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X3143 1 Email from Darla Wilson Hilliard Dd Sep.16,1999 re John & Elizabeth (Bright) Whitlock (M1890's) of Marshall Co., Al
X3144 1 Family Group Records re descent from Henry Mark & Mary Ann Tagg (Ady) Whitelock (M1801) Finsbury, London
X3145 1 Email from Charles E. Blighe Dd Sep.22,1999 re his father who was born the Allenstown, Pa about 1915, the seventh child of an unknown Whitlock family
X3146 1 Email from Sharon Evans Dd Sep.26,1999 re Samuel Commodore & Octa Matilda (Whitlock) Stubblefield (M1912) of Morrison, Tn
X3147 2 Emails from Debbie Meyer Dd Sep.14, 1999 & Oct.30,1999 re Andrew English & Ann G. (Whitlock) Kirk (M1889) Jefferson Co., Il
X3148 2 Emails from Deena McEwan Dd Oct.16,1999 & Nov.3,1999 re Stella Sybil Whitelock daughter of George Whitelock first cousin to her husband Norman Whitelock; Marriage of William Whytlock & Alys Smythe in Rainham, 1570
X3149 2 Emails from James Whitlock Dd Sep.28,1999 re George Washington & Nancy (Barnes) Whitlock (M1820's) of Union Co., SC & Ga
X3150 2 GenForum & email from Deena Steen Dd Sep.10,1999 re Samuel & Caroline (Henshaw) Whitlock (M1870's) of Indian Ridge, Tn
X3151 2 Emails from Thomas D. Frees Dd Sep.9,20,1999 re John & Ann (Whitlock) Lewis (M1846) of Devon & Oh
X3152 4 Letter from Eugenia Richards Dd Sep.30,1999 plus family group re descent from Nathaniel William & Julina E. (Birch) Whitlock (M1840) Floyd Co., Ga
X3153 3 Letter from Frederick J. Whitlock Dd Sep.24,1999 re Whitlocks of Pitton, Wilts
X3154 2 Updates to the WHITLOCK34 chart from Frederick J. Whitlock
X3155 2 Letter from Michael Parsons to Fred Whitlock Dd Aug.1,1999 re Whitlock, Batten & Mussell families of Pitton, Wilts
X3156 3 Family group sheets re WHITLOCK34 family from Fred Whitlock
X3157 8 Pitton & Farley, Wilts burials 1770-1964 from Fred Whitlock
X3158 2 Email Dd Oct.1,1999 & GenForum Dd Oct.2,1999 from Bernard Ratcliffe re John & Mary (Ruff) Whitlock (M1767) Whittlebury, NTH
X3159 1 Email from George Ross Whitlock Dd Oct.1,1999 re descent from James Whitlock of Va 1690's
X3160 2 Email & GenForum from Paul Clifford Whitelock Dd Oct.3,1999 re HoriceWhitelock (M1940's) of Hants & NZ
X3161 3 Emails from Alice L. Whitlock Dd Oct.5,1999 & Nov.7,1999 & GenForum Dd Oct.14,1999 re father Charles Sherman Whitlock born Billings, Mt, Dec.14,1900 died Auburn, Ca Nov.23,1984. May have been born a Pangburn.
X3162 3 Obit of Dr.Herbert E. Whitlock (1910-1998) of Eastham, Ma from Peter L. Whitlock
X3163 2 Email from Rebecca Whitlock-Lang Dd Oct.16,1999 re marriage bond for John Whitlock & Hannah Burkett Dd Aug.13,1821
X3164 2 Emails from Dunstan Eric Whitlock Dd Oct.16,22,1999 re adoption of a Cornish child by a Whitlock family in Portland, Me and given the name Dunstan John Whitlock
X3165 1 Email from Clarence Parker Dd Oct.18,1999 re ?? Whitlock & Elisabeth Theis of Mi. Son P.T. Barnum Whitlock. Elisabeth was the original P.T. Barnum Circus "Fat Lady"
X3166 4 Emails from Walter Hugh Whitlock Dd Oct.18,1999 re Walter Henry & Lulu Ida (Ellsworth) Whitlock ( M...) of Binghamton, NY
X3167 1 Email from Dave Dd Oct.19,1999 re Abraham & Harriet (Whitlock) Van Zile (M1850's) of NJ
X3168 2 Emails from Brenda Whitlock Dd Oct.13,23,1999 re William & Ethel May (Isley) Whitlock (M1930's) of Vermilion, Alberta
X3169 2 Email from Michael Royce Whitlock Dd Oct.19,1999 re William Franklin & Emma Mae (Brackeen) Whitlock of Tn moved to Tx or Ok 1880's
X3170 2 Monumental Inscriptions, Deddington, OXF; Aston, WAR; Baptisms Yardley, WOR & Baptisms SS Peter & Paul, Aston, War from Kevin Dowd
X3171 1 Email from Karen Burleson Dd Oct.24,1999 re John W. & Rebecca J. (Whitlock) Morgan (M1867) Colbert Co., Al
X3172 1 Email from Alistair Whitlock Dd Oct.22,1999 re Rodney & Christine (Wood) Whitlock (M1970's) of Southampton, Hants
X3173 1 Email from Jean Kinzalow Dd Oct.25,1999 re George & Mary (Whitlock) Wills (M1770's) of Va
X3174 1 Email from Kathy Goins Dd Oct.28,1999 re Valentine T. & Lucy Ann (Long) Whitlock (M1823) Louisa Co., Va
X3175 1 Email from David Barton Dd Oct.30,1999 re Tarlton & Winifred (Dunlap) Whitlock (M1810) Rockbridge, Va
X3176 1 Email from Sheila Gann Dd Oct.27,1999 re Levy J. & Almary (Ignar) Whitlock (M1853) Clark Co., Ark
X3177 4 Extracts from Whiteparish, Wil 1718-1848; East Tytherley, Ham 1781-1879; Winterbourne Gunner, Wil; 1826-1839; Winterbourne Earls, Wil; 1824; Winterbourne Dauntsey, Wil 1871; East Dean, Ham 1806-1917; Lockerley, Ham 1813-1855 from Quintin White
X3178 1 Descent from Dennis Albert & Orah Mae (Whitlock) Thacker (M1905) Coffeen, Montgomery Co., Il from Mark Whitlock
X3179 1 Email to Mark Whitlock from Earl Gates Dd Oct.14,1999 re birth of Michael Gates Frascona Oct.12,1999 Ripon, Wisconsin - update to W16 chart from Mark Whitlock
X3180 1 GenForum from David Laurie Moir Dd Sep.20,1999 re Boutle/Whitlock marriage in Surrey, England early 1800's
X3181 1 GenForum from Ryan Wadleigh Dd Sep.21,1999 re Thomas & Rebecca (Radford) Whitlock (M1790's) of Va & Ky
X3182 1 GenForum from Brenda Storey Dd Sep.22,1999 re William Addison & Belle (Griffin) Whitlock of Willow Creek, Tx
X3183 1 GenForum from Sharon Heard Dd Sep.25,1999 re Casey & Mary Melvina (Whitlock) Redburn (M1857) Il
X3184 1 GenForum from Malcolm Whitlock Dd Sep.25,1999 re Edwin Whitlock born Broughton, HAM 1910
X3185 1 GenForum from Milton Suttle Dd Sep.27,1999 re James Edward & Samantha (Whitlock) Suttle (M1870's) of Izard Co., Ar
X3186 2 GenForum from Chuck Rockett Dd Sep.30,1999 re misc data for Pa
X3187 3 GenForum from Chuck Rockett Dd Oct.1,1999 re misc data for Oh
X3188 1 GenForum from Stuart Freeman Dd Oct.3,1999 re Edward & Jessie Fremont (Hamilton) Whitlock (M1880's) of Chicago,
X3189 1 GenForum from Jack Ott Dd Oct.17,1999 re Hiram & Elizabeth (Whitlock) Hopper (M1835?) Floyd Co., In
X3190 1 GenForum from Chuck Rockett Dd Oct.19,1999 re Whitlocks buried in RI
X3191 3 Letter sent Oct.25,1999 and email Dd Nov.10,1999 from Colleen Reid re David & Eleanor (Whitlock) Reid (M1845) Vermilion Co., Il
X3192 3 GenForum Dd Oct.27,1999 & emails Dd Oct.29 & Nov.1,1999 from Dawn Reynolds Floyd re Lot O. & Mary Ann (Kaiser) Whitlock (M1890's) of Arkadelphia, Ar daughter Alena married to Floyd Eldon Reynolds Nov.29,1904, La
X3193 1 GenForum from Mary Harkness Dd Oct.30,1999 re Whitlocks of Marshall Co., Al
X3194 2 Emails from Carol Knowles Dd Oct.30 & Nov.1,1999 re Samuel & Alice (Hopkins) Whitlock (M1920) of Chelsea, London
X3195 2 Emails from Lynda Mahorter Dd Oct.31,1999 updates re descent from William Nathaniel & Susan Ann (Whitlock) Sharp (M1848) Louisa Co., Va
X3196 1 GenForum from Margaret Keigler Dd Oct.31,1999 re Isaac & Mary Whitelock (M1740's) of YKS & De
X3197 1 Email from David Barrett Dd Nov.2,1999 re Henry & Rebecca Emily (Arnold) Whitlock (M1843) Frederickton, NB
X3198 11 Email from Sandy Walkenhorst Dd Nov.3,1999 re descent from Isaac & Mary Whitelock (M1740's) of YKS & De
X3199 1 Email from Graham Thomas Whitelocks Dd Nov.3,1999 re Whitelocks’ of Oxton, NTT
X3200 1 Email from Judy Woods Dd Nov.3,1999 re Whitlocks & Stonemans of Cuyahoga Co., Oh
X3201 2 Email from Walter Hugh Whitlock Dd Nov.4,1999 re descent from Walter Henry & Lula Ida (Ellsworth) Whitlock (M1913)
X3202 1 Email from Reva Bradford Dd Nov.7,1999 re Lemuel & Rapsey (Smith) Whitlock (M1820's) of Union Co., SC
X3203 4 Email from Eric Whitlock Dd Nov.6,1999 re Meshach & Mary (Carter) Whitlock (M1802) Beckington, SOM
X3204 2 Email from Debbie Meyer Dd Nov.7,1999 re Dorothy Whitlock Cicigoi’s descent from Thomas & Susannah (Webb) Whitlock (M1788) Campbell, Va, plus ancestry of Andrew English Kirk
X3205 1 Email from Ila L. Wakley Dd Nov.7,1999 re descent from Tarlton & Winnifred (Dunlap) Whitlock (M1810) Rockbridge, Va
X3206 1 Email from Rita Somers Dd Nov.7,1999 re Elliott & Mabel Whitlock of Glencoe, Ont
X3207 2 Descendants of John & Rachael (Conway) Whitlock (M1830's) of Armagh, Ire & Ont from Rita Somers
X3208 1 GenForum from Maryanna Weeks Dd Oct.4,1999 re J.D. & Octavia (Thompson) Whitlock of Henrico Co., Va (James Woodfin Whitlock?)
X3209 1 GenForum from Daphne Crose Dd Nov.3,1999 re Isaac & Texanne (Whitlock) Joiner (M1886) Clark Co., Ar
X3210 2 Email from Debbie Meyer Dd Nov.6,1999 re Wall’s History of Jefferson Co., Illinois re John Thomas Whitlock, MD (1860-1918)
X3211 2 Emails from Louisa Hanks Dd Nov.18,20,1999 re Charles Frederick William & Frances Marguerita (Smith) Whitelock (M1896) St.James Southwark, LND
X3212 1 Email from Dan E. Whitelock Dd Nov.19,1999 re James & Euphemia A. Whitelock (M1810's) of Maryland & Shelby Co., Mo
X3213 1 Email from Jeannie Mercer Dd Nov.20,1999 re descent from George & Euphemia (McTaggart) Whitlock (M1881) Komoka, ONT
X3214 1 Email from Peggy Keigler Dd Nov.27,1999 re Ann (Whitelock) (Touchstone) Victory daughter of Charles Whitelock (1746-1814) of Baltimore Co., Md
X3215 1 Email from Michele Chavez Dd Nov.7,1999 re E.M. & M.J. (Whitlock) Nicholas (M1908) Hickman Co., Ky
X3216 13 Whit(e)lock births in Ontario 1870-1902; marriages 1873-1917; deaths 1873-1927 from Lawrence Otis
X3217 17 Dominion of Canada Land Grants; Misc references 1873-1959 from Lawrence Otis
X3218 1 GenForum from Steve Glover Dd Nov.11,1999 re Isaac & Anne (Whitlock) Glover (M1790's) of Albany, NY
X3219 2 GenForum Dd Nov.15,1999 & email Dd Nov.27,1999 from Wynona Pearsall re George Washington & Talitha (Whitlock) Hulgan (M1864) of St.Clair Co., Al
X3220 3 Letter from Shirley Brendle Dd Nov.16,1999 re John Ivey & Ida Lee (Maner) Whitlock (M1890) of Stanly Co., NC
X3221 11 Ancestor Chart and Family Group Sheets re descent from Lott & Elizabeth (Kent) Whitlock (M1813) SC from Barbara E. Galbreath
X3222 1 1830 census Union Co., SC, 1840 census Benton Co., Al re Lott Whitlock from Barbara Galbreath
X3223 2 1870 & 1880 census’ Cherokee Co., Tx re family of Pinkney & Nancy Ulissis (Savage) Palmer (M1860's) of Al & Tx from Barbara Galbreath
X3224 1 1850 Census Alabama, Benton Co., re two entries for Dudley Whitlock from Barbara Galbreath
X3225 2 GenForum Dd Nov.20,1999 & email Dd Nov.27,1999 from Donna Harrigan Wilberg re Agnes Whitlock b.1514? of Devizes, Wilts d.about 1600. Lived with Richard Batt.
X3226 1 Email from Susan Holmes Burns Dd Nov.20,1999 re William & Mary (Rountree) Whitlock ( M1767) Goochland, Va & SC
X3227 2 GenForum Dd Nov.16,1999 & email Dd Nov.28,1999 from Carolyn Murray re Charles & Margaret Whitlock (M1910's) of Mo daughter Josephine Bell married John Wick Sellers
X3228 3 Illinois Marriages 1851-1900 by from Chuck Rockett
X3229 18 GEDCOM file descent from Henry & Sarah (Beecher) Whitlock (M1842) Watertown, Ct from Peter L. Whitlock
X3230 1 Emails from Peter L. Whitlock Dd Nov.23-Dec.21,1999 re descent from Zalmon & Sally Whitlock (M1810's) of Ct
X3231 2 GenForum Dd Nov.24,1999 & Email Dd Nov.30,1999 from Dorothy Arnold re Charles & Sarah Miriah (Whitlock) Hartman (M1880's) of Tom Greene Co., Tx
X3232 1 Email from Brenda Whitlock re William & Ethel May (Islet) Whitlock (M1928) of Alberta
X3233 1 GenForum from Jessie Blalock Dd Nov.26,1999 re William A. Whitlock b.1841? d.Aug.8,1863 of Washington Co., Tn
X3234 1 Email from Elizabeth Sheffer Dd Nov.26,1999 re Edward & Rebecca (Whitlock) Huddleston (M1880's) of Stottville, NY
X3235 1 Email from Sharon Heard Dd Nov.26,1999 re John W. & Frances Ann (Richison) Whitlock ( M1838) Tn
X3236 2 Email Dd Nov.26,1999 & GenForum Dd Nov.28,1999 from Jack Ott re Highram & Eliza Ann (Whitlock) Hopper (M1835) of Kenton Co., Ky & Floyd Co., In
X3237 4 Emails from Malcolm Whitlock Dd Nov.27,1999 - Dec.5,1999 re descent from Thomas & Letitia (Roberts) Whitlock (M1851) Pitton, Wilts
X3238 6 Email from Daphne Crose Dd Dec.1,1999 re descent from Isaac Clark & Texana (Whitlock) Joiner (M1880's) Clark Co., Ar
X3239 2 Emails from Barbara Rogers Dd Nov.28,1999 & Dec.1,1999 re decent from William & Phebe (Whitlock) Thrall (M1830's) of Ct & Wi
X3240 13 Updates to the WHITLOCK20 chart from Joe Whitlock-Blundell
X3241 1 Email from Mary Harkness Dd Nov.29,1999 re John J. & Elizabeth (Bright) Whitlock (M1882) of Jackson Co., Al
X3242 1 Email from Athena Brewer Dd Dec.2,1999 re Thomas & Jane (Norton) Whitlock (M1820's) of Cattaraugys, NY
X3243 1 Chart from Maureen Marshall re descent from Silas & Elizabeth (Passmore) Whitlock (M1830) Sheepwash, Devon
X3244 1 Email from Russell I. Alley Dd Dec.2,1999 re Benjamin & Elizabeth Whitlock (M1830's) of North Aston, Oxfordshire
X3245 1 Email from Becky Whitlock Dd Dec.2,1999 re Clyde Woolsey & Angie Virginia (Flanders) Whitlock (M1899) of Rinald, Il
X3246 1 Email from Rebecca Whitlock-Lang Dd Dec.7,1999 re John & Hannah (Burkett) Whitlock
X3247 5 Extracts from RAT4(1).GED GEDCOM file re descent from John & Mary (RUFF) Whitlock (M1767) Whittlebury, NTH from Bernard Ratcliffe
X3248 2 Emails from Daniel Whitlock Dd Dec.9,10,1999 re descent from Jackson Alexander Whitlock born about 1932
X3249 1 Supplement 1999 to The Alexander Brown History from Esme Trotter
X3250 1 Email from Joan Francis Dd Dec.8,1999 re updates to the WHITLOCK25 chart.
X3251 1 Rootsweb from Janis Dd Dec.5,1999 re Groom marriages in Va incl Charles & Betsy (Whitlock) Groom (M1808) Louisa Co., Va
X3252 4 Rootsweb from W. Herm Parker Dd Dec.6,1999 re descent from Joseph Parker brother to Abraham & Rose (Whitlock) Parker (M1644) Ma
X3253 1 Rootsweb from Jo Hogle Dd Dec.8,1999 re descent from John & Margaret Parker (M1550's)
X3254 9 Rootsweb from Joe & Laura Schmidt Dd Dec.7,1999 re Cloud and Swearingen families; George & Nancy (Swearingen) Whitlock (M1820) Edgefield Co., SC
X3255 1 Card from Jill & Ross Whitlock re marriages of Belinda Whitlock & Alex Nicolaou Aug.29,1999 and Karen Whitlock and David Bryden Dec.22,1999
X3256 8 Descent from Robert & Grace NansKevell (M1625) of Langtree, DEV from Adrian J. Mills
X3257 3 Rootsweb from Kathleen Eaton Dd Dec.4,1999 re Alanson K & Sarah (Whitlock) Wheeler (M1821) Vt
X3258 2 Letter from Diane Rousseau Dd Dec.5,1999 re Elijah & Hannah (Whitlock) Barnum (M1760) Ct
X3259 3 Rootswebs from Georgia Fruen Aeverman, Juanita Bradshaw, Becky Glenn Dickson, JoAnn Jones Thode and Billie Adams Dd Dec.7,8,1999 re Whitlocks of Wister, OK
X3260 2 Rootsweb from Evelyn Jumper Crowe Dd Dec.8,1999 re George & Dorcas (??) (Crowe) Whitlock (M1884) Calhoun Co., Al
X3261 8 Rootsweb from Graham Butcher Dd Dec 9,1999 Faversham, Kent marriages R-Z re Valentine & Alice (Whitlock ) Godden (M1676)
X3262 5 Rootsweb from William A. Davis Dd Dec.9,1999 Fayette Co.,In cemeteries re Apr.10,1859 grave of Joseph Whitlock
X3263 6 Email, GenForum and Rootsweb from Kay DeWeese Dd Dec.10,13,1999 re James & Elizabeth (Whitelock) DeWeese (M1799) Monongalia Co., Va possible connection to Michael Whitelock
X3264 1 Rootsweb from Susan Richeson Dd Dec.10,1999 re children of Dudley Runnells & Mary W. (Wilkins) Whitlock (M1843) Benton Co., Al
X3265 2 Rootsweb Dd Dec.12, 1999 and Email Dd Dec.18,1999 from Dick Whitlock re Steven & Elizabeth (Putnam) Whitlock (M1840's) of Ephratah, Fulton Co., NY
X3266 3 Rootsweb from Donna Kitchener Dd Dec.8,1999 re obit of John Whitlock of Frithelstock, DEV died 1840
X3267 1 Rootsweb from Edward Whitlock Dd Dec.13,1999 re James S. Whitlock son of Artemas & Sarah Ann (Tucker) Whitlock (M1852) Katonah, Westchester, NY
X3268 2 Rootsweb from Karen Monk Dd Dec.13,1999 obit of Cynthia Ann Maddy Fredeking b.Feb.17,1904 d.Dec.11,1999 Hinton, Wva Aunt of Betty L. & Lloyd Whitlock
X3269 1 Rootsweb from Karen Monk Dd Dec.27,1999 obit of Mary M. (Bruno) Cox b.Aug.13,1943 d.Dec.24,1999 Marysville, Ohio sister of Cheryl Whitlock-Allen of Floyd Co., Va
X3270 2 Rootsweb from C. Cain Dd Dec.13,1999 re book Early Settlers and Early Times on Donnels Creek and Vicinity, Clark Co., Oh includes Whitlocks
X3271 6 GenForum Dd Dec.10,1999 & emails Dd Dec.14-22,1999 from Cary Whitlock re descent from George Everett & Isabelle Emily (Judson) Whitlock (M1918)Detroit, Mi
X3272 2 Rootsweb from Billy Covey Dd Dec.14,1999 re "Ach" looking for Whitlocks in Desha Co., Ar
X3273 1 GenForum from John Ellington Dd Dec.4,1999 obit of Charles E. Whitlock died Dec.2,1999 Lakeland, Fl formerly of Wva
X3274 1 GenForum from Ruby Talley Smith Dd Dec.5,1999 re James R. & Bettie (Whitlock) Talley (M1874) Spotsylvania Co., Va
X3275 1 GenForum from Donald R. Warren Dd Dec.11,1999 re Whitlocks of Delaware Co., NY living with Almira Whitlock Ingram in 1870
X3276 1 GenForum from Bill Shaw Dd Dec.12,1999 re George & Maxine Dorelle (Kisor) Whitlock (M1930's) of Clinton Corners, NY
X3277 1 GenForum from Jo Ellen Dd Dec.15,1999 re George Clinton Whitlock Civil War Chaplain
X3278 1 Rootsweb from Ed Martin Dd Dec.17,1999 obit of Raymond Lloyd Ketzel of Pine Grove, Wva died Nov.30,1978 age 52 brother of Ruby Lee Whitlock
X3279 2 Rootsweb from William Disbro Dd Dec.17,1999 Mariposa [Ca] Gazette Jan.14,1882 re suicide of Andrew Rea formerly of Whitlock, Mariposa Co., Ca
X3280 7 Rootswebs from William Disbro Dd Dec.30,1999-Jan.11,2000 re extracts from the Mariposa [Ca] Gazette 1882-83 re The Whitlock Consolidated Mining Company
X3281 2 Rootswebs from Mary Ann Kaylor Dd Dec.18,19,1999 Morgan Co., Il obits re Mattie Whitlock Earl, Esther Morgan Whitlock and Edwin Judson Whitlock
X3282 4 Rootswebs from Carolyn Feroben Dd Dec.18,1999 - Jan.11,2000 re Whitlocks of Whitlock, Mariposa Co., Ca
X3283 1 Rootsweb from Ruth Skewis Dd Dec.18,1999 re Historic Spots in California, 4th Ed. 1990 re Whitlock, Mariposa Co., Ca
X3284 1 GenForum from David Moir Dd Dec.18,1999 re male Whitlock married to female Royal. Possible connections to Boutle, Legge or Levi
X3285 2 Rootsweb from Suzanne Sprague Dd Dec.19, 1999 re new bios for Montgomery Co., In re Ambrose Whitlock (1767-1863)
X3286 1 Rootsweb from Karen Jorgensen Dd Dec.19,1999 obit of Arvin Rae Whitlock of Campbellsville, Ky died July 31,1999 age 70
X3287 1 Rootsweb from Karen Jorgensen Dd Jan.10,2000 obit of Clarence Thomas Bishop of Greensburg, Green Co., Ky died Jan.1,2000 age 81,son of Thomas & Carthie (Whitlock) Bishop
X3288 1 Letter from John Mesick to Mrs. O.E. Mansfield Dd Jan.31,1962 re Ephriam & Ann (Whitlock) Lockwood (M1767) Weston, Ct from Mary Maxfield
X3289 2 Rootsweb between Pat Mount and Wayne L. Dd Dec.22,1999 re Schenck family and Roger Haddock & Gertrude (Schenke) Whitlock (M1821) Middletown, NJ
X3290 1 Email from Nicholas Anderson Dd Dec.25,1999 re descent from Cornelius F.& Catherine Letitia (Whitlock) Elbertson (M1865) NJ
X3291 1 Email from Deena Steen Dd Dec.27,1999 re Samuel M. & Caroline (Henshaw) Whitlock (M1870's) of Indian Ridge, Tn
X3292 3 Rootsweb from Norma Nielson Dd Dec.27,1999 Corning [Ia] High School yearbook,1911 re Burton Whitlock
X3293 1 Email from Kristine Whitlock Dd Dec.27,1999 re descent from William Herbert W. & Hester (Francisco) Whitlock (M1829) Mayfield, Cuyahoga Co., Oh
X3294 2 Emails from Terry Hendershott Dd Dec.28,1999 & Jan.6,2000 re descent from Robert M. & Mary Catherine (Cape) (Evans) Whitlock (M1872) Louisville, Ky
X3295 5 Emails from Rhonda Hammond Dd Dec.29,30,1999 re descent from Herbert Whitlock b.Aug.28,1892 d.Jun.1971 Lyman, SD married ?? James.
X3296 3 Rootsweb from Judith Hubbard Dd Dec.29,1999 re Sam & Parthenia (Boules) Whitlock (M1830's) of NC
X3297 1 Email from Kevin Dowd Dd Dec.29,1999 re Whitlock Furniture Dealer, St.Mary’s Street, Newport, Shropshire (1800's)
X3298 1 Rootsweb from Rena Worthen Dd Dec.29,1999 re Floyd Co.,Va Epperly, marriages re William Alexander & Lousanna Otilla (Epperly) Whitlock (M1890) Floyd Co., Va
X3299 1 Rootsweb from Rena Worthen Dd Jan.18,2000 obit of Clarence Everette Barton of Montgomery Co., Va b.Aug.11,1912 d.Jan.5,1993 age 80 re sister Hazel Whitlock
X3300 1 Rootsweb from Rena Worthen Dd Jan.18,2000 obit of Maude Sites Whitlock of Montgomery Co., Va b.Jul.9,1902 d.Jan.14,1991 age 88. Daughters Mrs. Leonard L. Casey & Mrs. James B. Ledford
X3301 1 Email from John Abram Dd Dec.30,1999 re Robert Edward & Vera Constance (Whitlock) Abram (M1926) Fulham, LDN
X3302 1 Email from Paul J. Eubank Dd Dec.30,1999 looking for names of the children of William Eubank who were bound to Euclid Whitlock of Caroline Co., Va in 1764
X3303 3 Emails from Sharon Henslee Dd Jan.1-8,2000 re James Milton & Gelarla (Roach) Whitlock (M1897) Tn
X3304 3 Rootsweb from James M. Steinwinder Dd Jan.2000 re Berry extracts from the Greenville Mountaineer [SC] re marriage of Stephen & Nancy (Berry) Whitlock (M1831) Greenville, SC
X3305 1 Rootsweb from Bill Whitlock Dd Jan.1,2000 re father Walter W. Dyskiewicz, adopted by H. Max Whitlock, mother was Ruth I. (Humble) Whitlock
X3306 6 Email from Rebecca Whitlock-Lang Dd Jan.9,2000 re Thomas Whitlock of Rappahannock Co., Va; Will of Robert Camocke of Layer Marney, ESS Dd Jan.29,1582 Pr Mar.5,1586. Mentions Richard & Dorothy (Camocke) Whitlock (M1570's) of Totham Parva, ESS & grandchild
X3307 1 Email from Ray Westbrook Dd Jan.1,2000 re descent from William & Abigail (Coleman) Pew (M1720's) of Morris Co., NJ
X3308 2 Emails from Nancy O’Brien Dd Jan.2,3,2000 re descent from Aaron & Abigail (Whitlock) Hull (M1770) Redding, Ct
X3309 4 Family Group Sheet and Decendancy charts re descent from Aaron & Abigail (Whitlock) Hull (M1770) Redding, Ct from Nancy O’Brien
X3310 2 Emails from Michael Herbert Dd Jan.2,21,2000 re descent from James & Ann (Noble) Whitlock (M1786) Landford, Wilts
X3311 3 Emails from Laura Whitlock Dd Jan.3-7,2000 re descent from George Clinton & Maria (Frisbee) Whitlock (M1830's) of NY & Cobourg, Ont
X3312 2 Letter from Carol Knowles Dd Dec.20,1999 re descent from Henry Albert & Ellen Augusta (Collard) Whitlock (M1879) Chelsea, LND
X3313 1 Card from Cyril Douglas Whitlock Dd Dec.30,1999 re marriage to Mrs. Joan Betty Violet (Staddon) Brown Sep.30,1999 Weybridge, SRY
X3314 1 Email from Priscilla Clement Dd Dec.13,1999 re Lemuel & Sarah (Whitlock) Wood (M1760's) of NY also Molly Wood born about 1741 married a Whitlock
X3315 1 Email from Quintin White re marriages at Idmiston, Wilts 1700-1762 incl. John Whitlock of Pitton & Susannah Choles Feb.16,1700
X3316 1 Email from Andrew Reinking Dd Jan.4,2000 re Thomas S. Whitlock of Red River Co., Tx 1860 died Lynchburg, Va 1865
X3317 1 Email from Olivia Smith Dd Jan.4,2000 re Zebadee Coleman & Martha Catherine (Carter) Whitlock (M1830's) of Leatherwood, Henry Co., Va
X3318 1 Rootsweb from Nicki Beatty Dd Jan.4,2000 Wm. A. Whitlock sergeant under James Johnson in the Va 6th Regiment (Rev.War)
X3319 3 Rootsweb from Doris Fountain Dd Jan.4,2000 re Abstracts of Wills of Goochland Co., Va 1727-1777 by Margaret V. Henley 1990 2nd Ed.1996 available from Goochland Co., Hist. Society. Includes Whitlocks.
X3320 1 Rootsweb from P.Hoy Dd Jan.4,2000 re Whitney family, Howard Benjamin Whitney married Bessie Arlene Whitlock d of Stanley M. & Medora (Linderman) Whitlock (M1880s) of Cattaraugus Co., NY
X3321 38 Rootsweb and emails from Nancy Carter Dd Jan.4-15,2000 re descent from Warren & Susan (Whitlock) Davenport (M1825) Wilson Co., Tn
X3322 1 Email from Jack Leo Dd Jan.5,2000 re descent from Joseph & Hannah (Whitlock) Baldwin (M1636) High Wycombe, BKM
X3323 2 Rootsweb & Email Dd Jan.6,7,2000 from Linda Huff re James W. & Catherine (McDermitt) Whitlock (M1890's) of Multnomah Co., Ore
X3324 7 Rootsweb from Gary L. Flanagan Dd Jan.6,2000 Russell Co., Ky marriages 1826-1865 Wade to Whittle
X3325 1 Rootsweb from Robyn Dd Jan.6,2000 Louisa Co., Ia The Wapello Republican Mar.6,1986 obit of Ona Cassidy, 66 of Columbus Junction died Mar.2 re daughter Mrs. Carol (William) Whitlock
X3326 4 Rootsweb from Tami Ramsey Dd Jan.6,2000 Pulask Co., Va Roanoke Times & World News obit of Lydia Blackwell Whitlock 83 of Floyd died Jan.4,2000
X3327 9 Rootsweb from Sue Coord Dd Jan6,2000 Queries list from Illiana Genealogical and Historical Society, Box 207 Danville, Il 61832 re 13 Whitlock entries
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