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X6523 2 Rootsweb from Karen Jorgensen Dd Mar.18,2008 obit Sarah Jane (Oakes) Whitlock, 79 died Oct.9,1999 Greensburg, Ky
X6524 2 Rootsweb from Karen Jorgensen Dd Mar.18,2008 obit Tony Nelson Whitlock, 69 died Aug.10,1956 Green Co., Ky
X6525 1 Rootsweb from John Whipple Dd Mar.21,2008 re John & Rosanna (Whitlock) Whipple (M1830's) of Va
X6526 1 Rootsweb from Peggy Hill Dd Mar.21,2008 re Charles Gunther of Va1750's
X6527 5 Email from Dottie B. Mar.24,2008 re obit Donna Mae (Paige) Whitlock, 57 died Mar.19,2008 Jefferson Co., Ky
X6528 1 Email from Roger Farrow Dd Mar.24,2008 re descent from John & Susanna (Nancekevil) Whitlock (M1718) Langtree, DEV
X6529 1 Email from Jean Crowder-Gonzales Dd Mar.2008 re Mt. Vernon, Il Daily Register Dec.14,1893 re divorce George E. & Alva D. Whitlock
X6530 1 Email from Susan Whitlock Dd Mar.25,2008 re descent from Arthur Whitlock b.1926 of Tx
X6531 2 Rootsweb from Chuck Rockett Dd Mar.28, 2008 re Claudis Lee & Bernice (Whitlock) Skidmore (M1900's) of Caroline Co., Va
X6532 2 Research re Charles & Esther Whitlock (M1750s) of NC from Don Hayes
X6533 1 Email from Don Hayes Dd Mar.25,2008 re Agnes (Whitlock) Dodson buried Steekee cemetery, Loudon Co., Tn
X6534 1 Email from Rita Somers Dd Mar.27,2008 re John & Susanna (Williamson) Whitlock & family on ship list Quebec to Montreal May 27,1820
X6535 1 Email from Quintin White Dd Apr.5,2008 re William & Ann (Compton) Whitlock (M1843) Fisherton Anger, WIL & brother William & Sarah (Fry) Whitlock (M1836) Pitton, WIL
X6536 1 Email from Duane Whitlock Dd Mar.28,2008 re Whitelocks of Md
X6537 1 Letter from Ray Nichols, Archivist, Holy Trinity (Old Swedes) Church Foundation, Wilmington, De to Duane Whitlock Dd Jul.28,2007 re marriage of Charles Whitelock & Hannah Gray Apr.6,1772
X6538 1 Genforum from Robert A. Hamel Dd Apr.5,2008 re William & Sarah (Jervis?) Whitlock (M1790's) of Morgan Co., Il
X6539 1 Email from Necia Yehia Dd Apr.7,2008 re Samuel Marcellus & Ivey May (Whitlock) Cox of Milford, Ga
X6540 1 Email from Don Hayes Dd Mar.20,2008 re David W. & Nancy (Whitlock) Edwards (M1820) Adair Co., Ky
X6541 1 Email from Patricia Schiro Dd Mar.31,2008 re David & Elizabeth (Whitlock) Gentry (M1775) of Va from Don Hayes
X6542 1 Email from Necia Yehia Dd Apr.7,2008 re Benjamin Jasper & Lucinda (Whitlock) Hawkins (M1870's) of Il
X6543 1 Email from Billie Jones Dd Apr.8,2008 Aiken Standard, Apr.25,1972 obit Ethel Wise Quattlebaum, 93 of Aiken, SC
X6544 1 Email from Monica Dd Apr.9,1998 Savannah Reporter Oct.29,1998 re obit Alzina G. (Bowen) Whitlock
X6545 1 Email from Audrey Wood Dd Apr.11,2008 re James Polk & Luella (Sanders) Whitlock (M1882) Webster, Mo
X6546 1 Email from Karen Jorgensen Dd Jan.14,2004 Central Kentucky News Journal Dd Jan.12,2004 obit Peggy Jo Christie,74 Greenburg, Ky died Jan.4,2004 daughter Judy Whitlock
X6547 1 Email from D. Dicken Dd Apr.13,2008 The News Journal obit Gurvis Whitlock,78 died Dec.10,1967 Campbellsville, Green Co., Ky
X6548 4 GenForum from Kathy (Payne) Upham Dd Apr.14,2008 re Thomas C & Nancy C. (Whitlock) Nunley (M1872) Al
X6549 2 Email from D. Dicken Dd Apr.13,2007 News-Journal Oct.5,1967 obit Buford Vernon Whitlock, 57 died Sep.27,1967 Greensburg, Ky
X6550 1 Rootsweb from Gloria Forsythe Dd Apr.15,2008 re Rush H. & Elizabeth (Webster) Whitlock (M1860's) of Rockingham, Va
X6551 1 Rootsweb from Bob Sangster Dd Apr.20,2008 re William & Harriot (Brain) Whitlock (M1888?) of Paulerspury, NTH
X6552 1 Email from Gloria Forsythe Dd Apr.20,2008 re descent from Rush Hunter & Elizabeth (Webster) Whitlock
X6553 1 Email from Duane Whitlock Dd Apr.22,2008 re Samuel & Elizabeth (??) (Loftis) Whitlock (M1825) of Cecil Co., Md
X6554 1 GenForum from Jan White Dd re Ornan Bradley & Elizabeth (Whitlock) Whatley (M1804) Green Co., Ga
X6555 2 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Apr.23,2008 1890 Veterans Schedule Pomeroy, Meigs Co., Oh re Benjamin B. & Phoeba (Fugate) Whitlock (M1848) Meigs Co., Oh
X6556 1 Obit Robert Francis Whitlock Rae, 78 died Apr.20,2008 Oakville-Trafalgar, Ont from Helen Wuerth
X6557 5 Rootsweb & Emails from Geoff Walker Dd Apr.26 & May 10.,2008 re Hugh & Catherine (Whitlock) James (M1763) of HAM
X6558 1 Rootsweb from Kennellmarka Dd Apr.29,2008 re obit Bessie Marie (Whitlock) Gillespie died Apr.27,2008 Hart Co., SC
X6559 2 Rootsweb from Will Johnson Dd Apr.30,2008 re Elisabeth (Bulstrode) Whitlock (1575-1631) of BKM
X6560 1 Rootsweb from Karen Jorgenson Dd May 1,2008 obit Audrey Ella (Whitlock) Peterson,75 died Nov.29,1978 Green Co., Ky
X6561 1 Genforum from Brad James Dd Jan.15,2005 re Thomas James & Sarah Whitlock married Jun.10,1853
X6562 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd May 8, 2008 re Ipswich, SFK Journal Nov.18,1876 obit Thomas James Emberson Whitlock died Nov.12,1876 Ridgewell, ESS (missing)
X6563 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd May 16, 2008 re Buffalo [NY] News May 2, 2008 obit Lillian V. Whitlock died Apr.26,2008
X6564 1 Buffalo [NY] News Apr.24,2008 obit Eric J. Whitlocke,23 died Apr.22,2008 Akron, NY
X6565 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd May 19,2008 The Olympian May 18,2008 obit Robert Alan Whitlock died Olympia, Wa May 10,2008
X6566 1 Rootsweb from Pat Coyle Dd May 19,2008 re Seth Whitlock & Anna S. (Merritt) Conklin (M1870's?) of Delaware Co., NY
X6567 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd May 20,2008 Sheveport [La] Times Feb.14,2008 obit Billie Jean (Tarver) Whitlock, 44 Red River Parish
X6568 1 Rootsweb from Karen Jorgensen Dd May 21, 2008 Green Co., Ky obits by Eunice Montgomery Wright re obit Vontress Whitlock, 25 of Exie died Jan.5,1945
X6569 2 Rootsweb from Karen Jorgensen Dd May 21,2008 Green Co., Ky obits by Eunice Montgomery Wright re obit Ulysses Nelson Whitlock, 59 of Marion, Ky died Apr.20,1945
X6570 2 Rootsweb from Karen Jorgensen Dd May 21,2008 Green Co., Ky obits by Eunice Montgomery Wright re obit of Robert Everett Whitlock, 79 of Exie, Ky died Oct.20, 1963
X6571 1 Rootsweb from Dd May 21,2008 The Daily Register, Mt. Vernon, Il Jul.24,1916 re obit Anna G. (Whitlock) Kirk,62 of McClelland died Jul.21,1916
X6572 4 Descent from John & Rachel (Whitlock) Collins (M1765) St.Peter’s, Pitton, WIL from Quintin White
X6573 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd May 24,2008 re Chester Alvin Whitlock of Pulaski Co., Va died Apr.16,1944 WWII
X6574 4 Rootsweb & email from Earnest Whitlock Dd May 28,31,2008 re George Washington Whitlock (1856-1924) of Cobb Co., Ga
X6575 17 Rootsweb from RBN Parker Dd May 29,2008 re up to date ancestry of Abraham Parker husband of Rose (Whitlock) Parker (M1644) Woburn, Ma
X6576 1 Rootsweb from Idume Dd May 29,2008 re Whitlocks of Lula, Dunklin Co., Mo
X6577 1 Rootsweb from Dd May 30,2008 re The Southern Illinoisan, Carbondale, Il Mar.30,1975 obit James Cockrum, 98 of Sesser died Mar.28,1975 Benton
X6578 6 Welsh Biography On-Line re Mostyn Family of Flint, WLS from Rob Whitlock
X6579 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Jun.1,2006 Oakland Press May 25,2008 obit Mary R. (Hudson) Whitlock,88 Auburn Hills
X6580 2 Email from Jerry Bauman to Douglas L. Whitlock Dd May 17,2008 re Family Group Sheet for Joseph H. & Mary F. (Cooper) Whitlock (M1877) Vermilion Co., Il
X6581 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Jun.6,2008 Stockton, San Jochaim Co., Ca Oct.11,1866 re marriage Sep.20,1866 in Monterey, W.A. Duchow & Mettie M. Whitlock both of Watsonville
X6582 2 Email from Judy Ireland Dd Jun.6,2008 re Whitlocks of Brackley, NTH
X6583 1 Email from Colin Mills Dd Jun.12,2008 re R. Whitlock, painter
X6584 1 Rootsweb from Alisha Carlisle Dd Jun.12,2008 re Hawkins & Irene (Dycus) Whitlock (M1910's?) of Ky
X6585 1 Rootsweb from Mary Stuart Dd Jun.14,2008 re Eli & Elizabeth J. (Whitlock) Giles (M1845) of Sumner Co., Tn
X6586 4 Rootsweb & email from Kris Bartell Dd Jun.19 & Jul.1,2008 re descent from John Harrison & Elizabeth (Moser) Whitlock (M1852) Marion Co., Or
X6587 2 Hawke’s Bay [NZ] Herald-Tribune Jan.4,1977 obit William Arthur Whitlock (1891-1977) from Lawrence Otis
X6588 1 Otago [NZ] Daily Times Nov.4,1915 obit Thomas Whitelock Kempthorne (1834?-1915) of CON & NZ from Lawrence Otis
X6589 1 Cemetery Records of New Zealand from Lawence Otis
X6590 2 Auckland [NZ] Area Passenger Arrivals 1838-1921 from Lawrence Otis
X6591 1 1852 Census Canada, ONT, Grenville Co., Edwardsburgh re Thomas & Margaret (Hodge) Whitlock family & Pickering, Ontario Co re Silas & Mary (Hooper) Whitlock & Thomas & Ann (Whitlock) Whitlock families + others from Lawrence Otis
X6592 1 Rootsweb from Dd Jun.22,2008 re Jeremiah M. & Lucinda C. (Whitlock) Dean (M1870's?) of Rockingham Co., Va
X6593 1 Rootsweb from Don Matson Dd Jun.23,2008 re Ralph Whitlock died 1975 Pea Ridge, Benton Co., Ar
X6594 4 Letter from Lawrence Otis Dd Jun.11,2008 re Ont Whit(e)lock marriages
X6595 3 Rootsweb from Wiley Austin Jerrell Dd Jun.24,2008 re John & Mary (Whitlock) Jerrell (Mbef1784) of Wilkes Co., Ga
X6596 1 Genforum from Stubby Tate Dd Mar.16,2008 re Randolph Co., Al obit Floyd M. Clark, sister Margery C. Whitlock of Wedowee
X6597 1 Genforum from Robert Foster Dd Oct.4,2007 re William & Elizabeth (Whitlock) Foster (M1750's) of Va Elizabeth d Josiah Whitlock
X6598 1 Email from Quintin White Dd Jul.16,2008 re Josiah & Sarah Maria (Roberts) Whitlock (M1878) Farley, WIL
X6599 7 Email from Necia Yehia Dd Jul.20,2008 & GenForums from various Dd 2002-2004 re Samuel T. & Martha Frances (Redwine) Whitlock (M1900's) of Ar
X6600 2 Letter from Shirley Brendle Jun.30,2008 re Logan Whitlock of .......
X6601 6 IMDb Biography for David Niven, actor (1910-1983)
X6602 1 Email from Quintin White Dd Jul.21,2008 West Briton & Cornwall Advisor May 8,1846 re Rev. G. Whitlock of Standish, LAN
X6603 6 Email from Colin Mills Dd Jul.23,2008 re list of publications by Michael C. Whitlock, zoologist
X6604 1 GenForums from Ruth Whitlock Dd Jun.8-Jul.26,2008 re William A. & Caroline (Shaunce) Whitlock (M1857) of Mo
X6605 1 Genealogy of Walter Gilbert re Sherwood Family of Ct at
X6606 3 catalogue of 22 reels of microfilm of Bulstrode Whitelocke’s papers at Longleat House
X6607 1 Feet of Fines Dd Jun.25,1413 re Richard Whytelok, Manor of Melhuish, Lampford, Cheriton Bishop, DEV
X6608 14 Feet of Fines Dd Jun.9,1409 re Richard Whitlok, Lampford (in Cheriton Bishop), DEV
X6609 4 United Daughters of the Confederacy, original membership application for Sandra Elizabeth LaRoche-Brannin Natowich re descent from Adoniram Judson Whitlock (1828-1902) of Ga & Fl from Sandra Natowich
X6610 1 re Richard Whitlock d.Nov.13,1734 married to Isabella (Wentworth) Arundell Feb.9,1714 East Malesey, SRY
X6611 1 GenForum from Maggie Rovey Dd August 2008 re Robert G. & Angeline (Whitlock) Watson (M1861) of Greene Co., Il
X6612 3 Email from Peter Rusling Dd Aug.12,2008 re origins of name Charles Haddon Whitelock of Poplar, LND
X6613 2 Email from Heather Whitlock Dd Aug.12,2008 re Carmon Silas & Martha Jane (Holder) Whitlock (1900's?) of Tx
X6614 1 Whitlocks & Whitelocks buried at Abney Park Cemetery, LND
X6615 29 Descent of Jaimie Allen from Thomas & Joane Whatlock (M1560) Rattlesden, SFK from
X6616 2 Email from Maureen Hyde Dd Aug.26,2008 re Blatchford family of Highampton, DEV
X6617 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Aug.28,2008 obit Wanda Charlene Whitlock (1931-1975) re photo of gravestone
X6618 1 Virginia Daily Aug.24,2008 obit of Alice Whitlock deHaven died Aug.14,2008 Richmond, Va
X6619 4 Wikipedia entry for Jason Lee Whitlock, sportswriter, b.Apr.27,1967 Indianapolis, In
X6620 3 Bio for Joy Whitlock, singer of Ms born about 1976
X6621 5 Percy Whitlock Trust website re Percy William Whitlock (1903-1946), composer/musician
X6622 1 National Archives of Canada, Here Stands the Law by Donald G. Richter, 2001 re Sheriff Hardy Whitlock of Danville, Il
X6623 1 Rootsweb from Marge Rice Dd Sep.10,2008 re William & Mary (Hattie) Ann (Lindsay) Whitlock (M1870) Edgar Co., Il
X6624 1 GenForum from Carol Comp Dd Sep.11,2008 re Daniel & Rachel Ann (Hubbard) Whitlock (M1839) Mercer Co., NJ
X6625 1 GenForum from Jackie McGinley Dd Sep.9,2008 re John S. & Celeste Virginia (Diel) Whitlock (M1870's) of St.Genevieve Co., Mo
X6626 2 Email from Margaret Rovey Dd Sep.15,2008 re Robert G. & Angeline (Whitlock) Watson (M1861) Greene Co., IL
X6627 1 Email from Quintin White Dd Sep.12,2008 Hampshire Marriage Allegation re James Whitlock & Ann Morgan Jun.5,1777
X6628 1 Rootsweb from Marge Rice Dd Sep.17,2008 re photo of Mellissa d James A. & Nancy E. (Herman) Whitlock (M1868) Lancaster Co., Ne
X6629 14 Letter from Pat Kelly Dd Sep.16,2008 re Edward Whitlock (1896-1914) of Salhouse, NFK
X6630 2 re British Columbia Mountains in the Chilko Lakes area with names associated with the Battle of Coronel November 1914 off the coast of Chile from Pat Kelly
X6631 1 re Last Signal from HMS Monmouth November 1,1914 from Pat Kelly
X6632 3 Our Sep.2007 "100-year old kept active by making furniture" re Dennis Whitlock of Richfield, Va from Greg Whitlock
X6633 8 Saskatchewan and its People by John Hawkes,1924 re George Henry Whitlock (1875- ) from Lawrence Otis
X6634 1 Hamilton [Ont] Spectator Sep.19,2008 obit Martin Johns, 96 died Sep.18,2008 Hamilton, Ont from Lawrence Otis
X6635 1 1881 Census Canada, Ontario, Oxford Co., Dereham & 1901 census, Alberta, Red Lodge re George & Jane (Pickering) Whitelock (M1862) from Lawrence Otis
X6636 2 1911 Census Canada, Ontario, Grey North, Sarawak re Margaret Newburn & Owen Sound re Alfred G. Holstoc; 1881 Census Canada Ontario North, Scott re William Smart; 1901 Census Canada Ontario, Grey Co. North, Owen Sound re George Newburn from Lawrence Otis
X6637 2 1911 Census Canada Alberta, Red Deer re John & Maryann Whitelock & 1911 Census Canada Saskatchewan, Humboldt re Frank & Mary Whitelock from Lawrence Otis
X6638 1 The Roanoke Times Oct.3,2008 obit Dennis Ralph Whitlock, 101 of Shawville, Va died Sep.29,2008 from Greg Whitlock
X6639 1 London Free Press, Aug.11,2008 obit Doreen (Coultis) Finkbeiner, 84 died Exeter, Huron Co., Ont Aug.10,2008 from Lawrence Otis
X6640 4 Rootswebs from Tami Dd May 27,30,2007 re Roland & Christina (Whitlock) Smith (M1904) Petrolia, Ont; 1911 Census, Canada, Ontario, Lambton West re Emmons family from Lawrence Otis
X6641 1 1911 Census, Canada, Alberta, Calgary re Charles F. Whitlock from Lawrence Otis
X6642 1 Immigrant Ships Transcribers Guild - SS Siberia, Liverpool, England to Boston, Ma Apr.15,1873 re Edwin Whitlock, 27, mech & family from Lawrence Otis
X6643 4 London’s Central Criminal Court, 1674 to 1913 cases re Jacob Whitlock, Dutchman of St. Margaret’s Westminster 1696; Henry Whitlock, coachmaker, Turnham Green, 1818; Robert Whitlock, coachmaker, Turnham Green 1820; Robert Whitlock cheesemonger, Drury Lane
X6644 1 Register of Births from unknown source re William T. Whitlock son of Lizzie Whitlock born May 27,1880 from Shirley Brendle
X6645 4 Letter from Lawrence Otis Dd Sep.14,2008 re Ontario marriage records for George & Mary Ann (Whitlock) Smart family
X6646 1 New River Valley News Oct.21,2008 obit of Maynard Thomas Whitlock, 80 of Hiawassee, Va died Oct.19,2008 from Greg Whitlock
X6647 2 Letter from Glenn Whitlock Dd Oct.17,2008 re Thomas Conway & Mary Ann (Lane) Whitlock (1865) Loudon, Roane Co., Tn
X6648 2 Email from John Lamb Dd Oct.24,2008 re John Whitlock Narraway b.1829, Mayor of Bideford, DEV
X6649 1 Email from Kathryn Schneider Dd Sep.21,2008 re obit Earl James Whitlock died Aug.3,2008 Lansing, Mi
X6650 1 Email from Necia Yehia Dd Nov.2,2008 re 1910 census Montgomery Co., Ar
X6651 1 Email from Necia Yehia Dd Nov.2,2008 re Ar marriages
X6652 2 Email from Mark D. Whitlock Dd Nov.10,2008 obit Jacob Oscar Whitlock b.1923 died Nov.9,2008 Springfield, Il
X6653 1 Email from Jamie Allen Dd Nov.15,2008 re descent from Thomas & Joane Whatlock (M1560) Rattlesden, SFK
X6654 1 GenForum from Jean Partlow Dd Nov.22,2008 Re William Whitlock of Greenwood, SC
X6655 1 Email from Sue Dd Nov.27,2008 re Drew & Annie (Kelly) Whitlock (M1840's) of Anderson Co., SC
X6656 3 Emails from Quintin White Dd Nov.30,2008 re Joseph & Mary (Keddy) Whitlock (M1810's) of St.Edmunds, Salisbury, WIL
X6657 2 Emails from Herschel Thomas Dd Dec.4,2008 re Charlie & Jessie Laura (Shaw) Whitlock (M1880's) of Leon Co., Tx
X6658 1 Michigan Centennial Farm Association re Whitlock Family Farm, Greenbush, Clinton Co., Mi settled by Orange Whitlock 1838
X6659 2 Descent from Joseph & Martha (Blake) Whitlock (M1724) Idmiston, WIL from Quintin White
X6660 1 West SRY, Burial Index 1813-1861; Marriages 1847? from Chris Geoghegan
X6661 4 IGI individual records re Sarah Baker from Chris Geoghegan
X6662 3 Emails from Brian Harrison Dd Nov.20,2007 re Whitlocks of Elmdon, ESS
X6663 1 Whitlock extracts from Rowde, WIL 1636-1849 from Eric Whitlock
X6664 1 Spreadsheet from Eric Whitlock re Whitlocks of Devizes, WIL
X6665 1 Email from Julie Marcus Dd Dec.23,2008 re William & Elizabeth (Whitlock) Western (M1825) of Langtree, DEV
X6666 1 GenForum from ?? Dd Dec.2,2008 re book A History of Kelley and Mabel Whitlock and Family by Neola Whitlock Marrietta
X6667 1 Times Dispatch [Va] May 2,2008 obit Mamie B. Whitlock, 93 died Hadensville, Va Apr.30,2008 from Elwood Morris
X6668 1 The Central Virginian Oct.2008 & St.Petersburg Times Oct.25,2008 re obit Carrie E. Lashley,78 died Oct.23,2008
X6669 4 Email from Necia Yehia Dd Dec.26,2008 re Misc USA Whitlocks
X6670 1 GenForum from Wayne Whitlock Dd Dec.6,2008 re Garnett Whitlock of Ottawa, Ont
X6671 1 Obit of Frederick Edwin Wuerth,77 died Nov.10,2008, Southampton, Ont from Helen Wuerth
X6672 1 Letter from John C. Whitlock Dd Dec.14,2008 re death Ronald Stanley Whitlock died Nov.25,2008
X6673 3 Letter from Lawrence Otis Dd Dec.31,2008 re Ayre, Whitlock & Ashton families of Ont
X6674 2 Email from Sally Brugh Dd Jan.9,2009 re updates to WHITLOCK35 chart
X6675 1 USSS extract re Percival Whitlock (1899-1985), Philadelphia, Pa from Eric Whitlock
X6676 1 US Veteren’s Grave sites re Percival H. Whitlock (1899-1985) from Eric Whitlock
X6677 1 US WWII documents re Percival H. Whitlock (1899-1985) from Eric Whitlock
X6678 2 Email from Eric Whitlock Dd Jan.19,2009 re Frederick Thomas & Harriett Whitlock (M1891) Philadelphia, Pa
X6679 1 Email from Lawrence Otis Dd Jan.21,2009 re Caleb Ayre
X6680 1 Rootsweb from Don Matson Dd Jan.24,2009 re Ralph Whitlock (1902-1985) of Pea Ridge, Benton Co., Ar
X6681 1 Email from Quintin White Dd Jan.28,2009 re Drusilla Whitlock b.1821 Pitton, WIL
X6682 1 GenForum from Patrick O’Shields Dd Jan.27,2009 re O’Shields & Whitlock funeral home, Union Co., SC
X6683 1 GenForum from Geoffrey Whitlock Dd Feb.3,2009 re Noah Whitlock b.HAM 1886
X6684 1 Email from Rob Whitlock Dd Feb.8,2009 re updates to Whitlocks of Nottingham, NTT and South Shields, DUR
X6685 2 Email from Shirley Whitlock Dd Feb.7,2009 re descent from William Curtis & Auleen Elizabeth (Olson) Whitlock (M1928) of Ut
X6686 4 Updates to the WHITLOCK20 chart from Mark Peter Whitlock
X6687 9 Ontario death registrations re Joseph & Mary Ann (Whitlock) Keech (M1860's) BFD? from Lawrence Otis
X6688 3 1901 census Ontario re Caleb Ayre family from Lawrence Otis
X6689 2 1911 census Ontario re Edwin & Jane (Stotts) Collins (M1880s) of Scarborough, York Co., Ont from Lawence Otis
X6690 1 GenForum from Laurel Berbach Dd Feb.15,2009 re Gershom & Eunice (Whitlock) Gilbert (M1779) of Ct
X6691 13 GenForum from Lisa Davis Dd May 10,2006 re descendants of William H. Collins re Orbe Linus Whitlock of Seneth, Mo
X6692 4 Email from Colin Mills Dd Feb.11,2009 re Newspaper Databases containing Whitlock data
X6693 2 Email from Janis Kirby Dd Feb.22,2009 re William & Hannah (Cutt) Whitlock (M1796) of Burnham, ESS
X6694 1 Online Obit for Doreen H. (Harper) Whitelock, 77 died Feb.7,2009 Bridgeport, Ct from Jane Preston
X6695 1 Email from Dianne Sutton Dd Mar.4,2009 re death Feb.16,2009 of Donna Whitlock (birth name Duncan Whitlock) of West Looe, CON born 1948
X6696 3 Email from Patricia Havens Dd Mar.6,2009 re John S. & Celeste Virginia (Diel) Whitlock (M1860's) of St.Louis, Mo
X6697 1 Cheltenham Marriage Challenge re marriage Oct.6,1886 Graham Whitlock & Mary Brice Cornelius from David Mowbray
X6698 Letter from Colin Mills Dd Mar.1,2009 re Database searches for Whitlock and variants including Electoral Roll 2009
X6699 1 Email from Dianne Sutton Dd Mar.18,2009 re Alfred & Eliza (Whitlock) Sheen (M1860's) of Wilsford, WIL
X6700 1 Email from Dave Richardson Dd Mar.19,2009 re John & Eliza Whitlock (Mpre1849) d.Ellen married Isaac Griggs
X6701 1 Genforum from Phyllis Richerson Dd Mar.12,2009 re Benjamin & Mary (Richeson) Whitlock (M1793) Caroline Co., Va
X6702 1 Genforum from Harley Whitlock Dd Mar.22,2009 re Walter George Whitlock b.1952
X6703 1 Note from Duane Whitlock Apr.11,2009 re birth Carter Joseph Whitlock Apr.7,2009 Pa
X6704 1 Email from Jan Thomas Dd Apr.29,2009 re descent from Joseph & Grace (Whitlock) Stoneman (M1854) of Chagrin Falls, Oh
X6705 1 Email from Necia Yehia Dd Apr.22,2009 re marriage Harry Whitlock & Billie Derennaux, 1950, Randolph Co., Ar
X6706 2 Email from Rosemary Valentine Dd Apr.26,2009 re Alleck & Annie (Henning) Whitlock (M1874) DOR
X6707 1 Email from Virginia Minnick Lewis Dd May 12,2009 re Civil War record of John Whitlock b.1833? of Tn
X6708 1 Email from Virginia Minnick Lewis Dd May 22, 2008 re John Stanhope Whitlock of Tn
X6709 1 Email from John Cohoon Dd May 24,2009 re death of Mary Jane (Pratt) Cohoon Jan.30,2009
X6710 1 Email from Necia Yehia Dd May 26,2009 re grave of Samuel David Whitlock died Nov.13,2006 Skiatook, Osage Co., Ok
X6711 5 Email from Duane Whitlock Dd May 31,2009 re Charles Whitlock of Cecil Co., Md
X6712 1 GenForum from Jenny Stiles Dd Jun.5,2009 re Frances Julie Percy Becher b.1806
X6713 1 GenForum from William Simpson Dd Apr.10,2009 re John Whitlock of Va 1785
X6714 3 GenForum & email from John Campbell Dd Apr.18 & Aug.10-20, 2009 re Andrew D. Whitlock of Roane Co., Tn
X6715 6 GenForum from Janice (Merrill) Johnt Dd Apr.28,29,2009 re William Legette & Mamie L. (Whitlock) Bishop of SC
X6716 1 GenForum and email from Beverly Tastula Dd Apr.29 & Aug.10, 2009 re photograph of Sarah Emmon (Whitlock) French of Ky
X6717 1 GenForum from Boley Thomas Dd Jun.1,2009 re William Whitlock of Tx who died in fire in Wyoming 1937
X6718 58 Email from Victoria Whitlock Dd Jun.2,2009 re updates to the WHITLOCK35 chart
X6719 1 Email from Necia Yehia Dd Jun.3,2009 re The Lynchburg Virginian Dec.21,1835 marriage Dec.17,1835 George C. Mosely & Mary Whitlocke
X6720 1 Email from Rodney Lee Whitlock Dd Jun.4,2009 re updates to the WHITLOCK85 chart
X6721 2 Email from Jenny Stiles Dd Jun.5,2009 re Robert Herriott & Frances Julie (Becher) Whitelocke (M1825) Portsea, HAM
X6722 2 Email from Peter John Whitlock Dd Jun.7,2009 re Rosanna Marie Whitlock adopted 1967