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X4742 32 GEDCOM from Kevin Gumbrell Dd Jan.22,2003 re George & Sarah Whitelock (M1810's) of Cranborne, DOR
X4743 1 Email from Karen Jorgensen Dd Jan.24,2003 Greensburg Record Herald obit of Mary Beulah (Whitlock) Roberts died Jan.26,1990 Boonville, Ind age 79
X4744 1 Rootsweb from Debbie Dd Jan.25,2003 re William & Mildred (Whitlock) Hurst (M1805) NC
X4745 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Jan.28,2003 newspaper from Lyons, Wayne Co., NY Dd Jan.13,1928 re Leon Whitlock of Rochester, NY visiting parents in Lyons
X4746 1 Email from Kathy Marcott Dd Jan.28,2003 re Whitlocks of Silverton, Ore 1910
X4747 1 Email from Pat Corona Dd Jan.29,2003 re Rufus Doak & Rebecca Jane (Hawkins) Whitlock (M1871) Jefferson Co., Il Rebecca married (2) Roberson (3) Barnfield
X4748 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Jan.30,2003 re Clinton Ethelbert & Eliza Thompson (Whitlock) Brush (M1869) of NY
X4749 1 Rootsweb from E.R. Hills Dd Feb.2,2003 re Benajah & Catherine (Apgar) Whitlock (M1830's) of NY & Ia
X4750 1 Email from Doreen Heaton Dd Feb.4,2003 re John & Charlotte Osgood (Northmore) Whitlock (M1835) Exeter, DEV
X4751 1 Rootsweb from Van Curen Dd Feb.4,2003 re John & Phebe (Rebecca?) (Van Keuren) Whitlock (M1870's) of Sullivan Co., NY
X4752 2 Rootsweb from Joyce Ranieri Dd Feb.5,2003 re William & Nancy (Dougan) Whitlock (M1835) of Washington Co., NY
X4753 2 Rootsweb from Cary Whitlock Dd Feb.5,2003 re George Everett & Isabelle Emily (Judson) Whitlock (M1918) Detroit, Mi
X4754 2 Emails from Holly Emmons Perreault Dd Feb.5,11,2003 re Roland Smith & Christina Whitlock of Petrolia, Ont
X4755 3 eBay item #3205297639 Dd Feb.1-8,2003 re rare Whitlock Cordage Co. rope caliper from Patrick Lynch
X4756 3 eBay item # 3206281708 Dd Feb.5-12,2003 re Stereoview of "Lord Wellington" railroad engine by L.L. Whitlock, Publisher, NYC from Patrick Lynch
X4757 2 Rootsweb from Norma Audette Vinchkoski Dd Feb.11,2003 The News-Times, Danbury, Ct Feb.7,2003 obit of Charity Ann (Favreau) Whitlock, 44 wife of Roland Whitlock died Feb.6,2003
X4758 4 Rootswebs from Linda Feaster Dd Feb.11,12,2003 re Thomas & Angeline (Whitlock) Welsh (M1860's) of Mo
X4759 4 Banbury, OXF baptisms and burials 1558-1653 re Knight family from Arthur W. Cole
X4760 4 The Times 1793-1903 Palmers Index on CD-ROM from Colin Mills
X4761 2 Letter from Race Walking Association to Sylvia Mort Dd Jan.14,2002(sic) re Harold Whitlock, M.B.E.
X4762 3 eBay item # 2912202035 Dd Feb.15-22,2003 wedding announcement re James Billings Whitlock & Sarah Electa Crane Dec.12,1900 Richland, Mi from Patrick Lynch
X4763 3 eBay item # 2912214744 Dd Feb.15-22,2003 wedding announcement re Roland James Whitlock & Caroline Van Laar Aug.17,1935 Kalamazoo, Mi from Patrick Lynch
X4764 7 eBay item # 3502381034 Dd Feb.19 - Mar.01,2003 paintings of man and woman by William Whitlock, Dd 1888 Toledo, Oh from Patrick Lynch
X4765 3 Emails from Amy B. Moore Dd Feb.13, & Mar.11, & Apr.1,2003 re Charles & Jane (Welsh) Whitelock (M1734?) of Cecil Co., Md
X4766 1 Email from Clarence Wooton Dd Feb.14,2003 re Moses & Nancy (Whitlock) Wooton (M1850's)
X4767 1 Email from Brooklyn [NY] Standard Union Sep.24,1863 The Draft Exemptions, Proceedings in Second Congressional District, 10th Ward. Businesses now in service...Andw Whitlock, 227 Pacific Street
X4768 1 Email from John William Allbritton Dd Feb.15,2003 re descent from Thomas & Grizell (Whitlock) Allbritton (M1746?) Hanover Co., Va
X4769 2 Email from Connie Baugh Hickey Dd Feb.20,2003 re updates to the WHITLOCK33 chart
X4770 6 Biography & publication list of Prof. Michael Whitlock of Department of Zoology, UBC at from Patrick Lynch
X4771 1 Whitlock Farm Booksellers, 20 Sperry Road, Bethany, Ct at from Patrick Lynch
X4772 1 Lloyd Whitlock Video Titles 1925-1949 at from Patrick Lynch
X4773 5 Albert J. Whitlock, biography, filmography 1965-1987 at from Patrick Lynch
X4774 2 Isiah Whitlock Jr. filmography 1990-2003 Notable TV guest Appearances 1990-2002 at from Patrick Lynch
X4775 2 The Titanic a poem by Brand Whitlock first published in Collier’s: The National Weekly on 4 May 1912 at from Patrick Lynch
X4776 2 Whitlock’s Mill Light 1909 at from Patrick Lynch
X4777 2 The Kansas City Star re Jason Whitlock, Sport Columnist at from Patrick Lynch
X4778 4 eBay item # 3502619341 Dd Feb.20-27,2003 re Eve and Her Jewel Casket by Herbert P. Whitlock reprinted from Natural History, Volume XLII, pages 7-11autographed from Patrick Lynch
X4779 3 eBay item #2161003449 Dd Feb.20-27,2003 re 1908 ad Whitlock Printing Press Mfg. Co., Derby, Ct from Patrick Lynch
X4780 3 eBay item #2012873654 Dd Mar.26- Apr.2,2002 re Dried Flowers How to Prepare Them by Sarah Whitlock & Martha Rankin, 1962 from Patrick Lynch
X4781 4 eBay item #1088306471 Dd Mar.28- Apr.4,2002 re J.W. Whitlock Co., Inc., Rising Sun, In advertising blotter from Patrick Lynch
X4782 1 eBay item #1088462105 Dd Mar.28- Apr.4,2002 re Whitlock auto belt part from Patrick Lynch
X4783 3 eBay item #1088833789 Dd Mar.30- Apr.6,2002 re Whitlock Manilla Rope Co. ashtray from Patrick Lynch
X4784 3 eBay item #1088867185 Dd Mar.30- Apr.6,2002 re Whitlock Motor plate by J.W. Whitlock & Co., Rising Sun, In from Patrick Lynch
X4785 5 eBay item # 1809090016 Dd Mar.30- Apr.6,2002 re Raymold & Whitlock, 99 & 101 Fourth Ave. New York, NY "manufacturers of uniforms and paraphernalia for all secret societies" Patriarchs Militant medal from Patrick Lynch
X4786 3 eBay item # 1817696150 Dd Mar.31- Apr.7,2002 re 1946 Boxing Dope magazine re Dave Whitlock "The San Francisco crowd pleaser" from Patrick Lynch
X4787 5 eBay item #855216001 Dd Mar.31- Apr.2,2002 re Phantasie Concert Record "Held Fast in a Baby’s Hand" & "Drifting Apart" by Walter Whitlock, Tenor solo also Sardis Records "She Went Away" & "Too Many Broken Hearts" by Hunter Whitlock from Patrick Lynch
X4788 3 eBay item #1088781777 Dd Mar.29- Apr.8,2002 re Victorian photo of young Henry Whitlock taken by Ravell, Lyons, NY from Patrick Lynch
X4789 3 eBay item #3213335618 Dd Mar.9-16,2003 re early 1900's hair/skin care amethyst tint glass bottle "Claude Whitlock" in wreath around fleur d’lys, St.Paul, Minn from Patrick Lynch
X4790 2 Emails from Annabelle Sutton & Chuck Rockett Dd Feb.21,22,2003 re 1851 census Devon Charles James Taller Whitlock b.1840 & Hubert Corneil (sic) Whitlock b.1837 Madras, India & Federata Whitlock b.1835 Bangalore, India
X4791 3 Rootswebs from Trevor Whitlock Dd Feb.22,23,2003 re Christopher & Ann (Coad) Whitlock (M1869) of CON & AUS
X4792 1 Email from Peter Cassidy Dd Feb.23,2003 play Whitlock’s Walk re Hector Harold Whitlock (1903-1985)
X4793 1 Email from Quintin White Dd Feb.24,2003 re marriage Job Whitlock & Emily Wingrove at Laverstock, WIL Jun.9,1870
X4794 1 Email from Paul J. Burnham Dd Feb.24,2003 re marriage Thomas Privett & Amelia Whitlock, South Stoneham, HAM 1830
X4795 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Feb.24,2003 re Samuel E. & Alice A. (Phelps) Whitlock (M1900's?) Alice A. Phelps b. Md
X4796 1 Email from Marianne & Clive Evans Dd Feb.27,2003 re Joseph & Emma Whitlock (M1856) of St.Stephen, Birmingham, WAR
X4797 2 Emails from Margaret Bradford Dd Feb.28,& Mar.4,2003 re John & Sarah (Whitlock) Perry (M1825) Salisbury, WIL
X4798 1 Email from Donna Macy Sand Dd Mar.2,2003 re death of husband, Robert Theodore Sand Feb.5,2003
X4799 1 Email from Nancy Blevins Dd Mar.4,2003 re connections between Whitlock, Boles and George families
X4800 3 Email from Audrey Wood Dd Mar.6-17,2003 re James & Luella (Sanders) Whitlock (M1880's) Mo
X4801 2 Emails from Martin Dd Mar.5,9,2003 re Christopher Wood & Elizabeth Warner (Whitlock) Sandidge (M1821) Green Co., Ky
X4802 1 Email from Karen Jorgenson Dd Mar.5,2003 Central Kentucky News Journal obit Norman Otis Pruitt b.Oct.5,1923 d.Mar.16,1975 Greensburg, Ky Norman gs Francis M. & Louisa E. (Bagby) Whitlock (M1882) Green Co., Ky
X4803 1 Email from Michael D. Lacopo Dd Mar.7,2003 re John & Sarah (Green) Whitlock (M1890's?)of NFK & Gt.Burstead, ESS
X4804 2 Rootsweb from Anita Whitlock Dd Mar.6,2003 re William & Christiana (Derryberry) Whitlock (M1835?) Tn
X4805 1 Rootsweb from Robert McCormick Dd Mar.8, 2003 re James Thomas & Mahaly (Starkey) Whitlock (M1881) Warren Co., Tn
X4806 1 Rootsweb from Dortha Wren Dd Mar.8,2003 re Wilson & Whitlock families of Greene Co., Mo
X4807 1 Rootsweb from Chuck Rockett Dd Mar.9,2003 Janesville Morning Gazette Dd Jun.30,1857 re D. & Eliza Jane (Whitlock) Sheppard married Jun.2,1857 Harmony, Wi Eliza Jane d.William & Julia (Brown) Whitlock (M1804) Essex Co., NJ
X4808 2 Email from Steven R. Shook Dd Mar.9,2003 Chesterton Tribune, Chesterton, Porter Co., In Dd Nov.10,1887 obit of Mrs. Nancy Whitlock, 82 of South Bend died Nov.8,1887 in Chesterton
X4809 1 Email from Ken Jones Dd Mar.11,2003 re Joseph & Martha Whitelock (Rumford) Jones (M1834) Wilmington?, De
X4810 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Mar.12,2003 re George Whitlock agent to 2nd Fleet 1789?
X4811 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Mar.13,2003 The Register-News, Mt.Vernon, Il Dd Dec.30,1954 re Rev. Leonard Whitlock
X4812 1 Email from John C. Whitlock Dd Mar.21,2003 Augustus Stanley & Florence Caroline (King) Whitlock (M1920's)
X4813 4 eBay item #2166627319 Dd Mar.22-29,2003 Lip Smacker by Paul Harris and Rodney Whitlock a party trick gimmicked box from Patrick Lynch
X4814 3 Rootsweb from Karen Jorgensen Dd Mar.21,2003 Greensburg [Ky] Record Herald Dd Aug.1973 obit for Mrs. Ruth (Lile) Nunn, 71 died Aug.16,1973 re sister Mrs. Pearl Whitlock of Greensburg, wife of Henry B. Whitlock
X4815 1 Email from Judi Dd Mar.23,2003 re Floyd & Alena (Whitlock) Reynolds (M1904) Ansley, Jackson Parish, La Alena d Lott O. & Mary Ann (Kizer) Whitlock
X4816 3 Email from M. Norton Dd Mar.24,2003 re Orange & Phebe (Hiscock) Whitlock (M1845) Washtenaw Co., Mi Phebe d Isaac & Phebe (Crandall) Hiscock (M1793) Duansesburg, NY
X4817 4 eBay item #2518483386 Dd Mar.24 - Apr.3,2003 re 10 inch, 78 rpm recording "Bell Solo and Band" by W. Whitlock, on Starr Co., Gennett Record Label, release No.4661, pressed in Canada in 1920 from Patrick Lynch
X4818 4 Family Bible? records re Thomas K. & Dicey Elizabeth (Brogan) Whitlock (M1830) of Statesville, Tn
X4819 1 Email from Keith Davey Dd Mar.18,2003 re Roland & Christina Matilda (Whitlock) Smith (M1904) Petrolia, Ont
X4820 7 Descendants of Charles & Jane (Welsh) Whitelock (M1734?) of Cecil Co., Md from Amy B. Moore
X4821 2 Public Record Office, Documents Online, U.K. wills 1670-1849
X4822 2 Letter from Betty G. Whitelock Dd Mar.20,2003 re death of husband Derek Frederick Whitlock of Saltash, CON
X4823 1 Main Line of Elizabeth Bolton (Whitlock) Kadel, descent from Grizel (Coleman) Whitlock (1705-1759) of Goochland Co., Va
X4824 4 UK Info-Disk 2002 Light re Whitlocks of Britain from Colin Mills
X4825 1 Letter from Colin Mills Dd Mar.16,2003 re Thomas Collins & Mary Ann Witlark of Wavendon banns of marriage St.Mary’s Aylesbury, BKM July 1821
X4826 2 Letter from Lawrence Otis Dd Mar.19,2003 re William & Agness (Whitlock) Smallacombe (M1870's) of Hensell, Huron Co., Ont
X4827 4 [Brantford, Ont] Expositor Births, Marriages and Deaths 1899-2001 re Whitlock and Westaway families from Lawrence Otis
X4828 1 Email from Quintin White Dd Mar.25,2003 re updates to the WHITLOCK50 chart
X4829 1 Descent from William Hubbard (Hobart?) & Hester (Francisco) Whitlock (M1829) Mayfield, Cuyahoga Co., Oh from Kristine Whitlock
X4830 3 eBay item #3216363837 Dd Mar.27-Apr.3,2003 re photo Doug Whitlock with Kidd Baker Show 1940's-1960's from Patrick Lynch
X4831 4 Emails from Randy L. Picker Dd Mar.28 & Apr.1-30,2003 re William H. & Mary Jane (Foster) Whitlock (M1880's) of Al & Hopkins Co.,Tx
X4832 1 Email from Dortha Dd Mar.31,2003 re Thomas Jefferson Whitlock of Hardeman Co., Tn 1832
X4833 1 Email from Betty Whitlock Dd Mar.29,2003 re Greenberry & Nancy Caroline (Godfrey)(Patton) Adams (M1860's) Wilson Co., Tn
X4834 3 Article from the Litchfield Historical Society about Hopestill Bigelow re John & Jemima (Benedict) Whitlock (M1760's) of Danbury, Ct from Iola Ebendorf
X4835 1 Email from Susan Barker Dd Mar.30,2003 re Casey & Mary Melvina (Whitlock) Redburn (M1857) Jefferson Co., Il
X4836 23 Descendants of James Whitlock of Surrey Co., Va b.1650's from Robert McCormick
X4837 51 Descendants of Henry Derryberry of Essex Co., Va b.1662 from Robert McCormick
X4838 2 Email from Karen Jorgensen Dd Mar.30,2003 Greenburg [Green Co. Ky]Record Herald obit of Laura Jane (Lee) McKinney b.Jul.18,1879 d.Jun.7,1972 d W.P. & Eliza (Whitlock) Lee
X4839 2 Email from Keith Davey Dd Mar.30,2003 re Roland & Christina Matilda (Whitlock) Smith (M1904) Petrolia, Ont
X4840 2 Emails from Catherine Hudson Dd Mar.31 & Apr.26,2003 re John & Ann (Quartermain) Whitlock (M1784) Eynsham, Oxf
X4841 5 Emails from Colleen Dipastina Dd Mar.31-Apr.2,24,2003 re Moses & Sarah Whitlock (M1820's) of NJ?
X4842 1 Email from Barry Webb Dd Apr.1,2003 re James Whitlock & Sarah Harris married Jan.5,1847 South Leigh, Oxf
X4843 1 Email from Zillah Watson Dd Apr.4,2003 re John Innes Whitlock
X4844 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Apr.4,2003 re W. Whitlock of Jolon, Ca Oct.1890
X4845 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Apr.5,2003 Sylvania school 1908-09 Troy, Bradford Co., Pa re children of Lorain Dodge & Blanche M. (Stevens) Whitlock (M1898)
X4846 1 Email from Richard Heineman Dd Apr.6,2003 re Vermont Chronicle Feb.1834 re marriage of cousins Levi Whitlock to Rena Kingsley & John Gilbert Whitlock to Mary Sanford Feb.12,1834
X4847 2 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Apr.6,2003 re Thomas Whitlock, Deputy Sheriff of Fresno Co., Ca 1882
X4848 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Apr.7,2003 marriage of James E. Knauss,27 & Auda May Whitlock, 20 at Benton, Franklin Co., Il Oct.4,1917
X4849 1 Email from Jeff Whitlock Dd Apr.7,2003 re Whitlocks of Preston, LAN & Victoria, BC
X4850 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Apr.8,2003 Walker Elementary Bonner Springs, Ks 1895 re Clay Whitlock
X4851 12 Email from Julie Betteridge Dd Apr.9 & May 11,2003 re George & Mary (Travill) Whitlock (M1830's) of Paulerspury, NTH
X4852 3 re Manhattan Theater Club actor Isiah Whitlock from Patrick Lynch
X4853 2 re Local Hero Award presenter, Isiah Whitlock from Patrick Lynch
X4854 3 eBay item #2520252932 Dd Mar.31-Apr.7,2003 78RPM on Gennett Label, Starr Co., of Canada, London, Ont Big Ben & Mac’s Birthday by Billy Whitlock from Patrick Lynch
X4855 1 GenForum from Willie Olmstead Dd Jan.30,2003 re Anna Thomson Whitlock & son Dewey Whitlock of Oneonta, NY
X4856 2 GenForum & email from David Everett Dd Feb.4 & May 4,2003 re Enoch & Louisa Jane (Whitlock) Bishop (M1856) Floyd Co., Ga
X4857 1 GenForum from Tim Kreh Dd Feb.19,2003 re Ellis Newman & Susie Jane (Hall) Whitlock (M1912) Louisa Co., Va
X4858 1 GenForum from Thelma Shields Dd Feb.24,2003 re Patrick H. & Angelina (Whitlock) Farris (M1878) Ripley Co., Mo
X4859 1 GenForum from Teena Phillips Dd Apr.9,2003 re Anderson Ellis & Eliza Emma (Long) Whitlock (M1905) of Delta Co., Tx
X4860 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Apr.10,2003 re H. [Hezekiah?] Whitlock of Fair Haven, Vt 1832
X4861 1 Ellen Whitelock (Asquith) of Goderich, Huron Co., Ont from Ellen Penner
X4862 3 eBay item #2722622917 Dd Apr.13-23,2003 1940 Race Walking Program re Harold Whitlock from Patrick Lynch
X4863 3 eBay item #2722621105 Dd Apr.13-23,2003 1942 Race Walking Program re Harold Whitlock from Patrick Lynch
X4864 1 Email from Carol Podolski Dd Apr.14,2003 re Cornelius & Julia (Potter) Whitlock (M1880's?) of NJ
X4865 1 Email from Frann Risher Smith Clark Dd Apr.15,2003 re John & Mildred (Whitlock) Risher (M1810's) of SC
X4866 1 Emails from J. Ronald Patrick Dd Apr.18-21,2003 re Samuel & Ann Brook (Whitlock) Westaway (M1870) Exeter, Huron Co., Ont
X4867 11 Letter from Erlean Hills Dd Apr.11,2003 re descent from John & Mary (Morris) Whitlock (M1793) NJ
X4868 1 GenForum from Laurie Goggin Dd Apr.19,2003 re William & Maria Josepha (Goggin) Whitelock (M1891) Bradford, YKS
X4869 1 Chart from Zilliah Watson re descent from John & Ann (Lee) Whitlock (M1829) St.Antholin, Budge Row, LDN
X4870 1 Email from Colin Mills Dd Apr.19,2003 re Times [of LDN] indexes 1787-1959
X4871 1 Email from Quintin White Dd Apr.20,2003 re Jonathan & Elizabeth (Reeves) Whitlock (M1747) Winterslow, WIL
X4872 2 Rootsweb from Fran Dd Apr.20,2003 re George Whitlock raised by E.A. Keen of Tn 1860's-1880's
X4873 1 Email from Lawrence Otis Dd Apr.23,2003 re Legion magazine Mar/Apr 2003 (p23) re obit John H. "Tarky" Whitlock died Jul.20,2002 age 84 Charlottetown, PEI Branch
X4874 1 GenForum from Greg Whitlock Dd Apr.29,2003 re obit Ruby (Whitlock) Korn died Apr.27,2003 Charleston, SC
X4875 1 Email from Barbara Cypher Dd Apr.25,2003 re Indenture Dd Mar.12,1839 Daniel Couch Whitlock & wife to Elisha Pearce re land in Southbury, Ct Land deeded to Russell Pearce and wife Sarah Whitlock May 31,1839
X4876 1 Rootsweb from Bill Blamire Dd Apr.25,2003 re Martha Emeline (Whitlock) Bruin d.Feb.28,1929, Aldie, Va
X4877 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Apr.26,2003 re Benjamin Jasper & Lucinda Helen (Whitlock) Hawkins (M1870's) Il
X4878 3 Emails from Chuck Rockett Dd Apr.26 - May 3,2003 re Kennett School, Shasta Co., Ca
X4879 2 Rootsweb from Karen Jorgensen Dd Apr.26,2003 Central Kentucky News Journal Dd Apr.25,2003 obit Velma Lucille (Spratt) Whitlock age 80 of Hodgenville, Ky
X4880 1 Rootsweb from Perry Streeter Dd Apr.26,2003 re Griggs and Whitlock families of NJ
X4881 1 Email from Sandra Whitlock Ledbetter Dd May13,2003 re Abraham H. & Clarrissa Elvira (Carter) Whitlock (M1865) Owen Co., Indiana, U.S.A.
X4882 2 Email from Anne Picketts Dd Apr.28,2003 re William & Hannah (Moss) Whitlock (M1816) of NTH
X4883 2 Emails from Peg Tulloch Dd Apr.29 & May 5,2003 re Ephraim James & Georgiana (Dikeman) Whitlock (M1845) of Brooklyn, NY
X4884 2 Rootsweb & email from Patricia Vanderheide Dd May 1,28,2003 re Samuel & Mary (Whitlock) Winn
X4885 1 Rootsweb from Cynthia Dd May 1,2003 re John Whitlock 1650 of Salem, Ma
X4886 1 Rootsweb from Linda Hansen Dd May 2,2003 re Cornelius & Margaret (Whitlock) Swart (M1760's?) of Monmouth Co., NJ
X4887 3 Emails from Betty Whitlock Dd May 5,2003 re John & Francis Ann (Richardson (Richison?) Whitlock (M1838) Tn
X4888 8 Ancestry World Tree Project re Joseph & Hannah (Whitlock) Baldwin (M1636) High Wycombe, BKM from Iola Ebendorf
X4889 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd May 17,2003 re William H. & Emma A. Whitlock (M1870's) of Brooklyn, NY
X4890 3 Descendants of John & Susannah (Williamson) Whitlock (M1796) Co. Armagh, Ireland from Rita Somers
X4891 3 Descent from James & Dorothy Whitlock (M1680's) of Va from Robert H. Whitlock
X4892 3 Emails from Julie Betteridge Dd May 20,2003 re John & Lydia Whitlock (M1810's) NTH
X4893 2 Email from Mark Whitlock Dd May 20,2003 State Journal-Register, Springfield, Il May 19,2003 obit of Fern Leila (Johnson) Whitlock, 81 of White Hall died May 16,2003
X4894 3 Emails from Nigel Turner Dd May 20-24,2003 re Ernest Albert & Bessie Eliza (Whitlock) Hockey (M1899) Christchurch, HAM
X4895 1 Rootsweb from Paul Dd May 20,2003 re Floyd Reporter, 1879 Jacksonville Public Schools, Roll of Merit re Phillip Whitlock, Mary Whitlock, Matilda Whitlock
X4896 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd May 23,2003 re Shasta Co., Ca Kennett School 1917-1920 re Valdemir Whitlock
X4897 2 Rootsweb from Karen Jorgensen Dd May 25,2003 Central Kentucky News Journal Dd May 25,2003 obit Mary A. (Morrison) (Whitlock) Paxton, 83 of Louisville, Ky widow of Vontryce Whitlock (d.1945) died May 20,2003
X4898 2 Emails from Hannah VanHorn Dd May 26,2003 re George S. Whitlock b.1858? of Sullivan Co., Tn
X4899 1 Email from Hannah VanHorn Dd May 27,2003 re John C. & Sarah (Kincheloe) Wheelock of Washington Co., Tn
X4900 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd May 27,2003 re Richard & Hannah (Middaugh) Pew (M1810's?) of Ithaca, NY
X4901 3 eBay item #3524274855 Dd May 26 - June 2, 2003 re 1942 The Whitlock Manufacturing Co., Hartford, Ct heat transfer equipment catalogue from Patrick Lynch
X4902 2 Descent from Joseph & Emma Whitlock (M1850's) of Birmingham, WAR from Clive Evans
X4903 13 Descent from Ephriam James & Georgianna (Dikeman) Whitlock (M1845) of Stockport, NY from Peg Tulloch
X4904 6 Emails from Rose Lane Dd May 30,2003 re Anderson Ellis & Eliza Emma (Long) Whitlock (M1905) of Delta Co., Tx
X4905 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd May 31,2003 re Harrison Jerome & Lundy Jane (Whitlock) Wood (M1890's?) Ar? or Ok
X4906 2 Email from Nancy Whitlock Dd Jun.1,2003 re Louisa Co., Va deed names
X4907 1 Email from Barry Webb Dd Jun.2,2003 re Henry & Sophia (Hill) Whitlock (M1889) Oxford, OXF
X4908 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Jun.3,2003 obit of Dorothy Yvonne (Lessard) Whitlock died May 31,2003, Tilbury, Ont
X4909 1 Email from Mary LeGrand Parmer Dd Jun.5,2003 re Paul Cameron & Maude (Crossland) Whitlock (M1901) of Rockingham, NC
X4910 1 Rootsweb from Dd Jun.5,2003 re Andrew & Mary (Mitchell) Whitlock (M1870's) of Il
X4911 5 Rootsweb from Lora Dd Jun.8,2003 Whitlock births in Indiana 1882-1920
X4912 14 Email from Patricia Staats Dd May 2, 2003 Descent of James & Dorothy Whitlock (M1670's) of Va
X4913 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Jun.4,2003 Will of David Whitlock of Hanover Co., Va Dd Mar.28,1798
X4914 6 eBay item #2537936549 Dd Jun.10-17,2003 painting by William Whitlock of NY Martha Rich born Enfield, Ma May 27,1776 from Patrick Lynch
X4915 2 Email from Julia Betteridge Dd Jun.11,2003 re death certificates of John Whitlock, 71 died Dec.28,1910 Clapham, BED & wife Elizabeth (Knibbs) Whitlock, 88 died Dec.5,1926 Clapham, BED
X4916 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Jun.14,2003 re George & Mary (Whitlock) Smart married Jan.20,1892 at Alliston, Ont
X4917 1 Email from Barry Webb Dd Jun.15,2003 re birth of Lilian May Whitlock Apr.18,1890 Burford, OXF
X4918 2 eBay item #2539180861Dd Jun.15-22,2003 Jazz LP Joe Albany with Warne Marsh and Bob Whitlock recorded in Los Angeles, Ca 1957 from Patrick Lynch
X4919 3 Plat maps re Goochland Co., Va re Alexander Logan 1731 & Mary Roundtree 1777 from Goochland Co., Historical Society
X4920 1 Email from Dianne Sutton Dd Jun.18,2003 re death Jun.17,2003 of Bess Whitlock of Stony Stratford, BKM
X4921 1 Email from Karen Jorgensen Dd Jun.17,2003 Central Kentucky News Journal Dd Jun.15,2003 obit of Lois Cozetta (Warf) (Young) Whitlock, 67 of Louisville, Ky died Jun.6,2003
X4922 6 Alberta Order of Excellence 1982 re Dr.Walter Hugh Johns from Lawrence Otis
X4923 1 Exeter Times-Advocate Feb.19,1986 obit Joy (Whitlock) Sparling died Feb.11,1986 London, Ont from Lawrence Otis
X4924 1 1880 US census Ohio, Cuyahoga Co., Chagrin Falls re Lewis W. & Sarah A. (Whitlock) Wickett & Isaac & Mary (Whitlock) Burt from Lawrence Otis
X4925 8 records, US Marriages, Cemetery, Newspaper, Military from Lawrence Otis
X4926 3 Letter from Lawrence Otis Dd Jun.19,2003 re marriage Isaac Whitlock & Priscilla Horrace Sep.20,1849 Newcastle, Ont; obit of Elias Whitlock b.1842 d.1875 of DEV & Chagrin Falls, Oh; Obit of Mary (Allin)Whitlock b.1790 DEV d. 1874 Exeter, Ont; obit Sarah (S
X4927 1 Rootsweb from Dd Jun.20,2003 re Beckwith R. & Lucetta Susan (Curry) Whitlock (M1876) of Hart Co., Ky
X4928 11 Email from Elwood Morris Dd Jun.22,2003 updated notes on John J. Whitlock (1818-1861) family of Goochland Co., Va also notes on Samuel Whitlock
X4929 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Jun.22,2003 re Henry Bryant & Ida Pearl (Lile) Whitlock (M1923) of Green Co., Ky & Bloomington, In
X4930 1 Email from Dianne Sutton Dd Jun.23,2003 re Richard Ephraim & Darnetty (Draper) Whitlock (M1849) Bow Brickhill, BKM
X4931 1 Email from Dianne Sutton Dd Aug.13,2003 re Alf & Bess (Fensom) Whitlock (M1940)
X4932 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Jun.27,2003 re William F. & Sallie G. (May) Whitlock (M1883) Casey Co., Ky
X4933 2 Emails from Cheryl Brown Dd Jun.29 & Aug.30,2003 re Claude & Elizabeth (Waller) Whitlock (M1896) of Chicago, Il
X4934 1 Email from David McClure Dd Jul.3,2003 re John Lemuel & Tary Louisa (Presnell) Whitlock (M1880's) of Haywood Co., NC
X4935 2 Email from Shirley McDonnell Dd Jul.3,2003 re Lula Golder Whitlock of Green Co., Ky
X4936 1 Email from Dd Jul.4,2003 re Samuel Kimsey & Laura Ann (Ryle) Whitlock (M1870's) of Tuckerman, Jackson Co., Ar
X4937 1 Email from James E. Wilson Dd Jun.27,2003 re William & Nancy (Dougan) Whitlock (M1835) NY
X4938 1 Email from Carol Comp Dd Jul.10,2003 obit of Doris Adalyn (Whitlock) Betz died Jul.2,2003 Meadowbrook, Pa
X4939 1 Email from Heather A. Punchon Dd Jul.11,2003 re Richard & Isabel (Whitlock) Irvine (M1800's) SCT
X4940 2 Email from S.Saint Dd Jul.13,2003 re estate of Thomas Crittenden died Oct.27,1881 Colbert Co., Al re James J. Whitlock
X4941 1 Email from Frann Risher Smith Clark Dd Jul.13,2003 re children of John & Mildred (Whitlock) Risher (M1810's) of SC