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X0399 32 Records of the First and Second Presbyterian Churches 1796
X0399 180 Records of the First and Second Presbyterian Churches birth Samuel Whitlock 1787
X0399 36 Records of the First and Second Presbyterian Churches 1786
X0399 #197
X0399 #86
X0399 1800 Census Berkshire Co., Ma
X0399 38,92,138 Records of the First and Second Presbyterian Churches 1786,1789,1806
X0399 #16 children #41-#49
X0399 #72
X0399 #32 children #71-82
X0399 Historical Miscellany Stillwell pg 404 #54-#72
X0399 52 Records of the First and Second Presbyterian Churches 1779
X0399 Historical Miscellany Stillwell re Bray family
X0399 #13 & #14 children #24-#40
X0399 Index to New Jersey Wills 1689-1890 The Testators, Vol.2 Know-Z by Smeal & Jackson 1979
X0399 Historical Miscellany Stillwell re Bowne family
X0399 Six Mile Run & New Brunswick R.D. re John & Altje Witlock 1760's
X0399 1810 Census Berkshire Co., Ma
X0399 #18 children #50-52
X0399 #31 children #70
X0399 Historical Miscellany Stillwell pg 410 #195-#235
X0399 #83
X0399 Historical Miscellany Stillwell pg 400-401 #20-#36
X0399 Historical Miscellany Stillwell pg 408 #118-#133
X0399 Historical Miscellany Stillwell pg 409 #149-#193
X0399 #28 children #68-#69
X0399 #40
X0399 Revolutionary War Pension files
X0399 #107
X0399 #24 children #62-#63
X0399 Historical Miscellany Stillwell pg 403 #47-#50
X0399 Family Group sheet re William & Sarah (Morrel) Whitlock 1787
X0399 ?? Thomas & Caroline (Hull) Whitlock
X0399 #112
X0399 #111
X0399 #23 children #57-61
X0399 #47
X0399 Historical Miscellany Stillwell Vol IV re Morris family
X0399 #54
X0399 Historical Miscellany Stillwell Vol V, 1932 pg 412 re Lydia Bowne Whitlock
X0399 Historical Miscellany Stillwell pg 405 #83-#86
X0399 #25 children #64-#67
X0399 1850 census Butler Co., Oh
X0399 1880 Census Indiana
X0399 Historical Miscellany Stillwell pg 402 #37-#44
X0399 Historical Miscellany Stillwell pg 399 re John Whitlock (1733-1777)
X0399 232 Records of the First and Second Presbyterian Churches birth 1785 Henry s Ephraim & Ann (Tiebout) Whitlock & birth 1785 Catherine d Isaiah & Margt (Whitlock) Wool
X0399 #84
X0399 276 Census extracts, New Jersey, 1880,1900; Connecticut 1860,1880; Ohio 1850,1880; Minnesota 1870; Maryland 1850; Illinois 1850,1880; Indiana 1880; Alabama 1860 ; Tennessee 1870; Massachusetts 1800-1850; Maine 1850,1860,1880,1900; Vermont 1850; New York 1860;
X0399 #36
X0399 1800 N.C. census index
X0399 Genealogical Data from Bible of Mrs. Sarah Whitlock
X0399 Historical Miscellany Stillwell pg 398 #13,14 William Whitlock (1727-1767),16 John Whitlock (1733-1777)
X0399 Historical Miscellany Stillwell pg 406 #90-#109
X0399 New Brunswick R.D. birth of Jane Whitlock 1771 d Francis & Hannah Whitlock
X0399 Historical Miscellany Stillwell pg 407 #111-#116
X0399 Somerset County Historical Quarterly Vol.VIII No.2 April 1919 pages 123-124, 230,273,274
X0399 Somerset County Historical Quarterly Vol.VIII No.2 April 1919 pages 310-311
X0400 1 Note re death of Tom Roach from D.W.Massengill
X0401 2 Letter from Berthelle Barker Dd.Jul.13,1985 re Hannah Whitlock and Joseph Baldwin (M1636)
X0402 1 Various Whitlock queries re Whitlocks of Essex, Rose Whitlock and Abraham Parker (M1644), Judge Whitelock of Jolon, California c.1905, New Brunswick Canada, wills 1785-1804 from Val Melanson
X0403 1 Letter from Bob Whitlock to Beth Pratt, Dd.Sep.26, 1984 re Tandy Whitlock's children
X0404 2 Letter from Bob Whitlock to Beth Pratt Dd.Jan.12, 1985 re Susan Catherine Whitlock & Geo. Hanger
X0405 2 Letter from Bob Whitlock Dd. Jun.22, 1985 Whitlocks of Virginia & Susan (Kent) Whitlock's suicide
X0406 1 Letter from Bob Whitlock Dd.Jul.7,1985 re John Whitlock of Pamunkey Neck 1702
X0407 1 Notes from Chuck Rockett re Thomas Whitlock, Mariner of Philadelphia, Ships commanded 1762-1773
X0408 1 Note re Georgia Will of John Whitlock, 1807, Marriage of Ezekial Whitlock & Eliza Andrew 1811, Anna Witlock & Isaac Hawes, Capt. John Whitlock of Ship Ludlow 1793 from Chuck Rockett
X0409 1 New Mexico voters list 1875 re Johon Whitlock; Elsinore Valley Cemetery re William Whitlock 1888- 1965; Whitlocks from Holsworthy, N.Devon to Ont. V.M
X0410 1 John Whitlock & Letitia Rowland (M1806) New York From Dolly Hannay
X0411 1 Merchants of Saint John, N.B.1785 from Chuck Rockett
X0412 1 Query re Solomon Whitlock of York Co., N.B. from C.R
X0413 1 Penniac United Church, York, N.B. cemetery extracts from Chuck Rockett
X0414 7 Detailed extracts 1243-1870, re Whitlocks of Somerset, England from Jim Whitelock
X0415 1 John Whitelock of Kittery, Maine, died on Prison Ship "Jersey" 1781 from Chuck Rockett
X0416 1 Letter from Bob Whitlock to Lucy Atkins Dd Oct.3, 1985 re John Whitlock of Pamunky - possible connection to the Braxton family
X0417 1 Letter from Bob Whitlock Dd.Oct.21, 1985 re the two William Whitlocks who married Mildred Gentrys
X0418 1 Topeka Genealogical Society Vol.15:4 re death of Doweta Whitlock April 9, 1923 from Val Melanson
X0419 12 Descent from John & Frances Edna (Todd) Whitlock (M1880's) from Helen Wuerth
X0420 1 Extract from Genealogists' magazine Sep. 1985 re Whitlock ancestors of Graham Stuart Holton from V.M.
X0421 2 Index of Dorset Whitlock extracts from Jim Whitelock
X0422 2 Whitlocks of Warkleigh, Devon extracts-Jim Whitelock
X0423 2 Descent from Isaac & Mary (Burbridge) Whitlock plus 1851 census of Lockerley, Hampshire
X0424 1 Banns of Marriage of John Drabbl & Elizabeth Whitlock of Radford Semele from Violet Grant
X0425 2 Letter from Danielle James Dd.Nov.18,1985 re descent from Robert & Frances (Becher) Whitelocke (M1830's)
X0426 1 Letter from Vera Whitelock Dd. Dec.1,1985 re deaths of John A. Whitelock and his sister Phyllis Batten
X0427 2 Letter from Sheila Pike Dd. Dec.5,1985 re Whitlock entries from Stoke Cannon, Devon
X0428 1 Card from Wilma Whitelock re marriage of Marilyn Whitelock & Jamie Andrew Fraser Feb.16,1985
X0429 2 Letter from Jean Vardon Legge Dd. Oct.30,1984 to Cuma Schofield re Loyalist Whitlocks
X0430 4 Letter from Public Archives, Ottawa Dd. Nov.16,1984 to Cuma Schofield re the Archives' Whitlock holdings
X0431 11 Letter from Jim Whitelock Dd. Oct.24,1985 re corrections to Whitlocks of Devon extracts
X0432 1 Cecil Co., Maryland marriage licences 1777-1840 extracts by D.A.R. from Chuck Rockett
X0433 1 Descent from Philip Mark Dawe & Fanny Louisa (Edgecombe) Whitelock (M1868) plus obit of Philip J. Whitelock of Sundridge, Ontario from Lois Noonan
X0434 1 Letter from Jean Whitlock Dd. Dec.19,1985 re marriage of Terry Ross Whitlock & Darlyn Rose Sauerwein Mar.13,1985
X0435 1 Bridport, Vermont Whitlock births 1842-1870 from Pam Hallock
X0436 1 Letter from Helen Wuerth Dd. Jan.9, 1986 re corrections to the Whitlock13 chart
X0437 1 Descent from Elisha Whitlock of Witney, Oxfordshire (M1696) from Mr.K.V.Dowd
X0438 3 Update to WHITLOCK3, descent from Edgar Percival Whitlock (M1912/13) from Jean E. Whitlock
X0439 2 Whitlock extracts from 1851 census of Bishopstoke, Lockerley, East Dean & North Baddersley, Hampshire plus St.Catherine's House deaths 1905 to 1909 from Les Brown
X0440 1 Letter from Iris D. Brant Dd Jan.21,1986 re Richard (b.1799) & Mary Whitlock plus daughter Ann (b.1824) all born in Buckinghamshire in Bromyard, Herfd. 1861
X0441 1 Register of the Hudson Bay Co. & Christ Church, Victoria, B.C. re birth of William Thomas Whitlock s.of William & Honor (Marks) Whitlock b.Jul.15,1849
X0442 1 Letter from Ann Chiswell Dd.Jan.26,1986 re Whitlocks in Devonport Independent registers
X0443 1 Letter from Elmo Ashton Dd.Feb.10,1986 re death of Merle Ashton Jan.29, 1986
X0444 5 Notes taken over telephone Nov.4, 1985 with Whitlocks of Calgary, Alberta
X0445 4 Letter from W. W. Whitlock to Beth Pratt Dd.May 3, 1979 re family of John Henry Whitlock d.1914
X0446 1 Transcript of will of Thomas Dupree, 1786, Lunenburg Va., mentions daughter, Elizabeth, wife of Thomas Whitlock from Gayle Blankenship
X0447 1 Letter from Janis Kirby Dd.Mar.16,1986 re marriage of James Whitlock & Elizabeth Lake at Witham, Essex Sep.12,1791
X0448 4 Essex will index: will of Benjamin Lake of Witham, Essex 1793, mentions dau.-in-law Elizabeth now wife of James Whitlock: will of Henry Shetelworth of Gt. Coggeshall 1804 mentions (blank) Whitlock: Devon Hearth Tax 1674: Sowton, Devon bp of Robert Whittoc
X0449 1 Main Line of James Arthur Whitelock of Plymouth
X0450 3 Dorset extracts 1327-1729 from Jim Whitelock
X0451 13 Rolle Papers Catalogue at Devon Record Office from Jim Whitelock
X0452 3 Extracts from Gt.Torrington, Devon from J. Whitelock
X0453 1 Letter from Shirley A. Smith re Rosalie (Whitlock) Walker of Lincolnshire, d.of William Whitlock
X0454 1 Hulsey Researcher, Vol.1,July 1981 p.149 re: ancestry of Beatrice Whitlock of Ok, Al from Val Melanson
X0455 1 1851 census of Cheshire, index from Val Melanson
X0456 1 1861 census of Isle of Man re Charlotte Northmore Whitlock
X0457 11 Family Group sheets for Whitlocks of Ithaca, New York from Chuck Rockett
X0458 1 1851 census Manchester & Whitlock refs in Oklahoma & Prairie Gleaner mags from Val Melanson
X0459 1 Letter from Charles W. Nowell Dd.Apr.11,1986 re Winfrey Whitlock of South Carolina
X0460 1 Map of Pamunkey River area, Virginia from R.Whitlock
X0461 1 Letter from Bob Whitlock Dd.Apr.4,1986 re W10 chart: John possibly not the son of John & Sarah (Wilburn) Whitlock
X0462 1 Letter from John R. Whitlock Dd Apr.2,1986 re 1851 census Shadwell, London
X0463 1 Main Line of John Richard Whitlock of London, Eng.
X0464 2 Additions to Whitlocks of Virginia Chart from Shirley Anne Case
X0465 1 Hamilton Co., Ohio Probates 1791-1821 re Reuben Whittock 1797 from Chuck Rockett
X0466 1 Misc. Whitlock settlers in Ohio from Pam Hallock
X0467 1 Letter from Bob Whitlock Dd.Apr.18,1986 re records St.Peter's, New Kent, Virginia 1716-1756
X0468 2 Misc Ohio tax & cemetery records & Vermont 1812 Pensioner from Chuck Rockett
X0469 17 Letter from Jim Whitelock Dd.Apr.5,1986 re Whitlocks of Devon & Dorset, extracts from Atherington, reference to Whitlocksworthy
X0470 1 Note from Mrs.M.Johns 1969? re Mrs. Dennis Priuk of Dundas, Ont. d.of Hugh Whitlock of Sarnia. Ont.
X0471 2 Letter from Lottie Hill Dd.Sep.15,1985 re marriage of Sharon Allard and Dave Howe Aug.10,1985
X0472 2 Letter from Bruce Raffell Dd.Feb.25,1984 re additions to the Whitlocks of Langtree, Devon chart
X0473 1 Letter from Cuma Schofield Dd Apr.28,1986 re death of Thaddeus Whitlock Aug.19,1818 in Ovid, N.Y.
X0474 1 Family Group Sheet re William Whitlock of Fearing, Ohio from 1822 will from Chuck Rockett
X0475 1 Whitlock in index to West Surrey census 1851, Thorpe parish from Val Melanson
X0476 1 Letter from Charles Nowell Dd May 10, 1986 re Winfrey Whitlock of Edgefield Co. S.C.
X0477 1 Letter from Kevin Dowd Dd. May 1986 re Whitlock Deaths in Nottingham 1867-1868
X0478 1 Descent from George Langham & Elizabeth Whitlock (M1829) from Kevin Dowd
X0479 2 Oxfordshire parish register extracts, Standlake, Bampton, Ducklington,& Witney from Kevin Dowd
X0480 1 Marriage of Lewis Levi Whitlock & Lydia Ann Wright Mar.21,1858 at Cobourg, Ontario, Canada
X0481 1 Notes by Nelson P. Whitelocke re descent from Bulstrode Whitelocke from Danielle James
X0482 1 Notes by Nelson Paget Whitelocke listing grandfathers & great grandfathers from Danielle James
X0483 1 The Lanigan-O'Keefe arms quartered with those of Whitelocke from Danielle James
X0484 2 Letter to Mrs. James from The Bishop of Adelaide Dd October 16, 1970 re Whitelocke family arms
X0485 6 Whittock/Spencer marriage 1770, Norfolk:list of unsuccessful searches for Whitlocks in 1851 census: Cumbria FHS #39 re will of Robert Setree of Skelton, Cumberland from Val Melanson
X0486 1 Sweepstakes winner Mrs. E.R. Whitlock of California from Pam Hallock
X0487 4 Index of Wiltshire & Hampshire extracts from 1207 to date from Jim Whitelock
X0488 1 Letter from Shirley Smith Dd Jun.29,1986 re 1851 census for Lincolnshire & Northamptonshire
X0489 2 Family group sheet with descent from Abraham & Rose (Whitlock) Parker (M1644) from Ursula Kilner
X0490 1 Letter from Naomi Wilson re John & Margaret (Edwards) Whitlock (M1860's?) family of Tennessee & Texas
X0491 1 Notes by Kaisu Whitlock re Walter Whitlock of Newport Pagnell, Buckinghamshire b.1897/8?
X0492 8 Descent from George & Abigail (Brand) Whitlock (M1744) of King's Brompton, Somerset and Ottery St.Mary, Devon. Descent from William & Christian (Lake) Whitlock of Frithelstock, Devon. Extract from "The Landed Gentry" showing descent from John Whitlock b.1
X0493 3 Letter from Lottie Hill Dd Aug.4,1986 with information on family of William & Mabel (Covill) Whitlock (M1901) Glen Adelaide, Saskatchewan, Canada
X0494 1 Extracts from Kingston, Ontario Chronicle and Gazette 1819-1842 from Peggy Cohoe
X0495 1 Updates on family of Albert Redclift from Peggy Cohoe
X0496 1 Letter from Elizabeth Lawson Dd.Jul.8.,1986 re descent from James & Frances Whitlock (M1710's) of Hanover, Virginia from Donna Woods
X0497 1 Descent from Simon & Eleanor (Mills) Whitlock (M1824) of King's Cliffe, Northants from Kevin Dowd
X0498 1 Notes on Jonathan & Mila (Whitlock) Ogden (M1790's) of Owen County, N.B., Canada from Helene deWit
X0499 4 Descent from Thomas & Rebecca (Radford) Whitlock (M1790's) Buckingham Co., Va, from Karen Jorgensen
X0500 5 National Society of Colonial Dames XVII century re: descent from Abraham & Rose (Whitlock) Parker (M1644) from Ursula Kilner
X0501 2 Colorado 1880, Dakota 1880, Arizona 1880 Census indexes & Kansas settlers of 1860 from Chuck Rockett
X0502 6 Letter from C. William Whitlock Dd.Sep.3,1986 to Pam Hallock re descent from Thomas & Mary (Ponsonbay) Whitlock (M1799) North Carolina, U.S.A.
X0503 7 Extracts from diary of Thomas E. Whitlock re marriage to Caroline E. Newby 1842 and trip to St.Louis, 1841 from Georgia James
X0504 3 Notes from Pam Hallock re additions to Whitlocks of Connecticut, U.S.A.
X0505 2 Notes from Jean Whitlock re additions to descent from William Whitlock b.1801? Armagh Co., Ireland
X0506 6 Letters from Ulster Historical Foundation Dd Mar-Jun 1976 to Esme Trotter re Whit(e)locks of Ireland
X0507 2 Descent from George & Elizabeth (Doyle) Whitelock (M1834) of Armagh Co. Ireland and Lanark, Scotland from Esme Trotter
X0508 23 Descent from John & Catherine (Foster) Whitelock (M1835) from Esme Trotter
X0509 1 Letter from Ellen Jacobus Dd. Sep.27,1986 re: Rufus Whitlock and sister Nancy Emily Whitlock of Conn.
X0510 1 Letter from Ruth Spalding Dd. Sep.26,1986 re: corrections to Whitlocks of Wokingham chart
X0511 6 Jim Whitelock's notes on Wiltshire Whitlocks 1200's to 1920's Feet of Fines, Quarter Sessions, wills etc
X0512 3 Letter from Jim Whitelock Dd.Aug.18,1986 re: entries in Dunster, Somerset parish registers 1687-1694
X0513 2 Extract from Victoria County History of Somerset re: Whitlocks of Old Cleeve plus will of Robert Whitelocke (Gybbes) 1560 from Jim Whitelock
X0514 4 Jim Whitelock's notes on Hampshire Domesday AD1086
X0515 1 Jim Whitelock's Berkshire extracts 1274-1962 plus Surrey 1248-1440
X0516 8 Cuma Schofield's Whitlock section of the Drury history re descent from William Whitlock b.1801? Armagh Co. Ireland - came to U.S. via Canada 1820
X0517 1 Census extracts: VT,1810,1820,1830 NY,1840,1850,1860 1870,1880 MI,1840 from Pam Hallock
X0518 1 Letter from Elizabeth Bowman Dd.Oct.18,1986 re Whitlocks of Penniac, New Brunswick, Canada
X0519 1 Letter from Diana Park Dd.Oct.20,1986 re Joseph &Hannah (Whitlock) Baldwin (M1636)
X0520 2 Letter from Stan Whitlock to Pam Hallock re Whitlocksof Owosso, Michigan, descent from Joseph Whitlock
X0521 1 Letter from Doris Crawford Dd. Sep.12,1986 re John & Charlotte (Welsh) Whitlock (M1830's) of Bristol,Eng. 522/1 Letter from Ellen Jacobus Dd.Oct.20,1986 re 1840 census of Ridgefield, Connecticut
X0523 2 Descent from Benjamin & Abiah (Higley) Whitlock (M1790's) from Cheryl Mulhair
X0524 1 Letter from Shirley Smith Dd.Nov.1,1986 re: William & Hannah (Hinton) Whitlock of Wycombe, Bucks., Eng.
X0525 2 Letter from Ellen L. Jacobus Dd Nov.11,1986 re Whitlocks & Smiths of Ridgefield, CT.
X0526 8 1800-1840 Census' Fairfield Co., CT from E.L.Jacobus
X0527 1 Early CT Marriages, Prior to 1800 by Frederick W. Bailey from Ellen L. Jacobus
X0528 1 London Inhabitants Within the Walls 1695, London Record Society, 1966 from Val Melanson
X0529 1 Letter from Ellen L. Jacobus Dd Nov.18, 1986 re children of Thaddeus & Phebe (Mead) Whitlock (M1788)
X0530 1 Letter from Ellen L. Jacobus Dd Dec.1,1986 re Morris Burr & Julia (Dodge) Whitlock (M1873)
X0531 2 Letter from Lottie Hill Dd Dec.6,1986 re birth of Nicole Marie Forsythe & (twins) Zurloff & marriage of Darlene Hill to Paul Hondl & Teresa Jackson to Kevin Sheldon
X0532 2 Letter from Elisabeth Bowman Dd Nov.23,1986 re children of Solomon Whitlock of New Brunswick
X0533 2 Ancestor Charts from Elisabeth Bowman tracing descent from Solomon Whitlock of Penniac, New Brunswick
X0534 5 Family group sheets for Solomon Whitlock, Jacob Whitlock and Jabez Trask from Elisabeth Bowman
X0535 7 Schedule of documents relating to Manor of Beaches, Wokingham, Berkshire 1617-1698 from Jim Whitelock
X0536 7 Berkshire (1334-1789) and Surrey (1250-1802) Whitlock extracts from Jim Whitelock
X0537 1 Note from Lois Noonan re death of William Leslie Whitelock of Burlington, Ontario Mar.5,1986
X0538 4 Letter from Mary I. Whitelock of Dutton, Ontario re additions and corrections to WHITLOCK27 chart Whitelocks of Yorkshire #2, descent from John & Catherine (Foster) Whitelock (M1835)
X0539 1 Letter from Elisabeth Bowman Dd Dec.27,1986 re Whitlocks of Penniac, New Brunswick
X0540 1 Letter from Louise Dujay Dd Dec.30,1986 re family of Hiram Wallace & Annie (Waye) Whitlock son of Edwin Charles Whitlock of P.E.I.
X0541 2 Revolutionary Census of N.J. 1773-1774 plus Loyalists of N.B. by E. C. Wright from Vona Smith
X0542 1 Marriage lic. of Arnold Whitelock of Lynsted and Marian Macket of Ospringe,Kent 14 Jul.1570; W. Whitlock, photographer of Bury St. Edmunds; obit of Gnr. Joseph Benjamin Whitlock Sep.26,1986 fr T.Woods