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X3543 1 Email from Jerry Reynolds Dd May 25,2000 re descent from Lorenzo Randolph Whitlock (1828-1898) of Clay Co., Mo & Wapinitia, Wasco Co., Or
X3544 7 Email from Jane Matthews Dd May 27,2000 re Feb.2000 issue Texas Illustrated Magazine article "Laura Cornish’s Slave Narrative, 1937 re Isaiah C. & Rachel (Whitlock) Day (M1840's) of Atascocita District, Tx Rachel d of William & Mary (White) Whitlock (M181
X3545 1 Email from Irene Carson Dd May 31,2000 re Merrill Weir & Bessie Blanche (Whitlock) Fugit (M1900's) of Chicago, Il
X3546 1 Email from Kay Dd May 31,2000 re Whitlock & Green families of Greene Co., Ky
X3547 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd May 31, 2000 re Evening Herald, Klamath Falls, Or Mar.1,1928 "Copco Employee Passes Away" re Earl Whitlock Funeral Home.
X3548 12 File from Carmel McMullen Dd May 29,2000 re descent from William & Sarah (Varvel) Whitlock (M1831) Hales, NFK
X3549 6 Extracts from the 1881 census from Michael Whitlock Dd Mar.22,2000 re WHITLOCK77 chart
X3550 1 Email from Melanie Drolsbaugh Dd Jun.19,2000 re birth of David William Whitlock Jun.9,1841 Neate St., Camberwell, SRY
X3551 2 Email from Melanie Drolsbaugh Dd Jun.21,2000 re marriage of James Tew & Alice Whitlock Nov.7,1830 Adderbury, Oxfordshire
X3552 1 Email from Jim Inman Dd Jun.2,2000 re Union Co., SC Chambers Family Bible, re George & Nancy (Whitlock) Mitchell (M1893)
X3553 1 Rootsweb from Pam Golding Dd Jun.3,2000 re James & Sarah Ann ( Whitlock) Nutley of Fareham, HAM
X3554 1 Rootsweb from Jon Thunderchild Dd Jun.3,2000 re John & Mary (Whitlock) (Wills) Cole (M1772) of Lunenburg, Va
X3555 7 Updates to the WHITLOCK20 chart, Whitlocks of Oxfordshire from Mark Peter Whitlock
X3556 1 Letter from Clerk of the Chamberlain’s Court, Guildhall, London Dd Mar.2,2000 to Councillor M. E. Whitelock notifying admission to the Freedom of the City of London Apr.27,2000 from Maisie Whitelock
X3557 2 GenForum from David Robertson Dd Apr.30,2000 re Whitlock/Long/Bentley families of Union Co., SC family Bible reference to Sherwood Nance b.1754
X3558 1 GenForum from Shell McKedy Dd May 13,2000 re Sarah Whitlock b.Aug.11,1851 Tn
X3559 1 GenForum from Elvina Dd May 20, 2000 re 1937 Social Security card for Dorothy Norwood (?) Whitlock issued in SC
X3560 1 GenForum from Bonnie Hart Dd May 22, 2000 re Nathaniel & Caroline ( Whitlock) Dishman (M1847?) Wilkes Co., NC
X3561 5 GenForum and emails from Jean Read Dd May26 - Jun.21,2000 re descent from Barrin James & Lucinda (Dreisbach) Whitlock (M1880's) of Exeter, Luzerne Co., Pa
X3562 3 GenForum and emails from Lionel Platter Dd May 28 - Jun.22,2000 re William & Ellen (Dunbar) Whitlock (M1870's) of Leon Co., Tx
X3563 1 Email from Gaye Tattershall Dd Jun.5,2000 re Frederic William & Frances Marguerita (Smith) Whitlock
X3564 2 North Carolina marriages to 1825 by from Dorrain Satchell
X3565 18 Family Group Sheets descent from Robert & Martha (Nance) Whitlock (M1810's) of SC, NC & Roane Co., Tn from Dorrain Satchell
X3566 3 Corrections & additions to the WHITLOCK68 chart re births of Nicholas Charles Satchell May 18,1999 and Ryann Marie Whitlock b.May 17, 2000 from Dorrain Satchell
X3567 3 Emails from Pat Nichols Dd Jun.2,6,18,2000 re Evermont & Mary Frances (Whitlock) Nicholas (M1867) of Franklin, Il
X3568 1 Rootsweb from Bob Ellerton Dd Jun.6,2000 re Barberie Whitlock b.about 1655 North Yorkshire
X3569 2 Emails from Lois Smith Dd Jun.7-11,2000 re Joseph (James?) & Sallie F. Whitlock (M1870's) of Goochland Co., Va
X3570 1 Email from Cynthia Meinen Dd Jun.7,2000 re Byron Ruman & Evie (Tillotson) Whitlock (M1910's?) of Sabinal, Uvalde, Tx
X3571 1 Email from Mark Whitlock Dd Jun.8,2000 obit of Lucille Whitlock, 90 of Peoria, Az died Jun.3,2000, widow of Myron Whitlock (d.1985)
X3572 4 Email from Patricia Ewers Dd Jun.8,2000 re descent from Andrew & Jane (Whitlock) (Merrill) McDowell (M1802) Somerset Co., NJ
X3573 1 Email from Melody Justus Dd Jun.4,2000 re Laura (Louisa?) Whitlock (Greatsinger?) (1791-1877) of Elmira, NY
X3574 1 Email from Leigh Dd Jun.12,2000 Re John & Nancy (Whitlock) Flinn (M1780's) of Stokes Co., NC
X3575 4 Email from Michelle Hawke Dd Jun.14,2000 Aided Immigration from Britain to South Africa 1857-1867 by Esme Bull, 1991 re Richard & Ellen (Boon) Whitlock (M1857) Chipping Norton, Oxfordshire
X3576 1 Email from John L. Whitlock Dd Jun.14,2000 re Frederick Whitlock b.Nov.8,1823 Prymont, Hanover, Germany of Wichita, Ks
X3577 1 Email from Ryan Wadleigh Dd Jun.15,2000 re John Richard & Lucretia (Parrish) Whitlock (M1850's) of Christian Co., Ky
X3578 1 Email from Phyllis Clendaniel Dd Jun.15,2000 History of the Old Tennant Church, 1897 by Symmes re Thomas & Margaret (Crawford) Whitlock (M1720's) of Mon mouth Co., NJ
X3579 5 Email from Bill Clark Dd Jun.15,2000 re William R. & Mary Ann (Lashley) Whitlock (M1833) Green Co., Ky
X3580 15 Descendants of Marion Jasper Whitlock re Marion Jasper & Mary Jane (Oliver) Whitlock (M1867) Warren Co., Tn from Jerald Duncan Whitlock
X3581 1 Rootsweb from Ruby Richardson Price Dd Jun.16,2000 re Reuben S. & Sallie Jane (Whitlock) Howell (M1880's) of Tx
X3582 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Jun.14,2000 re marriages of Henry Whitlock & Frances Brown Mar.4,1805 and William Whitlock & Julia B. Brown Feb.5,1804 both Essex Co., NJ
X3583 1 Email from Barbara Finney Dd Jun.17,2000 re Artie Mencie Adeline Whitlock of Al
X3584 2 Email from Sheri Loy Dd Jun.17,2000 re Green Co., Ky cemetery
X3585 2 Letter from Jane M. Preston Dd Jun.19,2000 re descent from Lyman Henry & Lucy Ann (Burr) Whitlock (M1850's) of Fairfield, Ct
X3586 1 Email from Avie Heathcock Dd Jun.19,2000 re descent from Benjamin Harrison & Harriet (Exum) Whitlock (M1870's) of Ms, Ar & Ok
X3587 2 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Jun.19,2000 re Philadelphia, Pa wills 1682-1819 re Ephraim D. Whitlock guardian of Ann Elizabeth Huse now Ann Elizabeth Whitlock 1819
X3588 1 Email from Robin Dd Jun.22,2000 re John Robert & Mary Frances (Barker) Whitlock (M1851) Cumberland Co., Va
X3589 1 Email from Debbie Meyer Dd Jun.23,2000 re Edward Price Kirk (1890-1964) s Andrew English & Ann G. (Whitlock) Kirk
X3590 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Jun.24,2000 re Lloyd W. & Ruth (Cunningham) Whitlock (M1914) Lloyd W. s William T. & Emma (Long) Whitlock (M1890's) of Il
X3591 1 Email from Sara Casper Dd Jun.25,2000 re James & Exie (Seabolt) Whitlock (M1902) Banks Co., Ga
X3592 1 Email from Claudette Whitefield Dd Jun.25,2000 re David & Lavina Frances (Whitlock) Rhyan (M1860) Vigo Co., In, Lavina Frances d Braxton Gentry & Sarah (Murry) Whitlock (M1824) Augusta Co., Va
X3593 1 Rootsweb from Ed Wasmuth Dd Jun.26,2000 re descent from Joseph & Frances (Whitlock) Brand (M1775) Va
X3594 1 Email from John Richard Whitlock Dd Jun.26,2000 re Upper Cemetery, Bideford, Devon
X3595 128 Register Report and GEDCOM file from Brenda Kruger Dd Jun.28,2000 re descent from David H. & Martha Ann (Holland) Whitlock (M1827) Goochland Co., Va
X3596 3 Emails from Brenda Kruger Dd Jun.26,28,2000 re David H. & Martha Ann (Holland) Whitlock (M1827) Goochland Co., Va
X3597 65 GEDCOM file descent from Benjamin G. & Sarah Ann (Dennis) Whitlock (M1872) Philadelphia, Pa from Carol Winter Comp
X3598 2 Letter from John Mesick Dd Jan.31,1962 to Mrs. O.E. Maxfield & reply Dd Oct.30,1962 re Ephraim & Anne (Whitlock) Lockwood (M1767) Weston, Fairfield Co., Ct from Mary Maxfield
X3599 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Jun.28,2000 re Joseph F. & Mary Emma (Whitlock) Garnett (M1869) of Christian Co., Tn
X3600 1 Rootsweb from Chuck Rockett Dd Jun.28,2000 obit of Geneva Mae (Whitlock) Darland b.Apr.5,1929 Marion Co., Ky d.Mar.12,1998 d Robert & Annie (Deering) Whitlock
X3601 1 Email from Carol Archer Dd Jun.28,2000 re Charles George & Sarah Jane (Allen) Whitlock (M1852) of NB & Me
X3602 3 Email from Jesi Whitlock-McAlpin Dd Jul.1,2000 re Herbert Benjamin & Lula Frances (Glen) Whitlock (M1910's)
X3603 2 Note from James E. Wilson Dd Jul.26,2000 re Harry Oliver & Jessie N. (Nickerson) Whitlock (M1900's) of Chicago, Il
X3604 4 Email from Stacey Whitlock Dd Jul.5,2000 re descent from Ike & Mae Whitlock of Rock Hill, SC
X3605 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Jul.1,2000 re James Harold & Martha (Whitlock) Daughdrill (M1867) Cherokee Co., Al
X3606 1 Rootsweb from James K. Wilson Dd Jul.3,2000 re Counce W. & Ada Bell (Whitlock) Waters (M1900's?) of Talladega Co., Al
X3607 1 Email from Laura Whitlock Dd Jul.6,2000 re Lewis & Rachel (Hendee) Whitlock (M1800's) of Danby, Rutland Co., Vt
X3608 1 Rootsweb from Bob MacAvoy Dd Jul.6,2000 re Cumberland Co., NJ Civil War Veteran, William W. Whitlock d.Sep.23,1921
X3609 1 Rootsweb from Nancy Chatham Dd Jul.7,2000 re Lain Brooklyn City, NY directory 1897-98
X3610 1 Email from Barbara Whitlock Dd Jul.8,2000 re descent from Sherwood Hayes & Laura (Hicks) Whitlock (M1900's) of Tn
X3611 45 Email from Jon Thunderchild Dd Jul.9,2000 re descendants of James & Sarah Cole (M1710's) of Lunenburg Co., Va son John Cole married Mary Whitlock Aug.18,1772
X3612 1 Rootsweb from Walt Nicholson Dd Jul.9,2000 Smith Co., Tx cemetery records re family of John W. & Elizabeth (Bright) Whitlock (M1882) of Jackson Co., Al
X3613 1 Email from Brenda Kruger Dd Jul.10,2000 re David H. & Martha Ann (Holland) Whitlock (M1827) Goochland Co., Va
X3614 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Jul.10,2000 re Elmira, NY Directory 1889-1893
X3615 1 Email from Rita Somers Dd Jul.10,2000 re obit of Blanche Monesta (Whitlock) Deutsch b.Mar.13,1905 d.Jun.25,2000 of Royal Oak, Mi
X3616 1 Rootsweb from Conrad Dudek Dd Jul.10,2000 re Samuel & Sarah (Whitlock) Perry (M1742) of Fairfield Co., Ct
X3617 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Jul.11,2000 Nebraska Military Roster Jun.1,1891 re William N. Whitlock, Sargeant I, 6 Cavalry, Beatrice, Iowa
X3618 1 Email from Ellen Miller Dd Jul.11,2000 re Joseph & Frances (Whitlock) Brand (M1775) of Va
X3619 1 Email from Barbara A. Sevier Dd Jul.11,2000 re Hinton [Ok] Kiwanis Club formed in 1931, Rev.A.F. Whitlock one of the earliest members.
X3620 1 Email from Betsy Smith Dd Jul.12,2000 re Whitlocks of PEI
X3621 1 Rootsweb from Nancy Johnson Dd Jul.12,2000 obit of Hazel (Whitlock) Miller b.Aug.30,1916 West, Tx d.Jul.10,2000 Tx, widow of Harold Miller
X3622 1 Email from James Alexander Whitlock Dd Jul.14,2000 son of Walter John & Margaret (MacMunn) Whitlock (M1949) Hamilton, Ont
X3623 32 Whitlocks of Roane and Loudon Counties [Tn] from Audrey S. Gaither
X3624 1 Descendants of William Wilfrid Lawson & Florence Bessie Curtis (Walker) Whitlock (M1894) Sydney, AUS from John Lawson Whitlock
X3625 1 Biography of Wilfred Hercy Whitlock (1898-1978) of Aus from John Lawson Whitlock
X3626 1 Letter from Forest Home Cemetery Corporation Dd Sep.9,1992 re three Whitlock children buried 1888-1906 from James E. Wilson
X3627 6 Miscellaneous correspondence relating to Arthur & Eliza (Brand) Whitlock (M1860's) of La & Tx from James E. Wilson
X3628 2 1920 US census Beaumont City, Jefferson Co., Tx re Abraham Lincoln & Adeline Victoria (Dunne) Whitlock (M1890's) from James E. Wilson
X3629 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Jul.15,2000 re Benson Jones & Rebecca Mary (Whitlock) Grant (M1850's) of Houston Co., Mn Rebecca Mary d of Levi C. & Emeline Caroline (Sisson) Whitlock (M1827) Gallia Co., Oh
X3630 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Jul.17,2000 re Archie & Daisy (Tubbs) Whitlock (M1905) of Ponca, Nebraska
X3631 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Jul.17,2000 re Whitlock family massacred 1859 in Llano Co, Tx
X3632 8 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Jul.17,2000 re Illinois Marriages 1763-1910
X3633 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Jul.20,2000 re Roy & Bess Whitlock of Ridgefarm, Vermilion Co., Il 1940
X3634 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Jul.20,2000 re Alcy Keturah (Whitlock) Haworth (1865-1919)
X3635 3 Notes on the family of Rev.Allen & Mathinda E. (Woolard) Whitlock written by Edward S. Whitlock b.1874 from Franklyn S. Whitlock
X3636 2 Letter from Jean A. Whitlock Dd Jul.20,2000 re Kevin Whitlock & Lana May Eberle married Jan.7,2000, Lethbridge, Ab & Michelle Whitlock married Robert Todd, Colfax, La May 1999
X3637 1 Email from Dale O’Connor Dd Jul.22,2000 re descent from Harvey Gilman & Minerva (Abbott) Whitlock (M1830) Cuyahoga Co., Oh
X3638 3 Email from Shirley Edelstein Dd Jul.23,26,Aug.1,2000 re George Washington & Mattie Frances (Robinson) Whitlock (M1860's) of Ar
X3639 1 Email from Brenda Kruger Dd Jul.24,2000 re 1860 census Cass Twp, Stone Co., Mo re John Robert & Mary Frances (Barker) Whitlock (M1851) Cumberland Co., Va
X3640 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Jul.25,2000 re obit of Arthur D. Whitlock The Marin [Ca] Journal Oct.9,1902 . Died Oct.4,1902 age 49. Born St.Andrews, NB
X3641 1 Rootsweb from David Cross Dd Jul.26,2000 re Miles Whitlock of 4th Vt Volunteers captured at Petersburg, May 23,1864
X3642 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Jul.27,2000 re Demsey Barnet & Sarah A. (Whitlock) Medford married Oct.18,1849 Cherokee Co., Ga, Sarah Ann d of John & Sarah (Giddings) Whitlock (M1820's) of Cobb Co. & Cherokee Co., Ga
X3643 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Jul.27,2000 obit of Alice V. Whitlock of Buffalo, NY died Jul.25,2000
X3644 12 GEDCOM file descent from (Joseph?) & Sallie F Whitlock (M1870's) of Goochland Co., Va from Lois Smith
X3645 1 Email from Rita Somers Dd Jul.24,2000 re John Whitlock of Athol, Ont 1841
X3646 1 Email from Ruby Pantalone Dd Jul.29,2000 Statesman Journal [Salem, Or] obit re Sidni (Teal) Whitlock Jan.8,1952 - Jul.24,2000 exwife of Rick Whitlock of Flamath Falls
X3647 1 Email from Bill Clark Dd Jul.29,2000 re Lashley Cemetery, Green Co., Ky re Manoah Lashley (1787-1835) & Sarah (Sandidge)(Lashley) Jones (1796-1863)
X3648 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Jul.29,2000 obit of Charles Whitlock, 75 died Feb.14,1999 West Point, Ia
X3649 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Jul.30,2000 obit of Ira W. Whitlock, 59 died Jul.27,2000 Henderson, Ky
X3650 3 Emails from Rick Thomas Dd Jul.30,Aug.1,5,2000 re Grizzell (Coleman) Whitlock (1705-1759) d Daniel Coleman (1662?-1722?)
X3651 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Jul.31,2000 re William Henry & Mary Ida (Whitlock) Lovegrove (M1880) Washington Co., Tn Mary Ida d Nathaniel Franklin & Barbara Ann (Burkett) Whitlock (M1852) Va
X3652 2 Letter from Donald E. Stiebel Dd Jul.31,2000 re descent from Jeremiah Minter & Sarah (Portwood) Whitlock (M1839) Greene Co., Il
X3653 1 GenForum from Mable Meyer Neier Smith Dd Jul.20,2000 re George Whitlock of Ky
X3654 2 Email from Susan Perryman Dd Aug.1,2000 murder of Thomas Pile near San Jose, Ca August 1853 re Wilson Whitlock
X3655 2 Email from David Robertson Dd Aug.2,2000 re Whitlock/Nance connection, Va & SC
X3656 1 Email from Barbara Finney Dd Aug.3,2000 re David C. & Artie Mencie Adeline (Whitlock) Ferguson (M1854) Benton Co., Al
X3657 1 Email from John Heppler Dd Aug.3,2000 re George & Dorcas Whitlock of Natchitoches Parish, La
X3658 1 Rootsweb from Rev. Robin Whitlock Dd Aug.4,2000 re Spofford family
X3659 1 Email from Sheri Loy Dd Aug.5,2000 Whitlock Cemetery Grady Thompson Road, Green Co., Ky re family of James Henry & Martha (Bagby) Whitlock (1870's)
X3660 1 Email from Iris Welford Dd Aug.12,2000 re death of mother Alice Maud Whitlock Aug.11,2000 age 98. Also Janine Whitlock English pole vaulter at Sydney Olympics
X3661 1 Emails from Brenda Kruger Dd Aug.7-9,2000 re IGI entries for family of David H. & Martha Ann (Holland) Whitlock (M1827) Goochland Co., Va
X3662 1 Letter from Lawrence Otis Dd Aug.6,2000 County Marriage Registers of Ontario, Canada 1858-1867. Vol.27 Middlesex County, 1991 by Elizabeth Hancocks; The Marriage Registers of Upper Canada/Canada West Vol.9 by Walker & Stratford-Devai, 1997
X3663 2 Halton [Ont] Local Historial Databases for Whitlock & Whitelock from Lawrence Otis
X3664 3 Ontario Births 1903; Deaths 1928, Marriages 1918 from Lawrence Otis (See X4080)
X3665 1 Rootsweb from Douglas Whitlock Dd Aug.6,2000 re Thomas & Louisa F. (Whitlock) Brazleton (M1860's?) of Vermillion Co.,Il Louisa F. d. John & Keturah (Quine) Whitlock (M1820) Rutledge, Grainger Co., Tn
X3666 7 Email from John R. Whitlock Dd Aug.8,2000 re The Heaman Family of Frithelstock, Devon 1490-1700
X3667 3 Email from Clarice Dd Aug.7,2000 re descent from Joseph & Frances (Whitlock) Brand (M1775?) Hanover Co., Va
X3668 1 Email from Cara Daisy Mae Suchman Dd Aug.8,2000 re Lycurgus Hopson & Mary Priscilla (Hutchinson) Whitlock (M1858) of Wilson Co., Tn
X3669 1 GenForum from Robert Gene Whitlock Dd Aug.10,2000 re Ambrose Nathaniel Whitlock (1887-1965) of Ar
X3670 1 GenForum from Paul Whitlock Dd Aug.11,2000 re Benjamin Whitlock of Silverstone, NTH
X3671 2 GenForum from Tonia Moore Dd Aug.14,2000 re William Franklin & Beulah (Whitlock) Greenman (M1900's)
X3672 1 Email from Dianne L. Sutton Dd Aug.11,2000 re Historical & Togographical Directory of Northants by Francis Whellan, 1874 re Whitlocks of Silverstone.
X3673 2 Emails from Guy Julian Whitlock Dd Aug.13,14,2000 re Gloria June Whitlock of Orpington, Kent 1960-70?
X3674 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Aug.15,2000 re obit of Margaret Velma Whitlock died Aug.2,2000 age 90, Fergus, Ont
X3675 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Aug.15,2000 Evening Herald, Klamath Falls, Or re Earl Whitlock Funeral home Pine Street at Sixth
X3676 3 Descendants of David Franklin & Lavina Frances (Whitlock) Rhyan (M1860) of Vigo Co., In from Claudette Peters Whitefield
X3677 3 Rootsweb Dd Aug.18,2000 & email Dd Sep.5,2000 from Lillie Rackley re Robert Lonnie & Lula Golder (Whitlock) Atwell (M1906)of Green Co., Ky Lula Golder d Beckwith R. & Liascetta Susan (Curry) Whitlock (M1876)
X3678 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Aug.18,2000 Virginia Cemeteries:A Guide to Resources by Hogg & Tosh, 1986 re Whitlock family cemetery, Mineral
X3679 1 Email from Zelda Kaye BishopDd Aug.20,2000 re Mary E. (Smith) (Whitlock) Bias likely married to James M. Whitlock Jan.4,1858 Franklin Co., Tn
X3680 2 Rootsweb from Marie Howard Dd Aug.21,2000 & email Dd Sep.5,2000 re Charles E. & Ada (Whitlock) Howard (M1904) of Winston-Salem, Cleveland Co., NC Ada d Hardin & Nancy Whitlock (M1860's) of Mt.Airy, Surry Co., NC
X3681 3 Emails from Dolores Miller Pringle Dd Aug.21,22,2000 re Elzey & Leila (Powell) Whitlock of Pickens Co., SC
X3682 3 Whitlocks of Frithelstock 1611-1638 from John R. Whitlock
X3683 12 Descent from Alexander and Jennet Whitlock (M1790's) of Henry Co., Tn from Lynne Whitlock Grubbe
X3684 2 1880 census Texas, Wise Co., & 1900 Arkansas, Scott Co. re family of Jesse R. & Mary E. (Halpain) Whitlock (M1860's) from Lynne Whitlock Grubbe
X3685 3 Letter from Carol Archer Dd Aug.22,2000 re Charles George & Sarah Jane (Allen) Whitlock (M1852) Penniac, NB
X3686 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Aug.22,2000 re marriage of John J. Whitlock & Sarah J. (Humphreys) (??) Apr.12,1866 Va. John J. Whitlock s Thomas & Mary ( Warren) Whitlock (M1797) Louisa Co., Va
X3687 2 Rootsweb Dd Aug.26,2000 & email Dd Sep.5,2000 from Judy T. Murphy re Monroe Presher & Zonnie Zenobia Cleo (Whitlock) Adams (M1880's?) of Rutherford Co., NC
X3688 1 Email from Lionel Platter Dd Aug.26,2000 re William Asa & Elizabeth (Dunbar) Whitlock (M1860's) of Al & Tx
X3689 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Aug.28,2000 details submitted by Robert M. Warren re Archie & Daisy (Tubbs) Whitlock (M1905) of Dixon, Ne
X3690 1 Email from Mark Allan Whitlock Dd Aug.28,2000 re Ray Whitlock of San Jose, Ca
X3691 2 Emails from Chuck Rockett Dd Aug.29 & Sep.2,2000 Benton, Il Evening News re obit of Alice Whitlock, 87 of Texico d.Aug.21,2000 St.Louis
X3692 1 Email from Anne Caroline Pittard Dd Aug.30,2000 re Mary Ann Waters married (1) William John Whitelock (M1820's) of London, married (2)Stephen Dorman (M1829) London
X3693 3 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Aug.30,2000 re Wisconsin Marriage Index 1820-1907
X3694 1 Email from Rodger Whitlock Dd Aug.30,2000 re Howard William Whitlock (1908-1991) of Elkins, Wva
X3695 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Sep.6,2000 Coryell Co., Tx Gatesville Messenger re obit of Betty Ann (Whitlock) Knowlton, 51 died Dec.14,1988 Betty Ann d Henry & Pauline Whitlock
X3696 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Sep.6,2000 re Justin Whitlock Dart b.1907 Evanston, Il s Guy Justin & Laura Case (Whitlock) Dart
X3697 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Sep.7,2000 re Benjamin & Mildred (Whitlock) Watkins (M1770's) of Lunenburg Co., Va Benjamin’s father, William Watkins was administrator of George Whitlock’s estate 1770 Caroline Co., Va
X3698 3 Email from Vonda DeMerritt Dd Sep.7,2000 re descent from Thomas & Jane (Norton) Whitlock (M1820's) of Tompkins Co., NJ
X3699 1 Email from Kathleen Jeann Dd Sep.8,2000 re Kansas City, Ks cemeteries, Maywood, Mt.Hope, Maple Hill & Oak Grove
X3700 1 GenForum from Lee Blackwell/Hixon Dd Sep.8,2000 re Lancelot Minor & Eliza Jane (Blackwell) Whitlock (M1836)Augusta Co., Va
X3701 1 Email from Tom Baker Dd Sep.9,2000 re descent from John & Sarah (Giddins) Whitlock (M1820's) of SC
X3702 1 GenForum from Rita F. Silva Dd Sep.9,2000 re James Plaska & Mary Ann (Condrey) Whitlock (M1880's) of Center, Montgomery Co., Ar
X3703 1 Email from Jean Deans Dd Sep.11,2000 obit of Walter Whitlock Deans, 76 b Nov.9,1923 Moosic, Pa d August 31, 2000 Cantonsville, Md s Earl Rosmund & Nova (Whitlock) Deans gs Jonathan Nathaniel & Sally (Bealer) Whitlock of Bristol, Tn
X3704 1 Email from Sue Hill Dd Sep.12,2000 re J. Winton & Sarah (Whitlock) Hite (M1871) of Tn
X3705 1 GenForum from Claudette Duncan Dd Sep.12,2000 re James & Temperance (Whitlock) Bartlett (M1779) of Halifax Co., Va
X3706 1 Email from Bill Clark Dd Sep.12,2000 re Sarah d John & Mary (Wood) Sandidge. Sarah d.Jun.21,1863 aged 67y 5m 28d. Sarah -M-(1) Manoah Lashley (2)Phillip P. Jones.
X3707 1 GenForum from Brian Hallett Dd Sep.13,2000 re William & Jane (Hallett) Whitlock (M1790's) of St.Andrews, NB
X3708 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Sep.21,2000 re Joel F. & Ida (Chamberlain) Whitlock (M1877) Lockville, Wyoming Co., Pa
X3709 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Sep.22,2000 re William & Ann J. (Whitlock) Cross (M1833) Henrico Co., Va
X3710 2 Email from Barbara Galbreath Dd Sep.26,2000 re Greenville Benjamin & Alzara Adaline (Alexander) Whitlock (M1846) Benton Co., Al
X3711 2 Obituaries of Jeremiah Minter Whitlock (1812-1895) & Sarah (Portwood) Whitlock (1818-1902) of Green Co., Il from Virginia Lee Johnston
X3712 6 Extracts from Caroline Co., Va records; George Whitlock, Private, 7 Regt., (Gray’s) Va Militia War of 1812 from Virginia Lee Johnston
X3713 5 Family Group Record descent from Joseph Anthony & Elizabeth Minter (M1740's) of Powhatan Co., Va from Virginia Lee Johnston
X3714 3 Email from Edward Whitlock Dd Sep.12,2000 re Brewster [NY] Standard May 31,1878 marriage of James S. Whitlock & Laura A. Keeler May 29,1878 Croton Falls; Brewster [NY] Standard May 27,1881 obit of James S. Whitlock d. May 25,1881Croton Falls; updates to t
X3715 3 Rootsweb from Ann Tonge Dd Sep.27,2000 Strathroy [Ont] Age Dispatch May 12, 1904 obit of Rachel (Conaway) Whitlock died in Forest, Ont April 27,1904
X3716 1 Rootsweb from Barbra Anns Dd Sep.27,2000 Chesterton [Ind] Tribune Jun.16,1932 re 94th birthday of Thaddeus K. Whitlock
X3717 2 Letter from Donald E. Strebel Dd Sep.30,2000 re descent from James M. & Susan (Westmoreland) Whitlock (M1844) of Greene Co., Il
X3718 3 Letter from Bobbie Hanneken Dd September 2000 re descent from James M. & Susan (Westmoreland) Whitlock (M1844) of Greene Co., Il
X3719 5 Email from Vonda DeMerritt Dd Oct.2,2000 re descent from Thomas & Jane (Norton) Whitlock (M1820's) of NY
X3720 1 Email from John P. Heppler Dd Oct.3,2000 re George W. & Dorcas (??) (Crowe) Whitlock (M1884) of Al & La
X3721 1 Email from Greg Whitlock Dd Oct.1,2000 re John Preston & Elizabeth Jane (Dearing) Whitlock (M1863) Charleston, Kanawha Co., Wva
X3722 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Oct.5,2000 re Wilson Whitlock of Jolon, Ca 1886
X3723 1 Email from Phyllis Shelton Conder Dd Oct.11,2000 re William Henry & Rachael Almeida (Whitlock) Stewart (M1880's) of NB & Ma
X3724 4 Email from Lynda Mudle-Small Dd Oct.12,2000 & Quintin White Dd Oct.13,2000 re Methodist Chapel, St.Cleer, Con re Whitlock & Daniel tombstones
X3725 1 Email from Nancy Moore Dd Oct.12,2000 re Rusford G. & Mary Jane (Judson) Whitlock (M1852) of Fairfield, Ct
X3726 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Oct.8,2000 obit of John J. Fegtly 66 died Wichita, Ks Jul.22,1917 at home of Mrs. Christine Whitlock his mother-in-law (widow of Frederick W. Whitlock)
X3727 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Oct.9,2000 re George & Nancy (Whitlock) Mitchell (M1893)
X3728 1 Email from Laura Whitlock Dd Oct.10,2000 re Lewis & Rachel (Hendee) Whitlock (M1807) of Danby, Rutland Co., Vt
X3729 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Oct.10,2000 re 1900 US Census, Red River Co., Tx re John & Mary D. Whitlock (M1880's) of Ga & Al
X3730 1 re David Milton & Sara Frances (Gregory) Whitlock from Virginia Lee W. Johnson
X3731 1 Rootsweb from Billy McDoniel Dd Oct.12,2000 re William Chapman & Mary (Whitlock) McDoniel (M1805) Louisa Co., Va
X3732 1 Email from Dolores Pringle Dd Oct.8,2000 re updates to the WHITLOCK38 chart
X3733 1 Descendants of Thomas & Charlotte (Wells) Whitlock (M1890) St.Giles, London from Sara Tait
X3734 24 Descent from William & Rachel (Hind) Whitlock (M1821) Newington, SRY from John C. Whitlock
X3735 14 Descent from William & Eleanor (Cuthbertson) Whitelock (M1804) Sinnington, YKS from Jessie Turner
X3736 7 Descent from John & Jane (Lunne) Whitelock (M1681) Cundall,YKS from Jessie Turner
X3737 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Oct.14,2000 Luther & Harriett Armour (Whitlock) Halstead (M1848) NYC Harriett Armour Whitlock Halstead later married Abraham Van Zile
X3738 2 Emails from Zelda Kaye Bishop Dd Oct.13,14,2000 re William Anders & Nancy Jim (Whitlock) Poindexter (M1882) Wise Co., Tx Nancy Jim d James M. & Mary E. (Smith) Whitlock (M1858) Franklin Co., Tn
X3739 2 Descent from William & Sarah (Whitlock) Holeman (M1790's) of Rowan Co., NC from "Dixeebarb"
X3740 2 Email from Anne Caroline Pittard Dd Oct.15,2000 re Stephen & Mary Ann (Waters) (Whitelock) Dorman (M1829) London Mary Ann married (1) William John Whitelock (M1820's)
X3741 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Oct.18,2000 re William Bee & Isabell (Whitlock) Nunley (M1870's) Va Isabell d John & Minerva (Brown) Whitlock
X3742 1 Rootsweb from Randy J. Jones Dd Oct.18,2000 re William & Mary (Whitlock) Jones (M1760) SC