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X2943 1 GenForum from Steve Whitlock Dd Mar.21,1999 re James & Mary Whitlock (M1790's) of Witney, Oxfordshire
X2944 2 GenForum Dd Mar.22 & email Dd Mar.31,1999 from Doyalene Wasson re Nathan William & Juliana (Birch) Whitlock (M1840) of Floyd Co., Ga & Ar
X2945 1 GenForum from Mary Whitlock Dd Mar.22,1999 re Howard Edward & Pearl Nevada Whitlock (M1920's?) of Charleston, WVA
X2946 1 GenForum from Georgia Aeverman Dd Mar.25,1999 re John & Rose (Whitlock) Hendrix; Rose daughter of Mary E. Halpaine? of Ar & Tx; Cherokee connection?
X2947 1 GenForum from Pat Frieler Dd Mar.26,1999 re William & Mary (Jones) Whitlock (M1760) of SC
X2948 1 GenForum from Les Conner Dd Mar.26,1999 re Samanthe Artina Whitlock (possibly Robinson) b.Jul.20,1874 in Rutherford Co., NC
X2949 1 GenForum from Larry Whitlock Dd Mar.26,1999 re Mary Isabella (Bishop) Whitlock's application #16060 to Guion Miller Roll re Cherokee connection. Mary b Nov.19,1857 Guntersville, Al married to J.T. Whitlock
X2950 1 Email from Helen Beazer Dd Apr.4,1999 re Whitlocks of Patrick Co., Va & connection to Whitlocks of Floyd Co., Va
X2951 1 GenForum from Barbara H. Galbreath Dd Apr.19,1999 re Greenville Benjamin & Alzara Adaline (Alexander) Whitlock (M1846) Benton Co., Al
X2952 2 Emails from David Whitlock Dd Mar.1 & 3,1999 re descent from Robert Franklin & Lavina Paralee (Purcell) Whitlock (M1860) Wilson Co., Tn
X2953 1 Email from Sammie Birdsall Dd Mar.28,1999 re Joseph & Abigail (Whitlock) Rowland (M1700's?) of Ct
X2954 1 Email from Herb Nichols Dd Mar.28,1999 re Nichol family descent from John & Mary Ann (Sheppard) Whitlock (M1824) Adair Co., Ky
X2955 1 Email from Richard Wallace Edgerton Dd Mar.28,1999 re John & Eleanor (??) Whitlock (M1750's) of Middlesex Co., NJ
X2956 3 Emails from Greg Whitlock Dd Mar.28, Apr.6 & Apr.7,1999 re combination of WHITLOCK.63 and WHITLOCK.85 charts as all descendants of Richard L. & Sarah (Hancock) Whitlock (M1804) of Patrick Co., Va
X2957 1 GenForum from B.Looney Dd Mar.29,1999 re Whitlock's Landing, Ma
X2958 1 Email from Alice Ann Watkins Dd Apr.1,1999 re William & Minerva (Whitlock) Kirkpatrick of Clark Co., Ar
X2959 1 Email from Jon Collins Whitlock re Winfrey Whitlock of Edgefield Co., SC
X2960 1 GenForum from Pat Daniels Dd Apr.5,1999 re Gabriel & Mary (Whitlock) Morgan (M1813) Washington Co., Tn
X2961 3 Emails from Rita Somers Dd Apr.5, Apr.11 & Apr.20,1999 re Whitlocks of Petrolia, Ont
X2962 1 Email from William V. Wilson Dd Apr.7,1999 re Clarence Andrews & Mae Ila (Yates) Whitlock (M1910's) of Richmond Co., NC
X2963 1 Email from Carole Pilkington Dd Apr.13,1999 re Isaac & Emma (Fogarty) Whitlock (M1871) of Churchville, Ont
X2964 4 Family Group Sheets and box chart re descent from George & Sophia Ann (Eynon) Whitlock (M1850-60's) of Camberwell, LND from John C. Whitlock
X2965 1 Email from M.JoAnn Giamboni Dd Apr.6,1999 re Charles & Margaret (Wilson) Whitlock (M1810's) of Adair Co., Ky & Green Co. Il
X2966 1 Email from Judy Runyon Dd Apr.7,1999 re George & Mary (Minter) Whitlock (M1760's) of Caroline Co., Va & Granville Co., NC
X2967 14 Family group sheets and pedigree charts re Mary (Whitlock) Jones descent from James Whitlock of Middlesex Co., Va from Royce Glen Peterson
X2968 1 GenForum from Bob Montgomery Dd Apr.8,1999 re John M. & Ophelia (Whitlock) Whitaker (M1852) of Ill & Ky
X2969 3 GenForum Dd Apr.8, emails Dd May 14 & 15, 1999 from Dick T. Whitlock re Philip Whitlock (1838-1919) of Poland & Richmond, Va
X2970 1 Email from Laurel Berbach Dd Apr.11,1999 re updates/corrections to the WHITLOCK.09 chart, Brownell, Bonfey & Przybylo families
X2971 2 Emails from Sandra Russell Dd Apr.12 & 13,1999 re Rowland Whitlock & Jackson Whitlock of NC & Lincoln Co., Tn
X2972 2 Letter from Mrs. Kenneth R. Pike (Pike Family Assoc.) Dd Feb.22,1965 re descent of Stewart Blair Whitlock b.1911 Rising Sun, Ind from John Pike (1573-1654) from John W. Whitlock
X2973 4 Chronology of the life of John W. Whitlock (1871-1935) of Rising Sun, Ind from John W. Whitlock
X2974 3 Descendancy chart re descent from Thomas & Susannah (Stock) Whitlock (M1640's) of NJ from John W. Whitlock
X2975 3 Emails Dd Apr.16 & 17 & GenForum Dd Apr.20,1999 from Christa Irvine re descent from James Boudinot & Narcissa Eugenia (Daugherty) Whitlock (M1898) of Roff, Ok
X2976 1 GenForum from Audrey Harmon Gaither Dd Apr.16,1999 re James & Sarah (Whitlock) Harmon (M1885) of Roane Co., Tn
X2977 1 Email from Kevin Whitlock Dd Apr.19,1999 re Grandfather Ray Whitlock and father Wendell Keith Whitlock
X2978 1 GenForum from Linda W. Goetz Dd Apr.19,1999 re descent from Winfrey & Elizabeth (Booth) Whitlock (M1790's) of Edgefield Co., SC
X2979 1 GenForum from Donna Huff Whitlock re Shirley Dean Whitlock son of Alfred Whitlock of Tx
X2980 3 GenForums Dd Apr.28 & email Dd May 8, 1999 from Patricia Staats re descent from Thomas Jefferson & Elizabeth Ann (Montgomery) Whitlock (M1830's) of NC & Green Co., Mo
X2981 1 Email from Arline Hill Dd Apr.21,1999 re Ira & Nettie Mae (Cleveland) Whitlock (M1900's) of Tx
X2982 1 GenForum from David Robertson Dd Apr.21,1999 re descent from ?? & Grizel (Coleman) Whitlock (M1730's) of Goochland Co., Va
X2983 1 GenForum from Dale Johnson Dd Apr.23,1999 re Chesley & Catherine (Whitlock) Hay (M1822) of Ga
X2984 1 Email from John Barry Whitlock Dd Apr.24,1999 re African-American Whitlock reunion in Atlanta, Ga July 2000
X2985 1 Email from Eric Whitlock Dd Apr.26,1999 re Percival Edmund Whitlock b.1906 of Frome, Wilts (sic)
X2986 1 Email from Rebecca Whitlock-Lang Dd Apr.26,1999 re Nathaniel Franklin Whitlock married his cousin Barbara Ann Burkett Mar.23,1852, Va
X2987 1 Letter from Marie Thompson Dd Apr.28,1999 re marriage of Nelson Emmerson & Mary Isabell (Graham) Whitelock Sep.27,1952 at Mary's home, RR#2, Wallacetown, Ontario, Canada
X2988 1 Letter from Teressa L. Durham Dd May 13(sic),1999 re Marriage Record Book for Rockingham Co., Va
X2989 7 Fax from Douglas Lee Whitlock Dd Apr.29,1999 re Family Group Records and Family Bible records from Audra Seldeen re Thomas & Malinda (Shirk) Whitlock (M1833) Parke Co., Indiana, U.S.A.
X2990 1 GenForum from Sheryl Whitlock Loy Dd May 6,1999 re descent from James & Betsy B. Jones (Bagby) Whitlock (M1827) Green Co., Ky
X2991 1 GenForum from Kay Hines Dd Apr.28,1999 re Strother & Martha (Whitlock) Matlock of Al early 1800's
X2992 1 GenForum from Robin Hards Dd Apr.28,1999 re descent from John William & Mary A. (Ricketts) Whitlock (M1854) Wilson Co., Tn
X2993 1 Email from Jan Schauble Dd May 4,1999 re Abraham & Rose (Whitlock) Parker (M1644) of Ma
X2994 2 Emails from Alli Denning Dd May 6 & 7,1999 re descent from Charles Milledge & Lila (Logan) Whitlock (M1910's) of SC
X2995 1 Email from Gregg Graham Dd May 6,1999 re Mathew & Esther (Whitlock) Graham (M1777) Philadelphia, Pa
X2996 1 Email from Diane Sutton Dd May 7,1999 re descent from Frederic & Esther (Garrett) Whitlock (M1871) Woburn Sands, Beds
X2997 1 Email from Maisie Whitelock Dd May 8,1999 re her up-coming inauguration as Mayor for London Borough of Havering May 19,1999
X2998 1 Email from Richard Wallace Edgerton Dd May 8,1999 re Eleanor b.1741 wife of (1)John Whitlock & (2) Richard Selover of NJ
X2999 2 Descendants of Samuel George & Mary Ann (Holton) Whitlock (M1910's) of London, England from Paul Whitlock
X3000 1 Transcription of Whitlock entries in the Salisbury, Wilts burial ground records 1857-1942; Transcription of Fisherton Anger, Wilts burial grounds from Quintin D. L. White
X3001 1 Email from Deanna Larson re Mathew & Esther (Whitlock) Graham (M1777) Philadelphia, Pa
X3002 1 Email from Judie White Dd May 11,1999 re George W. & Nancy Ann Whitlock (M1836) of Carrol, Texas Co., Mo including Family Bible records
X3003 2 GenForums from George Cole & Chuck Rockett Dd May 13,1999 re Zalmon & Eunice (Gilbert) Whitlock (M1839) Redding, Fairfield Co., Ct
X3004 1 Emails from Joseph Whitlock Dd May 15,1999 re George Washington & Nancy (Barnes) Whitlock (M1820's) of Franklin & Habersham Co.s, Ga
X3005 1 Email from Rita Somers Dd May 16,1999 re Whitlocks of Glencoe, Ont
X3006 2 Email Dd May 16,1999 & GenForum Dd May 28,1999 from Tina Ballew Hinson re John S. & Elizabeth Marie (Hughes) Whitlock (M1900's) of Clinton, SC
X3007 1 Email from Rae Jean Hay Dd May 17,1999 re descent from Edward Stringer of Caswell Co., NC 1760's
X3008 1 Email from Deborah Albritton Dd May 22,1999 re William & Elizabeth (Green) Whitlock (M1817) Franklin Co., Al
X3009 5 Email from Chris Barrett Dd May 22,1999 re descent from Thomas & Sarah (Lester) Whitlark (M1792) Newport Pagnall, BKM
X3010 2 Email from Pat Frieler Dd May 23,1999 re descent from William & Mary (Whitlock) Jones (M1760) SC
X3011 1 GenForum from Linda Goetz Dd May 24,1999 re James & Mary (Randall) Whitlock (M1821) Edgefield Co., SC
X3012 1 Email from Dale Johnson Dd May 22,1999 re descent from Chesley & Catherine (Whitlock) Hay (M1822) Ga
X3013 2 Email from Rebecca Whitlock-Lang Dd Jun.12,1999 re obits in Staunton [Va] Spectator; Nancy Whitlock,68 d.Apr.8,1858 & James Whitlock,21 d.Apr.15,1859 also petition signed by John Whitlock Jan.22,1861
X3014 2 Emails Dd May 22 & May 27,1999 from Rebecca Whitlock-Lang re George Washington & Nancy (Barnes) Whitlock (M1820's) with Cherokee connection
X3015 1 Email from Kay Hines Dd May 25,1999 re James & Mildred Whitlock siblings to William Asa Whitlock of SC
X3016 6 Descendancy & family group sheets with descent from John William & Mary A. (Ricketts) Whitlock (M1854) Wilson Co, Tn from Robin Hards
X3017 3 Emails from Barry Moody Dd May 24,1999 & letter from Daphne Moody Dd Jun.21,1999 re descent from George Whitlock of London b.1857-58
X3018 2 GenForum Dd May 29,1999 & Email Dd Jun.3,1999 from Marie Jeter re Thomas W. & Annie J. (Whitlock) Yancey (M1900's) of Elkwood, Va
X3019 1 Email from Dave Utzinger Dd May 31,1999 re descent from Abraham & Rose (Whitlock) Parker (M1644) Woburn, Ma
X3020 12 Descendants of Billy & Mary J. (Roberson) Whitlock (M1870's) of Rutherford Co., NC from Les Conner
X3021 2 GenForum Dd Jun.2,1999 & email Dd Jun.3,1999 from Janet Towle re descent from Calvin Allen & Parthenia O. Whitlock (M1880) of Tn
X3022 4 Emails Dd Jun.4 & 6, 1999 & GenForum Dd Jun.7,1999 from John L. Whitlock re Frederick & Carolyn Whitlock (M1820's) of Germany & Van Buren Co., Ia
X3023 3 Emails Dd Jun.4 & 5,1999 & GenForum Dd Jun.7,1999 from Jim Farrar re Moody Family Bible extracts including marriages of John & Sarah (Whitlock) Moody Dec.30,1815, Richmond, Va & George W. & Judith (Whitlock) Farra Dec.23,1824 near Lexington, Rockbridge Co
X3024 1 Email from Judith Gore Dd Jun.6,1999 re Sarah & Judith daughters of Judith (Corley) Whitlock b.abt 1747 of Va
X3025 1 Email from Deanna Larson Dd Jun.4,1999 re Mathew & Hester (Whetlock) Grimes (M1775) St.Michael-Zion German Luthern Church, Philadelphia, Pa
X3026 1 Email from Christopher James Whitlock Dd Jun.5,1999 re descent from Charles Whitlock of Deal, Kent, Grocer
X3027 2 GenForum Dd Jun.7,1999 & Email Dd Jun.10,1999 from Paula Whitlock Ludwig re Erwin & Mary (Abney) Whitlock (M1840's) of Oh & Il & Mo & Mn
X3028 1 Email from Jim Wheat Dd Jun.8,1999 re William R. & Julia (Whitlock) Turner (M1861) Crawford Co., Ar
X3029 6 Email from Bob Montgomery Dd Jun.8,1999 re descent from John M. & Ophelia (Whitlock) Whitaker (M1852) Union Co., Il
X3030 1 Email from James Rhodes Dd Jun.9,1999 re James & Elizabeth (Whitlock) Deweese (M1799) Wva
X3031 1 Email from Richard Wallace Edgerton Dd Jun.9,1999 re family of Jared & Ruth Whitlock buried Fitzsimmons Cemetery, Chemung Co., NY 1842-1865
X3032 1 GenForum from Jeanne Strong Dd Jun.12,1999 re new publication Knox-Martin-Whitlock families with descent from John Whitlock d.1659 of Ct
X3033 4 Direct descent from Thomas & Rebecca (Radford) Whitlock (M1790) of Va & Ky from Sheryl Whitlock Loy
X3034 1 Granville Co., NC wills re George Whitlock (d.1774) including court documents 1784-1786 relating to Robert Malone who married widow, Mary Whitlock from Judy Runyon
X3035 1 Caroline Co., Va Whitlocks extracts 1704-1781 from Judy Runyon
X3036 12 Greene Co., Il marriages 1828-1867; Il land records; 1830 census Il; John N. Whitlock Coronor 1832-1844; Morgan Co., Il re family of John & Mary B. (Sheppard) Whitlock (M1821); Tarlton Whitlock family; Richmond, Va marriages 1852-1856; Whitlock Cemetery,
X3037 7 Updates to WHITLOCK.35 chart from Judy Runyon
X3038 1 Email from Lillie Merritt Dd Jun.14,1999 re descent from William H. & Hester (Francisco) Whitlock (M1829) Mayfield, Cuyahoga Co., Oh
X3039 2 Email from Stephen Whitlock Dd Apr.19,1999 re descent from Frederick Robert & Clara (Monk) Whitlock (M1892) of Woodstock, OXF
X3040 1 Family chart, descent from Joseph & Hannah (Whitlock) Baldwin (M1636) High Wycombe, BKM
X3041 2 Letter from Arnetta Kee-Whitlock Dd Jun.16,1999 re will of John Wiley Whitlock, 1855 of Greene Co., Il
X3042 1 Email from Mark Whitlock Dd Jun.17,1999 re two Ruliff & Catherine (Whitlock) Hageman marriages on the WHITLOCK.16 chart
X3043 2 GenForum Dd Jun.18,1999 and email Dd Jun.30,1999 from Diane Elizabeth Briggs McKenzie re descent from William H. & Hester (Francisco) Whitlock (M1829) Mayfield, Cuyahoga Co., Oh
X3044 1 GenForum from Racine Heaps Carlisle Dd Jun.18,1999 re John Green & Mary Elizabeth (Hulsey) Whitlock (M1850) Al
X3045 1 Email from Paul Whitlock Dd Jun.23,1999 re descent from Charles & Mary Maria (Parker)(Bradley) Whitlock (M1880's) London
X3046 2 Emails from Nancy Whitlock Dd Jun.19,1999 re descent from Richard Nicholas & Elizabeth (Tudor) Whitlock (M1849) Madison Co., Ky
X3047 2 Email from Eric Whitlock Dd Jun.23,1999 re descent from Meshech & Martha (Norton) Whitlock (M1863) Somerset, England
X3048 4 Letter Dd Mar.27,1961 re life of Percy Edward Whitlock of Frome, Somerset from Eric Whitlock
X3049 1 GenForum from Rebecca Whitlock-Lang Dd Jul.1,1999 re Nathaniel Franklin & Barbara Ann (Burkett) Whitlock (M1852) of Va & Tn
X3050 1 GenForum from Carolyn G. Whitlock Dd Jun.27,1999 re Robert Randolph & Frances America (Beadle) Whitlock (M1833) Wilson Co., Tn
X3051 2 Emails from Quintin White Dd Jun.28,1999 re Winterbourne Dauntry, Wilts, family of Joshua & Harriet (Clarke) Whitlock (M1833) incl. 1841-1871 census extracts
X3052 1 Email from Connie Baugh Hickey Dd Jun.28,1999 re Asure Bert Whitlock (1879-1913) of Raywick, Marion Co., Ky
X3053 5 Emails from Stephen E. Tarling Dd Jun.29,30 & Jul.12,1999 re descent from George & Elizabeth (Fielder) Whitlock (M1883) of St.Johns, Chelsea, London, Queenborough, Kent & Vlissingen, Holland
X3054 1 GenForum from Betty Medina Dd Jun.29,1999 re George & Martha Whitlock (M1880's) of Ar
X3055 1 GenForum from Barbara Galbreath Dd Jul.20,1999 re Henson Cole & Martha Laura (Baker) Whitlock (M1900) Hamilton, Hamilton Co., Tx
X3056 1 GenForum from Barbara Galbreath Dd Jul.27,1999 re Lott & Elizabeth (Kent) Whitlock (M1813?) of Al
X3057 1 Email from Mary G. Long Dd Jul.4,1999 re Monroe & Lena E. (Bishop) Whitlock (M1881) Orr’s Crossing, Union Co., SC
X3058 2 GenForum from S.Tyler Dd Jul.12,1999 re James Winfrey & Ann (Patterson) Whitlock (M1879?) of Edgefield Co., SC
X3059 1 Email from Lee Fennell Dd Jul.9,1999 re Bulstrode & Frances (Bacon) Whitlock (M1760's) of Henrico Co., Va
X3060 2 GenForum Dd Jul.11,1999 & email Dd Jul.15,1999 from Moesa Thompson re Thomas Lain & Ella (Board) Ballou (M1905) with unknown Whitlock cousins
X3061 1 GenForum from Carol Comp Dd Jul.12,1999 re Walter Benjamin & Elizabeth (Derricks) Whitlock (M1897) of Philadelphia, Pa
X3062 1 GenForum from Richard Wright Dd Jul.12,1999 re Lott & Elizabeth (Kent) Whitlock (M1813?) of Al
X3063 1 GenForum from William V. Wilson Dd Jul.15,1999 re Mary mother of Lawson Alexander Whitlock in 1850 census of Montgomery Co., NC
X3064 3 GenForums from John Whitlock Dd Jul.2,17,1999 re Edward & Sarah (May) Whitlock (M1862) Cecil Co., Md
X3065 35 Descendants of Thomas M. & Sarah (Whitlock) Brooks (M1796) Campbell Co., Va from Cathy Hendon
X3066 2 Emails from Carmen Whitelock Dd Jul.15,19,1999 re Francis Randall & Mary Beatrice (McCarthy) Whitelock (M1933) of Beedale, YKS & NZ
X3067 5 Ancestral File index search summary re Lawson Alexander & Sarah (Ivey) Whitlock (M1851) Stanly Co., NC from Shirley Brendle
X3068 1 Email from Eugenia Richards Dd Jul.23,1999 re Nathaniel William & Juliana E. (Birch) Whitlock (M1840) Floyd Co., Ga
X3069 2 Email Dd Jul.26,1999 from Linda Jean Whitlock Stevens Hunter & GenForum Dd Jul.26,1999 from June Whitlock Stevens re Calvin Vernon & Beulah Anna (Painter) Whitlock (M1920's) of Fall Branch, Tn
X3070 1 GenForum from Patsy Ruth McDonald Greene Dd Jul.17,1999 re William C. & Mary (Whitlock) McDoniel (M1805) of Tn & Ar
X3071 2 GenForum from Don Sawyer Dd Jul.28,1999 re Lesly H. & Mary Whitlock (M1830's) SC
X3072 1 GenForum from Charles Whitlock Rockett Dd Jul.29,1999 re George Whitlock son of Charles Decator & Catherine (Knoth) Whitlock (M1866) of Jersey City, Hudson Co., NJ
X3073 1 GenForum from Charles Whitlock Rockett Dd Jul.29,1999 re Walter Whitlock son of Charles Decator & Caatherine (Knoth) Whitlock (M1866) of Jersey City, Hudson Co., NJ
X3074 4 Fax Dd Aug.2,1999 & email Dd Aug.2,10,1999 from Nancy Whitlock re Richard Nicholas & Mary Elizabeth (Tudor) Whitlock (M1849) Madison Co., Ky
X3075 8 Misc. Oxford extracts, St.Clement’s, Oxford; St.Giles, Oxford, Cogges & Oxford City Apprentices 1697-1800 from Marianne Whitlock
X3076 5 Post Office Directory, London 1862 re Thomas Whitlock; Barry Whitelock, lock keeper, YKS; Brize Norton, OXF 1620; Kelly’s Directory, Willesden, LND 1900; Sussex Poll Book 1774 from Marianne Whitlock
X3077 1 Email from Mike Gregory Dd Jul.29,1999 born a Whitlock Jun.18,1956 Hot Springs, Ar adopted by Gregory family.
X3078 1 GenForum from Jerald Whitlock Dd Jul.30,1999 re Marion Jasper & Mary Jane (Oliver) Whitlock (M1867) Daylight, Warren Co., Tn
X3079 1 GenForum from Lynne Grubbe Dd Aug.1,1999 re ?? & Mary E. (Halpin) Whitlock (M1870's) of Cauthron, Scott Co., Ar
X3080 1 Email from Colin Whitlock Dd Aug.6,1999 re John & Sarah Whitlock (M1660's) of Farley, WIL
X3081 337 GEDCOM file from Colin Whitlock Dd Aug.6,1999 re John & Sarah Whitlock (M1660's) of Farley, WIL
X3082 1 GenForum from Georgia Aeverman Dd Aug.7,1999 re ?? & Mary E. (Halpin) Whitlock (M1870's) of Cauthron, Scott Co., Ar
X3083 1 Email from Ella Glover Dd Aug.12,1999 re John Ivey & Ida Lee (Maner) Whitlock (M1890) Stanly Co., NC
X3084 2 GenForums from Chris Whitlock Dd Aug.8,9,1999 re Alexander & Elizabeth Whitlock (M1870's) of Wyandotte Co., Ks
X3085 1 GenForum from Carol Flanery re Nathaniel William & Juliana E. (Birch) Whitlock (M1840) Floyd Co., Ga
X3086 1 GenForum from Debbie Meyer Dd Aug.11,1999 re Andrew E. & Annie G. (Whitlock) Kirk (M1889) of Jefferson Co., Il
X3087 2 Emails from Bob Cawly Dd Aug.8,14,1999 re John & Nancy (Whitlock) Flinn (M1780's) of Stokes Co., NC
X3088 1 Email from James H. Wilburn to Greg Whitlock Dd Aug.8,1999 re Preston & Martha Mary (Martin) Whitlock (M1820's) of Kanawha Co., Wva
X3089 1 Email from Jenny Cross Dd Aug.9,1999 re Samuel & Elizabeth (George) Whitlock (M1895) of BKM
X3090 1 Email from Ray Downing Dd Aug.15,1999 re George Franklin & Kate (Redfield) Whitlock (M1889) Wichita, Ks
X3091 1 Email from Verlie Whitlock Dd Aug.16,1999 re the Hampshire and Welsh Whitlocks
X3092 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Aug.16,1999 re Abraham son of William & Rachel A. Whitlock (M1840's) of NJ
X3093 1 Email from Greg Whitlock Dd Aug.16,1999 re Whitlock Family Reunion in Floyd Co., Va Aug.14,1999; Baptist Banner Nov.15,1899 re obit of Preston Whitlock
X3094 1 Email from Robert D. Olmstead re marriage of Jennie Louise Parker and Herbert Fellows Olmstead. Jennie Louise Parker descent from Abraham & Rose (Whitlock) Parker of Ma and Herbert Fellows Olmstead descent from John Whitlock d.1659 Ct
X3095 1 Email from Mara Fisk Dd Aug.17,1999 re Mary Ann Whitlock and Jasper Whitlock children of William C.?? & Sarah Whitlock of Marion Co., Ar; Mary Ann Whitlock married Levi Francis Baker (M1875)
X3096 3 Letter from Mark Peter Whitlock Dd Aug.8,1999 re Whitlocks of Oxford with updates to the WHITLOCK.20 chart.
X3097 1 GenForum from Dan Franklin Dd Aug.14,1999 re Joseph & Malinda (Whitlock) Ransom (M1848) Morgan Co. Al
X3098 2 GenForums from Mary Harkness Dd Aug.14,15,1999 re Belle Whitlock b.Oct.17,1892, Gunnterville, Al daughter of John & Elizabeth (Bright) Whitlock (M1880's?) of Al & Tx
X3099 1 GenForum from Jon Donaldson Dd Aug.14,1999 re George & Nancy (Kent) Whitlock (M1816) of Louisa Co. Va
X3100 4 Holden families of Surrey and Kent, England re family of Henrietta Holden (1807-1890) who married George Whitlock (M1829), descent from James & Ann (Burnell) Laker (M1777) Bletchingley from Adrienne N. Vanstone-Pegler
X3101 1 GenForum from Sandy Smith Dd Aug.19,1999 re family of Thomas & Temperance Christmas of Hanover Co., Va
X3102 1 GenForum from Chuck Rockett Dd Aug.20,1999 re John & Ellen Whitlock on 1850 & 1860 census’ of Lycoming Co., Pa, postmaster
X3103 1 GenForum from Connie Baugh Hickey Dd Aug.20,1999 re Christopher Roger Whitlock b.1920 of Louisville, Ky
X3104 1 Email from Deena McEwan Dd Aug.21,1999 re Henry & Mary Ann Tagg (Ady) Whitelock (M1801) Finsbury, LND
X3105 2 GenForum Dd Aug.22,1999 & email Dd Aug.24,1999 from Gilder L. Whitlock re Harvey Duncan & Sarah A. (Kitchens) Whitlock (M1840) SC
X3106 1 Letter from Lawrence J. Otis Dd Aug.22,1999 "More Notices From Ontario’s Methodist Papers 1858-1872" by Donald A. Mackenzie,1993 re Edwin Whitlock (1830-1872) of PEI
X3107 1 Email from Janet D. Towle Dd Aug.24,1999 re descent from Calvin Allen & Parthenia (Cameron) Whitlock (M1880's) of Tn
X3108 2 Emails from Carol Flanery Dd Aug.24,1999 & Sep.8,1999 re Elizabeth Whitlock daughter of Nathan William Whitlock. Elizabeth married William Berry Hatley (M1880's) of Ar
X3109 2 Descent from George James & Ruth (Coombs) Whitlock (M1850's) Salisbury, Wilts from Terry Morley
X3110 2 Emails Dd Aug.25,26,1999 & GenForum Dd Aug.25,1999 from Carol Henderson re Emmett Ashby & Laura A. (Houff) Whitlock (M1880's) of Augusta Co., Va
X3111 2 Email from Perry Dean Whitlock Dd Aug.26,1999 re Alva Edison Whitlock of Washington, DC
X3112 1 GenForum from Pam Hallock Dd Aug.25,1999 re Joseph & Permelia (Wasson) Whitlock (M1802?) of Vt & Owosso, Mi
X3113 1 Email from Paul Frederick Whitlock Dd Aug.28,1999 re Whitlocks of Leicestershire, Ashby De la Zouch area, Fred Whitlock of Coalville, LEI
X3114 1 Email from Louise Birchfield Dd Aug.28,1999 re William & Mary (Whitlock) (Long) Bentley (M1800's) of SC
X3115 1 Email from Graham John Whitlock Dd Aug.29,1999 re Whitlocks of Wolverhampton, STS
X3116 3 Emails from Steve Kent Dd Aug.29,31,1999 re Lot & Elizabeth (Kent) Whitlock (M1813) SC and family of John Kent.
X3117 3 Emails between Scot Austin & Greg Whitlock Dd Jun.29 & Aug.30,1999 re possible connection of Richard Whitlock of Patrick Co., Va to the Whitlocks of Halifax Co., Va (WHITLOCK.10 chart)
X3118 5 Emails & GenForum from Rita Somers Dd Sep.17-29,1999 re John & Susannah (Williamson) Whitlock (M1796) Co. Armagh, IRE
X3119 34 Decent from Gabriel & Mary (Whitlock) Morgan (M1813) of Washington Co., Tn from Pat Daniels
X3120 1 Letter from Lawrence Otis Dd Aug.22,1999 re Edwin Whitlock of Charlottetown, PEI
X3121 1 GenForum Dd Aug.30,1999 & Email Dd Sep.1,1999 from Lynda J. Mahorter re Jesse son of William & Mildred (Gentry) Whitlock of Louisa Co., Va
X3122 1 GenForum from Donna Vasquez Dd Aug.31,1999 re Allen & Marthinda Ellen (Cooper) (Woolard) Whitlock (M1857) Edgar Co., Ill
X3123 1 Email from Sandy Walkenhorst Dd Sep.3,1999 re Rumford & Mary (Whitlock) Dawes (M1771) Philadelphia, Pa
X3124 9 Descent from Henry Mark & Mary Ann (Tagg) Whitelock (M1801) St.Luke Old Street, London from Ian Gardner
X3125 1 GenForum from Mary Whitlock Dd Aug.31,1999 re Charles E. & Cassy B. (Hamilton) Whitlock (M1890's) of Malden Dist., Kanawha Co., Wva
X3126 1 GenForum from Carolyn Bailey Burnham Dd Aug.31,1999 re Wilson Obie & Elizabeth Catherine (Pollard) Whitlock (M1873) Fayette Co., Ga
X3127 1 Email from Kirk Whitlock Dd Sep.3,1999 re Felix Gaines Whitlock b.1874? of SC
X3128 1 Email from Michael Givens re William & Mary (Whitlock) Jones (M1760) SC
X3129 2 GenForum from Walter Nieber Dd Sep.5,1999 & email Dd Oct.30,1999 re Ben & Martha Opal (Curtis) Whitlock (M1920s) Mo?
X3130 1 Email from Nancy Whitlock Dd Sep.6,1999 re George Washington & Polly (Thompson) Rogers (M1870's) daughters Elzada married Joseph Thomas Whitlock and Margie married William Morris Whitlock.
X3131 2 Email from Don Sawyer Dd Sep.6,1999 re Lesly H. & Mary Whitlock (M1830) of SC & Ga
X3132 1 Email from Meico Whitlock Dd Sep.6,1999 re Whitlocks of Atlanta, Ga
X3133 1 Descent from Henry & Charlotte (Robinson) South (M1840's), unknown Whitlock cousin from Joan Barber
X3134 3 Emails from Jerry Whitlock Dd Sep.7,9,1999 re James Marion & Tabitha (Telitha?) (Morse) Whitlock (M1870's) of Ga & Ar
X3135 5 Descent from James & Betsey Whitlock (M1780-1800) of Va & SC from Jerry Whitlock
X3136 2 Letter from Janet Stahl Dd Sep.8,1999 re Levi B. & Mary Whitlock (M1850's) of Mn & Ia
X3137 1 GenForum from Reva Bradford Dd Sep.12,1999 re Lemuel & Rapsey (Smith) Whitlock (M1824) of SC
X3138 2 Email from Colin Whitlock Dd Sep.12,1999 re Frank Henry & Emily (Douglas) Whitlock (M1875) of Wilts
X3139 1 Email from Dorri Whitlock-Satchell Dd Sep.12,1999 re connection to family of Robert & Elizabeth (Nance) Whitlock (M1820's) of Tn
X3140 1 Email from Juanita Railes Rice Dd Sep.13,1999 re Jonathan G. & Nancy Manerva (Whitlock) Ellison (M1851) Cherokee Co., Ga
X3141 1 GenForum from Jeannette Porter Dd Sep.14,1999 re Samuel Culbertson & Eliza (Whitlock) Savage (M1833?) Union Co., SC
X3142 1 GenForum from Suzanne Dodge Dd Sep.15,1999 re Mathew & Fannie (Whitlock) Harmison (M1800's) of Va & Oh