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X3343 1 Rootsweb from Terry Hacker Dd Jan.11,2000 Mower Co., Mn obit of John T. Tollefson 87 of Parker Oaks, Winnebago died Sep.29,1999 re daughter Marcia Whitlock & Roger Whitlock of Muscatine, Ia
X3344 1 Rootsweb from Barclay Dd Jan.11,2000 Native Daughters of the Golden West, Roster of California Pioneers - Smiths re Sophia M. (Whitlock) Smith Vol.58 Pg 86
X3345 2 Rootswebs from Kelley Dd Jan.11,2000 re Whitlocks of Mariposa Co., Ca
X3346 2 Rootsweb from Steve Loose Dd Jan.12,2000 & Nancy Pfannenstiel Dd Jan.13,2000 Russell Co.,Ky re Patsey (Wilson) Whitlock daughter of Moses Wilson will proven Jun.20,1830
X3347 1 Rootsweb from Kathy Then Dd Jan.13,2000 Brooklyn, NY 14th Reg Civil War vets re James Whitlock
X3348 8 Rootsweb from Sheila Cadwalader Dd Jan.13,2000 Franklin Co., Il Civil War Discharges by Carla Pulliam re Sep.17,1866 William C. Whitlock 18 years [when mustered in] born Gallatin Co., Ky
X3349 1 Rootsweb from La Darla K to Zelda Kaye Villnave Dd Jan.13,2000 re William Anders & Nancy Jim (Whitlock) Poindexter (M1882) of Wise Co., Tx
X3350 1 Email from John Lawson Whitlock Dd Jan.13,2000 re descent from George & Elizabeth (Allen) Whitlock (M1850) Langtree, Devon
X3351 5 Rootswebs from Penny Stuart & Bren Dd Jan.14,2000 re descent from ?? & Ann (Norman) Whitlock (M1660's??) of NFK
X3352 2 Rootsweb from Carole Rohrings Dd Jan.14,2000 re Alanson K & Sarah (Whitlock) Wheeler (M1821) Vt
X3353 2 Emails from Dorothy Arnold Dd Jan.14,18,2000 re William Asa Whitlock (1830-1924) of SC
X3354 1 Email from Gayle Dd Jan.15,2000 re Ferdinand & Cora Lee (Barnett) Whitlock (M1889) of Christiansburg, Va
X3355 1 Rootsweb from Jack Ott Dd Jan.15,2000 re Hiram & Eliza Ann (Whitlock) Hopper (M1835) of Greenville, Floyd Co., In
X3356 5 Rootsweb from Dave Call Dd Jan.16,2000 re James Whitlock 1761 King William Co., Va
X3357 1 Rootsweb from Joy Mask Dd Jan.16,2000 Brush Creek, Smith Co., Tn re Barnde & Sarah (Atwood) Whitlock of Shenandoah Co., Va (M1838) Smith Co., Tn
X3358 4 Rootswebs from Mary Wittlock Dd Jan.16,17,2000 re Franz Axel Victor (Svensson) Whitlock and Louise (Mercier) Arbour (M1910's?) of Delta, Mi
X3359 1 Rootsweb from Jae (Ellerd) Whitlock Dd Jan.17,2000 re Thomas Green & Mary Jane (Nelson) (Hunter) Whitlock (M1890's) of Lewisville,Tx
X3360 1 Rootsweb from BJ Martindale Dd Jan.17,2000 re William A. & Vina Elander (Patton) Whitlock (M1860) Wilson Co., Tn
X3361 1 Rootsweb from Caroline Burnett Cook Dd Jan.18,2000 re Whitlock & Francisca (Alston) Alston (M1730's) of Chowan Co., NC
X3362 2 Rootsweb from Marsha Moses Dd Jan.18,2000 re T.C. & Donia (Jewell) Whitlock of Va
X3363 1 Rootsweb from Terri Rene Howard Dd Jan.19,2000 Ottawa Co., Mi re James & Clara (Whitlock) Churchill (M1867?)
X3364 1 Rootsweb from Caronne Secord Dd Jan.18,2000 re Mrs. Samuel Hallett Whitlock daughter of Colin Campbell of NB
X3365 1 Rootsweb from Coleen Cole Dd Jan.19,2000 re William & Mary (Whitlock) (Long) Bentley (M1800's) of Union Co., SC
X3366 19 Letters to & from James E. Wilson Dd 1993-1999 re research into the Whitlocks of Ephratah, NY from James E. Wilson
X3367 6 Family Group Sheets re possible descent from Aaron C. & Sarah Whitlock (M1810's) of Ephratah, Fulton Co., NY from James E. Wilson
X3368 1 Genealogy Worksheet re descent from William & Nancy (Dougan) Whitlock (M1830's) of Washington Co., NY from James E. Wilson
X3369 22 Notes and research in the family of Zalmon Whitlock of Ct from Peter L. Whitlock
X3370 1 Email from Peter L. Whitlock to Clara Millo Dd Feb.16,2000 re Frank & Matilda (Lewis) Whitlock (M1906) Christian Co., Mo
X3371 2 Emails from Mayme H. Wilson Dd Jan.27,28,2000 re descent from Richard Nicholas & Elizabeth (Stinnett) Whitlock (M1870's) of Madison Co., Ky plus reference to James & Mary L. Whitlock (M1760's) of Loudoun Co., Va
X3372 1 Rootsweb from Cathy Slater Dd Jan.23,2000 Golden Wedding of Mr. & Mrs. E.B. Talley of Riley, In re Mr. & Mrs. George Whitlock
X3373 8 Rootsweb from Sherry Ledlow Dd Jan.22,2000 descent from William & Franky (Nickels) Ledlow (M1823) of Montgomery Co., Al re James B. Lawson & Cynthia Modeanie (Whitlock) Ledlow (M1898) Colbert Co., Al Cynthia Modeanie Whitlock d. of John Green & Mary (Huls
X3374 3 Rootsweb from Wendell Stephens Dd Jan.22,2000 Rome [Ga] News Tribune obit of Fletcher Myers died Oct.31,1944 Rome, Ga re Hurbert Whitlock & Clarence Whitlock, pallbearers
X3375 5 Rootsweb Dd Jan.21,2000 & Email Dd Jan.26,2000 from Bob Prater re James & Sarah (Freeman) Whitlock (M1857) of Warren Co., Tn d. Sarah Jane married Eldridge Henderson Youngblood
X3376 1 Rootsweb from Carolyn Johnson Dd Jan.21,2000 & email Dd Mar.5,2000 re Nancy E. Whitlock shown age 1 with Rhuby Runyon age 50 on 1850 census of Sand Creek, Decatur Co., In possible child of John & Eliza (Runyon) Whitlock (M1840) Franklin Co., In
X3377 11 Rootsweb from Joel Hutton Dd Jan.20,2000 & email Dd Jan.26,2000 descendants of James R. & Elizabeth (Woodfin) McMinn (M1802) Buncombe Co., NC re Thomas Hardin & Mary Susan (Redden) Whitlock (M1872) Piney, Dickson Co., Tn
X3378 1 Rootsweb from Pete Dd Jan.20,2000 re James A. & Betsy B. Jones (Bagby) Whitlock (M1827) Green Co., Ky
X3379 1 Rootsweb from Scott MacDowell Dd Jan.24,2000 re James & Jane (Merseroll) Whitlock (M1763) of NJ daughter Jane married Andrew McDowell (1757-1834)
X3380 2 Email from Andy Whitlock Dd Jan.24,2000 re list of scanned files re Whitlock research
X3381 2 Letter from Fred Whitlock Dd Jan.15,2000 re stray Pitton, Wilts burials 1669-1693
X3382 3 Emails from Cheryl Lancaster Dd Jan.25,27,2000 re descent from Walter Alexander & Delilah Jane (Whitlock) Moorhead (M1830) SC
X3383 3 Emails from Donna Kitchener Dd Jan,26 & Feb.6,2000 re obit of John Whitlock died Frithelstock, Devon Oct.8,1840
X3384 2 Emails Dd Feb.21,2000 from Peter L. Whitlock re Henry & Sarah P. (Beecher) Whitlock (M1842) Watertown, Ct
X3385 2 Letters from Jack Brown to John C. Whitlock Dd Sep.15 & Oct.10,1999 re David Burwood & Mary Ann (Whitlock) Green (M1850) St.George the Martyr, Southwark, LND
X3386 1 Rootsweb from Pearly Mae Dd Jan.30,2000 Hick’s History of Kendal Co., Il ,1876 re L.M. & H.P. Whitlock of Na-au-say (Levi A. Whitlock & Hiram Thompson Whitlock)
X3387 2 Emails from Chuck Rockett Dd Jan.30,2000 re Robert P. & Mary Elizabeth (Whitlock) Murray (M1868) Louisa Co., Va Mary Elizabeth d of James G. & Emily C. (Byrd) Whitlock (M1830) Louisa Co., Va
X3388 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Jan.31,2000 re Arthur Whitlock b.Nov.1,1893 New Hackensack, NY s of William Sowdon & Matilda R. (Jones) Whitlock
X3389 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Feb.1,2000 re Charles Edward & Sarah Frances (Whitlock) Luckett (M1863) Va`Sarah Frances d. of Edward H. & Martha A. (Wells) Whitlock (M1839) Va
X3390 2 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Jan.31,2000 & email Apr.24,2000 from I. Carson re Bessie (Whitlock) Fugit d.1960? Chicago, Il
X3391 2 Emails from Chuck Rockett Dd Feb.1,2000 re descent from Richard L.& Sarah (Hancock) Whitlock (M1804) Patrick Co., Va connection to Graham family.
X3392 1 Email from Sandra Miller Dd Feb.1,2000 re obit of Jasper Lawrence Anthony died Feb.12,1998 El Reno, Ok` born Mar.8,1918 s of McKinley & Leona (Whitlock) Anthony
X3393 1 Letter from Joan Ryan Dd Jan.21,2000 re Main Line descent from Charles & Esther Whitlock (M1760's) Va
X3394 1 Email from Laura Whitlock Dd Feb.3,2000 re George Clinton Whitlock born Hubbardton, Vt 1808
X3395 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Feb.3,2000 burials in Maramec (near Pawnee), Ok re Bonnie F. (Whitlock) Davis (1893-1991) d of William Otho & Araminta (Creed) Whitlock
X3396 2 Emails from Betty Jones Moyer Dd Feb.3,10,2000 re descent from William & Mary (Whitlock) Jones (M1760) Va
X3397 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Feb.4,2000 re Grandison M. & Mary C. (Whitlock) Sharp (M1868) Tipton Co., Tn
X3398 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Feb.4,2000 re Luther Darwin & Leona (Whitlock) Brooks (M1900's) of Mn
X3399 1 Email from Margaret Fox Dd Feb.5,2000 re Lott & Mary Ann (Kaiser) Whitlock (M1888) Arkadelphia, Clarke Co., Ar
X3400 1 Rootsweb from Martha Gill Dd Feb.6,2000 re Whitlock Paulin s of William Paulin b.1682 Bucks Co, Pa
X3401 1 Email from Donna Davis Dd Feb.6,2000 re ?? & Mary (Barnes) Whitlock of Ok
X3402 1 Email from Dorothy Arnold Dd Feb.21,2000 re William Asa Whitlock b.Mar.8,1830 SC
X3403 2 Email from Heather Michaud Dd Feb.20,2000 re John & Sarah (Giddings) Whitlock (M1820's) SC
X3404 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Feb.7,2000 re T.L. & Sallie (Whitlock) Collins
X3405 1 Email from Patrick Andrus Dd Feb.8,2000 re Whitlock Whaley
X3406 1 Email from Vivian Whitlock Scott Dd Feb.8,2000 re Vivian Hiram Whitlock of Ia
X3407 3 Emails from Edward Whitlock Dd Feb.9,10,28,2000 re James S. Whitlock s of Artemus & Sarah (Tucker) Whitlock (M1852) Katonah, Westchester Co., NY
X3408 8 Email from Jack Leo Dd Feb.11,2000 re Joseph & Hannah (Whitlock) Baldwin (M1636) High Wycombe, Bucks
X3409 3 Email from Don Raney Dd Feb.12,2000 re William & Penelopy (Robinson) Whitlock (M1786?) SC
X3410 1 Email from Steve Loose Dd Feb.13,2000 re Charles & Martha (Wilson) Whitlock (M1811) Adair Co., Ky
X3411 1 Curcuit Rider, Sangamon Co., Il, GS Vol.13#4 Oct.1981 Springfield Il High School 1866 re James & Elizabeth M. (Carruthers) Whitlock (M1867) plus Vol.14#3 1982 re Mary Ward Whitlock 1910 from Donna Sand
X3412 1 Card from Cyril D. Whitlock Dd Feb.10,2000 re Joan Betty Violet (Staddon)(Brown) Whitlock 1st husband William Brunton Brown (1916-1988)
X3413 9 Email and GEDCOM file Dd Feb.18,2000 re descent from Raymond Washington & Beatrice Emily (Young) Whitlock (M1906) Marysville, York Co., NB
X3414 1 Email from Maureen Marshall Dd Feb.15,2000 re corrections to the WHITLOCK01 chart re Maxted family
X3415 1 Extracts from PRO Kew re Ernest Whitlock 1916, Harry Whitlock 1916 and Herbert Wellwood Whitlock 1983 from Marianne Whitlock
X3416 1 Holy Trinity Church, Bromley Common, Kent burials re Elizabeth Margaret Whitlock (1912-1913), George William Whitlock 1938 and Rosina Whitlock 1946 from Marianne Whitlock
X3417 1 Berks Overseers Project, Thatcham Parish re James & Mary (Whitlock) Tyler (M1716) Bradfield from Marianne Whitlock
X3418 1 Berks Overseers Project, Thatcham Parish Apr.26,1741 re Elijah Whitlock removed from Witney, Oxon to Wantage from Marianne Whitlock
X3419 1 WWI deaths - Officers re Frederick Walter Whitlock 1915 and Tom Oliver Whitlock 1916 from Marianne Whitlock
X3420 1 Email from Coleen Colgrove Dd Feb.19,2000 re decent from Mary (Whitlock) (Long) Bentley (1774-1851) of Union Co., SC
X3421 3 Emails Dd Feb.21,24,2000 & GenForum Dd Feb.22,2000 from Carmel McMullen re descent from Harry & Ellen (Fort) Whitlock (M1879) of Gainsborough, Lincolnshire & Brisbane, AUS
X3422 3 Emails from Simon Neal Dd Feb.22,23,2000 re Whitlocks of Shutlanger, Alderton & Paulespury, NTH
X3423 4 Emails from Carol Foster Stanish Dd Feb.22,24,2000 re descent from Charles & Mary (Allin) Whitlock (M1822) of Langtree, Devon & PEI
X3424 1 Email from Jane Matthews Dd Feb.22,2000 re Isaiah C. & Rachel (Whitlock) Day (M1840's) of Tx Rachel d of William & Mary (White) Whitlock (M1813) St.Martinsville, La
X3425 3 GenForums Dd Dec.27,1999 & Feb.6,2000 & email Dd Feb.24,2000 from Lynn Geistweidt re Jones & Diana (Sammons) Whitlock (M1850) of Washington Co., Tn
X3426 1 GenForum from Douglas Whitlock Dd Feb.6,2000 re descent from Thomas & Susannah (Webb) Whitlock (M1788) of Campbell, Va & Wilson Co., Tn
X3427 1 Email from Maryanne Weeks Dd Feb.15,2000 re Jeremiah D. & Octavia (Thompson) Whitlock (M1856) Richmond, Va
X3428 1 GenForum from Greg Whitlock Dd Feb.6,2000 re Mitchell & Sarah (Hubbard) Whitlock (M1829) of Halifax Co., Va & Wilson Co., Tn
X3429 1 GenForum Dd Jan.7,2000 & email Dd Feb.23,2000 from Amanda Keller re descent from Elias & Mary (Stoneman) Whitlock of Langtree, Devon & Ohio & Iowa
X3430 1 GenForum from Dean Bybee Dd Jan.8,2000 re ?? & Rhoda Arvie May (Ferguson) Whitlock (M1880's) of In or Il d Grace Rose Whitlock married Jesty Mahlon Hughes
X3431 1 GenForum from Gina Whitlock Dd Feb.2,2000 re Paul Vincent & Helen (Warren) Whitlock (M1930's) of Chicago, Il
X3432 1 GenForum from Alberta Shannon Dd Feb.4,2000 re William Moses Whitlock of Tx
X3433 1 GenForum from Lisa Goeppner Dd Feb.9,2000 re Glenn & Stella (Moreland) (Webb) Whitlock of Ca
X3434 2 GenForum from Darlene Magliaro Dd Feb.18,2000 & email Dd Apr.18,2000 re John & Anney (Whitlock) VanPelt (M1811)
X3435 3 GenForum Dd Feb.18,2000 & emails Dd Feb.29 & Mar.2,2000 from Carol Comp re Daniel C. & Rachel A. (Collard) Whitlock (M1830's) of Mercer Co., NJ
X3436 1 GenForum from "TheObitLady" Dd Feb.22,2000 re Gloria (Whitlock) Ballou (1926-2000) d of Asa D. & Myrtle A. (Newton) Whitlock
X3437 6 Emails from Melanie Drolsbaugh Dd Feb.24,27 & May 15,2000 re William & Alice Mary Maud (Whitlock) Lacey (M1884) of Camberwell, SRY, Alice Mary Maud d of David William & Elizabeth Ann (Marsh) Whitlock (M1863)
X3438 8 Pedigree chart descent from Abraham & Rose (Whitlock) Parker (M1644) Ma from Jan Schauble
X3439 7 Family Group Records descent from William H. & Hester (Francisco) Whitlock (M1829) of Mi & Ca from Kristine Whitlock
X3440 18 The Whitlock Family - Generation breakdown of the WHITLOCK01 chart The Whitlocks of Langtree, Devon with possible connections back to 1391 from Adrian Mills
X3441 1 GenForum from Darla Dunkin Ushler Dd Feb.29,2000 re Samuel & Margaret (Dunkin) Whitlach (M1830's) of Oh & Fountain Co., In
X3442 1 GenForum Dd Feb.24,2000 & email Dd Apr.2,2000 from Janet Crosslin Seamon re John & Martha J. (Whitlock) Terry (M1831) of Louisa Co., Va & Saline Co., Mo Martha J. d John & Nancy (Shepherdson) Whitlock (M1797)
X3443 1 Email from Joan Murray Dd Feb.29,2000 re Peter & Johanna (Whitlock) Richards (M1809) Langtree, Devon Johanna d of Thomas & Rebecca (Holman) Whitlock
X3444 1 Letter from Olivia Smith Dd Feb.28,2000 re Richard & Sarah (Hancock) Whitlock (M1804) Patrick Co., Va
X3445 1 Letter from Mattie Ruth Whitlock re death of husband Howard Allen Whitlock Nov.10,1997
X3446 1 Email from Bob Whitlock Dd Mar.1,2000 re descent from James & Nancy (Bowen) Whitlock (M1790's) of Surrey Co., NC
X3447 1 GenForum from Charlie Weaver Dd Mar.2,2000 re John & Martha (Whitlock) Arnold (M1760's) of Randolph Co., NC
X3448 1 GenForum from Craig E. Luton Dd Mar.4,2000 re John Thomas & Virgie Eunice (Whitlock) Wilson (M1902) Rule Co. Ar Virgie Eunice d Marion Jasper & Mary Jane (Oliver) Whitlock (M1867) Warren Co. Tn
X3449 2 Emails from Carol Knowles Dd Mar.4,11,2000 re Henry & Ellen Augusta (Collard) Whitlock (M1879) St.Judes, Upper Chelsea, London Henry s. of Edward & Jane Emelia (Smith) Whitlock (M1848) St.Lukes, Chelsea, London plus death of Alice (Hopkins) Whitlock (Jan.
X3450 1 Email from Jeanie Bass Upshaw Dd Mar.5,2000 re Agnes Whitlock Hoggatt (Feb.4,1776-1858) of Tn d of Nathaniel & Rachel (Tate) Hoggatt
X3451 1 GenForum from Kathy Fleming Dd Mar.6,2000 re John & Eliza (Smith) Whitlock (M1870-1880s) of Piedmont, SC
X3452 19 Census’, land records and wills re John Normont Whitlock of Green Co., Illinois and his children, John B. Whitlock, James M. Whitlock, James Presley Whitlock, Jeremiah Minter Whitlock & Henry B. Whitlock from Mitzi Calbreath
X3453 7 Emails from Peter L. Whitlock Dd Mar.8,27,2000 re descendants of Zalmon & Sarah Whitlock (M1810's) of Ct plus Blakeslee connections
X3454 4 Emails from Chuck Rockett Dd Mar.9,10,2000 re granddaughter, Sylvia Armitstead winner of silver medal at Arctic Winter Games
X3455 2 Emails from Marion Baker Dd Mar.11,2000 re Ewen Irwin & L.Eloise (Smith) Whitlock (M1913) Morgan Co., Il
X3456 1 Email from Quintin White Dd Mar.12,2000 re Idmiston, Wilts records 1730-1862
X3457 1 Email from Kevin Dowd Dd Mar.29,2000 re William Henry & Mary A.Whitlock (M1860's) of Ruabon, Denbigh, Wales & Much Wenlock, Shropshire
X3458 1 Miscellaneous Bedfordshire information 1615-1857 from Kevin Dowd
X3459 3 Family of William & Mary (Melton) Whitlock (M1744) of Woolley, HUN & Great Harrowden, NTH from Kevin Dowd
X3460 1 Card from Becki Heise Mar.23,2000 re birth of Skyla Marie Heise Jun.4,1999
X3461 1 Letter from Iris Welford Dd Feb.29,2000 re Edwin Whitlock (1907-1987) of Carrolton, Il
X3462 1 Email Apr.1,2000 Peter Chapman Cemetery, nr.Saratoga, NY re Rebecca E. Whitlock d.Aug.9,1858, 23 wife of Robert Whitlock
X3463 2 Rootsweb & GenForum Dd Mar.23,24,2000 from Linda Rumbold re David & Elizabeth (Whitlock) Mead (M1780) Great Leighs, ESS
X3464 1 GenForum from Mara Dd Mar.10,2000 re William Henry & Mary Fannie (Whitlock) Blankenship (M1880's) of Henrico Co., Va
X3465 1 Email from Scott MacDowell Dd Mar.19,2000 re graves of Andrew & Jane (Whitlock) McDowell (M1780s) buried Brainerd Cemetery, Cranbury, Middlesex Co., NJ
X3466 1 Rootsweb from Audrey Harmon Gaither Dd Mar.23,2000 re James & Sarah J. (Whitlock) Harmon (M1885) of Roane Co., Tn
X3467 1 GenForum from Martha Stanley Dd Mar.23,2000 re children of Newton & Elizabeth Sarah (Hurst) Whitlock (M1874) & Newton & Sarah Alice (Davis) Whitlock (M1894) of New Haven, Franklin Co., Mo, Newton s Thomas K. & Martha Jane (Bates) Whitlock (M1851) Tn or Ks
X3468 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Mar.24,2000 re obit of George Moore b.Dec.1,1899 d.Oct.28,1976 Pawnee, Ok re daughter Oneta Whitlock of Alva, Ok
X3469 3 Emails from Linda Huff Dd Mar.24,2000 re descent from Tarlton & Winifred (Dunlap) Whitlock (M1810) Rockbridge, Va
X3470 1 Rootsweb from Lillie Marian Lorance-Jones Dd Mar.26,2000 re descent from Warren & Susan (Whitlock) Davenport (M1825) Wilson Co., Tn
X3471 2 Descent from Kenneth & Sarah Ann (Whitlock) McKenzie (M1861) Greene Co., Mo from Patricia Staats
X3472 1 Email from Cheryl Lancaster Dd Mar.27,2000 re Felix Gaines & Mary E. (Kirk) Whitlock (M1850) of SC
X3473 1 Rootsweb from Ryan Wadleigh Dd Mar.27,2000 re possible obits on John Richard & Lucretia (Parrish) Whitlock (M1850's) of Cadiz Co. & Christian Co., Ky
X3474 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Mar.28,2000 Minions of Fortune by Alan J. Guy re Major John Carleton Whitlock (1699-1776) Regimental Agent of Dublin, Ireland
X3475 5 Descendants of Thomas & Jane (Norton) Whitlock (M1820's) Tompkins Co., NY from Ginni Morey
X3476 15 Western States [ID,UT] Marriage Index - Complete marriages for Whitlock grooms, index for brides (1881-1926) from Chuck Rockett
X3477 11 Research into descent from Tarlton & Winifred (Dunlap) Whitlock (M1810) Rockbridge Co., Va from Ila Wakley
X3478 1 Letter from Jackson County [MO] Historical Society to Ila L. Buxton Dd Apr.27,1976 re Robert & Sarah (Howell) Whitlock (M1841) of Independence, Mo from Ila Wakley
X3479 3 Form letter from Van A. Whitlock and reply from James R. Whitlock Dd Feb.20,1982 re J. Fulton (Tarlton) Whitlock of Rockbridge Co, Va from Ila Wakley
X3480 4 Letter from Mrs. Rosewell P. Bowles to Mr. & Mrs. Van A. Whitlock Dd Feb.28,1982 re descent from James Archibald & Angelina Agnes (Hawkins) Whitlock (M1858) Orange Co., Va
X3481 1 Rootsweb from A. Whitlock Pool Dd Apr.1,2000 re descent from Sherwood Hayes Whitlock (1880-1947) of Loudon Co., Tn
X3482 1 Email from Jody Ewart Dd Apr.3,2000 re update to family of Stanley Blair & Jean Bell (McInnes) Whitelock (M1941) Vancouver, BC
X3483 1 Email from Brenda Latham Dd Apr.1,2000 re children with Harold Grant Cooper, update to WHITLOCK35 chart
X3484 1 Rootsweb from Shari Hoolihan Dd Apr.2,2000 re Oscar Whitlock of Cheshire, Gallia Co. Oh
X3485 1 Rootsweb from Patricia Staats Dd Apr.2,1900 re Richard S. & Alabama Clementine (Whitlock) Snyder (M1866) Greene Co., Mo
X3486 1 Descendants of Marion Jasper Lee & Mary Jane (Oliver) Whitlock (M1867) Daylight, Tn from Craig Edward Luton
X3487 2 Email from Janet Crosslin Seamon Dd Apr.3,2000 re John & Martha (Whitlock) Terry (M1831) of Louisa Co., Va
X3488 2 Email from Ian Foster Dd Apr.5,2000 re Charles & Emily (Whitlock) Churchley (M1838) St.Ebbe’s, Oxford, OXF
X3489 1 Email from Barbara Dishman Dd Apr.5,2000 re Nathaniel & Caroline (Whitlock) Dishman (M1840's?) Of Wilkes Co., NC
X3490 1 Email from Kathleen Burris Dd Apr.3,2000 re Jacob R. & Disa Elizabeth (Whitlock) Dudley (M1896) Hebron, Denton Co., Tx, Disa Elizabeth d. of Thomas Green & Susan A. (Johnson) Whitlock (M1871) Wilson Co., Tn
X3491 1 Email from Patrick A. Andrus Dd Apr.8,2000 re James H. & Cora (McGhee) Whaley (M1890) of NY
X3492 1 Email from Donna Davis Dd Apr.8,2000 re Joseph & Mary Elizabeth (Barnes) Whitlock (M1872) of Russelville, Franklin Co., Al, Barnes and Russell families re Mary Elizabeth’s mother Frances Bell Wilson Barnes Russell
X3493 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Apr.8,2000 re Peter & Temperence Adeline (Whitlock) Apple (M1861) of Clinton Co., Il
X3494 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Apr.9,2000 re G.W. Whitlock North California State Fair 1868
X3495 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Apr.10, 2000 re obit of Lucille Phillips, 68 died Jun.20,1992 Willard, Ohio re sister Jenette Whitlock of Coolville, Oh
X3496 4 Rootsweb from Theron Smith Dd Apr.11,2000 re Sarah (Mitchell) (Pollard) Whitlock (Whitlow?) of Harrison Co., Tx, Pollard family of Va & SC
X3497 2 Email from Patty Bridges Parker Dd Apr.13,2000 re William Lafayette & Lucinda (Bridges) Whitlock (M1847) Ladiga, Calhoun Co., Al
X3498 1 Email from Phyllis Newbill Dd Apr.14,2000 re Hennie & L:ydia (Whitlock) James (M1871) Marion Co., Ky
X3499 1 Email from Rita Somers Dd Apr.14,2000, 1861 census Ontario, Lambton Co., Forrest re William Whitlock age 42 b.Ont (Irish), shoemaker
X3500 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Mar.25,2000 re Cory & Elizabeth (Lane ) Woodson (M1801) Goochland Co., Va, Cory s James & Elizabeth (Whitlock) Woodson (M1754)
X3501 1 Email from Jane Matthews Dd Apr.14,2000 re Isaiah C. & Rachel (Whitlock) Day (M1840's) of Atascocita District, Tx Rachel d of William & Mary (White) Whitlock (M1813) St.Martinsville, La
X3502 1 Email from Jim Payne Dd Apr.16,2000 re Whitlocks of Marietta, Ga
X3503 1 Email from Berta Wagner Dd Apr.16,2000 re William Moses & Martha E. (Wedgeworth) Whitlock (M1886) of Uvalde Co., Tx
X3504 4 Emails from Patty Bridges Parker Dd Apr.17,May 3,2000 re Bridges family of Benton Co., Al
X3505 2 GenForum Dd Apr.20, 2000 & email Dd Apr.21,2000 from William Whitlock re William Oscar Whitlock (M1920's) of Al
X3506 2 Email from Chris Whitlock Dd Apr.20,2000 re Ray Alexzander & Marie Jean (Stover) Whitlock (M1940's)
X3507 3 Emails Dd Apr.21,23,2000 re Whitlock Avenue, Bronx, New York City, NY from Chuck Rockett
X3508 1 Email from Francesca Braham Dd Apr.22,2000 re death of Arthur Whitlock of Kent age 108 died April 18,2000
X3509 1 Main Line descent from Robert John & Ann (Parker) Whitlock (M1810's) of Lower Norwood, SRY from Jack Brown
X3510 1 Email from Norma Jean Haun Dd Apr.24,2000 re Thomas Conway & Mary Ann (Lane) Whitlock (M1865) of Roane Co.,Tn
X3511 1 Email from Laura Whitlock Dd Apr.25,2000 re George Clinton Whitlock b.Oct.4,1808 Hubbardton, Vt
X3512 3 Emails from Patsy Emory Dd Apr.25,2000 re Battle "Smith" Whitlock Young connections to Mayfield and Tally families
X3513 2 Letter from Lawrence Otis Dd Apr.17,2000 re ONT Whitlock/Whitelock marriages 1853-1881
X3514 4 Emails from Chuck Rockett Dd Apr.27,2000 re Alabama Marriages 1800-1920, Inc.
X3515 48 Emails from Chuck Rockett Dd Apr.27 & May 22,25,2000 City Directories 1883-93: Al Montgomery; Ca Los Angeles, Plumas Co., San Francisco; Co Denver, Leadville; DC Washington; Ga Atlanta; In Indianapolis; Ky Louisville; La New Orleans; Ma Baltimore; Mi Gran
X3516 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Apr.26,2000 re Wiley & Caroline (Newby) (Whitlock) Elder (M1847)
X3517 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Apr.26,2000 re NYC, NY marriages 1795-1816
X3518 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Apr.27,2000 re In marriages to 1850 Inc
X3519 2 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Apr.28,2000 re Central Illinois obituaries re murder of Henry Whitlock May 1871 of Rockbridge, Greene Co.
X3520 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Apr.29,2000 Short Cemetery, Greene Co., Il re Dora Ellen dau of Z. Taylor & Louisiana Whitlock Jun.25,1872-Sep.28,1901
X3521 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Apr.30,2000 The Verden [Grady Co. Ok] News Apr.12,1940 re Mrs. Susan Whitlock of Chicago, Il d of Charles T. Karnes (1868-1940)
X3522 1 Email from Bernard Dd May 2, 2000 re Spy House Museum, Monmouth, NJ
X3523 13 Spartanburg [SC] Herald & Herald-Journal death index 1944-1999
X3524 1 Rootsweb from Rick Monroe Dd May 10, 2000 marriages by Ephraim Nott of Marion Co., Or re William L. Whitlock & Anna R. Hayre Dec.10,1895
X3525 1 Rootsweb from Sara Casper Dd May 10,2000 re James & Exie (Seabolt) Whitlock (M1900's) of Union Co., Ga
X3526 1 Email from Patricia Ewers Dd May 10,2000 re four children of Andrew & Jane (Whitlock) (Merrill) McDowell (M1800's) of Six Mile Run, NJ
X3527 1 Email from Wendy C. Brown Dd May 10, 2000 re John William & Martha (O’Connell) Whitlock (M1882) of Cairo, Alexander Co.Il
X3528 1 Email from Mark D. Whitlock Dd May 9, 2000 re obit of Wilbur T.Calame husband of Nelma F. Whitlock (M1938) of Hillsboro, Il d May 1,2000
X3529 1 Email from Linda Rumbold Dd May 9, 2000 re children of David & Elizabeth (Whitlock) Mead (M1780) Great Leighs, ESS
X3530 1 Email from Kit Lorance-Jones Dd May 7, 2000 re descent from William A. & Susan (Hibdon) Davenport (M1860's) of Rutherford Co., Tn
X3531 1 Rootsweb from Bill Clark Dd May 6, 2000 re David Wood & Mary Ann W. (Lasley) (Whitlock) Edwards (M1850's?) of Green Co., Ky
X3532 12 Rootsweb from Anna Popejoy Dd May 5,2000 re descent from Willis W. & Talitha (Whitlock) Vess (M1837) of Franklin Co., Al
X3533 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd May 5,2000 Texas Marriages 1851-1900
X3534 4 Email from Janet Crosslin Seamon Dd May 5,2000 re will of John Terry of Cambridge, Saline Co., Mo Dd Sep.12,1887 Pr Mar.8,1890
X3535 1 Email from Pat Dd May 13,2000 re Haskell Whitlock of Cowlington, LeFlore Co., Ok c1934
X3536 2 Email from J.E. Riccio Dd May 15, 2000 re Thaddeus & Betty (Whitlock) Thompson (M1780) Lenox, Ma
X3537 5 Updated to the WHITLOCK16 chart re descent from Arthur Oscar & Caroline Virginia (Heckman) Whitlock (M1862) Oh
X3538 1 Email from Judy Clark Wick Dd May 23,2000 re descent from Loren Whitlock of Il & Tx
X3539 2 Email from Audrey Harmon Gaither Dd May 31, 2000 re descent from Robert & Martha (Nance) Whitlock (M1810's) NC
X3540 3 Emails from Carol Comp Dd May 28-30,2000 re descent from Daniel C. & Rachel A. (Collard) Whitlock (M1838) Mercer Co., NJ
X3541 1 Email from Barbara Jackson Whitlock Dd May 19,2000 re husband, Hobert Ray Whitlock’s descent from Sherwood & Laura (Hicks) Whitlock (M1900's) of Loudon Co., Tn
X3542 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd May 20,2000 obit of Lula (Venable) Whitlock b.Sep.15,1914 Ripley Co., Mo d. Apr.13,2000 Dexter, Mi wife of Harold R. Whitlock