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X5342 1 Rootsweb from Danny Clemmer Dd Oct.16,2004 Gaffney, SC Ledger Dd Sep.15,2004 obit of Hazel (Horne) (Whitlock) Sutton, 78 died Sep.14,2004 re children Aaron Whitlock & James Richard Whitlock
X5343 1 Rootsweb from Chuck Owens Dd Oct.25,2004 re Lancelot Minor & Catherine (Parrish) Whitlock (M1840) Frederick Co., Va
X5344 2 Emails from Christine Unsworth Dd Oct.26,27,2003 re WWI records for Whitlocks
X5345 2 Rootsweb & email from Arline Hill Dd Oct.31,2004 re Ned W. & Sally Day (Gibson) Whitlock (1890's) of Tx
X5346 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Nov.1,2004 re Roy Tilton & Jessie Lola (Whitlock) Ellis (M1920's) of SC
X5347 3 Rootsweb & email from Vicki Loman Dd Nov.2,2004 re Whitlocks of Hanover Co., Va
X5348 1 Rootsweb from Shirl Tarbox Dd Nov.2,2004 re Whitelocks of Md
X5349 8 eBay item #6129080504 Dd Nov.3-13,2004 re Aug.14,1934 (filed Nov.25,1931) J.W. Whitlock of Rising Sun, In patent 20791 Game Apparatus from Patrick Lynch
X5350 7 eBay item #3850700170 Dd Nov.4-14,2004 re Apr.18,1950 Edwin L. Whitlock & Irving Shelton of New York, NY patent 24757 Nursery Timer Design from Patrick Lynch
X5351 12 eBay item #6129312197 Dd Nov.4-14,2004 re Jul.3,1906 J.W. Whitlock of Rising Sun, In patent 20609 Coin Actuated Mechanism from Patrick Lynch
X5352 12 eBay item #6129312145 Dd Nov.4-14,2004 re Sep.16,1899 J.W. Whitlock of Rising Sun, In patent 20565 Self Playing Musical Instrument from Patrick Lynch
X5353 1 Email from Anne Picketts Dd Oct.16,2004 re William & Hannah (Moss) Whitlock (M1816) of Silverstone, NTH
X5354 1 Email from Keith Whitlock Dd Aug.29,2004 re Lt.Cdr. Peter Charles Whitlock (1925-1989) & HMS Victory, Portsmouth, HAM
X5355 7 1851 census Pitton & Farley, WIL; 1881& 1901 census’ HAM & WIL from Christine Unsworth
X5356 8 Email from Alida Spry Dd Nov.9,2004 re James H. & Susan (Rice) Whitlock (M1830's) De
X5357 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Nov.13,2004 Ardmore, Carter Co., OK Dec.15,1904 re Frank Whitlock "left yesterday for Clarksville, Georgia to visit home folks"
X5358 2 Rootsweb from Karen Jorgenson Dd Nov.17,2004 Central Kentucky News Journal Dd Nov.8,2004 re obit Phyllis L. (Whitlock) Balser, 55 died Oct.23,2004 Lafayette, In
X5359 5 Emails from Ann Jones Washington Dd Nov.17,2004 re William & Mary (Whitlock) Jones (M1760) SC
X5360 1 Rootsweb from Billie Jones Dd Nov.17,2004 re Ernest Whitlock d.Nov.13,1951 Aiken, SC s Martin & Matt (Carpenter) Whitlock
X5361 1 Rootsweb from Linda Schmehl Dd Nov.18,2004 re William Whitlock of Pittsylvania Co., Va 1815
X5362 2 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Nov.18,2004 re Henry Whitlock of South Africa 1884
X5363 1 Rootsweb from Marilyn M. Fair Dd Nov.18,2004 re Whitlocks of NC & Ks
X5364 4 eBay item #7114405387 Dd Nov.14-21,2004 The Army of The United States 1779-1783 published 1890 by B.M. Whitlock, 99, Fourth Avenue, New York, from Patrick Lynch
X5365 2 Rootsweb from Rich Lowe Dd Nov.21,2004 re Whitlocks of Van Buren Co., Ia
X5366 3 eBay item #2288502927 Dd Nov.23-30,2004 postcard of Mathison, Whitlock residence, Hudson, PQ c1920 from Patrick Lynch
X5367 1 Email from Barb Andrews Dd Nov.21,2004 re Fredrick & Caroline (Schultz) Whitlock (M1820's) of GER & Farmington, Ia
X5368 3 Email from Alida Spry Dd Nov.19,2004 re Edward Washington & Sarah S. (May) Whitlock (M1860's) of Md
X5369 3 Emails from Louie Smith Dd Dec.4,17,2004 re updates to his W23 Main Line
X5370 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Dec.4,2004 Augusta Co., Va Deed Book 153, p257 Nov.6,1907 re Mary E. Whitlock & Floyd E. Whitlock
X5371 1 Email from Rita Somers Dd Dec.4,2004 re Charles Augustus & Jane Agnes (Donovan) Whitlock (M1904) Petrolia, Lambton Co., Ont
X5372 16 Emails from Thomas Glassel Dd Dec.6,7,2004 re James & Elizabeth (Catlin) Corse (M1691) Deerfield, Ma
X5373 3 Letter from Arthur W. Cole Dd Dec.1,2004 re Marvin & Amanda (Duncomb) Whitlock (M1830's) Bethel, Ct; The Gilbert Family, Descendants of Thomas Gilbert (1582-1659) by Brainard, Gilbert & Torrey, 1953 re Icabod Gilbert
X5374 3 Rootswebs & email from Margaret Stavitski & Daphne N. Richey Dd Dec.6,7,2004 re Creed & Theora (Garrison) Whitlock (M1890's) Greene Co., Ky
X5375 1 Email from Robert E. Whitlock Dd Dec.6,2004 re John James & Abigail (Hartley) Whitlock (M1832) Russell Co., Ky
X5376 2 Email from Billie Jones Dd Dec.6,2004 re descent from Winfrey & Elizabeth (Booth) Whitlock (M1790's) Edgefield Co., SC
X5377 1 Email from Don Wilson Dd Dec.7,2004 re Cornelius & Margaret (Smith) Donovan (M1870's?) Que
X5378 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Dec.9,2004 re James Hall & Lillie Pearl (Harvey) (Kessinger) Whitlock (M1893) Ok
X5379 2 Emails from Chuck Rockett Dd Dec.12,2004 Green Co., Ky Marriages 1891-1900 by Froggett re George T. & Mattie Coleman (Whitlock) Kemp (M1899); Green Co., Review Vol.XVI No.1 Fall 1992 re 1895 School Census; Moss-Kemp Cemetery, Adair Co., Ky
X5380 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Dec.13,2004 1920 census Enid, Ok re Frank & Emma Whitlock
X5381 1 Rootsweb from Jo Hogle Dd Dec.14,2004 re Abraham & Rose (Whitlock) Parker (M1644) Ma
X5382 1 Letter from Peg & Ken Tulloch Dd Dec.4,2004 re weddings and birth updates in WHITLOCK16 family
X5383 1 Chronology of life of George E. Whitlock b.Nov.1847 NY from Peg Tulloch
X5384 3 eBay item #3947448502 Dd Dec.14-21,2004 re Jan.1,1928 Stock Certificate #32, 20 shares, Muse-Whitlock Company, Johnson City, Tn from Patrick Lynch
X5385 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Dec.17,2004 re marriage May 24,1843 of Dudley Runnels Whitlock & Mary Wilkins. Calhoun Co, Al
X5386 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Dec.19,2004 William H. & Sue (Whitlock) Hoffman (M1973) of Stuart, Ne
X5387 1 Email from Karen Landers Burkholder Dd Dec.19,2004 re John Bell & Louisa Arabelia Jane (Bunch) Whitlock (M1889) Rule, Carrol Co., Ar
X5388 1 Emails from Betty VanZile Gilbert Dd Dec.23-31,2004 re Abraham & Harriet (Whitlock) (Halstead) VanZile (M1852) of NJ
X5389 1 Rootsweb from Chuck Rockett Dd Dec.24,2004 Athens [Ga] Daily News Aug.14,2000 obit of Dora Linda (Pinion) Lancaster died Aug.12,2000 age 85 Athens, Ga re sister Frances Whitlock
X5390 1 Email from Keir Whitlock Dd Dec.27,2004 re Hubert & Dulcie (Hampton) Whitlock (M1940's?) of Southampton, HAM
X5391 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Dec.28,2004 Sacramento [Ca] Bee Dec.26,1904 re wedding of Frank & Exer (Whitlock) Slaker
X5392 3 Rootsweb from Vivian Toole Cates Dd Dec.27,2004 re James Winfrey & Mary (Randall) Whitlock (M1821) Edgefield Co., SC family Bible extracts
X5393 4 GenForum from Sheri Millikin Dd Jul.5,2002 re James N. & Elizabeth (Timberlake) Whitlock (M1840's) of Hanover Co., Va
X5394 3 GenForum from Joe Cook Aug.12,1998 Elder Thomas Whitlock 1815, Nr Ward’s Gap, Va
X5395 1 GenForum from Christine Ellinwood Dd Dec.28,2004 re Benjamin Franklin & Martha Elizabeth (Jordan) Whitlock (M1830's) Franklin Co., Al
X5396 3 eBay item #7125354996 Dd Jan.3-10,2005 re 1932 Dr.J.T. Whitlock Cherokee Remedy, Chicago, Il from Patrick Lynch
X5397 1 Rootsweb from Patricia Kent Dd Jan.2,2005 re George & Susannah (Lovell) Whitlock (M1851) Silverstone, NTH
X5398 3 Rootsweb from Nancy Brister Dd Jan.3,2005 re Samuel Lanier & Ann (Whitlock) Winston (M1816) Adams Co., Ms
X5399 3 Emails from Sher Leetooze Dd Jan.4,2005 re Rev. Jesse Whitlock (1824-1913) of PEI
X5400 2 Emails from Tina Whitlock Dd Jan.5,2005 re Whitlocks of Bristol, SOM
X5401 2 Rootsweb from Barb Reininger Dd Jan.5,2005 re Jonathan & Polly (Shelor) Graham (M1796) Montgomery Co., Va
X5402 2 Email from Luke Whitlock Dd Jan.6,2005 re Simon Whitlock, Australian darts player
X5403 1 Email from Sandra Whitlock Dd Jan.7,2005 re Lawrence & Thelma Bown (Braithwaite) Whitlock (M1920's?)
X5404 5 Letter from Lapsley Chester Whitlock to Louis Smith Dd Jan.6,1971 re descendants of William R. & Mary Ann W. (Lashley) Whitlock (M1833) Green Co., Ky plus descent chart from James & Dorothy Whitlock (M1680's) from Louie Smith
X5405 1 Obit of Wilburn E. Cordell of Pulaski, TN died Mar.13,2004 from wife, Mary Whitlock Cordell
X5406 1 GenForum from Maureen Scurfield Dd Apr.11,2001 re Judge John Augustus Mathison of Hudson, PQ
X5407 2 Letter from Lawrence Otis Dd Dec.31,2004 re Richard Drew and Selina Whitlock married Bowmanville, Ont May 23,1872 & George & Mary (Whitlock) Smart (M1850's)
X5408 16 1901 Canadian census Charlottetown & Canton, Queens Co., PEI; Stratford, Perth Co., ONT; Glencoe & Mosa, Middlesex Co., ONT; Tecumseth & Beeton, Simcoe Co., ONT; Glen Adelaide, Assiniboia (SAS) from Lawrence Otis
X5409 1 1881 Canadian census, Tecumseth, Simcoe Co., ONT from Lawrence Otis
X5410 12 Ancestors of Harry Lee Whitlock with descent from Jonathan Johnson & Rebecca (Wheeler) Whitlock (M1839) Washington Co., Tn from Harry Lee Whitlock
X5411 7 Emails from Chuck Owens Dd Jan.8,2005 re Ancestors of Sarah Louisa Ann Whitlock d Lancelot T. Minor & Catherine Jane (Parrish) Whitlock (M1840) Frederick, Va
X5412 1 Email from Carol Whitlock Tingen Dd Jan.7,2005 re Francis Alvin & Elsie Mae (Brown) Whitlock (M1930's) of Roxboro, NC
X5413 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Jan.8,2005 re Gilbert & Emma Jane (Williams) Whitlock (M1960's) of Va?
X5414 2 Emails from Judith Allison Walters Dd Jan.8,9,2005 re Anthony & Frances (Jones?) (Whitlock) Hoggatt (M1740) Va
X5415 1 Email from Barb Reininger Dd Jan.9,2005 re Henry A. & Mary Elizabeth (Graham) Whitlock (M1827) Montgomery Co., Va
X5416 6 Email from Marlaine Deschamps to James E. Wilson Dd Jan.12,2005 re Aaron Whitlock’s son Thaddeus graduating from Union College, Schenectady, NY 1816.
X5417 3 Emails from Nancy Ann Webb McLaughlin Dd Jan.13, Feb.2,2005 re Thomas & Susannah (Webb) Whitlock (M1788) Campbell, Va
X5418 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Jan.13,2005 re John B. & Nettie (Whitlock) Judson (M1879) Otsego Co. NY
X5419 1 Email from Laura Whitlock Dd Jan.14,2005 re Lemuel Whitlock (M1820's ) Union Co., SC
X5420 4 Email from James E. Wilson Dd Jan.14,2005 re Aaron & Esther (Ketchum) Whitlock (M1801) Westport, Fairfield Co., Ct & Aaron Couch & Anna (Rathbun) Whitlock (M1809) of Saratoga Co., NY with reference to Union College records 1815
X5421 2 Email from Eric Whitlock Dd Jan.17,2005 re Meshach & Mary (2) Whitlock (M1802) Beckington, SOM & Edward & Sarah (Cadbey) Whitlock (M1796) Southbroom, Devizes, WIL
X5422 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Jan.18,2005 re Battle Mayfield & Robert Whitlock deed Dd Jun.2,1808 Union Co., SC land on Brown Creek at Whitlock Mill
X5423 1 Email from Dd Jan.19,2005 re Nov.15,1895 postcard from Thos M. Young to sister Lavinia Whitlock of Sumpter, SC
X5424 1 Email from Rita Somers Dd Jan.20,2005 re Ont Whitlock marriages incl George Whitlock & Sarah Jane Haynes Mar.21,1872 Kennebec, Ont
X5425 1 Email from Laura Taylor Dd Jan.21,2005 Salisbury & Winchester [WIL] Journal Jan.15,1827 re Thomas Whitelock, 6 mons hard labour for stealing corn from a barn in Gussage
X5426 3 Emails from Chuck Rockett Dd Jan.21,24,2005 obit of William C. Whitlock, 33 died Jun.27,1905 Buffalo, NY wife Eleanor M. son Myron K.
X5427 3 Rootsweb & email from Ray Boyce Dd Jan.22,Feb.10,2005 re F. (Whitlock) Deeks of Clare, SFK died Nov.24,1905 wife of Arthur John Deeks
X5428 1 Email from Toni Brand Dd Jan.22,2005 re Walter Clarence & Lilian Irene May (Whitlock) Russell (M1938) Bellingham, Wa
X5429 1 Email from Emily Griffith Dd Jan.26,2005 re Aug.2,1842 Union Co., SC inquisition into death of William Butler, stage driver. Oaths of ...Ferdinan Cain...Lemuel Whitlock, William Faucett, S.W. Bently.. Richard Nance etc.
X5430 1 Email from Sue Hedges Dd Jan.26,2005 re marriage of William Thomas Whitlock & Ellen Louisa Hedges, Aug.2,1902 Thatcham, BRK
X5431 1 Email from Lawrence Otis Dd Jan.28,2005 re obit of Dale Frandsen died Kelowna, BC Nov.11,2004
X5432 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Jan.28,2005 re Richard L. Whitlock of Davisville, North Putah Precinct, Putah Township, Yolo Co., Ca 1870
X5433 5 The Strait of Messina Crossing & Bridging the Ijsell 11 April 1945 articles detailing WWII experiences by & from Wilfred J. Whitlock
X5434 3 Rootsweb & Email Dd Feb.4,2005 plus Descent from John Whitlock Smale (1838- ) from David Botting
X5435 1 Rootsweb from Dd Jan.31,2005 re James Madison & Jacova Alice (?? )(Elkins) Whitlock (M1879) Kawawha, Wva
X5436 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Jan.31,2005 re Apr.9,1874 marriage Albert & Margaret (Smart) Holstock, Tecumseth, Frontenac Co., ONT Margaret d. George & Mary Ann (Whitlock) Smart
X5437 1 Email from Phil Whitelock Dd Feb.2-15,2005 re Whitelocks of Md
X5438 3 Email from Sheree Robinette Dd Feb.4,6,2005 re George & Fannie (Whitlock) Chambers (M1910's) of Oglethorpe Co., Ga
X5439 2 Rootsweb from Karen Jorgensen Dd Feb.5,2005 Green Co., Ky obit Pearl (Whitlock) Strader,79 died Apr.16,1968
X5440 2 Rootsweb from Karen Jorgensen Dd Feb.5,2005 Green Co., Ky obit Russell Strader, 8 died Dec.28,1929, Louisville, Ky
X5441 6 Emails from James E. Wilson Dd Feb.5,6,2005 re William Amos & Elizabeth Celina (Clohesy) Whitlock (M1903) Chicago, Il
X5442 3 Rootsweb & email from Buck Camp mailto:campj@hiwaay.netDd Feb.7,13,2005 re Richard & Nancy (Whitlock) Faucett (M1780's) Union Co., SC
X5443 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Feb.7,2005 Richmond [Va] Times-Dispatch Dd Feb.5,2005 obit of Audrey Mae Proffitt, 70 of Hadenville died Feb.3,2005 d of Mamie Whitlock
X5444 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Feb.7,2005 Bombay, India April 30,1858 re General Whitlock
X5445 1 Email from Kevin Dowd Dd Feb.8,2005 Whitlocks in Enysham & Woodstock, OXF churchyards Henry & Sophia (Hill) Whitlock (M1889); Peter Whitlock Hayes (1930-1997) ; War Memorial at Woodstock Peter Whitlock, John Whitlock, Robert Whitlock (1914-1918) JPA Whitl
X5446 16 Emails from Matt Evans Dd Feb.7-9,2004 re Whitlock mine, Mariposa, Ca
X5447 1 Email from Chris Hewitson Dd Feb.6,2005 re George & Sabinah (Whitlock) Read (M1772) Pitton, WIL
X5448 3 eBay item #3868711021 Dd Jan.20-27,2005 1930's press photo Maryanne Whitlock & Carolyn Stein from Patrick Lynch
X5449 2 Email from Eric Whitlock Dd Feb.9,2005 re Whitlock wills in Devizes, WIL; removal examinations 1788,1790 Devizes, WIL
X5450 1 Rootsweb from Chuck Rockett Dd Feb.9,2005 The Commerical Appeal Aug.24,2003 pg B7 re obit Alice Queener Whitlock, 91 of Limestone, Tn widow of James Cecil Whitlock
X5451 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Feb.9,2005 Bombay [India] Times Dec.1858 marriage Dec.4,1858 Captain Edward Holeche Couchman & Federata Harriett Whitlock
X5452 3 Emails from Joyce Dd Feb.10-12,2005 re Whitlocks of Coxsackie, Greene Co., NY
X5453 1 Email from Kathleen Whitlock Shuey Dd Feb.10,2005 re Levi & Chloe (Mason)Whitlock (M1793) of Vt
X5454 1 Email from Debbie Konrad Dd Feb.12,2005 re Pakenham family of Ky
X5455 1 Email from Rita Somers Dd Feb.11,2005 re Charles Newman & Frances Emma (Whitlock) Phillips (M1886) Forrest, Lambton Co., Ont
X5456 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Feb.12,2005 Salinas, Ca Jul.19,1894 re "Mr. Whitlock and daughter Edie visited San Lucas, Sunday"
X5457 44 Descendants of John & Elizabeth (Fawcett) Bird (M1780's) of Union Co., SC from Buck Camp
X5458 2 Devizes, WIL baptisms 1725-1865 (plus one 1519) from Eric Whitlock
X5459 4 Emails from Scott Joseph (Whitlock) Young Dd Feb.14-17,2005 re descent from Leon Lewis & Mabel Whitlock (M1920's) Leon s Franklin Pierce & Cora M. (Coffin) Whitlock of Silverton, Or
X5460 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Feb.15,2005 re Isaac & Harriet (Whitlock) Conner (M1832) Meigs Co., Oh
X5461 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Feb.15,2005 Texarkana Gazette, Dec.14,1952 re Rev. Y.C. Whitlock of Silverino Baptist Church, Texarkana, Tx
X5462 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Feb.15,2005 re Max & Marion (Greer) Whitlock of Mt.Vernon, Il
X5463 1 Rootsweb from Ray Edmunds Dd Feb.16,2005 re Palmsun Day Whitlock of AUS
X5464 3 Email from Lauretta Harris Dd Feb.19,20,2005 re Jonathan Landermore & Elizabeth Whitlock of Salhouse, NFK 1783
X5465 4 Email from Elsie Whitelock Dd Feb.20,2005 re George & Sarah Jane (Haynes) Whitlock (M1872) Kennebec, Frontenac Co., Ont
X5466 1 Email from Doris Bramlett Dd Feb.17,2005 re marriage dates for her immediate family of Greenville Co., SC
X5467 2 Email from Robert Larkin Dd Feb.22,2005 re George Whitlock Hill b.1890 Northcote, Victoria, AUS d.1947 Caulfield, Victoria, AUS
X5468 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Feb.22,2005 re John Whitlock d.1659 Fairfield, Ct possible connection to Cholesbury, BKM 1585
X5469 2 Rootsweb from Wayne Benson Dd Feb.23,2005 re Jesse & Mary Hazeltine Judson (Whitlock) Smith (M1858) Vermillion Co., Il
X5470 2 Email from Sandy Meono Dd Feb.26,2005 re descent from Charles Newman A. & Frances Emma (Whitlock) Phillips (M1886) Forest, Lambton Co., Ont
X5471 7 Rootswebs from Patricia Kent & Celia Renshaw & Mary Taylor Dd Feb.28-Mar.1,2005 re Whitlocks of Silverstone, NTH
X5472 5 Rootsweb & emails from Alvin H. Reynolds Dd Mar.1-3,2005 re Floyd Eldon & Alena (Whitlock) Reynolds (M1904) Ainsley, Jackson Parish, La
X5473 1 Children of John Ivey & Ida Lee (Maner) Whitlock (M1890) Stanly Co., NC from Shirley Brendle
X5474 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Mar.1,2005 Warren Co., Tn Whitlock Cemetery re graves of James & Sarah (Freeman) Whitlock (M1857) Warren Co., Tn
X5475 9 Emails from Eric Whitlock Dd Mar.2-Apr.2,2005 re Whitlocks of Devizes, WIL
X5476 12 Rootswebs from Bill Wilson & Lou M. King Dd Mar.2-Apr.1,2005 re Thomas Moore & Dessie Whitlock (M1890's) Wolf Pit, Richmond Co., NC
X5477 2 Letter & email from John Wallace Southern Dd Sep.26,2004 & Mar.29,2005 re descent from William Wallace & Mary Ethel B. (Leitch) Whitlock (M1912) of Bideford, DEV
X5478 3 eBay item #3962133422 Dd Mar.2-9,2005 re Aaron Burr Whitlock & Bro., Croton Falls, NY, Nov.1862 25 cent bank note from Patrick Lynch
X5479 5 Rootswebs & email from Teresa Mazzocca Dd mailto:terlowell@sbcglobal.netMar.3,12,2005 re Emery & Caroline (Whitlock) Lowell (M1864) Leroy, Il
X5480 2 Rootsweb from Leona Powell Dd Mar.4,2005 re John & Mary Ann (Whitlock) Ennis (M1680's?) of Dublin, IRE
X5481 1 Rootsweb from Kevin McCormack Dd Mar.7,2005 re William & Susannah (Whitlock) Foot (M1799) Compton Pauncefoot, SOM
X5482 1 Email from Eric Whitlock Dd Mar.7,2005 re marriage Meshach & Mary (Carter) Whitlock (M1802) Beckington, SOM & Joseph & Thurza (??)(Jones) Whitlock (M1876) SOM
X5483 3 Emails from Phil Whitelock Dd Mar.9 & Apr.6,2005 re John & Levenia (Jones?) Whitelock (M1880's) of Mt.Vernon, Somerset Co., Md
X5484 1 Email from Rita Somers Dd Mar.11,2005 re Michael & Lucinda A. (Whitlock) Murphy (M1857) Eremosa, Ont
X5485 4 Emails from Glen Wilson Dd Mar.14 & Apr.3,2005 re descent from Abraham & Rose (Whitlock) Parker (M1644) Woburn, Ma
X5486 2 Email from Clare Dd Mar.14,2005 re Charles Edward & Elizabeth (Kemble) Whitlock (M1785) Lancaster, LAN
X5487 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Mar.16,2005 re George W. Whitlock Sacramento, Ca Fire Department Voting Roll Aug.7,1865
X5488 3 Emails & Rootsweb from Ruth Whitlock Dd Mar.17 & Apr.4,2005 re Charlie Whitlock of Joplin or Webb City, Mo about 1900, possible brother Jesse Whitlock
X5489 2 Email from Lyulph Lubbock Dd Mar.17,2005 re Charles Edward & Elizabeth (Kemble) Whitlock (M1785) Lancaster, LAN
X5490 1 Email from Karen Jorgensen Dd Mar.19,2005 Obituaries of Green Co., Ky Vol.7 by Eunice Montgomery Wright re Vetrie M. Beard, 83 died Feb.23,1992 b.Jan.20,1909 d Roscoe & Alpha (Lowe) Whitlock
X5491 2 Email from Janet Armstrong Dd Mar.19,2005 descent from Charles Newman A. & Frances Emma (Whitlock) Phillips (M1886) Forest, Lambton Co., Ont
X5492 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Mar.20,2005 re marriage Sterling Whitlock & Silvany Estas Jan.27,1836 Franklin Co., Il
X5493 3 eBay item #6520228726 Dd Mar.20-27,2005 New York City Street sign, Whitlock Avenue at Lowell Street from Patrick Lynch
X5494 2 Email from Gary Spencer Dd Mar.23,2005 re Pakenham family
X5495 1 Email from Patricia Schrader Dd Mar.29,2005 re 1844 letter from Catherine E. Whitlock of Brooklyn, NY
X5496 2 Descendants of Mary Hazeltine Judson Whitlock (1834-1865) (whitlock25benson.paf) from Wayne Benson
X5497 2 Rootsweb from Ruby Pantalone & email from Chuck Rockett Dd Mar.30,2005 re Whitlock Cemetery, Daylight, Warren Co., Tn
X5498 1 Rootsweb & email from Charles Page Dd Mar.30,31,2005 descent from William Henry & Margaretta M. (Whitlock) Jones (M1889) Warren Co., Tn
X5499 5 Rootsweb and emails from Laura Hurst Dd Mar.31 & Apr.15 & May 8,2005 re William & Mildred (Whitlock) Hurst (M1805) Surry Co., NC
X5500 2 Email from Glen Wilson Dd Apr.3,2005 re descent from Abraham & Rose (Whitlock) Parker (M1644) Woburn, Ma
X5501 12 Emails from Jim Barrett & Tanya Salazar Dd Apr.3-30,2005 re Alexander & Susan M. (Powell) Whitlock (M1850's) of SC, Ar & Tx Susan M. b.Dec.1,1827 d Isaac Powell
X5502 3 GenForums & emails from Sandra Vossler Dd Feb.9,2005 & Barbara Galbreath Dd Mar.1,2005 & Karen Storms Dd Apr.23,2005 re Luther Elgar & Gertrude (Moran) Whitlock (M1920's) of Lee Co., Ms
X5503 1 GenForum from Tanya Salazar Dd Mar.18,2005 re Ira & Nettie Mae (Cleveland) Whitlock (M1900's) of Paint Rock, Tx
X5504 4 GenForum & emails from Karylon A. Russell Dd Mar.24-Apr.17,2005 re Francis Marion & Susan (Cooper) Whitlock (M1860's) of Llano Co., Tx
X5505 2 GenForum & Email from Pam Long Dd Apr.8 & 16,2005 re Whitlock & Long families of SC
X5506 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Apr.4,2005 Masonic Grand Lodge of Ar deaths 1941-1990 Whitlocks: Arthur Ayers, Charles Kumsey, Lonzo Madison, Richard Floy, Robert Lynn & Wm H. Sr.
X5507 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Apr.4,2005 1st Reg.Co.A. In National Guard, Spanish-American War re Charles C. Whitlock, Terre Haute Mustered out Nov.23,1898
X5508 1 Town of Ephratah [Fulton Co., NY] Birth Records, 1847-1849 from Lawrence Otis
X5509 3 The Ryerson Index, Australia, Death, Funeral, Probate Notices and Obituaries from Lawrence Otis
X5510 4 Emails from Audrey D. Wood Dd Apr.8-26,2005 re James K. & Lula (Sanders) Whitlock (M1882) Webster, Mo
X5511 2 Emails from Richard Edmonston Dd Apr.8 & May 8,2005 re Lloyd Theodore Whitlock (1891-1965) of Mo & Ca , actor
X5512 2 Rootsweb from Billie Adams Dd Apr.8,2005 re James Franklin & Eva (Jones) Whitlock (M1919) of Wister, Ok
X5513 1 Rootsweb from Chuck Rockett Dd Apr.10,2005 The Rural Citizen, Jack Co., Tx Dec.13,1883 re obit of F.D. (Franklin Duncan) Whitlock
X5514 1 Email from Quintin White Dd Apr.10,2005 re Edwin s Thomas & Ann (Edward) Whitlock b.Jan.21,1825 Pitton, WIL bp Feb .20,1825 St.Edmunds Methodist Chapel, Salisbury, WIL
X5515 1 Email from Quintin White Dd Apr.11,2005 re baptisms St.Edmunds Methodist Chapel, Salisbury, WIL 1820-1832
X5516 6 Emails from Ian Mason Dd Apr.11 & May 2,2005 re Frederick Bulstrode Lawson Whitlock (1860-1953) of NTT & AUS
X5517 2 Rootsweb from Karen Jorgensen Dd Apr.12,2005 Obituaries of Green Co., Ky Vol.7 by Eunice Montgomery Wright p.150 obit Mallie Pauline (Whitlock) Kelly d.Apr.9,1993
X5518 4 Emails from John Gile Dd Apr.12,2005 re William Hobart & Maria A. (Wells) Whitlock (M1850) McHenry Co., Il
X5519 1 Emailfrom Chuck Rockett Dd Apr.12,2005 re Isaac Cordell & Bessie (??) (Foster) Whitlock (M1922) Sparta, SC
X5520 1 Email from Nikki Dd Apr.14,2005 re descent from Isaac & Dinah (Moody) Whitlock (M1788) West Dean, WIL
X5521 6 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Apr.15,2005 re Baptisms 1st Presbyterian Church, NYC 1791-1792
X5522 5 Emails from Lee Pritchard & Candy Ryan-Hill Dd Apr.15-20 & May 9,2005 re James Lee & Isabelle (Striplin) Whitlock (M1872) Lincoln, Placer Co., Ca
X5523 3 Rootsweb & emails from Jus Carlisle, Bill Conner and Carolyn Blackwell Snead Dd Apr.15,16,2005 re George W. & Christina (Smith) Whitlock (M1860) Floyd Co., Va & George Washington & Charlotte (Blackwell) Whitlock (M1867) Floyd Co., Va
X5524 1 Email from Jack Spangler Dd Apr.20,2005 re Spangler Cemetery, Floyd Co., Va
X5525 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Apr.21,2005 1870 census, Chambers Co., Al re Zed & Elizabeth Ann (Lyles) Whitlock (M1848) Chambers Co., Al
X5526 1 Email from Dean Whitlock Dd Apr.21,2005 re Whitlocks of Sullivan Co., In
X5527 1 GenForum from Dorothy Dd Apr.24,2005 re Thomas Jefferson & Mary (McKoin)(Appleby) Whitlock (M1856) Green Co., Mo
X5528 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Apr.22,2005 re James & Mary (Whitlock) Clack (M1826) Hardwick, OXF
X5529 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Apr.23,2005 re Connie (Bodie) Whitlock (Feb.22,1929-Mar.27,1981) of Saluda Co., SC
X5530 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Apr.23,2005 Gowdeyville, SC Feb.14,1896 re Dora Whitlock d John & Sarah (Chastain) Whitlock (M1844)
X5531 1 GenForum from Deborah Shelton Wood Dd Apr.24,2005 re Thomas & Hannah (Phillips) Whitlock (M1770's) Va
X5532 2 Email from James E. Wilson Dd Apr.26,2005 re William Amos & Josephine M. (Weber) Whitlock (M1920) Chicago, Il
X5533 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Apr.27,2005 Toronto [Ont] Star Apr.26,2005 obit Thomas Edward Whitlock of Augusta, Ga
X5534 2 Rootsweb from Chuck Rockett Dd Apr.29,2005 Bluefield [Va] Daily Telegraph Nov.29,2001 obit Bonnie (Light) (Thornton) Whitlock, 86 died Nov.28,2001 Bluefield, Va
X5535 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Apr.29,2005 obit Jeannie (Brandt) Whitlock, 62 of Powell, Wy died Apr.20,2000
X5536 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Apr.29,2005 obit Lois (Shepard) Whitlock, 45 of Safety Harbor, Fl died Apr.4,2005 Clearwater, Fl
X5537 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Apr.29,2005 obit Charles Dean Whitlock, 50 of Gaffney, SC died Jul.31,2001 Gaffney, SC
X5538 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Apr.29,2005 obit Ila P. (Herrick) Whitlock, 80 of Rossville, Ks died Sep.5,2003 Rossville, Ks
X5539 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Apr.29,2005 obit Graham ("Dick") Whitlock, 93 of Richmond, Va died Apr.12,2005 & Richmond, Va Times Dispatch Apr.13/14,2005 obit from Elwood Morris
X5540 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Apr.29,2005 obit Billy Whitlock, 75 of Odessa?, Tx died Sep.4,2004
X5541 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Apr.29,2005 memorial Marguerite Whitlock died Apr.11,1995 Kitchener, Ont