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X3942 4 Emails from Chuck Rockett to Debbie Barrett & from Judy Wolf to Wayne Dd Mar.22,2001 re the Dupuy (Pew) family of New York
X3943 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Mar.23,2001 re H.B. & Retha (Amos) Whitlock (M1931) Bryan Co., OK
X3944 1 Email from Mimi Jennings Dd Mar.22,2001 re John & Nancy (Whitlock) Priddy (M1805) Stokes Co., NC Nancy d of Charles Whitlock
X3945 1 Email from Monra Hope re Leonard & Thurza (Whitlock) Puckett (M1831) of Henry Co., Tn
X3946 1 Email from Donald W. Price to Dolores Treadway Dd Mar.24,2001 re James E. & Barbara J. (Johnson) Whitlock (M1898) Louisa Co., Va
X3947 1 GenForum from Nancy Lee Dd Mar.27,2001 re Henry & Martha (Whatlock) Scott (M1594) Rattlesden, SFK
X3948 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Mar.28,2001 1827 & 1830 deeds re Ambrose & Elizabeth Whitlock (M1810's?) of Montgomery Co., In
X3949 1 Email from Dorothy Arnold Dd Mar.29,2001 re William Henry & Mary Mollie (Stephens) Whitlock (M1879) Marshall Co., Al
X3950 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Mar.29,2001 re William Whitlock black face minstrel 1842
X3951 1 Email from Joyce Taylor Collins Dd Mar.29,2001 obit of Mary M. Whitlock of Clay Co. died Jul.2,1995 Knott Co., Ky b.Jun.23,1916 Adair Co., Ky d Edward Sandidge & Martha Susan (Neagle)(Lee) Whitlock (M1906)
X3952 1 Email from B.Davis Dd Mar.29,2001 re John & Polly (Whitlock) FitzGerald (M1780's) of Staunton, Augusta Co., Va
X3953 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Apr.1,2001 Brooklyn [NY] Daily Standard Union Apr.16,1929 re marriage licence of Percy Guest 33 & Helen Whitlock 29
X3954 1 Email from Shirley Hiltz Dd Apr.3,2000 re Frederick & Glendora (Henderson) Whitlock (M1914) of PEI, NS & Des Moines, Ia
X3955 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Apr.5,2001 re John M. Whitlock, Presbyterian Minister 1896 NM
X3956 1 GenForum from Randy Picker Dd Apr.9,2001 re William H. & Mary Jane (Foster) Whitlock (M1870's?) of Al Mary Jane later married Joseph Brackeen
X3957 1 GenForum from Homer Dd Apr.13,2001 re Rayntold Whitlock military arms maker in NY in early 1800's
X3958 1 Email from Ivy Hatton Dd Apr.13,2001 re Whitlocks of Hackney, LND & ESS
X3959 1 Email from Kevin Whitlock Dd Apr.15,2001 re Whitlocks of East London
X3960 3 Emails from Ruth Ann Edney Dd Apr.15 & May 13,2001 re William & Dorothy (Rhodes) Whitelock (M1660) Hartwith, YKS
X3961 3 Emails from Rodger Whitlock Dd Apr.17 & May 14,2001 Fairfield Co., SC cemetery re Katherine Crumpton Whitlock (1850's-1942) & Fannie N. Whitlock (1890-1930)
X3962 1 Email from Bill Clark Dd Apr.17,2001 obit of George Granville Gills (1873-1951) of Green Co., Ky re Gurvis Whitlock
X3963 4 Descendants of Henry Hancock (1836-1927) of Edington, Wilts re Frank Henry & Louisa (Whitlock) Hancock (M1887) from Trevor Hancock
X3964 1 Obits of Henry Cudmore (1856-1908) & Harriet (Johns) Cudmore (1860-1955) of Wawota, Sas from Lawrence Otis
X3965 1 Family Group Sheet re Richard & Eliza (Whitlock) Johns (M1844) of Langtree, DEV & Usborne, Huron Co., Ont from Lawrence Otis
X3966 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Apr.20,2001 Rochester, Monroe Co., NY Guardian Feb.20,1907 "Two girls taken by children’s Society" re Jesse Whitlock
X3967 1 Rootsweb from Tom Johnson Dd Apr.20,2001 re Nehemiah & Electra (Whitlock) Grover (M1818) Gallia Co., Oh
X3968 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Apr.21,2001 re George C. & Mary D. (Whitlock) Mosely (M1835) Bedford Co., Va
X3969 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Apr.21,2001 obit of Evelyn Irene (Whitlock) Nelson, 82 b.1919? In d.Apr.12,2001 Fl
X3970 1 GenForum from Denise Evett Dd Apr.19,2001 re Harvey Duncan & Sarah A. (Kitchens) Whitlock (M1840) of Union Co., SC
X3971 1 GenForum from Richard Edgerton Dd Apr.21,2001 re Isaac A. & Aeltje (Whitlock) Selover (M1790's) of Auburn, NY Aeltje d. John & Eleanor (??)(Selover) Whitlock
X3972 4 GenForums from Reginald L. Vassar & Jon Collins Dd Apr.20,23,2001 re Josiah Whitlock 1730 of Prince Edward Co., Va
X3973 1 Email from Quintin White Dd Apr.23,2001 re Robert & Hannah (Yeats) Whitlock (M1734) Milston, Wilts
X3974 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Apr.23,2001 re Orange Whitlock (1813-1895) of Clinton Co., Mi
X3975 5 Online family tree of Otto David & Barbara Gayle (Nelson) Rogers (M1959) from Barbara Rogers
X3976 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Apr.24,2001 re Peter & Mary (Adams)(Golden)(Whitlock) Harris (M1805) Simpson Co., Ky
X3977 1 Rootsweb from Marnye Hogan Dd Apr.24,2001 re John & Sarah (Giddings) Whitlock (M1820's) SC
X3978 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Apr.25,2001 Brooklyn [NY] Daily Standard Union Oct.1923 "Police Appointments" re Robert L. Whitlock
X3979 1 Rootsweb from Linda Pendergrass Dd Apr.26,2001 re J.C. & Sarah Whitlock (M1820's) of NC & Al
X3980 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Apr.27,2001 SW Times, Fort Smith, Ar obit of Ella Lea (Whitlock) Jackson,80 died Apr.27,2001
X3981 1 Rootsweb from Jenny Cooper Dd Apr.27,2001 re Haines family of Alderbury, Wilts
X3982 2 Email from Dolores Treadway Dd Apr.28,2001 re family of James E. & Barbara Jane (Johnson) Whitlock (M1898) Louisa Co., Va
X3983 1 Email from Nicole Day Dd Apr.28,2001 re Jacob & Susan (Salmons) Whitlock (M1850's) of Washington Co., Tn
X3984 1 Email from Keith Whitlock Dd Apr.28,2001 re Whitlocks of Alberta updates to the WHITLOCK09 chart
X3985 2 Email from Ivy Hatton Dd Apr.29,2001 re Whitlocks of Hackney, LND & Beaconsfield, ESS Ivy sister to Anne Whitlock who ran Cheshire Cheese pub LND
X3986 1 Rootsweb from Dorothy Hosking Huntley Dd Apr.29,2001 re ?? & Janet (Whitlock) Ronne of Multnomah Co., Ore 1950's
X3987 1 Email from Debbie Barrett Dd Apr.30,2001 re descent from John & Susannah (Whitlock) Pew (M1690's) of NJ
X3988 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Apr.30,2001 re marriage of E.P.B. & Martha (Whitlock) Page (M1850's) McCracken Co., Ky
X3989 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Apr.30,2001 obit of Albertena Whitlock, 52 Feb.7,1939, Utica, Ne
X3990 2 Descent from Thomas & Charlotte (Whitlock) Fry (M1848) Pitton, Wilts from Heather Harland
X3991 1 Email from Chuck Rockett re Dr. Whitlock of Gotherington 1909
X3992 1 Rootsweb from Deb Christianson via Email from Ann Webb Dd May 3,2001 re William & Allice (Parrish) Whitlock (M1820) Adderbury, OXF
X3993 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd May 3,2001 obit of Ferne Margaret Whitlock, 85, Pocahontas, Ar born May 30,1915 Toledo, Oh died Apr.30,2001
X3994 5 Descendants of Meshech & Mary (Carter) Whitlock (M1802) Beckington, SOM from Eric Whitlock
X3995 2 Email from Howard Fuller Dd May 4,2001 re William & Allice (Parrish) Whitlock (M1820) Adderbury, OXF
X3996 5 Descent from James Whitlock (1650's-1716) of Va from Shirl McNeely
X3997 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd May 5,2001 obit of Geneva (Chappell) Whitlock, 26 died Jan.4,1950 wife of James Stephenson Whitlock of Lexington, Ky
X3998 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd May 5,2001 re Andrew J. Whitlock of Habersham Co.,Ga 1859
X3999 2 Emails from Tammy Johnson Dd May 5,6,2001 re Clifton William & Eva (Whitlock) Singleton (M1920's) Eva d George Washington & Matilda (Davis) Whitlock (M1890's) of Ar
X4000 1 Letter from Malcolm Wake Dd May 8,2001 re Charles & Harriett (Whitlock) Wake (M1851) St.Georges Hanover Square, LND
X4001 51 listing Dd May 1,2001 of books written by or about Whitlocks
X4002 2 Letter from Marilyn E. Thompson Dd Apr.6,2001 re Benjamin & Abiah (Higley) Whitlock (M1796) Danbury, Ct
X4003 2 Family Group Record re Benjamin & Abiah (Higley) Whitlock (M1796) Danbury, Ct 1850,1860,1870 census records Meigs Co., Oh from Marilyn E. Thompson
X4004 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd May 6,2001 re Dr.Charles Henry Whitlock (1867-1918) of Clifton Springs, NY s Charles Decator & Catherine (Knoth) Whitlock (M1866)
X4005 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd May 7,2001 re Thomas & Betty (Disbrow) Whitlock (M1793) Weston, Ct
X4006 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd May 10,2001 re John & Lucie (Whitlock) White (M1919) Walker Co., Ga
X4007 4 Emails from Shirley Hiltz Dd May 11,20,2001 re family of Frederick Arthur & Glendora (Henderson) Whitlock (M1914) of PEI, NS, DesMoines, Ia & Orlando, Fl
X4008 2 Emails from Ellen Miller Dd May 15,22,2001 re descent from Joseph & Frances (Whitlock) Brand (M1775) Hanover Co., Va
X4009 14 Descendants of William Asa Whitlock (1795?-1879) of SC from Dorothy Arnold
X4010 1 Rootsweb from Julie Wright Dd May 17,2001 re Thomas Lee & Louisa (Innes) Whitlock (M1856) Lambeth, SRY
X4011 2 Letter from Adrian Corder-Birch Dd May 17,2001 re Whitlocks of Yeldham, ESS
X4012 2 Rootsweb from William M. Hunt Dd May 18,2001 re James & Sarah (Whitlock) Hunt (M1720's) of Va
X4013 1 Email from Ginny Priestman Dd May 19,2001 re Whitlocks of Skelton, CUL
X4014 2 Email from John D. Sissom Dd May 20,2001 re Whitlocks of NW Warren Co., Tn
X4015 1 GenForum from Carrie Pfeiffer Dd May 22,2001 re Thomas Whitlock b.Apr.1728 of Va
X4016 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd May 24,2001 re Cumberland Co., Ky deed Peter & Alcy Simmerman to Thomas Whitlock 1821, (Thomas & Hannah (Phillips) Whitlock (M1770's))
X4017 1 Rootsweb from Bob Jessup Dd May 24,2001 re May Nettie Whitlock Jan.3,1872 invitation to a masquerade ball
X4018 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd May 24,2001 re Charles H. Whitlock (1829-1887) of Rochester, Vt
X4019 1 GenForum from Meico Whitlock Dd May 28,2001 re African-American ancestors of Heron Whitlock b.1911 of Monroe Co., Ga
X4020 1 GenForum from Thomas Glassel Dd May 30, 2001 re Joseph & Hannah (Whitlock) Baldwin (M1636) of BKM & Ma
X4021 1 Email from Anna Henry Dd May 25,2001 re James Henry & Mary Marie (Wilson) Whitlock (M1900's) of Mo
X4022 2 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd May 29,2001 Early Pomeroy history based upon Ohio Valley’s coal mining industry re Captain Whitlock 1821 Meigs Co., Oh
X4023 1 Email from Deb Christianson Dd May 29,2001 re Henry Whitlock age 1 and Catherine Whitlock age 1 shown on the 1850 census Susquehanna Co. Pa
X4024 1 GenForum from Steven C. Massey Dd Jun.3,2001 re painting by Ida Whitlock purchased in Norfolk, Va
X4025 1 Email from Jeanne Dd Jun.6,2001 re Russell & Betsey (Lincoln) Whitlock (M1830's) of Hubbardton, Vt
X4026 2 Family Group Sheets submitted by Carol Hayward re Charles Kimzey & Syble (Bowen) Whitlock (M1927) Tuckerman, Jackson Co., Ar
X4027 1 Kelly’s Directory 1925 re Miss Agnes Whitlock, 16 Mount Ephraim Lane. S. Streatham, Lnd from Marianne Whitlock
X4028 1 Marriages of John Clark & Mary Whitlock Dec.3,1809 & Edwin Whitlock & Eliz. Stroudley Oct.14,1877 Wolvercote, OXF from Marianne Whitlock
X4029 1 1872 Map LND re Whitelock & Mills, 103 Waterloo Road, Ironmonger from Marianne Whitlock
X4030 1 Kelly’s Directory, Kilburn/Willesden, LND 1912/13 from Marianne Whitlock
X4031 1 British Trials 1660-1900 re Lt.Gen.John Whitelocke from Marianne Whitlock
X4032 1 Feet of Fines 1423-1547 - Essex from Marianne Whitlock
X4033 2 Email from Richard P. Whitlock Dd Jun.9,2001 re Henry C. & Mary (Vincent) Whitlock (1800's) of Ct
X4034 3 Pedigree Charts descent from Henry & Anne (Couch) Whitlock (M1785) New Preston, Ct from Richard P. Whitlock
X4035 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Jun.8,2001 re marriage of Beasley Whitlock & Sarah Clements (Simonds?) Oct.22,1822 Morgan Co., Ga
X4036 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Jun.10,2001 re Joe Whitlock of Sonoma Co., Ca 1889
X4037 1 Email from Dot Hosking Huntley Dd Jun.11,2001 re Frank Lewis & Irene (Creed) Whitlock of Portland, Ore
X4038 1 Rootsweb from Dot Hosking Huntley Dd Jun.20,2001 re Walt & Irene Whitlock of Portland, Ore
X4039 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Jun.12,2001 re Warren Clarke & Fellie Pledger (Whitlock) Sanderlin (M1920's-1930's) of Mi
X4040 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Jun.12,2001 re George & Mary (McLaughlin) Whitlocke (M1823) Jefferson Co., Ky
X4041 1 Rootsweb from Theresa Y. Williamson Dd Jun.13,2001 re Stark H. & Hanna (Calvert) Whitlock (M1890's) of Anderson Co., SC
X4042 2 Rootsweb & email from Mary C. Williams Dd Jun.13,15,2001 re descent from Isaac & Elizabeth (Wickham) Whitlock (M1865) Floyd Co., Va
X4043 1 Email from Robert W. Whitlock Dd Jun.16,2001 re Charles Matthews Whitlock b.1878 South Shields, DUR
X4044 2 Email from Irene Emmert Dd Jun.16,2001 & GenForum Dd Jun.29,2001 re Mitchel & Melvina A. (Engle) Whitlock (M1846) Oregon City, Ore
X4045 1 GenForum & email from Robin Bryson Dd Jun.17 & Aug.22,2001 re William Henry & Bernetta Florence (Huber) Whitlock of New Orleans, La
X4046 2 Emails from Rita Somers Dd Jun.18,21,2001 re death of Douglas James Whitlock Jun.16,2001 of Petrolia, Ont
X4047 2 Rootsweb & email from Sandi Lee Craig Dd Jun.18,23,2001 re Levi C. & Emeline Caroline (Sissons) Whitlock (M1827) Gallia Co., Oh
X4048 5 Descent from Richard Whitlock (1650's?-1724) of Pitton/Farley, WIL from Quintin White
X4049 2 GenForum & email from Nelda Burton Dd Jun.25,2001 & Aug.16,2001 re Robert Arnold & Josephine (Whitlock) McClendon of Tn, Charleston, Ar & Leflore Co., Ok
X4050 2 Ancestors of Nicholas Whitlock including descent from "Goody" Knapp of Ct executed for Witchcraft 1653 from Stephanie Meyer Whitlock
X4051 1 Family Group Sheet re Harry Dwight & Ruth Marie (Lee) Whitlock (M1952) Ar from Mark Whitlock
X4052 1 Descendants of Daniel C. & Rachel Ann (Collard) Whitlock (M1840's) Mercer Co., NJ from Carol Comp
X4053 2 Letter from Adrian Corder-Birch Dd Jul.5,2001 re Whitlocks of Yeldham, ESS
X4054 6 Descendants of John Wesley & Mary (Whitelock) Boughner (M1873) Tillsonburg, Ont from Fay Bailey
X4055 1 GenForum from Tina Schreffler Dd Jan.31,2000 re Howard Hancock & Florence (Whitlock) Burling (M1880's?) of Camden, NJ
X4056 1 GenForum from Alan W. Whitelock Dd May 31,2000 re Rodney & Florence (Myers) Whitelock of Pa & NJ
X4057 2 GenForums from Mildred Von Haske Dd Jul.15,2000 re Charles Ray & Martha Josephine (Burrier) Whitelock (M1850's) of Wilmington, De
X4058 1 GenForum from Vicki McKinnon Dd Apr.22,2000 re John & Catherine (Foster) Whitelock (M1835) of YKS & Ont
X4059 1 GenForum from Michaela Dd Jun.1,2000 re Victory George & Rosina Amelia Frances (Broadhead) Whitelock of Portsmouth, HAM
X4060 2 GenForum Dd Jun.11,2000 & email Dd Aug.1,2001 from Anne Blocker re Isabella Whitelock of Ire 1790's
X4061 1 GenForum from Jan Milton Dd Aug.3,2000 re Katherine L. Whitlock d 1942 Sinnemahoning, Pa
X4062 1 GenForum from Dan E. Whitelock Dd Apr.30,2001 re James & Euphemia A. Whitelock (M1810's) of Maryland & Shelby Co., Mo
X4063 1 GenForum from Karen W. Webb Dd Mar.10,2001 re Matthias & Rebecca Emmet (Whitelock) Dashiell (M1813) Somerset Co., Md
X4064 1 GenForum from Mark Whitelock Dd May 11, 2001 re Whitelocks of Cornwall, England
X4065 2 GenForums from Tom M. Whitelock Dd Nov.2,3,2000 re John Quimby & Lucy Esther (Starr) Whitelock (M1840's) of De
X4066 1 GenForum from Barb A. Dd Nov.4,2000 re James & Harriet (Costen) Whitelock (M1811) Somerset Co., Md
X4067 2 GenForum Dd Jan.18,2001 & email Dd Aug.3,2001 from John Bishop re William & Lydia Whitlock (M1760's) of St.Leonard’s Shoreditch, LND
X4068 2 GenForum Dd Feb.4,2001& email Dd Aug.3,2001 from Stephanie du Barry re Selena Whitelock age 16 in 1881, born Hoxton, MDX?
X4069 2 Genforums from Maria Whitelock Dd Feb.22 & Apr.8,2001 re Albert Edward Whitelock (1920?-1983?) of Eng
X4070 6 GenForums Dd Apr.7,8,2001& emails Dd Apr.2,2001 & Aug.19,2001 from Ronald Ranson re Whitelocks of County Armagh, Ire
X4071 3 GenForums Dd May 20 & June 3,2001 & email Dd Aug.4,2001 from Rob White re William & Sarah (Woodford) Whitelock (M1850) Winchester, HAM
X4072 1 GenForum from Nancy Stein Dd Jun.23,2001 re Charles Francis & Lettie (Whitelock) Fiman (M1900's) of Mn
X4073 1 GenForum from Christine Willshaw Dd Jul.29,2001 re Matthew & Esther Mary (Benham) Whitelock (M1860's) of Holborn, MDX
X4074 1 Rootsweb from Kay Kalar Dd Jul.10,2001 re George Whitlock Grant of Galena, Ks & Miami, Ok
X4075 1 Rootsweb from Marilyn Dd Jul.12,2001 re George & Susanna (Henson) Whitlock (M1809) Paulerspury, NTH
X4076 1 Rootsweb from D. Lobbs Dd Jul.21,2001 re Lee Lobbs alias Whitlock
X4077 1 Rootsweb from Barbara Dd Jul.21,2001 re Sarah Ann Whitlock b.Apr.1,1811 d Daniel Couch & Pollyann (Crofoot) Whitlock (M1810's) of Ct
X4078 1 GenForum from Patti Woodring Dd Jul.11,2001 re John Ezra & Cornelia (Armstrong) Whitlock (M1860's) of SC & Al
X4079 1 GenForum from Lovena Norton Dd Jul.8,2001 re Edward & Rebecca Whitlock (M1880's) of Ar & Ok
X4080 2 Ontario Births, Marriages, Deaths 1873-1929 from Lawrence Otis (See X3664)
X4081 1 Letter from Lawrence Otis Dd Jul.9,2001 re Charles & Nellie (Vyce) Whetloch (M1904) Hamilton, Ont
X4082 1 GenForum from Sheri Dd Jul.25,2001 re Hubert Lee & Mary Bernice (Whitlock) Southward (M1928) Washington , DC
X4083 1 Main Line descent from Nathaniel & Eleanor Caroline (Tackett) Whitlock (M1849) Franklin Co., Al from Edna Moss
X4084 1 GenForum from Karl W. Hardy Dd Jul.26,2001 re Winnie Whitlock & Taylor Hogue both African-Americans of Halifax Co.? Va early 1800's
X4085 12 listings books by Whitelocks and Popular Music by Whitlocks from Patrick Lynch
X4086 1 re Genealogies for Sewell, Whitlock & Pearson families of Ga from Chuck Rockett
X4087 1 Email from Miriam C. Gillespie Dd Aug.6,2001 re Jason & Sarah A. Whitlock (M1880's) of Pueblo Co. Co.
X4088 1 Rootsweb from Barb Dd Aug.5,2001 re Rev. Forest Whitlock of Des Moines, Ia 1960's
X4089 1 GenForum from Allan Dd Aug.8,2001 re Rowland Hial & Minerva Ann (Buchanan) Whitlock (M1857) of Yadkin Co., NC
X4090 4 Letter from Kathleen O’Neil to James E. Wilson Dd Aug.3,2001 research into family of Aaron Couch Whitlock of Saratoga, NY
X4091 1 GenForum from M.E. Cameron Dd Jul.16,2001 re Paul Cameron & Maude (Crosland) Whitlock (M1901) of Rockingham, Richmond Co., NC
X4092 6 Descendants of Daniel Rathbone (1730-1823) of Saratoga Co., NY, descendants of Henry & Mary (Vincent) Whitlock (M1800's) of Fulton Co., NY
X4093 8 Correspondence re Jane A. (Whitlock) (Hughey) Dixon of Salem, NY from James E. Wilson
X4094 1 Email from Miriam Gillespie Dd Aug.8,2001 re Jason & Lillian (Bender) Whitlock (M1904) of Pueblo Co., Co
X4095 3 Emails from Rob Whitlock Dd Aug.8,10,17,2001 re descent from Robert Stocks & Isabella (Kennedy) Whitlock (M1877) South Shields, DUR
X4096 2 Emails from Nicola Byrne Dd Aug.10,12,2001 re William & Lydia (Whitelock) Featherstone (M1795) Hackney, LND
X4097 2 Letter from Kathleen O’Neil to James E. Wilson Dd Aug.4,2001 research into family of Aaron Couch Whitlock of Saratoga, NY with connections to the Rathbun family
X4098 1 GenForum from Rickey Whitlock Dd Aug.19,2001 re James & Mary (Smith) Whitlock (M1760's) Henrico Co., Va
X4099 1 Rootsweb from Ellen Fanning Dd Jul.27,2001 re Thomas & Nancy (Story) Whitlock (M1839) Morgan Co., Il
X4100 1 Rootsweb from Miriam Medina Dd Jul.29,2001 re 1930 list of NY lawyers
X4101 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Aug.19,2001 re George & Emma Idelia (Whitlock) Graham (M1902) Brampton, Ont Emma Idelia d Isaac & Emma Elizabeth (Fogarty) Whitlock
X4102 2 Rootsweb from Mike Gregory Dd Aug.10,2001 & email Dd Sep.23,2001 re John & Eliza (Covington) Whitlock (M1824) Warren Co., Ky
X4103 1 Rootsweb from Winnie Minson Dd Aug.12,2001 re John Shelburn & Ida V. Whitlock (M1880's) of Floyd Co., Va
X4104 2 Rootsweb from Shirley Fuller Dd Aug.16,2001 re Thomas & Charlotte Whitlock (M1870's) of Meridian, Lauderdale Co., Ms
X4105 2 Rootsweb from Rick Crume Dd Aug.19,2001 re John Whitlock, Queens Ranger 1778
X4106 1 Rootsweb from Julie Saw Dd Aug.20,2001 re Whitlocks of Stoke Bruerne, NTH
X4107 1 War of 1812 Muster Rolls re Aaron C. Whitlock from Richard P. Whitlock
X4108 1 GenForum from Allen P. Whitlock Dd Aug.9,2001 re Harold Andrew Whitlock (1891-1949) of NY s of Andrew H. & Anna G. Whitlock (M1880's) of Pittsford, Monroe Co., NY
X4109 5 Updates to the WHITLOCK09 chart from James E. Wilson
X4110 1 British Trials 1660-1900 re Lt.Gen.John Whitelocke 1808 from Marianne Whitlock
X4111 1 Marriage of David Stephen & Philadephia (Parker) Whitelock Nov.3,1834, Battle, SSX
X4112 1 GenForum from Barbara Van Horn Dd Aug.27,2001 re John Columbus & Elizabeth (Whitlock) Stewart (M1850-60's) of Ga
X4113 1 GenForum from Phil Roosevelt Dd Aug.31,2001 re William Marshall Eliot Whitelock (1890-1934) of Boston, Ma
X4114 83 GEDCOM file re descent from Robert Arnold & Josephine (Whitlock) McClendon (M1870's) from Nelda Burton
X4115 1 Main Line descent from John & Ann Whitelock (M1800's) of Brigham, Cockermouth, CUL from Maureen Baxter
X4116 1 1881 census Camberwell, SRY re Esther Mary (Benham) Whitelock shown as Hester M. Wintelock from Maureen Baxter
X4117 1 GenForum from Lawrence Whitlock Dd Sep.10,2001 re Leigh Elbert Whitlock s Harrison B. & Mary Casada (Keeling) Whitlock (M1882) Perry Co., Il
X4118 1 GenForum from Laura Taylor Dd Sep.10,2001 re Esther (Hetty) Mary Whitlock b.1901 St.Giles, LND
X4119 2 Email from Ronald Ranson Dd Aug.21,2001 re Robert & Ellen (Nicholl) Whitelock (M1890's) of County Armagh, Ire
X4120 2 Email from Rita Somers Dd Aug.21,2001 re death of William Whitlock Sep.11,1921 Forest, Ont
X4121 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Aug.23,2001 re John Gately & Mary E. (Whitlock) Bradshaw (M1844) of Napa, Ca
X4122 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Aug.23,2001 Thurmond-Fairview Cemetery, Wise Co., Tx re Robert Franklin Whitlock (Mar.31,1839-Dec.29,1905)
X4123 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Aug.24,2001 re John W. & Elizabeth (Bright) Whitlock (M1882) Jackson Co., Al
X4124 1 Rootsweb from Jan Dd Aug.27,2001 re Joel & Elizabeth (Huff) Whitlock (M1799) Sussex Co., NJ
X4125 1 Email from Elizabeth Kadel Dd Aug.27,2001 re Thomas Whitlock b.Dec.1,1791 Goochland Co., Va
X4126 2 Rootsweb from Lorraine (Radford?) Dd Aug.28,2001 Floyd Co., Va Stonewall Grade School 1925-29? Re Bernard Whitlock, Woodie Whitlock, Fred Whitlock, Otho Whitlock & Eugenia Whitlock
X4127 3 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Aug.30,2001 Houston Co., Ga re musician John H. Whitlock member Southern Rights Guard, 1860's
X4128 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Aug.30,2001 re Hiram & Eliza Ann (Whitlock) Hopper (M1835) Floyd Co., In
X4129 1 Rootsweb from Chuck Rockett Dd Sep.3,2001 re Thomas Alfred & Bertha Ophelia (Burris) Whitlock (M1912) Adair Co., Ky
X4130 1 Email from Mike Gregory Dd Sep.3,2001 re John & Eliza (Covington) Whitlock (M1824) Warren Co., Ky Eliza later married Samuel C. Pendleton in 1833
X4131 1 Email from Julie Saw Dd Sep.4,2001 re George & Mary (Whitlock) Wickens (M1710's) of Stoke Bruerne, NTH
X4132 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Sep.3,2001 re Zelta (Whitlock) Davis (Dec.22,1919-Aug.1,2001)
X4133 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Sep.3,2001 re Armistead & Drusilla (Reynolds) (Ayres (Hughes?)) Whitlock (M1829) Hall Co., Ga
X4134 4 Rootsweb from Glenn Mayfield to Gracie Dd Sep.4,2001 re John Wesley & Gillie (Hargis) Whitlock (M1920) Monroe Co., Ms
X4135 1 Email from E. Fanning Dd Sep.5,2001 re John W. & Sara R. (Whitlock) Story (M1820?) of NC & Morgan Co., Il
X4136 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Sep.7,2001 re Thomas & Grizell (Whitlock) Albritton (M1746?) Hanover Co., Va
X4137 1 Email from Brenda M. Smith Dd Sep.9,2001 re Dr. Whitlock of Beckley, WVa
X4138 1 Email from Nancy Whitlock Dd Sep.10,2001 re Main Line descent from John Whitlock d.1717 of Va
X4139 1 Email from Rob Whitlock Dd Sep.12,2001 re Robert Stocks Whitlock b.Sep.16,1844 Radford, NTT s Matthews & Emma (Edwards) Whitlock
X4140 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Sep.14,2001 re Meeker & Julia (Whitlock) Disbrow (M1836) Ridgefield, Ct Julia d Jonathan Whitlock
X4141 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Sep.14,2001 re Samuel & Lucy (Whitlock) Hardin (M1796) Green Co., Ky