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X5941 2 Rootsweb from Karen Jorgensen Dd Jun.17,2006 re Journal & Courier, Lafayette, In obit Dewey Whitlock,71 died Aug 19,2002 (b.Sep.23,1930 Green Co., Ky)
X5942 1 Email from Kate Schneider Dd Jun.18,2006 re Orange & Phebe A. (Hiscock) Whitlock (M1845) Washtenaw Co., Mi
X5943 1 Email from Marti Friddle Dd Jun.18,2006 re Izard B. Whitlocke of Henrico Co.,Va
X5944 2 Email from George Newbury Dd Jun.20,2006 re Press Herald, Portland Me Sep.17,2004 obit David C. Stewart, 91 died Sep.15,2004 husband of Gwendolyn Carleton (Anderson) Whitlock
X5945 1 Genforum from Rick Quackenbush Dd Jun.24,2006 re Robert A. & Catherine (Quackenbush) Whitlock (M1850's) of Delaware Co., NY
X5946 13 Letter from Wietske P. Weigel Dd May 10,2006 re Gunn descendants of William & Harriet (Fowler) Whitlock (M1840) Torrington, DEV
X5947 2 Michigan Department of Community Health, Genealogical Death Indexing System re Whitlock deaths 1872-1886 from Lawrence Otis
X5948 18 1911 Census, Ontario, Manitoba, PEI from Lawrence Otis
X5949 12 Letter from John C. Whitlock Dd Jun.5,2006 re DNA results from Oxford Ancestors
X5950 2 Extract from The Chicago Daily Press Apr.10,1920 "Madame Elizabeth Whitlock is America’s Foremost Creator of Styles" from James E. Wilson
X5951 3 Emails from Muriel Allen Dd Jun.21,Jul.10,2006 re updates to the Pitton, WIL families
X5952 7 Missouri Deaths 1910-1955 from Lawrence Otis
X5953 2 Missouri Births from Lawrence Otis
X5954 3 Oregon Historical Records Index from Lawrence Otis
X5955 1 Connecticut State Library, Wetherfield Prison Records re Stephen Whitlock 1838 & Daniel Whitlock 1839 from Lawrence Otis
X5956 3 Ohio Death Certificate Index from Lawrence Otis
X5957 1 Email from Ralph Sheppard Dd Jun.21,2006 re Morgan Co., Il Whitlocks
X5958 1 Email from Gayle Suggs Dd Jun.24,2006 re portrait of Mary Whitelocke (1711-1802)
X5959 9 Emails from Dr.Urchin Kennedy Dd Jun.24,26,2006 re John Whitlock & Elizabeth (Easterbrook) Smale (M1859) Usborne, Huron Co., Ont
X5960 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Jun.27,2006 Hamilton Spectator re obit Walter John Whitlock Jun.26,2006
X5961 2 Rootsweb from W. Shirley Fuller Dd Jun.27,2006 re Thomas & Charlotte Whitlock (M1870's) of Lauderdale Co., Ms
X5962 1 GenForum from Wendy Muckey Dd Jul.16,2006 re Ephraim Lockhart & Ann (Tiebout) Whitlock (M1778) Monmouth Co., NJ
X5963 1 Email from John C. Davis Dd Jun.30,2006 re John Whitlock, Sheriff, Rockingham Co., NC 1806
X5964 17 Email & letter from Robert Raymond Wright Dd Jul.1,4,2006 re descent from Henry William & Frances (??) (Seayers) Whitlock (M1826) of Henrico Co. & Powhatan Co., Va
X5965 3 Emails from William Matthew Whitlock Dd Jul.2,10,2006 re descent from Robert Lewis & Lydia (Morris) Whitlock (M1839) Green Co., Kentucky, U.S.A.
X5966 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Jul.13,2006 re Cocke Co., Tn Deed Book #6 re William McMahan to Lemuel Whitlock 11/27/1871 (F) and Lemuel Whitlock to Simpson Whitlock 12/22/1879(T)
X5967 2 Rootsweb from D.Dicken Dd Jul.15,2006 obit of Clement Oren Whitlock, 63 of Cambellsville, Taylor Co., Ky died Jun.3,1981
X5968 2 Email from Ken Wilson Dd Jul.18,2006 re Easterbrook family
X5969 1 Email from Larry Morton Dd Jul.20,2006 re Robert M. & Lucinda (Purvis)(Schoolcraft) (Fields) Whitlock (M1866) Marion Co., Ky
X5970 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Jul.21,2006 re James A. & Mary F. (Clark) Whitlock (M1867) Fulton Co., Ky Civil War record
X5971 1 Email from James Wesley Whitlock Dd Jul.27,2006 re descent from Bernard Joseph Whitlock of Ia?
X5972 2 Email from Peter McCrae Dd Jul.27,2006 The Indianapolis Star Apr.15,1915 obit of John H. Whitlock,42 died in Birmingham, Al
X5973 4 Rootsweb and Email from Donna McCormack Dd Jul.29, Aug.2,2006 re James S. & Laura (Keeler) Whitlock (M1878) NY
X5974 2 Email and GenForum from Kate Schneider Dd Jul.29, Aug.2,2006 re Samuel & Experience Whitlock (M1740's)of Danbury, Ct
X5975 1 Email from Terry (Phillips) Litvan Dd Jul.30,2006 re Thomas K. & Dicey Elizabeth (Brogan) Whitlock (M1830) of Statesville, Tn
X5976 1 Email from Patricia Brewer Dd Aug.2,2006 re Lyman Jacob & Augusta Van Deusen (Whitlock) Tracy (M1857) of NY
X5977 1 GenForum from Rita J. Arnold Dd Aug.2,2006 re George Washington & Martha Frances (Robertson (Robinson?) Whitlock (M1864) Cross Co., Ar
X5978 4 Rootsweb & email from Billie Jones Dd Aug.3,16,2006 re Winfrey & Elizabeth (Booth) Whitlock (M1790's) of Edgefield Co., SC
X5979 1 Email from Martha. Whitlock Dd Aug.11,2006 re Edward & Anna (Massey) Whitlock, of Stephen Co., Ga (Edward died 1956)
X5980 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Aug.11,2006 1910 Census Columbus, Yellowstone Co., Mn re Edward L. & Lulu B. Whitlock
X5981 1 Email from Wietske P. Weigel Dd Aug.22,2006 re Charles Henry & Elizabeth Ann Fowler (Whitlock) Gunn (M1865) Cleveland, Cuyahoga Co. Oh
X5982 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Sunday Courier, Poughkeepsie, Dutchess Co., NY Mar.1903 Obit re R. Whitlock, 82 died Mar.22,1903 Ca
X5983 1 Email from David Adams Dd Aug.15,2006 re Easterbrook family
X5984 1 Email from James Whitlock Dd Aug.15,2006 re Whitlocks of NTT
X5985 1 Email from Sandra Whitlock Dd Aug.15,2006 re descent from James Whitlock of Va 1680's
X5986 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Aug.18,2006 The Evening Bee, Sacramento, Ca re obit Richard C. Whitlock, 68 of Shingletown died Mar.14,1906 Balls Ferry, Shasta Co., Ca
X5987 1 Email from Charles Whitlock Dd Aug.18,2006 re William Harvey (Harvey Duncan) & Mary (Sarah Ann) (Kitchens) Whitlock (M1840's?) of SC
X5988 2 Rootsweb from Michelle Dd Aug.19,2006 re Jones & Permelia Catherine (Phillips?)(James) (Whitlock) Milton (Melton?) (M1870) Colbert Co.Al
X5989 1 Email from Philip McAlister Dd Aug.22,2006 re William Henry & Mirella (Ballard) Whitlock (M1865) Henderson Co., NC
X5990 5 & re mineral whitlockite from Patrick Lynch
X5991 1 GenForum from Martha A. Hallowell Dd Aug.18,2006 re descent from Charles Willett & Maud E. (Whittlock) Berkheimer (M1900's)
X5992 1 GenForum from Jeannie Young Dd May 14,2006 re Matthew & Charlotte Ann (McDonald) Whitelock (M1890) West Hartlepool, DUR
X5993 3 by Audra Squires re James Richard & Anna Regina (Nalley) Whitlock (M1912) Lebanon, Marion Co., Ky
X5994 1 Email from Laura Taylor Dd Aug.14,2006 re Henry Whitlock, Herbalist, of Lambeth, SRY b.1850's son of Thomas Whitlock, Sailor
X5995 1 GenForum from David Whitlock Dd Aug.25,2006 re John Wesley & Indiana (Noe) Whitlock (M1878) Clinton Co., Illinois, U.S.A.
X5996 2 Letter from Clair Burditt to Iola Ebendorf Dd Jan.27,2006 re Old Burying Ground cemetery, Castleton, Vt
X5997 1 GenForum from Theresa Brandon Dd Apr.30,1998 re Amos R. & Viola Marguerite (Brandon) Whitlock (M1891) of Greene Co., Tn
X5998 3 Descent from Ralph Sprague b.1599? of Fordington St.George, Dorset from Penny Mills
X5999 1 GenForum from Priscilla Swaney Dd Aug.27,2006 re William Henry Harrison & Mary E. (Ballard) Whitlock (M1865) Henderson Co., NC
X6000 1 GenForum from David Whitlock Dd Aug.29,2006 re Jacob & Jane (Ball) Whitlock (M1850's?) of Tipton Co., Ind
X6001 1 GenForum from Robert Whitlock Dd Aug.15,2006 re Thomas Jefferson & Harriet N. (Foster) Whitlock (M1830's) of Union Co., SC
X6002 1 Letter from Harry Lee Whitlock Dd Aug.16,2006 re Charles William & Marie Opal (Gillett) Whitlock (M1950) of Powell, Park Co., Wy
X6003 1 Email from John R. Whitlock re William Whitlock of Silverstone, NTH (1900's)
X6004 2 Rootsweb from Karen Jorgensen Dd Aug.23,2006 obit Roscoe Whitlock, 77 died Jan.2,1972 Green Co., Ky
X6005 2 Rootsweb from Karen Jorgensen Dd Aug.23,2006 re Samuel Hardy & Susan Mae (Perkins) Whitlock (M1905) Exie, Green Co., Ky
X6006 2 Rootsweb from Karen Jorgensen Dd Aug.23,2006 obit Maxine (Whitlock) Bagby, 89 died Aug.16,2006 Jacksonville, Ky
X6007 7 Rootsweb and emails from Linda Gayea Rowell Scally Dd Aug.24-28,2006 re George Washington & Dellia Mae (Fortner) Whitlock (M1898) Malden, Dunklin Co., Mo
X6008 1 Email from Kevin Whitlock Dd Aug.29,2006 re George Washington & Nancy (Barnes) Whitlock (M1820's) Ga
X6009 4 Emails from David Whitlock Dd Aug.29 & Sep.26,2006 re John Wesley & Indiana (Noe) Whitlock (M1878) Clinton Co., Il
X6010 1 Email from Joan Whitelock Dd Sep.3,2006 re John & Elizabeth (Phillips) Whitelock (M1862) Llantwit, Gla, Wales
X6011 2 Rootsweb from Griff Dd Sep.5,2006 Desert Memorial Park Cemetery, Kern Co., Ca re Mary Agnes Whitlock (1895-1984)
X6012 1 Rootswebs from Shirl McNeely & Betty Gray Dd Sep.5,6,2006 re Thomas & Temperence (Whitlock) Christmas (M1750's) of Hanover Co., Va & NC
X6013 1 Rootsweb from Jerry Maye Wright Mueller Dd Sep.10,2006 re descent from Peter Thomas & Mary (Holloway) Sailor (M1764) Frederick Co., Va
X6014 15 Emails from Chris Geoghegan Dd Sep.11-Oct.26,2006 re John Samuel & Mary Ann (Masters) Whitlock (M1900) Stratford upon Avon, WAR
X6015 1 Email from Sandra B. Thornhill Dd Sep.12,2006 re Thomas M. & Sarah (Whitlock) Brooks (M1796) Wythe Co., Va
X6016 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Sep.13,2006 re obit Mary Laird (Stevenson) Whitlock b.Jan.2,1928 Sct d.Aug.9,2006 Abbotsford, BC
X6017 2 Rootsweb from C. Warbritton Dd Sep.14,2006 re marriage Nov.26,1857 George Whitlock and Josephine Bays, Pettis Co., Mo
X6018 2 Rootsweb from E. Annette Rose Dd Sep.14,2006 re Beasley & Betsy (Bell) Whitlock (M1812) Oglethorpe Co., Ga
X6019 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Sep.14,2006 London [Ont] Free Press Sep.14,2006 obit Mabel (Stewart) Whitlock, 92 Komoka, Ont died Sep.13,2006
X6020 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Sep.17,2006 re Janis Whitlock, director of the Cornell Research Program on Self-Injurious Behaviours in the Family Life Development Center at Cornell
X6021 4 Email & GenForum from Theresa Williamson Dd Sep.17,2006 re Drew (Drury?) & Annie (Kelly) Whitlock (M1840's?) of Anderson Co., SC
X6022 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Sep.20,2006 Arizona Republic Sep.12,2006 obit re Tyler Whitlock, 47
X6023 2 Rootsweb from Peter McCrae Dd Sep.20,2006 Colorado Springs Gazette, Feb.25,1911"Death claims veteran" obit of Major Ogden Whitlock, 71 died Feb.24,1911 Colorado Springs
X6024 2 GenForum and email from William Matthew Whitlock Dd Sep.20,21,2006 regarding Whitlock family Bible printed 1830 re family of Isaac Johnson & Mary Maria (McGuire) Whitlock (M1853) of Oh
X6025 1 Email from Elaine Whitlock Dd Sep.23,2006 re Whitlocks of Cholesbury, BKM in 1500's
X6026 1 Email from Jean Crowder-Gonzales Dd Sep.22,2006 Register News, Mt.Vernon, Il Sep.21,2006 obit Russell Ward Whitlock died Sep.14,2006 Las Vegas, Nv [SeeNP938]
X6027 1 Email from Priscilla Swaney Dd Sep.23,2006 re Drury (Drew) & Annie (Kelly) Whitlock (M1840's?) of Anderson Co., SC
X6028 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Sep.24,2006 Tonawanda News, Salamanca, NY Jul.10,1931 obit of Henry C. Whitlock,
X6029 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Sep.24,2006 re George & Mary (Whitlock) Hancock (M1763) St.James Northam, Goochland Co., Va
X6030 3 GenForum & email from Jean Mitchell Dd Sep.25,26,2006 re Charles William & Pauline (Ramsey) Whitlock (M1883) St.Mary’s Ks
X6031 2 Emails from Bobby Whitelock Dd Sep.25,29,2006 re Whitelocks of Tollcross, Glasgow, SCT
X6032 2 Email from Kathryn Schneider Dd Sep.25,2006 re Samuel & Experience Whitlock (M1740's) of Danbury, Ct
X6033 1 1911 census Dereham, South Oxford Co., Ont re Hiram Allin (W27); Oshawa, South Ontario Co., Ont re Daniel Drew, William Drew, Norman Drew (W01); Dorchester, Middlesex Co. East, Ont re William Eaton (W27); Peel Co., Toronto Gore, Ont re William H. Garbutt
X6034 1 Email from Janey Goertzen to Lawrence Otis Dd Aug.l3,2006 re Johns family of Ont
X6035 1 Neville family from Lawrence Otis
X6036 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Sep.29,2006 re Benjamin Jasper & Lucinda Helen (Whitlock) Hawkins (M1870s?) of Il Lucinda d Robert Randolph & Frances America (Beadle) Whitlock (M1833) Wilson Co., Tn
X6037 2 Rootsweb from Flo Nell Ozell Dd Sep.29,2006 re William R. & Julia Ann (Whitlock) Turner (M1829) Campbell Co., Ga
X6038 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Sep.30,2006 Journal Courier, Lafayette, In Sep.12,2006 obit Tina M. (Dukes) Whitlock, 44
X6039 5 Rootswebs and Email from Robin Price & Caroline Cain Dd Sep.30 & Oct.1,2006 re Benjamin & Elizabeth (Applebee) Whitlock (M1828) of Swalcliffe, OXF
X6040 1 1851 Census Barley, HRT re Samuel & Sarah (Baker) Whitlock (M1839) from Chris Geoghegan
X6041 2 Marriage Index 1837-1893 re John Samuel & Mary Ann (Masters) Whitlock (M1900) Stratford-upon-Avon RD, WAR & Samuel & Sarah (Baker) Whitlock (M1839) Royston RD, HRT
X6042 2 1911 census Sas, Assinaboia re John & Bertha (Whitlock) Truscott (M1900's?) & Thomas & Ivy May (Gilbert) Whitlock (M1905) from Lawrence Otis
X6043 3 Emails from Greg Whitlock & Chuck Rockett Dd Oct.2,8,2006 re Whitlock/Hancock connections in Va
X6044 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Oct.7,2006 Profile of William Elliott b.1816 Cumberland Co., Ky re son Asa O. & Myra (Whitlock) Elliott; Myra d Thomas & Nancy (Campbell) Whitlock (M1851) Vermilion Co., Il
X6045 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Oct.7,2006 re James & Alice Ann (Whitlock) Lovell (M1889) Syresham, NTH; Alice Ann d Richard & Rosetta Whitlock
X6046 6 Emails from Jeff T. Buttifant Dd Oct.9-Nov.2,2006 re Henry & Elizabeth (Webber) Whitlock (M1842) Oakhampton, DEV, Henry s Richard & Mary (Knight) Whitlock (M1802) Langtree, DEV
X6047 2 Rootsweb from Marianne Spencer Dd Oct.10,2006 re Benjamin & Mary Pearl (Roe) Whitlock (M1911) Marion Co., In
X6048 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Oct.11,2006 obit James Charles Whitlock, 93 of Cottage Grove, Or & Sebastopol, Ca Press Demo Aug.6,2006
X6049 2 Email from William Melvin Whitlock Dd Oct.11,2006 obit Brooks Lee Whitlock died Oct.7,2006 Victorville, Ca b.Jun.3,1939 Carl, WVa
X6050 2 Email from Jim Whitlock Dd Oct.11,2006 obit Kathleen (Whitlock) Hegstad died Oct.11,2006 Mankato, Mn
X6051 9 The Baldwins of Dundridge, BKM from Thomas Glassel
X6052 14 Emails from Michael Jones Dd Oct.12-23,2006 re Bowen & Althina (Jones) Whitlock (M1810's?) of Surry Co., NC, Tn & Ky
X6053 8 Emails from Lu Royce Dd Oct.13-29,2006 re James Hardin & Margaret Ann (Voorhees) Whitlock (M1865) Salt Lake City, Ut
X6054 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Oct.15,2006 re Terry Leroy & Pearl Smith (Whitlock) Carrothers (M1980) of Tx
X6055 7 Email from William Melvin Whitlock Dd Oct.15,2006 re Thomas George & Frances Raymond (Whitlock) Scholl (M1880's) of Ma
X6056 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Oct.16,2006 Cedarville, Modoc Co., Ca July 1934 re Mr. Whitlock, Barber recovering from automobile accident
X6057 12 Rootswebs, emails and GenForum Dd Oct.17-29,2006 from Shane Lindsey, Carol McCrellias & Kathy Roberts Dd Oct.17-19,2006 re Timothy J. Whitlock (1909-1982) of NC & Dolthan, Henry Co., Al
X6058 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Oct.22,2006 Irvin & Maud (Harriss) Whitlock (M907) Du Quoin, Perry Co., Il
X6059 3 Rootsweb from Greg Campbell Dd Oct.22,2006 re James & Catherine Morrell (Whitlock) Campbell (M1841) Middletown, Monmouth Co., NJ
X6060 1 Email from Michael Jones Dd Oct.22,2006 Kentucky Land Grants west of Tennessee River (1822-1858) re William C. Whitlock
X6061 2 Email from Michael Jones Dd Oct.22,2006 re James Whitlock of Hanover Co., Va 1782 census & Samuel Jones (1720-1775) of Va & Rowan Co., NC
X6062 1 Virginia Tax lists 1787-1800 re James Whitlocks http://search.freefind/find.htm?id =2952421&pageid=r&mode=ALL&t=s&query=Whitlock%2C+james from Michael Jones
X6063 1 Email from Michael Jones Dd Oct.24,2006 re Whitlocks of Mount Airy, Surry Co., NC
X6064 1 Email from Michael Jones Dd Oct.24,2006 Calloway Co., Ky 1870 census re Virginia Whitlock age 34
X6065 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Oct.30,2006 obit Walter L. Whitlock, 67 Cedar Vale, Ks - WDC Jun.28,2005
X6066 1 England and Wales Civil Registration Death Index re William Leslie Whitlock died Jul 1998 Barnet, LND b Dec.4,1908 from Chris Geoghegan
X6067 1 1860 Slave Schedules re Sarah Whitlock b1821, slave owner, Chesterfield, Va from Chris Geoghegan
X6068 1 England and Wales FreeBMD Birth Index re Whitlocks of Warwickshire & area from Chris Geoghegan
X6069 3 Letter from Chris Geoghagen Dd Oct.24,2006 re misc Whitlock extracts
X6070 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Apr.29,2005 re Whitlock Cemetery, Deliverance Farm, Straight Creek, Boyd Co., Ky
X6071 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Nov.1,2006 re obit Lee Roy Whitlock, 61 died Oct.30,2006 Louisville, Jefferson Co., Ky
X6072 5 Letters from David Griffiths Dd Oct.1 & Nov.1,2006 re William & Caroline (Sculthorpe) Whitlock (M1860's) of Silverstone, NTH & Tugby, LEI
X6073 1 England and Wales Civil Registration Death Index re Joan Elizabeth A. Whitlock died Aug.1989 Droitwich, WOR b.Dec.26,1926 from Chris Geoghegan
X6074 1 The Genealogist 1851 census Hertfordshire re John & Elizabeth (Bonham) Whitlock (M1822) Barley, HRT from Chris Geoghegan
X6075 7 Fox Strangways Collection at Dorchester Record Office - Whitlock & White extracts 1680's-1840's extracted 2002 from Quintin White
X6076 1 Email from Lu Royce Dd Nov.7,2006 re Andrew Whitlock died Sep.4,1870 - killed by Jas. Maxwell at Meadow Valley Mill, Lincoln Co. Nv
X6077 1 Email from Jason Whitlock Dd Nov.11,2006 re Frank Eugene Whitlock age 97 of Ar
X6078 1 Email from Connie June Baugh Hickey Dd Nov.14,2006 re updates to the W33 chart
X6079 Oct.25,1782 General Haldimand to the Treasury re contract with John Whitlock and others for supplying 15,000 troops with provisions for 52 weeks.
X6079 1908-1939 William Whitlock, St.Andrew, NB appointed Immigration Inspector
X6079 1945 Oxford St., Woodstock, Ont re Fred Whitlock milk spilled
X6079 1919-1924 orphan arrivals by ocean re Whitlock
X6079 Prairie landscape painting by F. Whitlock given to Justice John Sopinka Sep.26,1989
X6079 26 Whitlock references Library and Archives Canada
X6079 Jan. 1888 Mrs. Mary Whitlock - Complaint of cruelty to animals in the North West Territories
X6079 Coal Truckers - Moose Jaw, Sas re Whitlock & Marlatt Co-operative Society
X6079 Dec.1923 Holm, Whitlock & Scarff - New York - How to obtain appointment of executors in Ontario & career of Dr. Arthur J. Laliberte
X6079 1929-1949 C. Whitlock - Complaint against RCMP
X6079 1942-1943 Estate of Ella (Brainerd) Whitlock, widow of Brand Whitlock
X6079 Dec.20,1944 Pte H. D. Whitlock (Montreal), make a super wagon
X6079 1953-1959 Claims files re Bruce Whitlock
X6079 Portrait by Jean Joseph Girouard (1794-1855) of William Whitlock, age 45 Merchant Vaudreuil, P.Q. "Imprisoned Dec.22,1837"
X6079 Jul 1894 Mrs. M. Whitlock - Grenfell Assiniboia [NWT] - demanding investigation into the conduct of the Sheriff of Eastern Assiniboia
X6079 1947-1969 National Housing Act, Joint Loan Mortgages - W.C. Whitlock and wife, Dartmouth, NS
X6079 May 1890 M. Whitlock - Grenfell - complains of his sheep being worried by dogs and asks advice.
X6079 Jun.1909 W. Ransom - Grenfell - Complaint against one Whitlock
X6079 1929 G. Whitlock - Appointed Fire Ranger
X6080 6 Email and faxes from Kathy Pressey Dd Nov.16-23,2006 re James Jackson & Jane Olive (Whitlock) Owens (M1870) Fayette, Il Jane Olive d James W. & Rebecca (Wooten) Whitlock (M1820's) NC
X6081 8 GenForum & emails from Mary Jo Hawkinson Dd Jun.27,2001 & Nov.20,21,2006 re Roger Haddock & Gertrude Schuyler (Schenck) Whitlock (M1821) Middletown, Monmouth Co., NJ
X6082 1 GenForum from Jackie Little Dd May 17,2002 re Ruesa & Mary Ellen (Whitlock) Lane (M1890's?) of Ky
X6083 1 GenForum from Ollie Clarke Dd Nov.26,2000 re Matthew & Angelina (Whitlock) Burnett
X6084 2 GenForums from Howells Dd May 7,28,1999 re Joseph & Lilian Iris (Whitlock) (Rice) Lane (M1920-30's) of Aberbeeg, South Wales
X6085 3 Rootsweb from Frank L. Griggs Dd Nov.8,2006 re Benjamin & Mary (Whitlock) Griggs (M1799) Monmouth Co., NJ
X6086 7 Rootsweb & email from Mike Rendle Dd Nov.17,2006 & Jan.28,2007 re Thomas & Mary (Dicker) Whitlock (M1857) DEV Mary d Thomas & Elizabeth (Richards) Whitlock
X6087 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Nov.17,2006 Press Demo, Sebastopol, Ca re obit David Lee Whitlock, 80
X6088 2 Rootsweb & email from Barbara Dossett Dd Nov.17,2006 re Andy & Teressa (Whitlock) Jones (M1867) of Collin Co., Tx
X6089 1 Email from Marlene Whitlock Dd Nov.20,2006 re Samuel Whitlock of Mo & Ar
X6090 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Nov.20,2006 obit Ronald Whitlock, Bridgeman Downs Aus
X6091 2 1841 census ESS re John Whitlock 30 Great Yeldham; 1841 census HRT re Joseph & Sarah Whitelock, Hitchin from Chris Geoghegan
X6092 1 1851 censys ESS re William & Sarah Whitlock, Halstead from Chris Geoghegan
X6093 1 1901 census results for Samuel Whitlock from Chris Geoghegan
X6094 1 1891 census HRT Watford re Martha Whitlock, 37 from Chris Geoghegan
X6095 1 1871 census HRT Barley re John & Eliza Whitlock from Chris Geoghegan
X6096 1 Misc Whitlock marriages 1630-1795 from Chris Geoghegan
X6097 2 Emails from Marlene Whitlock Dd Nov.26,2006 re Samuel Whitlock of Ks
X6098 1 Mt. Vernon [Il] Register-News Dec.5,2006 re obit Marniece (Leonard) Whitlock, 98 died Dec.4,2006 from Jean Crowder-Gonzales
X6099 1 Whitelocks to Australia 1853-1858 from Laura Taylor
X6100 2 Email from Cheryl Wells Dahl Dd Nov.29,2006 re Hiram Higley & Abigail (Mapes) Whitlock (M1820's) of Meigs Co., Oh
X6101 2 Emails from David Whitlock Dd Dec.1,2,2006 re William Prince Whitlock s John Riley & Mary Jane (McNeely) Whitlock (M1870's) of Hardin, Marshall Co., Ky
X6102 2 Rootsweb from Jim Laird Dd Dec.3,2006 The Meriden Message Nov.31,1931 "Mrs. Whitlock Dead" re Elizabeth (Dauber) Whitlock,62 died Nov.9,1931 Topeka, Shawnee Co., Ks
X6103 1 1860 census Boonville, Yadkin Co., NC re John & Libby (Paul) Whitlock (M1835) NC from Michael Jones
X6104 1 1870 census Fall Creek, Yadkin Co., NC re Alexander & Charity Emiline (Childress) Whitlock (M1867) from Michael Jones
X6105 2 Email from David Whitlock Dd Dec.4,2006 re Winifred & Dauphine (Slatter) Whitlock (M1949) Shelby Co., Tx
X6106 5 Email from Harry Whitlock Dd Dec.4,2006 re Alexander & Mary Erine (Bowyer) Whitlock (M1865) Morgan Co., Il
X6107 4 Email from Michael Jones Dd Dec.5,2006 re Misc NC extracts
X6108 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Dec.6,2006 Tyler M-T Nov.28,2006, obit John Joseph Whitlock, 74 Tyler, Tx; Tyler M-T Nov.9,2006, obit Lester Whitlock, 60 Gladewater, Tx
X6109 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Dec.7,2006 Montreal Gazette, Dec.6,2006 obit William Whitlock
X6110 1 Email from Simon Aley Dd Dec.12,2006 re Charles & Harriott (Whitlock) Wake (M1851) St.Georges, Hanover Sq., LND
X6111 4 GenForums & email from Norman Peters & Jack Ott Dd Dec.9-11,2006 re John Whitlock 3rd Va regt of the Continental Line & Taylor’s Va Regt
X6112 2 Rootsweb from Chuck Rockett Dd Dec.11,2006 obit Susan Mae (Perkins) Whitlock, 84 died Dec.8,1971 Taylor Co., Ky
X6113 2 Rootsweb from Chuck Rockett Dd Dec.11,2006 obit Mitchell Whitlock, 69 died Sep.5,1971 Greenburg, Taylor Co., Ky
X6114 2 Rootsweb from Chuck Rockett Dd Dec.11,2006 obit Carrie (Benningfield) Whitlock, 81 died Jul.8,1984 Taylor Co., Ky
X6115 3 1881, 1901, 1911 census re John & Margaret Amelia (Whitelock) Cuthbertson, Toronto, Ont from Lawrence Otis
X6116 1 1881 census Usborne, Huron Co., Ont re Thomas & Mary Jane Smale (M1860's) Eng from Lawrence Otis
X6117 1 1911 census Toronto East, Ont re Isaac Franklin & Ellenor Caroline Oak (M1890s) from Lawrence Otis
X6118 1 1911 census Melita, Souris, Mb re Archibald B. & Cora Maud Jamieson (M1900's) from Lawrence Otis
X6119 6 Topeka and Shawnee County [Ks] Public Library obits 1920-2004 from Lawrence Otis
X6120 1 Genes Reunited from Graham Jones to Joan Whitelock re Charles & Mary Ann Whitelock (M1859) Sherborne, DOR
X6121 3 Email from Peter Cornish to Chris Geoghegan Dd Dec.8-11,2006 re HRT census’
X6122 1 CAR application re decent from John & Christian (Beasley) Whitlock (M1786) Lunenburg, VA from Norman Peters