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X6323 1 Email from Sally Brugh Dd Aug.13,2007 re death of Robert H. Whitlock of Bay Village, Oh Dec.19,2003
X6324 1 Email from Mark Cox re descent from John & Lydia (Howell) Whitlock (M1796) NJ
X6325 1 1880 US census Southbury, New Haven Co., Ct re Truman H. Pierce from Barbara A. Pierce-Cypher
X6326 4 Crofut/Crofoot families of Ct & NY from Barbara A. Pierce-Cypher
X6327 3 Descent from Elisha & Rhoda (Hinman) Pearce (M1799) Woodbury, Ct from Barbara A. Pierce-Cypher
X6328 2 Descendants of Isaac Whitlock & Elizabeth Kate (Elford) Johns (M1883) Usborne, Huron Co., Ont from Kenneth Johns
X6329 1 Email from Ken Johns Dd Aug.17,2007 re marriage of Amy Johns & Donald Peter Penninga Jun.2,2007 Hessenland, St.Joseph, Ont
X6330 3 Emails from Frederick Wittenberg Dd Aug.18,20,31,2007 re descent from Francis Metherall & Susanne Annie (Beacham) Whitlock (M1883) Mariposa, Victoria Co., Ont
X6331 3 Emails from Barbara A. Pierce-Cypher Dd Aug.21,2007 re descent from Russell D. & Sarah Ann (Whitlock) Pierce (M1830) Southbury, Ct
X6332 1 Email from Margaret Baldock Dd Aug.25,2007 re Scot & Mary Elizabeth (Smith)(Whitlock) Bias (M1860's) of Parker Co., Tx
X6333 1 Email from Necia Yehia Dd Aug.27,2007 re city directory Brooklyn, NY 1840 re Samuel A. Whitlock, Sidney B. Whitlock & Mrs. Ephraim Whitlock; Chicago, Il 1844 re Thomas Whitlock’s shoe store
X6334 65 WHITLOCK35 chart updates from Victoria Whitlock
X6335 6 Emails between Vicki House & Judith Becher Oct.20,2006-Aug.28,2007 re Whitelocke-Lloyd family of Strancally Castle, Co. Waterford, Ire
X6336 1 GenForum from Robert Jones Dd Sep.7,2007 re Bowen & Althina (Jones) Whitlock (M1810's?) of Calloway Co., Ky
X6337 7 Descent from Thomas & Ann (Taylor) Whitelock (M1752) of Philadelphia, Pa & St.John, NB from Al Williamson
X6338 1 Emails from Denise Carlton Dd Sep.7,2007 re descent from Richard & Ellen (Boon) Whitlock (M1834) of Leafield, OXF & RSA
X6339 1 GenForum from Sandi Dd Sep.10,2007 re Bennie Wilson & Frances (Allred) Whitlock family of Mineral area, Louisa Co., Va Bennie died Oct.18,1968, age 42
X6340 1 Email from Quintin White Dd Sep.9,2007 re Henry Charles & Mary Ann (Heale) Whitlock (M1895) Winterslow, WIL
X6341 1 Minnesota Vikings team roster re Arkee Whitlock, 23 from Rock Hill, SC
X6342 2 Emails from Katie Felton-Berard Dd Sep.10,2007 re William Weber & Mehitable (??) (Whitlock) Felton (M early 1800's) of Batavia, NY
X6343 3 Email from Kat Fulcher Dd Sep.10,2007 re Lester-Whitlock Cemetery of Simmons Farm, Floyd Co., Va
X6344 2 Virginia obits from Greg Whitlock
X6345 1 Obit of Sharyn Lee (Whitlock) Stover, 61 of Rock Lick died Jan.20,2007 from Greg Whitlock
X6346 2 Chronology of Harris & Ann (Whitlock) Hatch (M1808) of St. Andrews, NB from Al Williamson
X6347 13 Descent from William & Anne Hatch (M1620's) of Kent & Scituate, Ma from Al Williamson
X6348 11 Descent from John & Martha J. (Whitlock) Terry (M1831) Louisa Co., Va from Elwood Morris
X6349 1 Richmond [Va] Times-Dispatch Aug.30,2007 obit Robert B. Whitlock, 89 of Richmond died Aug.27, 2007 from Elwood Morris
X6350 1 Richmond [Va] Times-Dispatch Aug.3,2007 obit Alvin C. Whitlock, 74 of Highland Springs died Aug.1,2007 from Elwood Morris
X6351 1 Richmond [Va] Times-Dispatch Aug.17,2007 obit Jean (Whitlock) Baines of Williamsburg, Va from Elwood Morris
X6352 1 Richmond [Va] Times-Dispatch Jul.19,20,2007 obit Philip Whitlock Klaus, 92 died Jul.18,2007 from Elwood Morris
X6353 1 2004 games profile of Scott Frandsen of Kelowna, BC from Lawrence Otis
X6354 1 Email from Greg Whitlock Dd Sep.16,2007 re Dennis R. Whitlock, 100 Sep.11,2007
X6355 1 Email from Jo Ann Kist Dd Sep.18,2007 re Kansas artist, George Lycurgus Whitlock (1885-1977)
X6356 1 DNA certificate from Gregory Alan Whitlock (W85)
X6357 5 Rootsweb & emails from Frances Russell Dd Sep.19,& Oct.1,2007 re Jonathan G. & Nancy Manerva (Whitlock) Ellison (M1851) Cherokee Co., Ga
X6358 1 Richmond [Va] Times-Dispatch Sep.13,2007 obit Lucy (Whitlock) Atkins, 93 died Sep.12,2007 Louisa, Louisa Co., Va from Elwood Morris
X6359 1 The Central Virginian Jul.7,2005 obit Robert Milton Atkins, 89 died Jun.30,2005 Louisa, Louisa Co., Va from Elwood Morris
X6360 1 Letter from Elwood Morris Dd Sep.14,2007 re Mineral Cemetery, Mineral, Louisa Co., Va
X6361 1 Email from Vicki House Dd Sep.20, 2007 re Whitelocke-Lloyd of Strancally Castle, Co. Waterford, Ire
X6362 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Sep.21,2007 Biographical Sketches of Citizens of Cairo, Il re Dr. E. W. Whitlock
X6363 1 Email from Jim Becker Dd Sep.22,2007 re Robert M. Whitlock of Cobourg, Ont, Cass, LaPorte Co, In & Center, Vernon Co., Nv
X6364 4 Emails from Matthew Whitlock Dd Sep.23,24,Oct.3,2007 re George & Renilda Whitlock (M1950's?) of LND & Hull, YKS
X6365 1 Charleston [WVA] Gazette Feb.5,1957 obit Charles Bradford Whitlock, 81 of Kimberly, WVA died Feb.3,1957; Charleston [WVA] Gazette Dec.10,1956 obit Carrie (Whitlock) Elliott, 87 of Mongomery, Fayette Co., WVA died Dec.8,1956 from Greg Whitlock
X6366 1 Email from Harry Hanford Dd Sep.29,2007 re Hanford family of Ct
X6367 1 Email from Sheldon Jones Dd Sep.29,2007 re Andrew English & Annie G. (Whitlock) Kirk (M1889) Jefferson Co., Il
X6368 1 Email from Necia Yehia Dd Sep.30,2007 re Samuel Whitlock Gandy (1776-1851) of Kingston-upon-Thames, SRY
X6369 2 Descendants of Tom & Biller (Ringold) Riales (M1906) Ar from Frances Russell
X6370 3 Descendants of Matthew & Ida (Riales) Parker (M1890) Ar from Frances Russell
X6371 1 Descendants of John Henry & Minnie Belle (Corley) Riales (M1898) of Ar from Frances Russell
X6372 2 Rootsweb from Chuck Rockett Dd Oct.4,2007 News-Journal, Taylor Co., Ky Jun.26,1952 obit Sarah Ellen (Richardson) Whitlock died Jun.22,1952 Nelson, Ky
X6373 1 Obit Joel Mack Whitlock, 73 South Charleston, WVA died Nov.8,2005 from Greg Whitlock
X6374 1 The Hur Herald, Jun.28,2003 obit Rhoda Maude (Whitlock) Ross, 81 died Jun.25,2003 Parkersburg, WVA from Greg Whitlock
X6375 1 West Virginia Gazette, Mar.28,2007 obit Samuel P. Whitlock, 64 died Mar.25,2007 Elyria, OH from Greg Whitlock
X6376 1 Email from Ken Johns Dd Sep.26,2007 re David Henry Whitlock b.1908, manager of H.J. Whitlock and Son, Birmingham, WAR
X6377 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Oct.9,2007 Toronto [Ont] Star obit Arthur Thomas Whitlock, 92 died Sep.19,2007
X6378 1 Toronto [Ont] Star obit Ethel Violet Whitlock, 94 died Jun.18,2007 Toronto, Ont
X6379 2 Rootsweb from Ramona Armstrong Dd Oct.9,2007 re John Thomas & Elizabeth Emma (Whitlock) Mills (M1893) of Taylor Co., Ky
X6380 2 Rootsweb from M. Jetton Dd Oct.13,2007 re Robert Arnold & Josephine (Whitlock) McClendon (M1865) Sevier, Ar
X6381 1 Rootsweb from Jay Archambault Dd Oct.15,2007 re death of Donald Kaye Whitlock in hunting accident near Marysvale, Ut 1961
X6382 2 Rootsweb & email from Gloria Forsythe Dd Oct.16,18,2007 re Monroe & Sarah Bell (Whitlock) Geer (M1897?)of Harrisonburg, Rockingham Co., Va
X6383 3 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Oct.16,2007 Athens [Oh] Messenger Aug.17,1930 Carpenter re Clyde Whitlock of Columbus, Oh
X6384 1 Email from Jay Archambault Dd Oct.19,2007 re Donald Kaye Whitlock died Dec.9,1961 Ut
X6385 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Nov.7,2007 re obit Robilee (Berry) Whitlock b.Mar.26,1930 Rector, Ar d.Oct.29,2007 Eugene, Or br Bakersfield, Ca
X6386 1 Rootsweb from Dave Dd Nov.9,2007 re Susan Whitlock died Jun.15,1912 age 84 Blandford, Dor
X6387 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Nov.9,2007 Marietta [Ga] Journal & Courier Dec.29,1916 re Miss Ola Whitlock visiting friends in Atlanta
X6388 2 Rootsweb from Mary Louise May York Dd Nov.17,2007 re Martin & Margaret Emily (Whitlock) May (M1872) of NC
X6389 1 Genforum from Martin Shipe Dd Oct.18,2007 re John V. & Eliza J.(Culver) Whitlock (M1880's) of Md & Camden, NJ
X6390 1 Genforum from Candy Gabbard Dd Nov.3,2007 re James & Joy C. (Martin) Whitlock
X6391 1 Email from Patricia Hyland Dd Oct.27,2007 re Lee & Jarna Whitlock (M1990's) of Ont
X6392 19 Stamboom Witlox descent from Jan Witloc b.1300 Omstreeks, Netherlands from Jan Witlox
X6393 1 Holy Angels Cemetery, St.Thomas, Ont re Matthew Witlox (1895-1967) from Jan Witlox
X6394 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Oct.31,2007 The Washington Post, Feb.20,1919 licence to marry for Harry T. Whitlock, 26 & Beulah M. Boss, 25
X6395 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Nov.1,2007 Norfolk, Va Ledger Dec.1885 marriage George W. Whitlock & Emma Crow
X6396 1 Email from Quintin White Dd Nov.2,2007 re William & Sarah (Fry) Whitlock (M1836) Pitton, WIL
X6397 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Nov.2,2007 Sacramento Telegraph Nov.22,1862 re arrival Mrs. S. Whitlock & two children, A.A. Whitlock
X6398 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Nov.18,2007 re Benjamin Franklin & Mary Ann (Whitlock) Cockrum (M1870's?)
X6399 1 Rootsweb from Chuck Rockett Dd Nov.18,2007 re Jesse M. & Edna (Whitlock) Neet married Oct.13,1907 Dana, Vermillion Co., In
X6400 2 Email from Jenny Stiles Dd Nov.19,2007 re descent from John & Hester (Duddlestone) Becher (M1695) Bristol, SOM
X6401 2 Rootsweb from Chuck Rockett Dd Nov.20,2007 re Payton-Jessup wedding performed by Rev. Isaac C. Whitlock of Terre Haute 1907?
X6402 2 Email from Quintin White Dd Nov.22,2007 re James & Rachel (Whitlock) Humby (M1841) St.Martins, Salisbury, WIL
X6403 2 Rootsweb message from Cher Dd Nov.22,2007 re Work and Whitlock families of Dickson Co., Tn
X6404 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Aug.11,1886, Il Miss Mabel Whitlock of Quincy is spending a month visiting with her sister Mrs. C. B. Butler
X6405 3 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Nov.25,2007 re tax delinquents, 1881 Morgan Co., Il re Alexander Whitlock, Jepha Whitlock & Taylor Whitlock
X6406 1 Email from Margaret Baldock Dd Nov.26,2007 re obit Mary Elizabeth (Smith)(Whitlock) Bies b.May 16,1841 Tn d.Jun.29,1926 Portales, Roosevelt Co., NM
X6407 1 Rootsweb from Sherry Melton Arnold Dd Nov.29,2007 re Hardin & Harriet C. (Bradford) Whitlock (M1840's) of Henry Co., Tn
X6408 1 Rootsweb from Sam Ferris Dd Nov.29,2007 re Henrich & Sarah (Whitlock) Hyers (M1778) Freehold, NJ
X6409 6 Fox Sports on MSN - NFL "10 Truths Whole truth.." re Jason Whitlock, Kansas City Star columnist
X6410 9 Descent from Peter & Jane Augusta (Hatch) Marter (M1833) St.Andrews, NB from Al Williamson
X6411 31 Genealogisch Tijdschrift Voor Oost-Brabant Apr.2000 Jaargang 15, nummer 2 "Witlox in de Late Middleleeuwen" by Henk van den Brink re descent from Jan Witloc b.1300 Omstreeks, Holland from Bjorn Witlox
X6412 1 Email from Neil Whitlock Dd Dec.3,2007 re Whitlocks of Pitton, WIL
X6413 2 Whitlocks of Buckland Filleigh, DEV from Jane Taylor
X6414 1 Rootsweb from D. Dicken Dd December 9,2007 The News-Journal, Taylor Co., Ky obit Bernice Thompson 5 mons died Jan.5,1955 grandaughter Lewis & Flora Whitlock
X6415 1 Email from JoAnn McGhee Dd Dec.11,2007 re marriage of Paul Whitlock & Leola Sells Dec.1928? Hamilton Co., Il
X6416 1 Email from Necia Yehia Dd Dec.11,2007 Tioga Co., Pa Abstract of Wills re Jonathan C. Whitlock, Jackson Twp 1835 & 1843
X6417 3 Baker City (Or) Herald Dec.10,2007 house tour re Thommy Whitlock from Arvilla Corey
X6418 3 Niagara Falls [Ont] Public Library, Newspaper index, Review & Evening Review 1940-2005 (W19) from Lawrence Otis
X6419 1 Osprey Nov.3,2007 obit Marion Beatrice Rolleston-Westaway, 97 died Oct.12,2007 Brantford, Ont from Lawrence Otis
X6420 1 Leader-Post, Saskatoon, SAS Jan.21,2005 obit David Elmer Whitlock, 57 died Jan.14,2005 Moose Jaw, SAS from Lawrence Otis
X6421 1 Brampton [Ont] Guardian Jul.11,2007 "Cruisers run for a cause" re Mark Whitlock
X6422 4 Regina [Sas] Leader-Post obit Edward Joseph Whitlock, 87 of Raymore, SAS; Hazel (Steacy) Whitlock, 82
X6423 1 Letter from Lawrence Otis Dd Dec.6,2007 re marriage George William Brown & Grace Alma Whitlock married Oct.10,1923 Bowmanville, Ont
X6424 4 Canada National Defence News Release "Port Elgin Native Assumes Command of 440 Squadron" re Lt. Col. Ross Wuerth plus "Change of Command" program from Helen Wuerth
X6425 1 PEI Baptismal Register,
X6426 1 Email from Earnest Whitlock Dd Dec.2007 re John & Page Whitlock (M1850's?) of Ga
X6427 1 Email from Necia Yehia Dd Dec.14,2007 re Hayes Warren & Maude Eugenia (Whitlock) Hooks (M1900's) Lauderdale Co., AL
X6428 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Dec.15,2007 Brampton [Ont] Guardian, Aug.15,2007 obit Helen (Akelis) Whitlock, 82
X6429 1 Email from Necia Yehia Dd Dec.16,2007 re Territorial & State Officials 1861-1903 Dakota Territory re John F. Whitlock 1897/8, 1901 Fault & Potter Counties
X6430 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Dec.17,2007 re Charles Whitlock, Wells Fargo Agent 1871 at San Andreas, Ca
X6431 2 Rootsweb from Tim Greer Dd Dec.17,2007 re Lewis Glosser & Marie Lottie (Whitlock) Greer (M1910's) of Philadelphia, Pa
X6432 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Dec.19,2007 re NY SS - Saragonian Feb.2,1903 obit Robert B. Whitlock, 68 Amsterdam, NY died Jan.30,1903
X6433 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Dec.21,2007 Casper Star Tribune., Casper, Wy obit Darlene (Reichert) Whitlock, 74 died Dec.17,2007 Casper, Wy
X6434 2 Casper Star Tribune., Casper, Wy obit V. Novella (Vermillion) Whitlock, 81 died Oct.16,2007 Riverton, Wy
X6435 1 Casper Star Tribune., Casper, Wy obit Gerald Allen Whitlock, 75 died Sep.2,2006 Casper, Wy
X6436 1 Casper Star Tribune., Casper, Wy obit Justin Daniel Harrington, 4 died Jun.8,2006 Lamar, Co re Charlie & Phyllis Whitlock of Kinnear
X6437 23 Rootsweb & email messages from Janice Doughty Dd Dec.27,2007-Jan.2,2008 re William Joseph & Emily (Whitlock) Coleman (M1907) of Queensland, AUS
X6438 1 GenForum messages 1999 & 2002 from Al Kuzowsky re Lewis & Marie (Whitlock) Greer of Philadelphia, Pa
X6439 1 1920 US census Philadelphia, Pa re Lewis & Marie (Whitlock) Greer (Groce) from Greg Whitlock
X6440 1 Letter from D.A. Keith Whitlock Dd Dec.14,2007 re death Margaret Irene Whitlock Oct.30,2007 & Arthur Whitlock July 2007
X6441 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Dec.28,2007 re Green Co., Ky State Police Trooper, Adam Whitlock
X6442 1 Whitlock Family Tree re Milledge George & Annie E. (Leake) Whitlock (M1860's) of Marietta, Cobb Co., Ga from Earnest Whitlock
X6443 2 Rootsweb from Jackson River Dd Dec.29,2007 The Charleston Gazette, Sep.23,2004 obit Helen L. (Mayes) (Whitlock) Hess, 93 died Sep.20,2004
X6444 1 Whitlock & Whitelock arrivals in Australia to 1883 from Chuck Rockett
X6445 1 Rootsweb message from Lon Mason Dd Dec.31,2007 re John Henry & Georgia E. (Whitlock) Cassity (M1900's) of Mo
X6446 3 Emails from Millie Meyerholz Dd Jan.2,3,2008 re John B. & Rachel (Whitelock) Lockwood (M1829) Franklin Co., In
X6447 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Jan.3,2008 Central Kentucky News Journal, obit Bessie E. (Whitlock) Thompson Green Co., Ky
X6448 3 Email from Desni & Rootsweb from Gay Fielding Dd Jan.8,13,2008 re Mary Ethel Whitelock b.1849?, KEN to Australia 1892
X6449 5 GenForum & emails from Anne Frampus Dd Jan.5- Feb.19,2008 re Rush H. & Elizabeth (Webster?) Whitlock (M1860's) Harrisonburg, Rockingham Co., Va
X6450 1 Email from Karen Gava Dd Jan.13,2008 re wedding John Calver Garrido Whitelock & Rosina May Smith Dec.28,1937
X6451 1 Email from Karen Gava Dd Jan.13,2008 re wedding Brian John Arthur Whitelock & Kathleen Carroll Sep.23,1961
X6452 1 Email from Karen Gava Dd Jan.13,2008 re wedding Mark James Gava & Karen Whitelock Dec.14,1985 Rostrevor College, Adelaide, SA
X6453 1 GEDCOM.txt file re Whitlocks of Cobb Co., Ga from from Earnest Whitlock
X6454 1 Emailfrom Chuck Rockett Dd Jan.17,2008 Ft Myers, News-Press obit Jill Marie Whitlock, 57 died Dec.29,2007 Naples, Fl
X6455 1 Notice re "The Waters of Oblivion" by Ian Fletcher re Lieutenant-General John Whitelocke (1758-1833) from John Lawson Whitlock
X6456 3 Filmography for Lee Whitlock from Patrick Lynch
X6457 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Jan.17,2008 Athens [Meigs Co., Oh] Messenger Sep.1930 Syracuse re Mrs. Oscar Whitlock (Eva Marie Barringer)
X6458 1 Email from Muriel Allen Dd Oct.31,2007 re Thomas George & Alice Mary (Whitlock) Whitlock (M1898) Sholing, HAM
X6459 3 Descent from Andrew & Nancy Adaline (Ward) Barrett (M1850's) of Tn from Janean Cleveland
X6460 3 eBay item 120212201028 Mr magazine Sep 1951 re photos of Harlynne Whitlock, Beverly Hills Country Club, Ca from Patrick Lynch
X6461 2 Email from Vicky Whitlock Dd Jan.17,2008 re updates to the WHITLOCK35 chart
X6462 2 Email from Quintin White Dd Jan.21,2008 re marriage Allen Edward & Elizabeth (Burrough) Widdlock Dec.24,1839 St.Martin, Salisbury, WIL
X6463 2 Email from Muriel Allen Dd Jan.22,2008 re descent from Harry & Mary (Phillips) Whitlock (M1818) Hound, HAM
X6464 1 Email from Tricia Brewer Dd Jan.22,2008 Landmarks of Monroe Co. by William F. Peck (1895) re George L. & Mary (Lyon) Whitlock (M1860) of Monroe Co., NY
X6465 2 Email from Carol Spragg Dd Jan.23,2008 Weekly News, Hawkes Bay, NZ Mar.3,1943 re Anthony & Philip Whitlock of Hastings
X6466 2 Email from Tricia Brewer Dd Jan.23,2008 Palmyra and Vicinity by Thomas L. Cook re Whitlock family of Palmyra, Wayne Co., NY
X6467 2 Rootsweb from Joy Fisher Dd Jan.24,2008 re George C. Whitlock, Mathematician, NY 1840's
X6468 2 Rootsweb from Nancy & Jerry Thompson Dd Jan.25,2008 re obit Fred D. Whitlock,81 of Columbia, Mo
X6469 2 Email from Gloria Knittle Dd Jan.25,2008 re obit Ron Knittle died Jan.23,2008 St.Louis, Mo
X6470 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Jan.27,2008 News-Times, Danbury, Ct Sep.26,2005 obit Matthew A. Whitlock, 32
X6471 5 Descendants of Jonathan Heade & Elizabeth (Olden) Whitlock (M1752) Pitton, WIL from Eileen Campbell
X6472 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Jan.28,2008 News-Times, Danbury, Ct Mar.13,2007 obit Joan L. (Gardner) Whitlock, 72 New Milford
X6473 1 Email from Kitty Whitlock Dd Jan.29,2008 re descent from Elijah Thomas & Zuella Robert (Cramer) Whitlock (M1916) Ola, Ada Co., Ok
X6474 1 Email from Nancy Lockwood Merrill Dd Jan.29,2008 re Elias B. & Mary (Johnson) Whitlock (M1827) Butler Co., Oh
X6475 1 Rootsweb from D. Dicken Dd Jan.29,2008 News-Journal, Taylor Co., Ky Feb.7,1957 obit Ortella (Whitlock) Findling,56 died Lexington, Ky Jan.30,1957
X6476 1 GenForum from Pat Boren Dd Jan.28,2008 re Williamson Porter & Elizabeth Jane (Ross) Whitlock ( M1865) Green Co., Mo
X6477 1 Family Group Record of William & Mary (Derickson) Lockwood re James & Mary (Aydelotte) Whitlock (M1830's) Oh from Nancy Merrill
X6478 1 Rootsweb from Georgia Phyllis Shank Dd Feb.1,2008 re Gustavus Arthur & Lillie Almeda (Pratt) Whitlock (M1913) Floyd, Floyd Co., Va
X6479 1 Rootsweb from Herschel Allen Thomas Dd Feb.1,2008 re Jessie Laura Shaw Whitlock of Tx
X6480 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Feb.4,2008 Hutchinson News, Ks Jan.27,2008 obit Miss Jessica L. Whitlock, 59 Hutchinson, Ks
X6481 8 Dorset on-line entries for Whitlock and Whitelock from Dorset record office
X6482 2 Wiltshire wills 1540-1858 available on-line
X6483 1 Rootsweb from Chuck Rockett Dd Feb.6,2008 re marriage Tom Whitlock, 18 & Leora Gilpin, 16 Toledo, Ky Jun 12, 1907
X6484 1 Rootsweb from Denise Perkins Ready Dd Feb.5,2008 re Ira & Amelia (Shuartz) Whitlock (M1837) of Livingston Co., NY
X6485 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Feb.8,2008 re Richard & Emmer Susan (Whitlock) Mills (M1910's) of Marion Co., Ky
X6486 1 Rootsweb from Chuck Rockett Dd Feb.10,2008 Morgan Co., Il delinquent tax 1879 re Johnson Whitlock & Alex Whitlock
X6487 2 GenForum & email from Amanda Drake Johnson Dd Feb.10,2008 re Oliver & Amanda (Tyler) Whitlock (M1880's) of Putnam Co., NY
X6488 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Feb.13,2008 obit Gary Lee Whitlock, 51 Washington, DC, Falls Church, VA Feb.1,2008
X6489 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Feb.13,2008 London Free Press Feb.12,2008 obit Sydney Whitlock 79 died Feb.8,2008 London, Ont
X6490 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Feb.13,2008 Baltimore Sun Jan.7,2008 obit Betty Lou Whitlock died Jan.5,2008 Dundalk?, Md & Paul Albert Whitlock 76 died Jan.9,2008 White Marsh, Md
X6491 1 Rootsweb from Laura Alderson Dd Feb.15,2008 re Eleanor Wood d Jonathan & Hannah (Whitlock) Wood (M1775) Ridgefield, Ct
X6492 5 Updates to the WHITLOCK68 chart from Dorri Satchell
X6493 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Feb.17,2008 Winona Clipper, Logan Co., Ks Dec.8,1887 re Frank Whitlock of Alma, Ne
X6494 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Feb.17,2008 State Journal-Register, Feb.8,2008 obit Francis Lewis Whitlock, 69 Litchfield, Il died Feb.4,2008
X6495 4 Emails from Chris Geoghegan Dd Feb.16-22,2008 re Norman & May (Davies) Whitlock (M1955)
X6496 1 Rootsweb from Pat McArthur Dd Feb.20,2008 Lenawee Co., Mi archives, deaths re Sarah Whitlock, 52 widow died Jun.16,1873 Adrian
X6497 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Feb.25,2008 Floyd Press, Va Feb.21,2008 Obit Elinos Alton Whitlock jr,72 d.Feb.11,2008 Fayetteville, NC
X6498 1 Email from Marcia Bryan Curtis Dd Feb.27,2008 re Adams Cemetery & Pickett Cemetery, Church Hill, Va re R.H. & M. Whitlock of Richmond, Va 1860's
X6499 1 Rootsweb from John Sowers Dd Feb.26,2008 re Calvin J. & Rosa Bell (Whitlock) Sowers (M1870's) Madison Co., Ky
X6500 5 Rootsweb from Jim Bartlett Dd Feb.26,2008 re Bartlett DNA project
X6501 2 Rootsweb from Karen Jorgensen Dd Feb.27,2008 Lexington [Ky] Herald-Leader Dd Jan.8,2008 obit Lola Katherine (Whitlock) Walling, 74 d.Jan.7,2008
X6502 2 Whitlock family chart from George Goodwin [Missing]
X6503 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Feb.29,2008 Knoxville [Tn] News-Sentinal Feb.29,2008 obit June (Whitlock) Stevens, 79 died Feb.26,2008 Nashville, Tn
X6504 2 Rootsweb from Karen Jorgensen Dd Feb.29,2008 Green River Sun, Ky Feb.28,2008 obit Ermin Bell (Whitlock) Harris, 87 died Campbellsville, Ky Feb.22,2008
X6505 1 Email from Mark S. Cox Dd Feb.29,2008 re Samuel & Elizabeth Griggs (Whitlock) McLean (M1831) Butler Co., Oh
X6506 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Mar.1,2008 Daily Southern Cross, NZ May 15,1873 - Inquest at the Lunatic Asylum yesterday on Margaret Whitlock, aged 30, who died on 12th inst. Page 3
X6507 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Mar.l,2008 Macon Tribune, Ga Feb.29,2008 obit Carolyn Whitlock
X6508 12 Updates to the WHITLOCK36 chart from Chuck Rockett
X6509 3 Email from Jack Spangler Dd Mar.2,2008 re Va obits Estella Jackson (Yeatts) Whitlock
X6510 1 Family of Elinas Logan & Octavia (Spangler) Whitlock (M1858) Floyd Co., Va from Jack Spangler
X6511 3 Letter from Rodney Beck Dd Feb.20,2008 re descent from George Washington & Rowena Pearl (Keith) Whitlock (M1899) Ky
X6512 3 eBay item 150219430014 Dd Feb.28,2008 re Registered Package Receipt Dd Jul.22,1899 mailed from Mariposa to Whitlock, Ca from Patrick Lynch
X6513 2 The Liberal Daily Democrat, Seward Co., Ks Dec.6,1920 re Mr. & Mrs. J.E. Whitlock of Penn. Avenue from Jim Laird
X6514 3 Email from Vicki House Dd Mar.8,2008 re St.Mary’s Church, Fawley, BKM Whitlock burials 1634-1721
X6515 4 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Mar.10,2008 re Mail Tribune, Medford, Oregon Obits and News items 1999-2008, includes many references to sports star Adam Whitlock
X6516 1 Census references to Charles Whitlock (1793-1846) of Adair Co., Ky & Greene Co., Il from Don Hayes
X6517 6 Emails from Don Hayes Dd Mar.14-16,2008 re Louisa Co., Va Will Book and Deed Book entries and census records
X6518 2 Rootsweb from Rob Thomas Dd Mar.15,2008 re Asa Wheeler & Harriet (Whitlock) Nelson (M1840's) of Rutland Co., Vt
X6519 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Mar.16,2008 re obit George W. Whitlock, 73 died Dec.17,2007 Golden, Randolph Co., Al
X6520 1 1911 census Toronto West, Ont re William & Emily (Whitlock) Small (M1898) Toronto, Ont from Lawrence Otis
X6521 1 1911 census Norwich, Oxford South, Ont re Freeman & Emma (Whitelock) Foster (M1891) Yarmouth, NS from Lawrence Otis
X6522 2 Letter from Lawrence Otis Dd Mar.11,2008 re Ontario Whitlock descendants, Wellington, Freele & Smale