 Who's Who - R.Henry Anglin Whitelocke, Albert Nickerson Whitlock
X0017 1 Extracts from 1928 Who's Who re: George Frederic Ashford Whitlock
X0018 2 Family of Rebecca Whitlock & George Martin (M 1860's) Family of Isaac Whitlock (1822-1861) and Hanna Ann Wright of P.E.I.
X0019 1 Family of Alfred Whitlock & Laura Hannah Letheren (M in Exeter,Devon 1906)from Arthur John Whitlock
X0020 1 Family of Stephen Whitlock & Sarah (M 1790's) Bursledon & Hursley, Hants. from Muriel D. Brown
X0021 1 Family of George Whitelock (b.1810/11 Armagh Co., Ireland) from Esme Trotter
X0022 2 Family of John Whitelock & Alice Burgoyne (M 1850's) of Thorold, Ontario from Wilma (McMaster) Whitelock
X0023 4 Extracts from Langtree, Devon (1674-1841) from Miss G. Sanders
X0024 3 Family of Frederick Howard Whitelock (b.1896) & Cora May Neal from Wilma (McMaster) Whitelock
X0025 2 Letter from Arleen Whitelock Dd. Aug.12, 1976 re family of Frederick H. Whitelock
X0026 2 Letter from Lois Noonan Dd.Nov.2,1976 re family of William Leslie Whitelock (M.1929)
X0027 1 Extract from South Molton (Devon) Muster Book 1632 re John Whitlock of Warkleigh - from Jean Cole
X0028 1 Extract from Phillimore's Marriage index of Whiteparish, Wilts - from Jean Cole
X0029 1 Extracts from the Devon Muster Roll for 1569 - from Jean Cole
X0030 2 Family chart of the family of John Whitlock & Agnes De La Beche (M 1450's) - from Richard Whitlock Davis
X0031 1 Letter from Noel Ross Dd.Oct.10,1978 re George W. Whitlock (b.1814 New York)
X0032 1 Letter from Josephine Spencer Dd. Sep.20,1978 re Whitlocks of Sturgess Michigan (1860's)
X0033 4 Letter from Jean Cole Dd.Jul.30,1978 re marriage of Henry Whitlock & Rachel Ley Jul.17,1745
X0034 2 Letter from Jean Cole Dd.Aug.6,1978 marriages of Benjamin Whitlox & Mary Abbott Sep.18,1716 and Richard Whitslox & Esther Travers Dec.28,1716
X0035 2 Extracts from Catholic Recusancy in Wiltshire 1660-1791 (Elston): Phillimore's Marriage index - Wilts - from Jean Cole
X0036 1 Family of John Whitelock (1819-1883) Northumberland, England & Thorold Ontario
X0037 1 Letter from Wilf. Whitlock Dd.Nov.29,1978 re family of Robert G. Whitlock, Superintendent of Motor Vehicles for B.C.
X0038 8 Letter from Olive Harvey Dd. Sep.29,1969 re Whitlocks of P.E.I.
X0039 2 Letter from Noel Ross Dd.Nov.23,1978 re Whitlocks of New York
X0040 1 Letter from Josephine Spencer Dd.Nov.13,1978 re Samuel Whitlocks of Michigan
X0041 1 Letter from Mrs.Johnnie Smith Dd.Sep.10,1978 re Talitha Whitlock (b.1818 in Georgia)
X0041A 1 Letter from Anna Popejoy Dd.Feb.18,1979 re Talitha (Whitlock) Vess
X0042 1 Extracts from the 1850 Census New Jersey re John Whitlock (b.1823)
X0043 2 Letter from J. Mervyn Milne Dd.Nov.16,1978 re Olivers & Whitlocks of St.Mary's, Ontario
X0044 3 Family of Daniel & Sophia Oliver of St. Mary's, Ontario Extracts from St.Mary's Cemetery, St.Mary's Argus, paper, Canada Co.rec. Blanshard & St.Mary's census extracts 1851,1861,1871 - from Mervyn Milne
X0045 3 Misc. Devon & Wilts extracts incl. White Directories
X0046 4 Letter from William Whitlock Westaway Dd.Oct.5,1969 re family of Samuel Percival Westaway
X0047 1 Letter from Pam Smith Dd.Mar.25,1978 re Judd Family of Australia, Devon & Canada
X0048 2 Letter from Noel Ross Dd.Mar.16,1979 re family of William Scott Whitlock of Kansas Ancestors of Stuart Whitlock of Council Grove, Kansas - from Noel Ross
X0049 1 Letter from John A. Whitelock Dd.Dec.17,1970 re family of William Elias Whitelock of Tonna, Neath, Wales
X0050 2 Letter from John A. Whitelock Dd.Mar.10,1974 re family of William Elias Whitelock of Wales with possible connection to Langtree, Devon
X0051 2 Notes taken at the house of Margaret Whitelock re Whitelocks of Wales
X0052 1 Family of John Whitlock (1802-1840) from John R. Whitlock
X0053 1 1800 U.S. census for New York extracts by Noel Ross
X0054 3 Notes on Whitlocks of New England by Laura B. Simpson
X0055 1 Letter from Mrs.A.W.Hasselmann Dd.Jul.20,1979 re Cinthea Whitlock of Connecticut (1800's)
X0056 1 Family of William & Selina (Whitlock) Redcliffe (M 1852) from Margaret Cohoe
X0057 6 Devon Census extracts Shebbear 1841, Sheepwash 1841, Peters Marland 1841,51,61, Bideford 1871, Frithelstock 1841,51; Peters Marland Bap.1812-1845 Petrockstow Bap.1804-1811, Bur.1809 from John R. Whitlock
X0058 3 Letter from John G. Smale Dd.Dec.20,1972 re search for Sally Whitlock born about 1811 (M. Jonas Smale 1835)
X0059 3 Letter from Mrs.A.W.Hasselmann Dd.Jul.30,1979 re Elizabeth B. Whitlock b. New York 1828 - includes family of Seth C. Whitlock (1808-1898) - pictures of tombstones in Jonesville, Michigan
X0060 2 Family of William Riley Whitlock (1824-1889) from Laura B. Simpson
X0061 2 Notes of Edward Redcliffe son of Selina (Whitlock) Redcliffe showing descent from John Whitlock(1802-1840) from Margaret Cohoe
X0062 1 Descent from John Whitlock (1802-1840) to children of Paul J. Reynolds b.1952 to 1960 from Margaret Cohoe
X0063 1 Letter from John R. Whitlock Dd.Oct.14,1979 re Whitlocks of Appledore, Devon
X0064 1 Card from Ross & Jill Whitlock with death of Cecil Whitlock Jun.6,1979 and marriage of Terry Redman to Graham Copley
X0065 1 Family of John Whitelock of Sherborne, Dorset from Kenvyn C. Lewis
X0066 3 Devon census extracts - Petrockstow 1841,51,61,71 Appledore 1861,71 from John R. Whitlock
X0067 1 Additions to Whitelocks of Wales by Iris Sutherland
X0068 1 Letter from Anne Gill Dd.Mar.1,1980 (Trehearne Family Assoc.) re Morris Burr Whitlock b.1913 of Ridgefield, Conn.
X0069 1 Family of Henry & Matilda (Burr) Whitlock from Noel Ross
X0070 1 Letter from Noel Ross re NARS Enquiry Dd.Oct.20,1976
X0071 1 Family of John A. Whitlock (1818-1900) from Noel Ross
X0072 11 Family of William Profit Whitlock (1869-1955) from Margay Whitlock
X0073 6 Family of Thomas & Susannah (Stock) Whitlock (1620-1703) from Bache McEvers Whitlock
X0074 3 Additions to family of George & Jane (Pickering) Whitelock (1837-1926) from Bessie Hayes
X0075 1 Family of Peter & Helen (Wade) Whitelock (M 1844) from Prof. Dorothy Whitelock
X0076 1 Additions to the family of Graham Brice Whitlock (1887-1939) from Graham R. Whitlock?
X0077 1 Family of Thomas & Ann (Edwards) Whitlock (M 1817) from Mrs. Wiltshire
X0078 2 Additions to the family of George & Elizabeth (Allen) Whitlock (M 1850) from Mrs.C.A.Johnson
X0079 1 Family of Charles Robert Octavius & Esmeralda Beatrice (Stevens) Whitlock (M 1900) from H.Harold Whitlock
X0080 1 Family of Thomas & Elizabeth (Quy) Whitlock (M about 1800) from H.Rex Whitlock
X0081 3 Additions to the family of Hector Harold & Ella Christina (Brain) Whitlock (M 1930) from Jill (Shirley) Whitlock
X0082 4 Additions to the family of Charles r.o. & E.B.(Stevens) Whitlock (M 1900)
X0083 1 Family of Charles & Sarah (Head) Whitlock (M 1809) from Ralph Whitlock
X0084 2 Family of Elisha & Anne (Carter) Whitlock (M 1696) from Mark Peter Whitlock
X0085 6 Letter from Pam Smith Dd.Mar.20,1980 re "THOMAS JUDD'S FAMILY CALENDAR" showing families of JUDD, NETHAWAY, SUSSEX and COLE.
X0086 4 Letter from David Hutchings Dd.Apr.11,1980 re Hutchings of Peters Marland, Devon
X0087 1 Letter from John R. Whitlock Dd.Apr.21,1980 re death of Mrs.Nell (Whitlock) Cann
X0088 1 Family of Thomas William & Elizabeth (James) Whitlock (M 1882) from John R. Whitlock
X0089 2 Letter from Noel Ross Dd.May 3,1980 re U.S. census for 1850
X0090 1 Letter from Anna Popejoy Dd.May 11,1980 re Telitha (Whitlock) Vess
X0091 1 Extracts from the 1958/59 Who's Who in America from Margaret Hasselmann
X0092 1 Letter from John R. Whitlock Dd.May 18,1980 re Coligny W.J. Whitlock & Nora G. Holford (M 1928)
X0093 1 Letter from Noel Ross Dd.Jun.12,1980 re the Stebbins/Whitlock connection in Conn.
X0094 2 Family of Robert & Susanna (Guyer) Whitlock (M 1770) from Noel Ross
X0095 2 Extracts from Devon parsh registers Buckland Brewer,Little Torrington, Peters Marland, Petrockstow, Bible Christian Chapel (Bideford Curcuit), M.I.'s Petrockstow & Peters Marland from John R. Whitlock
X0096 2 Family of William T.J. & Elizabeth (Hamble) Whitlock (M.about 1900) from John R. Whitlock
X0097 1 Additions to X96 - from John R. Whitlock
X0098 1 M.I.'s Farley, Wilts from Jean Cole
X0099 4 Letter from Anna Popejoy Dd.Jul.14,1980 re Willis & Telitha (Whitlock) Vess (M about 1850) plus family of Tarlton & Winifred (Dunlap) Whitlock (M.1810)
X0100 2 Letter from Noel Ross Dd.Oct.3,1980 re 1840 Census, Saratoga, N.Y.
X0101 3 Letter from Miss D.B.Duke Dd.Jul.19,1980 re John Whitlock of Langtree & son Leslie Whitlock
X0102 1 Thos.Whitlock, Juryman, 1758, Bristol [Soms] from Pam Shields
X0103 1 Card from Chris & Vera Whitlock Dd.Dec.18,1977 re their marriage in 1963 and his mother's death in 1977
X0104 1 We Lived #9:105 York Co., N.B. relief fund 1843 & 1846 re Mary Whitlock, widow from Val Melanson
X0105 1 Wills at Wiltshire Record Office 1673-1782 plus Pitton/Farley Protestation Return 1641 frm Jean Cole
X0106 2 Children of Walter Ernest Hill & Alice Irma Omand (M.1947) from Lottie Hill
X0107 2 Letter from Lottie Hill Dd.Feb.14,1979 re family of Ed Oliver & Anne Sophia Whitlock of Wawota, Sask.
X0108 1 Letter from Lottie Hill Dd.Jan.29,1981 re birth of Amber Kristy Allard Dec.31, 1980
X0109 2 Letter from Lottie Hill Dd.Dec.9,1979 re birth of Adam Allard July 19, 1979
X0110 1 Letter from Lottie Hill Dd.Dec.2,1980 re birth of Ryan Andrew Immel September 10, 1980
X0111 1 Footprints Vol2:2p25 re Thomas Whitlock of Towcester, Dairyman; The Greenwood Tree Vol6:1p9 re marriage of John Whitlock and Grace Wilkins of Milborne Port 1707 War of 1812 Veterens of Texas from Val Melanson
X0112 1 We Lived #6p65-67 Loyalists of Saint John, N.B. fr VM
X0113 1 Note from Stephenie H. Tally-Frost re Whitlock Family Bible - William Whitlock & Eliz. Hamblen?
X0114 2 Pitton Parish Register and 1841 Census extracts from Christine Payne
X0115 1 Queries re Dudley Runnels Whitlock of Alabama & John H. Whitlock and Priscilla Welsh of Bristol [Soms] from V.M.
X0116 2 Letter from Noel Ross Dd.Oct.3,1980 re Stebbins/Whitlock line of Connecticut
X0117 2 Letter from Noel Ross Dd.May 12, 1981 re George W. Whitlock d.Apr.13,1901
X0118 2 Whitlocks of Fulton Co., N.Y. 1810 census frm N.Ross
X0119 1 Query re Adelene Whitlock of St. Lawrence Co. N.Y. from VM
X0120 1 Query re Whitelocks of Greystock, Cumb. from V.M.
X0121 3 Pitton/Farley, W.Gunnar, Winterslow M.I.'s & Whitlocks of Farley family trees from A. Mansfield
X0122 1 Family Group Sheet for Joseph Whitlock & Permelia Wasson from Pam Hallock
X0123 3 Biography of Michigan Whitlocks re Orange Whitlock from Pam Hallock
X0124 2 Letter from Cuma Schofield Dd.Aug.27,1981 re family William & Adelene Whitlock of New York State
X0125 1 York, Ontario Council Minutes 1798 re Capt. John Whitlock from Vona Smith
X0126 2 U.E.L. documents re Loyalists of N.B. from V. Smith
X0127 1 Pitton/Farley extracts from Parish Registers plus Wiltshire wills 1556-1857 from Aubrey Mansfield
X0128 6 Ilchester manorial records re Pitton/Farley 1709-1829 from Aubrey Mansfield
X0129 4 Whitlock families of Pitton, Wilts from A. Mansfield
X0130 2 Letter from Lottie Hill Dd.Oct.7,1981 re marriage of Doreen Hill to Timothy Robin Forsythe Aug.19,1981
X0131 4 Whitlock extracts from Bishopsgate Institute, London from John R. Whitlock
X0132 2 Probate records of Connecticut from Pam Hallock
X0133 1 Card from Jill Whitlock re family of Ken Whitlock & Hazel Younghusband
X0134 3 Bideford Gazette obits re Thomas William Whitlock 1937; John Henry Whitlock; Urennia Whitlock 1940 from John R. Whitlock
X0135 1 Daisy Houston Whitlock (1883-1954) Grandmother of Author Doug McClelland
X0136 1 Bishops Transcripts, Crowcombe & Compton Pauncefoot, Somerset 1596-1621 from Pam Shields
X0137 1 Family of Frederick George Whitlock & Margaret Enid Knight from John R. Whitlock
X0138 1 Letter from Vivian T. Cates Dd.Nov.24,1981 re Winfrey Whitlock of South Carolina
X0139 2 Queries re Rose Whitlock & Abraham Parker; Mary Whitlock & Robert Blodgett; Della Hanna Whitlock & Frank Drury from Val Melanson
X0140 1 Card from Bill & Wilma Whitelock re birth of Naomi Jean Devonport Aug.24 & death of Fred Whitelock June 30, 1981
X0141 1 The Greenwood Tree Vol.6:4p88 re Dr. Whitlock, Ottery St. Mary from Val Melanson
X0142 1 Card from Chris Whitlock re death of Hervey Frank Whitlock in Brazil 1981
X0143 1 1850 Census Michigan (index) from Pam Hallock
X0144 2 Descent from John Whitlock d.1659 Connecticut from Pam Hallock
X0145 1 Arkansas Family Historian Vol.19 p182 A.J. Whitlock 1880 from Val Melanson
X0146 1 1851 Census St.Andrews, Charlotte Co., N.B. re James H. & Samuel Whitlock from Bob Dahling
X0147 1 Kansas marriages 1868; 1851 census Witney, Oxon; Query re Whitelock of Skelton [Cumb] from Val Melanson
X0148 4 Letter Dd 1954 re Gordon W. Whitlock b.P.E.I. d. Townsend, Mass. from J.H.P. Whitlock
X0149 1 Ann Whitlock & Edward Howard (M.1803) in New Brunswick from Mrs. M.M.Johns 1969
X0150 2 Chart of Whitlocks of P.E.I. with possible connections to Whitlocks of Frithelstock from J.H.P.W
X0151 2 Family Group Sheet of William Arthur Hastie & Zillah Redcliffe from Roger Hastie
X0152 1 Family of H.A. Hastie & Zillah Redcliffe from R.H.
X0153 3 Letter from Jean Cole Dd.Jan.3,1982 re Whitlock extracts from Plaiford, Winterslow & Trowbridge [Wilts]
X0154 2 Letter from Lottie Hill Dd.Dec.30,1981 re birth of Patricia Nicole Hill born Mar.17,1981
X0155 3 Letter from W.H.J. Fox Dd.Jan.11,1982 William Whitlock of Brean, Somerset
X0156 2 Letter from Gillian Yeo Dd.Sep.22,1981 re Nancekivel of Langtree, Devon
X0157 4 Letter from Gillian Yeo Dd.Oct.18,1981 re Nancekevil family of Langtree, Devon
X0158 2 Letter from Gerry Gower Dd.Mar.2,1982 re Hannah Whitlock of New Brunswick b. 1829
X0159 1 Query re William & Adelene Whitlock from V. Melanson
X0160 1 Store Ledger from The Original Lead Hill, Arkansas Re George Whitlock 1901 Heart of Texas Vol.24p.72 1890 McLennan Co. Tax List Re R.F. Whitlock
X0161 1 Connecticut Ancestry Vol.24:3p136 query re Samuel Whitlock, son of David, died Danbury [Conn] 1751
X0162 1 Letter from June Ross Dd.May 16, 1982 re Russell & Ursula Whitlock of Caldwell, Michigan
X0163 1 1841 census, Cockermouth, Cumb. from David Jackson
X0164 1 Kansas Kin Vol.20:1p14 re female Whitlock baby d. Apr.15,1897 Riley Co. from Val Melanson
X0165 2 Letter from Jean Cole Dd.Mar.31,1982 re Window Tax 1748 Pitton/Farley & Alderson, Wilts
X0166 1 Descent from Samuel Whitlock & Martha Baxter (M.1850's) from Gordon Whitlock
X0167 1 Walter de Whitlok at Freshwater in 1297/8, Hampshire
X0168 1 Marriage Washergh Co., Tennessee 1812/1813 from LNW
X0169 3 The Second Flowering of the Mary Rose re Peter Whitlock from Reader's Digest 1982
X0170 2 Letter from John R. Whitlock Dd.Jun.14,1982 re Whitlocks of Petrockstow [Devon] 1881 census
X0171 1 Letter from Ross Whitlock Dd.Jul.3,1982 re death of May McSweeney June 28& G. B. Rex Whitlock June 26
X0172 1 London City Directories 1677-1855 from Tony Lavin
X0173 1 Watch & Clockmakers apprentices 1697-1744 from Tony Lavin
X0174 2 S.Dakota marriage 1904 Jesse Whitlock & Estella Bay; Hill co. Texas Opal Whitlock d.1902; Kansas voters 1855 James & William Whitlock from Missouri from Val Melanson
X0175 1 Notts FHS Vol.3:11 re John Whitlock of St.Mary's Nottingham from Val Melanson
X0176 1 1881 census New Hamburg, Waterloo South, Ontario re John Whitlock; Roxburgh, Scot. Sasines re Andrew Whitelock of Kelso, Butcher 1774 from David Jackson
X0177 2 Letter from Fred Redman Dd.Sept.6,1982 re family of Henry Whitlock, Coachbuilder of London
X0178 1 Freemen of Saint John, N.B. 1785 from Val Melanson
X0179 1 Lake Saskatchewan Reflections; Arizona Piral Co. re 1889 Edward Whitlock & sons Ben. H & Scott from VM
X0180 1 Penniac United Church Cemetery, York Co., N.B. from Val Melanson
X0181 2 Roxburgh, Scot. Sasines 1781-1864 from David Jackson
X0182 1 Family of Hezekiah Whitlock & Naomi Taylor (M1797) from Marion D. Ehrhart
X0183 2 Extracts from various books about the Whitlocks of New Brunswick 1790-1830 from Gerry Gower
X0184 1 Letter from John R. Whitlock Dd.Nov.7,1982 re burials at Northam, Devon
X0185 2 Research report by Nicholas Humphrey-Smith on family of Henry & Maria (Kampf) Whitlock (M1829)
X0186 1 Letter from Joan (Whitlock) DeAngeli Dd.Dec.1982 re death of Hervey Frank Whitlock Aug.1981 in Brazil.
X0187 1 Notes made my May (Whitlock) McSweeney re Brompton Family Vault, St.Pancras Cemetery, London
X0188 1 Notes by May (Whitlock) McSweeney re Henry Whitlock of Turnham Green born 1786? son of Robert Whitlock
X0189 2 Further notes by May (Whitlock) McSweeney re family of Henry & Maria (Kamph) Whitlock (M1829) from Jill (Shirley) Whitlock
X0190 1 List of Marriages re family of William & Adelene (Dean) Whitlock from Jean Whitlock
X0191 1 Piral Co., Ariz. school records 1891 re Scott & Henry B. Whitlock sons of Edmund Whitlock Whatcom Co., Washington Marriages Mrs.Jeannette Witlock & Joseph Foss July 9,1893 from Valerie Melanson
X0192 1 W.Whitlock, photographer of Bury St.Edmunds, Suffolk - request for information Ontario Marriage register re Henrietta Whitlock & William Hart Jul.16,1851 from Valerie Melanson
X0193 1 New Brunswick Vital Statistics 1816-1823 re Priscilla, Solomon, Thomas and William Whitlock - from Valerie Melanson
X0194 1 Brighton, Sussex bapt. 1701&1706 from Valerie Melanson
X0195 1 Letter From Chris Whitlock Dd.Dec.17,1982 re death of Hervey Frank Whitlock
X0196 2 Letter from Helen Offer Dd.Dec.2,1982 re Whitelock Metcalfs of Yorkshire
X0197 1 Winchester Ordinations re William Whitelock 1797 - from Valerie Melanson
X0198 1 Oak Grove Cemetery, Laton, California re Jennie Mae Whitlock 1970 - from Valerie Melanson
X0199 2 Letter from Jean Cole Dd.Feb.21,1983 re Marriage of Elson Whitlock & Margarett Robins at Malmesbury, Somerset Dec.27,1700 plus burial of Margaret (Robbins) Whitlocke Dec.3,1708