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X4342 1 Email from Bob Dickey Dd Feb.23,2002 re James & Nancy (Bowen) Whitlock (M1790's) of Surrey Co., NC
X4343 1 GenForum from Vicky Martin Dd Feb.23,2002 re William & Jane Elizabeth (Johnson) Whitlock (M1847) of Fayette Co., Ga
X4344 4 Email from Bob Dickey Dd Feb.24,2002 re descent from William Whitlock b.1730's? of NC
X4345 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Feb.24,2002 Shasta Co., Ca 1926 Index Precinct Registration, Shingletown re Wade H. & Maude Whitlock (M1910's) of Inwood, Ca & SC?
X4346 3 Emails from Linda Allen Dd Feb.25 & 28,2002 re Whitlocks of Silverstone, NTH
X4347 2 Email from Quintin White Dd Feb.26,2002 answers to questions re Pitton, WIL
X4348 158 Forest Lawn Memorial Park Cemetery, Newnan, Georgia from Chuck Rockett
X4349 3 GenForum Dd Mar.2,2002 & emails Dd Mar.3,4,2002 from Virginia Flesher re Dr.David Whitlock, Dentist of Jackson, Madison Co., Tn 1931
X4350 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Mar.4,2002 re Roland & Christina Matilda (Whitlock) Smith (M1904) of Petrolia, Ont Christina Matilda d William & Matilda Jane (Freele) Whitlock (M1862)
X4351 3 ebay item 1080389215 Dd Mar.3-10,2002 re postcard showing Drs William J. Whitlock and nephew, herbalists of Winchester, Frederick Co., Va 1909 from Patrick Lynch
X4352 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Mar.4,2002 re Walter William Gricks & Ada Sophia (Oliver) Whitlock (M1930's) of Red Hill, Brisbane, AUS
X4353 2 GenForum from Terry Morgan Dd Mar.6,2002 re descent from Charles & Esther Whitlock (M1760's) of Va
X4354 2 GenForums Dd Mar.6,10,2002 from Billie Teague re John S. & Catherine (Whitlock) Frank (M1860) Tn?
X4355 3 Emails from Mary Willcutt Dd Mar.6,30,2002 re Charles & Mariah (Ramsey) Whitlock (M1882) Lincoln Parish, La, Charles s Howard & Elizer (Johnson) Whitlock (M1840) Talbot Co., Ga
X4356 1 GenForum from Kathi Sittner Dd Mar.7,2002 re Harvey Duncan Whitlock of SC
X4357 2 Emails from Sharon Whitlock Dd Mar.7,13,2002 re George F. & Emma LeaGusta (Brackeen) Whitlock (M1901) Sulfur Springs, Tx
X4358 1 Rootsweb from Donna Kastner Dd Mar.8,2002 re Mayme Gladys (Latham) (Stokely) Whitlock of Cape Girardeau, Mo
X4359 2 Email from Josephine Skillett Dd Mar.10,2002 re Tarlton & Winifred (Dunlap) Whitlock (M1811) Rockbridge Co., Va
X4360 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Mar.10,2002 Southern Miscellany May 6,1843 Milledgeville, Morgan Co., Ga Drawers in Gold Lottery of 1832, who reside in Morgan County, and whose Lands are ungranted: ...Beasly Whitlock
X4361 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Mar.10,2002 re marriage Anthony & Mary Ann (Whitlock) Phillips at Middleton Tyas [YKS] Nov.17,1857. Mary Ann Whitlock of Birkby
X4362 3 Miscellaneous extracts from Pitton, WIL parish registers for Wassell, Tisdale, Whitlock, Williams, Down, Olden, Laversuch, Haines, Head & Read by Wendy Ford
X4363 1 Email from Les Conner Dd Mar.13,2002 re Billy & Mary J. (Roberson) Whitlock (M1870's) of Rutherford Co., NC
X4364 11 Emails from Bob Shaw Dd Mar.14,16, Apr.11,2002 re Richard Victor & Sidwilla Patience (Phillips) Whitlock (M1911) Wolverhampton, STS
X4365 1 Email from Bob Shaw Dd Mar.23,2002 re Richard Whitlock b.abt 1838 Whitbourne, HEF from IGI online
X4366 1 Email from Bill Cooper Dd Mar.16,2002 re Charles David & Lucy Ann Petress (Atkins) Whitlock (M1864) Weakley Co., Tn
X4367 4 Letter from Iola Ebendorf Dd Mar.11,2002 re John & Anna J. (Wallis) Whitlock (M1790's) of Castleton, Vt
X4368 2 Emails from Paul Whitelocks Dd Mar.19 & Apr.8,2002 re Whitelocks of NTT & LIN
X4369 2 Rootsweb from Rick Crume Dd Mar 12, 2002 re Capt. John Whitlock of Queen’s Rangers, 1778
X4370 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Mar.22,2002 re marriage Ephraim J. & Christina A. (Bozsanti) Whitlock (M1878) Brooklyn, NY
X4371 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Mar.22,2002 re marriage George & Lucinda (Whitlock) Denman (M1896) Il
X4372 1 Rootsweb from Margaret Ransom Dd Mar.15,2002 Brooklyn [NY] Argus Jun.30,1882 Public School Graduations re Hattie Florence Whitlock
X4373 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Mar.22,2002 Civil War, Centralia, Il re Robert R. Whitlock & William C. Whitlock
X4374 1 Rootsweb from Peggy Dd Mar.17,2002 re H.J. Whitlock, photographer of Birmingham, WAR
X4375 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Mar.22,2002 obit of Robert L. Whitlock, 78 of Raymore, Mo died Feb.21,2002 at Belton, Mo
X4376 2 Email from Steven Whitlock Dd Mar.22 & Apr.6,2002 re descent from Milby Anderson Whitlock of Green Co., Ky
X4377 5 Rootsweb & email from Shon Halacka Dd Mar.23 & Apr.8,22,2002 re Oscar J. & Mary Christena (Whitlock) Tomlinson (M1910's) of Springfield, Il
X4378 1 GenForum from James Thompson Dd Mar.28,2002 re Oscar & Callie (Whitlock) Smallen (M1908) of Tn Callie d Preston U. & Sarah (Hill) Whitlock (M1879) Loudon Co., Tn
X4379 1 Letter from Carolyn Hysell March 2002 re descent from Charles & Rachel (Hedrick) Whitlock (M1830's) of Waverly, Il
X4380 1 ebay item #855641766 Dd Apr.2-9,2002 re Whitlock, Troy, NY silverplate fancy teapot from Patrick Lynch
X4381 3 ebay item #855825261 Dd Apr.3-10,2002 re four extemporizations for organ by Percy Whitlock. Carol, Divertimento, Fidelis & Fanfare from Patrick Lynch
X4382 1 Email from Linda Allen Dd Mar.25,2002 re Lizzie Hayle Whitlock bp.1904 d Sarah Ann Whitlock
X4383 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Mar.25,2002 re Sylvanus Newton & Susan E. (Handy) Whitlock (M1870s) of Green Co., Ky
X4384 5 Email from Angela Whitlock Pool Dd Mar.26,2002 re descent from Robert & Martha (Nance) Whitlock (M1800's)
X4385 1 Email from Jorgy Dd Mar.28,2002 re Henry Otha & Lou Vertie (Squires) Whitlock (M1898) of Ky
X4386 2 Email from Bill Bateman Dd Mar.28,2002 re Jack Curry & Stella May (James) Whitlock (M1910's) of Bosque Co., Tx
X4387 51 GenForum & chart from Jean Crowder Gonzales Dd Mar.30,2002 re John W. & Frances Ann (Richison) Whitlock (M1838) Tn
X4388 2 GenForum & email from Beth Pany Dd Mar.30, Apr.2,2002 re James & Sarah (Whitlock) Radford (M1780's)
X4389 1 GenForum from Virginia Brewton Dd Mar.30,2002 re Whitlocks of Brevard Co., Fla
X4390 1 Email from Priscilla Clement Dd Mar.29,2002 re Isaac & Laura (??)(Davis) Whitlock (M1827) New Milford, Ct
X4391 2 Emails from April Whitlock Dd Mar.30 & Apr.30,2002 re Walter Lee & Anna Marie (Bengston) Whitlock (M1911) of Mo & Co
X4392 2 Email from Betty Cassidy Dd Apr.1,2002 re David & Elizabeth (Whitlock) Gentry (M1775) of Va
X4393 1 Email from Jean Dd Apr.1,2002 re Esther Clark -M- (1)Richard Olmstead (1745) and -M-(2)Daniel Whitlock (1777)
X4394 2 GenForums from Amanda Stirner Dd Apr.2,4,2002 re Leonard & Louise (Gerlinger) Whitlock of Syracuse, NY
X4395 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Apr.2,2002 re John Whitlock of Whittlebury, NTH 1773 s-i-l Alice Ayris
X4396 1 Email from Rick Crume Dd Apr.6,2002 re Thomas & Mary Ella (Hopper) Whitlock (M1870's) of Md
X4397 1 Email from Mark Whitlock Dd Apr.4,2002 re obit of Ann Marie Gates b.May 24,1936 d.Mar.31,2002 Montgomery Co., Il gd Warren Wood & Sarah Spray (Whitlock) Gates (M1907) of Il
X4398 1 Email from Dianne Sutton Dd Apr.4,2002 re 1901 census BKM
X4399 1 Rootsweb from Dian Elvin Dd Apr.4,2002 re Celia Whitlock, embroidery teacher, later Celia Syred children’s author
X4400 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Apr.4,2002 re David & Mildred Gentry children of Nicholas Gentry. Both married Whitlocks
X4401 1 Email from Chuck Rockett & Rootsweb from Connie Rhea Rowe Dd Apr.5,2002 re Nehemiah & Electa (Whitlock) Grover (M1818) Gallia Co., Oh
X4402 3 Email from Sharon Whitlock Dd Apr.6,2002 re George Finis (Franklin) & Emma LeaGusta (Brackeen) Whitlock (M1901) of Sulphur Springs, Hopkins Co., Tx
X4403 1 Rootsweb from Meico Whitlock Dd Apr.6,2002 re African-American ancestors of Heron & Sally (Robertson) Whitlock b.1911 of Monroe Co., Ga
X4404 1 Email from Peggy Dolan Dd Apr.6,2002 re Joseph & Sarah Whitlock (M1830's) of Olney, BKM
X4405 2 Email from David E. Rains Dd Apr.7,2002 re James Jackson (John) & Martha Ann (Whitlock) Rains (M1825) of Warren Co., Tn
X4406 5 Ontario Cemetery Finding Aid 87 Whitlock graves & 46 Whitelock graves from Lawrence Otis
X4407 2 eBay item #1528899509 Dd Apr.4-14,2002 movie, Tangled Destinies (1932) re Lloyd Whitlock from Patrick Lynch
X4408 1 Email from Ruth Dd Apr.8,2002 re Thomas A. & Bertha (Burris) Whitlock of Ky
X4409 1 Emails from Elaine Ziegelbauer Dd Apr.9,21,2002 re Emory S. & Fannie (Whitlock) Wilson (M1904) of Hall Co., Ga & Ok
X4410 1 Email from Nancy Whitlock Dd Apr.10,2002, 1920 US census, Ky re William Morris & Margie (Rodgers) Whitlock (M1890's) of Madison Co., Ky
X4411 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Apr.10,2002 Brooklyn [NY] Union Oct.4,1904 re obit of Deborah A. Whitlock born Mar.30,1830 died Oct.3,1904 widow of Alexander Whitlock, printer
X4412 1 Email from Terry Dd Apr.11,2002 re Eliza Harriet bp.Apr.5,1874 d James & Lucy (??) (Burton) Whitlock (M1870's) of Hinton, Parish of Woodford, NTH
X4413 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Apr.12,2002, 1851 census Kidlington & Trupp, OXF re Elizabeth Whitlock age 4 living with grandfather, William Horn.
X4414 2 Emails from DeDe Henning Dd Apr.12 & 15,2002 re Jack Curry & Stella May (James) Whitlock (M1910's) of Bosque Co., Tx
X4415 1 Email from Rita Somers Dd Apr.13,2002 re John & Sarah (Graves) Whitlock (M1853) Middlesex Co., Ont
X4416 2 eBay item 854291649 Dd Apr.2,2002 Bobby Whitlock sheet music "Ease Your Pain" by Hoyt Axton from Patrick Lynch
X4417 3 eBay item 1822060125 Dd Apr.16-23,2002 Rusty Whitlock 6'1"Fish surf board from Patrick Lynch
X4418 3 Emails from Colin Whitelock Dd Apr.14,2002 re George Charles & Louisa Heather (Overington) Whitelock (M1909) Croydon, SRY & Portsmouth, HAM
X4419 3 Email from Lynda Whitlock Dd May 4,2002 & Pedigree Chart descent from Henry & Rebecca Emily (Arnold) Whitlock (M1843) Frederickton, NB
X4420 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Apr.14,2002 Brooklyn [NY] Standard Union Jan.12,1910 obit of Thomas Whitlock died Jan.11,1910 Thomas s James & Anna (Stimson) Whitlock
X4421 3 Emails from Chuck Rockett & Ray Goodwin Dd Apr.16,2002 re William & Roseanna (Shelton) Whitlock (M1800's) of Morgan Co., Il with connections to Story family
X4422 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Apr.17,2002 re Samuel Benedict & Elizabeth Hume (Stevenson) Whitlock (M1889) of Warsaw, NY
X4423 12 GEDCOM file from Rick Crume Dd Apr.18,2002 descent from Thomas & Mary Ella (Hopper) Whitlock (M1870's) of Md & Pa
X4424 26 Descendants of Levi & Elizabeth (Walters) Grover (M1847) Gallia Co., Oh from Connie Rhea Rowe
X4425 3 Emails from Gary Whitlock Dd Apr.20,22 & May 6,2002 re descent from James & Liza Ellen Galahue (M1890's) Whitlock of Willard, Carter Co., Ky
X4426 54 Email from David E. Raines Dd Apr.20,2002 re descent from John & Martha Ann (Whitlock) Rains (M1841) Warren Co., Tn
X4427 2 Emails from Pam A. Ford Dd Apr.21, & May 20,2002 re Samuel & Clarissa (Babcock) Whitlock (M1817) New Milford, Ct
X4428 1 GenForum from Mary Barkley Dd Apr.27,2002 re Milton & Locrita (Whitlock) Adams (M1880's) of Ga
X4429 1 GenForum from Irene Whitlock Dd Apr.27,2002 re James Byron (Barrin) & Lucinda (Dreisbach) Whitlock (M1880's) of Luzerne Co., Pa
X4430 1 GenForum from Susan Barker Dd April.28,2002 re Thomas Wellington Whitlock b.1790, Va
X4431 1 Email from Michael Blatnik Dd Apr.24,2002 re Arthur Jacob & Eleanor Mabel (Carter) Whitlock (M1890's) of Ravenna, Portage Co., Oh
X4432 1 Email from Quintin White Dd Apr.24,2002 re William & Jane (Whitlock) Cusse (M1803) Pitton, WIL Jane d. Thomas & Martha (White) Whitlock
X4433 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Apr.26, 2002 re Samuel L. & Ann Eliza Whitlock (M1850's) of Brooklyn, Kings Co., NY
X4434 1 Email from Jan Clarke Dd Apr.27,2002 re Whitlock & Amey Jane (Gould) Williams (M1854) Newport, Monmouthshire, WLS
X4435 3 Emails from Quintin White Dd Apr.29 & May 2,2002 re updates to the Whitlocks of Pitton, WIL
X4436 29 Descendants of Richard & Mary (Wassall) Whitlock (M1683) Figheldean, WIL with updates to Apr.29,2002
X4437 1 Email from Virginia Ely Dd Apr.28,2002 re descent from Grizel (Coleman) Whitlock (1705-1759)
X4438 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd May 1,2002 re George B. & Lilian S. (Whitlock) Germann (M1909) Brooklyn, NY
X4439 1 Email from Margaret Fox Dd May 3,2002 re Lot O. & Mary Ann (Kiser) Whitlock (M1888) Arkadelphia, Clark Co., Ar
X4440 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd May 4,2002 Brooklyn [NY] Union-Argus May 11,1878 obit of Andrew F. Whitlock age 29?
X4441 2 Emails from Fred Pennington Dd May 4,7,2002 re Charles Daniel & Isabelle (Morgan) Whitlock (M1916) of Randolph, Rich Co., Ut
X4442 3 Emails from Lawton Johnson Dd May 7,8,2002 re Colin Campbell & Annie (Inches) Whitlock (M1883) St.Stephen, Charlotte Co., NB
X4443 4 GenForum from Dorotha Reavis Dd May 8,2002 re Charles Francis & Mary Bettie (Paris) Whitlock (M1880) of W.Plains, Howell Co., Mo
X4444 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd May 9,2002 obit of Thomas Whitlock of Brooklyn, NY b.Mar.13,1816 d.1909
X4445 3 Rootsweb from Reta DeShields Parton Dd May 11,2002 re Reuben & Agnes (Whitlock) Dodson (M1780's) Surrey Co., NC
X4446 1 Email from Michelle Ash Dd May 12,2002 re John & Alice (Whitlock) Quirk (M1902) of Bermondsey, LDN
X4447 1 Rootsweb from Dd May 13,2002 re ?? & Nola (George) Whitlock of Fannin Co., Tx
X4448 2 Rootsweb from Peter Griffiths Dd May 14,2002 re 1851 census DOR
X4449 1 Email from Melanie Drolsbaugh Dd May 15,2002 re Robert John & Anne (Parker) Whitlock (M1810's) of Camberwell, SRY
X4450 1 GenForum from Talmage Bartlett Dd May 15,2002 re Samuel & A. Lora Whitlock (M1870's) of Mo & Marion Co., Ar
X4451 3 Email from Wendy Ford Dd May 16,2002 re 2nd film of Pitton, WIL re Seaward, Whitlock, Head, Olden, Tisdale, Wassall, Read, Carter/Williams families
X4452 1 Email from Mark Whitlock Dd May 16,2002 re Carlos M. Whitlock
X4453 2 Email from Rita Somers Dd May 18,2002 re Oakland Cemetery, Mosa, ONT
X4454 1 Email from Shirley Petruska Dd May 21,2002 re John & Elizabeth (Whitlock) Waller (M1870) of Roane Co., Tn Elizabeth d John & Jane (Manis) Whitlock (M1830's)
X4455 1 Email from Carol Magnuson Dd May 23,2002 re Ernest Edmond Whitlock b.1904 of Southampton, HAM
X4456 2 Emails from Rita Somers Dd May 23,24,2002 re death of Hugh William Whitlock (1915-2002) died May 23,2002 in Tilbury, Ont
X4457 1 Email from Richard F. Whitlock Dd May 24,2002 re Whitlocks of Il
X4458 1 GenForum from Evelyn Dd May 10,2002 re George Lansing & Margaret (Patton) Whitlock (M1855) Washington Co., Tn
X4459 3 Letter from Iola Ebendorf Dd Apr.27-May 5,2002 re Whitlocks of Vermont
X4460 3 Family of Zalmon Whitlock d.1861 of Hubbardton, Vt from Iola Ebendorf
X4461 1 Family of Edward L. & Francena L. (Russell) Whitlock (M1864) Keene, NH from Iola Ebendorf
X4462 1 GenForum from Sandra Russell Dd May 22,2002 re Jackson & Nancy C. (Davis) Whitlock (M1858) of Lincoln Co., Tn
X4463 2 eBay item #877190241 Dd May 26 -Jun. 2,2002 Whitlock’s Crossing, SD silver spoon from Patrick Lynch
X4464 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd May 29,2002 Brooklyn, [NY] Argus obit of Fanny Louise infant daughter of William H. & Emma A. Whitlock, granddaughter of Joseph T. Whitlock died July 30,1877
X4465 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd May 29,2002 Spartanburg [SC] Herald Sep.11,1919 re Wallace Whitlock of Hayne shot in his restaurant.
X4466 1 Email from Elaine re Henry & Rhoda (Whitlock) Carter (M1840's?) of Me
X4467 1 Email from Patricia Burrows Dd May 29,2002 re Frank R. & Orpha Jean (Stegall)(Johnson) Whitlock (M1898) Canadian Switch, IT (now Ok)
X4468 1 Email from Sally A. Perez Dd May 29,2002 re children of Jonathan L. & Sally Anne (Whitlock) Perz (M1990's) Sally Anne d Donald Lee Whitlock
X4469 3 eBay item # 2108672329 Dd May 30 - Jun 6,2002 Fire Department Button, B. Whitlock, NY from Patrick Lynch
X4470 5 eBay item # 1356890745 Dd May 30 - Jun 4,2002 Emma Whitlock 3.5" mini toymaker bear
X4471 1 Letter from Marian Warren Dd Apr.22,2002 re death of Otis Franklin Whitlock died Sep.6,2001 Toledo, Oh
X4472 1 Email from Charlene Schoenwolf Dd May 30,2002 re Whitlock/Barrieau ancestors of NB
X4473 2 Emails from Margaret Fox Dd May 31 & Jul.13,2002 re Lot O. & Mary Ann (Kiser) Whitlock (M1888) Arkadelphia, Clark Co., Ar
X4474 6 Rootswebs from Steve Kent Dd May 31 & June 4,2002 re Kent & Marion families re Lott & Elizabeth (Kent) Whitlock (M1813) SC
X4475 3 GenForum & email from Karen Stabile Dd Jun.1 & Jul.13,2002 re A. Nelson & Sophia Jewett (Miles) Whitlock (M1840's?) of Marinette, Wi
X4476 1 GenForum from Robin East Dd Jun.2,2002 re Sgt.H.S. Whitlock Officer Training Corp June 1915
X4477 1 Rootsweb from Theresa Hall Dd Jun.2,2002 re Amos & Lucy (Whitlock) Worrell (M1780) Halifax Co., Va
X4478 1 Email from Richard Foster Whitlock Dd Jun.11,2002 re descent from Foster Smith & Sarah Arilla (Clink) Whitlock (M1867) Rome, Jefferson Co., Il
X4479 1 Rootsweb from Leigh Ann Dd Jun.4,2002 re Nathan Berle & Letha P. (Gibson) Whitlock (M1890's) of Little S. Fork, Casey Co., Ky
X4480 1 Rootsweb from Mary Walters Dd Jun.5,2002 re Hunter Boyd Whitlock of Va
X4481 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Jun.6,2002 1860 census Rome, Floyd Co., Ga re Nathaniel William & Juliana E. (Birch) Whitlock (M1840) Floyd Co., Ga
X4482 3 Descendants of George & Sarah Whitelock (M1810's) of Cranborne, DOR from Peter Griffiths
X4483 6 Email from Sue Lloyd Dd Jun.7,2002 re descent from Samuel Kimsey & Laura Ann (Ryle) Whitlock (M1870's) of Tuckerman, Jackson Co., Ar
X4484 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Jun.10,2002 re Mary Whitlock b.Jun.6,1804 d.Nov.5,1887 buried Bayville Cemetery, Nassau Co., NY
X4485 2 GenForum & email from Scott Wright Dd Jun.14 & 18,2002 re Paul Cameron & Maude (Crosland) Whitlock (M1901) of Charlotte, NC
X4486 6 Emails from Kenneth M. Whitlock Dd Jun.16-27,2002 re James S. & Mary Annis (Hicks) Whitlock (M1867) Greene Co., Tn
X4487 3 eBay item #2114180204 Dd Jun.17-24,2002 postcard of McConnelsville, Oh from Whitelock Hill from Patrick Lynch
X4488 4 eBay item #2114468645 Dd Jun.18-25,2002 postcard Dd Apr.5,1909 re residence of D.G. Whitlock, Nanuet, NY
X4489 1 Email from Philip Jones Dd Jun.19,2002 re Omer Floyd & Hazel Nora (Farmer) Whitlock (M1914) of Il
X4490 6 Rootsweb & Emails from Linda Garrett Dd Jun.18 & Aug.6,22, 2002 re Cowboy Life on the Llano Estacado by Vivian Higley Whitlock s Hiram Higley & Nelly Grant (Causey) Whitlock (M1880's)
X4491 2 Emails from Philip Alan Whitelock Dd Jun.24& Aug.8,2002 re Whitelocks of Leeds, Yks & Aus
X4492 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Jun.24,2002 re Thomas Mason & Henry Whitlock of San Benito, Ca Mar.13,1875, petty larceny
X4493 3 Email from Jerry Maye Wright-Mueller Dd Jun.26,2002 re Jesse & Cora Love (Whitlock) Sailor (M1905) Boise, Ada Co., Id
X4494 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Jun.25,2002 re Lorenzo Whitlock of San Benito, Ca Mar 28,1875
X4495 3 Rootsweb from Nelda Burton Dd Jun.29,2002 re Robert Arnold & Josephine (Whitlock) McClendon (M1865) Sevier Co., Ar
X4496 1 Email from Arvilla Corey Dd Jun.29,2002 Skagit Valley [Wa] Herald Dd Jun.25,2002 obit of Anita Elizabeth (Genssmantel) Whitlock died Jun.22,2002 widow of Doran Whitlock
X4497 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Jun.30,2002 Brooklyn [NY] Union Argus Dd Sep.18,1877 obit of Annie Whitlock, age 27
X4498 1 Extracts from Halifax Co., Va Court House, 1770-1783 from Geneva Campbell
X4499 1 Email from Pam A. Ford Dd Jun.10,2002 re Arthur Clinton & Harriett (Teeters) Whitlock (M1894) Hillsdale, Mi
X4500 1 St.Thomas, Ont Library Surname File Index re Samuel & Emily (Flowers) Whitlock (M1878) St.Thomas, Ont from Lawrence Otis
X4501 1 The [Louisville, Ky] Courier-Journal Dd Mar.24,2002 obit of Ruth Willie Mae Whitlock, 74 died Mar.20,2002 Louisville, Ky from Lawrence Otis
X4502 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Jun.18,2002 Times Union, Rochester, NY Dd May 13,1918 obit of Anna G. (Cleveland) Whitlock, died May 12,1918
X4503 2 Letter from Lawrence Otis Dd July 9,2002 re Emma Rancty Whitlock b.Feb.7,1888 Usborne, Ont d John & Samantha Jane (Lepard) Whitlock
X4504 7 eBay item #1095435466 Dd Apr.19-24,2002 Whitlock’s Occassional Chairs 1941 catalogue by J.W. Whitlock Co., Rising Sun, In from Patrick Lynch
X4505 2 eBay item #861039082 Dd Apr.19-26,2002 CD Stan Getz Plays with Bob Whitlock on bass from Patrick Lynch
X4506 3 eBay item #1724412726 Dd Apr.20-27,2002 1/24 scale die cast Steve Reeves sprint Car #8. Aulby Whitlock Racing from Patrick Lynch
X4507 4 eBay item #865431240 Dd Apr.29-May 6,2002 Ca Harbour scene of sailboats by Mary (Marie) Whitlock (1860-1944) of Riverside, Ca from Patrick Lynch
X4508 3 eBay item #868703591 Dd May 7-14,2002 Whitlock & Sons of Dundee Sct? silver teaspoon & tong set from Patrick Lynch
X4509 3 eBay item #874530924 Dd May 21-28,2002 LP T. Whitlock, Sylvester Stallone, Rocky-Rambo-Cobra-Over the Top from Patrick Lynch
X4510 3 eBay item #2112246728 Dd Jun.11-18,2002 19C cast iron miter box, patented Aug.17,1872 by Seymour & Whitlock, Newark, NJ from Patrick Lynch
X4511 4 eBay item #1742477155 Dd Jun.18-25,2002 scale model of Whitlock 50R hydraulic crawler-mounted excavator from Patrick Lynch
X4512 3 eBay item #1361875558 Dd Jun.22-29,2002 The Great War no 50 Airco D.H.4 The German Offensive Operation Georgette signed Anthony J. Whitlock son of Arthur James Whitlock (1891-2000) from Patrick Lynch
X4513 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Jul.4,2002 re Archibald D. & Elizabeth (Whitlock) King Divorced Feb.29,1848 Ky
X4514 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Jul.5,2002 Marriage licence May 24,1910 William H. Whitlock, 25 & Anna E. Lawson, 22, Brooklyn, NY
X4515 2 Email from Betsy Willey Dd Jul.14,2002 re descent from John Conover & Gertrude (Hoagland) Whitlock (M1858) Hillsborough, Somerset Co., NJ
X4516 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Jul.9,2002 St.Mary’s [Pa?] Daily Press Dd Jul.8,2002 obit of Dr. Walter "Bill" M. Whitlock, 75 of Chenango Bridge, NY died Jul.7,2002
X4517 2 Email from Jody Ewart Dd Jul.10,2002 re update to the WHITLOCK27 chart with Ewart children’s birth dates & places 1999-2001
X4518 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Jul.10,2002 Whitlocks buried at Gethsemane Church of Christ, Mechanicsville, Hanover Co., Va 1953-1999
X4519 6 eBay item #1549095073 Dd Jul.10-20,2002 Oxus in Summer by Katherine Hull & Pamela Whitlock 1940 from Patrick Lynch
X4520 2 Email from Judy Ardine Dd Jul.11-17,2002 Delaware County [Pa] Times Dd Feb.28 & May 6,1975 re Maurice H. & Ellen F. (Eyre) Whitlock (M1906?) of Prospect Park, Pa
X4521 1 Email from Paula Pieri Dd Jul.12,2002 re John & Nancy (Whitlock) Priddy (M1805/6?) Stokes Co., NC Nancy d of Charles Whitlock
X4522 1 GenForum & email from William Gordon Whitlock Dd Jul.11,15,2002 re Edward Latisha (Rogers) Whitlock (M1920's) of Lake City, SC
X4523 1 Rootsweb from Dan R. Hatcher Dd Jul.14,2002 re Leonard & Thurza (Whitlock) Puckett (M1831) of Henry Co., Tn
X4524 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Jul.14,2002 William Thomas & Minnie (Whitlock) Hambrick (M1894) Des Arc, Prairie Co., Ar
X4525 2 Rootsweb and email from Sue Myers Dd Jul.14,15,2002 re James Woodfin & Eliza (Campbell) Whitlock (M1900's) of NC
X4526 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Jul.15,2002 Poundridge Cemetery, NY re Charles W. & Anna G. (Whitlock) Avery (M1846) of Westchester, NY
X4527 1 Rootsweb from Vincent E. Summers Dd Jul.15,2002 re ??? & Lilly (Hickman) Whitlock (M1890's?) of Delaware Co., Pa
X4528 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Jul.15,2002 Jackson Co., Ms re Bache McEvers Whitlock died May 26,2002
X4529 2 Emails from Chuck Rockett Dd Jul.16,19,2002 Poundridge Cemetery, NY re Samuel Gilbert & Happy Hannah (Murray) Whitlock (M1843) of Westchester, NY
X4530 1 Email from John C. Davis Dd Jul.16,2002 Early History of Wabaunsee County by Matt Thompson re Wilbur Simpson & Huldah May (Clements) Whitlock (M1910) Kansas City, Mo
X4531 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Jul.16,2002 re Samuel & Charity (Rumsey) Whitlock (M1815) Castleton, Vt
X4532 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Jul.23,2002 re James & Mary (Whitlock) Harris (M1886) Hawkins Co., Tn Mary d Michael Harrison & Louiza (Moody) Whitlock (M1860) Washington Co., Tn
X4533 2 Emails from Camille Whitlock Dd Jul.23, Aug.7,2002 re Ora Elsworth & Hattie B. (Wimberly) Whitlock (M1893) Jefferson Co., Il
X4534 1 GenForum from Eric Gilson Dd Jul.24,2002 re Ralph Whitlock student at Drake, Iowa in 1928
X4535 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Jul.24,2002 Register News, Mt.Vernon, Il Jul.11,2002 obit of Harry W. Shields, 80 died Jul.10,2002 husband of Betty Louise Whitlock
X4536 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Jul.24,2002 re Count Haller & Patricia (Quinn) (Whitlock) Von Hallerstein (M1963) NYC
X4537 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Jul.25,2002 re Adam & Elizabeth J. (Lamberth) Whitlock (M1847) Sullivan Co., Tn divorced Feb.28,1849 Ky
X4538 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Jul.25,2002 Warsaw, NY Dd Jul.20,1982 obit of Benita Whitlock, 85 of Warsaw, NY
X4539 1 Email from Charles Grabs Dd Jul.26,2002 re Michael Colbert & Edna Earl (Whitlock) Williams (M1940's) of Paris, Tx Edna married (2) James Samuel Jones
X4540 2 Emails from Quintin White Dd Jul.28, Aug 2,2002 re wife’s descent from Mark & Ann Frances Warin (Bull) Whitlock (M1863) LND
X4541 1 Email from Kevin Dowd Dd Jul.30,2002 1901 census Maidenhead, St.Luke, BRK re Charles Frederick William & Frances Marguerita (Smith) Whitelock (M1896) and Albert E. & Lucy Whitlock