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X4142 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Sep.17,2001 The Perry Mirror, Jefferson Co., Ks Dd Jul.11,1907 re Cliff Whitlock.
X4143 7 Descent from Thomas Jefferson & Lucinda (Creesong) Whitlock (M1845) Roane Co., Tn plus correspondence between June Proctor and Mary Cecil Cordell 1993 from Victor Bey
X4144 1 Rootsweb from Bob Sangster Dd Sep.20,2001 re Whitlocks of Paulerspury, NTH
X4145 2 Rootsweb from Karen Davis Dd Sep.21,2001 & email Dd Nov.4,2001 re Garrett & Emma (Whitlock) Buckner (M1892) Franklin Co., Ar Emma d James Marion & Tabitha R. (Morse) Whitlock
X4146 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Sep.21,2001 re Charles Richard & Ruth Ivy (Whitlock) Harler (M1910's?) of Va & La
X4147 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Sep 23,2001 Baltimore Sun - Marriage Licences Dd Jun.22,1918 George D. McIntyre, 22 & Elva M. Whitlock, 19
X4148 1 Email from Glenn W. Mayfield Dd Sep.23,2001 re John Wesley & Gillie Hargis (Mayfield) Whitlock (M1920) Monroe Co., Ms
X4149 1 Email from Leanne Archer-Eisler Dd Sep.25,2001 re James Raglan & Eliza Ann (Swepson) Whitlock (M1814) Va
X4150 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Sep.26,2001 Estate of Ellis Yonge re John Tiebout & Susan King (Yonge) Whitlock (M1830's) Wayne Co., In
X4151 1 Email from Jan Stoddard Dd Sep.27,2001 re will of Nathan Witlock of Minisink, Orange Co., NY Dd Sep.24,1805 Pr Nov.7,1805
X4152 1 Email from Jan Stoddard Dd Sep.28,2001 re Joel & Elizabeth (Huff) Whitlock (M1799) Sussex Co., NJ
X4153 1 Email from Barry Cotton Dd Sep.28,2001 re Anthony Tuckney of Boston, LIN 1633
X4154 1 GenForum from Kennett Radford Dd Sep.6,2001 re James & Sarah (Whitlock) Radford (M1780's)
X4155 1 GenForum from Emma Church Dd Sep.27,2001 re Joshua George & Mary (Whitlock) Church (M1830's) of Caldwell Co., Ky & Il
X4156 1 GenForum from Lindsay Watson Dd Sep.28,2001 re Walter Francis & May (Stammers) Whitlock (M1910's) of LDN & Eastleigh, HAM
X4157 1 Email from Robert Sangster Dd Oct.1,2001 re Joseph & Mary (Hunt/Hurst?) Whitlock (M1827) Paulerspury, NTH
X4158 1 GenForum from Gwen Giacomelli Dd Oct.3,2001 re Samuel & Mary Jane (Whitlock) Rachels (M1839) Coweta Co., Ga
X4159 24 Email from Jon Mason Dd Oct.5,2001 re Henry & Ann (Whitlock) Mason (M1813) Hound, HAM, Ann d James & Ann (Noble) Whitlock (M1786) Landford, WIL
X4160 1 Email from Paul R. Newlin Dd Oct.7,2001 re Richard & Hannah (Whitlock) Haworth (M1800's) Tn Hannah d James & Mary (Adams) (Golden) Whitlock
X4161 3 Rootswebs from Virginia Hale Dd Oct.9,2001 & Jim Barrett Dd Oct.11,2001 re Some Interesting Sketches in the History of Various Powell families by O.B. Powell 1933 re Powell, Whitlock, West & Arrington families
X4162 1 Rootsweb from Joanne Rich Dd Oct.10,2001 re Thomas & Sarah (Whitlock) Brooks (M1796) Wythe Co.?, Va Sarah d Thomas & Hannah (Phillips) Whitlock
X4163 1 Email from Maureen Baxter Dd Oct.11,2001 re for Abney Park Cemetery
X4164 2 GenForum from Chris Ravan Fletcher Dd Oct.11,2001 & email Dd Nov.15,2001 re Herschel & Ella (Whitlock) Vassey (M1880's) of SC Ella d John & Sarah (Chastain) Whitlock of Union Co., SC
X4165 2 Rootsweb from Carole Ann Heller Dd Oct.12,2001& Genforum Dd Nov.19,2001 re John W. & Sally (Whitlock) Story of Morgan Co., Il
X4166 1 Updates to the WHITLOCK20 chart from Mark Peter Whitlock & Lesley (Silvester) Murray
X4167 2 GenForum Dd Oct.13,2001& email Dd Nov.4,2001 from Barbara Draper re John Jackson & Martha A. (Whitlock) Rains (M1840's) of Marthaville, La Martha d John & Nancy (West) Whitlock (M1815) Wilson Co., Tn
X4168 1 GenForum from Greg Whitlock Dd Oct.16,2001 re William Russell Whitlock of Rand, WVa died Charleston, SC 1997
X4169 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Oct.16,2001 re Afro-American obits, Halifax Co., Va re Lena Pannell Whitlock (Dec.10,1905 - Apr.15,1992)
X4170 3 GenForum Dd Oct.18,2001 & emails Dd Oct.28 & Nov.4,2001 from Jim LaRue re Arthur Lee & Virginia K. (Whitlock) Mann (M1892) Richmond, Va Virginia K. d Otha Jefferson & Virginia A. (Saunders) Whitlock (M1868) Goochland Co., Va
X4171 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Oct.18,2001 Richmond, Va Theatre Fire 1807 re Mary Gabriella Whitlock
X4172 3 Rootsweb from Charles Severs Dd Oct.18,2001 re George & Charlotte (Blackwell) Whitlock (M1867) Floyd Co., Va
X4173 3 Rootsweb from Dd Oct.18,2001 First African Methodist Episcopal (FAME) church of Los Angeles, Ca re Mark Whitlock
X4174 2 Emails from Jean Witherington Dd Oct.21,2001& Nov.19,2001 re Alfred & Ruth (Whitlock) Olmstead (M1800's) of Ct Ruth d David & Ruth (Betts) Whitlock
X4175 4 GenForum from Tonya W. Gosnell Dd Oct.23,2001 & emails Dd Nov.20,26,2001 re Stark & Hanna (Calvert) Whitlock (M1890's) of SC
X4176 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Oct.23,2001 Old Drake Cemetery, Warren Co., Ky re Dudley Whitlock, Emily L. Whitlock, Ewing J. Whitlock, Eliza J. Whitlock, Lethi Whitlock
X4177 1 Email from Mark G. Rockett Dd Oct.23,2001 re Hollywood Cemetery, Richmond, Va
X4178 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Oct.24,2001 Sonoma [Ca] County Tribune July 6,1893 re Joe Whitlock buried in Oak Mound Cemetery Jul.5,1893
X4179 2 Emails from Elizabeth W. Kadel Dd Nov.7,27,2001 re Thomas & Mary C. (Holland) Whitlock (M1828) Goochland Co., Va
X4180 5 Letter from Elizabeth W.Kadel Dd Oct.2001 re Thomas & Mary C. (Holland) Whitlock (M1828) Goochland Co., Va includes family documents and pedigree chart
X4181 1 Email from Jan Stoddard Dd Nov.6,2001 re Hudson City Cemetery, Columbia Co., NY
X4182 1 Email from John T. Roark Dd Oct.30,2001 re John A. & Nancy (Howell) Whitlock (M1849) Allen Co., Ky
X4183 1 Rootsweb from Cathy Cranford-Ailstock Dd Nov.3,2001 re James Foster & Loucrecia Ephemia (McCaskill) Whitlock (M1892) Montgomery Co., NC
X4184 4 Rootsweb from Lee Cate Dd Nov.3,2001 re Charles David & Lucy Ann Petress (Atkins) Whitlock (M1864) Weakley Co., Tn & William Henry & Susan Eglantine (Whitlock) Atkins (M1869) ; also including Atkins from 1860, 1880 census Weakley Co., Tn
X4185 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Nov.7,2001 obit of Hattie Whitlock, wife of James Whitlock of Pittsford, Monroe Co., NY died Nov.6,1918
X4186 1 Rootsweb from T. Emery Dd Nov.6,2001 Eagle Democrat Dd Oct.24,2001 obit of James Al Whitlock, 22 of Erie, Pa died Oct.18,2001 in Dayton, Oh James s Jimmy & Theresa Whitlock of Fordyce.
X4187 1 Email from Kim Filmer Dd Nov.9, 2001 re a place called Whitlock (Whitcot) in Shropshire
X4188 1 GenForum from C. Whitlock Dd Nov.6,2001 re John George Whitlock from Jamesburg, NJ died 1951 s John & Christine (Firestine) Whitlock
X4189 1 Email from Harry Hughes Dd Nov.14,2001 re Roly Whitlock age 49 of Formby, LAN died in 1990's
X4190 1 Rootsweb from Chuck Rockett Dd Nov.16,2001 Book Review The Sweet Hell Inside A Family History by Edward Ball re Edwina Harleston Whitlock
X4191 1 GenForum from Brenda Smiley Dd Nov.17,2001 & email Dd Nov.21,2001 re Elisha & Maggie (Hale) Whitlock of In or Oh
X4192 2 GenForum from Jack Ott Dd Nov.19,2001 & email Dd Nov.25,2001 re William & Julia Ann (Monaghan) Whitlock (M1835) Floyd Co., In
X4193 1 Rootsweb from Ron Hawthorne Dd Nov.19,2001 re Charles & Elizabeth Ann (Whitlock) Elliott (M1856) Christ Church, Radford, NTT Elizabeth Ann d Nathaniel & Marion (Lawson) Whitlock
X4194 1 Rootsweb from Quintin White Dd Nov.21,2001 re Jul.25,1683 Salisbury, WIL marriage bond for Richard Whitlock & Mary Wassall
X4195 1 GenForum from Pat Cross Dd Nov.20,2001 re Frank Whitlock of Cape Girardeau Co., Mo
X4196 1 GenForum from Nicki Beatty Dd Nov.21,2001 re Achilles Whitlock of Caroline Co.,,Va
X4197 1 Email from Nicki Beatty Dd Nov.23,2001 re Lunenburg Co., Va sale of negro slave Polidore by William Adams Whitlock to James Johnson Dd Mar.11,1780
X4198 1 Email from Frank (Albion Historian) Dd Nov.23,2001 re Miles & Lucy Ann (Whitlock) McCutcheon (M1884) of Ithaca, NY Lucy Ann d Reuben & Rachel (Teeter) Whitlock
X4199 1 GenForum from J.F.Hose Dd Nov.19,2001 re Charles & Martha R. (Davenport) Whitelock (M1835) of Somerset Co., Md
X4200 2 Email from Lee Cate Dd Nov.24,2001 re Weakley Co., Tn Marriages, Census 1860-1880 & cemetery records
X4201 2 Rootsweb from John Scott Davenport Dd Nov.17,2001 re John & Martha (Whitlock) Arnold (M1770's) of Randolph Co., NC
X4202 4 Descendants of William Croford & Elizabeth A. (Whitlock) Bridges (M1837) Green Co., Il from Wanda Thompson
X4203 1 Rootsweb from Chuck Rockett Dd Nov.26,2001 re Albert & Annie (Whitlock) Haggit (M1890's?) of Caro, Saginaw Co., Mi with connections to Hullett, Ont
X4204 9 Rootsweb from Vivian Cates Dd Nov.21,2001 re Ansel & Mariah (Whitlock) Devore (M1820's) of Edgefield Co., SC
X4205 1 Email from Nicki Beatty Dd Nov.30,2001 re Sep.17,1798 Pittsylvania Co., Va Court Order Book Vol.9 re William Whitlock & Achilles Whitlock
X4206 1 1860 & 1870 census Fluvanna Co., Va re George W. & Sarah Ann (Whitlock) Johnson (M1855) Sarah Ann d Thomas & Mary C. (Holland) Whitlock from Elizabeth Kadel
X4207 1 Notes re Charles B. & Isabella T. (Whitlock) Winston (M1863) of Goochland Co., Va Isabella T. d Thomas & Mary C. (Holland) Whitlock from Elizabeth Kadel
X4208 1 Letter from Elizabeth W. Kadel Dd Nov.28,2001 re Howard Easton Whitlock (1902-1979) of Rockwood, Me
X4209 5 Family Group Sheets descent from Lester Joseph & Tossie Frances (Whitlock) Huff (M1915) Jerseyville, Il Tossie Frances d. James Buckcana & Ida Elizabeth (Whitlock) Whitlock
X4210 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Dec.6,2001 Los Angeles Co., Ca death certificate of Grace Elizabeth (Whitlock) Oilar d Dec.19,1954 d Raymond C. & Christina U. (Urguhart) Whitlock
X4211 1 Email from Tina M. Whitlock Dd Dec.6,2001 re family of Levi Quinter & Mary May (Chaney) Whitlock (M1900's) of Ia & Ok
X4212 1 Email from John Andrew Whitlock Dd Dec.8,2001 re descent from Francis Whitelock b.1734/5 YKS connections to AUS
X4213 2 Emails from Julie Goldsmith Dd Dec.9,2001 re Verna Whitlock of Ilfracombe, DEV (1920's to 1940's) had a son James.
X4214 8 Updates to the WHITLOCK57 chart, The Whitlocks of Yorkshire from John F. Hose
X4215 4 Emails from Barbara A. Cypher Dd Dec.9,11,2001 re descent from Ephraim & Ruth (Crofoot) Whitlock (M1786) Redding, Fairfield Co., Ct
X4216 1 Email from Andrea Hageman Peterson Dd Dec.4,2001 Granddaughter of Francis Oliver Whitlocke of Eastleigh, HAM
X4217 3 GenForums Dd Dec.4,5,2001 & email Dd Dec.4,2001 re Walter William Whitlock of Chenango Bridge, NY b.1930's from Jessica Whitlock
X4218 3 Email from Val Henderson Dd Dec.5,2001 re 1870 Morris Directory for Petrockstow, DEV re Thomas Whitlock & Richard Whitlock
X4219 3 Descendants of Richard Nicholas Whitlock of Va from Nancy L. Whitlock
X4220 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Nov.30,2001 re Joe Whitlock (b.1872?) of Sonoma Co., Ca 1890 re death of Thomas Miles
X4221 1 Email from Tonya Gosnell Dd Dec.1,2001 re updates to the WHITLOCK38 chart
X4222 1 Email from Rita Somers Dd Dec.1,2001 re updates to the WHITLOCK28 chart
X4223 1 Email from Milt Suttle Dd Dec.14,2001 re James Edward & Samatha A (Whitlock) Suttle (M1870's) of Al
X4224 1 Email from Mamie Dd Dec.11,2001 re William & Sarah (Whitlock) Holeman (M1800's) Rowan Co., NC
X4225 2 Email from Dianne Carroll Dd Dec.16,2001 Ovens and Murray Advertiser Aug.30,1982 Victoria, Aus obit of Lucy Grace (Whitlock) Coghill, 98 at Castlemaine, Lucy Grace d Christopher & Ann (Coad) Whitlock (M1869) of DEV & CON
X4226 2 Email from John Andrew Whitlock Dd Dec.18,2001 The Convict Ships 1788-1868 by Charles Bateson re George Whitlock, agent of owners of Second Fleet transports to Australia, Aug.27,1789
X4227 2 Email from Kate Miller Dd Dec.18,2001 re Greene Co., Il marriages1848-1881 re William Moran & Sarah Whitlock Dec.22,1870 and Isaac N. Whitlock & Martha J. Moran Jan.28,1875
X4228 2 Email from Mary Clark Dd Dec.18,2001 re John & Catherine (Whitlock) Burgess (M1790's) of SCT
X4229 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Dec.19,2001 re Jobe & Mary (Whitlock) Hobbs (M1841) Hickman Co., Ky
X4230 2 Email from SandKatC Dd Dec.19,2001 re Montgomery Whitlock of Indian Territory
X4231 1 GenForum from Lindy Whitlock Dd Dec.18,2001 re W.B. Whitlock of Troutville, Va and brother Max
X4232 3 GenForum & Email from Sharla Denee Luce Fore Dd Dec.19,2001 & Jan.13,16,2002 re William Benjamin Hardin & Hattie (Whitlock) Luce of Al & Newton, Tx Hattie d John J. & Elizabeth (Bright) Whitlock (M1882) Jackson Co., Al
X4233 1 Rootsweb from Kevin Schannon McCloud Dd Dec.20,2001 re Silas B. & Mary (Whitlock) Foster of Jackson Co., Ohio
X4234 1 GenForum from Greg Whitlock Dd Dec.25,2001 re descent from George Washington & Charlotte (Blackwell) Whitlock (M1867) Floyd Co., Va
X4235 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Dec.25,2001 re F. T. Whitlock of Rutland, Vt 1926
X4236 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Dec.26,2001 re Joshua & Mary Elizabeth (Whitlock) Gamblin (M1869) Ripley Co., Mo
X4237 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Dec.27,2001 re William & Mary (Iles) Whitlock (M1768) GLS
X4238 2 GenForum & email from Cheryl Coverly Dd Dec.28,2001 & Jan.3,2002 re Thomas J. & Eliza J. (Burnett) Whitlock (M1865) Roane Co., Tn
X4239 1 GenForum from Arlina Moss Dd Dec.28,2001 re Archibald Whitlock of Halifax Co., Va, 1797
X4240 1 GenForum from Jim Wheat Dd Dec.28,2001 Dallas, [Tx] Daily Times Herald, Sep.5,1891 p.5 c.5 re T.D. Whitlock conductor on NYC&H railroad of Albany, NY on tour of Tx
X4241 2 GenForum & email from Joan Cokley Dd Dec.30,2001 & Jan.3,2002 re (Doctor) Newton & Elizabeth (Hurst) Whitlock (M1874) of Franklin Co., Mo
X4242 1 GenForum from Jessica Martin Dd Dec.30,2001 re Robert & Rebecca (Dickerson) Whitlock (M1870's) of Va
X4243 2 Email from Chelsea Whitlock Paller Dd Dec.30,2001 re descent from Charles & Elizabeth (Rea) Whitlock (M1790) of Henry Co., Tn
X4244 2 Email from Barry Hands Dd Dec.30,2001 & Jan.3,2002 re Benjamin & Eliza (Hands) Whitlock (M1864) of Syresham, NTH & Radford Semele, WAR
X4245 1 Letter from Arthur W. Cole Dd Dec.22,2001 re Zalmon Whitlock (1760-1798) of Granby, Ct
X4246 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Jan.7,2002 re Lewis & Lizzie (Whitlock) Wilson (M1885) Montgomery Co., Tn
X4247 2 GenForums from Ann Sims Dd Jan.4,2002 re John Byron & Mary A. (Sibbett?) Whitlock (M1860's) In
X4248 3 GenForum & emails from Claudia Henderson Dd Jan.5,13,20,2002 re Isaac & Hannah (Whitlock) French (M1807) Castleton, Vt
X4249 2 Email from Brenda Hutcheson Smith Dd Jan.3,4,2002 re descent from William & Sally Radford (Ball) Whitlock (M1834) Clay Co., Mo
X4250 4 Email from Elwood Morris Dd Jan.4,2002 re John J. & Amanda V. (Andrews) Whitlock (M1842) Goochland Co., Va
X4251 1 Email from Sharla Luce Fore Dd Jan.4,2002 re John & Elizabeth (Bright) Whitlock (M1882) Jackson Co., Al
X4252 1 Email from Ann Gretsch Dd Jan.6,2002 re Maria Whitlock born about 1933. Daughter born in Spokane, Wa May 10,1948.
X4253 2 Rootsweb from Suzanne Pratt Dd Jan.7,2002 re William Joseph & Annie W. (Alexander)(Ritter)(Stickles) Whitlock (M1893) of Va
X4254 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Jan.9,2002 re 1900 US census Shasta Co., Ca
X4255 1 Rootsweb from Sharon Hills Dd Jan.10,2002 PawPaw, Elk Co., Ks 1895 Cresco Band re Will Whitlock, clarinet
X4256 1 Email from Bryan Short Dd Jan.10,2002 re Lionel Charles Whitelock b.May 27,1925 LDN
X4257 2 GenForum & email from Shannon Hart Dd Jan.11,15,2002 re Thomas C. & Elizabeth (Wright) Whitlock (M1842) Roane Co., Tn
X4258 1 Email from Clarence Wooten Dd Jan.11,2002 re Moses & Jane (Whitlock) Wooten. Jane b about 1830 d of James Whitlock of NC
X4259 3 Goochland Co., Va census extracts 1830-1870 from Elizabeth Kadel
X4260 2 Email from Elwood Morris Dd Jan.13,2002 re 1830 census Goochland Co., Va
X4261 2 Email from Robert Whitlock Dd Jan.14,2002 re descent from Robert Stocks & Isabella (Kennedy) Whitlock (M1877) South Shields, DUR
X4262 1 Email from Kevin Dowd Dd Jan.15,2002 re Benjamin & Harriet Lucy(??) Whitlock of SS Peter & Paul, Aston, WAR (M1870's); William & Ellen (??) Whitlock buried SS Peter & Paul, Aston, WAR (M1820's) + burials St.Mary Cemetery, Handsworth, Birmingham, WAR re Ed
X4263 4 Descent from John Whitlock d.1659 Fairfield, Ct from World Family Tree, pedigree #4210 CD#12 from Lawrence Otis
X4264 2 Descent from George Washington & Charlotte (Blackwell) Whitlock (M1867) Floyd Co., Va World Family Tree, pedigree #171 CD#16 from Lawrence Otis
X4265 2 Rootsweb & email from Wendy Ford Dd Jan.13 & 21,2002 re Jonathan & Elizabeth (Pope) Whitlock (M1780) Laverstock, WIL
X4266 1 Email from Carol Moulder Dd Jan.17,2002 re Bennett & Nancy (Whitlock) Whitlock (M1810's) of Union Co., SC
X4267 1 Email from Leanne Archer-Eislet Dd Jan.18,2002 re William C. Whitlock (1822-1875) of Marshall, Clark Co., Il
X4268 4 eBay item 1062167548 Dd Jan.11-18,2002 1950/60 Artist Don Whitlock AP Lithograph Wild Geese; eBay item 1501392155 Dd Jan.11-18,2002 1950/60 Artist Don Whitlock AP Lithograph Old Mill from Patrick Lynch
X4269 4 eBay item 1059995824 Dd Jan.7-14,2002 Bass Fly Fishing Video with Dave Whitlock from Patrick Lynch
X4270 3 eBay item 1402950594 Dd Dec.31,2001- Jan.7,2002 CD Stop the World I Want To Get Off recorded 1962 withVictor Feldman/Bob Whitlock /Lawrence Marable from Patrick Lynch
X4271 3eBay item 1684406450 Dd Dec.30,2001 - Jan.6,2002 Whitlock Double Feed Chamber from Patrick Lynch
X4272 3 eBay item 1310791785 Dd Dec.16-23,2001 Richmond, Va Confederate envelope addressed to Miss Lizzie Ewell, Whitlock, Halifax Co., Va from Patrick Lynch
X4273 1 GenForum from Brian Whitelock Dd Jan.15,2002 re Harry E. Whitelock of Fairmont, WVa
X4274 1 GenForum from Jon Smith Dd Jan.20,2002 re Robert Masterman & Annie (Whitelock) Barker (M1880's) of Carlton Minniott, Nr Thirsk, YKS
X4275 2 Email from Quintin White Dd Jan.20,2002 re Whitlocks of Pitton, WIL also marriage of Richard Whitlock & Mary Wassall Jul.27,1683 Figheldean, WIL
X4276 1 Email from Ann Sims Dd Jan.21,2002 re John Bryon & Mary Ann (Nees) Whitlock (M1865) White Co., Ind
X4277 1 Email from Wendy A. Ford Dd Jan.25,2002 re Whitlocks of Pitton, WIL
X4278 1 GenForum from Robert Olmstead Dd Jul.19,2000 re Abraham & Rose (Whitlock) Parker (M1644) Woburn, Ma
X4279 2 GenForums from Helen Jupin Dd Jan.28,2002 re Abraham & Rose (Whitlock) Parker (M1644) Woburn, Ma
X4280 1 GenForum from Ann Jellum Dd Jan.26,2002 re Aaron & Susan Uretta (Garrison) Whitlock (M1846?) of Yonkers, NY
X4281 4 Rootsweb & emails from Bonnie Slater Dd Jan.22,30 & Feb.4,2002 re Jonathan(Jehu?) & Elizabeth (Whitlock) Parkinson (M1810's) of Greene Co., Pa
X4282 2 GenForum & email from Terry Gladfelter Dd Jan.12,23,2002 re Nathaniel Whitlock on 1800 Greenville Co., SC census
X4283 1 Rootsweb from Chuck Rockett Dd Jan.24,2002 Oklahoman, Oklahoma City, Ok Dd Apr.2,1988 obit of Virgil Koble Whitlock, 77 died Mar.31,1988. Born Jun.8,1910, Mulberry, Ar
X4284 1 Email from Jon Smith Dd Jan.24,2002 re John & Elizabeth Whitelock of Northallerton, YKS 1890
X4285 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Jan.25,2002 Brooklyn [NY] Union-Argus Dd Mar.25,1882 re guardianship of Edward T. Whitlock & Cornelia A. Whitlock children of Andrew Morrell & Mary Louise Whitlock
X4286 1 GenForum from Von Mings Stachon Dd Jan.26,2002 re marriage Nov.8,1865, Sevier, Ar of Robert Arnold & Josephine (Whitlock) McClendon
X4287 1 Rootsweb from Theresa Dd Jan.26,2002 re William & Mary (Whitlock) Jones (M1760) SC
X4288 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Jan.26,2002 re Robert & Emma (Wait) Whitlock (M1878) Davies, Mo
X4289 2 Email from Quintin White Dd Jan.28,2002 re Jabez & Elizabeth (Whitlock) Laversuch (M1846) Alderbury, WIL & George & Damaris (Whitlock) Collins (M1845) Farley, WIL
X4290 4 Email from Quintin White Dd Jan.28,2002 re Richard & Mary (Wassall) Whitlock (M1683) Figheldean, WIL
X4291 8 Email from Wendy Ford Dd Jan.26,2002 Descendants of Richard & Mary (Wassall) Whitlock (M1683) Figheldene, WIL
X4292 15 Manorial records of Manors of Pitton and Farley, WIL from Colin White via Quintin White
X4293 1 GenForum from JoAnn Cantrell Dd Jan.24,2002 re James & Nellie Faith (McKenzie) Whitelock (M1920's) of Shawnee, Ok James Whitelock b.Jan.19,1889 d.Mar.1967
X4294 1 Letter from Sarah Smith Dd Jan.22,2002 re updates to the WHITLOCK38 chart The Whitlocks of Virginia #7
X4295 1 Letter from Carolyn Hysell Dd Jan.19,2002 re Main Line descent from James & Dorothy Whitlock (M1680's) of Va
X4296 14 Descendants of Richard & Mary (Wassall) Whitlock (M1683) Figheldean, WIL from Quintin White
X4297 3 eBay item #1061754548 Dd Jan.11-21,2002 re old postcard of Ocean View cemetery, Whitlock, Staten Island, NY from Patrick Lynch
X4298 8 Rootsweb & emails from Dorothy Darlene Whitlock Smith Dd Jan.21-Feb.17,2002 re James Kenny & Ellen Mae Jane (Blackwell) Whitlock (M1842) Augusta Co., Va
X4299 4 Rootsweb & emails from Sue Boyd Dd Jan.27 & Feb.14,2002 re adoption of Jewel Whitlock’s children of Ok
X4300 1 Email from Quintin White Dd Jan.28,2002 re Henry & Ann (Holloway) Whitlock (M1762) Idmiston, WIL
X4301 1 Email from Angela Brown Dd Jan.30,2002 re descent from Bennett & Nancy (Whitlock) Whitlock (M1810's) of Union Co., SC
X4302 1 Email from Kathyrn Lanham Roller Dd Jan.31,2002 re Jordon Woodson & Rebecca (Padgett) Whitlock (M1850's) of Marion Co.,Ky
X4303 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Feb.1,2002 Muster Roll of Co.D. 53rd Regiment Georgia Volunteer Infantry C.S.A. Coweta & Heard Counties re J.A. Whitlock 3rd Corporal May 6,1862
X4304 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Feb.2,2002 re Lewis & Lizzie (Whitlock) Wilson (M1885) Montgomery Co., Tn
X4305 4 Email from Dorothy Falk Dd Feb.3,2002 Chicago [Il] Tribune "Civil War flags on verge of perishing" re Mark Whitlock, museum curator
X4306 1 Email from Ray & Gloria Knittle Dd Feb.5,2002 re Thomas Jefferson & Elizabeth Ann (Montgomery) Whitlock (M1830's) of Greene Co., Mo
X4307 2 Email from Quintin White Dd Feb.6,2002 re questions regarding the Whitlocks of Pitton, WIL
X4308 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Feb.7,2002 re William Beasley & Sarah Frances (Chandler) Whitlock (M1890's) of Fayette Co., Ga
X4309 1 Email from Rob Whitlock Dd Feb.11,2002 re death of Matthews Whitlock registered 1st Quarter 1879 Radford, NTT
X4310 1 Email from Carolyn Prohaska Dd Feb.9,2002 re John Wesley & Eliza?(Cotton?) Whitlock (M1870's) of NY
X4311 2 Email from Sandra Whitlock Ledbetter Dd Feb.7,2002 re Abraham H. & Clarissa Elvira (Carter) Whitlock (M1860's) of Tn & Banks Co., Ga
X4312 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Feb.10,2002 Brooklyn [NY] Daily Eagle Jun.1906 Boys High School - Honor Graduates re Edgar M. Whitlock - 85% son Edgar & Prudence E. Whitlock
X4313 1 Email from Kevin Dowd Dd Feb.10,2002 re Frederick & Louisa Ellen Whitlock of St.Paul Kensington, LND 1896
X4314 3 Rootsweb & emails from Melissa Heath Dd Feb.10,132002 re John & Sarah (Giddings) Whitlock (M1820's) of SC
X4315 3 Email from Laura Whitlock Dd Feb.11,2002 re descent from John Normant & Abigail (Preston) Whitlock (M1790's)
X4316 2 GenForum from Joyce Willingham Dd Feb.12,15,2002 re Cox-Bentley-Whitlock reunion Apr.27,2002, Gilmer, Tx
X4317 1 GenForum from Hilary Whitlock Dd Feb.3,2002 re Wilfred Victor Whitlock b.1912? of Birmingham, WAR
X4318 1 GenForum from Sue Dd Feb.14,2002 re ?? & Alice (??) (Harbert) Whitlock (M1890's) of Elbert Co., Ga
X4319 4 eBay item #1515171696 Dd Feb.15-21,2002 re 8x10 original photo of actor Lloyd Whitlock Apr.9,1935 from Patrick Lynch
X4320 1 Email from Rick Irby Dd Feb.7,2002 re death of Esther Mame (Whitlock) Irby Aug.12,2001
X4321 1 Email from Jennifer Spencer Dd Feb.13,2002 re Esau & Catherine (Bell) Whitlock (M1765) of Pitton, WIL
X4322 3 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Feb.13,2002 re Georgia deaths 1919-1998
X4323 223 GEDCOM file from Ray Knittle descent from Thomas Jefferson & Elizabeth Ann (Montgomery) Whitlock (M1831) of Greene Co., Mo
X4324 5 Dd Oct.31,2000 by John France re Percy Whitlock organist and composer from Patrick Lynch
X4325 1 GenForum from Mary Wilcutt Dd Feb.22,2002 re Howard & Elizer (Johnson) Whitlock (M1840) Talbot Co., Ga
X4326 2
X4327 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Feb.13,2002 Oshawa This Week Feb.2002 obit of Ronald Cyr of Oshawa, Ont Feb.8,2002 in 68th year. Wife Frances d Elder Francis & Phyllis Rowena (McCormick) Whitlock (M1935) Me
X4328 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Feb.15,2002 re Sedric M. & Martha Jane (Whitlock) Jennings (M1871) Lebanon, Tn Martha Jane d Doctor Franklin & America (Wasson) Whitlock (M1851) Wilson Co., Tn
X4329 1 GenForum from John Texada Dd Feb.18,2002 re Arthur & Eliza (Brant) Whitlock (M1860's) of Salem, NY & Orange Co., Tx
X4330 1 GenForum from Joyce Ranieri Dd Feb.18,2002 Arthur & Eliza (Brant) Whitlock (M1860's) of Salem, NY & Orange Co., Tx
X4331 1 GenForum from Pat McDonald Dd Feb.17,2002 re Holland/Whitlocks connections, 1790 Burke Co., NC & 1800 & 1810 Greenville Co., SC
X4332 1 GenForum from Miles Whitelock Dd Feb.22,2002 re Thomas Whitelock (1817-1892) of Skelton, CUL & AUS
X4333 1880 US census from Louise Birchfield
X4334 1 Letter from Jennifer Spencer Dd Feb.14,2002 re descent from Esau & Catherine (Bell) Whitlock (M1765) Pitton, WIL
X4335 2 Letter from Mrs. F. Littlewood Dd Feb.14,2002 re family of Robert & Ellen (Nichol) Whitelock (M1900's) of Co. Armagh, IRE
X4336 1 GenForum from Pat McDonald Dd Feb.17,2002 re Holland/Whitlock connections 1790 Burke Co., NC & 1800,10 Greenville Co., SC
X4337 GenForum from John Texada Dd Feb.18,2002 re Arthur & Eliza (Brant) Whitlock (M1870's) of NY
X4338 1 Email from Rick Irby Dd Feb.20,2002 re Walter Lee & Anna O. (Bengston) Whitlock (M1911) of Denver, Co
X4339 1 Rootsweb from Darren Wortley Dd Feb.21,2002 re Moat House Farm, Wythall and Whitlock’s End, WOR
X4340 5 Descendants of Arthur & Eliza (Brant) Whitlock (M1860's) of Lake Charles, La & Orange Co., Tx from John Texada
X4341 5 Emails & GenForum Dd Feb.22-27,2002 from Diane Williams re Robert & Rebecca (Whitlock) Cheek (M1841) Orange Co., NC