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X1744 6 Letter from Georgia Crabtree Dd Apr.30,1994 re Oklahoma/Texas Whitlocks, (WHITLOCK.37 line)
X1745 2 Letter from William L. Morgan Dd Mar.30,1994 re Morgan Family Reunion, Jul.3,1994 at Opio Park, Sparks, Nevada from Georgia Crabtree
X1746 1 Card from Booth Books of 44 Lion Street, Hay-on-Wye, Hereford, HR3 5AA re A Family and a Village by Ralph Whitlock
X1747 2 Letter from Janis L. Richard Dd May 15,1994 re descent from John Agnes (DeLaBeche) Whitloke (M1454)
X1748 1 Descent from Edler F. & Phyllis Rowena (McCormick) Whitlock (M1935) of Woodstock, New Brunswick from Janis L. Richard
X1749 1 Letter from Beryl Metherell Dd May 21,1994 re administration for Christopher Whitlock 1663, Carlisle, Cumberland
X1750 3 Letter from John Lanigan-O'Keeffe Dd May 24,1994 re descent from Bulstrode Whitelocke (M1800s) of Winchester, Hampshire
X1751 5 Descent from Johan Alfred Samuelsson & Kasja Maria (Karlsdotter) Wittlock (M1860) of Arby, Sweden from Chris Nordstrom
X1752 24 Slakttavla (Family Tree) for Anna Lydia Wittlock, descent from Bengt & Sissa (Svensdotter) Lindgren (M1800s) of Halltorp, Sweden from Chris Nordstrom
X1753 1 Northamptonshire Record Office, Wills Index from Audrey B. Curtis
X1754 1 Will extracts: Thomas Whittlock of Silverstone, Northamptonshire, Taylor, will Dd Sep.11,1733: Richard Whitlock of Hulcott (Holcot), Northamptonshire will Pr Nov.23,1734 from Audrey B. Curtis
X1755 1 Letter from Audrey B. Curtis Dd May 25,1994 re Hannah d.of John & Mary Whitlock bp. at Potterspury, Northamptonshire Mar.7,1775
X1756 1 Marriage of Hugh E.J. Mortimer & Vera M. Whitelocke at Balmain North, NSW 1904 from John Lanigan-O'Keeffe
X1757 1 Note from Larry D. Kump re parents of Catherine (Swand) Whitlock (1789-1876) of Richland Co., Ohio
X1758 1 1850 US census, SC, Union Co. re Sarah Whitlock age 8 living with Hannah Robinson from Doug Smith
X1759 4 Letter from June Isaksen Dd Jun.13,1994 re Whitlocks of Ca
X1760 2 BBS from Lynda M. Cummingham Dd Jun.22,1994 re Obit of Edna Leona (Law) Whitlock. Died May 31, 1994, Dartmouth, NS aged 85. BBS from Dave Winn re Middleton family of London
X1761 3 Letter from Janis Kirby Dd Jun.23,1994 re connection of Whitlocks of Kirk Hammerton, Yorkshire with Whitlocks of Pitton, Wilts
X1762 16 Misc research; will of Thomas Whitlock Dd Jan.22,1824 Pr.Jun.2,1830 Cumberland Co., Ky; Abner Bryson material; 1830 census Cumberland Co., Ky; 1840 census Christian Co., Ky; Soldiers from Kentucky who served in the War of 1812 re Charles & Tarleton Whitlo
X1763 4 Family Group Sheets & Pedigree Chart with descent from Abner & Nancy (Whitlock) Bryson (M1820's) from Betty Ruth Donnelly
X1764 3 Extracts from Betty Ruth Donnelly; Adventures on the Western Waters by Mary B. Kegley, 1980; Sutton family; Douglas Records
X1764 3 Extracts from Adventures on the Western Waters by Mary B. Kegley re Whitlocks of Reed Creek, Montgomery Co./Wythe Co., Va; Sutton family descent of Betty Ruth Donnelly; Douglas Records by William Douglas from Betty Ruth Donnelly
X1765 9 BBS from Barbara Pace to John Groom Dd Jun.26,1994 re Groom family of Virginia
X1766 2 BBS from C. Baer to James Davis Dd Jul.2,1994 re Whelpley family of Ct
X1767 1 BBS from Don Nickell Dd Jul.3,1994 re Turmoil in New Mexico by William A. Keleher, 1952 with account of the death of John Marmaduke Whitlock at Fort Stanton, NM
X1768 2 BBS from Scott Gibson Dd Jul.12,1994 re descent from John Whitlock d.1717 of Va
X1769 1 BBS from Thomas Johnston Dd Jul.15,1994 re Ephratah Cemetery, Ephratah, NY
X1770 6 Letter from Georgia Crabtree Dd Jun.14,1994 re Morgan family of Tx
X1771 2 Letter from Iola Ebendorf Dd Jul.18,1994 Sarah Whitlock who married Daniel Wilson about 1755 Ct?
X1772 2 BBS from Don Nickell Dd Aug.5,1994 re Gene Whitlock b.Apr.24,1935 LaJunta, Co married Carol Ann Gaunce
X1773 1 James son of John & Sarah Whitlock bp at St.James, Paddington, London Jul.3,1825 from Marianne Whitlock
X1774 1 The Devon Historian, No.41 Jan 1987 re Jonas Smale wife Sally Whitlock arrival in S.W. Ontario, 19C emmigrants from Marianne Whitlock
X1775 1 1881 Census index, Glocestershire re Frederick & Fanny Whitlock from Marianne Whitlock
X1776 2 Bankruptcy extracts re Henry Winstanley Whitelock of Essex 1903 from Marianne Whitlock
X1777 1 1851, 1861 Census, Southwark, Surrey; 1851 census Uxbridge Dis. [London] from Marianne Whitlock; 1823 Pigots Directory
X1778 2 BBS from Dolly Ward to Herbert A. Paul Dd Aug.21,1994 re Joseph & Hannah (Whitlock) Baldwin; BBS from Herbert Paul to Dolly Ward Dd Aug.23,1994 re Darius & Mary (Whitlock) Baldwin (M1841)
X1779 2 Letter from Merryl S. Wells Dd Jul.25,1994 re Gullock family of Ileton, Somerset and Barbardos 1664
X1780 1 BBS from Scott Gibson Dd Aug.28,1994 re Whitlocks of Louisa Co., Va
X1781 1 BBS from Patricia Schiro Dd Aug.27,1994 re Gentry family of Louisa Co., Va
X1782 1 BBS from Herbert A. Paul Dd Aug.30,1994 re children of Darius & Mary (Whitlock) Baldwin b.1841-1855?
X1783 9 Descent from Elisha & Anne (Carter) Whitlock (M1696) Oxfordshire from Kevin Dowd
X1784 2 Letter from John R. Whitlock re Coligny John Whitlock s.of John & Bessie (Kivell) Whitlock (M1899) Bideford, Devon
X1785 2 Letter from The Honourable Society of the Middle Temple, London to Ernestine Dodl Dd Apr.27,1994 re Sir Bulstrode Whitelocke
X1786 2 Pedigree Chart with descent from William & Mary (Whitlock) Jones (M1760's) of Greenville, SC from Jill Bayles
X1787 1 Monumental Inscriptions, Bovingdon, Herts; St.Peter London Colney, Herts; Tunbridge Wells, Kent from Pam Shields
X1788 7 Descent from William & Mildred (Gentry) Whitlock (M1760's) of Louisa Co., Va from Scott Gibson
X1789 2 Descent from William & Elizabeth (Green) Whitlock (M1817) of Franklin Co., Ga from Carl Whitlock
X1790 5 Decent from ?? Whitlock of NC & Ga (M1780's), children Charles, William (married Elizabeth Green), Mary (married Charles Hulsey) and Nathaniel (married Eleanor) from Carl Whitlock
X1791 2 Ancestors of Carl Thomas Whitlock of San Diego, Ca from Carl Whitlock
X1792 2 Letter from Northwest North Carolina Historial Association, Inc. to Carl Whitlock Dd Aug.4,1977 we Whitlocks of NC, Surry County Tax lists 1815-1826 from Carl Whitlock
X1793 1 Homestead Sites, Colbert Co., Alabama, Beat 10, Twp 5 Range 10 between Foxtrap Creek & Spring Creek from Carl Whitlock
X1794 1 Record of Marriages, Colbert Co., Alabama 1867-74 from Carl Whitlock
X1795 1 Deeds of Transfer, Colbert Co., Alabama 1888-1900 from Carl Whitlock
X1796 1 Old Red Brick Presbyterian Church Cemetery, Tuscumbia, Alabama from Carl Whitlock
X1797 3 Surry Co., NC Land records 1771-1870 from Carl Whitlock
X1798 2 Surry Co., NC Marriage Bonds 1741-1868 from Carl Whitlock
X1799 11 Descent from James & Grace (Penny) Mill (M1694) of Sutcombe, Devon in register format from Colin Mills
X1800 2 Letter from Willia Avery Heady Dd Sep.9,1994 re David & Elizabeth (Whitlock) Gentry (M1780's) of Va & NC
X1801 1 BBS from James Davis to Bill Couch Dd Aug.27,1994 re John Whitlock (d.1659) of Ct
X1802 1 Miami Co., Oh deed index 1853-1863; Genealogial Event Query re Sally & Simon Whitlock (M1810s?) of NJ from Donna Sand
X1803 1 Letter from Deena Colbert Dd Sep.15,1994 re descent from Dudley Runnels & Mary (Wilkins) Whitlock (M1843) of Alabama, Arkansas & Oklahoma
X1804 3 Letter from Esther Mae Johnson Dd Sep.19,1994 re Whitlocks of NY & Nebraska
X1805 2 Sioux City, Ia Directories 1888-1899 from Esther Mae Johnson
X1806 1 Minnesota in the Civil War and Indian War 1861-1865 from Esther Mae Johnson
X1807 7 Notes on Whitlocks of NY by Tommy Donovan from Esther Mae Johnson
X1808 6 Notes on Whitlocks of Ne by Barbara Markee from Esther Mae Johnson
X1809 1 Letter from South Dakota State Historical Society to Darrel E. Johnson Dd Sep.15,1994 re Whitlocks Crossing, SD
X1810 2 BBS from Deborah Zouras to Michael Spatter re Simms family of Ga including Annie Sue Whitlocker b.1906 (09?)
X1811 4 Letter from Keith Whitlock Dd Sep.9,1994 re marriage to Maria Isabel Fernandez Aug.24,1994 at St.Swithins, East Grinstead
X1812 3 Letter from Sue Clives Dd Jul.30,1994 re Whitlocks of Farley, Wilts
X1813 2 Letter from Sue Clives Dd Aug.29,1994 re Whitlocks of Pitton, Wilts
X1814 2 BBS from Deborah Zouras Dd Oct.4,1994 re Adamson Cemetery, Jonesboro, Ga
X1815 2 Letter from John E. Ernest Dd Sep.23,1994 re Charles Whitlock (M1803?) of Hanover Co., Va
X1816 4 Will of William Whitlark, Farmer & Maltster of Finedon, NTH Dd Jul.9,1812 Pr Jan.6,1813; Will of Timothy Whitlock, Baker & Farmer of Silverstone, NTH Dd Sep.17,1830 Pr Jan.17,1843; Will of James Whitlock, Wood Factor of Silverstone, NTH Dd Dec.16,1827 Pr
X1817 1 Potterspury, NTH Bishops Transcripts 1731-1812 from Audrey Curtis
X1818 2 Letter from Bruce W. Hamann Dd Oct.5,1994 re Joshua Whitlock (b.1811?) of Wilts married (1) Elizabeth ?? & (2) Harriet Clarke; IGI list of Joshua's children showing two different mothers
X1819 1 BBS from Joel Davenport Dd Oct.13,1994 re his grandmother, Louisa Whitlock of Va?
X1820 2 BBS from James Davis Dd Oct.17,1994 re John Whitlock (d.1659) of Ct
X1822 4 Letter from Peter F. Whitaker Dd Jun.16,1994 re Whitlocks of Australia
X1823 22 Descent from Thomas Whitlock (d.1703) of NJ in register format from Mark D. Whitlock
X1824 1 Letter from Pam Shelton-Anderson re Asa & Lucinda (Hensyel) Whitlock (M1859) of Mahaska Co., Ia
X1825 1 Note re British Soldier's Index re James Whitelock 1814 and James Whitelock 1829 from Pam Shields
X1826 1 1861 census Portsea, Hants; St.James Norland, Kensington, Middlesex William Charles s.of Henry & Annie Whitlock bp Nov.25,1866, Henry a Solicitor of 27 St.Annes Rd; MI St.Lawrence, Bovington, Herts, St.Marks Colney Heath, Herts, Mary Whitlock of Leighton
X1827 1 R.N. Naval Dockyard Pensions from Marianne Whitlock
X1828 6 Whitelock Monument, Fawley Church [Bucks] Conservation Report and Proposals by Sue Kelland and Lawrence Kelland Dec.23,1988
X1829 1 BBS from Ann Turner to Joel Davenport Dd Oct.24,1994 re 1850 census project in Warren Co., Tn
X1830 1 Letter from Ruby Pantalone Dd Oct.25,1994 re Whitlocks of Oregon
X1831 3 Whitlocks in Iowa 1856-1925 census' for Mahaska Co. & Monroe Co., Ia; Whitlock in general by Pam Shelton-Anderson
X1832 8 Family Group Sheet by Gordon Whitlock Dd Feb.6,1986 re descent from Aaron & Laura (Sanford) Whitlock of Ct; Family Group Sheet by Doris Crawford Dd May 3,1986 re descent from John H. & Priscilla (Charlotte?) (Welsh) Whitlock (M1835?) of Ashton, Bristol, S
X1833 1 Descendant chart re descent from Asa M. & Lucinda (Hensyel) Whitlock (M1859) of Mahaska Co., Ia from Pam Shelton-Anderson
X1834 1 Family Group Sheets re descent from Asa M. & Lucinda (Hensyel) Whitlock (M1859) of Mahaska Co., Ia from Pam Shelton-Anderson
X1835 22 Family Group Sheets re descent from Dudley Runnels & Mary (Wilkins) Whitlock (M1843) of Alabama, Arkansas & Oklahoma from Deena Colbert
X1836 1 BBS from Barbara Petty Dd Oct.31,1994 re Abraham & Rose (Whitlock) Parker (M1644) of Ma
X1837 2 BBS from Susan Canney to Sue Rood Dd Nov.4,1994 re Joseph & Hannah (Whitlock) Baldwin (M1636) of Bucks & Ma
X1838 1 BBS from Michael Spatter to Rebecca Moris Dd Nov.4,1994 re Simms family incl Annie Sue Whitlocker b.1906 (09?) of Clayton Co., Ga
X1839 2 Letter from R.John Linnell Dd Nov.3,1994 re Whitlocks of Silverstone, NTH
X1840 1 Partial chart of the Linnells of Whittlebury & Silverstone, Northamptonshire from R.John Linnell
X1841 2 Update to WHITLOCK.16 chart re Arthur Oscar Whitlock from Mark D. Whitlock
X1842 2 BBS from Cindy Scott to Jim Smedley Dd Nov.17,1994 re Henry Daniel & Margaret Tinye (Whitlock) Watson (M1890's?) of Arkansas
X1843 3 Whitlock census extracts, 1850 Iowa & Ky from Pam Shelton-Anderson
X1844 4 Descent from David & Ann (Hoyt) Whitlock (M1828) of Norwalk, Ct from Willard R. Carter via Norris Whitlock
X1845 1 Letter to Mark D. Whitlock from Homer Whitlock re Whitlocks of Casper, Wy
X1846 2 Family Group Record & Pedigree chart, descent from Charles & Esther Whitlock (M1760's) of Va from Homer Whitlock
X1847 3 Letter from JoAnn Whitlock to Mark D. Whitlock re Whitlocks of Ore.
X1848 2 Family Group Sheets of Chauncy Smith & Sarah M. (Ashby) Whitlock (M1884) & brother Henry D. & Mary (Ashby) Whitlock (M1883) of Ore. from JoAnn Whitlock
X1849 1 Card from Jill & Ross Whitlock re death of Inez (Lee) Whitlock Oct.27,1994, wife of George Bernard Rex Whitlock
X1850 26 Baptisms, Marriages & Burials, Northamptonshire, Syresham, Paulerspury, Whittlebury & Silverstone from Iris Brant
X1851 14 Arthur Brown Family History Supplements 1981-1994 from Esme Trotter
X1852 1 BBS to Susan Canney Dd Nov.11,1994 re Joseph & Hannah (Whitlock) Baldwin (M1636) High Wycombe, Bucks
X1853 1 BBS from Pam Glasser Dd Dec.8,1994 re Whitlocks of Liberty, SC
X1854 1 Letter from John Linnell Dd Nov.30,1994 re Northants Strays in Newport Pagnell from Footprints Vol.15, No.4 July 1994 re marriage of William Whitlock of Silverstone & Abigail Rose, Widow Aug.12,1823
X1855 1 Letter from Roy L.D. Cox Dd Nov.18,1994 re 1873 Return of Land Owners, re Henry Whitlock at Olney, Bucks
X1856 2 Letter from Beryl Metherell Dd Nov.30,1994 re Eli Whitlock of Frithelstock, Devon, George Whitlock of Stoke Canon, Devon & 1891 census, Fulham, Middlesex re George Whitlock
X1857 1 Letter from Merryl S. Wells Dd Nov.19,1994 re The Military General Service Roll 1793-1814 re Peter Whitelock 91st Foot Argyllshire Highlanders 1813
X1858 2 Letter from John R. Whitlock Dd Nov.27,1994 re of Churche Reves and of testaments by DFHS re Anthony Whytloke of Shebbear, Devon 1571 & Johes Whytloke of Woolfardisworthy, Devon 1579; also Joan (Cazer) Whitlock buried Nov.23,1823
X1859 1 BBS from Joe Carpenter Dd Dec.20,1994 re Larry Whitlock of Magnolia & Atlanta, Ga
X1860 12 BBS from Daniel Carman to Carman Cousins re Cape May, NJ families including Thomas Whitlock
X1861 2 Letter from Leo Whitlock to JoAnn and Charles Whitlock Dd Aug.14,1994 re Whitlocks of Tehama Co., Ca
X1862 2 Letter from Barbara Petty Dd Dec.2,1994 re Rose (Whitlock) Parker of Ma
X1863 4 Family Group Records with descent from Aaron & Abigail (Winship) Parker from Barbara Petty
X1864 1 BBS from John Stewart to Derick Hartshorn Dd Dec.26,1994 re Livermore & Sherman families of Ma
X1865 5 Pedigree Chart descent from James & Agness (Christmas) Whitlock Va from Mary L. Wittlock
X1866 1 Letter from Todd Zimmerman Dd Dec.1994 re marriage of sister Heidi to Larry Gauthier Sep.24,1994 at Two Rivers, Wi
X1867 2 Letter to Mark Whitlock from David G. Whitlock Dd Nov.12,1994 re Whitlocks of NJ
X1868 1 Letter to Chuck Rockett from M. Joan McCreedy Watkins re Whitlocks of Ia
X1869 2 Descendants of W.H. Whitlock living in Liberty, SC in the 1880's from Pam Glasser
X1870 1 Letter from Scot Austin Dd Dec.15,1994 re descent from Thomas Wellington Whitlock of Jefferson Co., Il
X1871 1 Ancestral Chart descent from Stanhope Whitlock & Nancy (Ward) Barrett (M1855) of Tn from Virginia Minnick Lewis
X1872 2 Family Group Record descent from Charles & Mary Whitlock of Hanover Co., Va (M1803) from John E. Ernest
X1873 1 Letter from John E. Ernest Dd Dec.20,1994 re Whitlocks of Hanover Co., Va
X1874 2 Ancestor Chart descent from John Whitlock of Lenox, Ma (M1750's) from Marian Downum
X1875 2 Letter from Audrey Fader Dd Dec.29,1994 re Whitlocks of Blisworth, Northants
X1876 1 Descent from Thomas & Prudence (Palmer) Whitlock (M1833) Northants from Audrey Fader
X1877 1 BBS from Derick Hartshorn Dd Dec.30,1994 re Henry & Martha (Whatlock) Scott (M1594) Suffolk
X1878 1 Additions to the WHITLOCK.02H chart re Leigh Vere Whitlock of New Brunswick from Janis Richard
X1879 1 Pedigree Sheet descent from Benjamin & Elizabeth (Whitlock) Braggins (M1803) of Whittlebury, Northants from Enid Fisher
X1880 6 The Village of Silverstone and The Village of Whittlebury, Northants from Enid Fisher
X1881 5 The Linnells of Whittlebury/Silverstone, Northants descent from William & Mary (Bull) Linnell (M1705) from Enid Fisher
X1882 1 BBS from Bonnie Ann Smith Dd Dec.21,1994 re Whitlocks in Jackson Co., Ga cemetery records
X1883 1 BBS from David Stuart Dd Jan.4,1995 re Charles E. & Sarah (Whitlock) Luckett, family of Nancy Reagan
X1884 1 1901 census Canada, Ontario, Waterloo Co., Elmira re George & Euphemia (McTaggart) Whitlock (M1881) from David Jackson
X1885 1 Administration re Elisha Whitlock of St.Martin in the Fields, Middlesex 1771 from Marianne Whitlock
X1886 1 1851 census Titchfield, Hants re Louisa Whitlock; Elizabeth d. of Stephen & Elizabeth Widlock bp.Aug.25,1784 Titchfield, Hants from Marianne Whitlock
X1887 1 Updates to the WHITLOCK.41 chart The Whitlocks of Tennessee from Virginia Minnick Lewis
X1888 1 Taunton, Somerset Archdeaconry Inventories, Stogumber May 10, 1664 re John Amory, inventory by Willm Whitelock at Dunster from Pam Shields
X1889 1 Letter from Cuma Schofield Dd Jan.9,1995 re family of John & Susanna Whitlock (M1790's) of Altaturk, parish of Kildarton, Co. Armagh, Ireland
X1890 1 Letter from Tom Jones Dd Jan.11,1995 re descent from James & Sarah (Whitlock) Hunt (M1728) Va
X1891 1 Brainerd Family - Whatlock Family Group Sheet re descent from Thomas & Joane Whatlock (M1560) of Rattlesden, Suffolk from Derick S. Hartshorn
X1892 3 Will of William Whitlark of Kettering, Northants formerly, Sheffield, Yorkshire Dd Mar.26,1813 Pr Oct.3,1815; Will of William Whitlark the Elder of Kettering, Northants Dd Nov.29,1750 Pr Aug.24,1751; Will of William Whitlark of Kettering, Northants Dd Mar
X1893 1 Pottersbury, Northants marriage register 1774-1812 from Audrey Curtis
X1894 2 Letter from John E. Ernest Dd Jan.22,1995 re Will of Letitia Timberlake 1855 mentions daughter Elizabeth married to James N. Whitlock of Hanover Co., Va
X1895 1 Box chart with descent from James & Dorothy Whitlock (M1680's) of Va from John E. Ernest
X1896 3 Family Group Records descent from Charles & Mary Whitlock (M1803) Hanover Co., Va & Nathan & Matilda Whitlock (M1849?) Hanover Co.?, Va from John E. Ernest
X1897 12 Research into the Whitlocks of Al, Ga, NC & Va by Carl T. Whitlock incls 1870 census Gilmer & Union Co., Ga; Jackson Co., Ga marriages for Green family; 1820 census Ga; Jackson Co., Ga cemetery records; 1790 census Ga; Headright & Bounty Grants of Ga; Che
X1898 11 Vital Statistics from New Brunswick Newspapers 1784-1883, Vol. I-V by Daniel F. Johnson from Jerry Gower
X1899 4 Letter from Ruth E. Cunningham Dd Jan.23,1995 re updates to the WHITLOCK.37 chart The Whitlocks of Virginia #6, descent from Tarlton Whitlock (1793?-1878)
X1900 2 BBS from Henry Poole Dd Feb.5,1995 re descent from John & Jane (Manis) Whitlock (M1830's) of Roane Co., Tn
X1901 2 1871 Ontario, Canada census, Heads of Households from Bandmaster files
X1902 3 BBS from Ron Kimball Dd Feb.5,1995 TT (tiny tafel) with descent from Whatlocks of Rattlesden, Suffolk
X1903 1 Letter from Doug Crosswhite Dd Feb.1,1995 re descent from Nathaniel & William Whitlock of Franklin Co., Al
X1904 2 Family Group Sheets descent from Thomas Jasper & Dicey Elizabeth (Whitlock) Minnick (M1877) of Tx from Virginia Minnick Lewis
X1905 2 Indenture Dd Aug.13,1793 between John Popham of Union Co., SC & Shadrach Prewet of same re land in Union Co., SC. Deed part of papers of Bennett Whitlock d1859 of Union Co., SC from Lee Payne
X1906 1 Ontario, Canada cemetery index from Bandmaster files
X1907 48 Research into descendants of William & Elizabeth (Green) Whitlock (M1816) of Jackson Co. Ga & Franklin Co., Al from Anna Popejoy
X1908 1 Extract from Banyan Tree, Jul.1994 re William & Jane (Grimston) Whitlock (M1757) Yorkshire from Pam Shields
X1909 1 Letter from Pam Shelton-Anderson Dd Jan.13,1995 re 1860 census Mahaska Co., Iowa re Ezra Whitlock age 23 born Ill; Cemetery info re Asa M. Whitlock (1833-1875) bur Bedwell cemetery, Monroe Co., Iowa
X1910 4 Family Group sheets descent from John & Sarah Whitlock (M1820's) SC later of Ga and Al from Janet Thompson Casey
X1911 1 Letter from Janet Thompson Casey Dd Feb.7,1995 re John Whitlock of SC b.1792?
X1912 1 BBS from Larry Garver Dd Feb.13,1995 re descendants of Henry & Anna (Couch) Whitlock (M1785) of Ct
X1913 5 Disk from Tom Jones including descent from James & Sarah (Whitlock) Hunt (M1728) in Va
X1914 1 Letter from John Thomas Temps Dd Feb.12,1995 re descent from Samuel & Ellen (Bartley) Whitlock (M1830's) of Co. Armagh, Ireland and NY
X1915 1 Misc research from Janis Kirby incl: Canterbury, Kent Archdeaconry Court Inventory index 1559-1684; Canterbury, Kent Archdeaconry and Consistory Court Probate accounts index; St.Nicholas at Wade, Kent BT 1564-1813; Thanet, Kent St. Peter BT 1603-1812 and
X1916 1 Letter from Pam Shelton-Anderson re family of James Whitlock & Abigail Hartley (M1832) of Mahaska Co., Iowa
X1917 2 1850 census Alabama, Benton Co. from Pam Shelton-Anderson
X1918 4 Civil War Pensions Index File re Asa Whitlock and Probate Book re James & Abigail (Hartley) Whitlock of Mahaska Co., Iowa, also Mahaska Co. Land Index from Pam Shelton-Anderson
X1919 1 BBS from Darlene Palmer to Judy Wostal Dd Feb.26,1995 re Edward & Francena (Russell) Whitlock of Fairhaven, Vt; BBS from Darlene Palmer to Barbara Olivier Dd Mar. 1,1995 re Joshua Russell & Anna Lena (Snow) Whitlock (M1903) at Burlington, Vt; BBS from Dar
X1920 1 Birth Announcement re John Denman Whitlock s of Laura & Douglas Whitlock of Ca b. Dec.19,1994
X1921 1 Letter from Douglas Whitlock Dd Jan.23,1995 re birth of nephew Austin Michael Mann Oct.1,1994 and 2nd cousin's child Ian Round
X1922 1 Telephone call Feb.28, 1995 to Earle Hill re death of Lottie (Whitlock) Hill Mar.25,1994 in Winnipeg, Manitoba; nephew Scott b Jul.1994
X1923 2 Letter from Bill Vincent Dd Feb.28,1995 re descent from Thomas & Rebecca (Radford) Whitlock (M1790) of Va & Ky; Letter from Lapsley Whitlock to Ernest Edward Lane Dd Aug.20,1969 re Whitlocks of Ky
X1924 4 Fax from Bill Vincent Dd Mr.8,1995 re descent from Thomas & Rebecca (Radford) Whitlock (M1790) of Va & Ky
X1925 3 BBS from Arlen Field Dd Mar.3,1995 re Field Tiny Tafel incl. Whatlock of Rattlesden, Suffolk 1568-1594
X1926 14 Family Group Sheets descent from Thomas Jasper & Dicy Elizbeth (Whitlock) Minnick (M1877) of Tx from Virginia Lewis
X1927 5 Alphabetical list of registration districts & number of entries for St.Catherine's House births 1837-1912 from Peter John Whitlock
X1928 1 Descent from John & Charlotte (Andrew) Whitlock (M1840's) of Middlesex from Arthur Andrew Whitlock via Peter John Whitlock
X1929 1 Updates to the WHITLOCK.28 chart from Jean Whitlock
X1930 4 Descendants of Samuel & Margaret Whitelock (M1800?) of Armagh, Ireland from John Thomas Temps
X1931 2 Letter from Doug Crosswhite Dd Mar.4,1995 re Stokes Co., NC land records 1800-1837
X1932 2 Letter from Ian C. Gardner Dd Mar.11,1995 re 1851 census, London
X1933 1 BBS from Frank Ernest Dd Mar.16,1995 re 1850 census Sullivan Co., Ind
X1934 1 Letter from Mary Seager Dd Mar.29,1995 re descent from Thomas & Ellen (Waugh) Whitlock (M1906) of Upper Holloway, Islington, London
X1935 3 Descendancy Chart from Thomas & Rebecca (Radford) Whitlock (M1790) of Va & Ky from Bill Vincent
X1936 1 BBS from Lorna Tissington to Shirley Maynard Dd Mar.22,1995 re The Beginnings of English Society by Dorothy Whitelock
X1937 1 Phonecall from Pam Shields re Early Stuart Mariners & Shipping 1619-1635 by Todd Gray re 1619 Whitlock, Bartholomew, Exmouth, Devon Sailor age 28
X1938 1 Family Group Sheet of Thomas & Gilley (Whitlock) Lipscomb (M1779) of Halifax Co., Va from Louise Dickson Cravens
X1939 3 Descendants of Thomas & Gilley (Whitlock) Lipscomb (M1779) of Halifax Co., Va from Louise Dickson Cravens
X1940 2 BBS from Jill Yasgar to Vonnie Galusha Dd Apr.3,1995 re Ronald Avery of 5661 E. Whitlock Rd, Mariposa, Ca 95338
X1941 2 Descent from Charles C. & Melissa Semple (Whitlock) Allton (M1887) of Jackson Co., Oh from Connie Allton Fall
X1942 13 Family Group Records descent from Giles (James?) & Margarite Whitlock (M1860's) of WV & Oh from Connie Allton Fall