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X3743 1 Email from Marie Howard Dd Oct.19,2000 re slave "Peggy" later Margaret Whitlock mentioned in John Whitlock’s will of Aug.27,1833 Surry Co., NC
X3744 1 Email from Marten Clarke Dd Oct.19,2000 re Oliver & Mary (Whitlock) Padwick (M1847) East Dean, HAM Mary d Isaac & Dinah (Moody) Whitlock (M1817) East Dean, HAM
X3745 1 Email from Rita F. Silva Dd Oct.22,2000 re James Plaska & Mary Ann (Condrey)(Douglas) Whitlock (M1883) Clark Co., Ar
X3746 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Oct.24,2000 re 1976 obit of Rev.Jess William Whitlock, 68, Pocahontas, Randolf Co., Ar
X3747 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Oct.24,2000 re Mark & Sally Ray (Whitlock) Rogers (M1849) Pottawattamie Co., Ia Sally Ray d Andrew Hiram & Hannah Cothen Caroline (Allred) Whitlock (M1827) Bedford Co., Tn
X3748 3 Email from Claudette H. Duncan Dd Oct.25,2000 re James & Temperance (Whitlock) Bartlett (M1779) Halifax Co., Va Temperance d Thomas & Elizabeth (Dupree) Whitlock (M1748) Lunenburg, Va
X3749 1 Email from Kay Hines Dd Oct.25,2000 re Mildred Whitlock sister to William Asa Whitlock (1795-1876) of SC, Al & Ms
X3750 2 Email from Kay Hines Dd Oct.26,2000 re descent from Thomas & Sara Jane (Whitlock) James (M1860's?) of Choctaw Co., Al Sara Jane d William Asa & Nancy (Todd) Whitlock (M1827's)
X3751 1 Email from Don Guehrn Dd Oct.26,2000 re descent from Elias & Mary (Stoneman) Whitlock (M1821) Langtree, DEV & Cuyahoga Co., Oh
X3752 2 Email from Denise Prince Wilson Dd Oct.26,2000 re Colbert Co., Al land deed re family of Charles Monroe & Nancy Elizabeth (Gargis) Whitlock (M1871)
X3753 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Oct.28,2000 Brooklyn, NY Daily Standard May 1888, obit of Bessie d Edgar & Prudence E. Whitlock died May 25,1888
X3754 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Oct.29,2000 re Reuben Whitlock, Ensign, Commissioned Officer, 2nd Va ST, 5th Divison, 1st Va Brigade, Lewis Co. Dec.1777-June 1778
X3755 2 Email from Carol Archer Dd Oct.29,2000 re updates to descendants of Charles George & Sarah Jane (Allen?) (Stephenson) Whitlock (M1852) Penniac, NB
X3756 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Oct.30,2000 re Silver Bow Co., Mt re Susan Jo Beckemeyer Whitlock & daughter, Andrea K. Whitlock
X3757 1 Email from Edward Whitlock Dd Oct.31,2000 re Joseph & Hannah (Whitlock) Baldwin (M1636) HighWycombe, BKM Also Whitlock connection to Dalzeil tartan.
X3758 1 Email from Carolyn Murray Dd Nov.3,2000 re Charles S. & Margaret Almira Ann (Davison) Whitlock (Mpre1886) of Mo
X3759 1 Email from Denise Evett Dd Nov.3,2000 re William Henry Harrison & Mary (Ballard) Whitlock (M1860's) of Anderson Co., SC
X3760 1 Rootsweb from Ann Hartney Dd Nov.4,2000 re Joseph H. & Lizzie (??)(Severs) Whitlock (M1900) Durango, LaPlata Co., Co
X3761 1 Email from Anne Picketts Dd Nov.9,2000 re Thomas & Maria (??) (Whitlock) Picketts (M1850's) of Leckhampstead., BKM. Maria had a son William Whitlock.
X3762 1 Rootsweb from Susan Easton Dd Nov.9,2000 re Arthur & Sarah Ivy (Whitlock) Easton (M1924) Winnipeg, Mb Sarah Ivy Emily d William Frederick & Mabel (Covill) Whitlock (M1901) Glen Adelaide, Sas
X3763 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Nov.11,2000 re Deed Dd 13 Dec.1796 between John Whitlock of Oglethorpe Co. & John Claiborne Sr. of Warren Co. [Ga]
X3764 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Nov.13,2000 re ?? & Latha D. (Lilly) Whitlock (M1910's) of Summers Co., Wva
X3765 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Nov.14,2000 Obit of Jewell L. Whitlock, 90 of Wister, Ar died Nov.12,2000 Widow of Roy F. Whitlock (1906-1972)
X3766 1 Rootsweb from Debby Bliss Dd Nov.14,2000 re Henry A. & Magdaline (Bowman) (Hoback) Whitlock (M1854) Floyd Co., Va
X3767 2 Email from Kay Hines Dd Nov.10,2000 re Thomas W. & Sara Jane (Whitlock) James (M1860's) of Ms Sara Jane d Asa William & Nancy (Todd) Whitlock (M1820's) of SC & Ms
X3768 1 Rootsweb from Carlisle Bowling Dd Nov.2,2000 re Asa Tate & Elizabeth A. (Sumpter) Whitlock (M1854) Floyd Co., Va
X3769 1 Letter from Betty Jane (Whitlock) Adams Dd Nov.20,2000 re death of brother Robert Nolen Whitlock Nov.17,2000 in Puerto Rico
X3770 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Nov.16,2000 re James Agee & Mary Ann (Jones) Garrett (M1841) Green Co., Ky James Agee gs Thomas & Rebecca (Radford) Whitlock (M1790's) of Va & Ky
X3771 1 Email from Rose Rhodes Dd Nov.17,2000 re descent from Tandy & Susan Catherine (Kent) Whitlock (M1822) Augusta Co., Va
X3772 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Nov.17,2000 re Steven A. (Howell?) & (??) (Pitman) Whitlock (M1830/40's) of Butler Co., Oh
X3773 3 Emails from Faith McKnight Dd Nov.29,2000 re descent from Valentine (Albert) & Lucy (Long) Whitlock (M1823) thru son Richard Nicholas & Mary Elizabeth (Tudor) Whitlock (M1849) Richmond, Madison Co., Ky
X3774 3 Emails from Maureen Baxter Dd Nov.30, & Dec.2,2000 re John Paul & Sarah (Mott) Whitelocke (M1834) St.Dunstan, Stepney, London
X3775 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Nov.15, 2000 re James Wesley & Bertha Lowe (Whitlock) Hubbard (M1931) of Harrisburg, Il Bertha Lowe d Thomas Edward & Ida May (Glascock) Whitlock (M1888) Saline Co., Il
X3776 11 520 Whit(e)lock obituaries or mentioning Whitlocks 1995-2000 from from Lawrence Otis
X3777 64 Research into the family of Aaron Couch Whitlock (1787-1849) of Fulton & Saratoga Counties., NY incl Couch, Putman and Rathbun families, census records, War of 1812 records, cemetery records from James E. Wilson
X3778 136 GEDCOM file descent from Elias & Mary (Stoneman) Whitlock (M1821) Langtree, Devon from Don Guehrn
X3779 16 GEDCOM file descent from John Whitlock (1679-1761) of Shutlanger, NTH from Iris Welford
X3780 25 Research into the Whitlocks of NB from Brian Hallett
X3781 1 Email from Bob Dickey Dd Dec.21,2000 re John & Libby (Paul) Whitlock (M1835) of Yadkin Co., NC
X3782 1 Email from Faith McKnight Dd Dec.23,2000 re descent from Valentine & Lucy (Long) Whitlock (M1823) Louisa Co., Va
X3783 37 Email from Mary Harkness Dd Dec.26,2000 re descent from John & Sarah (Giddings) Whitlock (M1821?)SC
X3784 16 Family group sheets and chart with descent from John Whitlock (d.1659) of Ct from Jane McGowan Preston
X3785 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Jan.2,2001 re obit of William Owen Whitlock 66 of Syracuse, Oh died Dec.19,1997 William Owen Whitlock grandson of Giles Lemuel & Rosa Belle (Friley) Whitlock of Wva
X3786 2 Immigration to Oregon 1850 re William Thomas Whitlock from Chuck Rockett
X3787 2 Nathional Defence Biographies re Lt.Col.Ross E. Wuerth from Helen Wuerth
X3788 1 Email from Carol Stewart Dd Nov.30,2000 re updates to the W09 chart descendants of William Henry & Rachael Almeida (Whitlock )Stewart (M1880's)
X3789 1 Email from Ken Thompson Dd Dec.1,2000 re Raymond & Emelia (Bishop) Whitlock (M1900's) of Jersey City, NJ
X3790 1 Email from Iris Welford Dd Dec.1,2000 re Edwin & Avery Ann (Elliott) Whitlock (M1868) Milton Malsor, NTH & Woodford Co., Il & San Luis Obispo, Ca
X3791 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Dec.3,2000 re Lewis Hamilton & Nancy Snyder (Whitlock) Ballard (M1879) Greene Co.,Il Nancy Snyder Whitlock d.Robert C. & Milly (Portwood) Whitlock (M1845)
X3792 1 Email from Dianne Sutton Dd Dec.5,2000 re updates to the W42 chart. Death of Alec Whitlock Sep.23,2000 Milton Keynes, BKM
X3793 1 Rootsweb from Powanda John Dd Dec.4,2000 re descent from Warren & Amanda (Reynolds) Whitlock (M1828) Whitlockville, Westchester Co., NY
X3794 1 Email from Teresa Cunningham Dd Dec.6,2000 re Charles E. & Magdelena (Crobac) Whitlock (M1944/5?) Vienna, Austria
X3795 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Dec.6,2000 re Anderson & Sally (Whitlock) Crawley (M1818) Warren Co., Ky
X3796 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Dec.6,2000 re James & Mourning (Whitlock) Medley (M1780's) of Halifax Co., Va
X3797 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Dec.8,2000 re Adair Co., Ky marriages
X3798 2 Rootsweb & email from Sandee NatowichDd Dec.9,2000 & Feb.18,2001 re Daniel & Emily (Whitlock) LaRoche of Merritt Island, Fl
X3799 1 Rootsweb from Rebecca Whitlock-Lang Dd Dec.9,2000 re John N. & Hanna (Burket) Whitlock (M1821) Augusta Co., Va
X3800 1 Emails from Becky Quinn Dd Dec.11,12,2000 re Thomas Jefferson & Elizabeth Ann (Montgomery) Whitlock (M1830's) of Greene Co., Mo
X3801 1 Rootsweb from Helen L. Kinsey Dd Dec.11,2000 re James & Sarah (Whitlock) Olmstead (M1775) Wilton, Ct Sarah Whitlock d Daniel & Mary (Morehouse)(Hilton) Whitlock (M1746) Fairfield, Ct
X3802 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Dec.13,2000 re John & Martha (Baldwin) Hawks (M1667) Hadley, Ma Martha d. Joseph & Hannah (Whitlock) Baldwin (M1636) High Wycombe, BKM
X3803 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Dec.14,2000 re Charles E. & Helen R. (Whitlock) Cox (M1953) St.Joseph, In
X3804 5 Emails from Bob Dickey Dd Dec.15,16,2000 & Feb.18,2001 re John Whitlock (1797?-1864?) of Yadkin Co., NC
X3805 4 Emails from Hugh Ainsley Dd Dec.17,2000 & Feb.19,2001 re George & Mary Whitlock (M1840?s) of Chelsea, LND Robert Whitlock b.1878 living with George & Mary Whitlock (1881)
X3806 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Dec.17,2000 re Grandison & Mary C. (Whitlock) Sharp (M1868) Tipton Co., Tn & Little Rock, Ar
X3807 2 Rootsweb from Linda J. Pointer Dd Dec.18,2000 re Indenture Dd May 11,(no year) between Jeptha Hollingsworth and Ann his wife of Union Co., SC & William Whitlock, 200 pounds sterling re land on Browns Creek & Broad River granted to Jeptha Hollingsworth 178
X3808 1 Rootsweb from Jim Wheat Dd Dec.18,2000 re William R. & Julia Ann (Whitlock) Turner (M1829) Campbell Co., Ga
X3809 3 Dd Dec.19,2000 re West Whitlock Recreation Area, Gettyburg, South Dakota Park named for Agnes B. (Nicol) Whitlock. Ferry crossing and settlement known as Whitlock Crossing.
X3810 3 DDDd Dec.19,2000 re log cabins in the Smoky Mountains, Gatlinburg, Tn
X3811 1 Dd Dec.19,2000 re Whitlock 1,978th most popular surname in the US. Whitlock, Henry Co., Tn & Whitlock, Louisa Co., Va
X3812 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Jan.2,2001 re marriage of John Boles & Elizabeth Whitlock 13 Aug.1856 Davie Co., NC
X3813 1 Email from Janet Ferris Dd Jan.2,2001 re obit of James R. Whitlock, 68 died 7 May 1932
X3814 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Jan.3,2001 re E.J. Whitlock, Pres. Board of Education, Office Red Hook, bet. Fulton & Livingston, NY
X3815 2 1891 Census, BKM from Dianne Sutton
X3816 71 GEDCOM file descent from Thomas & Jane (Norton) Whitlock (M1820's) of Cattaraugus Co., NY from Ginni Morey
X3817 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Jan.4,2001 re Daniel Whitlock of Richmond, Va groomsman at wedding of Alexander H. & Blanche V. (Wasserman) Meyer Jan.2,1890
X3818 1 Rootsweb from Chuck Rockett Dd Jan.4,2001 re William P. Whitlock family bible 1902, Nauvoo, Al
X3819 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Jan.5,2001 re Ship Columbus, New York to San Francisco, Ca Feb.12,1850 to Jun.6,1850 re W.D. Whitlock
X3820 1 Letter from Patricia Whitlock re death of Jean Elsie Whitlock Dec.4,2000 Cohuna, Australia
X3821 1 Rootsweb from Mary Conner Williams Dd Jan.5,2001 to Fred L. Williams re Will & Nancy (Whitlock) Williams. Whitlocks of Giles Co., Va
X3822 1 Rootsweb from Robin Potter Dd Jan.6,2001 Bowmanville [Ont] Observer Sep.12,1883 re marriage Rev. Francis Metherall Whitlock & Annie M. Beacham Sep.5,1883 Mariposa, Ont
X3823 2 GenForum & email from Ollie Clarke Dd Jan.7 & Feb.1,2001 re John M. & Winney C. (Mason) Whitlock (M1853) of Caroline Co., Va
X3824 1 Rootsweb from Chuck Rockett Dd Jan.7,2001 re John & Eliza (Covington) Whitlock (M1824) Warren Co., Ky
X3825 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Jan.7,2001 re John & Lydia (Keenon) Whitlock (M1824) Warren Co., Ky
X3826 1 Rootsweb from David Emerson Dd Jan.7,2001 re Robert & Amanda J. (Whitlock) Guthrie (M1845) Henry Co., Tn
X3827 1 Rootsweb from Clarence Parker Dd Jan.8,2001 re F.M. & Elizabeth "Lottie" (Theis)(Grant) Whitlock. Elizabeth, the original P.T. Barnum Fat Lady. Had a son P.T. Barnum Whitlock
X3828 2 Rootsweb Dd Jan.8, 2001 & Email Dd Jan.9,2001 from John Kunkel re John Albert & Anna Cordelia (Stebbins) Whitlock (M1862) Perrysburg, Oh Anna Cordelia d Solomon Alden & Rachel Marie (Lincoln) Stebbins
X3829 3 Descendants of James & Mary (Whitlock) Whitlock (M1740's) of Pitton, Wilts by Quintin White from Muriel Allen
X3830 3 Descendants of John & Sarah Whitlock (M1660's) of Pitton, Wilts with connection to WHITLOCK67 chart, the Whitlocks of Essex from Muriel Allen
X3831 1 Rootsweb from James S. Laney Dd Jan.8,2001 re J.W. & Gillie (Mayfield) Whitlock (M1920)
X3832 4 GenForum & email from Susan Pratt Dd Jan.11 & Feb.1,2001 re William Joseph & Annie W. (Alexander) Whitlock (M1893) of Frederick Co., Va
X3833 1 Email from Karen Davis Dd Jan.11,2001 re descent from James & Betsey Whitlock (M1790-1810's) of Va & SC
X3834 1 Rootsweb from White Dd Jan.11,2001 re sale of land from Robert & Agnes (Alford) Whitlock of Halifax Co., Va to Frederick Talley Nov.15,1770
X3835 5 Emails from Dave Neller Dd Jan.11& 29,2001 re Harry & Ellen Louise (Goodchild) Whitlock (M1906) Long Sutton, Ham Harry age 23 s George Whitlock
X3836 2 Email from Quintin White Dd Jan.12,2001 re George & Damaris (Whitlock) Collins (M1846) Farley, Wilts Damaris d John & Miriam (William) Whitlock (M1810) Pitton, Wilts
X3837 1 Rootsweb from Doris Bramlett Dd Jan.14,2001 re descent from William & Mary (Whitlock) Jones (M1760) SC
X3838 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Jan.14,2001 re John & Cornelia (Whitlock) Clifford (M1880's) of NY & NJ
X3839 1 Letter from Muriel I. Gillman Dd Jan.13,2001 update to Main Line of Richard & Ellen (Boon) Whitlock (M1857) Oxf
X3840 1 Email from Sandi Lee Craig Dd Jan.15,2001 re Benson Jones & Rebecca (Whitlock) Grant
X3841 2 Louisa Co., Va Will Books 1743-1801 from Donald Strebel
X3842 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Jan.16,2001 The [Clarkesville, Tn] Leaf-Chronicle, Jan.14,2001 obit of Celeste Walker Whitlock, 69, Hopkinsville, Ky died Jan.11,2001
X3843 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Jan.16,2001 Russian River Flag, Healdsburg Ca re birth Dec.13,1875 of son to wife of James Whitlock
X3844 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Jan.16,2001 re Walter H.F. & Elsie R. (Whitlock) Neary (M1913) NSW
X3845 1 Email from Beatrix Spurling Dd Jan.16,2001 re C.G. Whitlock Process Co. Box 259, Springfield, Il 62705
X3846 48 Descent from James Buckcana & Ida Elizabeth (Whitlock) Whitlock (M1896) Jersey Co., Il from Bobbie Hanneken
X3847 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Jan.17,2001 re Cornelius & Hannah (Baxter) Stevenson (M1826) of NY & Pa Hannah d John & Dorcas (Whitlock) Baxter (M1787) Ridgefield, Ct
X3848 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Jan.17,2001 Toronto [Ont] Star obit Bernice (Whitlock) Young 2000-9-7
X3849 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Jan.17,2001 Brooklyn [NY] Standard Union Jan.10,1894 obit of Sadie Whitlock wife of Isaac Reed Birch
X3850 1 Email from Maisie Whitelock Dd Jan.18,2001 re birth of grandaughter Holly Mai Whitelock Jan.16,2001
X3851 1 Email from Cindy Dd Jan.18,2001 re Zalmon Edward & Adrea (Whitlock) Peck (M1810's) of Ct & In
X3852 1 GenForum from Kim Fehn Dd Jan.19,2001 re mother Betty Virginia Whitlock born Philadelphia, Pa
X3853 1 GenForum from Rickey Crandall Dd Jan.19,2001 re Samuel Whitlock died Garland, Tx about 1877
X3854 1 Email from Monica Lawrence Dd Jan.20,2001 re Matthew & "Widow" (Whitlock) Samson (M1649) Throwley, Kent
X3855 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Jan.20,2001 re Arthur G. & Effie (Whitlock) Birdwell (M1899) Logan Co., Ky
X3856 3 Email from Kate Micco Dd Jan.21,2001 re children of John Whitlock & Mary (McQueen) Baxter (M1814) Mayfield, Ma
X3857 1 GenForum from Rodger Whitlock Dd Jan.22,2001 re William G. Whitlock (1880?-1949) of Ridgeway, SC
X3858 2 Email from Brenda Pflaum Dd Jan.24,2001 re Samuel & Parthenia (Bowles) Whitlock (M1829) Surry Co., NC
X3859 5 Updates to the WHITLOCK27 chart by Delores Bellamy from Jessie Turner
X3860 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Jan.25,2001 re John & Martha (O’Hara) Whitlock (M1842) Toronto, Ont
X3861 2 Email from Becky Quinn Dd Jan.25,2001 re William & Dora (Dearen) Whitlock of McAlister, Ok
X3862 1 Email from Powanda John Dd Jan.25,2001 re James E. & Rachel Lavinia (Whitlock) Sniffen (M1866) of NY
X3863 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Jan.26,2001 Surry Co. NC deed book "F" Sep.15,1789 John Childress and wife Nancy to David Dalton, Rockingham Co., NC, Witness Thomas Whitlock
X3864 1 Email from Faith McKnight Dd Jan.27,2001 re William Albert & Ophelia (Azbill) (McBee) Whitlock (M1920's) of Ky?
X3865 1 Email from John Titterton Dd Jan.31,2001 re William & Mary Ann (Whitlock) Titterton (M1840-50's) of Aston, Birmingham, WAR
X3866 1 GenForum from Martin Whitlock Dd Jan.28,2001 re John David Wilson & Dorothy Grace (Haynes) Whitlock (M1921) Cambridge, CAM
X3867 2 Rootsweb from Trevor Hancock Dd Jan.28,2001 re Frank Henry & Louisa (Whitlock) Hancock (M1880's) of Frome, SOM
X3868 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Jan.28,2001 Will of William W. Duesler Dd Nov.7,1891 re John P. & Elizabeth (Nellis) Whitlock (M1870's) of Ephratah, Fulton Co., NY
X3869 2 Rootsweb from Margaret Shelton Dd Jan.28,2001 Shelton family of NC re Charles & Esther Whitlock (M1770's) of Stokes Co.,NC
X3870 2 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Jan.29,2001 Sapulpa [Ok] Herald, Creek Co. obit of Monique Ruth (McCall) Whitlock died Jul.20,1992 Turley, Ok b.Jun.5,1935 Sapulpa
X3871 2 Emails from Chuck Rockett Dd Jan.30,& Sep.5,2001 re Daniel Thomas & Sarah Una (Whitlock) Blankenship (M1910-20?) of Roanoke, Va
X3872 2 Email from DelC Dd Jan.30,2001 re Thomas B. & Mary A. (Whitlock) Cochran (M1820's) of Washington, Blackford Co., In
X3873 1 Email from Patricia Staats Dd Jan.30,2001 re Richard S. & Alabama Clementine (Whitlock) Snyder (M1866) Springfield, Mo
X3874 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Jan.30,2001 re James & Catherine Anne (Whitlock) Longman (M1846) Toronto, Ont
X3875 1 Email from Ruby Price Dd Feb.1,2001 re Reuben & Sallie Jane (Whitlock) Howell (M1888) of Ga
X3876 1 Rootsweb from M.Hope Dd Feb.1,2001 re Thurza (Theresa?) Whitlock of Henry Co., Tn
X3877 1 Email from Biss13Biss Dd Feb.3,2001 Robert J. & Mary Ann (Whitlock) Taylor (M1838) of SC
X3878 1 Email from Agnes McFarlane Dd Feb.3,2001 re 1865 census deaths, Brooklyn, NY re Samuel L. Whitlock age 68, Sailmaker, died of consumption
X3879 4 Emails from Geoff Kent & Quintin White Dd Feb.3 & 13,2001 re descent from John & Phebe (Redman) Whitlock (M1757) Pitton, Wilts
X3879 1 Rootsweb from Karen Davis Dd Feb.4,2001 re James & Lula (Echols)(Manly) Whitlock (M1890's) of Sebastian Co., Ar
X3880 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Feb.10,2001 re Holmdel Community United Church of Christ Cemetery, Holmdel, NJ re Lt.John Whitlock (1733-1777) Lydia (Bowne) Whitlock (1737-1832) & Pamela Whitlock (1766-1844)
X3881 1 Email from Jean Dunlap Dd Feb.10,2001 re William Dunlap (1767-1834)
X3882 1 Email from Ruth Ann Edney Dd Feb.10,2001 re William & Dorothy (Rhodes) Whitelock (M1660's) of Ripon, YKS
X3883 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Feb.12,2001 re Henry & Eulalia (Bartram) Whitlock (M1800's) of Hartford, Ct & Jamaica, NY
X3884 1 Descendants of Edwin Whitlock (1845-1933) of NTH, Il & Ca from Iris Welford
X3885 1 Email from Shirley Edelstein Dd Feb.17,2001 re George Washington & Martha (Robertson) Whitlock (M1864) Cross Co., Ar
X3886 1 Email from Monica Lawrence Dd Feb.17, 2001 re Matthew & "Widow" (Whitlock) Samson (M1649) Throwley, Kent
X3887 1 Rootsweb from Julia Dd Feb.18,2001 re Joseph & Susannah Frances Elizabeth (??) Whitlock (M1860's) of Birmingham, War Joseph Whitlock jeweler & gem cutter.
X3888 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Feb.18,2001 Chickasaha Express-Star Feb.16,2001 obit of Louie Woodrow Walker 84, of Ninnekah, Ok b.Nov.4,1916 d.Feb.14,2001 married Juanita Whitlock Oct.10,1936
X3889 3 Rootsweb & email from Patty Szalay Dd Feb.18,22,2001 re Edmund Lee & Jennie H. (Whitlock) Street (M1878) St.Andrews, NB
X3890 1 Email from Mark Whitlock Dd Feb.19,2001 re Mason Daniel Whitlock b.Feb.16,2001 Alton, Madison Co, Il s Daniel Stephen & Amanda (Campbell) Whitlock
X3891 1 Rootsweb from Angie Dd Feb.19,2001 re Andrew & Nancy (Whitlock) McCartney (M1850's) of Richmond, In
X3892 1 Rootsweb from Rickey Crandall Dd Feb.19,2001 re Samuel Whitlock b.1843 LaPorte, In
X3893 1 Email from Elsie Whitelock Dd Feb.19,2001 re Willard Wilson & Elsie Whitlock (M1910's) of Kennebec, Frontenac Co., Ont
X3894 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Feb.20,2001 re Alfred Thomas & Gloria Loraine (Griffith) Whitlock (M1940's) of Bosque Co., Tx
X3895 25 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Feb.20,2001 re website addresses for 73 Union & 42 Confederate Civil War soldiers at
X3896 1 Email from Nona Oliver Dd Feb.20,2001 re George & Mary (Whitlock) Wickens (M1695?) of Stoke Bruerne, NTH
X3897 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Feb.22,2001 Roanoke Times, Va Feb.22,2001 obit of Roger Lee Whitlock, 28 of Check died Feb.18,2001 s Donny Dale Whitlock & Diane Whitlock Toluay gs Estella Yeatts Whitlock
X3898 1 Rootsweb from Alan Beauchamp Dd Feb.22,2001 re Whitlocks of Cogges, OXF
X3899 2 Rootsweb & Email from Rachel Fletcher Dd Feb.23,2001 re Elisha & Anne (Carter) Whitlock (M1696) Witney, OXF
X3900 1 Email from Norene Johnson Dd Feb.25,2001 re Robert & Laura (Whitlock) Monroe (M1880's?)
X3901 4 1895 U.S. Atlas re Whitlock, Henry Co., Tn website from Glen Whitlock
X3902 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Jan.2,2001 re S.A. & Lizzie (Bullock) Whitlock (M1888) Ar
X3903 1 Letter from James E. Wilson Dd Feb.10,2001 re death Jan.30,2001 of brother John David Wilson
X3904 6 Research into the Whitlocks of Ephratah, Fulton Co., NY from James E. Wilson
X3905 3 Whitlock & Associated families - Graves in Saratoga Co., NY from James E. Wilson
X3906 2 GenForum Dd Feb.5,2001 & email Dd Apr.20,2001 from Jim Fields re Braxton Gentry & Sarah Lovina (Taliaferro) Whitlock (M1853) Augusta Co., Va
X3907 1 GenForum from J.Reeves Dd Feb.10,2001 re Franklin Pierce & Martha Jane (Bloodworth) Whitlock (M1878) Choctaw Co., Al
X3908 1 GenForum from Greg Whitlock Dd Feb.13,2001 re John & Sarah (Parsons) Whitlock (M1788) Pitton/Farley, Wilts
X3909 1 GenForum from Ginny Simler Dd Feb.27,2001 re Robert M. & Lucinda Purvis (Schoolcraft)(Fields) Whitlock (M1866) Marion Co, Ky
X3910 4 GenForum Dd Feb.20,2001 and emails Dd Apr.20 & May 6,2001 from Robert Cruit re Tennessee Mathis Dean & Susan Matilda (Whitlock) Grimes (M1859) Tn ? Susan d Thomas K. & Dicey Elizabeth (Brogan) Whitlock
X3911 1 GenForum from Andrew J. Mahoney Dd Feb.27,2001 re Ladyipip Rosanah Whitlock b. May.18,1773 of Pa married John Roelof (Van) Voorhees
X3912 3 Email from Lorene Leach to Becky Quinn Dd Feb.28,2001 re Thomas Jefferson & Mary F. (Appleby) Whitlock (M1856) Green Co., Mo & Christina May (Whitlock) Payne
X3913 1 Rootsweb from Theresa to Kathye Dd Mar.1,2001 re William Bee & Minerva Isabel (Whitlock) Nunley (M1912) McGregor, McLennan Co., Tx Minerva Isabel d John & Minerva (Brown) Whitlock (M1840's) of Warren Co., Tn
X3914 1 Email from Cathy Drzewiecki Dd Mar.1,2001 re Mead family of Ct
X3915 3 Rootsweb from EW to Heather Harland Dd Mar.1,2001 re Thomas & Charlotte (Whitlock) Fry (M1848) of Pitton, Wilts
X3916 1 Email from Elly Whitlock Dd Mar.1,2001 re David Whitlock of Singapore
X3917 1 GenForum from Kenneth Pitts Dd Mar.3,2001 re Samuel & Sally (Whitlock) Madison (M1813) of Caroline Co., Va
X3918 1 Rootsweb from Linda Graham Dd Mar.3,2001 re Scott & Sarah Elizabeth (Perry) Whitlock (M1888) Onawa, Monana Co., Ia
X3919 8 Emails from Dolores Aldred Treadway Dd Mar.5,6,2001 re James E. & Barbara J. (Johnson) Whitlock (M1898) of Louisa Co., Va
X3920 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Mar.6,2001 re F.M. Whitlock of Burnet Co., Tx 1860
X3921 1 Rootsweb from Lisa Woodward Dd Mar.7,2001 re Sidney B. & Ida Mae (Gaige) Whitlock (M1880's) of Manhattan , NY
X3922 1 Email from Julie Howe Dd Mar.8,2001 re John & Sarah (Whitlock) Perry (M1825) Salisbury, Wilts
X3923 1 Email from Keith Allen Whitlock Dd Mar.8,2001 re descent from William Charles & Ethel May (Isley) Whitlock (M1928) of Vermillion, Alberta, Canada
X3924 1 Rootsweb from Judy Clark-Wick to Brenda Dd Mar.8,2001 re Tarlton & Winifred (Dunlap) Whitlock (M1811) Rockbridge, Va
X3925 1 Rootsweb from Nicole Day Dd Mar.9,2001 re David Oliver & Mary Ann Frances (Rhudy) Whitlock (M1873) Washington Co., Tn
X3926 2 Rootsweb & email from Ruby Price Dd Mar.9,11,2001 re Sallie Jane (Whitlock) Saunders (1859-1938) of Grayson Co., Tx
X3927 3 Rootswebs from Ray Goodwin Dd Mar 9,12 & May 14,2001 re Charles & Patsy (Wilson) Whitlock (M1811) Adair Co., Ky
X3928 1 Rootsweb from Clyde F. Hart Dd Mar.10,2001 re Alex A. Whitlock b.1850? of Joplin, Mo
X3929 1 Email from Mandy Pemberton Dd Mar.11,2001 re Mr. Whitlock, Rector of Monkton, SOMS, 1739
X3930 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Mar.12,2001 re conveyance from James Whitlock of Grainger Co., Tn 1799
X3931 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Mar.12,2001 re Harry & Della (Whitlock) Truit (M1872) San Francisco, Ca
X3932 1 GenForum from Robin Wolf Dd Mar.13,2001 re William? & Bernetta Whitlock (M1920's) of La
X3933 2 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Mar.13,2001 re Levi B. & Mary (Wood) Whitlock (M1855) of Winona Co., Mn; Descent from Alvin & Hannah (Keller) Ogdin (M1795) of Columbia, Meigs Co., Oh
X3934 2 Rootsweb Dd Mar.13,2001 & email Dd Apr.29,2001 from Peggy Corley re John & Melvina (Whitlock) Corley (M1860's?) of SC & Ga & Tx
X3935 1 GenForum from Ashley Whitlock Dd Mar.15,2001 re Daniel George Whitlock b.Oct.16,1957
X3936 2 GenForum Dd Mar.15,2001& email Dd Apr.30,2001 from Jimmie Denise Whitlock re James & Fannie Whitlock of Ga & Fl
X3937 1 The Hartford Courant obit re Elouise (Lux)(McDonald) Whitlock (Sep.23,1923-Mar.4,2001) of Chester, Ct widow of John L. Whitlock from Jane Preston
X3938 2 Rootsweb from Malinda James Dd Mar.15,2001 re Eldon Advertiser, Miller Co., Mo obit of Levi Quinter Whitlock died Mar.5,1951
X3939 1 Letter from Steve Whitlock Dd Mar.16,2001 re birth of son Benedict William Reece Whitlock Jul.26,2000 SOMS?
X3940 1 Rootsweb from Chris Bailey Dd Mar.21,2001 re Charles & Harriett (Whitlock) Wake (M1851) St.Georges, Hanover Square, LND
X3941 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Mar.21,2001 re Isaac & Harriet (Whitlock) Cowner (Conner?) (M1832) Meigs Co., Oh Harriet d Benjamin & Abiah (Higley) Whitlock (M1796) Danbury, Ct