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X5142 2 Email from Barbara Galbreath Dd Feb.29,2004 re Anderson Whitlock of Green Co., Il
X5143 2 Email from Dena Spurling Dd Feb.29,2004 re Paul Morgan Whitlock & Damon L. Whitlock died at Pearl Harbour Dec.7,1941
X5144 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Mar.1,2004 re Luthor & Dora (Busby) Whitlock (M1900's) of Oroville, Butte Co., Ca
X5145 2 Rootsweb from John Gurney Dd Feb.28,2004 re Joseph & Sarah Whitlock (M1830's) of BKM in Edgbaston, WAR 1851 census
X5146 2 Emails from William M. Whitlock Dd Mar.1 & Apr.11,2004 re John Bennett & Sarah Perine (Whitlock) Dorsett (M1829)
X5147 6 Emails from Julie Noonan Dd Mar.2,2004 re Whitlocks of AUS
X5148 1 Email from Malcolm Toms Dd Mar.3,2004 Early English Books Online re John Whitlock (1625-1708), Richard Whitlock (1616-1666) & Bulstrode Whitelocke (1605-1675)
X5149 1 Rootsweb from Susan R. LeBlanc Dd Mar.4,2004 obit of George Reno died Nov.16,1919 age 85
X5150 1 Email from Paul Wakefield Dd Mar.5,2004 re George & Ruth (Coombs) Whitlock (M1853) Waterloo, SRY
X5151 1 Email from William David Guiel Dd Mar.9,2004 re Benjamin & Abiah (Higley) Whitlock (M1796) Danbury, Ct
X5152 4 Rootswebs from Cheryl & Tootsie Dd Mar.9,10,2004 re Minor & Catherine Whitlock (M1840's?) Hampshire Co., WVa
X5153 2 Emails from Debra Jayne Sheppard Dd Mar.10 & Jun.10,2004 re Thomas & Anna (Grace) Whitlock (M1827) Hamble, HAM
X5154 1 Email from Vicki Bullard Dd Mar.11,2004 re Benjamin Franklin Whitlock (1827-1898) of Franklin Co., Al
X5155 2 Rootswebs from Patricia Kent Dd Mar.12,15,2004 re Whitlocks of Syresham, NTH
X5156 1 Rootsweb from Caroline Dd Mar.13,2004 re Guy Whitlock b.1880 WWI soldier from Bonneville, ID
X5157 1 Rootsweb from D.Darmiento Dd Mar.14,2004 re Virginia Whitlock d John W. & Anne Whitlock (M1860's) of Montgomery Co., Va
X5158 1 Email from George Goodwin Dd Mar.14,2004 re Joshua & Betsy (Whitlock) Mitchell of Greene Co., Il
X5159 4 eBay item #2232788642 Dd Mar.16-26,2004 re Whitlock Rope Co. pocket knife from Patrick Lynch
X5160 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Mar.18,2004 re Charles H. & Elizabeth A. (Whitlock) Gunn (M1865) Cleveland, Cuyahoga Co., Oh
X5161 1 Email from Dawn Card Dd Mar.16,2004 re Main Line descent from John & Rebecca M. (Phelps) Whitlock (M1840's) of NJ
X5162 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Mar.17,2004 re 1861 census, Trekeive, St.Cleer CON
X5163 1 Email from Julie Noonan Dd Mar.18,2004 re Main Line descent from Richard & Mary (Wassall) Whitlock (M1683) Figheldean, WIL
X5164 1 Email from Audrey Wood Dd Mar.19,2004 re Claude D. Whitlock s James & Luella (Sanders) Whitlock (M1880's) of Ok
X5165 1 Rootsweb from Clara Jaramillo Dd Mar.24,2004 re E.D. Whitlock of Douglas Co., Mo 1880
X5166 3 eBay item # 2234061421 Dd Mar.22-29,2004 re postcard of Ralph Whitlock bulldogging a steer, Miles City [Mt]Round-up 1915 from Patrick Lynch
X5167 2 eBay item #2987537399 Dd Feb.13-20,2004 re Poster Stamp 1910's Whitlock Prescriptions from Patrick Lynch
X5168 3 eBay item #3261705807 Dd Jan.6-13,2004 re 1860's CDV Whitlock & Leaycraft store, CT
X5169 1 Local History Book Index, Alberta GenWeb Archives; 28 Whitelock and Whitlock entries from Lawrence Otis
X5170 1 Marriage Registration re Stotts family of Ont 1881-1898 from Lawrence Otis
X5171 1 1901 census, Ontario plus Dec.25,1901 marriage Franklin E. Dunham & Rachel W. Freele, Forest, Lambton Co., Ont from Lawrence Otis
X5172 3 Find A Grave re Lloyd Whitlock (1891-1965); Brand Whitlock (1869-1934) & Lizzie Whitlock (1853-1899) from Lawrence Otis
X5173 1 Descent from Charles & Mary (Whitlock) Sagert (M1895) of Stratford, Ont from Lawrence Otis
X5174 2 Letter from Lawrence Otis Dd Mar.26,2004 re Wickett family of Ont
X5175 1 Email from Douglas Einarson Dd Mar.25,2004 re Sotheby’s London sale of a Henry Whitlock coach
X5176 2 Email from Eric Jami Dd Mar.25,2004 re William Marsden & Mehala June (Whitlock) Coulsey (M1890's) of Killarney Hill, NB
X5177 1 Email from Janine George Dd Mar.26,2004 re descent from Henry & Sarah Maria (Whitlock) George (M1860's) OXF
X5178 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Mar.28,2004 Nansemond Co., Va Clerk’s Fee Books 1789-1800 by Hugh S. Watson re Midcalf vs Charles Whitlock 1794-95 pp 302,367
X5179 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Mar.30,2004 Central Kentucky News Journal Mar.29,2004 obit of Clemon Elwood Jeffries, 69 of Greensburg, Ky died Elizabethtown Mar.26,2004 son Bennie & Nonnie (Whitlock) Jeffries
X5180 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Apr.3,2004 Klamath [OR] Republican, Sep.22,1910 re Coroner Whitlock
X5181 2 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Apr.5,2004 NYC Death Index 1891-99
X5182 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Apr.7,2004 Hall Co., Ga marriage John H. Whitlock & Sarah Ann Harris Apr.23,1854
X5183 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Apr.7,2004 Chesterton, Ind Apr.1,1886 ad by Thaddeus K. Whitlock for leghorn chickens
X5184 2 Emails from Chuck Rockett Dd Apr.8 & 13,2004 Klamath [Ore] Republican Jan.11,1912 "Yainax Indian Girl Succumbs" re undertaker Earl Whitlock plus Klamath News Nov.16,1926 re Earl Whitlock Funeral services
X5185 4 Email from Donald E. Flowers Dd Apr.9,2004 The Queen’s Rangers, A Loyalist Corps re John Whitlock (1749?-1832)
X5186 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Apr.11,2004 Ashley Co., Ar marriage William A. Whitlock & Elzie Stevens Jul? 1901
X5187 1 Rootsweb from Chuck Rockett Dd Apr.13,2004 Democrat & Chronicle, Rochester, Monroe Co., NY Dec.12,1911 re death Dec.10,1911 Adelia Maud daughter Uriah C. & Catherine Amelia (Schenck) Whitlock
X5188 2 Emails from Julie Noonan Dd Apr.14,15,2004 Tasmania, S.A. & Victoria, Aus records
X5189 2 Email from Dd Apr.15,2004 re Samuel & R. (Sanford) Whitlock (M1790's?) daughter Laura (Whitlock) Greatsinger lived in Elmira, NY
X5190 33 www.findagrave US grave site register
X5191 4 eBay item # 2235848133 Dd Apr.17,2004 re Whitlock Waterflex Cordage rope sign from Patrick Lynch
X5192 3 eBay item # 2241031254 Dd Apr.25-May 2,2004 re Whitlock summer home, Dollar Island Mi postcard from Patrick Lynch
X5193 3 eBay item #2242189656 Dd May 1-8,2004 re Whitlock’s Crossing, SD postcard from Patrick Lynch
X5194 6 eBay item #3720770430 Dd Apr.29-May 9,2004 re 19thC pewter coffee pot marked "Whitlock, Troy, NY" from Patrick Lynch
X5195 1 Rootsweb from Emily Griffiths Dd Apr.16,2004 re William & Caroline (Coggins) (Mathes) Whitlock (M1859) Haywood Co., NC
X5196 1 Email from Rita Somers Dd Apr.16,2004 1920 US census Detroit, Mi re Walter Whitlock age 45 born in Canada
X5197 1 Christchurch,[NZ] Press Apr.20 2004 re obit of Edwin James Whitlock, 72 died Apr.16,2004 from Quintin White
X5198 1 Email from Cheryl Wells Dahl Dd Apr 24,2004 re Solomon & Matilda (McClain) Whitlock (M1853) Meigs Co., Oh
X5199 1 Email from Clarence Parker Dd Apr.25,2004 re Frank M. & Elizabeth (Stice)(Parker)(Love) Whitlock (M1880's) of Batavia, Mi
X5200 7 Emails from Brenda J. Pass Dd Apr.27-30,2004 re descent Grizel (Coleman) Whitlock (1705-1759) plus grandaughter’s descent from Drury Whitlock
X5201 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Apr.30,2004 Rollingburg, Ky Aug.19,1907 re Mrs. Ulysses Nelson Whitlock of Bliss, Adair Co
X5202 1 Email from Clara Jaramillo Dd May 1, 2004 re Frank Elmer & Matilda (Lewis) Whitlock (M1906) Christian Co., Mo
X5203 1 Rootsweb from CMJ Mort Dd May 1,2004 re Texana (Tillman) Whitlock of Monroe, La
X5204 1 Updates to the W20 chart from Mark Peter Whitlock
X5205 1 Rootsweb from Sandra Grant Dd Apr.29,2004 re Thomas & Elizabeth (Dupree) Whitlock (M1748) Lunenburg, Va
X5206 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd May 5, 2004 re Christopher Wood & Elizabeth Warner (Whitlock) Sandidge (M1821) Green Co., Ky
X5207 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd May 10,2004 re Joseph Alexander & Louisa Lydia (Whitlock) Walden (M1870's?) of DeKalb Co., Al
X5208 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd May 10,2004 re Hubert Lee & Mary Bernice (Whitlock) Southard (M1928) Washington DC
X5209 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd May 11, 2004 Sacramento Bee May 6,1905 re George W. & Lugardo (Driginda?) Whitlock re funeral of granddaughter Myrtle Ross age 18
X5210 2 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd May 13, 2004 Montgomery Co., Va Whitlock Cemetery re John William Henry & Anna Leva (Oliver) Whitlock (M1865) Montgomery Co., Va
X5211 6 eBay item #3677755040 Dd May 14-24,2004 re 1930's Whitlock Cars brochure from Patrick Lynch
X5212 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd May 16,2004 re William & Alice Whitlock (M1650) of Shutlanger, NTH
X5213 4 eBay item #2245320913 Dd May 17-24,2004 re Brand Whitlock cheque dated Apr.19,1913 from Patrick Lynch
X5214 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd May 17,2004 re Grover Cleveland & Elizabeth Catherine (Whitlock) Black (M1909) Floyd Co., Va
X5215 3 Rootsweb and Email from Emily Griffith Dd May 18,25& Jun.2,2004 re William & Caroline (Coggins) (Mathes) Whitlock (M1859) Haywood Co., NC
X5216 1 Email from Ruby Pantalone Dd May 23, 2004 re death of Nettie Marie Thompson 2002
X5217 1 Email from Rita Somers Dd May 22,2004 re 1930 US Census Il, Adams Co., Quincy re George & Etta Whitlock
X5218 1 Email from Elwood Morris Dd May 16,2004 re Alexander M. & Mary C. (Charles) Whitlock (M1890's) of Charlottesville, Va
X5219 4 Emails from Clara Jaramillo Dd May 28,29,2004 re 1880 US Census, Douglas Co., Mo family of Elisha Bell & Nancy M. (Wilburn) Whitlock (1852) Cannon Co., Tn
X5220 8 Research into the family of Francis M. & Elizabeth (Stice)(Parker)(Love)Whitlock (M1880's) from Cheryl Wells Dahl
X5221 1 Descent from James Irvin & Dessie (Kimbrough) Whitlock (1905) Al from Vicki Bullard
X5222 2 Email from Linda Dd May 25,2004 re James & Catherine Ann (Whitlock) Longman (M1846) Toronto, ONT
X5223 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Jun.4,2004 re William Henry & Easter Elizabeth (Whitlock) Neal (M1870's) Moore Co., Tn
X5224 1 Email from Shirley Dd Jun.10,2004 re Jack & Marjorie (Whitlock) Hopper (M1943) Mount Dennis, ONT
X5225 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Jun.11,2004 re Giles & Martha Ann (Rakes) Whitlock (M1890's?) of Franklin Co., Va
X5226 1 Email from Necia Yehia Dd Jun.11,2004 re Oct.1999 National Geographic article regarding Chief Ed Whitlock "Avenger’s Radarman"
X5227 1 Email from Barb Dd Jun.14,2004 re Nancy Reagan’s Whitlock ancestors
X5228 2 Emails from Fran McGowan Dd Jun.14,2004 re descent from Thomas & Rebecca (Holman) Whitlock (M1778) Langtree, DEV
X5229 4 eBay item #6301186195 Dd Jun.9-16,2004 re Two of Us movie starring Lee Whitlock from Patrick Lynch
X5230 2 Letter from Arthur W. Cole Dd May 18,2004 re will of Zalmon Whitlock of Bethel, Ct Dd Mar.25,1884 plus Whitlock/Cole/Barnum connections
X5231 1 New England Press Oct.2003 obit of Clifford Everett Hale Whitlock,91 died Sep.12 Wallingford, Ct plus Whitlock Farm Booksellers’ card from Arthur W. Cole
X5232 2 Descendants of Isaac & Harriett (Whitlock) Conner (M1832) Meigs Co., Oh from Dave Guiel
X5233 2 Email from Roy Whitlock Dd Jun.16,2004 re descent from Earl Lydell & Josie E. (Turner) Whitlock (M1919) Dallas, Dallas Co., Tx
X5234 1 Email from Frederick James Whitlock Dd Jun13,2004 re death of father Frederick Albert Henry Whitlock, 94 died June 5, 2004 at Kingsland, Southampton, HAM
X5235 2 Rootsweb from Chuck Rockett Dd Jun.15,2004 Richmond [Va] Times-Dispatch Mar.11,12,2004 obit of Dorothy (Lawhorn) (Whitlock) Knighton, 78 died Mar.9,2004
X5236 2 Rootsweb & email from Linda Dd Jun.18 & Aug.23,2004 re Montgomery Whitlock of Ok abt 1900
X5237 2 Rootsweb from Pat Coyle Dd Jun.19,2004 re Seth & Chloe (Woods) Whitlock of Sullivan Co., NY
X5238 3 Rootsweb & emails from Lou Watson Dd Jun.19 & Jul.27 & Aug.26,2004 re William James & Mary Ann (Dudley) Whitlock (M1888) of Eastleigh, HAM
X5239 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Jun.20,2004 re Nelson & Sarah (Hartman) Whitlock (M1840's) of Monroe Co., NY
X5240 2 Rootsweb from M.James Dd Jun.21,2004 re Obit of Harvey Amos Worthey died Aug.28,1951 of Miller Co., Mo & grandaughter Gloria Darlene Whitlock died age 11
X5241 1 Email from Roderick Jones Dd Jun.26,2004 re Hester Whitlock & Joseph Bowerman of Eynsham, OXF son James Whitlock b.Sep.26,1824
X5242 1 Rootsweb from re Rutland [Vt] Weekly Herald Jan.29,1803 re marriage Moses & Sally (Whitlock) Lester
X5243 1 Rootsweb from Bernice Dd Jun.29,2004 re Rowell Lawrence & Maude (Andrews) Whitlock (M1903) of Baker Co., Ga
X5244 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Jul.2,2004 This Week in La Veta History, Huerfano World, Aug.23,1990 re D.T. Whitlock school principal 1903
X5245 1 Rootsweb from Michael C. Dd Jul.2,2004 re John Henry & Clara M. (Griffith) Whitlock (M1866) of Barbour Co., Al
X5246 1 GenForum from Chris Whitlock Dd Apr.8,2004 re Ray Alexzander & Jackie (Cox) Whitlock (M1970's) Mo or Ks
X5247 2 GenForum from Melissa Barker Dd Apr.13,2004 re The Clarksville Leaf-Chronicle, Montgomery Co., Tn "Happenings Among Colored People" Apr.1,1958 re Mrs. Lucy Whitlock, St.Bethlehem Community
X5248 2 GenForum & email from James Good Dd May 9 & Jul.28,2004 re Wesley & Mollie (Abel)(Rogers) Whitlock (M1914) of Crawford Co., Ar
X5249 1 GenForum from Linda Davis Dd May 19,2004 re WWII photo of Hugh Whitlock of Mo
X5250 2 GenForum & email from Judy Gardiner Dd Jun.26 & Jul.29,2004 re Lester Whitlock minister in Jamaica
X5251 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Jul.3,2004 re Kitchener [Ont] Record Jul.3,2004 obit of Darwin "Don" Whitlock, 84 of Cambridge, Ont
X5252 1 Email from Rita Somers Dd Jul.8,2004 re 1930 census, Christianburg Town, Montgomery Co., Va
X5253 1 1881 census Goderich, Huron Co., Ont re William Henry & Harriet (??) Swann (M1860's) from Lawrence Otis
X5254 7 Western Land Grants (1870-1930) re Longman & Hagyard families from Lawrence Otis
X5255 1 Ontario Birth Registrations 1872-1906 from Lawrence Otis
X5256 1 Huron County [Ont] Marriages 1866 plus Ingersoll Daily Chronicle Oct.13,1905 re marriage William Henry Albert Eaton & Laura Lascelles Whitelock Oct.12,1905 from Lawrence Otis
X5257 6 eBay item #3684880365 Dd Jun.22-29,2004 re Henry Littleton Whitelock, Dealer in Boots & Shoes, Reading, Pa from Patrick Lynch
X5258 2 Independant [NJ] Dd Aug.20,2003 "Administrator clears air over Spy House confusion" from William M. Whitlock
X5259 1 Email from Vicki McKinnon Dd Jul.9,2004 re GEDCOM for WHITLOCK27 chart with possible descent from the Whitelocks of Cundall with Norton-le-Clay, YKS
X5260 4 Emails from Sue Resinger Dd Jul.12 & Aug.6,2004 Ste. Genevieve Herald, Ste. Genevieve, Mo Dd May 12,1883 re birth May 4,1883 of 13 pound daughter (Adele A.) of John S. Whitlock, builder also May 19,1883 Girl’s Parochial School re Augusta Whitlock
X5261 1 Email from Arvilla Corey Dd Jul.12,2004 Skagit [Wa] Valley Press Jul.12,2004 obit of Stephen P. Whitelock (Jul.24,1940-Jul.9,2004)
X5262 1 Email from Adrian Mills Dd Jul.13,2004 re Whitlock and Nancekievel updates to the WHITLOCK01 chart
X5263 1 Email from Daquan Whitlock Dd Jul.13,2004 re Hardin & Nancy Whitlock (M1860's) of Mt.Airy, Surry Co., NC
X5264 3 Rootsweb & Emails from Mike Wheeler Dd Jul.13-15,2004 re James & Miriam (Whitlock) Wheeler (M1820's) of Pitton, WIL
X5265 2 Emails from Chuck Rockett Dd Jul.17,2004 re Bascum Horace & Myrtle (Whitlock) Overstreet (M1917) of Zephyrhills, Pasco Co., FL
X5266 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Jul.20,2004 re Charles & Mary (Gordon) Whitlock (M1819) of Union Co., SC & DeKalb Co., Ga
X5267 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Jul.20,2004 Alberton Cemetery, South Africa re Richard Edward Whitlock (1902-1962) & Edith Maria Johanna Whitlock (1907-1980)
X5268 2 Rootsweb from W. Flem Dd Jul.2,2004 re Whitlock-Seabrook-Wilson Homestead in Monmouth Co., NJ
X5269 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Jul.24,2004 re Charles Barrett & Isabella T. (Whitlock) Winston (M1863) Richmond, Henrico Co., Va
X5270 9 Email from Emily Griffith Dd Jul.30,2004 re descent from Lemuel & Seraphsia (Smith) Whitlock (M1820's) of SC
X5271 3 A Short History of the Whitlock Gasoline Business in Texas by Thomas Gerald Whitlock of Arlington, Tx from Doris Whitlock
X5272 1 BBC Sport Dd Aug.5,2004 "Whitlock appeal thrown out" re Janine Whitlock, British pole vaulter from Lawrence Otis
X5273 2 Email from Lawrence Otis Dd Aug.8,2004 The Guardian, Nov.7,2001 obit of William Whitlock, 83 Labour MP for Nottingham North b.Jun.20,1918 d.Nov.2,2001
X5274 1 Email from Julie Noonan Dd Aug.8,2004 re Albert Enverdale & Ellen Eunice (Whitlock) Spence (M1910) SA
X5275 1 Email from Louis Smith Dd Aug.9,2004 re Thomas M. & Rebecca (Radford) Whitlock (M1790) Va
X5276 3 Emails from Alida Spry Dd Aug.13,2004 re Edward Washington & Sarah S. (May) Whitlock (M1860's) of Md
X5277 1 Email from Allan Chips Dd Aug.13,2004 Bio-clip on Jeremy Whitlock of Deep River, Ont scientist at Chalk River Laboratories
X5278 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Aug.13,2004 re Joseph & Mary F. {Maggie} (Cooper) Whitlock (M1877) Vermilion Co., Il
X5279 1 Rootsweb from Kimberley Bowman Dd Aug.14,2004 re Eugene & Peggy (Whitlock) Bowman of Il
X5280 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Aug.15,2004 Surry County [ NC] Soldiers in the Civil War by Hester Bartlett Jackson re Lt. Logan T. Whitlock of NC 1861
X5281 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Aug.16,2004 Nauvoo, Hancock County, Illinois LDS "Seventies" Record re Harvey Whitlock 1832
X5282 1 Rootsweb from D. Marshall Dd Aug.21,2004 re John S. & Emeline (Whitlock) Marshall (M1874) Jersey Co., Il
X5283 2 Emails from Chuck Rockett Dd Aug.22,2004 re Solomon & Mary Ann (Whitlock) Sager (M1840's?) both died 1868, connection to Oregon Trail
X5284 2 Rootsweb from Karen Jorgensen Dd Aug.23,2004 Obituaries of Green Co., Ky by Eunice Montgomery Wright re Mrs. Winnie (Atwell) Whitlock (Apr.23,1891-Nov.28,1983) died Lexington, Ky
X5285 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Aug.23,2004 Klamath Falls, Oregon Sep.17,1932 re coroner, Earl Whitlock
X5286 3 eBay item #2264017825 Dd Aug.20-27,2004 re letter from Brand Whitlock to Charles D. Reid Dd Sep.6,1919 from Patrick Lynch
X5287 4 eBay item #6921238683 Dd Aug.21-28,2004 re Clarendon and Whitlock Compar’d published in London 1727 from Patrick Lynch
X5288 3 eBay item #2264981784 Dd Aug.22-29,2004 re Whitlock Jewelry Store, Eufaula, Al 1908 from Patrick Lynch
X5289 7 Letter from Thomas Gerald Whitlock Dd Aug.19,2004 re James Thomas & Melissa Adaline (Ausbrook) Whitlock (M1890's) of Carrollton, Tx
X5290 16 Descent from Robert & Sarah (Collins) Whitlock (M1795) Pitton, WIL from Mike Wheeler
X5291 5 eBay item #3697529861 Dd Aug.31-Sep.7,2004 re Whitlock Herb Medicine Co., Winchester, Va Cold Tablets box from Patrick Lynch
X5292 2 Emails from D. Marshall Dd Aug.30,31,2004 re Henry B. Whitlock & Whitlock Cemetery of Macoupin Co., Il
X5293 11 Email from Cheryl Wells Dahl Dd re Solomon & Matilda (McClain) Whitlock (M1853) of Salisbury, Meigs Co., Oh
X5294 1 Email from Reni Wiggins Dd Sep.6,2004 re James Levi & Louise Cossey (Whitlock) Dennis (M1900's) of Waverly, Waverly Co., Il
X5295 2 Emails from James White Dd Sep.14,15,2004 re William & Mary (White) Whitlock (M1813) St.Martinsville, La
X5296 3 Email & letter from Louis M. Smith Dd Sep.12,2004 re descent from Thomas & Rebecca (Radford) Whitlock (M1790) of Va & Green Co., Ky
X5297 1 Email from Mark Whitlock Dd Sep.17,2004 re Jacob Charles & Chelsea Nichole (Lassiter) Simonton married Sep.4,2004 Witt, Montgomery Co., Il
X5298 1 Email from Shelley Clarke Dd Sep.13,2004 re Albert Enverdale & Ellen Eunice (Whitlock) Spence (M1910) SAus
X5299 1 Rootsweb from Chuck Rockett Dd Sep.17,2004 Bonham News, Fannin Co., Tx Aug.18,1908 obit of Earl Whitlock age 14 died Saturday [Aug.15]
X5300 2 Rootsweb & email from Diane Wirt Darmiento Dd Sep.16,25,2004 re Jacob W. & Virginia A. (Whitlock) Wirt of Montgomery Co., Va
X5301 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Sep.17,2004 re Madras Infantry Aug 8,1849 re William Henry Whitlock b.Mar.21,1833 French Rocks, Madras Presidency, India
X5302 2 Rootsweb from J. Mardes Dd Sep.17,2004 Press Herald, Portland, Me obit of David C. Stewart, 91 died Sep.15,2004 re wife Gwendolyn (Anderson) (Whitlock) Stewart
X5303 6 Rootsweb & emails from James Phillips-Evans Dd Sep.18-Oct.3,2004 re Mary d. Whitlock Williams bp.1789 Llanfihangel, WLS
X5304 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Sep.18,2004 re Chesley & Katherine (Whitlock) Hay (M1822) of Cragford, Clay Co., Al
X5305 1 Rootsweb from Carolyn Craig Dd Sep.19,2004 re Whitlock Craig b.1785 NC
X5306 1 Rootsweb from John Hale Dd Sep.19,2004 re Doss Anderson & Ann Maude (Whitlock) Burch (M1918) of Va & NC
X5307 3 Email from Janet Towle Dd Sep.19,2004 re updates to the WHITLOCK25 chart
X5308 1 Email from Jim Good Dd Aug.29,2004 re Mathew Whitlock (1918-1933)
X5309 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Sep.20,2004 re Warren & Polly (Whitlock) Edwards (M1821) of Wilson Co., Tn Polly d Thomas & Susannah (Webb) Whitlock (M1788) Va
X5310 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Sep.20,2004 Gaffney Ledger,1902, Cherokee Co., SC re Dora Whitlock d John & Sarah (Chastain) Whitlock (M1844)
X5311 3 eBay item #6326041522 Dd Sep.22-Oct.2,2004 VHS "Weakender" re Lee Whitlock from Patrick Lynch
X5312 3 eBay item #3749699516 Dd Sep.19,26,2004 J.W. Whitlock & His Automatic Harp Book Manual Reprint, Rising Sun, In from Patrick Lynch
X5313 3 eBay item #3749661699 Dd Sep.19-24,2004 Watercolour "Theatre Royal Bath" by Art Whitlock from Patrick Lynch
X5314 3 Australian Service Records index - 47 Whitlocks, 9 Whitelocks from Lawrence Otis
X5315 5 1880 US census records Oh re March, Foster, Stoneman & Lewis families from Lawrence Otis
X5316 2 Francois-Xavier Desjardins & William Whitlock 1838, Ont re Rebellion of 1837 from Lawrence Otis
X5317 2 Cal Men’s Crew profile Scott Frandsen b.Jul.21,1980 Kelowna, BC Olympic rower & Dot Com Media Inc profile Dale & Linda Frandsen from Lawrence Otis
X5318 1 Email from Reni Wiggins Dd Sep.25,2004 Family Tree Maker Colonial Virginia Source Records, 1600-1700's re Josiah Whitlock of Prince Edward Co. 1770 & William Whitlock of Caroline Co., 1778
X5319 15 Emails from Carolyn Craig Dd Sep.26,2004 re descent from Roderick & Rebecca F. Craig through their son Whitlock Craig b.1785 NC
X5320 1 Email from Mark Whitlock Dd Sep.27,2004 re Virginia Gates Simmons b.1912 died Sep.24,2004 Hillsboro, Il (W16 chart)
X5321 2 Rootsweb from Chuck Rockett Dd Sep.27,2004 Democrat & Chronicle, Rochester, Monroe Co., NY Aug.19,1894 Harry Whitlock, Hamburg, Mi poisoned
X5322 1 Email from Sonny Harrison Dd Sep.27,2004 re Whitlock Jewelry Store, Eufaula, Al
X5323 3 eBay item #3752001153 Dd Sep.30-Oct.10,2004 Frances Jeannette Whitlock painting, 1910 from Patrick Lynch
X5324 5 eBay item #2274034750 Dd Oct.1-8,2004 Early Airplane Whitlock Davenport Center, NY 1910 from Patrick Lynch
X5325 7 GenForum from Larry Perkins Dd Sep.30,2004 re Henry Joseph Whitlock, Birmingham, WAR photographer 1860's-1890's
X5326 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Oct.5,2004 H.W. Whitlock & George Robinson, Red Bluff, Tehama Co., Ca Jan.3,1912 fined $50 for deer hunting out of season
X5327 1 Email from Rita Somers Dd Oct.2,2004 re George & Ruth (Coombs) Whitlock (M1853) of Salisbury, WIL
X5328 12 Updates to the WHITLOCK09 chart from Arthur W. Cole
X5329 3 John Henry Whitlock of Eufaula, Al, family group sheet for John Gilbert Whitlock (1811-1869) & 1870 census NY re Edward H. & Ellen Sanford(Whitlock) Hughes (M1866) from Arthur W. Cole
X5330 4 Email from Rita Somers Dd Oct.5,2004 re UK & US Directories, 1680-1830 file re 20 of 144 matches for Whitelock
X5331 17 Rootsweb & email from Tammy Maddox Dd Oct.5, & Nov.7,2005 re 1920 census Marion Co., Ky John & Emaline Whitlock (M1880's) Ky
X5332 1 Email from Kevin Dowd Dd Oct.8,2004 re Thomas & Sarah (Fortnam) Whitlock (M1859) of OXF
X5333 1 Email from Kevin Dowd Dd Oct.8,2004 re Thomas & Rose WHITLOCK (M1860s) of Phildelphia, Pa
X5334 9 eBay item #2276720577 Dd Oct.12-22,2004 re 1904 Whitlock Automobile Radiator Brochure from The Whitlock Coil Pipe Co., Hartford, Ct from Patrick Lynch
X5335 5 eBay item #4045320672 Dd Oct.17-24,2004 re 45 Honky Tonk record Image of a Fool by Jim "Cherokee" Whitlock from Patrick Lynch
X5336 4 eBay item #5528730898 Dd Oct.18-25,2004 re envelope from Whitlock’s Bookstore, New Haven, Ct 1932 from Patrick Lynch
X5337 1 Rootsweb from Dd Oct.12,2004 re Mamie Whitlock of Corning, Ia 1919
X5338 1 Rootsweb from Cheryl Byrne Dd Oct.12,2004 re Cowboy Life on the Llano Estacado by Vivian Higley Whitlock s Hiram Higley & Nelly Grant (Causey) Whitlock (M1880's)
X5339 1 Rootsweb from Jenkins Dd Oct.13,2004 re 1920 census Quincy, Adams Co., Ia
X5340 2 Rootsweb from Karen Jorgensen Dd Lafayette Journal & Courier, Green Co., Ky Dd Sep.14,2004 re obit Beatrice Young Whitlock died Sep.11,2004 Mulberry, Ky
X5341 1 Rootsweb from Michelle Dd Oct.15,2004 re Washington Co., Ky marriages 1878-1893