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X4542 2 Emails from Bonnie Williams Dd Jul.30 & Aug.20,2002 re Harrison & Mary (Keeling) Whitlock (M1882) Perry Co., Il
X4543 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Aug.1,2002 re Green Co., Ky marriages Radford/Whitlock 1820,1829
X4544 1 Email from Shirley Rathbun Dd Aug.1,2002 re Everett L. & Florence (McInnes) (Quimby) Whitlock (M1920's?) of Lowell, Ma
X4545 2 Email from Sue Lloyd Dd Aug.5,2002 re Luther H. & Inez L. (Johnson) Whitlock (M1907) Jackson Co., Ar
X4546 4 GenForum & email from Patricia Belt Clavier Dd Aug.5,20,2002 re George Oliver & Birdie Mae (Whitlock) Payne (M1910's) of Tn & Judge & Ida Mae (Payne) Whitlock (M1910's)
X4547 1 Rootsweb from Sara Crabtree Dd Aug.5,2002 re Gaylord Purcell & Margaret Elizabeth (Baumbach) Whitlock (M1941) Buffalo, NY
X4548 1 Email from Karen Jorgensen Dd Aug.6,2002 Greensburg Record Herald, obit of Maxine Shuffett, 84 died Jul.18,2002 Louisville, Ky Maxine d George Talbot & Mattie Coleman (Whitlock) Kemp
X4549 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Aug.7,2002 Western Star Aug.3,2002 Wedding of Charles James Whitlock & Shannon Heather Whalen Jun.22,2002 Toronto [Ont] City Hall
X4550 1 GenForum from Patricia Woodruff Dd Aug.8,2002 re Carey Irene Whitlock b.Aug.8,1957/8? d Lawrence & Margie Whitlock of Fl or Ga
X4551 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Aug.8,2002 re Reginald John Gadfield b.Apr.30,1909 s Albert Edward & Emmeline May (Whitlock) Gadfield of Bloemfontein, South Africa
X4552 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Aug.8,2002 re Frederick William Filor b.May 9,1910 s George Frederick & Flora Elizabeth (Whitlock) Filor of South Africa
X4553 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Aug.10,2002 Journal Star [Peoria, Il]Feb.4,1996 obit of Rev. Wilfred L. Gustin, 68 died Feb.2,1996, re spouse Gerry Whitlock.
X4554 3 Emails from Wilfred Gathercole Dd Aug.11,16,2002 re Thomas & Susannah (Whitlock) Allin (M1805) of Landcross & Langtree, DEV
X4555 3 Emails from Michael Steven Whitlock Dd Aug.10,16,2002 re Thomas B. & Lilly A. Whitlock (M1897) of Delta Co., Tx
X4556 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Aug.13,2002 Warren Co., Ky Martha Chapel Church cemetery re Lon & Maggie Whitlock
X4557 1 GenForum from Mary Ann Morris Dd Aug.15,2002 re George W. & Amanda (Whitlock) Wallace (M1890's?) of Jackson Co., Ga
X4558 2 Emails from Chuck Rockett Dd Aug.13,18,2002 re Dennis & Jane (Brooks) Lindsey (M1810) Wayne Co., Ky Jane d Thomas M. & Sarah (Whitlock) Brooks
X4559 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Aug.14,2002 re John & Elizabeth (Rouzee) Motley (M1695?) of Essex Co., Va Elizabeth d Edward & Mary (Gullock)(Whitlock) Rouzee
X4560 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Aug.15,2002 re Warren family of Louisa Co., Va
X4561 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Aug.16,2002 re Annie Whitlock (1819-1886) of Rising Sun, Cecil Co., Md
X4562 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Aug.18,2002 re John M. & Ophelia (Whitlock) Whitaker (M1851) Union Co., Il Ophelia d William & Elizabeth Whitlock
X4563 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Aug.18,2002 re Rev. Quenton Whitlock Mt.Gillead Church, Holly Springs, Ms
X4564 1 Email from A.K. Lewis Dd Aug.18,2002 re John & Martha Elan (Whitlock) McNally (M1850's?) of Al
X4565 1 GenForum from Craig Lambert Dd Aug.23,2002 re Harry Whitlock & niece (½ sister?) Birdie Walker of Texarkana, Tx 1940's
X4566 1 GenForum & Email from Guy Coombe-Whitlock Dd Aug.26,2002 re Coombe-Whitlock family
X4567 1 GenForum from Giselle O’Reilly Dd Aug.26,2002 re Verna Whitlock b.1920's ENG
X4568 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Aug.20,2002 Crown Hill Gravestones, Denver, Co re Wm F. Whitlock Spanish War vet Mar.19,1913
X4569 1 Email from Gaylord P. Whitlock Dd Aug.22,2002 re death of Margaret (Baumbach) Whitlock Jan.29,2002
X4570 1 Email from Hugh Ainsley Dd Aug.23,2002 1901 census Holborn, MDX re Henry & Elizabeth Whitlock (M1870's)
X4571 1 Rootsweb from Rosita Sutton Dd Aug.28,2002 re William & Nancy (Whitlock (Bryson?)) Sutton (M1840's) of Christian Co., Ky
X4572 3 Letter from Muriel Allen Dd Aug.27,2002 re possible John Whitlock who married Phebe Redman Nov.22,1757 Pitton, Wilts
X4573 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Aug.27,2002 Gallia Co., Oh marriages re Caleb Merritt & Eunice Whitlock married May 12,1827
X4574 2 Descendants of Moses & Rebecca (Brickley) Whitlock (M1810's) of Rising Sun, Cecil Co., Md from Irene Rutter
X4575 2 Emails from Mary Ann Wallace Morris Dd Aug.28,29,2002 re descent from George Washington & Amanda (Whitlock) Wallace (M1900's) of Jackson Co., Ga
X4576 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Aug.30,2002 re F. A. & Sarah Josephine Whitlock (M1860's?) of Rutland, Vt & Owatonna, Mn
X4577 1 Rootsweb from Bettie DeHart Dd Aug.30,2002 re David Green & Rosa Belle (Whitlock) DeHart (M1894) Floyd, Floyd Co., Va Rosa Belle d Elinas Logan & Octavia (Spangler) Whitlock
X4578 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Aug.31,2002 re William & Mindful Arilla (Dixon) (Anderson) Whitlock (M1858) of Clay Co., Mo William s Tarlton & Winifred (Dunlap) Whitlock
X4579 2 Emails from Earl Smith Dd Sep.1,5,2002 re Jonathan & Milley (Whitlock) Ogden (M1790's) of Goochland Co., Va & NB
X4580 29 Emails from E. Morgan Williams Dd Sep.1,2002 re descent from William & Lavisa (Johnson) Whitlock (M1822) of Yadkin Co., NC
X4581 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Sep.3,2002 re General John Whitelocke (1758-1833)
X4582 2 Email from Pam Long to Nancy Whitlock Dd Sep.2,2002 re Valentine T. & Lucy Ann (Long) Whitlock (M1823) Louisa Co., Va
X4583 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Sep.5,2002 re Lewis & Margaret (Murphy) Whitlock (M1950's?)
X4584 2 Emails from Allen Michael Whipps Dd Sep.5,23,2002 re George W. & Lillie Eleanora (Withers) Whitlock (M1890's) of Monroe, Monroe Co., Ia
X4585 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Sep.8,2002 re estate of Henry Bayley of Amboy d.Jul.31.1733 inventory made by John Whitlock, house carpenter of Middlesex Co.
X4586 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Sep.10,2002 re John Porter & Grace Emmie (Jenks) Whitlock (M1903) Glidden, Carroll Co., Ia
X4587 1 Email from David R. Heinz Dd Sep.10,2002 re John & Elizabeth (Watkins) Whitlock (M1861) of Howard Co., Mo
X4588 3 Emails from Greg Whitlock Dd Sep11,12,2002 re Richard L. & Sarah (Hancock) Whitlock (M1804) Patrick Co., Va
X4589 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Sep.11,2002 re John & Elizabeth (Poe) Whitlock (M1717) All Hallows, Gedling?
X4590 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Sep.15,2002 re Pleasant W. & Elizabeth (Drake) Whitlock (M1885) In; L. & Colietia (Whitlock) Drake (M1913)
X4591 1 Rootsweb from Eugene Rackley Dd Sep.18,2002 re Isaac & Rosa Lee (Whitlock) Rackley
X4592 3 eBay item #1860386661 Dd Sep.18-21,2002 re Croton Falls, NY - A.B. Whitlock & Bro. 10 cent Nov.1862 Harris H6A merchant issue that was payable at the Farmers & Drovers Bank Somers, NY from Patrick Lynch
X4593 2 Emails from Margaret Newnes Dd Sep.19&Oct.14,2002 re Henry Stephen & Rachel Thomson (McFarlane) Whitlock (M1884) St.Andrews, Glasgow, Sct
X4594 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Sep.20,2002 re Thomas & Catherine (Horton) Whitlock (M1940's?) of Ar
X4595 2 Emails from Cecilia Whitelock Dd Sep.20,23,2002 re John Richard & Jane (Luisa) Whitelock (M1780's) of Gilbraltar
X4596 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Sep.28,2002 re Henry & Fanny (Brown) Whitlock (M1800's) of NY
X4597 1 Rootsweb from Zachary Kuzowsky Dd Sep.21,2002 re Lewis & Marie "Lottie" (Whitlock) Greer (M1900's) of Philadelphia, Pa
X4598 32 Whitlock/Sheperson Virginia Records Connection re John & Nancy (Shepherdson) Whitlock (M1797) Louisa Co., Va from John Sheperson
X4599 2 Email from Michelle Todd Dd Sep.21,2002 re updates to family of Howard Ray & Sharon Lillian (Turner) Whitlock (M1960) of Ab, Canada
X4600 2 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Sep.25,2002 Friends Cemetery, Galway, Saratoga Co., NY re Jeremiah & Matilda (Brockett) Whitlock (M1818) Galway, Saratoga Co., NY
X4601 1 Email from Jan Waltemath Dd Sep.25,2002 re Thomas C. & Bertha Ann (Harris) Whitlock (M1845) Louisa Co., Va
X4602 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Sep.26,2002 Monroe Co., NY vital and cemetery records
X4603 2 Email from Suzanne Dodge Dd Sep.25,2002 re Matthew & Fanny (Whitlock) Harmison (M1800's) of York Co., Ohio
X4604 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Sep.29,2002 re Robert Eugene & Janice Gaye (Childress) Whitlock (M1965) Alum Creek, Kanawha Co., WVa
X4605 1 Email from re Hawkins & A. Irene (Dycus) Whitlock (M1910's) of Christian Co., Ky
X4606 2 Rootsweb from J.R. Maxwell Dd Oct.2,2002 Asbury, Delaware Co., Oh pastors re Elias D. Whitlock (1843-1913)
X4607 2 Email from MC Apgar Dd Oct.3,2002 re Benajah & Catherine (Apgar) Whitlock (M1830's) of NY & Ia
X4608 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Oct.4,2002 New York Daily Tribune, Oct.20,1847 re P.B. & Mary (Ryan) Whitlock married Oct.4 NY
X4609 2 Email from Christine A. Whitlock Ellinwood Dd Oct.4,2002 re William Whitlock (1787?-1869) of Franklin Co., Al
X4610 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Oct.6,2002 re Samuel & Ann (Whitlock) Marriott married Oct.22,1763 Potterspury, NTH
X4611 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Oct.8,2002 re Charles & Jane (Whitlock) Taliaferro (M1790's) of Surry Co., NC
X4612 1 Admission Register, Chesham Bois Church of England School re Allen b.1938 & Michael Anthony b.1945 sons of James Whitelock from Colin Mills
X4613 1 Email from Rick Irby Dd Oct.10,2002 re Terry Lee Irby died Oct.10,2002 Fort Worth, Tx
X4614 3 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Oct.11,2002 History of Columbia River Valley, Oregon re Mitchell Whitlock
X4615 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Oct.11,2002 re estate of Samuel L. Whitlock Oct.23,1923 of Springwater, Monroe Co., NY
X4616 1 Vital Stats Ont births 1905 Marriage 1920 death 1930 from Lawrence Otis
X4617 1 Ojai [Ca] News, Jul.20,2001 Obit of Jean Lorraine Whitlock, 17 of Ojai died Jul.12,2001 from Lawrence Otis
X4618 1 Toronto [Ont] Star Oct.5,2002 obit of James Litre Whitelock, 70 died Feb.3,2002 Perth, Ont from Lawrence Otis
X4619 1 The Globe and Mail [Toronto, Ont] May 29,1999 birth of Thomas Scott Kenneth Latimer born May 26,1999 s Mike & Kelly (Whitelock) Latimer from Lawrence Otis
X4620 1 The Globe and Mail [Toronto, Ont] Jan.26,1999 obit of James Whitlock Westaway, 77 died Jan.25,1999 from Lawrence Otis
X4621 1 The Globe and Mail [Toronto, Ont] May 18,2002 obit of Dr.Edward Earl Johns died May 15,2002 from Lawrence Otis
X4622 1 Wesleyan Methodist Baptismal Register, Ontario 1845-1890 from Lawrence Otis
X4623 1 Email from John Sheperson Dd Oct.17,2002 re Nathan W. & Mary E. (Williams) Whitlock (M1835) of Ky & In
X4624 4 Email from Sue Myers Dd Oct.19,2002 re James Woodfin & Elvia Jane (Campbell) Whitlock (M1906) of Guilford, NC
X4625 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Oct.22,2002 re William P. Whitlock, 17 died Aug.1849 Meigs Co., Oh Cholera
X4626 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Oct.24,2002 re Charles & Rachel (Hedrick) Whitlock (M1820's) of Sullivan Co., Tn & Morgan Co., Il
X4627 1 Email from Don Hayes Dd Oct.24,2002 re James F. & Louisa (Whitlock) Atterberry (M1890) of Madison Co., Mo Louisa d Tarleton & Amelia (Ruyle) Whitlock (M1851) Greene Co., Il
X4628 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Oct.24,2002 re Frank E. Whitlock, 28 Balls Ferry, Shasta Co., Ca 1900 Voter Registration
X4629 2 Rootsweb from Becky Quinn Dd Oct.24,2002 re William Porter & Dora P. (Deering) Whitlock (M1900) of Greene Co., Mo
X4630 1 Rootsweb from John C. Gile Dd Oct.24,2002 re Josiah Whitlock b.1772 Vt
X4631 3 eBay item #725163250 Dd Oct.16-23,2002 re 1908 Postcard of Whitlock Cordage Morris Canal, Jersey City, NJ from Patrick Lynch
X4632 2 eBay itme #915133036 Dd Oct.21-28,2002 re 33RPM 7" EP Those Happy Moments with Ray Whitlock of Houston, Tx 1960's from Patrick Lynch
X4633 6 Interview Dd Apr.12,1999 with Charles Whitlock of New Brunswick, NJ for the Rutgers Oral History Archives of World War II Charles s. Frank Boudinot & Rosena Craig (Foster) Whitlock from Lawrence Otis
X4634 1 Email from Carol Hayward Dd Oct.26,2002 re Charles Kimzey & Syble (Bowen) Whitlock (M1927) Tuckerman, Jackson Co., Ar
X4635 2 Email from Necia Yehia Dd Oct.26,2002 re Ben Whitlock (about 25) of Winchester, Va participant on Jeopardy
X4636 1 Email from Barbara Zinn Minter Dd Oct.27,2002 re James Pulaski & Martha M. (Harris) Whitlock (M1851) Calhoun Co., Al
X4637 1 Email from Don Hayes Dd Oct.27,2002 re Jonathan & Rebecca (Wheeler) Whitlock (M1839) Washington Co., Tn
X4638 9 Emails from John Gile Dd Oct.27,2002 re Josiah & Sally (Hobart) Whitlock (M1800's) of Vt & NH
X4639 1 Email from Don Hayes Dd Oct.27,2002 re Adair Co., Ky marriages 1811-1824
X4640 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Oct.30,2002 Archdeaconry & Diocese of Madras at Trinity Church, Bangalore, India 1869 re marriage of George Whitlock & Martha Hannah Harris
X4641 7 Email from Elwood Morris Dd Nov.1,2002 re John J. & Amanda (Andrews) Whitlock (M1842) Goochland Co., Va
X4642 2 Letter from Quintin White Dd Oct.28,2002 re Whitlocks of Downton, Wilts also How, Spare, Blake, Moody and Fry marriages.
X4643 5 eBay item # 733175251 Dd Nov.7-17,2002 re 1903 Whitlock Staten Island New York land ad from Patrick Lynch
X4644 3 eBay item ## 1872171625 Dd Nov.7-17,2002 re 1940's Whitlock Chrysler St.Christopher car keys from Patrick Lynch
X4645 1 Email from Jorgy Dd Nov.3,2002 Greenburg [Green Co., Ky] Record Herald 1979 obit of Rufus Earl Whitlock b.Jun.30,1888 d. Mar.30,1979 Louisville, Ky s. Daniel Marion & Irebell (Blakeman) Whitlock
X4646 1 Email from Jorgy Dd Nov.6,2002 Greenburg [Green Co., Ky] Record Herald 1980 obit of Gary Simmons Whitlock, 26 died Aug.9,1980 Scott Co., Ky s Rev. Powell & Wilma (Robertson) Whitlock
X4647 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Nov.4,2002 obit of Joseph Jerry Whitlock, 81 of Fort Smith, Ar died Oct.29,2002
X4648 2 Email from Reginald Vassar Dd Nov.4,2002 re Josiah Whitlock of Prince Edward Co., Va died 1769 Wills and Cole family connections
X4649 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Nov.5,2002 re Brooklyn [NY] Standard Union June 1907 Flushing High School Graduate Kathryn (Katherine Louise) Whitlock (b.1888) d Charles Edward & Ella Gertrude (McCarthy) Whitlock
X4650 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Nov.6,2002 marriage Jun.28,1816 John Stokes of Stowerton & Mary Whitlock Sil (Silverstone?) At Whittlebury, NTH
X4651 1 Email from E. Morgan Williams Dd Nov.6,2002 re Americus Vespucius & Jane (Whitlock) Angell of Yadkin Co., NC
X4652 2 Email from Steven Sims Dd Nov.7,2002 re Robert & Edith (Whitlock) Sims (M1757) Melksham, Wilts Edith d Thomas & Mary Whitlock of Seend, Wilts
X4653 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Nov.9,2002 re William Marion & Raphsie Jane (Whitlock) Griffith (M1860's) of Haywood Co., NC Raphsie Jane d William & Caroline (Coggins) Whitlock
X4654 16 Email from Elwood Morris Dd Nov.10,2002 re census information for Goochland Co., Va 1789-1930
X4655 1 Thame, OXF census 1861 re James & Mary Ann Whitlock from Marianne Whitlock
X4656 1 Kelly’s Directory, Essex, 1926 re William Robert Whitlock White Hart Public House, West Bergholt from Marianne Whitlock
X4657 1 Apprentices: Masters - Mary Mansell Beazley to Sarah Whitlock of St.Martin in the Fields, [LND], Mantua maker, 1763; Simon Crook to Thomas Whitlock of Bristol, [SOM], Grocer £100, 1766 from Marianne Whitlock
X4658 1 Pigot’s Directory, 1839, Halstead, Essex re Francis Whitlock, Yeldham, Maltster from Marianne Whitlock
X4659 1 Pigot’s Directory, 1830, re Joseph Whitlock, High Street, Olney, BKM, Linen/Woolen Drapers from Marianne Whitlock
X4660 1 Pigot’s Directory, 1830, re Edward Whitlock, George Lane, Oxford, OXF, Butcher; William Whitlock, Somertown, OXF, retail Brewer; Thomas Whitlock, Holywell St., Oxford, OXF Grocer from Marianne Whitlock
X4661 1 Marks Tey, Ess marriage William Chamberlain & Mary Whitlock, May 30,1768 from Marianne Whitlock
X4662 1 Kellys Directory, 1899 John Whitlock, Franklin Villas, Great Burstead, Brentwood, Ess from Marianne Whitlock
X4663 1 Family Tree April 2002 re Thomas Benjamin & Ada (Whitlock) Cox (1894) Sparkbrook from Marianne Whitlock
X4664 1 Admission books for Wilberforce School, Kilburn Lane, Paddington, LND Florence Whitlock 1928 d George Whitlock; Ruby Whitelock b.1924 d William Whitlock from Marianne Whitlock
X4665 1 Longbridge Deverill, BKM Bp 1684-1706; M 1706-1731 Dupe & Grant families; Dunton, BKM marriage Ephraim Whitlock & Jane Whittern Oct.15,1810 of Silverstone, NTH; Central London Sick Asylum, Cleveland Street Nov.18-20,1908 re George Whitlock, 45 fitter, sis
X4666 3 ebay item # 737556356 Dd Nov.17-24,2002 re pre-1907 postcard ad for The Whitlock Clothing House, 41 Patton Avenue, Asheville, NC from Patrick Lynch
X4667 3 ebay item #737630699 Dd Nov.17-24,2002 re postcard Dd Dec.16,1917 re Powell, Wyoming, WY Whitlock Hospital from Patrick Lynch
X4668 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Nov.14,2002 re Samuel & Nancy (Whitlock) Hancock (M1826) Green Co., Ky
X4669 2 Email from Quintin White Dd Nov.17,2002 re Robert & Elizabeth (Ford) Whitlock (M1764) Salisbury, WIL
X4670 1 GenForum from Sharon Hutchings Dd Sep.17,2002 re Samuel M. & Susie E. (Wilson) Whitlock (M1892) of Whitlock Dairy Farm, Cripple Creek, Co
X4671 1 GenForum from Dorothy Doyon Dd Sep.18,2002 re Clifford L. Whitlock (1905-1973) of Twisp, Wa
X4672 1 GenForum from Tamera Elliott Dd Sep.21,2002 re Elisha Bell & Nancy M. (Wilson) Whitlock (M1855) Cannon Co., Tn
X4673 2 GenForum & email from Mike Barry Dd Sep.28 & Dec.1,2002 re Jesse H. & Polly (Whitlock) Hallock of Brookfield, Ct
X4674 1 GenForum from Misti Little Dd Oct.22,2002 re George & Odis Whitlock (M1914?) Mo or Tn
X4675 4 GenForums & emails from Robert Jackson & Greg Whitlock Dd Oct.27 & Nov.17& Dec,1,2002 re Ruel & Susannah (Whitlock) Jackson (M1820) Surry Co., NC also Thomas Whitlock of Patrick Co., Va died 1840's with daughters Susan & Elizabeth Jackson & Ruth Fleming
X4676 1 GenForum from Kenneth Snyder Dd Nov.16,2002 re Richard S. & Alabama Clementine (Whitlock) Snyder (M1866) Springfield, Mo
X4677 1 GenForum from Steven Page Dd Nov.21,2002 re Izard Bacon Whitlock (1779-1825) of Richmond, Va
X4678 1 Eamail from Stephen Head Dd Nov.16,2002 re James Whitlock, convict arrived Tasmania, AUS Jan.13,1836
X4679 1 Email from Quintin White Dd Nov.20,2002 re 1851 census Salisbury, WIL
X4680 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Nov 25,2002 obit of Elsie Beard, 78 died Jul.21,2002 Elsie d Richard Clyde & Lottie Mae (Fullbright) Whitlock
X4681 2 Emails from Joan Whitelock Dd Nov.26,30,2002 re Elias & Mary (Osbourne) Whitelock (M1844) Little Torrington, DEV & of WLS
X4682 1 Email from David J. Cox Dd Nov.26,2002 re John & Ada (Whitlock) Cox (M1894) Sparkbrook, Aston, WAR
X4683 1 Rootsweb from Gloria Olson Dd Nov.26,2002 re W.B. & Catherine (Tucker) Whitlock (M1860's) Fl
X4684 1 Email from Rick S. Thomas Dd Nov.28,2002 re ?? Parish will Dd Dec.6,1791 Spotsylvania, Va witness John Whitlock
X4685 3 Email from Rick S. Thomas Dd Nov.28,2002 re Whitlocks of Va pre 1800
X4686 1 Email from Carol Comp Dd Nov.29,2002 re Daniel & Rachel Ann (Hubbard) Whitlock (M1839) Mercer Co., NJ
X4687 3 eBay item #742505911 Dd Nov.30 - Dec.7,2002 re 1907 Radiator ad by The Whitlock Coil Pipe Co., Hartford, Ct from Patrick Lynch
X4688 2 Rootsweb & email from Carroll B. Knox Dd Nov.29 & Dec 1,2002 re James Henry & Rhoda B. (Whitlock) Carter (M1841?) of Me & NB Rhoda B. Whitlock born Mar.23,1821 St.Stephen, Charlotte Co., NB
X4689 1 Email from Rick S. Thomas Dd Nov.30,2002 re 1821 deed between Izzard Bacon Whitlock & Frances Quarles 100 acres near King William Courthouse, King William Co. Va
X4690 3 Email from Steven R. Page Dd Dec.1,2002 re Izard Bacon Whitlock (1779-1825) of Richmond, Va re property on Clay Street
X4691 1 Email from Greg Whitlock Dd Dec.1,2002 re Thomas Whitlock ( -1841?) of Patrick Co., Va
X4692 1 Email from Sandra Ledbetter Dd Dec.1,2002 re Weldon Whitlock’s Bel Canto For 20th Century, Pro Musica Press, 1969
X4693 27 Patrick Co., Va Tax Records 1791-1850; Franklin Co., Va Tax Records 1822-1850 from Greg Whitlock
X4694 7 Kanawha Co.,Va Tax Records 1847 & 1850 Preston Whitlock; 1849 Thomas Whitlock from Greg Whitlock
X4695 8 Goochland Co. 1782-1800 & Halifax Co. Va 1782-1821 Tax Records from Greg Whitlock
X4696 1 The Record [Ont] May 13,2002 obit of Lillian Margaret (Whitlock) Baker died May 10,2002 Waterloo, Ont b.1922 d Frank Hooper & Lillian Mae (Seymour) Whitlock from Helen Wuerth
X4697 3 eBay item #745297965 Dd Dec.6-13,2002 re 1840's US sword marked Raymound Whitlock, NY from Patrick Lynch
X4698 1 Letter from Paul Wakefield Dd Oct.27,2002 re George & Ruth (Coombs) Whitlock (M1848?) of Salisbury, WIL
X4699 27 1881 census Ont, Simcoe South, Tecumseth re Francis & Elizabeth Whitlock; 1881 census Ont, Huron South, Hay re William J & Agness (Whitlock) Smallacombe; Huron Centre, Seaforth re John & Ann (Whitlock) Able; Huron South, Usborne re Thomas & Mary Jane (Whi
X4700 1 CPR Archives Database Land Purchases 1893-1902 re Frederick & Thomas Whitlock from Lawrence Otis
X4701 8 Canadian Postmasters: F.C. Whitelock, Davidson, Sas 1915-1918; Lucille Whitlock, Angers, PQ 1966;1983-: Fred Whitlock, Glen Adelaide, Sas 1884-1896; Thomas E. Oliver, Glen Adelaide, Sas 1901-1906; Charles Matthews Whitlock, Muscow, Sas 1922-1926 & 1933-19
X4702 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Dec.16,2002 re marriage of John Whitlock,23 & Samantha Lepard, 22 at Stratford, Ont Nov.5,1872. John s Philip & Grace Whitlock of Langtree, DEV
X4703 1 Email from William M. Whitlock Dd Dec.17,2002 re Benjamin Morris & Amelia Mott (Wilson) Whitlock (M1850) of Somerset Co., NJ
X4704 1 Email from Rita Somers Dd Dec.17,2002 re Harold V. Whitlock gs William & Matilda (Freele) Whitlock (M1862) Ont
X4705 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Dec.19,2002 re James M. & Cornelia (Whitlock) Hatch (M1860's) of Chicago, Il
X4706 1 Email from Mark Whitlock Dd Dec.2,2002 re Sarah Leighanna Lassiter & Jacob Ray married Nov.23,2002 Irving, Il Sarah ggd Wilbur T. & Nelma F. (Whitlock) Calame (M1938)
X4707 7 Email from Sharon Hutchings Dd Dec.2,2002 re Samuel M. & Susan E. (Wilson) Whitlock (M1892) Greene Co., Mo
X4708 1 Email from Nancy Whitlock Dd Dec.2,2002 re obit of Mayme H. (Whitlock) Wilson, 75 died Oct.10,2002 Covington, Ky
X4709 2 Email from Alice M. Hall Dd Dec.5,2002 re Tarlton & Winifred (Dunlap) Whitlock (M1811) Rockbridge Co., Va
X4710 2 Emails from Jimmie Denise Whitlock Dd Dec.11,26,2002 re James Clyotte & Fannie Whitlock (M1880's?) of Turkey Creek, Plant City, Fl
X4711 2 Rootsweb & email Dd Dec.12,13,2002 from Fred Mason re Benajah & Catherine Ann (Apgar) Whitlock (M1830's) of Ithaca, Tompkins Co., NY
X4712 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Dec.13,2002 Fulton Co., Ky cemetery re Confederate Veteran, James A. Whitlock
X4713 4 Email & Rootsweb from Cynthia Henry & Emily Griffith Dd Dec.14,2002 & Jan.5,2003 re William Marion & Rapsey Jane (Whitlock) Griffith (M1882) of NC & SC
X4714 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Dec.11,2002 re William P. & Betty (Elmore) Whitlock (M1873) Knox Co., Tn
X4715 1 Rootsweb from Diane Schmautz Dd Dec.21,2002 re William & Adelene (Dean) Whitlock (M1840's) of Pierce Co., Wi
X4716 1 Rootsweb from William Melvin Whitlock Dd Dec.23,2002 re William Melvin & Emma (Fiedler) Whitlock (M1896) New York City, NY
X4717 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Jan.1,2003 re John W. & Mary Elizabeth (Whitlock) Foster (M1875) Jackson Co., Oh
X4718 1 GenForum from Bob Benjamin Dd Dec.3,2002 The Evening Sun obit of Boyd Alexander Whitlock b.Oct.15,1928 Staunton, VA d.Nov.30,2002 Fairfield, Pa
X4719 2 GenForum & email from Larry Perkins Dd Dec.5,2002 & Jan.5,2003 re Henry J. Whitlock, photographer of Birmingham, WAR
X4720 3 GenForums from Joe Walker & Douglas Whitlock Dd Dec.11,15,16,2002 re Raymond C. & Christina U. (Urguhart) Whitlock (M1910's) Co
X4721 1 GenForum from David Thomas Dd Dec.27,2002 re Edgar Montgomery Whitlock (b.1888 NY- d.1918 France) s Edgar & Prudence E. Whitlock
X4722 1 Rootsweb from Clarence Wooton Dd Jan.2,2003 re James & Rebecca (Wooton) Whitlock (M1820's) NC
X4723 2 GenForum & email from Stephen Whitlock Dd Dec.20,2002 & Jan.5,2003 re William & Elizabeth (Green) Whitlock (M1816) Jackson Co., Ga of NC & Al re War of 1812 service
X4724 2 GenForum & email from Vikky Wilburn Anders Dd Dec.20,2002 & Jan.7,2003 re William Robert & Frances (Webb) Whitlock (M1855) Kanawha Co., WVa
X4725 3Emails from Douglas Whitlock and Joe Walker Dd Dec.18,2002 & Jan.5,2003 re William Jesse & Annadelphia (Arter) Whitlock (M1880's) Pueblo Co., Co
X4726 5 Rootswebs & email from Betty Lynn Ingram Dd Jan.5,9,11,2003 re Collin & Sallie (Whitlock) Bowen (M1889) Abbeville, SC
X4727 8 Email from Elwood Morris Dd Jan.3,2003 re John J. & Amanda V. (Andrews) Whitlock (M1842) Goochland Co., Va
X4728 9 Descendant Chart re James & Mary (Adams)(Golden) Whitlock (M1780's) of Va & Grainger Co., Tn from Douglas Lee Whitlock
X4729 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Jan.6,2003 obit of Mrs. Clara Gresham Whitlock, 83 of Rome, Ga died Sep.7,2002 widow of Carl Nixon Whitlock
X4730 1 Email from Judy S. Card Dd Jan.9,2003 re Alexander Hall & Charity Emiline (Childress) Whitlock (M1867) of Pulaski Co., Va
X4731 1 The Hamilton [Ont] Spectator May 13,2002 Obit of Lillian Margaret (Whitlock) Baker died May 10,2002 from Lawrence Otis
X4732 1 The Hamilton [Ont] Spectator Jun.8,2002 Birth Taitum Makenzie Whitlock Jun.6,2002 d Krystel Whitlock from Lawrence Otis
X4733 1 The Hamilton [Ont] Spectator Jan.10,2003 obit Elsie (Bannerman)(North) Johns, 87 died Jan.8,2003 from Lawrence Otis
X4734 6 Rootsweb & emails from Loy Sunday Dd Jan.9-Feb.10,2003 re George & Cynthia (Raper) Whitlock (M1880's) of Searcy Co., Ar
X4735 1 Email from Carl D. "Chris" Whitlock Dd Jan.14,2003 re Huber M. & Ruth Elizabeth (Hunter) Whitlock
X4736 2 Emails from Kevin Gumbrell Dd Jan.16,22,2003 re George & Sarah Whitelock (M1810's) of Cranborne, DOR
X4737 6 eBay item # 3201409618 Dd Jan.15-22,2003 re 1934 Horse Racing Game by J.W. Whitlock Co. of Rising Sun, In from Patrick Lynch
X4738 2 Email from Cora Janee Dd Jan.16,2003 Kennett School, Shasta Co., Ca 1906-1908 re Eunice Whitlock
X4739 4 Emails from Audrey D. Wood Dd Jan.17-30,2003 re William & Luella (Sanders) Whitlock (M1880's) of Ks
X4740 2 Email from Cooker Dd Jan.18,2003 re John Huntley & Lucy (Whitlock) Earnest (M1831)
X4741 1 Email from Sue Caldwell Dd Jan.1,1997 (sic) re Thomas K. & Martha Jane (Bates) Whitlock (M1851) Tn or Ks