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X4942 1 Email from Kari Montagriff Dd Jul.15,2003 Platte City, Mo Landmark obit re Preston Whitlock d.Jan.24,1875
X4943 1 Email from Mark Whitlock Dd Jul.21,2003 re birth Melany Leighanna Ray Jun.29,2003 Effingham, Il
X4944 2 Email from Dwayne Stanley Dd Jul.19,2003 re William & Lavisa (Johnson) Whitlock (M1822) Yadkin Co., NC
X4945 4 Email from Doy Louise Groenenberg Dd Jul.21-Aug12,2003 re Ogden & Mrs. Rosa (Vreeland) Whitlock (M1900) of McPherson, Ks
X4946 1 Email from Mark Whitlock Dd Jul.22,2003 re birth Colin James Whitlock Jul.21,2003 Alton, Il
X4947 2 Email from Catherine Hudson Dd Jul.22,2003 re James & Sarah (Harris) Whitlock (M1857) Southleigh, OXF
X4948 1 Emails from Peter L. Whitlock Dd Jul.19,21,2003 re Zalmon & Rachel (Higley) Whitlock (M1780's) of Ct
X4949 3 Email from Betty Whitlock Dd Jul.22,2003 re James Monroe & Sarah Emeline (Ford) Cash (M1850's) of Roane Co., Tn
X4950 3 Email from Colette Cowey Dd Jul.25,28,2003 re Charles & Emma C. (Osborn) Whitlock (M1850's) of Cook Co., Il
X4951 2 eBay item #3234636861 Dd Jul.21-26,2003 re Jun.7,1915 medicine billhead Whitlock Herb Medicine Co., Inc, Winchester, Va from Patrick Lynch
X4952 2 Email from Sherene Dd Jul.27,2003 re George & Sarah Jane (Whitlock) Gregory (M1850's)
X4953 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Jul.28,2003 re 1920 census Shingletown, Shasta Co., Ca re Wade Hampton & Maude M. Whitlock (M1900's)
X4954 1 Email from Doris Jean Whitlock Dd Jul.29,2003 re Whitlock Lane, Carrolton, Tx
X4955 3 eBay item #3619378598 Dd Jul.23-29,2003 re Whitlock & Pratt, Warsaw, NY Dealers in fine groceries and provisions. Victorian trade card 4.25" x 3" from Patrick Lynch
X4956 3 eBay item #2185607139 Dd Jul.27-Aug.3,2003 re Whitlock Rope knife from Patrick Lynch
X4957 5 Letter from Iola Ebendorf Dd Aug.4,2003 re Zalmon & Rachel (Higley) Whitlock (M1790) of Ct
X4958 7 Letter from Carol Laun of Salmon Brook Historical Society to Iola Ebendorf Dd Nov.14,2002 re Zalmon & Rachel (Higley) Whitlock (M1790's) of Granby, Ct
X4959 1 Email from Marilyn Ross Dd Aug.5,2003 re Andrew & Mary Mitchell (Whitlock) Ginn (M1873) of Tn & Tx
X4960 2 Rootsweb from Sandi Gorin Dd Aug.4,2003 re James P. & Martha L. (Pedigo) Whitlock (M1853) Barren Co., Ky
X4961 1 Rootsweb from Joyce Ward Dd Aug.5,2003 re Brewster Higley of Meigs Co., Oh 1807
X4962 2 Rootsweb from Brian Pears Dd Aug.6,2003 re Sarah Whitelock b.1881 Winlaton, DUR
X4963 1 Note from Richard Foster Whitlock Dd Aug.1,2003 re first marriage and children
X4964 2 Rootsweb from Lorie Dd Jul.30,2003 re Albuquerque [NM] Journal, Aug.10,1998 obit of Louis M. Whitlock, 73 of Carlsbad, NM died Aug.8,1998
X4965 2 Rootsweb from David Ledbetter Dd Aug.7,2003 re John A. & Sarah J. (Bagby) Whitlock (M1880's) of Green Co., Ky
X4966 8 Emails from Richard & Craig Schenk Dd Aug.11-14,2003 re Charles E. & Mary Whitelock of Md
X4967 5 The Centralia Massacre re Shelby Co., Mo 1864 re Andrew Whitlock & William T. Whitelock from Richard Schenk
X4968 2 Rootsweb from Jo Bennett Dd Aug.12,2003 re James H. & Mary Dora (Head) Whitlock
X4969 1 Rootsweb from Betty Waite Myers Dd Aug.15,2003 re Robert & Emma (Wait) Whitlock (M1878) Davies Co., Mo
X4970 1 Rootsweb from Dorothy Scott Dd Aug.16,2003 re 1881 Register of the Early Settlers of Kings County [NY] up to 1700 by Teunis Bergen re Whitlock family
X4971 1 Rootsweb from Jim Laird Dd Aug.21,2003 The Burlingame Enterprise Dd May 14,1896 re Whitlocks of Lawrence, Douglas Co., Ks
X4972 1 Email from Eugenia Richards Dd Aug.21,2003 re Chesterfield Co., Va Order Book 3, p721 October court 1765 Charles Whitlock vs Edmond Browder £15.5s plus Order Book 4, p311 June court 1769 Charles Whitlock witness for Browder vs Smith
X4973 1 Rootsweb from Ray Dd Aug.23,2003 re William Robert & Mary A. (Whitlock) Green (M1867) Greensburg, Green Co., Ky
X4974 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Aug.24,2003 Lexington, Ky Herald Dd Apr.13,2003 obit of Katri Whitlock, 48 wife of David Whitlock died Apr.12,2003 Lebanon
X4975 4 eBay item #3239039309 Dd Aug.23-30,2003 re Antique Whitlock Phoenix brand pickle jar 1895-1905 F. Whitlock & Sons of NZ from Patrick Lynch
X4976 5 Whitlock’s Collection of Ethiopian Melodies by William Whitlock - sheet music "Mary Blane", 1846 from Patrick Lynch
X4977 6 Munsey’s Magazine, 1902 illustration of Isabel Whitlock who appeared as "Marie Antoinette" in the burlesque from Patrick Lynch
X4978 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Aug.25,2003 re marriage to Jean (Engleman) (Naef) Poor May 12,2003
X4979 3 Email from Paul Gaskell Dd Aug.29,2003 re Whitlocks of Holywell, Oxford, OXF
X4980 3 Emails from Richard Schenk Dd Sep.1,2003 re Whitelocks of Md
X4981 4 Emails & Rootsweb from Vicki Chrysler Royalty re Robert F. & Nancy J. (Perry) (Whitlock) Craddock (M1877) Green Co., Ky. Nancy widow of Manoah T. Whitlock
X4982 1 Rootsweb from Carvaca Dd Sep.7,2003 re William Asa & Nancy (Todd) Whitlock (M1820's) of Lauderdale Co., Ms
X4983 1 Rootsweb from re Dal & Clara Belle (Whitlock) Bagby (M1890's) of Green Co., Ky
X4984 1 Email from Penelope Pattinson Dd Sep.13,2003 1891 census Derbyshire re Henry & Eliza Whitlock (M1876) Ashby delaZouch, LEI, Henry Whitlock b.Thame, Oxf
X4985 1 GenForum from Mara Fisk Dd May 15,2003 re William C. & Sarah (Travis?) Whitlock (M1830's) of Cannon Co., Tn
X4986 4 GenForum & email from Hannah VanHorn Dd May 29, & Oct.25,2003 re William & Esther (Whitlock) Grimsley (M1813) of Washington Co., Tn Esther d Alexander & Jennet Whitlock (M1790's)
X4987 2 GenForum & email from Gayle Fisher Dd Jun.15 & Oct.26,2003 re Whitlocks of Franklin Co., Va
X4988 1 GenForum from Raymond Rollet Dd Jun.16,2003 re William Hobart & Maria A. (Wells) Whitlock (M1850) McHenry Co., Il
X4989 3 GenForum & emails from Dave Morris Dd Jun.18 & Oct.8,2003 re Iltyd & Susanna (Whitlock) Nicholl (M1719) of Glamorgan, Wales
X4990 1 GenForum from Gwen M. Dd Jun.30,2003 re John & Elizabeth Whitlock (M1870's) of Pittsburg Co., Ok
X4991 2 GenForum from Christine Walters Dd Jul.5,2003 re James & Evelyn (Beggs) Whitlock (M1930) Whitside Co., Il news article re marriage and death of Evelyn Beggs age 17
X4992 1 GenForum from Ola Crosby Dd Aug.8,2003 re William Jasper & Nancy Elizabeth (Whitlock) Smith (M1870's) of Mo
X4993 1 GenForum from Beth Hancock Cross Dd Aug.20,2003 re Frank & Clara E. (Ayres) Whitlock
X4994 5 Ontario marriages 1800-1924 incl Richard & Celina (Whitlock) Drew (M1860's?); George & Mary (Whitlock) Smart (M1860's?); Joseph B. & Jane (Whitelock) Morrison (M1850's?); Delbert & Harriet (Whitelock) Stotts (M1840's?); George & Janet (Whitelock) Atcheson
X4995 2 Rootsweb from Mary Ann Dd Sep.10,2003 1870 census Susquehanna, Pa re John Ralston & Mary Elizabeth (Mandeville) Whitlock (M1867) Ithaca, NY
X4996 2 Rootsweb & email from Janice Abercrombie Dd Sep.13,14,2003 re George & Jane Whitlock (M1840's) Louisa Co., Va
X4997 4 Emails from Lynda Roberts Dd Sep.14,& Nov.11,2003 re George Robert & Sarah (Whitelock) Freeman (M1900) of Newcastle Upon Tyne, NBL & Aus
X4998 3 Rootsweb & emails from Dorothy Mowlam Dd Sep.16,2003 re Whitlocks of Alderton, NTH 1841-1891 census records
X4999 1 Rootsweb from B Clark Dd Sep.17,2003 Green County [Ky] Record Herald Dd Sep.28,1909 re obit Jas. A. Whitlock born Jun.16,1843 died Sep.10,1909 Fry, Ky
X5000 2 Rootsweb from Karen Jorgensen Dd Sep.17,2003 re Green Co., Ky Whitlocks 1850-70 census records
X5001 1 Rootsweb from Elaine Via Dd Sep.20,2003 obit of Sylvia (Semones) Viers of Radford, Va died Sep.18,2003 re daughter Holly & William Whitlock of Va Beach, Va
X5002 1 Email from John Johnson Dd Sep.21,2003 re Main Line
X5003 1 Rootsweb from Anita Hill Tally Dd Sep.21,2003 re Jessie Miles & Edith Alene (Hill) Whitlock (M1910's?) of Il & Ouachinta Co., La
X5004 1 Rootsweb from Jeannie Rabbitt Dd Sep.24,2003 re R.W. Whitlock, administrator of estate of Wm. Blalock, 1804? Ripley Co., Mo
X5005 1 Rootsweb from Sue Dd Sep.28,2003 re Hubus Whitlock 1916 Western NY Institute for the Deaf
X5006 1 Rootsweb from Roxanne Dd Sep.28,2003 re Joseph & Julia (Waytalia/Wojtyla/Waztilak) Powell (Palowsky) changed their name to Whitlock
X5007 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Sep.28,2003 re Berry Littleton & Matilda Katherine (Whitlock) Johnson (M1845) Fayette Co., Ga & William B. & Jane Elizabeth (Johnson) Whitlock (M1847) Fayette Co., Ga
X5008 2 Rootsweb from Stan Magnesen Dd Sep.29,2003 re obit of Mrs. Francis Whitlock of Montgomery Co., Tn (Jan.3,1857-Apr.19,1929) d Jim & Sarah (Cherry) Barber
X5009 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Oct.7,2003 Sacramento Bee, Dd May 1930 obit of Mary Emma Colstrem, age 78, 1 mon, 26 days re sons Ernest & Lewis Whitlock
X5010 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Oct.8,2003 McDonald Record, McDonald, Pa Dd Jul.1,1921 re marriage Mark Hannah Whitlock & Viola J. Robertson Jul.25,1921
X5011 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Oct.9,2003 re 1910 census Green Co., Ky re Sylvanus Newton & Susan E. (Handy) Whitlock (M1870's)
X5012 1 Email from Rhodes Dd Oct.9,2003 re William & Laura (Whitlock) Greatsinger (M1810's) of Elmira, NY
X5013 1 Email from Jo Bennett Dd Sep.16,2003 re John H. & Mary Dora (Head) Whitlock (M1900) Jackson Parish, La
X5014 2 Letter from Lawrence Otis Dd Oct.4,2003 re Ont Archives Birth Index, 1906
X5015 1 Email from Ray Green Dd Sep.22,2003 re Peter & Sarah S (Whitlock) Green (M1870's?) of Ky?
X5016 2 Ancestry Family Tree chart Dd Sep.15,2003 re John Stout & Mary Conover (Whitlock) VanDyke (M1864) of Kingston, Middlesex Co., NJ from William M. Whitlock
X5017 6 Family Search IGI Dd Sep.14,2003 & Ancestry World Tree Project Dd Sep.15,2003 re Elijah S. & Elen Selover (Whitlock) Fox (M1825) of Granville, Hampton, Ma from William M. Whitlock
X5018 6 Ancestry Family Tree chart Dd Sep.15,2003 re William Melvin & Emma (Fielder) Whitlock (M1896) New York City, NY from William M. Whitlock
X5019 1 Ancestry World Tree Project Dd Sep.15,2003 descent from Isaac Abraham & Aeltje (Whitlock) Selover (M1795) New Brunswick, Middlesex Co., NJ from William M. Whitlock
X5020 1 Ancestry World Tree Project Dd Sep.15,2003 re James Clyde & Minnie Evelyn (Grubb) Whitlock (M1924) of Tn from William M. Whitlock
X5021 1 Family Group Record Dd Sep.15,2003 re Don T. & Donna Lee (Thacker) Traylor (M1948) Coffeen, Montgomery Co., Il from William M. Whitlock
X5022 2 Rootsweb from Rita F. Silva Dd Oct.14,2003 re James Pulaski & Mary Ann (Condrey) (Douglas) Whitlock (M1883) Clark Co., Ar
X5023 1 Rootsweb from James T. Lord Dd Oct.17,2003 re Armstead Whitlock and Hiram Whitlock of Hall Co., Ga
X5024 2 Email from Carol Carvalho Dd Oct.17,2003 re Vines Franklin & Celia Elizabeth (Whitlock) (Matlock) Hawkins (M1871?) of Lauderdale Co., Ms
X5025 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Oct.21,2003 re parachute jump in 1920's by Miss D. Whitlock of Eastleigh, HAM
X5026 1 Email from Rodney Beck Dd Oct.21,2003 re descent from James Alfred & Jane Coleman (Bagby) Whitlock (M1865) Green Co., Ky
X5027 1 Email from Mara Fisk Dd Oct.25,2003 re descent from Levi Francis & Mary Ann (Whitlock) Baker (M1875)
X5028 Descent from William Hobart & Mary A. (Wells) Whitlock (M1849) McHenry Co., Il from Ray Rollett
X5029 1 Rootsweb from Mary Ann Wallace Dd Oct.29,2003 re George Washington & Amanda (Whitlock) Wallace (M1900's) of Lula, Ga
X5030 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Nov.6,2003 Birmingham Daily Post re John A. & Angelina Henrietta (Whitlock) Minshull (M1869) Dartford, KEN Angelina d George & Henrietta Elizabeth (Holden) Whitlock (M1829) of Kemsing, KEN
X5031 2 Rootsweb from Karen Dd Nov.9,2003 re 1910 US census Buffalo, Erie Co., NY re Isaac Thomas Bevett Whitelock
X5032 2 Rootsweb from Judy L. Maupin Dd Nov.12,2003 re John & Louise E. (Viar) Whitlock (M1870's) of Va
X5033 1 Rootsweb from John Williams Dd Nov.12,2003 re Leslie Sumner & Avanella Alice (Whitlock) Wicks of Cottage Grove, Lane Co., Or
X5034 1 GenForum from Kami Anderson Dd May 17,2003 re Thomas & Hannah (Phillips) Whitlock (M1770's) of Va & Cumberland Co., Ky
X5035 1 Charlottesville, Va records re William T. Whitlock (1859-1899) from Elwood Morris
X5036 8 Decendants of John & Susannah (Whitlock) Pew (M1690's) of Monmouth Co., NJ from William M. Whitlock
X5037 2 descent from William & Anna (VanArsdale) Whitlock (M1807) of NJ from William M. Whitlock
X5038 2 Letter from John Whitlock Dd Oct.21,2003 Court Leet of Manor of Alwington, DEV Mar.30,1524 re John Whytelock
X5039 3 eBay item #2207536909 Dd Nov.30 - Dec.7,2003 re Walter P. Whitlock of St.Clair Co., Il election card for County Judge from Patrick Lynch
X5040 9 Family Group Sheets descent from John & Joan (Shenton) Whitlock (M1686) DEV from Dave Morris
X5041 1 Email from Jesse Lee Whitlock Dd Nov.10,2003 re descent from Billy Joe Whitlock of Mi?
X5042 1 Email from Helen Blch Dd Nov.14,2003 re Benjamin & Elizabeth (Skeers) Whitlock (M1811) Stoke Bruerne, NTH
X5043 1 Email from William M. Whitlock Dd Nov.14,2003 re William & Sarah Whitlock (M1780's) of NJ
X5044 2 Email from William M. Whitlock Dd Nov.14,2003 re John Edward & Mary Ann (Pigot) Whitlock (M1865) Freehold, Middlesex Co., NJ
X5045 2 Email from William M. Whitlock Dd Nov.14,2003 re James & Jane (Mersereau) Whitlock (M1763?) New Brunswick, NJ
X5046 3 Email from Clayton Whitlock Dd Nov.16,2003 re Descendants of William Carrol & Shara (Travis) Whitlock (M1830's) of Cannon Co., Tn
X5047 1 Rootswebs from Shelley Clarke & Julie Dd Nov.17,2003 re Frederick Charles & Ellen Eunice (Stagg) Whitlock (M1885) Semaphore, South Australia, Aus
X5048 1 Email from Bruce Price Dd Nov.17,2003 Cocke Co., Tn 1890 re Joseph Whitlock of NC
X5049 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Nov.18,2003 Floyd Co., Ga marriages re E.E. Whitlock to Mrs. Sarah Walraven Sep.10,1916
X5050 1 Email from William M. Whitlock Dd Nov.16,2003 re William & Anna (Van Arsdale) Whitlock (M1807) NJ
X5051 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Nov.18,2003 Marriage Index: New York #2 1740's-1880's re William & Margarette (Whitlock) Morrey (M1858) NY
X5052 1 Email from Janice Abercrombie Dd Nov.21,2003 1870 census Orange Co., Va re family of George & Jane C. (Eavens) Whitlock (M1850's)
X5053 1 Rootsweb from Shelley Clarke Dd Nov.23,2003 Whitlocks of Pitton, WIL & Aus re Albert & Ellen Eunice (Whitlock) Spence (M1910) Victoria?, Aus
X5054 2 Rootsweb from Ardis Dd Nov.26,2003 Kalamazoo [MI] Gazette Dd Nov.21,2003 obit Neola (Whitlock) Marietta b.Dec.11,1916 Jefferson Co., Il d.Nov.20,2003
X5055 4 Emails from Dan Bowling Dd Nov.25-27,2003 re Nathaniel Grant & Amy E. (Garoutte) Whitlock (M1902) of McCune, Crawford Co., Ks
X5056 1 Email from Lois E. Ray Dd Nov.26,2003 re William Alexander & Jane (VanCleve) Whitlock (M1879) Silverton, Or
X5057 3 Email from James T. Lord Dd Nov.29,2003 re descent from Armstead & Drusilla (Reynolds) (Ayres) Whitlock (M1829) Hall Co., Ga
X5058 9 Email from James T. Lord Dd Nov.29,2003 re descent from Hiram M. & Georgia Ann (Glenn) Whitlock (M1881) Hall Co., Ga
X5059 2 Email from Jack Ott Dd Nov.30,2003 1870 census Lafayette, Floyd Co., In re William & Julia Ann (Monaghan) Whitlock (M1835) Floyd Co., In
X5060 3 eBay item #3257856323 Dd Dec.1-11,2003 re Lee Whitlock, actor in Eastenders b.Apr.17,1968 from Patrick Lynch
X5061 1 Email from Sandi Lee Craig Dd Dec.1,2003 Bush Cemetery, Ridgeway, Winona Co., Mn re Elisha S. Whitlock d.Jul.7,1858 & Francis Whitlock (Jan.1,1846-Jul.5,1882)
X5062 3 Emails from JoAnn Kear Dd Dec.7,11,2003 & Jan.9,2004 re Isaac Thomas Bevett & Senora (Hord)(Dobbins) Whitelock (M1907?) of Erie Co., Buffalo, NY
X5063 2 Email from Karen Jorgensen Dd Dec.9,2003 Obituaries of Green Co., Ky, Vol.3 re Bessie Mae Blakeman (Mar.28,1891-Apr.30,1987) d Sylvester & Emma Thomas (Whitlock) Dills
X5064 3 eBay item #2210048437 Dd Dec.10-17,2003 re Whitlock Volkswagen, Inc, Powell, Wy from Patrick Lynch
X5065 2 Emails from Wilhelm Boe Dd Dec.10,12,2003 re Georgio Thomae Witlochio Nidrosiano (1580-1655) s Thomas Olsen Skotte, merchant of Trondheim, Norway
X5066 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Dec.12,2003 re Nicholas & Elizabeth (Stringer) Gentry (M1740's?) of Va
X5067 5 Rootsweb & email from Jeanne Mayer Dd Dec.12,30,2003 & Jan.5,2004 re Dorothy Whitlock of Bitterne, HAM about 1910
X5068 1 GenForum from Alison Cristello Dd Dec.10,2003 re [John] & Vera Adell (Barnett) Whitlock (M1910's) of Ky
X5069 1 Rootsweb from Jim Donley Dd Dec.19,2003 re David W. & Rachel (Whitlock) Miller (M1840's) of Tn & Mo
X5070 1 Email from William M. Whitlock Dd Dec.20,2003 re Thomas & Mary (Herbert)(Bray)(Seabrook) Whitlock (M1676) Monmouth Co., NJ
X5071 1 Email from Judith Dunsford Dd Dec.21,2003 re Edward & Emma (Whitelock) Dunford (M1850's) of Holloway, LND
X5072 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Dec.22,2003 re Charles William & Lillian (Whitlock) Abbott (M1925) of Norfolk, Ma
X5073 2 Emails from David Thomas Dd Dec.22,31,2003 re Montgomery Pike & Harriet L.(??) Whitlock (M1840's) of Brooklyn, NY
X5074 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Dec.23,2003 Rutland, Vt Herald Dd Mar.30,1883 re Ed Whitlock of Fair Haven "recent additions to the clerical staff of Adams & Goodrich"
X5075 33 Email from Sandi Lee Craig Dd Dec.13,2003 descent from Benson Jones & Rebecca Mary (Whitlock) Grant (M1856) Salisbury, Meigs Co., Oh
X5076 7 Email from Richard Schenk Dd Dec.13,2003 descent from Presley Columbus & Ann Elizabeth (Whitelock) Piner (M1860) Lewis Co., Mo
X5077 277 Email from Julie Noonan Dd Dec.22,26,2003 re Whitlocks of Victoria, Aus vital stats
X5078 1 Email from Dan Bowling Dd Dec.26,2003 Newtonia Cemetery, Newton Co., Mo re Joshua Allen Whitlock (Apr.1,1848-Sep1,1860)
X5079 5 Emails from Dawn Card Dd Dec.27,2003 & Jan.2,2004 re John & Rebecca M. (Phelps) Whitlock (M1840's) of Amswell, Hunterdon, NJ
X5080 2 Emails from Dan Bowling Dd Dec.28,2003 & Jan.4,2004 Mo cemetery extracts
X5081 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Dec.29,2003 Va Pension Roll, 1835 re James Whitlock, King William Co., Va Private, Va Militia, started Jan.9,1834 age 72
X5082 6 Email from William M. Whitlock Dd Dec.31,2003 re James & Jane (Mersereau) Whitlock (M1763?) Kingston, Middlesex Co., NJ
X5083 2 Rootsweb from J. Chant Dd Jan.1,2004 re Francis Henry & Minnie (Whitlock) Chant (M1890's) of SOM
X5084 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Jan.2,2004 re Robert & Lavina (Spence) Whitlock (M1890's) of Toronto, Ont
X5085 6 eBay item # 3246287581 Dd Oct.5-15,2003 re Seymour & Whitlock, Newark, NJ mortise tool from Patrick Lynch
X5086 5 eBay item # 2198609478 Dd Oct.22-29,2003 re Brand Whitlock postcard, 1914
X5087 1 Email from John C. & Mary Whitlock Dd Jan.3,2004 re obit of Nellie Blanch (Whitlock) Fry b.Sep.2,1934 Camberwell, LND d. Jul.30,2003 Chatteris, CAM
X5088 1 Email from Cindy Stephenson-Robertson Dd Jan.3,2004 death of Charles A. Townlain d.Mar.1941 Ozark, Mo re timber from Frank Whitlock’s land
X5089 2 Emails from Paul Whitlock Dd Dec.30,2003&Jan.3,2004 re father Desmond Whitlock of PEI
X5090 1 Email from A.R. Whitlock Dd Jan.3,2004 re Charles Albert & Olive May (Ankor) Whitlock (M1930's) of Quorn, South Australia, AUS
X5091 3 Emails from Willard Evans Dd Jan.3,15,2004 re Chesley & Catherine (Whitlock) Hays (M1820) Jasper Co. Ga
X5092 3 Emails from Elaine Ziegelbauer Dd Dec.12,2003 & Jan.4,5,2004 re Emory S. & Fannie (Whitlock) Wilson (M1904) of Hall Co., Ga & Ok
X5093 1 Email from "" Dd Jan.4,2004 re Arthur & Floie May (Eakins) Whitlock (M1920's) of Fayette Co., Pa
X5094 1 Box chart from Joan Whitelock descent from William & Sarah (Hutchings) Whitlock (M1810) Peters Marland, DEV
X5095 2 British Columbia Cemetery Finding Aid re Whitlock & Whitelock from Lawrence Otis
X5096 1 Leamington Post & Tilbury Times [Ont] births & deaths from Lawrence Otis
X5097 1 Cycling in Halton, Hamilton-Wentworth & Niagara Regions by Christine Whitlock (1951- ) from Lawrence Otis
X5098 1 Whitelock Births & Deaths [Niagara Falls, Ont] Daily Record, Evening Review & Review 1911-1998 from Lawrence Otis
X5099 1 Ingersoll Tribune [Ont] Dd Jun.30,1938 re Fred George & Verna Madeleine (Whitlock) Rogers married Jun.25,1938 London; Dec.7,1950 re obit of Laura Lascilles (Whitelock) Eaton, 65 died Nov.30 London from Lawrence Otis
X5100 3 Image Partners Surname Thesaurus re 80 names matching "Whitlock" 661 names matching Soundex W342 & 149 matching Metaphone WTLK from John R. Whitlock
X5101 2 National Archives of Canada, Immigration Records (1925-1935) from Lawrence Otis
X5102 4 PEI, Department of Community & Cultural Affairs 1881-1901 census searches from Lawrence Otis
X5103 3 Rootsweb from Jack Spangler Dd Jan.9,2004 re Hughey Isaak & Mamie Byer (Proffit) Spangler (M1911) of Floyd Co., Va & Vermillion, Alberta
X5104 1 Email from Rita Somers Dd Jan.9,2004 re birth of Earley Clifford Whitlock, 1901 and death of Lillian Irene Whitlock Sep.10,1896
X5105 1 Letter from John Bowden Dd Nov.4,2003 re Thomas & Mary (Gorden) Bowden (M1709) Merton, DEV
X5106 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Jan.6,2003 re Joseph T. & Cordelia E. (Whitlock) Preston (M1885) Brooklyn, NY
X5107 1 Biography of Wilfred Hercy Whitlock (1898-1978) of NSW, AUS from John Lawson Whitlock
X5108 3 Emails from Janine George Dd Jan.5,2004 Henry & Sarah (George) Whitlock (M1860's) of Woodstock, OXF & Martock, SOM
X5109 3 eBay item #3270565633 Dd Jan.28 - Feb.4,2004 Cab Card Memorial re Josie Whitlock d Feb.14,1902 age 21 d John Curtis & Martha Margaret (McDonald) Whitlock (M1865) Edgefield Co., SC from Patrick Lynch
X5110 3 eBay item #3265646177 Dd Jan.7-14,2004 re 1900 Bonaparte, Ia photo of William H. Whitlock s Augustus & Sarah M. (Beck) Whitlock (M1850's) from Patrick Lynch
X5111 1 Rootswebs from Kasia Lido & Kat Fulcher Dd Jan.13,2004 re Joseph Albert & Permelia Rosabelle (Lester) Whitlock (M1888) Floyd Co., Va
X5112 2 Email from Jane Whitlock Dd Jan.7,2004 re updates to the WHITLOCK20 chart
X5113 2 Email from William Conner Dd Jan.15,2004 re Whitlock cemetery, Floyd Co., Va
X5114 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Jan.16,2004 Rutland County [Vt] Independent, Dd Jan.12,1867 re marriage Ethan A. Bailey of Rutland & Adah S. Whitlock of Castleton Jan.9,1867
X5115 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Jan.18,2004 1930 census Millville, NJ re Carl Whitlock 76 b.1853 NY & George Whitlock 69 b.1860 NY
X5116 2 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Jan.18,2004 death certificate Clara Bell (Whitlock) Bagby, died Aug.24,1947 Green Co., Ky
X5117 3 Rootswebs from Flo Dd Jan.22 & Feb.12,2004 re James Dock & Sarah (Gheesobee) Whitlock (M1810's) of Union Co., SC
X5118 2 Rootsweb from Karen Jorgensen Dd Jan.24,2004 Central Kentucky News Journal Dd Jan.23,2004 re obit Bessie Thompson, 87 of Cambellsville, Ky died Jan.22,2004
X5119 1 Email from Rita Somers re Ambrose & Mary (Whitelock) Conory (M1830's)
X5120 2 Rootsweb from Bill Wilson Dd Jan.25,2004 1930 Richmond Co., NC re Clarence Andrews & Mae Ila (Yates) Whitlock (M1910's) living in Rockingham. NC
X5121 2 Email from Lou M. King Dd Jan.29,2004 1850 Census, Montgomery Co., NC re James D. & Temperance Whitlock (M1840's)
X5122 2 Rootsweb & email from Katherine McAuley Dd Feb.2,3,2004 Re Fred & Vine (Watt) Whitlock (M1900's) of Hamilton Co., In
X5123 1 Email from Caroline Cain Dd Feb.3,2004 re Whitlocks of OXF
X5124 1 Rootsweb from Melanie Parrish Dd Feb.3,2004 re Charles & Jane (Whitlock) Greeno (M1900's) of Bethnal Green, LND
X5125 1 Email from Douglas Einarson Dd Feb.3,2004 re 1754 wallet of Isaac Whitelock of Philadephia, Pa
X5126 8 Letter from Ann Sims Dd Feb.9,2004 plus Family Group Sheets descent from Thomas Wesley & Mary Ruth (Robison) Whitlock (M1873) White Co., In
X5127 1 Rootsweb from Karen Jorgensen Dd Feb.9,2004 Central Kentucky News Journal Dd Feb.9,2004 obit Harland Reeves Whitlock, 67 Green Co., Ky died Feb.6,2004
X5128 2 Email from Mark Whitlock Dd Feb.4,2004 re updates to the WHITLOCK16 chart
X5129 3 Rootsweb from Sandy Dd Feb.6,2004 re John & Martha (Whitlock) Arnold (M1760's) of Randolph Co., NC
X5130 31 Descent from Francis & Sarah (Cobbledick) Ayre (M1715) Peters Marland, DEV from Jan Brian Kingshott
X5131 13 Email from Sandy Pestill Dd Feb.8,2004 re George & Rebecca (Whitlock) Martin (M1867) of PEI & ONT plus Ashton & Westaway descent
X5132 4 Rootsweb & email from Pamela Wagoner Dd Feb.10,11,2004 Obit of John Wesley Wagoner re son-in-law Rev Charles F. Whitlock 1905 Odessa, Lafayette Co., Mo
X5133 1 Toronto [ONT] Star Feb.23,2004 obit William Rae died Feb.17,2004 from Helen Wuerth
X5134 1 Email from Vicki Bullard Dd Feb.14,2004 re William & Elizabeth (Green) Whitlock (M1816) Jackson Co., Ga
X5135 1 Rootsweb from Leigh C. Smith Dd Feb.15,2004 re William & Mary (Whitlock) Jones (M1760) SC
X5136 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Feb.16,2004 obit of Marjorie Noreen (Webb) Whitlock, 82 died Feb.3,2004 St.Thomas, ONT
X5137 9 Email from Rene Wiggins & Caroline Stem Dd Feb.16-22,2004 re John Wesley & Rebecca Jane (Whitlock) Morgan (M1867) Colbert Co., Al
X5138 3 Letter from Iola Ebendorf Dd Feb.19,2004 re descent from Ezekiel & Sarah Whitlock (M1800's) of Bethel, Fairfield Co., CT
X5139 2 Updates to the WHITLOCK01 chart from Helen Wuerth
X5140 9 1901 census OXF and OXF strays from Kevin Dowd
X5141 2 Rootsweb from Karen Jorgensen Dd Feb.28,2004 obit of Odell Estes (1928-1986) Greensburg, Green Co., Ky died Apr.13,1986 husband of Edith Whitlock