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X6923 1 Northants Wills and Admons proved 1852-1857 re Elizabeth Whitlock of Shutlanger, NTH died Nov.18,1854
X6924 1 Northants strays re William Whitlock & Caroline Sculthorpe married Dec.26,1857 Billesdon, LEI + James Whitlock & Mary Scott married Apr.9,1812 Hanslope, BKM
X6925 1 British Columbia Death Registrations 1872-1986 re Carlton Murvin Stanley Hay d.Feb.15,1964 & Daisie Dean (Whitlock) Hay d. Jun.9,1955 from Lawrence Otis
X6926 1 Email from Sally Brugh Dd Jan.23,2010 re updates to WHITLOCK35 chart
X6927 2 GenForum & Emails from Liz Lindon Dd Jan.19-29,2011 re James Kenny & Ellen Mae (Blackwell) Whitlock (M1842) Augusta Co., Va
X6928 1 Re Whitelocke: on Lawmanship 3rd Edition by Bullstrode Whitelocke from Vicky House
X6929 12 Free BMD entries for Whitelocke family from Vicky House
X6930 23 Internet items re Spy House Museum, Port Monmouth, NJ & Thomas Whitlock (1623-1703) from Bill Whitlock
X6931 16 Manor of Montacute re Thomas Whitelocke rector/curate at Shillingstone, DOR 1596 from Vicky House
X6932 1 Obit of Esther (Carlson) Gleichweit b.May 2,1929 d.Jul.28,2009 Fresno, Ca from Lawrence Otis
X6933 1 Obit of Mattie Ruth (Whitlock) Brewster b.Dec.29,1920 d.Feb.15,2009 Lethbridge, Ab from Lawrence Otis
X6934 1 Strathroy, On cemetery record for Mary Catherine (Whitlock) Hancock b.Mar.6,1865 br.Aug.3,1941? from Lawrence Otis
X6935 1 Strathroy, On cemetery record for Mary Matilda Pearl Hancock b.Mar.17,1890 d.Oct.7,1968 from Lawrence Otis
X6936 1 Bloomsbury Actions re diary of William Horton-Lloyd from Vicky House
X6937 4 Bangor, Wales University - Mostyn Manuscripts from Vicky House
X6938 1 Email from Rickey Whitlock Dd Jan.24,2011 re descent from Robert Calvin Whitlock of Va
X6939 1 GenForum from Laurene Shewan Dd Jan.27,2011 re William Asa of Ms
X6940 1 Email from Debbie Kennett Dd Jan.25,2011 re John Whitlock, Alderman of Wokingham,. BRK 1628
X6941 1 Email from Martin Briscoe to Vicky House Dd Jan.26,2011 re Whitelock's Foot a West India Regiment raised in 1799 disbanded 1817
X6942 15 Descent from Lott & Elizabeth (Kent) Whitlock (M1813) of SC from Karen A. Whitlock
X6943 1 Manuel Fermin Garrido (1830?-1868) of LND, SRY & Greenwich, KEN from Peter A. Rusling
X6944 1 Email from Karen A. Whitlock Dd Jan.31,2011 re updates to WHITLOCK64 chart
X6945 1 Email from Kathy Forkell Dd Feb.1,2011 re Lorain Dodge family of Ma
X6946 1 Obit Lloyd Whitlock (1955-2010) of Petrolia, Lambton Co., On from Lawrence Otis
X6947 1 Obit Gloria Hazel (Gatenby) Rupp died Jan.25,2010 Vulcan, Ab from Lawrence Otis
X6948 1 Obit Ruth Geraldine (Neathway) Whitlock died Aug.25, 2009 Petrolia, Lambton Co., On from Lawrence Otis
X6949 1 Sierra Star Dec.23,2010 Twins celebrate 99 birthday re Carma Drury of Merced, Ca & Cuma Schofield of North Fork, Ca from Lawrence Otis
X6950 1 Obit William (Brian) Proctor 61 died Jul.8,2010 St. Thomas, On from Lawrence Otis
X6951 1 Descent from Francis Elias & Jane (De Haven) Whitlock (1894) of Ia from Lawrence Otis
X6952 1 Obit of Virginia Edna (Keil) Bergert died Sep.16,2009 Belle Plaine, Ia age 92 from Lawrence Otis
X6953 1 Victoria [BC] Times-Colonist Nov.18,2003 Obit Bernice Mary Harvey died Nov.13,2003 from Lawrence Otis
X6954 1 Ohio Deaths, 1908-1932, 1938-1944, and 1958-2007 re Clarence Edwin Bowman died Jul.1,1961 Euclid, Cuyahoga Co., Oh from Lawrence Otis
X6955 7 Minnesota Birth & Marriage Index, 1935-2002 re Colin David Strong Jun.10,1997 and other Keil family members from Lawrence Otis
X6956 1 Obit Donna (Fisher) Aiello died Nov.2007 born Mar.13,1940 from Lawrence Otis
X6957 6 Unitarian Congregation of Niagrara [St.Catherine's, On] Newsletter May 2009 obit of Edgar Rothwell Lemon Aug.22,1921 - Mar.30,2009 from Lawrence Otis
X6958 1 Obit Iris (Walters) (Peek) Siske died Aug.21,2010 Marengo, Ia from Lawrence Otis
X6959 1 Obit Jeanne E. (O,Brien) Spatz died Jul.3,2010 Canton, Oh from Lawrence Otis
X6960 1 Obit John George McLean, 84 died Mar.17,1975 Nanaimo, BC from Lawrence Otis
X6961 1 Obit Shirley Joyce (Denzler) Heath, 82 died Feb.21,2010 Marengo, Ia from Lawrence Otis
X6962 1 Lutheran Catechetical Society Oct 2008 re Dr. John Wohlrabe of Genesco, Il from Lawrence Otis
X6963 4 Obit of Anne Whitlock (Westaway) (Phillip) Palk died Jul.3,2009 Brantford, Brant Co., On from Lawrence Otis
X6964 1 Obit Milton H. Berz 81 died Dec.6,2008 Shelby, Macomb Co., Mi from Lawrence Otis
X6965 1 Obit Mary Jane (Ashton) Berz 80 died Dec.24, 2009 of Macombe Co., Mi from Lawrence Otis
X6966 1 Obit Nancy Lee Bergert 54 died Mar.20,2003 Buffalo, NY from Lawrence Otis
X6967 1 Ohio State University - Marching and Athletic Bands re Eugene John Weigel - Director 1929-1932 from Lawrence Otis
X6968 1 Obit Ruth (Kirkpatrick) Gamble 88 died Jun.9,2004 Tipton, Ia from Lawrence Otis
X6969 117 St.Pauls Cemetery, Wisbeach, Lambton Co, On re Wesley Edgar Smale 65 died Oct.30,1991 Strathroy, Middlesex Co., On from Lawrence Otis
X6970 1 Obit of Verna (Kirkpatrick) Schultz 84 died Oct.21,2005 Mercer, Wi from Lawrence Otis
X6971 1 Ontario, Canada Marriages, 1801-1926 re William Gordon Smallacombe & Agness Whitlock Feb.21,1867 Hay, Huron Co., On from Lawrence Otis
X6972 1 The Taylors re Jasper Howard Taylor & Addie Roberta Whitlock married Dec.4,1888 Louisville, Ky
X6973 1 Roanoke Times Jan.30,2011 Obit Roger L. Whitlock 70 died Jan.29,2011 of Wirtz, Va from Greg Whitlock
X6974 1 Email from Edwin Harleson Whitlock Dd Feb.8,2011 re descent from Isaac W. & Elizabeth B. (Morris) Whitlock (M1830's) of NY & Atlanta, Ga
X6975 1 Email from Laura Fiore Dd Feb.11,2011 re A. Vail & Lucy Jeanette Avery (Whitlock) Smith (M1890's) NY
X6976 2 Emails from Graham Leslie McCallum Dd Feb.13,14,2011 re William & Ellen Whitelock (M1830's) LDN
X6977 1 Letter from Bev Hansen, Maureen Trotter & Jocelyn Rourke Dd Feb.9,2011 re death of Esme Marion (Whitelock) Trotter, 95 Feb.10,2011 Kelowna, BC
X6978 1 Email from Brian Devine Dd Feb.20,2011 re William Nelson Whitlock (1833- ) of Vt, La & Ne
X6979 1 Facebook message from Gary Whitlock Feb.21, 2011 re Benjamin Whitlock
X6980 1 Email from Peter Kennedy Dd Feb.22,2011 re William & Harriet (Farndale) Whitelock (M1827) Bilsdale Midcable, YKS
X6981 1 Descent from Willam & Harriet (Farndale) Whitelock (M1827) Bilsdale Midcable, YKS from Peter Kennedy
X6982 1 Rootsweb message re George C. & Harriet (Frey) Whitlock (M1853) of Greene Co, Oh & Johnson Co., In from Valerie Kuhn via Chuck Rockett
X6983 1 Facebook message Dd Mar.6,2011 re John & Mary Elizabeth (Hurley) Whitlock (M1730's) of Va from Jean Herring
X6984 1 Facebook message Dd Mar.6,2011 re descent from John Whitlock d.1717 of Va from Judith Reichert Mace
X6985 5 Emails from Michael D. Whitlock & Deborah Whitlock Dd Mar.1-10,2011 re descent from Whitlocks of Birmingham, WAR
X6986 1 Email from Elmyra Gray Powell Dd Mar.3,2011 re birth Arthur Eliott Pratts Feb.28,2011 Syracuse, NY
X6987 1 Email from John Charles Whitlock Dd Mar.4,2011 re George & Sophia Ann (Eynon) Whitlock (M1853) Lambeth, SRY
X6988 1 Email from Eddie Lamar Whitlock Dd Mar.6,2011 re descent from Beasley Whiltock of Va
X6989 1 Email from Reba Chunn Dd Mar.9,2011 re John C. & Celia Thomason (M1846) St.Clair Co., Al
X6990 1 Email from Margaret Whitlock Dd Mar.14,2011 re descent from Bath H. & Essie Blanche Belle Whitlock (M1913) Louisa Co., Va
X6991 2 Emails from Jean Harris Herring Dd Mar.12,16,2011 re descent from William Joseph & Ulelia Ann (Shaw) Whitlock (M1880's) of Stevensburg, Culpepper Co., Va
X6992 1 Obit Catherine Anastasia (McAskill) Whitlock 87 died Nov.15,2008 Stratford, On from Lawrence Otis
X6993 1 1901 Census PEI Canton, Donald & Frances Currie from Lawrence Otis
X6994 1 Prince Edward Island Deaths - obit David George Whitlock 35 died Aug.5,2010 Montague, PEI from Lawrence Otis
X6995 1 Obit David Ian Sentner 46 died May 24,2007 Tracadie Cross, PEI from Lawrence Otis
X6996 1 obit Edith Evelyn (Whitlock) Pryce died Jan.21,2002 Charlottetown, PEI from Lawrence Otis
X6997 2 The Guardian Dd Apr.28,1907 "Former Town of Stratford [On] employee….." re Jennifer Lynn Whitlock from Lawrence Otis
X6998 1 Obit Donna Jane (Dobson) Hickox of Frederickton, PEI died April 26?,2010 from Lawrence Otis
X6999 1 HockeyPEI re Gordie Whitlock, PEI Sports Hall of Fame from Lawrence Otis
X7000 1 Email from Georgia Ascheryl Dd Mar.21,2011 re update to WHITLOCK35 chart
X7001 1 Obit Major Roger James Henderson 86 died Dec.2,2010 of Lower Sackville, NS from Lawrence Otis
X7002 1 Victoria [BC] Times-Colonist May 2, 2009 Obit Gladys Patricia (MacNeill) Mullard died Apr.26,2009 Victoria, BC from Lawrence Otis
X7003 2 PEI Sports Hall of Fame re Roy (Buck) Whitlock (1924-2003) from Lawrence Otis
X7004 5 Descendants of Ephraim Craig & Susanna Proud of Hunter River, PEI from Lawrence Otis
X7005 19 Descendants of William Henry Drake & Margaret Docherty of Pownal, PEI from Lawrence Otis
X7006 175 Ohio deaths, 1908-1932, 1938-1944, and 1958-2007 from Lawrence Otis
X7007 3 Emails from Kim Stoots Dd Mar.23-26,2011 re descent from Ollie Walker & Virginia Lucille (Riddle) Whitlock
X7008 1 Bath, SOM marriage challenge extracts from Barbara Roach
X7009 1 Update to the WHITLOCK35 chart from Georgia Ascheryl
X7010 1 Email from Marian Stock Dd Mar.27,2011 re Abraham & Mary or Margaret (Collins) Whitlock of WIL
X7011 1 Email from Chris Dd Apr.5,2011 re Whitlocks of Toronto, On
X7012 1 The Independent Mar.2009 obit Ruth Spalding (1913-2009)
X7013 1 GenForum by Julia Marr Dd Apr.10,2011 re William Godding Whitlock
X7014 2 Descendants of Thomas Whitlock (1623-1703) of WIL & NJ from Sandra Whitlock
X7015 5 UK burials and cremations from Anni Berman
X7016 2 Family Group Sheets re descent from Jerry Ellis & Marilyn Ruth (Whitlock) Finke (M1969) Asan, Guam from Marilyn Finke
X7017 5 Descent from Isaac & Elizabeth (Morris) Whitlock (M1820's) NY from Elmyra Powell
X7018 1 Sandusky [OH] Daily Register Jul.14,1890 re Rev. Francis Metherell Whitlock from Necia Yehia
X7019 1 Email from Jenny Compton Dd Apr.26,2011 re Thomas & Sarah (Whitlock) White (M1838) Pitton, WIL
X7020 18 re Whitelock family of Grinton & Downholme, YKS from Vicky House
X7021 1 MetroNews, WV re death of Andrew Lee Whitlock Apr.30,2011 Nicholas Co., WV from Greg Whitlock
X7022 3 The Register-Herald, Beckley, WV obit re Grady Whitlock died Apr.7,2011 age 83 from Greg Whitlock
X7023 1 Email from Greg Whitlock Dd May 3,2011 re descent to Grady Lee Whitlock (1928?-2011)
X7024 1 Email from Liz Lindon Dd May 12,2011 re descent from Clayton Alexander & Mary Jane (Whitlock) Hilton (M1866) Montgomery Co., Va
X7025 2 Email from Bjorn Witlox Dd May 10, 2011 re Swedish words Vitlok meaning garlic; Hvitlock meaning anemone nemorosa
X7026 4 IGI Sweden re name Hvitlock from Bjorn Witlox
X7027 1 Email from Peggi Dd May 17, 2011 re death of Charles Whitlock Rockett died May 12, 2011 Ca
X7028 1 Email from Erik Gilliland re descent from Thomas Whitlock (1623?-1703) of NJ
X7029 5 India Birth, Marriages and Deaths re family of William Frank & Charlotte Penelope (WOOD) Whitlock (M1874) Blacktown, India from Penny Power
X7030 2 Emails from Homer Whitlock Dd May 30,31,Aug.9,2011 re descent from Andrew Hiram & Hannah Cothen Caroline (Allred) Whitlock (M1827) Bedford Co., Tn
X7031 1 Email from Necia Yehia Dd May 5,2011 re Eddie & Ella Whitlock Racine Co., Wi 1943
X7032 1 Email from Terry Hall Dd Jun.6,2011 re Walter & Martha (Brown) Whitlock (M1880's?) of Uniontown, Pa
X7033 1 Email from Robin Whitlock Dd Jun.7,2011 re updates to the WHITLOCK20 chart
X7034 9 Tintinhull [SOM] Parish Registers from Robin Whitlock
X7035 2 New York Amsterdam News Jul.27,2006 obit of Hazel (Whitlock) (Pratts) Gray, 91 died June 17,2006 Hollywood, Fl from Elmyra Gray
X7036 1 Email from Elaine Whitlock Dd Jun.26,2011 re Whitlocks of Cholesbury, BKM in 1500's
X7037 1 Email from Richard Kenyon Dd Jun.25,2011 re Josiah & Arminda (Whitlock) Kinyon (M1845?) NY
X7038 15 Email from Jack Morter Dd Jun.26,2011 re descendants of Paul Wilson Whitlock (1901-1965) of Denver, Co
X7039 2 Emails from D.A. Keith Whitlock Dd Jun.28,2011 re John Whitlock (1781-1849) of Bideford, DEV
X7040 1 Map of migration of Withloc anglo-friesen ancestors 4000BC to 1300AD from Bjorn Witlox
X7041 1 Emails from Libby Dd Jun.29,2011 re Jeremiah & Jemima (Brockway) Whitlock (M1829) St. Mary, Donhead, WIL
X7042 1 Obit Fred Cartwright (1928-2009) Lethbridge, Ab from Lawrence Otis
X7043 11 Descent of John Holbrook (1796-1905) of Brook, Lambton Co., On re Cyril Carmen & Grace Doreen (Wellington) Holbrook (M1950's) from Lawrence Otis
X7044 1 GenForum from Tony Chesser Jul.14,2011 re Charlie & Sarah Jane (Smith) Whitlock (M1901) Marion Co., Ar
X7045 1 Drury Obits including Clayton William Charles Drury (1875-1950) of Clovis, Ca from Lawrence Otis
X7046 11 Descendants of Alexander McDonald re Emmons family of Sarnia, Lambton Co., On from Lawrence Otis
X7047 1 Email from Gloria White Dd Apr.15,2002 re birth Dallas Blair d John & Marnie (Cook) Steffen, Vancouver, BC
X7048 1 obit Keith Dowell, 80 died Oct.2,2008 St.Thomas, On from Lawrence Otis
X7049 1 Obit Kerry Somers, 28 died Feb.6,2011 Clinton, Mi from Lawrence Otis
X7050 1 Shawn Jackson Funeral Home Ltd Obit Roger Doyon Sep.12,1934-Dec.16,2009 St.Thomas, On from Lawrence Otis
X7051 2 Descent from David & Lavinia (Whitlock) Waterworth (M1877) Mosa, Middlesex Co., On from Lawrence Otis
X7052 1 Email from Robert Carl Whitlock Dd Jul.31,2011 re descent from Clarence John & Sarah Jane (Green) Whitlock (M1904) Iowa City, Johnson Co., Ia
X7053 1 Email from Karen Pickhover Dd Jul.31,2011 re Nathaniel N. & Mary Ann (Short) Whitlock (M1890's) of Corning, Adams Co., Ia
X7054 2 Email from Alice Corfman Dd Jul.31,2011 re obit of Muriel (Gates) Curfman, 87 died Jun.9,1976
X7055 1 Lapeer [Mi] Area, View Sep.11,2008 obit Amy Patricia (Derieg) Boehms, 41 died Sep.2,2008 d John T. & Ina Ruth( Whitlock) Derieg from Lawrence Otis
X7056 1 Miscellaneous Coles County, Illinois Obituaries and Death Notices 2001 re Betty Jean (Wendt) Whitlock, 80 died Sep.15,2001 Savoy, Il from Lawrence Otis
X7057 1 Lincoln [NC] Jan.13,2010 obit Carol Jean (Holt) Whitlock, 61 died Jan.9,2010 Lincolnton, NC from Lawrence Otis
X7058 1 Valley Morning Star Dec.29,2009 obit Dorothy Alice (Gilbert) Whitlock, 87 died Dec.27,2009 Corpus Christi, Tx from Lawrence Otis
X7059 1 The Times, Gainesville, Ga Sep.16,2007 obit Donna Carol Whitlock, 41 died Sep.14,2007 of Nicholson, Ga from Lawrence Otis
X7060 1 Dix Noonan Web Auction Archive re British Empire Medal belonging to Sgt. Arthur William Whitlock, Royal Engineers (1939-45) from Lawrence Otis
X7061 1 Arkansas Marriages (1779-1992) re James P. King & Marilyn L. Whitlock, 1952 from Necia Yehia
X7062 1 Emails from Debra Kay Yarger Dd Aug.12,14,2011 re descent from Jesse & Mary Hazelton Judson (Whitlock) Smith (M1858) Vermilion Co., In
X7063 4 Email from Robin Whitlock Dd Aug.11,2011 re death of Clara (Monk) Whitlock Mar.18,1938 age 69
X7064 8 GenForum from Susan Nass Dd Aug.12,2011 re Samuel J. R. & Martha Phelps (Whitlock) Ensign (M1910s)
X7065 2 Emails from Peter Whitelock Dd Aug.14,2011 re descent from William & Elizabeth Whitelock (M1850's) of Mo
X7066 3 Descendants of Matthews & Emma (Edwards) Whitlock (M1830) Nottingham, NTT from Robert Walter Whitlock
X7067 1 Randolph [Al] Leader Feb.1999 re Doris Jean (Whitlock) O'Donnell died Feb.10,1999 from Lawrence Otis
X7068 1 Doherty Funeral Home obit Ruby Mae (Kumpel) Stanley died Jan.18,2011 d Norman Walker & Ruby Reynolds (Whitlock) Kumpel b. May 26,1936 Middletown, De from Lawrence Otis
X7069 1 The Republican Nov.29,2010 Springfield, Ma "Domestic Dispute over Laundry" re Donald B. Whitlock from Lawrence Otis
X7070 1 North Texas eNews Jan.4,2011 obit Don H. Whitlock, 70 died Jan.3,2011 Bonham, Tx from Lawrence Otis
X7071 15 GenForums 2001 to 2007 re Asa Whitlock & Ann Daughdrill (M1825) Al
X7072 1 Main Street News Ga obit re Donna Hulsey died Apr.26,2009 Commerce, Ga from Lawrence Otis
X7073 1 Saint John [NB] Times Globe obit re Elmer Douglas Whitlock, 90 died Dec.10,2006 from Lawrence Otis
X7074 1 Mar.9,2001 obit re Elouise (Lux) (McDonald) Whitlock died Mar.2001 Madison Ct from Lawrence Otis
X7075 1 Find a Grave Memorial re grave of Elna (Whitlock) Couch, 82 of Senoia, Ga died Sep.17,2009 from Lawrence Otis
X7076 1 obit re Hon. Eugene N. Betts died Aug.21,2004 Broward, Fl from Lawrence Otis
X7077 1 Ancestry obit re Ellen Louise Whitlock, 87 died Jul.7,2005 Wake Village, Bowie Co., Tx from Lawrence Otis
X7078 1 Jun.17,2003 Obit George Donald Whitlock,74 Hemet, Ca died June 13,2003 from Lawrence Otis
X7079 1 Daily Register, Harrisburg, Il Jan.25,2011 obit Grace Eloise (Whitlock) Wilkinson, 93 died Sep.29,2010 from Lawrence Otis
X7080 1 Waterloo Region Record Apr.9,2008 obit Gilbert James Whitlock died Apr.7,2008 Kitchener, On from Lawrence Otis
X7081 1 Chronicle-Journal Oct.8,2009 obit Glenn Thomas Philip Whitelock,74 died Oct.2,2009 Thunder Bay, On from Lawence Otis
X7082 1 The Eynsham [OXF] Record 1989 & 1996 re Gwen (Day) Whitlock b.1903 d.1995 from Lawrence Otis
X7083 1 San Angleo [Tx] Standard obit Granvil D. Whitlock died Jun.4,2003 Lacy Lakeview, Tx from Lawrence Otis
X7084 1 obit George Walter Whitlock, 77 died Dec.9,2009 Cochrane, Ab from Lawrence Otis
X7085 1 Cade Cod Times Jan.7,2007 obit Helen C. (Stevens) Whitlock,90 died Jan.5,2007 Eastham, Ma from Lawrence Otis
X7086 1 Greenville News Dec.9,2003 obit Hoyt Lee Whitlock,72 Greenville from Lawrence Otis
X7087 2 Obit Anita Louise (Webb) Whitlock, 80 died Aug.10,2010 East Carbon, Ut from Lawrence Otis
X7088 1 Obit Bruce R. Whitlock,44 died Dec.12,2009 Indianapolis, In from Lawrence Otis
X7089 1 The Guardian Dd Feb.18,2006 obit Ivan Russell Cameron, 71 died Feb.16,2006 Summerside, PEI re daughter Lynn Whitlock from Lawrence Otis
X7090 1 Email from Christi Cooksey Dd Aug.24,2011 re descent from Bennett Whitlock (1790-1859) of Union Co., SC
X7091 1 re Jordan Adolfo Whitlock, 31 from Cumbria, Eng s Lewis Whitlock of OXF from Lawrence Otis
X7092 1 The Herald Democrat, Jan.9,2011 obit Joyce Elaine (Bruns) Whitlock,80 died Jan.5,2011 Chandler, Ar from Lawrence Otis
X7093 1 Main Street News Ga obit re Judy (Whitlock) Hall, 58 died Mar.11,2010 Jefferson, Ga from Lawrence Otis
X7094 1 Ancestry obit re James William Whitlock, 83 died Dec.17,2003 Nashville, Tn from Lawrence Otis
X7095 1 The Commerce News Sep.26,2001 obit Keith Daniel Whitlock, 40 died Sep.24,2001 Athens, Ga from Lawrence Otis
X7096 1 Bryan-College Station Eagle Feb.14,2004 obit Lina A. Whitlock, 84 died Mar.22,2000 Palestine, Tx from Lawrence Otis
X7097 1 The Cullman Times Jun.2,2009 obit L.B. Whitlock, 83 died May 31,2009 Cullman, Al from Lawrence Otis
X7098 1 The Pueblo Chieftain May 4,1999 obit Louis Amaya, 77 died Apr.14,1999 Enid, Ok husband of Pat Whitlock from Lawrence Otis
X7099 1 Lodi News Sentinel Jun.30,2006 obit Jun.29,2006 obit Leonard Elmer Whitlock, 84 Merced, Ca from Lawrence Otis
X7100 1 Maricopa, [Az] County Jail Info re Arthur William Whitlock b.Mar.5,1966 from Lawrence Otis
X7101 2 GenForum from Lisa Pye Dd Sep.24,2011 re mother Cordelia Jeannette Whitlock b.1920's Mo?
X7102 1 Email from Danny G. Whitlock Dd Sep.7,2011 re John Riley & Mary Jane (McNeely) Whitlock (M1870's) of Ky
X7103 1 June 2007 item re William & Esther Bridget (Pears) Whitelock of Chelsea, LND pre 1900's from Vicky House
X7104 1 Feb 2009 item from Richard re George Charles & Louisa Heather (Overington) Whitelock (M1909) West Croydon, SRY from Vicky House
X7105 1 Email from Mark Whitlock Dd Sep.20,2011 re obit Faye Ethel (Edwards) (Sugg) Whitlock, 97 died Sep.18,2011 Litchfield, Il
X7106 1 Email from Christi Cooksey Dd Sep.24,2011 re Harvey Luther & Lula Jane (Pate) Whitlock (M1880s) SC
X7107 1 Email from Sylvia McDonald Dd Sep.25,2011 re descent from John & Nancy (West) Whitlock (M1815) Wilson Co., Tn
X7108 1 Oak Ridge Funeral Care obit re Mary Carolyn (Whitlock) Puckett, 75 died Sep.29,2011 Winter Haven, Fl from Christi Cooksey
X7109 2 Email from Mark Whitlock Dd Oct.5,2011 re obit Earl Raymond Gates,79 died Sep.30,2011 Appleton, Il
X7110 6 re descent from Edward A. & Ogla Emily (Nicholson) Whitlock (M1912) of Santa Cruz Co., Ca
X7111 13 re descent from William B. & Minerva Isabell (Whitlock) Nunley (M1876) Warren Co., Tn from Silvia McDonald
X7112 8 Emails from Necia Yehia Dd Oct.8-14,2011 re Edward A. & Ogla Emily (Nicholson) Whitlock (M1912) of Santa Cruz Co., Ca
X7113 1 Emails from Don Edwards Dd Oct.9,2011 re Andrew & Nancy (Ward) Barrett (M1852) of Tn Nancy -M-(2)Stanhope Whitlock (W41) -M-(3)Abner Brown Whitlock
X7114 1 The Record-Journal May 21, 2010 obit Mark Whitlock, 26 died May 19,2010 Cheshire, Ma from Lawrence Otis
X7115 1 Stevens and Grass Funeral Home obit Mark Alan Whitlock, 47 died Dec.13,2007 of Campbells Creek, WV from Lawrence Otis
X7116 1 Email from Necia Yehia Dd Oct.17,2011 re 1930 census Trimble, Cullman Co., Al re Leonard Basil & Bertha E. (??) Whitlock (M1920's)
X7117 1 Bio re Marc D. & Linda (Whitlock) Cumsky of Boston, Ma from Lawrence Otis
X7118 1 Prince House, Heritage Park, Calgary, Ab re Peter Anthony & Emily (Douglas) (Whitlock) Prince (M1909) from Lawrence Otis
X7119 1 Star-Telegram Sep.3,2010 obit Mildred Pauline (Beck) Whitlock, 62 died Sep.1,2010 Tx from Lawrence Otis
X7120 1 Morey Register Report re John Lawson & Sarah Helen (Jewett) Whitlock (M1915) Indianola, Ia from Lawrence Otis
X7121 1 The Sun Herald Oct.29,2010 obit Nathaniel Whitlock, 82 died Oct.23,2010 of Gulfport, Ms from Lawrence Otis
X7122 1 ERB Good Family Funeral Home Dec.29,2009 obit Neil Leonard Whitlock, 75 died Dec.27,2009 Kitchener, On from Lawrence Otis