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X2743 1 GenForum from Don Matson Dd Nov.3,1998 re Robert & Rebecca (Dickerson) Whitlock (M1870's?) of Greene Co., In ?
X2744 1 Vmail from Lindsay Jenkins Dd Nov.4,1998 re Francis & May (Stammers) Whitlock (M1910's) of London & Eastleigh, Hants
X2745 1 Vmail from Samantha Whitlock Dd Nov.6,1998 re Charles William & Doreen Whitlock (M1940's) of Bethnal Green, London
X2746 2 Vmail from Brett Whitlock Dd Nov.23,1998 re Jeff J. & Maudy Whitlock (M1870's) of Jackson Co., Ga
X2747 1 Vmail from Ruby Pantalone Dd Nov.5,1998 re death of husband John Carl Pantalone Oct.22,1998 Keizer, Ore
X2748 1 GenForum from Patricia Kovach Dd Nov.6,1998 re James & Agness (Christmas) Whitlock (M1730's) Va
X2749 1 GenForum from Judith K. Vermillion Dd Nov.8,1998 re James & Nancy (Bowen) Whitlock (M1780's) of Surrey Co., NC
X2750 1 Vmail from Scot Austin Dd Nov.9,1998 re descent from Thomas & Susannah (Webb) Whitlock (M1788) Campbell, Va
X2751 1 GenForum from Chuck Brady Dd Nov.12,1998 re George W. & Elizabeth (Whitlock) Hopton (M1850's) Lancaster Co., Pa
X2752 1 Descent from Benjamin & Elizabeth Whitlock (M1830's) of North Aston, Oxf from C.R. Canning
X2753 1 Vmail from Michael Whitlock Dd Nov.14,1998 re Frederick & Fanny (Elley) Whitlock (M1869) of Syresham, Nth & West Dean, Glos
X2754 1 Vmail from Michael Whitlock Dd Nov.16,1998 re Lois Smith's descent from Robert Whitlock (M1830's) of Bedminster, Bristol, Soms
X2755 1 GenForum from Christy Holbrook Dd Nov.15,1998 re descent from Henry Maxwell & Nancy Elizabeth (Corley) Whitlock (M1870's) of Stone Mountain, Ga
X2756 1 Email from Christy Holbrook Dd Nov.15,1998 re descent from Henry Maxwell Whitlock b.Aug.1850 Stone Mountain, Ga
X2757 1 GenForum from Les Conner Dd Nov.15,1998 re Calvin Whitlock (1877-1969) of Rutherford Co., NC
X2758 1 Email from David W. Whitlock Dd Nov.16,1998 re William Thomas & Lethie R. (Willis) Whitlock (M1883) Colbert Co., Al
X2759 1 GenForum from Donna Whitlock Swinney Dd Nov.20,1998 re Whitlocks of Kansas City, Mo 1890's
X2760 1 Email from Mary Harkness Dd Nov.20, 1998 re Belle (Whitlock) Farrow daughter of John Whitlock of East Tx
X2761 1 Email from Donna Wood Dd Nov.21,1998 re obit of Fanny E. Jackson, 83 from Duncan, Ok Banner? 1970?- sister to James M. Whitlock
X2762 1 Email from Donna Wood Dd Nov.23,1998 re James M. & Lula (Echols) (Manly) Whitlock of Al
X2763 1 Email from Russell Perkins Dd Nov.22,1998 re descent from Thomas & Elizabeth (Dupree) Whitlock (M1748) Lunenburg Co., Va
X2764 1 GenForum from David E. Corley Dd Nov.22,1998 re Richardson & Lucy (Whitlock) Mayo (M1800's) of SC & Ga
X2765 1 Email from David E. Corley Dd Nov.28,1998 re Richardson & Lucy (Whitlock) Mayo (M1800's) of SC & Ga
X2766 1 Email from Danny Whitlock Dd Nov.23,1998 re John Riley & Mary Jane (McNeely) Whitlock (M1870's) of Hickman Co., Ky
X2767 1 Email from Danny Whitlock Dd Nov.23,1998 re William Prince & Genetta (Bone) Whitlock (M1890's) of Hickman Co., Ky
X2768 1 Email from Philip Whitlock Dd Nov.23,1998 re descent from Joshua & Harriet (Clark) Whitlock (M1833) Winterslow, Wilts
X2769 1 Email from Ann Marie Whitlock Heinis Dd Nov.24,1998 re George & Lillie (Withers) Whitlock (M1890's) Albia, Ia
X2770 1 Email from Shannon R. White Dd Nov.24,1998 re Preston & Martha Mary (Martin) Whitlock (M1820's) of Kanawha Co., Va
X2771 1 GenForum from Alan John Whitlock re Dennis Bryan Whitlock of London, England
X2772 4 Application for Membership to the National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution by Ernestine Ann (Woodle) Dodl #784460 Dd Feb.5,1998 re descent from John & Sarah Whitlock (M1780's) of Henrico Co., Va from Sara Smith
X2773 1 Email from Cindy Puryear Dd Nov.29,1998 re Willard Whitlock
X2774 1 Email from Rick Irby Dd Nov.30,1998 re Walter Lee Whitlock son of Leonidas & Mamie (Brockman) Whitlock (M1880's)
X2775 1 Email from Rick Irby Dd Dec.1,1998 re Leonidas Whitlock of St.Louis, Mo
X2776 1 GenForum from William V. Wilson Dd Dec.1,1998 re J. D. Whitlock b.1820 of Wolf Pit, Richmond Co., NC
X2777 1 Email from Georgia Aeverman Dd Dec.3,1998 re John W. & Rosa (Whitlock) Hendrix (M1901) Scott Co., Ar
X2778 1 Phone call from Sara Smith Dec.1998 re birth of grandson, Christopher Maitland Vaughan Dec.2,1998 at Raleigh, NC
X2779 1 Email from John Whitlock Dd Dec.4,1998 re pictures of Walter Whitlock and Charlie Whitlock of Hudson, NY in old Purdy/Cornell photo album
X2780 1 Email from Carol L. Comp Dd Dec.4,1998 re Benjamin Whitlock of Philadelphia, Pa
X2781 2 Descendants of Benjamin & Sarah Ann (Dennis) Whitlock (M1870's) of Philadelphia, Pa from Carol L. Comp
X2782 1 Email Dd Dec.4,1998 re Nathaniel Franklin & Barbara Ann (Burkett) Whitlock (M1850's) of Montgomery Co., Va & Sullivan Co., Tn
X2783 2 GenForum from Mary Doris Edwards Dd Dec.4,1998 re Remus & Margaret A. (Sears) Whitlock (M1863) of Moore Co., NC
X2784 1 GenForum from Steve McDonald Dd Dec.16,1998 re Thomas & Emma Whitlock, b.1839 Alderton, NTH & Ontario, Canada
X2785 1 GenForum from Judith Ann Copler Dd Dec.2,1998 re William Nelson & Mary Ann (Kersner) Whitlock (M1849) Floyd Co., Ind
X2786 1 GenForum from Richard W. Edgerton Dd Dec.24,1998 re John & Eleanor (Selover) Whitlock (M1750's) of NJ
X2787 1 Email from Ann James Dd Dec.12,1998 re Lott & Elizabeth (Kent) Whitlock (M1810's) of SC
X2788 1 Email from John Perry Whitlock Dd Dec.13,1998 re Scott & Sarah Elizabeth (Perry) Whitlock (M1888) Monona Co., Ia
X2789 1 Email from Philip McAlister Dd Dec.14,1998 re William Harrison & Amanda (Ballard) Whitlock (M1880's) of Anderson Co., SC
X2790 1 Email from Chris Dhallu Dd Dec.16,1998 re Thomas & Sarah (Bishop) Whitelock (M1873) of Wantage, SRY & Hamilton, Ont
X2791 1 Email from Sharilyn Whitaker Dd Dec.17,1998 Joseph & Abigail (Whitlock) Rowland (M1700's) of Ct
X2792 1 Email from Barbara Lake Peters Dd Dec.18,1998 re Ira & Sally (Whitlock) Thornton (M1810's) of Ct
X2793 1 Card from Nancy Whitlock Dec.1998 re Richard Whitlock b.1829 Gordonsville, Va
X2794 2 Email from Rebecca Whitlock-Lang Dd Dec.29,l998 re Henry & Elizabeth (Graham) Whitlock (M1827) Montgomery Co., Va
X2795 1 Supplement 1998 to The Alexander Brown History re birth of Steven Lee Keith Marchuck Dec.6,1997 at Winnipeg, Mb from Esme Trotter
X2796 1 Letter from Mark Whitlock Dd Dec.8,1998 re Whitlock references from Chudleigh, Devon 1427-1448
X2797 4 Family Group Sheets descent from Warren John & Helen Louise (England) Whitlock (M1949) Tooele, Ut from Larry T. Whitlock
X2798 3 Descendant chart re descent from James & Agness (Christmas) Whitlock (M1730's) from Herb W. Nichols
X2799 4 Letter from Quintin D.L. White Dd Dec.21,1998 re Whitlocks of Pitton, Wilts descent from Stephen & Sarah (Crouch) Read (M1799) at Pitton, Wilts
X2800 2 Descendants of Jonathan & Elizabeth (Pope) Whitlock (M1780) at Laverstock, Wilts from Quintin D.L. White
X2801 6 Transcription of Whitlock entries in Laverstock, Bulford, West Dean, Boyton & Winterslow, Wilts parish registers from Quintin D.L. White
X2802 9 Descendants of John & Anne Seaward (M1680's) of Pitton, Wilts from Quintin D.L. White
X2803 1 Email from Barbara Lake Peters Dd Jan.1,1999 re Robert & Susanna (Guire) Whitlock (M1770) of Ct
X2804 2 Email from Paul Brant Dd Dec.22,1998 re children of John William & Lydia Mae (Coleman) Whitlock (M1889) of Kanawha Co., WVa
X2805 1 Email from Linda Whitlock Dd Dec.26,1998 re Whitlock Furniture Co. of Rising Sun, Ind
X2806 1 Email from Brenda Whitlock Latham Dd Dec.28,1998 re Ellis Newman & Susie Jane (Hall) Whitlock (M1912) of Mineral, Louisa Co., Va
X2807 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Dec.29,1998 re Benjamin Whitelock of Hillsborough, NJ 1767
X2808 2 Emails from Mary Harkness Dd Dec.29,1998 re John & Bettie (Bright) Whitlock (M1890's) of Al & Tx
X2809 1 Email from Kelly Wise Dd Dec.29,1998 re James & ?? Whitlock (M1890's) of Rutherford Co., Tn
X2810 2 Email Dd Dec.29,1998 & GenForum Dd Jan.2,1999 from Les Conner re Billy & Mary J. Whitlock (M1870's) of Rutherford Co., NC
X2811 2 Emails from Shawneka Walters Dd Dec.29,1998 re Robert M. & Lucinda (Purvis) (Schoolcraft) (Fields) Whitlock (M1866) of Russell Co., Ky
X2812 1 Email from Sam Womack Dd Dec.29,1998 re Josiah & ?? Whitlock (M1740's) of Prince Edward Co., Va
X2813 1 Email from William Willson Dd Dec.30,1998 re James D. & Temperance (??) Whitlock (M1830) of Richmond Co., NC
X2814 2 Email from Amy Jones Dd Jan.3,1999 re Benjamin & Ollie (Sosebee) Whitlock (M1910's) of Marietta, Ga
X2815 1 Email from Jim Inman Dd Jan.2,1999 re George Washington & Nancy (Clements) Whitlock (M1820's) of Toccoa, Ga
X2816 4 GenForum from Rita M. Somers-Whitlock Dd Jan.2,1999 & emails Dd Jan.6,1999 re John & Rachel (Conway) Whitlock (M1830's) of Ire & Ont
X2817 1 Email from Loretta Hilbert Dd Jan.24,1999 re Jesse & Alice (Wedlock) Mathews (M1850's) of Calhoun or Greene Co., Il
X2818 1 GenForum from Teresa Foote-Arnold Dd Jan.3,1999 re John & Martha (Whitlock) Arnold (M1760's) of Randolph Co., NC
X2819 1 Email from Teresa Foote-Arnold Dd Jan.7,1999 re Thomas & Elizabeth (Dupree) Whitlock (M1748) Lunenburg Co., Va
X2820 1 GenForum from Betty Swanson Dd Jan.3,1999 re Samuel T & Margaret (Freeman) Whitlock (M1860's) of Mo
X2821 2 Email from Teresa V. Helton Dd Jan.3,1999 re David & Elizabeth (Whitlock) Gentry (M1770s) of Louisa Co., Va & Buncombe Co., NC
X2822 1 Email from Patricia Ball Dd Jan.3,1999 re Joseph & Elizabeth (Gorrell) Whitlock (M1830) of Everton, In
X2823 2 GenForum Dd Jan.3,1999 & Email Dd Jan.5,1999 from Clayton Smith re Robert Franklin & Lavenia Paralee (Purcell) Whitlock (M1860) at Wilson Co., Tn
X2824 2 Email from Danny Whitlock re John Riley & Mary Jane (McNeely) Whitlock (M1870's) of Hickman Co., Ky
X2825 3 Family Group Sheet descent from Charles & Mary (Talley) Whitlock (M1803) of Hanover Co., Va from John Ernest
X2826 1 GenForum from Rebecca Heinonen Gorman Dd Jan.4,1999 re Ervin James & Mary (Abney) Whitlock (M1848) of Oh, Il & Mn
X2827 1 Email from Luke Whitlock Dd Jan.4,1999 re children of John Walter & Nicola Ann (Clarke) Whitlock (M1967) and Christopher Charles & Jacqueline Rose (Hornbuckle) Whitlock (M1969)
X2828 2 Emails from Susan Luckie Dd Jan.4,5,1999 re William & Annie (Whitlock) Walters (M1900's) of Christiansburg, Va
X2829 1 Email from Philip McAlister Dd Jan.6,1999 re William Harrison & Mary (Ballard) Whitlock (M1860's) of Oconee Co., SC
X2830 2 Email from Donna Wood Dd Jan.6,1999 re James & Betsey Whitlock (M1810's) of SC
X2831 8 Family Group Sheets descent from John Albert & Minnie Loretta Sarah Ann (Miller) Ashby (M1890's) of Cottage Grove, Or from JoAnn Whitlock
X2832 1 GenForum from Connie J. Hickey Dd Jan.7,1999 re Robert M. & Mary Catherine (Cape)(Evans) Whitlock (M1872) of Louisville, Ky
X2833 1 Email from Edward Astbury Dd Jan.8,1999 re Albert Edward Harry Whitlock of Cleathorps Road, Southampton, Hants circa 1950
X2834 1 Letter from Carol Whitlock Dd Jan.28,1999 re death of Howard Whitlock Oct.16,1998 Wanganui, NZ. Also birth of Liam Howard Whitlock Oct.23,1998 and Mitchell Chapman Dec.4,1998
X2835 1 Lancaster Co., Pa re Isaac Whitelock 1747-1764 will abstacts from Donna Sand
X2836 1 GenForum from Terry Brown Dd Jan.10,1999 re William & Sarah (Whitlock) Holman, in Va about 1768
X2837 2 Emails from Donna Whitlock Swinney Dd Jan.11,29,1999 re William Phillip Whitlock born Kansas City area, Mo about 1890 d.1959
X2838 2 GenForum Dd Jan.11,1999 and email Dd Jan.16,1999 from Rebecca Lynn Richie re George Washington & Nancy (Clements) Whitlock (M1820's) of Ga
X2839 4 Ancestors of Neta Marie Hamblen to Tarlton Whitlock of Rockbridge Co., Va
X2840 1 Descendants of James E. & Judith (Whitlock) Hamblen (M1841) Clay Co., Mo from Neta Davis
X2841 8 Descendants of Tarlton Whitlock of Rockbridge Co., Va from Neta Davis
X2842 27 Descendants of Thomas Buffham, Isaac B. Wells, Charles H. Young, Alexander Dunlap, James Kilgour from Neta Davis
X2843 2 GenForum Dd Jan.15,1999 and Email Dd Jan.16,1999 from Sharon Sustar re Joseph L. & Huldah L. (Whitlock) Whitton (M1849) Louisa Co., Va
X2844 1 Email from Larry Whitlock Dd Jan.15,1999 re marriage to Lyla Oelschlager
X2845 1 Letter from Shirley Brendle Dd Jan.15,1999 re Charles H. & Malinda A. (Stockdale) Whitlock (M1886) of Va
X2846 2 Obit and funeral notice of John H. Stockdale, 98 d.Apr.4,1932 Staunton, Va plus Administration of Julia A. Stockdale d.Jun.20,1921 Augusta Co. Va re daughter Malinda A. Whitlock from Shirley Brendle
X2847 2 Pedigree Chart descent from Benjamin & Elizabeth Whitlock (M1830's) of North Aston, Oxfordshire from Charles Robert Canning
X2848 2 GenForum Dd Jan.25,1999 & email Dd Jan.27,1999 from Alecia Errickson re James Richard & Elora L. (Owens) Whitlock (M1880's) of Mo, Ky & Co
X2849 1 GenForum from Glenda Gainey Cerezo Dd Jan.25,1999 re Remus & Mattie (Swaim) Whitlock (M1910's) of NC
X2850 7 Suggested lineage descent from Richard & Elizabeth Whitlock (M1750's) of Whittlebury, NTH from Michael D. Whitlock
X2851 2 Map of Northamptonshire and write-up on Syresham from Michael D. Whitlock
X2852 1 Email from Victoria Diane Whitlock Dd Jan.24,1999 re descent from William Henry & Virginia (Scott) (Butler) Whitlock (M1869) Rockingham, Va
X2853 5 Email from Cliff Karch Dd Jan.24,1999 re descent from Whitlocks of Halifax Co., Va
X2854 1 Email from William Henry Whitlock Dd Jan.24,1999 re descent from Benjamin & Sarah Ann (Dennis) Whitlock (M1870's) of Philadelphia, Pa
X2855 1 Email from Linda Whitlock re descent from John Boyd & Margaret Graham (Young) Whitlock (M1950's) of Dayton, Ohio
X2856 2 Emails from John Whitlock Dd Jan.24,1999 & Feb.5,1999 re descent from Ephriam Lockhart & Anne (Tiebout) Whitlock (M1778) Monmouth, NJ & Whitlock Furniture Company in Rising Sun, Ind
X2857 1 Email from Ron Whitlock Dd Jan.26,1999 re descent from William L. & Margaret F. (Yankee) Whitlock (M1890's) of Mo & Tn
X2858 1 Email from Barbara Lake Peters Dd Jan.29,1999 re descent from Ira & Sarah (Whitlock) Thornton (M1810's) of NY
X2859 1 Email from Jayne Pratt-Lovelace Dd Jan.29,1999 re Harry Wallace & Harriet Effie (Whitlock) Pratt (M1901) Ok
X2860 6 Emails from Judy Runyon Dd Jan.28 - Feb.8,1999 re descent from John Whitlock d.1717 of Va through Whitlocks of Greene Co., Il
X2861 1 GenForum from Mark Sanchez Dd Jan.29,1999 re Whitelock of Gibraltar & Scotland
X2862 6 Children of Jeremiah M. & Sarah (Portwood) Whitlock (M1839) of Greene Co., Il from Judy Runyon
X2863 4 Emails from Diane L. Sutton Dd Jan.29, Feb.1 & Feb.25,1999 re Walter Frederick Whitlock of Birmingham, War and Canada son of Frederick & Esther (Garrett) Whitlock (M..) of Bkm, England; Newport Pagnall, Bkm St.Catherine's House extracts.
X2864 3 Email Dd Jan.30,1999 & GenForums Dd Jan.31 & Mar.2,1999 from Arnetta Kee-Whitlock re descent from James Presley & Rhoda (??) (Green) Whitlock (M1820) of Madison Co., Il
X2865 2 Email from Shawneka Walters Dd Feb.2,1999 re her children and grandchildren
X2866 1 Email from Shawneka Walters Dd Feb.23,1999 re Woodson Whitlock s of Robert Lewis & Lydia (Morris) Whitlock (M1839) Green Co., Ky
X2867 2 Letter from Herb Nichols Dd Feb.1,1999 re Whitlocks of Morgan Co., Il; descent of Sarah Lindsay from John & Mary Ann (Sheppard) Whitlock (M1824) Adair Co., Ky
X2868 1 Email from Travis McDonald Dd Feb.11,1999 re descent from William Chapman & Mary (Whitlock) McDoniel (M1805) Louisa Co., Va
X2869 1 Updates to the WHITLOCK.40 chart, the Whitlocks of Somerset from Lois Smith
X2870 1 Email from Teresa V. Helton Dd Feb.3,1999 re children of Bernard Gentry and Faye Tweed
X2871 15 Descendants of Carlton & Elvira T. (Whitlock) Woolf (M1836) of Calhoun Co., Al from Ray Woolf
X2872 14 Pedigree charts from Richard Wallace Edgerton re John & Eleanor (??) Whitlock (M1750's) of Middlesex Co., NJ
X2873 1 Email from Betty Swanson Dd Feb.1,1999 re George Marshall & Cornia (Whitlock) Norman (M1887) of Mo & Ok
X2874 7 Descendants of Thomas Jefferson & Elizabeth (Montgomery) Whitlock (M1830's) of Tn & Mo; life of Georgia Mae (Norman) Hester b.1888; Family Tree descent from Samuel T. & Margaret (Freeman) Whitlock (M1860's) from Betty Swanson
X2875 1 Email from Katie Haugse Dd Feb.9,1999 re descent from Richard P. & Margarette (Green) Whitlock (M1820's) of Tn
X2876 2 Emails from Rita Somers Dd Feb.1 & 17,1999 re descent from John William & Maude (Anderson) Whitlock (M1902) of Petrolia, Ont; descent from John & Rachel (Conway) Whitlock (M1830's) of Ire
X2877 2 Box chart descent from Richard L. & Sarah Jane (Hancock) Whitlock (M1804) of Patrick Co., Va from Shannon R. White
X2878 2 Genforum Dd Feb.3,1999 & email Dd Feb.7,1999 from Susan Lloyd re descent from James & Mary Whitlock (M1810's) of Montgomery Co., NC
X2879 1 GenForum from William V. Wilson Dd Feb.19,1999 re James & Mary Whitlock (M1810s) of Montgomery Co., NC
X2880 1 Email from Kenny Whitlock Dd Feb.10,1999 re Frank Eugene Whitlock b.1907? Ar
X2881 2 Email Dd Feb.12,1999 and GenForum Dd Mar.3,1999 from Anna Jackson re descent from Asa & Mary (Sammons) Whitlock (M1866) of NY
X2882 1 Obituary of Martha Kaye (Ruark) Whitlock, 45 of Madison, Ga died May 3,1998 from Lawrence Otis
X2883 1 Email from "Jmanees" Dd Feb.7,1999 re John & Mary (Whitlock) Anthony (M1799) Surry Co., NC
X2884 3 GenForum Dd Feb.11,1999 & email Dd Feb.12 & 13,1999 from Donna Battey re William Orville & Erlene Whitlock of Paris, Tx
X2885 1 GenForum from Thomas Lee Wimberly Dd Feb.13,1999 re Thomas Wellington & Sally (Gillehorn) Whitlock (M1807) of Halifax Co., Va
X2886 1 Email from Helen Beazer Dd Feb.13,1999 re descent from Richard L. & Sarah (Hancock) Whitlock (M1804) of Patrick Co., Va
X2887 1 Email from Terry Durham Dd Feb.14,1999 re John Wiley & Emaline (Meyers) Whitlock of Green Co., Il
X2888 3 Email from Terry Durham Dd Feb.25,1999 re George W. & Susan Catherine (Whitlock) Hanger (M1849) of Augusta Co., Va
X2889 1 Email from Terry Durham Dd Mar.1,1999 George M. Hanger s of George W. & Susan Catherine (Whitlock) Hanger (M1849) of Augusta Co., Va
X2890 1 GenForum from Hope Pratt Dd Feb.14,1999 re Rev. George & Alwina (Wlodeck) Whitlock (M1934) of Oh & NY
X2891 1 Email from Gail Grutle Dd Feb.17,1999 re Whitlocks of NJ
X2892 2 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Feb.17,1999 re Wm. Whitlock Jr. Mar.4,1870 New York Times Death Notices.
X2893 1 Email from R.Clifton Caughron Dd Feb.19,1999 re Braxton Gentry & Sarah (Taliaferro) Whitlock (M1853) Augusta Co, Va
X2894 1 Email from Anthony Richard Whitlock Dd Feb.19,1999 re Thomas & Prudence (Palmer) Whitlock (M1833) Blisworth, NTH
X2895 3 Family Group Sheet descent from Lott & Elizabeth Marion (Kent) (Runnels) Whitlock (M1813) of SC, Ga & Calhoun Co., Al from Alexander E. Charleston
X2896 35 Descendants of Carlton & Elvira T. (Whitlock) Woolf (M1836) of Calhoun Co., Al from Alexander E. Charleston
X2897 2 Emails Dd Feb.20 & Feb.22,1999 from Barbara Wilson Ott re Daniel & Sarah (Whitlock) Wilson (M1760's) of Fairfield, Ct & Lenox, Ma
X2898 1 Email from Alecia Errickson Dd Feb.20,1999 re descent from Royal Jones & Greeta Maude (Whitlock) Balling (M1900's)
X2899 2 Kansas City, Mo news item Dd Oct.21,1998 re Kansas City Star sports columnist Jason Whitlock, 31 from Lawrence Otis
X2900 5 web site re Whitlock Inn in Marietta, Ga from Lawrence Otis
X2901 1 GenForum from Donna Goble Dd Feb.22,1999 re Eliel & Charity (Whitlock) Goble (M1790's) of NY
X2902 1 Kelly's Directory 1854, Oxford re John Whitlock, Tailor of Claredon St., Oxford from Marianne Whitlock
X2903 1 Kelly's Directory 1890-91, Oxford re H. Anglin Whitelock, M.D. Surgeon, 6 Banbury Road, St.Giles, Oxford from Marianne Whitlock
X2904 1 Fleet Marriages (London) David Whitlock & Elyzabeth Nashe May 31,1629, Uxbridge, Middlesex, John Wall & Bethia Whitlock Nov.18,1665/6, Norwood, Middlesex, Richard Whitlock & Alice Wright Oct.25,1694 from Marianne Whitlock
X2905 1 St.Mary's, Hampton, Middlesex baptisms & burials re Thomas & Susanna Whitlock (M1770's) from Marianne Whitlock
X2906 3 Emails from Barbara Lake Peters Dd Feb.24, Feb.28 & Mar.5,1999 re descent from Ira & Sally (Whitlock) Thornton (M1800's) of NY & Mi
X2907 1 Email from Barbara Lake Peters Dd Feb.24,1999 re Robert Whitlock age 36 (1861) of Meredith, Delaware Co., NY Muster Roll, 8th Indepen. Battery Artillery, NYSV
X2908 2 GenForum Dd Feb.18,1999 & email Dd Apr.22,1999 from Gayla Klemett re Greenville B. Whitlock of Clark Co., Ar
X2909 1 Email from Michael Whitlock Dd Mar.9,1999 re updates to the WHITLOCK.77 chart, The Whitlocks of Northamptonshire
X2910 2 Genforum Dd Feb.27,1999 & email Dd Mar.3,1999 from Denise Marie Gilliland re Thomas & Sarah (Whitlock) Brooks (M1796) Wythe Co., Va
X2911 1 Email from Donna Swinney Dd Feb.19,1999 re William Phillip Whitlock of Kansas City, Mo
X2912 2 Emails Dd Feb.27 & Feb.28,1999 from Margaret Shelton re Joseph & Elizabeth (Whitlock) Shelton (M1749) of Va
X2913 1 GenForum from Ron Berry Dd Feb.27,1999 re Glenn Whitlock b abt 1933 of St.Louis, Mo US Air Force stationed in Montana 1953
X2914 3 Descendants of Allen Raymond & Myrtle (Robbins) Whitlock (M1920) Elton, Md from Carol Comp
X2915 1 GenForum from Irene Rutter Dd Feb.28,1999 re Whitlocks of Cecil Co., Md
X2916 2 Bishops Transcripts for East Harnham, West Harnham, Whiteparish, Wilts; Descendants of Robert & Sarah (Whitlock) Read (M1820's) of East Grimstead, Wilts from Quintin D.L. White
X2917 2 GenForum Dd Mar.1,1999 & email Dd Mar.10,1999 from Audrey Gaither re descendants of Thomas Conway & Mary Ann (Lane) Whitlock (M1865) Loudon, Roane Co., Tn
X2918 1 GenForum from Tammy Tucker Rhiner Dd Mar.2,1999 re David & Martha Jane (Derryberry) (Dubar) Whitlock of Detroit, Mi
X2919 2 GenForum from Sara Doherty to Brad Aumick Dd Mar.3,1999 re John Whitlock (1720's-1808) of Ridgefield, Ct & Lenox, Ma
X2920 1 Email from Judie White Dd Mar.5,1999 re Robert Whitlock of Simpson Co., Ky (1820) & Sullivan Co., In (1830)
X2921 1 Letter from Peter Whitaker Dd Mar.6,1999 re William Whitlock of Australia s of Benjamin & Lucy (Roddis) Whitlock (M1802) Stoke Bruerne, NTH
X2922 3 Email from Russell Perkins Dd Mar.12,1999 re descendants of Clifford Norman & Ruby Aileen (Whitlock) Perkins (M1943)
X2923 1 GenForum from Georgia Aeverman Dd Mar.8,1999 re John & Rose (Whitlock) Hendrix; Rose daughter of Mary E. Halpaine? of Ar & Tx; Cherokee connection?
X2924 1 Email from Clay Kilby Dd Mar.10,1999 re Achilles & Agnes Morton (Barksdale) Whitlock (M1800) Charlotte Co., Va
X2925 1 Letter from Muriel Gillman Dd Mar.10,1999 re descent of South African Whitlocks from James & Mary Whitlock (M1820's) of Leafield, Oxfordshire
X2926 1 Email from Rae Jean Hay Dd Mar.12,1999 re Robert & Agnes (Stringer) Whitlock (M1770's) of Va & NC
X2927 1 Email from Judy Ardine Dd Mar.12,1999 re Maurice H. & Ellen F. (Eyre) Whitlock (M1886?) of Prospect Park, Delaware Co., Pa
X2928 1 GenForum from Judy Ann Wittke Dd Mar.15,1999 re photograph of John Whitlock of Silverton, Or
X2929 1 GenForum from Laurel Reed Berbach Dd Feb.5,1999 re Gershom & Eunice (Whitlock) Gilbert (M1779) of Ct & NY
X2930 12 Descendants of Oliver & Mary (Hull) Whitlock (M1755) Westport, Ct from Laurel Reed Berbach
X2931 3 Photographs of families of Edwin Charles & Sarah (Smith) Whitlock (M1850's) & Walter Edwin & Hannah Jane (Bernard) Whitlock (M1883) of P.E.I., Canada from Chester E. Whitlock
X2932 2 GenForums from Richard T. (Dick) Whitlock Dd Apr.1,1999 re 53 Whitlock placenames in the US including Whitlock Forks, Essex Co., Va & Whitlock's Creek, Westmoreland Co., Va
X2933 2 GenForums from Jon Whitlock Collins Dd Mar.21 & Apr.3,1999 re James Whitlock of Union Co., SC & Surry Co., NC
X2934 8 Correspondence between Michael Parsons and Frederick J. Whitlock Dd Jan.24,1999 to Feb.17,1999 re Whitlocks of Clarendon Estate and Pitton, Wilts
X2935 1 Five generation chart descentĀ from Robert & Susanna (Tisdale) Whitlock (M1713) of Pitton, Wilts from Frederick J. Whitlock
X2936 5 Letter from Sara Doherty Dd Mar.20,1999 re John Whitlock (1720's-1808) of Ridgefield, Ct & Lenox, Ma possible connection to Vanderburgh family
X2937 5 Whitlock I Genealogy re possible connection between the John Whitlock of Fairfield, Ct d.1659 and Joseph & Hannah (Whitlock) Baldwin (M1636) High Wycombe, Bucks & of Milford, Ct from Sara Doherty
X2938 16 Whitlock II Genealogy re possible connection between the John Whitlock of Fairfield, Ct d.1659 and Joseph & Hannah (Whitlock) Baldwin (M1636) High Wycombe, Bucks & Milford, Ct & Whitlocks of Lenox, Ma from Sara Doherty
X2939 8 Will of John Whitlock of Lenox, Ma Dd Feb.1794 presented Dec.6,1808, including probate documents from Sara Doherty
X2940 11 Miscellaneous New England Whitlock extracts from Sara Doherty
X2941 1 GenForum from Nancy Myers Dd Mar.20,1999 re William & Elizabeth (Whitlock??) Foster (M1750's) of Va
X2942 1 GenForum from Cathy Hendon Dd Mar.20,1999 re Thomas & Sarah (Brooks) Whitlock (M1796) Wythe Co., Va