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X0200 2 Family of Neil & Mary Jean (Graham) Coeur-Barron from Doris Barrett
X0201 1 Marriage William Whitlock & Mindful A. Anderson Apr.27,1857 Lawrence, Kansas - from Valerie Melanson
X0202 1 New Mexico Genealogist, Vol.20 list of Whitlocks in Index from Valerie Melanson
X0203 1 Bapt. Gagetown, N.B. May 31,1786 Hariot d.of John & Ellen Whitlock - from Valerie Melanson
X0204 1 Family of Chistopher & Grace (Whitlock) Ayre (M.1808) from Sheila (Smale) Pike
X0205 1 Family of Roger & Elizabeth (Horn) Smale (M.1786) - from Sheila (Smale) Pike
X0206 2 Family of Ernest William & Elizabeth Florence (??) Whitlock from Harold Whitlock
X0207 1 Extracts from Bideford [Devon] Weekly Gazette re deaths of Thomas Whitlock May 10,1879 and John Henry Whitlock Oct.12,1891 from John R. Whitlock
X0208 2 Letter from John R. Whitlock Dd.Apr.17,1983 re 1881 census for Devon - extracts from registers for Shebbear, Sheepwash, Buckland Filleigh, Black Torrington, Great Torrington [Devon]
X0209 2 Notes from Noel Ross re John Whitlock of Bread St., London 1764 - Mrs. Eliza (Kemble) Whitlock - St.Peter's, Cornhill [London]
X0210 3 Notes from the will of William Smale of Frithelstock, Devon 1869/1870 from Gwen broad
X0211 1 Letter from Lottie Hill Dd.Mar.4,1983 re birth of Erin Rebecca Hill Oct.28,1982
X0212 2 Letter from Jean Cole Dd.Dec.9,1982 re Wilts Quarter Sessions 1871 Oliver Whitlock - Assault with intent
X0213 1 Card from Rex & Noreen Whitlock Dd.Dec.1982 re child star Lee Whitlock
X0214 1 Card from Bill & Wilma Whitelock Dd.Dec.1982 re birth of Sean Allen Whitelock Mar.30,1982
X0215 2 Letter from Noel Ross Dd.Sep.11,1981 re Sarah Ann Whitlock b.May.30,1790 married Charles Jarvis Apr.12,1808 Conn.
X0216 2 Letter from Janis Kirby Dd.May 16,1983 re family of Hillary Charles & Eliza Mary Whitlock (M.about 1820)
X0217 2 1851 Census Stepney re Hillary Whitlock - extracts from Essex IGI from Janis Kirby
X0218 2 Essex extracts, Boyd, Wills, Non-conformist registers from Janis Kirby
X0219 4 Letter from Iola Ebendorf Dd.May 2,1983 re family of Samuel S. Whitlock of Strawberry Point, Iowa
X0220 1 Family of James & Sallie (Ghee) Whitlock (M.1800-1820) from Sandra G. Morgan
X0221 1 Family of John & Elizabeth I. (Whitlock) Cole from Sandra G. Morgan
X0222 1 Martha A. Whitlock, Coal Co., Oklahoma 1917 Tax Assessment from Valerie Melanson
X0223 1 Burials St.Mary, Rotherhithe, Surrey 1852 from Valerie Melanson
X0224 1 Letter from Charles Whitlock Rockett Dd.May 24,1983 re Reuben Whitlock of New Jersey 1750-1770
X0225 1 Fern B. Whitlock Feb.6,1907 age 3 Eudora Cemetery, Douglas Co., Kansas from Valerie Melanson
X0226 1 Canadian Census 1871 Dereham, South Oxford [Ont] re families of Matthew Whitelock, John Whitelock(2) and George Whitelock from Maureen Hyde
X0227 1 Family of John Ernest & Selina (Redcliffe) James from Margaret Cohoe
X0228 1 Family of Sidney & Bessie (Collacott) Redcliffe (M.about 1890) from Margaret Cohoe
X0229 1 Family of George & Elizabeth (Kase) Whitlock (M.1808) from Charles W. Rockett
X0230 1 Family of William & Elizabeth (Neel) Whitlock (M.1806) from Charles W. Rockett
X0231 1 Family of William & Catherine (Benner) Whitlock (M.1830) From Charles W. Rockett
X0232 1 Family of Abram Benner & Mary P. (Mowry) Whitlock (M.1853) From Charles W. Rockett
X0233 1 Family of John & Mary (Morris) Whitlock (M.1793) from Charles W. Rockett
X0234 1 Myrl Whitelock (1905-1950) Ocean View Cemetery, Burnaby, B.C. from Valerie Melanson
X0235 1 Dec.12,1826 New Brunswick Royal Gazette loss of H.M.Schooner "Magpie"- drowned : Stephen Whitlock - from Valerie Melanson
X0236 1 Great Register of Fresno, Calif. Thomas Whitlock, carpenter age 56 born New Jersey; Northampton Census 1851 - College St. Private Boarding School William Whitlock age 16 from Valerie Melanson
X0237 1 Kelso, Roxburgh, Scot. Parish Reg. 1720-1819 re Andrew Whitelock from David Jackson Toronto [Ont] Globe & Mail re marriage of Sarah Whitelocke, eldest d.of late John Whitelocke, Q.C. of Stanhope Place, Hyde Park, London & Thomas Harley Roche in Peterboro
X0238 1 Family of Peter & Anne (Jeffrey) Whitlock (M.about 1840) from Les Brown
X0239 2 Letter from Bruce Raffell Dd.Sep.14,1983 re Family of Ethel (Hastie) Raffell
X0240 2 Letter from Les Brown Dd.Oct.3,1983 re Pitton/Farley, Wilts. Marriages 1707-1833
X0241 1 Family of John & Ann (Light) Whitlock (M.1798) from Les Brown
X0242 2 Letter from Adrienne Campbell Dd.Aug.31,1983 re Sands Directory of Sydney, Australia 1885-89
X0243 1 Extract from Methuen, Perth, Scotland re bapt. of Cecil s.of James Whitlock May 19,1799 from David Jackson
X0244 2 Family known as the "Head" Whitlock of Pitton, Wilts. from Jean E. Whitlock
X0245 3 Letter from Jenny Whitlock Dd Sep.8,1983 re family of Alfred Whitlock of Wiltshire & Australia
X0246 1 Letter from Julie Whitlock re family of Alfred Whitlock of Wiltshire & Australia
X0247 1 Letter from Lottie Hill Dd Dec.9,1983 re birth of Gayle Lynn Forsythe Oct.13,1983 & marriage of Dawn (Hill)(Robinson) to Allen Zurloff Nov.12,1983
X0248 1 Note from Jean Coeur Barron re marriages of the children of Neil & Jean Coeur Barron (M.1974-1982)
X0249 3 Family Chart from Wilma Whitelock re family of John & Alice (Burgoyne) Whitelock (M.1851)
X0250 2 Family Chart from Wilma Whitelock re family of Francis C.B. & Mary C.(Keller) Whitelock (M.1886)
X0251 4 Letter from Les Brown Dd Oct.19,1983 re Whitlocks of Hursley & Wishford, Hants & Stanmore, Middlesex, Eng.
X0252 3 Letter from Sheila Pike re Ayre family of Langtree, Devon & Whitlocks of Warkleigh, Devon.
X0253 1 Daniel & Whitlock extracts from 1841 census of St.Cleer, Cornwall from Gwen Broad
X0254 2 Letter from Jean E. Whitlock Dd Nov.28,1983 re Whitlocks of Pitton, Wilts
X0255 1 Family chart of Walter & Florence Clara (Reid) Whitlock from Garth Whitlock over the phone 1969
X0256 1 Family chart of Matthew Whitlock of Newcastle & Regina from Dave R. Whitlock over the phone 1969
X0257 1 Family chart of Dr.A.E.F. Whitlock of Wells-near-the-sea & Moosejaw/Medicine Hat [Sask] from George Whitlock over the phone 1969
X0258 1 Family chart of Lyman Leroy Whitlock of Medicine Hat [Alta] over the phone 1969
X0259 1 Family chart of Ernest Whitlock of Brackley from Arthur F. Whitlock over the phone 1969
X0260 4 Letter from Doug Whitlock Dd Jan.8,1984 re family of Francis Whitelock of North Yorkshire (b.1735)
X0261 5 Family chart of John & Sarah (Perrver) Parsons of Pitton, Wilts (M.about 1755)
X0263 2 Letter from John R. Whitlock Dd Jan.17,1984 re records of Petrockstow [Devon] School 1876-1888
X0264 2 Extracts re Francis Clement Whitelock, Banker of Davidson, Saskatchewan from Esme Trotter, letter Dd Jan.1984
X0265 2 Letter from Lucy W. Atkins Dd Jan.15,1984 re Whitlocks of Rappahannock, Va & Caroline Co., Va 1638-1771
X0266 1 Letter from Les Brown Dd Jan.25,1984 re 1861/1871 census of Little Stanmore, Middlesex, Eng.
X0267 2 Address of Whitlocks of Alberta Rocket(t)/Whitlock/Challinor Query in O.G.S. Newsletter from Val Melanson
X0268 2 Letter from Jerry Gower Dd Jan.23,1984 re Nehemiah & Anna (Knapp) Whitlock of Fairfield, & Squire & Mary (Hodge) Whitlock of Danbury, Conn. possible connection to Solomon Whitlock of New Brunswick, Canada
X0269 1 Letter from Jerry Gower re William & Matilda (Delesdernier) Whitlock of Vaudreiul, Quebec (M.1829)
X0270 1 Daniel & Whitlock extracts from the 1851 census St.Cleer, Cornwall, Eng., from Gwen Broad
X0271 1 William Whitlock of Darlington, Ontario 1859; Whitlock of Texas from Val Melanson
X0272 1 Letter from the Provincial Archives, Fredericton, N.B. re wills of Thomas Whitlock & Ann Whitlock from Cuma Scolfield
X0273 1 Letter from Cuma Scholfield Dd Feb.13,1984 re Civil War records of Richard Whitlock
X0274 4 Family Chart of Thomas & Elizabeth (Quy) Whitlock (M.about 1800) from Neville Whitlock
X0275 1 Wilts Record Office extracts from Jean Cole Marriage lic. Elston Whitlock & Margrett Robins Nov.1701 Jno Whitlock & Eliz Townsend Dec.24,1716 Melksham Parish Register burials 1779-1795
X0276 1 Pedigree Chart of Whitlocks of Connecticut 1620-1858 from Gordon H. Whitlock
X0277 61 Census extracts New York 1850,1870,1880, Missouri 1860,1880, Illinois 1860,1870, Iowa 1860,1910, South Carolina 1860, Alabama 1860, Arizona 1860,1880,1910, Pennsylvania 1880, Connecticut 1880 from Charles Rockett
X0278 3 Family chart of Walter & Julia Ann (Halls) Whitlock (M.1860's?) from Adriene Campbell
X0279 1 Letter from Jess Whitlock Dd Mar.2,1984 re Whitlocks of N.S.W., Australia
X0280 1 Extracts from 1860 census Jersey City,New Jersey
X0281 8 Whitlock extracts from Genealogical Helper May/June 1982 Jul/Aug 1981, Sep/Oct 1982, Jan/Feb 1982, Sep/Oct 1981, Nov/Dec 1982, Mar/Apr 1982, Jan/Feb 1984, Jul/Aug 1983, Sep/Oct 1983 & William Whitlock 1686 Crowcombe Tythes list from Val Melanson
X0282 1 Letter from Claude Parsons Dd Apr.4,1984 re Wiltshire wills at Trowbridge Record Office
X0283 1 Marriage of Lewis L. & Lydia Ann (Wright) Whitlock Mar.21,1858 Mount Pleasant, Iowa Kingower Cemetery, Victoria, Australia re Miles Whitelock d.1901 & Thomas Whitelock d.1892 from Val Melanson
X0284 2 Australian Births, Deaths & Marriage indices from Barrie Whitlock
X0285 1 Census and Parish extracts re Iddlesleigh, Ide, Langtree & Exeter Devon, Water Orton, Warwickshire & Kingston upon Hull from Janis Kirby
X0286 1 James Whitlock of Perth, Methuen, Scotland b.1799 & 1881 census New Hamburg, Ontario from David Jackson
X0287 3 Letter from Paul Whitlock Dd Feb.13,1984 re Frederick William Whitlock of Oxfordshire
X0288 53 Census extracts Connecticut 1850, Pennsylvania 1850, 1860, 1870, 1880, 1900 from Charles Rockett
X0289 3 Letter from Jerry Gower Dd May 12,1984 re family of Solomon & Persillia Whitlock of Penniake, New Brunswick
X0290 1 Burials at Charlotte Valley Cemetery, West Davenport, Delaware Co., New York from Marion D. Ehrhart
X0291 1 Whitelock Family Bible in possession of Marie Whitelock of Burnaby, B.C.
X0292 1 Extract from 1881 census Bicester from Violet Grant Information on Logan & Bertha Adelia (Haines) Whitlock of Washington, U.S.A. from Val Melanson
X0293 1 Extract from 1881 census Manitoba, Provender, Laverandrye, Eastern Extension from Jean Cooper
X0294 1 Monkleigh, Devon burial of William Whitelocke Nov.3,1551 from Jean Cooper
X0295 2 Letter from Mattie Ruth Whitlock Dd May 6,1984 re family of Samuel & Caroline (Hurd) Whitlock (M.1840's) from Pam Hallock
X0296 33 Family Group Sheets of family of Joseph & Permelia (Wasson) Whitlock (M.about 1800) & census extracts Vermont 1820, 1830 Michigan 1840, 1850, 1860, 1870, 1880, 1900 from Pam Hallock
X0297 1 Letter from Cuma Scholfield Dd May 20, 1983 re William Whitlock of Sussex, Ontario d.1821
X0298 2 Letter from Cuma Scholfield Dd Feb.13,1984 re William & Mathilda (Delesdernier) Whitlock (M.1829)
X0299 1 Letter from Cuma Scholfield Dd Jun.29,1984 re Hezekiah & Hannah (Abbott) Whitlock (M.1770)
X0300 6 Extracts from 1825 Census Vaudreuil, Quebec, New York 1840, 1850; life chart of William Whitlock 1810-1864; Parish Registers, Quebec from Cuma Scholfield
X0301 2 Letter from Elizabeth Sewell Dd Jun.15,1984 re Solomon & Priscilla Whitlock of Penniake from Jerry Gower
X0302 1 Family Group Sheet of Solomon & Priscilla Whitlock (M.about 1790) from Jerry Gower
X0303 3 Extracts from "The Phyllis Court Story" re Bulstrode Whitlock from Betty Blanchflower
X0304 1 Query re Solomon & Mary (Horton) Whitlock (M.1815) of Connecticut & New Brunswick from Val Melanson
X0305 1 Whitlocks of Oklahoma; Whitlocks of Essex; Whitlocks of Rattlesden, Suffolk, from Val Melanson
X0306 1 Letter from Jean Cole Dd Oct.4,1984 re Devon wills 1578-1620
X0307 1 William Whitlock, shipowner of St. Andrews, New Brunswick from Bob Dahling
X0308 1 Archives of Canada, Henry Whitelock, Act.Paymaster 1780's; Thomas Whitlock 1784, William Whitlock 1785-1798 merchant bills of sale
X0309 1 T.S. Whitlock Jr., Teacher of Texas from Val Melanson
X0310 2 Family of John & Mary Whitlock of Caroline Co., Va. 1730? from Robert Harrison Whitlock II
X0311 1 Extract from 1861 Census, Dover, Kent, Eng. re Whitlocks of Essex & Yorkshire from Janis Kirby
X0312 2 Family of John A. Whitlock (1818-1899) of Virginia from Robert H. Whitlock
X0313 2 List of Whitlock entries for Cornwall, Eng. 1613-1970 from J.A. Whitelock
X0314 1 Misc Devon entries, Bideford, Great Torrington, Buckland Brewer from Sheila Pike
X0315 2 Letter from A.A.C.W.Brown Dd.Aug.17,1984 re William Whitlock Pitton, Wilts. Eng. Ann Whitlock b.1852 -M-1879 John Brown
X0316 1 Letter from Cuma Schofield Dd. Aug.14,1984 re Whitlocks of Quebec and Connecticutt
X0317 1 Letter from Jean Cole Dd Nov.3,1984 re Whitlocks of Barnstaple, Devon plus Devon wills 1629-1779
X0318 1 Extract re marriage Sep.24,1901 of George H. Whitlock & Ella Maude Truax of Saskatchewan, Canada from Val Melanson
X0319 1 Letter from Lottie Hill Dd Dec.6,1984 re marriage of Earle Hill Jun.9 and birth of Karen Amanda Immel May 31 plus birth of Dwaine Archie Howe Oct.2,1984
X0320 1 Extracts re marriage of Charles Whitlock and Mary Ann Foote Dec.28,1864 at Stamford, Maryland from Marion Ehrhart
X0321 1 Family chart of Zalmon Taylor(1768-1839) and Hannah Whitlock (1773-1854) d.of Hezekiah & Amy Whitlock from Marion Ehrhart
X0322 1 Card from Bill and Wilma Whitelock re births of Kevin William Whitelock Jul.10 & Shannon Elizabeth Devonport
X0323 1 Card from Ross & Jill Whitlock re death of Ella Christine (Brain) Whitlock Nov.17,1984
X0324 1 Card from Noreen & Rex Whitlock re birth of Michelle Diane Whitlock May 17, 1983
X0325 1 Card from Vera & John Whitelock re birth of Amy Louise Whitlock Oct.30,1983 at Warrington G.H., Cheshire, Eng.
X0326 5 1871 census Simcoe Co., Ontario: Prince's Worthies of Devon: 1861 census Essex, Saffron Walden: 1841 census Sidmouth, Devon: 1871 census Petrockstow, Langtree, Great Torrington, Frithelstock, Wear Gifford, Devon: 1871 census Birmingham: 1841 census Stoke
X0327 1 Heart of Texas, Bosque Co. Poll tax 1932: Root Cellar Preserves re William Henry H. Whitlock from Val Melanson
X0328 1 Mesquite Tree re jurors 1927 - A.E. Whitlock from Val Melanson
X0329 2 1851 census Silverstone, Northampton extracts from Paul Whitlock
X0330 2 Letter from Paul Whitlock Dd.Jan.1985 re Fred Whitlock & Rosetta Skuce
X0331 3 Addtions and corrections to the Whitlocks of Virginia from Beth Pratt
X0332 1 Note from Peggy Cohoe re birth of James William Cohoe Feb.3,1984 plus Stanley Whitlock Redcliffe -M- Alice Nicholson
X0333 3 Detail of Cornwall Parish Register entries and Whitelock family Bible from Jim Whitelock
X0334 11 Catalogue of Devon entries from 1274 to 1927 from Jim Whitelock
X0335 4 Index of letters and documents re: Dr.John M. Whitlock, killed Nov.5,1862, from Victor Dodier
X0336 5 Extract from St.Louis Democrat, Dec.5,1862 re: death of Dr.J.M.Whitlock from Victor Dodier
X0337 4 Copy of testimony re death of Dr.J.M.Whitlock at Fort Stanton, NM from Victor Dodier
X0338 2 Descent from John & Sarah (Wilburn) Whitlock to John & Nancy(Bartlett)Massey from Gayle Blankenship
X0339 1 Letter from Robert H. Whitlock Dd.Feb.1985 re: death of Robert Harrison Whitlock Feb.17,1913
X0340 1 Letter from Lucy W. Atkins Dd. Jan.25,1985 re: Nancy Reagan's Whitlock ancestors of Peterburg, Va.
X0341 1 Letter from Lottie Hill Dd.Jan.28,1985 re: marriage of Earle Hill & Dorothy Clark
X0342 1 Letter from Iola Ebendorf Dd.Feb.10,1984(5?) re: Samuel Seaburg Whitlock and Mary P. Kelsey
X0343 12 List of comments, corrections, addtions to Whitlocksof Virginia chart from Beth Pratt
X0344 2 Theories re: George Whitlock as son of William & Nancy (Gunter) Whitlock from Lucy W. Atkins
X0345 2 Letter from Ted Whitlock Dd. Feb 12,1985 re: Thomas & Jane (Smith) Whitlock (M1819) of Chelsea, London
X0346 2 Family group sheets for William Logan Whitlock (1849 -1887) and William Richard Whitlock (1883-1968)from Arvilla Heard Corey
X0347 1 Descent from Nathanial Whitlock of Nottingham to Andrew Henson Whitlock of Australia from A. Whitlock
X0348 17 Family update Newsletter re family of Walter & Ferne (Purcell) Whitlock of Dix, Illinois compiled by Steve Whitlock 1983 from Margay Whitlock
X0349 4 Descent from John & Sarah (Wilburn) Whitlock to William & Mary (Bartlett) Appleby from James Howse
X0350 1 Queries re: Franklin P. Whitlock b.1853 TN & Robert W. Whitlock d.1876 Montgomery KS from Val Melanson
X0351 4 Two letters to Elmo Ashton from Catherine Johnson Aug.16,1968 & Oct.17,1968 re: family of Jesse Whitlock of Langtree, Devon, P.E.I. and Toronto
X0352 2 Letter from Charles W. Rockett Dd. Jan.5,1985 re: Pennsylvania tax and muster rolls 1770-1790
X0353 3 Castleton, VT, church, cemetery and deed extracts from Iola Ebendorf
X0354 2 Copy of letter Dd. Mar.26,1985 from Robert Patterson to Iola Ebendorf re: several John Whitlocks of Castleton, VT
X0355 1 Copy of letter Dd. Mar.26,1985 from Robert Patterson to Rev.James Lindsley re John Whitlock, founder of the parish in 1780's from Iola Ebendorf
X0356 4 Family group sheets with descent from Samuel Seabury Whitlock to Frederick Ebendorf from Iola Ebendorf
X0357 8 Descent from John Whitlock (d.1659) from Jacobus and Henry Whitlock Bible from Iola Ebendorf
X0358 2 Letter from Iola Ebendorf Dd Apr.1,1985 re family of Samuel Seaburg Whitlock
X0359 1 Perth Co. Ontario re deaths recorded in the 1871 Census re Mary Whitlock, age 2, from Val Melanson
X0360 1 Letter from Joyce Couch Dd Apr.12,1985 re Franklin Pierce & Martha Jane (Bloodworth) Whitlock (M1878)
X0361 7 Family group sheets with descent from Braxton Whitlock to Ernest Davidson from Ernest R. Davidson
X0362 1 Extract from 1850 census Augusta Co., VA re William & Nancy (Gunter) Whitlock from Ernest R. Davidson
X0363 1 Copy of letter Dd Mar.13,1973 from Katherine Bushman to Mr. Davidson re marriage of Braxton Whitlock and Sarah Taliaferro Jul.25,1853 at Stanton, VA
X0364 2 Augusta Co., VA marriages 1797-1859, Minnick family deeds, Augusta Co. Deaths 1853, from Ernest Davidson
X0365 2 Letter from Sammie Gray re: Taliaferro family
X0366 1 Louisa Co., VA marriages 1793-1797
X0367 1 Letter Dd Apr.1977 from June Lutz to Ernest Davidson re:Solomon & Rosana (Whitlock) Schrodes (M1824)
X0368 2 Letter Dd Nov.30,1981 from Beth Pratt to Ernest Davidson re: Whitlocks of Louisa Co. VA
X0369 1 Pedigree chart with descent from George W. Whitlock to Geo. H. Pratt compiled Nov.30,1981 by Beth Pratt
X0370 3 Letter Dd Feb.15,1982 from Beth Pratt to Ernest Davidson showing descent from William M. Whitlock (361-370 all received from Ernest R. Davidson)
X0371 1 Letter Dd Apr.10,1985 from Marilyn Michaels re:Henry R. & Diana (Whitelock) Michaels & Garrett Whitelock
X0372 2 Extracts from Watkins 1855 Directory of London & Holy Cross, Canterbury, Kent Bishop's Transcripts 1724-1762 from Janis Kirby
X0373 1 Extracts from Watford, Herts. Parish Register 1716- 1796 from Joan Lehman
X0374 2 Letter from Shirley Ohlemeier Dd Apr.15,1985 re: Jennie Lind Whitlock of Ripley Co., Missouri. 1860 & 1870 census extracts Ripley Co., Missouri
X0375 6 Family group sheets with descent from William & Mary (Bartlett) Appleby (M1822) to James Franklin & Donna Sue (Howard) Howse (M1953) from James K. Howse
X0376 3 List of births and deaths in Kentucky 1930-1935, showing mother's name for births (no fathers) from Dora DeVaun
X0377 1 Family chart showing descent from John Whitlock (M pre 1814) of Tennessee to Glenn Francis Whitlock (M1930) from Ann Whitlock of Yucaipa, California
X0378 3 Catalogue of Somerset Whitlock extracts 1243-1870 from Jim Whitelock of Plymouth, England
X0379 1 Northern California Bounty Land Grantees 1847-1855 re Charles & Ephraim Whitlock from Chuck Rockett
X0380 1 Extract from Lost in Canada Vol.4:1 re Capt John Whitlock of Queen's Rangers. From Tony Lavin
X0381 1 Extract from 1881 census, Eastry, Kent, England re: Eli Whitlock of Soho from Allison Watts
X0382 1 Root Cellar Vol.7:3 re queries about Hannah (Whitlock) Baldwin & Whitelocks of Durham from Val Melanson
X0383 1 Number of Whitlocks listed in 1790 U.S. census by state from Val Melanson
X0384 1 Devon FHS 1851 census surname index for Stoke Damerel and St.Andrews, Plymouth from Val Melanson
X0385 1 Legal description of 631 Rochester, Coquitlam, B.C. home of Tom Whitlock 1928-1936/7? from Gene Round
X0386 1 Notes over phone from Lottie Hill re birth of Becky Ann Zurloff Mar.18,1985 & marriage of Sharon & Dave Howe Aug.10,1985
X0387 1 St.Thomas, Oxford, Eng. Census extract re Thomas & Ann Whitlock from Violet Grant
X0388 2 Printout of descendants of Zalmon Taylor and Hannah Whitlock from Marion Ehrhart
X0389 1 Hoosier Genealogist Vol.25:2 re R.E. Whitlock U.S. Deputy Marshall in Indiana 1891 from Val. Melanson
X0390 2 Descendants of John & Elizabeth (Barker) Whitelocke (M1599) of Rainton, North Yorkshire from R.J.Skinner
X0391 2 1850/60/70 census Williamson Co., Illinois re Jerry Whitlock and George Whitlock from Elaine Radosevic
X0392 1 List of Whitlocks shown on Tithe Apportionment Lists and Maps for Langtree area, Devon, England
X0393 1 List of Devon Wills and Administrations 1565-1837
X0394 1 Feoffment in Trust 1639 re John Whitlock of Warkleigh, Devon, England
X0395 1 Mortgage by Lease 1732 Putford, West, Devon re: John Whitlock of Woolfardisworthy, Gent
X0396 1 Indenture fo Fines 1711, Bodmin, Cornwall, England Re: Philip Whitlock of Lyons Inn, Middlesex, Gent
X0397 1 Miscellaneous Devon extracts 1308-1927 (X392-397 from Jim Whitelock of Plymouth, England)
X0398 5 Cemeteries of Fulton County, N.Y. from C. Rockett
X0399 #27
X0399 Historical Miscellany Stillwell pg 411 Miscellaneous notes