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X5542 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Apr.29,2005 obit Larry H. Whitlock, 46 of Ozark, Al died Feb.18,2000
X5543 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Apr.29,2005 obit William Ronald Whitlock, 60 of Front Royal, Va died Mar.26,2002, Winchester, Va
X5544 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Apr.30,2005 obit Marie Opal (Gillett) Whitlock, 73 of Peoria, Az died Jan.17,2002 Sun City, Az
X5545 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Apr.30,2005 obit Marcus Varna Whitlock, 81 died Feb.17,2002 Fayetteville, Ga
X5546 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Apr.30,2005 obit Irene (Whitlock) Hardy, 85 Fayetteville, Ga died Sep.30,2001
X5547 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Apr.30,2005 obit Ellen Irene (Brown) Whitlock, 60 Edmonton, Mi died Feb,7,2004
X5548 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Apr.30,2005 Wewoka [Ok] Times Jan.7,1951 obit Jim Whitlock, 62 died Jan.7,1951
X5549 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Apr.30,2005 obit Donald Clay Whitlock, 53 of Pleasant Hope, Mo died May 8,2001
X5550 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Apr.30,2005 obit William Gerry Whitlock, 69 Belchertown, Ma died Feb.23,1997
X5551 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Apr.30,2005 obit Audrey Joan (Whitlock) Webb, 77 of Little Gransden, CAM & Weyburn, Sas died Aug.19,2001
X5552 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Apr.30,2005 obit Yukiko Tabuchi Whitlock, 77 of Mililani, Hi died May 29,2004
X5553 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Apr.30,2005 Alberta obits 1974-1977 family of John Wesley & Esther Ruth (Ross) Whitlock (M1914) Carlstadt, Ab
X5554 16 Email from Randall Powell Dd May 1,2005 re descendants of Alexander & Susan M. (Powell) Whitlock (M1850's) Scott or Logan Co., Ar
X5555 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd May 2, 2005 All Movie Guide re Albert Whitlock born London, Eng
X5556 2 Emails from Lynn Jones Dd May 3,7,2005 re Frank Russell & Orpha Jean (Stigall) (Johnson) Whitlock (M1898) Canadian Switch, Indian Territory (Ok)
X5557 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd May 4,2005 Whitlocks buried Greenwood, Brooklyn, NY
X5558 2 Rootsweb & email from Dd May 7,12,2005 re William & Alice (Parrish) Whitlock (M1820) Adderbury, OXF
X5559 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd May 7,2005 re marriage Eugene Malcolm & Carrie Whitlock Nov.14,1888 Marietta, Ga
X5560 2 GenForum & email from Kathy Ruddy Dd May 2,12,2005 re K. Jackson & Harriet (Merral?) Whitlock (M1850's) of Leadvale, Jefferson Co., Tn
X5561 9 Family Group Descendant Tree from Robert Heriot & Frances Julia Percy (Becher) Whitelock (M1825) Portsea, HAM from
X5562 1 Arizona State University, College of Human Services, Faculty Profile re Monica Whitlock, Ph.D.
X5563 6 BBC News Jun.16,2004 "Asian leaders to combat terror" & Mar.1,2005 "Tuckmen leader closes hospitals" & The Westminster Bookshop "Beyond the Oxus" re reporter Monica Whitlock
X5564 1 Email from Mark Whitlock Dd May 9,2005 obit of George Lamoine Blackburn, died Apr.14,2005 Fillmore, Montgomery Co., Il
X5565 2 Email from James E. Wilson Dd May 13,2005 re William Amos & Josephine (Weber) Whitlock (M1920) of Chicago, Il
X5566 1 Rootswebs & emails from Rosemary Valentine Dd May16-23 & Jun.9,2005 re Charles & Mary Ann (Burt)Whitlock (M1843) of Canford Magna, DOR
X5567 1 Rootsweb from Deborah Garrett Dd May 16,2005 re Steve & Mary A. (Massey) Whitlock (M1880's) of Hall Co., Ga
X5568 3 Emails from Alida Spry Dd May 18,20,2005 re James H. & Susan A. (Price) Whitlock (M1836) Cecil Co., Md
X5569 2 Rootsweb & email from Sue Dd May 24,2005 re John & Charlotte (Whitlock) Gosling (M1814) Horton, DOR Charlotte d William & Susanna (Burriss) Whitlock
X5570 3 Email from William Melvin Whitlock Dd May 24,2005 re Willard Palmer s Daniel B. & Maria Whitlock (M1850) in NY
X5571 1 Email from Tom Zachary Dd May 25,2005 re Ridge & Nettie M. (Bridgman) Whitlock (M1882) Franklin Co., Ar
X5572 2 Emails from Marie Brasington Dd May 17 & Jun.7,2005 re Peter & Marilla (Whitlock) Brasington (M1847) Royal Oak, Il
X5573 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd May 27,2005 re burials Pulaski Co., Va 1869-2004
X5574 2 Emails from John Searle Dd May 28,29,2005 re William & Susannah (Burriss) Whitlock (M1776) Horton, DOR
X5575 4 1850 to 1870 census records Floyd Co., Va re Henry A. & Elizabeth (Graham) Whitlock (M1827) Montgomery Co., Va from Carlisle Bowling
X5576 2 Rootsweb from Sharon Hobart 1860 census Floyd Co., Va re George W. Whitlock
X5577 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd May 30,2005 re Nathaniel Franklin & Barbara Ann (Burkett) Whitlock (M1852) Va
X5578 2 Email from Mark Whitlock Dd May 30,2005 re death of son Douglas Nelson Whitlock May 23,2005 age 24 of Springfield, Il
X5579 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Jun.1,2005 Baptisms 1st Presbyterian Church, NYC 1793 re William b.Mar.26,1793 s William & Sarah (Whitlock) Fraser
X5580 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Jun.1,2005 obit Zelma (Miller)(Whitlock) Townsend, 88 of Memphis, Tn died May 28,2005
X5581 3 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Jun.1,2005 & Rootweb from Karen Jorgensen Dd Aug.3,2005 Greensburg [Ky] Record Herald obit Jessie Willard Whitlock, 85 died Martinsville, In May 15,2005
X5582 1 Email from Lyn Johnston Dd Jun.2,2005 re Joshua & Harriet (Clarke) Whitlock (M1833) Winterslow, WIL
X5583 9 Rootswebs from Robby Stafford Dd Jun.3,2005 re Armstead & Barbary (Broom) Whitlock (M1864) Hall Co., Ga
X5584 1 Rootsweb from Cheryl King Whitlock Dd Jun.4,2005 re Armstead Whitlock of Jackson Co., Ga 1870
X5585 2 Email from Dean Whitlock Dd Jun.6,2005 re Ambrose & Elizabeth (Chasten) Whitlock (M1830's) In
X5586 6 Email from Deborah Garrett Dd Jun.10,2005 descent from James Emory & Louisa (Hamilton) Whitlock (M1848) Hall Co., Georgia, U.S.A.
X5587 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Jun.6,2005 re Charles Henry & Elizabeth Ann Fowler (Whitlock) Gunn (M1865) Cleveland, Cuyahoga Co., Oh Elizabeth d William & Harriet (Fowler) Whitlock of DEV
X5588 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Jun.6,2004 re Asbury & Gertrude (Whitlock) Crowder (M1899) Glenn, Ga
X5589 1 Email from Carl T. Whitlock Dd Jun.7,2005 re death of Edward Brian Whitlock, 93 died March 2004
X5590 1 Email from Jean Crowder Dd Jun.8,2005 re first marriage to Louis D. Schmidt, 1951
X5591 4 Rootsweb & emails from Debbie Wood Dd Jun.8-10,2005 re Thomas & Hannah (Phillips) Whitlock (M1770's) Va
X5592 1 Rootsweb from Karen Jorgensen Dd Jun.9,2005 Obituaries of Green Co., Ky. Vol.8 by Eunice Montgomery Wright, p88 re Viola (Whitlock) Heiston, 64 of Earlville, Il d.Dec.15,[1994] Aurora, Il
X5593 3 Rootsweb from Lafoe Dd Jun.9,2005 re Deposition of Ambrose Whitlock Dd Nov.12,1834 Montgomery Co., In
X5594 1 Email from Brenda Smith Dd Jun.9,2005 Intelligencer [Lexington, Va] re George W.& Judith (Whitlock) Farra (M1824) Nr Lexington, Rockbridge Co., Va
X5595 7 Emails & charts from Jackie Musyt Combs Dd Jun.10,14,2005 re Isaac Merritt Singer family
X5596 1 New York Times Dec.31,1925 "Alton T. Terrell’s Mansion Burned" re Alton Truman & Mary Lillian (Whitlock) Terrell (M1890's) of Orange, Ct from Jackie Combs
X5597 2 Rootsweb from Don Locke Dd Jun.11,2005 re DNA testing of Locke and Whitlock families.
X5598 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Jun.11,2005 Rock Mill News [Randolf Co., Al] Jan.1901 "Mr. Lum Whitlock of Texas, will return to his home in a few days. Some of our young men will accompany him to engage in farming."
X5599 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Jun.12,2005 Survivors of Bridge Disaster Yarmouth, NFK 1845 re Robert Whitlock and brother.
X5600 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Jun.13,2005 United Bretheren Church, Monroe Co., Ia c1890 re Rev. Whitlock
X5601 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Jun.17,2005 Taranaki Daily News [NZ] "A former Taranaki Daily News journalist, Mr. A. Whitlock, was appointed manager of Amalgamated TV Services Ltd., Sydney"
X5602 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Jun.20,2005 "W.B. Whitlock Dies" obit Wm. B. Whitlock died Sep.1902 Roanoke, Randolph Co., Al
X5603 8 Descendants of Christopher & Ann (Coad) Whitlock (M1869) Liskeard, CON from Trevor Whitlock
X5604 2 1901 census Springfield, Middlesex Co, Ont re Catherine Hodgson & Dawn, Bothwell Co., Ont re James Smale from Lawrence Otis
X5605 2 Letter from Lawrence Otis Dd Jun.27,2005 re Newman Phillips (1858-1928); Thomas & Priscilla (Horrew)(Whitlock)(Kerslake) Clarke (M1892) Exeter, Huron Co., Ont; Harmon O. & Sarah N. (Hodgson) Wiltse (M1899) Springfield, Ont
X5606 6 Letter from Iola Ebendorf Dd May 19,2005 re Whitlocks of Ct
X5607 2 Rootsweb from Rich Lowe Dd Jun.22,2005 re Augustus & Sarah M. (Beck) Whitlock (M1850) of Bonaparte, Van Buren Co., Ia
X5608 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Jun.24,2005 re Stanley Arthur & Joyce Janette (Collinsworth) Whitlock (M1976) Harris Co., Tx
X5609 1 Email from Mark Peter Whitlock Dd Jun.24,2005 re niece Monica Whitlock, reporter for BBC daughter of brother Brian Whitlock Blundell also includes details of books published by several different family members.
X5610 9 Rootswebs & emails from Gary A. Wilbanks & Cathy Mayfield Dd Jun.24-Jul.21,2005 re Mayfield & Whitlock families of Union Co., SC & Jackson Co., Ga
X5611 1 Email from Jane Preston Dd Jun.25,2005 re Alton Terrell of Monroe, Ct
X5612 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Jun.25,2005 obit Arizona Republic, Phoenix Oct.14,1979 Debbie Kay Whitlock; Boulder Daily Camera, Boulder, Co Oct.20,1970 Mable Whitlock
X5613 1 Rootsweb from Chuck Rockett Dd Jun.27,2005 Piedmont Inquirer, Calhoun Co., Al obit Martha Whitlock Oct.2,1899
X5614 2 Emails from Dean Whitlock Dd Jun.28,2005 re Ambrose Whitlock (1769-1863) of Caroline Co., Va & Montgomery Co., In
X5615 1 Email from David McFarlane Whitlock Dd Jul.7,2005 re death of sister Martha Daniels (Whitlock) Novachis May 25,2005
X5616 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Jul.8,2005 Mill Owners 1884-85 Floyd Co., Va Albert Whitlock, Booth’s Mill; D.F. Whitlock, Camp Creek
X5617 2 Rootswebs & email from Boyd Hyslop Dd Jul.8,11,2005 re Whitlocks of Olney, BKM
X5618 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Jul.9,2005 re Pulaski Co., Va burial list
X5619 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Jul.9,2005 The Leader re W. C. & Genie (??)(Causey) Whitlock (M1904) Squire Beard’s, Ga
X5620 2 Rootsweb from Douglas Whitlock Dd Jul.10,2005 re Cooper family of Vermilion Co., Il
X5621 13 & Family Search Ancestral File re descent from Doctoris William Christmas (1600?-1654) from Louie Smith
X5622 1 Email from Quintin White Dd Jul.16,2005 re ?? & Elizabeth (Whitlock) Read
X5623 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Jul.16,2005 re Thomas & Elizabeth (Whitlock) Plumsted (M1772) LND
X5624 1 Email from Tricia Barney Dd Jul.20,2005 re Charles Henry & Elizabeth Ann Fowler (Whitlock) Gunn (M1865) Cleveland, Cuyahoga Co., Oh Elizabeth d William & Harriet (Fowler) Whitlock of Langtree, DEV
X5625 4 Family Group sheets descent from Richard & Grace (Bridgeman) Whitlock (M1811) Buckland Filleigh, DEV from Harry Flynn
X5626 2 Email and letter to Harry Flynn from Wietske Weits Dd Aug.1,2004 & Sep.14,2004 re Whitlocks of Cleveland, Oh
X5627 2 Email from Malcolm Whitlock Dd Jul.21,2005 Seamen at the Battle of Trafalgar re Thomas Whitlock b.West Dean, WIL 1760-6? d.Aug.24,1824 & Thomas Whitlock b.Reading, BRK 1772? d.1809?
X5628 1 Email from Lynda Whitlock Dd Jul.20,2005 re birth Jaden Robert Whitlock Jul.5,2005 Salt Lake City, Ut
X5629 1 Email from Jackie Blackman Dd Jul.22,2005 re settlement Thomas Whitlock from Newington, MDX to St.George Hanover Square Jul.3,1816
X5630 6 Emails from Janet Ariciu Dd Jul.22,23,2005 re Edward & Mary (Gullock) (Whitlock) Rowzie (M1660's) of Rappahannock Co., Va
X5631 1 Email from Van Whitlock Dd Jul.24,2005 re descent from Tarlton Whitlock
X5632 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Jul.25,2005 re James & Sarah Whitlock War of 1812 Pension application Sep.7,1878
X5633 1 Email from Harry Lee Whitlock Dd Jul.26,2005 re William H. Whitlock of Austin, Tx d.1937 fighting Blackwater Fire in Wy
X5634 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Jul.30,2005 re Levi A. & Maria S. (Wedge) Whitlock (M1855) Kendall Co., Il
X5635 1 Email from Quintin White Dd Jul.31,2005 re David & Elizabeth Rebecca (Whitlock) (Read) Hale (M1900) Winterslow, WIL
X5636 1 Rootsweb from Diane Treff Dd Aug.1,2005 re Walker School, Bonner Springs, Ks school photo 1895 re Clay Whitlock
X5637 1 Rootsweb from Karen Jorgensen Dd Aug.3,2005 Greensburg [Ky] Record Herald Jul.13,2005 obit Shirley (Whitlock) Stout, 70 d Chester & Rachel (Mitchell) Whitlock
X5638 1 GenForum from Bob MacAvoy Dd Jul.28,2005 re John T. Whitlock Burlington Co., NJ 1890
X5639 1 GenForum from Pat Dd Jul.7,2000 re Joseph & Mary (Whitlock) Pugsley (M1830's) of DEV & OH Mary d. Richard & Mary (Knight) Whitlock
X5640 1 Whitlock Family History by Glenna Mae (Seymour) Whitlock c1975 from Harry Lee Whitlock
X5641 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Jul.30,2005 re Levi A. & Maria (Wedge) Whitlock (M1855) Kendall, Il
X5642 2 Email from Trevor Whitlock Dd Jul.14,2005 re memorial to John Whitlocke in Woolfardisworthy church, Devon
X5643 1 Email from Clayton Whitlock re Joseph Jasper & Elizabeth (Ogle) Whitlock (M1880's) of Ia & Ok
X5644 1 The Olympian, Olympia, Wa Jun.15,2004 re births Hunter Steven Jun.10,2004 boy to Angela Whitlock & Steven Peters from Lawrence Otis
X5645 2 Mt.Pleasant Cemetery, Matawan, Monmouth Co., NJ from Lawrence Otis
X5646 1 MountainView Cemetery, New Fairfield, Ct re Ephraim & Jerusha (Chase?) Whitlock (M1870's) from Lawrence Otis
X5647 1 Chapell Cemetery, Cattaraugus Co., NY from Lawrence Otis
X5648 1 Mt.Zion AME Church Cemetery, DeKalb Co., Ga from Lawrence Otis
X5649 1 New Fairfield Cemetery, New Fairfield, Ct from Lawrence Otis
X5650 3 Whitlock Family Cemetery, Edgefield, Co., SC from Lawrence Otis
X5651 1 Madras [India] Church Records re marriage James Vivian Bull & Charlotte Ann Whitlock Aug.18,1860 from Lawrence Otis
X5652 1 Sutter County [Ca] Historical Newspaper Articles re marriage LeRoy Burns & Bertha Whitlock Jul.13,1900 Sacramento, Ca from Lawrence Otis
X5653 1 The Citizen, Fayette Co., Ga Sep.2,1998 re Orville J. & Vivian E. Whitlock married Aug.28,1928 from Lawrence Otis
X5654 2 The Republican Citizen, Miami Co., Ks Marriages and Divorces re marriage J. Harry & Emma A. (Emery) Whitlock Mar.5,1879 from Lawrence Otis
X5655 2 Anniston Star Aug.1,2004 re marriage Christopher Wayne Haynes & Tiffany Delane Whitlock Jul.31,2004 Oxford, Ms from Lawrence Otis
X5656 1 Whitlock Marriages in Adair Co., Ky from Lawrence Otis
X5657 1 Marriages in Livingston Co., Mi from Lawrence Otis
X5658 1 Marriage of Ashleigh Ann Montgomery & Randall James Whitlock May 10,2003 Rhinelander, Wi from Lawrence Otis
X5659 3 The News Journal, De Aug.20,2004 "Call up of reservists creates repercussions on the home front" re Capt. Eric Whitelock of Seaford from Lawrence Otis
X5660 3 Air Force Magazine, "Interlude over Italy" by John L. Frisbee Oct.1997, Vol.80, No.10 re 1st Lt Charles A. Whitlock Jr. from Lawrence Otis
X5661 7 Philip Whitlock [1838-1919], "Richmond [Va] Grays" re Life of Philip Whitlock, Written by Himself" from Lawrence Otis
X5662 2 Vietnam War Southern Cross Dd 710122 re Sergeant Richard Whitlock of Detroit, Mi from Lawrence Otis
X5663 5 Saints Without Halos, Mormon History 1830-1844 re Harvey Gilman Whitlock (1809-1874) from Lawrence Otis
X5664 2 Rootsweb from Lonnie Chase Dd Aug.25,2005 House of Commons Journal, Vol10 Mar.22,1690 re Sir. William Whitlock, knt of Great Marlow, BKM
X5665 3 Emails from Fay Chastain (Polly Williams) Dd Aug.27 & Sep.17,2005 re J.P. & Alice (Hill) (Harbert) Whitlock
X5666 2 Email from Janet Whitlock Dd Aug.27 & Sep.17,2005 re Thomas Elliott Whitlock of NTH
X5667 1 Email from Kay Jones Dd Aug.28,2005 re descent from William Stringer Whitlock
X5668 1 Email from Necia Whitlock Dd Aug.29,2005 re Needle News "The Elementary School That Performs Shakespeare" by Ruth Kern re Nathan Whitlock as Macbeth
X5669 3 Rootsweb from Peter McCrae Dd Aug.30,2005 The Daily Telegraph & Telegraph, UK Sep.7,2004 obit Roy Ivor Handing Whitlock,88 b.Apr.21,1916 LND d.Jul.24,2004 Exeter, DEV
X5670 2 Email from Janne Carter Dd Sep.2,2005 re Whitlocks of BKM including Cholesbury 1585-1624
X5671 2 Emails from Donald Hayes Dd Sep.2,2005 re Oct.16,1786 David Whitlock & Martha his wife to Mathias Sims, Hanover Co., Va plus similiar Dd Jun.2,1789 Ann Whitlock to Benj. Oliver
X5672 1 Email from Quintin White Dd Sep.7,2005 re marriage Albert Elwin Read & Elizabeth Rebecca Whitlock Sep.26,1878 Winterslow, WIL
X5673 2 Email from Irene Kent et al Dd Sep.9,2005 Lester Cemetery, Floyd Co., Va re Joseph Albert & Permelia Rosabelle (Lester) Whitlock (M1888) Floyd Co., Va
X5674 3 Emails from Fred Mason Dd Sep.9,14,2005 re Billy Whitlock (1813-1878) early minstrel banjo player of NY or Va
X5675 1 Email from Doris Lang Dd Sep.12,2005 re Stanhope & Nancy Adaline (Ward)(Barrett) Whitlock (M1857) Williamson Co., Tn
X5676 2 Rootsweb from Sue Carney mailto:SCa1390698@aol.comre Samuel & Deidamia(Lyman)(Clark) Whitlock (M1803) Hebron, NY
X5677 2 Rootsweb from Maxine Keeton mailto:nanny1930@yahoo.comDd Sep.14,2005 re Armstead & Drusilla (Reynolds)(Ayres) Whitlock (M1829) Hall Co., Ga
X5678 8 1881 census Hullett, Huron Co., Ont & 1901 Census Middlesex Co.,Toronto, York Co., Grey Co., Ontario Co., Perth Co., Huron Co. Ont from Lawrence Otis
X5679 1 Divorce in Canada (1841-1968) re Darwin Booth Whitlock, Henry Herbert Whitlock & Joyce Browning Whitlock from Lawrence Otis
X5680 3 Letter from Lawrence Otis Dd Sep.14,2005 re Ont marriages
X5681 1 Email from Una Ash Dd Sep.15,2005 re John Henry Whitlock (1901-1921) of DEV
X5682 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Sep.17,2005 re William Edward (Edgar?) & Minnie Belle (Hill)(Jones) Whitlock (M1890's) of Montgomery Co., Il
X5683 1 Email from Rodney Whitlock Dd Sep.20,2005 re descent from Elinas Lincoln & Laura Gay (Aldredge) Whitlock (M1884) Floyd, Floyd Co., Va
X5684 1 Letter from Colin Mills Dd Sep.25,2005 re 1871 census St.Ebbe’s Parish, Oxford, OXF
X5685 1 Rootsweb from James T. Lord Dd Oct.7,2005 re Amanda Whitlock b.Sep.3,1874 Hall Co., Ga
X5686 1 Email from Vivienne Aldous Dd Oct.12,2005 re Benjamin & Eliza (Hands) Whitlock (M1864) at Radford Semele, WAR. Benjamin b.Syresham, NTH 1842
X5687 1 Email from Rebecca Walch Dd Oct.15,2005 re Whitlock members of Queen’s Rangers in 1785
X5688 1 Email from Ann Sims Dd Oct.15,2005 re Robert & Agnes (Alford) Whitlock (M1762) St.James Northam, Goochland Co., Va
X5689 1 Email from Cleadie B. Barnett Dd Oct.13,2005 re Edward & Ann (Whitlock) Sands (M1785) Saint John, NB
X5690 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Oct.15,2005 Toronto [Ont] Star Oct.15,2005 re obit Tim Ted Whitlock, 83
X5691 35 Descendants of Armstead Whitlock b.1804(6) SC from James T. Lord
X5692 2 Descendants of Jonas & Sally (Whitlock) Smale (M1835) Black Torrington, DEV from Lawrence Otis
X5693 1 Email from James E. Wilson Dd Oct.17,2005 re Charles H. D. Adelbert Whitlock Civil War photographer s Charles G. & Fanny W. (Slawson) Whitlock of CT
X5694 1 Email from Maxine Keeton Dd Oct.21,2005 re descent from Armstead H. & Drusilla (Reynolds)(Ayres) Whitlock (M1829) Hall Co., Ga
X5695 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Oct.23,2005 Marietta Monitor, Love Co., Ok Oct.15,2004 re marriage Alton Derrell Whitlock 54 & Pamela Sue Spencer 53 both of Lewisville, Tx
X5696 2 Email from Denise Bright Dd Oct.24,2005 Woodstock and North Aston, OXF marriages 1837-1899
X5697 2 Email from Harry Whitlock Dd Oct.25,2005 re Whitlocks of Wyoming
X5698 1 Email from Marilyn Dd Nov.1,2005 re marriage William Whitlock & Leah Bridges Jun.19,1841 Syresham, NTH
X5699 1 Email from Ashley Whitlock Dd Nov.3,2005 re Nicholas Trout & Eva Lula (Leitch) Whitlock (M1890's) of Augusta Co., Va
X5700 1 Email from Dean Whitlock Dd Nov.3,2005 re John Nathaniel & Sarah C. (Beeler) Whitlock (M1890's) of Sullivan Co., Tn
X5701 1 Rootsweb from Mary re Albert L. Wright & Lillie M. Whitlock married Nov.17,1917 Smith Co., Tx
X5702 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Nov.9,2005 re deaths Meigs Co., Oh Elizabeth Whitlock Apr.17,1939 & Giles Lemuel Whitlock Jul.12,1941
X5703 17 Revised WHITLOCK28 chart from Lawrence Otis
X5704 4 Whitlocks of Georgia, descent from Armstead & Drucilla (Renolds) (Ayres) Whitlock (M1829) Hall Co. Ga from Maxine Keeton
X5705 3 eBay item #6579304739 Dd Nov.14-21,2005 re birth certificate Nov.16,1918 Bessie Josephine d Frederick Newton & Bessie (Whitlock) Wakefield, Barham, KEN from Patrick Lynch
X5706 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Nov.12,2005 re index to Old Home Places, Louisa Co.,Va
X5707 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Nov.17,2005 Spartenburg [SC] Herald Sep.1916 re obit Panthea Virginia (Lattimore) Whitlock, 37 wife of C.D. Whitlock
X5708 11 American Life Histories: Manuscripts from the Federal Writers’ Project, 1936-1940 re Mr. J.T. Whitlock, Hendersonville, NC, Lawrenceville, NC, Union Co., SC
X5709 7 Texas deaths 1964-1998
X5710 2 Email from Robert Cooke Dd Nov.19,2005 re NTH family of composer Percy Whitlock
X5711 3 Email from Anna Popejoy Dd Nov.20,2005 re Thomas & Hannah (Phillips) Whitlock (M1770's) of Wythe Co., Va & Cumberland Co., Ky
X5712 1 Email from Megan S. Whitlock Dd Nov.21,2005 re Carl Thomas Whitlock b.1960 Pontiac, Mi
X5713 3 Email from Paul Severson Dd Nov.24,2005 re Joseph & Hannah (Whitlock) Baldwin (M1636) High Wycombe, BKM
X5714 1 GenForum from Thomas Pence Dd Oct.2,2005 re James David & Temperance (??) Whitlock (M1840's) of Richmond Co., NC
X5715 4 GenForums & email from Patty Harmon & Nancy Schay Dd Oct.17-28,2005 & Jan.27,2006 re James & Sarah (Whitlock) Hickey (M1830-1840's) of Roane Co., Tn
X5716 1 GenForum from Kathy Wingate Dd Oct.23,2005 re F.M. & Catherine (Chappell) Whitlock (M1870's) of Union Co., SC
X5717 1 Portsmouth Naval Memorial re Harry Whitlock d.Jun.5,1916 & Ernest Albert d.Nov.27,1941 from Pat Kelly
X5718 2 Email from William M. Whitlock Dd Nov.25,2005 obit Joel "Mack" Whitlock d.Nov.8,2005 South Charleston, WVa
X5719 3 Emails from Jeanine Robertson Dd Nov.25-30,2005 re Sampler by Polly Whitlock, 1850 age 38
X5720 1 Email from John R. Whitlock Dd Nov.25,2005 re George James & Ruth (Coombs) Whitlock (M1853) St.John’s, Waterloo, SRY b.Salisbury, WIL
X5721 6 Emails from J.T. Stokesbury Dd Nov.26,28,2005 re Richard & Susanna Kinley (Whitlock) Ashton (M1902) of PEI & Marietta, Washington Co., Oh
X5722 3 Emails from Mark Cox Dd Nov.27-29,2005 re John & Lydia (Howell) Whitlock (M1796) of NJ & Oh
X5723 2 Emails from Stephen Head Dd Nov.27,2005 re George James & Phyllis Bessie (Cook)(Jones) Whitlock (M1930) Dorking, SRY
X5724 17 Emails from Carol Podolski Dd Nov.29 & Dec.10,14,2005 re James Whitlocks Tavern, Dayton, NJ 1750 plus decent from Moses & Ann (??) Whitlock (M1830's) of South Brunwick, NJ
X5725 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Nov.28,2005 re Edward Peter s Edward & Constance Emily Whitlock bp.St.Paul’s Cathedral, Calcutta, India b.Jul.11,1928
X5726 2 Emails from Nick Anderson Dd Nov.29 & Dec.11,2005 re Cornelius F. & Catherine Letitia (Whitlock) Elbertson (M1865) NJ
X5727 6 Email from Rob Whitlock Dd Nov.29,2005 re Matthews & Emma (Edwards) Whitlock (M1830) Nottingham, NTT
X5728 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Dec.2,2005 re George L. & Susan (Whitlock) Mallory (M1879) Louisa Co., Ia Susan d Ezekiel & Sarah (Stebbens) Whitlock
X5729 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Dec.5,2005 re murder of Deborah Whitlock 1988 Modesto, Ca
X5730 1 Email from Paul Severson Dd Dec.5,2005 re Robert & Mary (Whitlock) Blodgett (M1598) Winston, SFK
X5731 3 Emails from David Bamford Dd Dec.12 & 19,2005 re Felix Gaines & Mary E. (Kirk) Whitlock (M1850) SC
X5732 2 Email from David Lee Dd Dec.11,2005 re Samuel & Lucy (Whitlock) Hardin (M1796) Green Co., Ky
X5733 1 Email from Gord Bulger Dd Dec.12,2005 re Emeric & Amy Kyle (Mathison) Bulger (M1850's?) of Quebec Amy granddaughter of Peter & Anna (Whitlock) Vanderburgh
X5734 4 Rootsweb from Betty Dd Dec.14,2005 re Abraham & Rose (Whitlock) Parker (M1644) Woburn, Ma
X5735 1 GenForum from Leslie Funtieo Dd Dec.15,2005 re Dorothy (Whitlock) Funtieo of Daisytown, Pa
X5736 1 GenForum from V.Standish Chapman Dd Dec.16,2005 re Nathaniel William & Julina E. (Birch) Whitlock (M1840) Floyd Co., Ga
X5737 1 Email from Rob Whitlock Dd Dec.14,2005 re marriage William Whitlock & Kate Foster Jul.12,1911 St.Stephen, Nottingham, NTT
X5738 1 Email from Esme Trotter Dd Dec.16,2005 re musician Heath Whitelock
X5739 1 Rootsweb from Tammy Mack Huntingdon Dd Dec.18,2005 re Thomas & Mary (Warren) Whitlock (M1797) Louisa Co., Va
X5740 1 GenForum from Lisa Faust Dd Feb.22,2004 re James Payne & Sarah Melissa (Whitlock) Savage (M1830) SC
X5741 1 Louisa Co., Va probate records re Thomas Whitlock Jul.9,1832 from Lawrence Otis