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X6723 5 Sydenham Family of Skilgate, Barnstaple & Cullompton, DEV descent from Edward Sydenham & Joan Combe married 1510's from Kevin Sydenham
X6724 4 Emails from Trevor Jones Dd Jun.11-30,2009 re Edith Maria Whitlock of NTH
X6725 99 Descendants of Jonathan G. & Serena Caroline (Whitlock) Ellison (M1846) Cherokee Co., GA from Frances Russell
X6726 1 Email from Necia Yehia Dd Jul.3,2009 re Jeremiah & Maria Whitlock (M1850's) of Gussage St.Michael, DOR
X6727 1 GenForum from Jean Blattner Dd Jun.7,2009 re Charles George & Sarah (Allen) Whitlock (M1852) Penniac, NB
X6728 1 GenForum from Lois Carey Dd Jun.22,2009 re 1880 census extract for William T. Whitlock of Goochland Co., Va
X6729 1 Email from Betty Fredericks Dd Jul.13,2009 re Abraham & Rose (Whitlock) Parker (M1644) Ma
X6730 1 Email from Gord Bulger Dd Jul.12,2009 re The Asquith Record pgs 247,248 re Alfred & Harriet (Bulger) Olsen (M1920's) of Asquith, SAS
X6731 1 Email from Muriel Allen Dd Jul.22,2009 re Llewellyn Herbert Agnes (Flight) Whitlock (M1880s?) of HAM
X6732 3 GenForum & email from Mark Luketic Dd Oct.19,2008 & Aug.28 & Sep.12, 2009 re Joseph Henry & Jane (Walker)(Cruickshank) Whitlock (M1886) Tilsenburg, ONT
X6733 1 Email from John Whitlock Dd Jul.26,2009 re death May 1,2009 of Mark Peter Whitlock, 92 of Wells by the Sea, NFK
X6734 4 Emails from Muriel Allen and Quintin White Dd Jul.29,2009 re George & Mary (Parsons) Whitlock (M1853) Farley, WIL George born in DOR 1833 in MI 1868
X6735 9 Email from Sandra Samuelson Dd Aug.3,11,2009 re Jack & Nancy A. (Vickers) Whitlock (M1880's) of Cross Co., ARK
X6736 1 GenForum from Peg Kearney Dd Aug.22,2009 re John L. & Rebecca M. (Phelps) Whitlock (M1840's) of NJ & Coon, Buena Vista Co., Ia
X6737 1 GenForum from Rickie Burnett Dd Jun.12,2008 re Matthew Hill & Angelina (Whitlock) Burnette (M1862) of Hanover Co., Va
X6738 1 Email from Rhonda Whitlock Hull Dd Aug.24,2009 re Thomas & Ida Mae (Herndon) Whitlock (M1890's) of Pettus, Lonoke Co., Ar
X6739 1 Email from Necia Yehia Dd Aug.24,2009 re Irby Bohanan & Josephine (Whitlock) Casey (M1900's) of Mt
X6740 2 BC Archives Search Whitlock marriages 1872-1933 (7) from Pat Kelly
X6741 7 BC Archives Search Whitlock deaths 1872-1988 (32) from Pat Kelly
X6742 1 Times-Colonist Oct.1974 obit Hilda Grace (Riches) Whitlock, 80 wife of George William Whitlock died Oct.16,1974 Victoria, BC from Pat Kelly
X6743 1 Family Group Sheets re descent from James Newton & Mary Elizabeth (Whitlock) Campbell (M1868) Loudon Co., Tn from John Campbell
X6744 1 GenForum from Janet Wallace Dd Sep.9,2009 re William Asa Whitlock (1830-1924) of SC
X6745 1 Email from Necia Yehia Dd Sep.4,2009 1930 US census Dyer, Crawford Co., AR re family of Arthur Whitlock
X6746 1 Email from Greg Whitlock Dd Sep.16,2009 obit of Oleta B. (Young) Whitlock, 92 died Sep.4,2009 Charleston, WVA
X6747 1 Email from Rick Burnette Dd Sep.16,2009 re Mathew Hill & Angelina (Whitlock) Burnette (M1862) St.Pauls, Hanover, VA
X6748 1 Email from Robert Walter Whitlock Dd Sep.23,2009 re death of Charles Cecil Whitlock Sep.15,2009 Victoria, BC
X6749 1 Email from Necia Yehia Dd Sep.24,2009 re ?? & Beth Ruth (Standridge) Whitlock (M1960's?) of Rome, Ga
X6750 1 GenForum & email from Sarah Whitlock Williams-Major Dd Oct.7,2009 re Richard & Olive Vouletti (Randall) Fulton (M1920's)
X6751 1 Ellen Whitlock, 19, unmarried female Cook and Housemaid to Aus from Lone Head, Eastlothian, SCT Jun.18,1841 arrived ship "Percy" Aug.28,1841 from Lawrence Otis
X6752 1 Tulare Co., CA Archives Biographies re Alfred Balaam (1839-1919) married 1862 Anna Whitlock of OH from Lawrence Otis
X6753 1 Golden Gate National Cemetery, San Bruno, San Mateo Co., CA from Lawrence Otis
X6754 1 Los Angeles [CA] National Cemetery, Sawtella Soldier’s Cemetery from Lawrence Otis
X6755 1 Modesto Citizens’ Cemetery, Modesto, Stanislaus Co., CA re Smale family from Lawrence Otis
X6756 1 Plumas Co., CA Archives Biographies re James H. Whitlock (1829-1901) from Lawrence Otis
X6757 2 Washtenaw Co., MI marriages from Lawrence Otis
X6758 1 Van Buren Co., MI marriages from Lawrence Otis
X6759 2 Emails from Edward Whitlock Dd Oct.27,28,2009 re updates to WHITLOCK09 chart
X6760 1 Email from Anna Jean Bradley Dd Nov.3,2009 re descent from Jonas & Sally (Whitlock) Smale (M1835) Black Torrington, DEV
X6761 3 Letter from Donna J. Woods Dd Oct.28,2009 re updates to the WHITLOCK33 chart
X6762 1 Barry Co., MI marriages from Lawrence Otis
X6763 1 Bay Co., MI marriages from Lawrence Otis
X6764 3 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Nov.3,2009 & email from Dawn Bingaman Dd Nov.16,2009 Trenton State Gazette Jan.18,1873 re Peter W. Whitlock of NJ appointed guardian of the children of Perrine Carson
X6765 1 Email from Necia Yehia Dd Nov.8,2009 re Carl Whitlock (1901-1963) Walnut Grove Cemetery, Jackson Co., AR
X6766 1 WHITLOCK09 chart descent to family of Edward & Elaine (Lent) Whitlock from Ed Whitlock
X6767 1 Email from Kathy Wingate Dd Nov.12,2009 re death of Mattie Elizabeth (Whitlock) Wingate, 91 died Oct.30,2009
X6768 1 Allegan Co., MI Dibean Marriage Index from Lawrence Otis
X6769 1 Clinton Co., MI Dibean Marriage Index from Lawrence Otis
X6770 1 Genessee Co., MI Dibean Marriage Index from Lawrence Otis
X6771 1 Ionia Co., MI Archives Obits - The Sebewa Recollector Apr.29,1994 re Lyle W. Kneale, 61 son of Howard & Geneva (Whitlock) Kneale from Lawrence Otis
X6772 1 Ionia Co., MI Archives Obits - The Sebewa Recollector Dec.29,1993 re Howard Keale, 89 husband of Geneva Whitlock from Lawrence Otis
X6773 1 Ionia Co., MI Archives Obits - The Sebewa Recollector Oct.2001 re Geneva E.(Whitlock) Keale, 93 wife of Howard Keale from Lawrence Otis
X6774 1 Port Huron, MI Times Herald, Jun.6,1984 obit Ruth (Whitelock) Kramp, 64 died Jun.5,1984 from Lawrence Otis
X6775 1 Email from Hershel Thomas Dd Nov.16,2009 re Thomas Franklin Whitlock died Feb.18,1958 Clarendon, TX
X6776 9 Email from Michael Steven Whitlock Dd Nov.20,2009 re updates to WHITLOCK68 chart, descent from William Seburn & Lee (Nickels) Whitlock (M1906) of TX
X6777 1 Email from Michael Steven Whitlock Dd Nov.22,2009 re Whitlock Lane in Carrolton, Nr Dallas, TX
X6778 13 University of California, Directory of Graduates 1864-1905 re Robert Greenleaf Whitlock 1901 California College of Pharmacy
X6779 3 Emails from Peter Leitch Whitlock Dd Nov.23,2009 & Edith Carlson Dd Nov.28,2009 re Zalmon & Sarah (Gorham) Whitlock (M1810's) CT
X6780 2 Email from Muriel Allen Dd Dec.2,2009 re Mary Whitlock d of Robert & Sarah (Collins) Whitlock b.May 2,1808 Pitton, WIL married Joshua Parsons
X6781 1 Email from Herschel Thomas Dd Dec.1,2009 re Charlie Lee Whitlock (1882-1965) of Logansport, La
X6782 4 Correspondence betwen Peter Leitch Whitlock & Iola Ebendorf Dd 2003 re The Higleys and Their Ancestry, 1896 re Zalmon Whitlock of CT plus research by Carol Laun
X6783 1 Main Line of Dick Caouette re decent from Zalmon Whitlock of CT
X6784 1 Email from Peter Leitch Whitlock Dd Dec.5,2009 re The slaves of central Fairfield County: the journey from slave to freeman in Nineteenth-Century Connecticut" by Daniel Cruson re 3 members of a Newtown, CT Whitlock family who died of smallpox in 1859
X6785 1 Email from Anna Jean Bradley Dd Dec.7,2009 re updates to her Main Line
X6786 1 Email from William Ogden Whitlock Dd Dec.9,2009 re updates to his Main Line
X6787 1 Trapston Marriage Challenge from David Barrall
X6788 1 Emails from Kathy Wingate Dd Dec.13,18,2009 re death of Mary Louise (Whitlock) Minnick died Nov.24,2009
X6789 1 Letter from Donna Woods Dd Nov.18,2009 re marriage Jun.5,2003 William Lewis Lee & Melissa Jo (Ogle) Willen
X6790 12 Farley, WIL marriage transcripts (1837-1989) copied from fiche of the original records by Gordon Parsons from Quintin White
X6791 2 File from Edith Carlson regarding photos of Edward Hickox Whitlock (1847-1930) family
X6792 12 Re Solomon & Eva (Whitlock) Lipinsky (M1870's) of Asheville, NC
X6793 1 Town of Allegany, Cattaraugus Co., NY re Stanley M. & Medora F. (Linderman) Whitlock (M1877)from Lawrence Otis
X6794 1 Kings County NY Archives Military Records Army Enlistees WWII from Lawrence Otis
X6795 1 The Buffalo News Death Notices 1 Apr 2005 Buffalo, Erie Co., NY
X6796 1 Town of Allegany, Cattaraugus Co., NY & Nicholas & Rebecca (Whitlock) Linderman (M1831) from Lawrence Otis
X6797 1 Town of Humphrey, Cattaraugus Co., NY Hiram & Alice (Whitlock) Clark (M1860s?) from Lawrence Otis
X6798 1 Town of Ischua, Cattaraugus Co., NY re Alonzo son of Nicholas & Rebecca (Whitlock) Linderman (M1831) from Lawrence Otis
X6799 2 GenForum messages from Karen Russ Oct.3,1998 & Sandra Whitlock Dawn Jun.6,1999 re Linderman family of Cattaraugus Co., NY
X6800 1 Calverton National Cemetery, Calverton, Suffolk Co., NY from Lawrence Otis
X6801 1 Long Island National Cemetery, Farmingdale, Suffolk Co., NY from Lawrence Otis
X6802 1 Monroe Co., NY Archives Obits re Myron Knapp Whitlock d.Oct.22,1918 from Lawrence Otis
X6803 1 Wing Family of America re Cyrus F. Pugsley from Lawrence Otis
X6804 2 Wing Family of America re Jared & Ruth (Howland) Whitlock (M1820's) of Chemung Co., NY from Lawrence Otis
X6805 1 Wing Family of America re George & Etta Estelle (Wing) Whitlock (M1920's) of Quincy, Adams Co., Il from Lawrence Otis
X6806 1 Wing Family of America re John F.W. & Dorothy (Benner) Whitlock from Lawrence Otis
X6807 8 Descent from Joseph & Mary (Whitlock) Pugsley (M1830's) from Lawrence Otis
X6808 1 Geauga Co., OH deaths (1867-1907) re Pugsley & Whitlock families from Lawrence Otis
X6809 1 Geauga Co., OH births (1867-1907) re Pugsley family from Lawrence Otis
X6810 1 Geauga Co., OH marriages (1806-1919) Brides Index re Pugsley family from Lawrence Otis
X6811 1 Geauga Co., OH marriages (1806-1919) Grooms Index re Pugsley family from Lawrence Otis
X6812 3 Geauga Co., OH Russell Township Cemetery Files from Lawrence Otis
X6813 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Jan.11,2009 re obit Robert Earl Whitlock, 90 died Apr.4,2003 Muscatine, Ia & Alice E. (Metcalf) Whitlock, 84 died Nov.4,2005 Muscatine, Ia
X6814 1 Letter from Julian Whitlock Dd Feb.5,1998 to William Ogden Whitlock re Whitlock Marine Steering Co. Ltd.
X6815 1 Letter from Peg Tulloch Dd Jan.25,2010 addition to W16 chart re birth Karen Anne Van Natta born Mar.7,2009
X6816 1 Email from Necia Yehia Dd Jan.31,2010 re Robert Whitlock Land Grant, Polk Co., Tx
X6817 1 Email from Candice Candellalo Dd Jan.31,2010 re A.E. Whitlock of Ms
X6818 1 1911 Census, Truro, CON re William Whitlock of NFK from Pat Kelly
X6819 1 1934 Victoria City Directory re Geo. W. Whitlock & William F (Lucy) Whitlock: 1935 Vancouver City Directory re Philip T. (Bernice) Whitlock of New Westminster from Pat Kelly
X6820 3 Letter from Lawrence Otis Dd Sep.25,2009 re Ont marriages
X6822 1 GenForum from Lois Carey Dd Mar.14,2010 re John H. & Susan Jane (Butler) Whitlock (M1867) Louisa Co., Va
X6823 1 Email from Andrew Brand Whitlock Dd Mar.22,2010 re updates to WHITLOCK16 chart
X6824 1 GenForum from Diane Lawson Dd Mar.11,2010 re Buck A. & Mary (Whitlock) Barber (M1880's) of Pigg River, Pittsylvania Co., Va
X6825 2 Emails from Desiree Whitlock Dd Apr.14,2010 re John Ernest Fox Whitlock of NFK
X6826 7 Letter from Betty Whitelock Dd Mar.30,2010 re updates to W48 chart
X6827 1 Email from Keith Whitlock Dd Apr.16,2010 re death of Joan Betty Violet(Staddon) Whitlock Apr.8,2010 Walton on Thames, Surrey
X6828 25 Emails from Jane Curci Dd May 16-21,2010 re Whitelocks of Cecil Co., Md
X6829 2 www, Vietnam Veterans Memorial re Donald Benedict Whitlock III (1951-1971) from Chuck Rockett
X6830 2 www, Vietnam Veterans Memorial re Alan D. Whitlock (1947-1967) from Chuck Rockett
X6831 2 www, Vietnam Veterans Memorial re Halley Don Whitlock (1946-1966) from Chuck Rockett
X6832 2 www, Vietnam Veterans Memorial re Harry Owens Whitlock Jr (1945-1967) from Chuck Rockett
X6833 2 www, Vietnam Veterans Memorial re Ivan Preston Whitlock (1924-1962) from Chuck Rockett
X6834 2 www, Vietnam Veterans Memorial re Jimmie Dale Whitlock (1944-1968) from Chuck Rockett
X6835 2 www, Vietnam Veterans Memorial re Patrick A. Whitlock (1947-1968) from Chuck Rockett
X6836 2 www, Vietnam Veterans Memorial re Theodore Jay Whitlock (1948-1968) from Chuck Rockett
X6837 2 www, Vietnam Veterans Memorial re Thomas Daniel Whitlock (1924-1964) from Chuck Rockett
X6838 1 Email from Desiree Whitlock Dd May 29,2010 re Whitlocks of YKS
X6839 1 Descent from Solomon & Eva (Whitlock) Lipinsky (M1870's) of Asheville, NC
X6840 1 The Soldier in Later Medieval England re William Whitlock, Feb.22,1423 Montreuil (Pas de Calais) France from Malcolm Whitlock
X6841 1 GenForum from Terri Casteel Dd June 5, 2010 re Joseph & Hannah (Whitlock) Baldwin of Ma
X6842 2 GenForum and email from Amy Guilford Dd June 11-13, 2010 re Alexander & Sarah Ann (Cornell) Whitlock of NJ
X6843 1 Email from John Campbell Dd Jun.10,2010 re Andrew D. Whitlock of Manchester, Coffee Co., Tn
X6844 1 Letter from Mary C. Whitlock to Theodore Whitlock Dd Feb.23,1958 re Whitlocks of NJ
X6845 5 Phillips Family of London re descent from Robert Heriot Whitelocke (1809-1882) from Vicky House
X6846 6 History of the Whitchurch [OXF] Cricket Club by Miles Whitelock from Vicky House
X6847 1 Email from Necia Yehia Dd Jun.19,2010 re Ky cemetery records
X6848 1 Aldgate [LND] Parish Registers re marriage John Whitlock & Hellen Rance Feb.2,1662
X6849 1 Aldgate [LND] Parish Registers re bp Feb.10,1686 Mary d William & Dorothy Whitlock
X6850 1 Email from Necia Yehia Dd June 27, 2010 re obit Harold Hughes (1919-1992) son of Jesty Mahlon & Grace Rose (Whitlock) Hughes of Odin, Wright Co., MO
X6851 1 Email from Martin Everett Dd Feb.6,2010 re notes on William Whitelocke-Lloyd
X6852 5 Emails from Vicky House Dd Jul.2-5,2010 re Whitelocke-Lloyd family of Strancally Castle, Co.,Waterford, Ire
X6853 2 Email from Jane Curci Dd Jul.4,2010 re updates to the WHITLOCK57 chart
X6854 8 Kirlew Biography and Photographs re Hugh Anthony Whitelocke of Jamaica from Vicky House
X6855 1 Judicial and Legal 1900 Handbook of Jamaica re Charles Oliver Whitelocke & Fred H. Whitelocke from Vicky House
X6856 2 CCed record # 80237 Richard Hutchins Whitelock (1772-1833) for Skillington, LIN from Vicky House
X6857 9 1911 Census for WHITELOCKE families from Vicky House
X6858 2 Email from Ari Blum Dd Jul.8,2010 re Alexander & Deborah A. (??) Whitlock of Brooklyn, Kings Co., NY
X6859 3 Bob Ellerton Website re:Ellerton family re marriage of Edward Ellerton & Barbarie Whitelock Nov.30,1693 Downholme, YKS
X6860 8 Gen-uki Downholme, Yorkshire Baptisms (1678-1734) from Vicky House
X6861 2 "The Richard 1678 Tree" re Ellerton family of Downholme, Yorkshire - with connections to the Whitelock family from Vicky House
X6862 7 Family Tree Maker on line descent from Edward & Barbarie (Whitelock) Ellerton (M1680's) of Downholme, YKS from Vicky House
X6863 3 Rev Edward Ellerton (1771-1851) story of a minature from Vicky House
X6864 1 obit David S. Foster died May 14,2009 Mayfield Heights, OH age 62 from Lawrence Otis
X6865 1 Memorial for Herbert William Foster died Feb.5,2009 Athens, Ga from Lawrence Otis
X6866 7 Public Access - Marriages Licences - Ohio from Lawrence Otis
X6867 2 Encyclopedia of Cleveland History re Laura Mae (Wittrock) Corrigan (1879-1948) from Lawrence Otis
X6868 1 Further research into the life of Laura Mae (Wittrock) Corrigan (1879-1948)
X6869 1 Will of Thomas Tate of Jamaica Dd 1852 Pr 1856 from Vicky House
X6870 1 Birmingham [Al] Age-Herald Sep.22,1916 obit Celia (Thomason) Whitlock died Sep.21,1916 from Vicki L.
X6871 1 Email from Sherry Callahan Dd Jul.27,2010 re family of Charles William & Pearl Eunice (Mumford) Whitlock (M1895) Elkton, Cecil Co., Md
X6872 1 Texas College of Mines & Metalurgy (now UTEP) yearbook 1934 re Jean Whitlock from DR Brownlee
X6873 1 GenForum from Peggy Weber Dd Jul.25,2010 re Howard & Elizabeth H. (Johnson) Whitlock (M1840) Talbot Co., Ga
X6874 5 Emails from Frank Dickson Dd Aug.9,13,2010 re descent from Thomas & Mary (Starmar) Whitelock (M1776) of YKS
X6875 1 Email from Daphne Austin Dd Aug.13,2010 Lymington [HAM] Times Death Notices re Joan Edith Whitlock d.Aug.9,2010
X6876 1 Email from John Woods Dd Aug.17,2010 re Whitlock Williams (1735-1808) of WLS
X6877 1 Whitelocke Wills 1861-1941from Vicky House
X6878 8 Transcript of tape by John Edward Whitlock of Harlepool, DUR
X6879 1 Map of India re John Edward Whitlock of Hartlepool, DUR from Frank Dickson
X6880 1 Email from Susan Laird Dd Aug.24,2010 re William Carrol & Sharra (Travis) Whitlock (M1830's) IA
X6881 2 German Genealogy - Nassau & Suffolk County [NY] Marriages from Lawrence Otis
X6882 3 1881, 1901, 1911 census Ont re Graves family from Lawrence Otis
X6883 1 Email from Necia Yehia Dd Aug.26,2010 re Whitlock McKinney (1840-1879) Hebron Baptist Church Cemetery, Carrollton, Pickens Co., Al
X6884 2 Spreadsheet from Ari Blum Dd Sep.15,2010 re Alexander & Deborah A. (??) Whitlock of Brooklyn, Kings Co., NY
X6885 1 GenForum from Craig Strasburg Dd Jul.15,2010 re George & Marion (Whitelock) Ward (M1880-90's) of Md?
X6886 1 Rootsweb from Karen Jorgensen Dd Jan.14,2000 re Leona A. (Whitlock) Lee
X6887 1 Rootsweb from Karen Davis Dd Feb.4,2001 re James & Lula (Echols) (Manly) Whitlock (M1890's) of Sebastian Co., Ar
X6888 1 Internet items re Max Whitlock (1993- ) of Hemel Hempstead, HRT Athlete from Eric Whitlock
X6889 5 Email from John Woods Dd Oct.12,2010 re several Whitlock Williams of WLS
X6890 1 Email from Valgene Dunham Dd Oct.12,2010 re descent from William & Mary Eliza (Trowbridge) Whitlock (M1850) Humphrey, Cattaraugus Co., NY
X6891 1 Sunrise on Lake MacQuarie by Nelson P. Whitelocke
X6892 1 Letter from Roberta (Howard) Whitlock Dd Oct.22,2010 re Docklin Andrew Franklin Whitlock of Douglas Co., Mo
X6893 1 Email from Necia Yehia Dd Nov.7,2010 re Arkansas land records
X6894 1 Descent from William Frank & Charlotte Penelope (Wood) Whitlock (M1874) Blacktown, India from Penny Power
X6895 1 Power Family re William Frank Whitlock from Penny Power
X6896 1 Ontario Marriages 1857-1924 re William Sutton & Eleanor Smale married June 18,1860 Middlesex Co., Ontario from Lawrence Otis
X6897 1 GenForum from George Willhoit Dd Feb.4,2010 re William Jasper & Nancy Elizabeth(WHITLOCK) SMITH of Ozark Co., MO
X6898 1 GenForum from Cynthia Hanrahan Dd Nov.16,2010 re William Pascal & Bertha (Whitlock) Manning (M1920's?) of Al
X6899 1 Email from James Wilson re obit of Sarah (Whitlock) (Dewey) Wright died Oct.29,1918 Joliet, Il
X6900 1 Email from Necia Yehia Dd Nov.10,2010 re Margaret Tiney (Whitlock) Watson of Delight, Ar
X6901 1 Email from Penny Power Dd Nov.27,2010 re Power family
X6902 1 Assignment of 1632 Lease between Sir Bulstrode Whitlock, Dame Elizabeth Coghill, Robert Blower & Richard Hall Dd 1661 Dec 11 re Pasture and meadow ground in Bletchington OXF from Vicky House
X6903 1 Email from Necia Yehia Dd Nov.18,2010 re Thomas Whitlok of West Smythfield, St.Sepulchre, LND - Abstract of Inquisitions Post Mortem 1485-1561
X6904 6 Emails from Necia Yehia Dd Nov.21,22,2010 re Charles & Sarah Jane (Whitlock) Crichton (M1876) London, Ont
X6905 2 Email from Vicky House Dd Nov.23,2010 re Probate of Hugh Anthony Bulstrode Whitelocke 1946 & Richard Henry Anglin Whitelocke 1928
X6906 2 Email from Vicky House Dd Nov.23,2010 re Manor of Remenham, OXF Granted by Earl of Northumberland to Sir Bulstrode Whitelocke 1659
X6907 3 Free BMD entries for Whitelocke family of OXF from Vicky House
X6908 1 Emails from Diane (Whitlock) Mitchem Dd Nov.26 & Dec.11,2010 re Albert & Inez Whitlock of Madison, Morgan Co., Ga
X6909 1 Main Line from Valgene Dunham re descent from Reuben & Christine (??) Whitlock (M1760's) of NJ
X6910 1 Email from Mark Whitlock Dd Nov.30,2010 re marriage of Chelsea Nicole Lassiter to Zachary James Umek Nov.20,2010 St.James Baptist, Hillsboro, Montgomery Co., Il
X6911 1 Email from Phillip M. Whitlock Dd Dec.3,2010 re descent from James Whitlock b.1700 of Surry Co, Va
X6912 2 Descent from John Trick & Elizabeth (Whitlock) Manning (M1876) Usborne, Huron Co., Ont from Judy King
X6913 1 Email from Jack Ott Dd Dec.12,2010 re William & Julia Ann (Monaghan) Whitlock (M1835) Va
X6914 1 Email from Chuck Rockett Dd Dec.17,2010 re Homer & Arizona (Wyley) Whitlock of Ok & Mo
X6915 4 Resume for Ross E. Wuerth from Helen Wuerth
X6916 1 Email from Rachel Merridew Littlechild Dd Jan.1,2011 re James & Maria (Whitlock) Merridew (M1814) Salisbury, WIL
X6917 1 Email from Dianne Sutton Dd Jan.2,2011 re Frederick & Jane (Hudson) Whitlock (M1842) Woburn, BFD
X6918 12 Emails from Jean Herring Dd Jan.2-4,2011 re descent from James E. & Barbara Jean (Johnson) Whitlock (M1898) Louisa Co., Va
X6919 3 GenForum & emails from Naomi (Whitlock) Arimura Dd Jan.10-15,2011 re Harry Joseph Whitlock of Birmingham, WAR
X6920 1 Email from Necia Yehia Dd Jan.12,2011 re marriage R.E. Standard & Lou Whitlock Sep.29,1907 Ashley Co., AR
X6921 1 Facebook message from Nancy Whitlock Dd Jan.17,2011 re Richard Whitlock d.Jun.5,1940 Cincinatti, OH
X6921 178 Cleveland, OH Obituary File from Lawrence Otis
X6922 12 Wingrove website re John Wilbert & Lila Elaine (Gunstone) Ashton (M1972) by Sandra Pesthill from Lawrence Otis