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X7123 1 Marion Co., Ar obits re Nancy L. (Whitlock) Betts,63 died Jan.9,2002 Yellville, Ar from Lawrence Otis
X7124 1 NCN News Apr.14,2010 obit Donald George Whitlock, 69 died Apr.12,2010 Olathe, Ks from Lawrence Otis
X7125 2 Deseret News Feb.20,2006 obit Homer Clifford Whitlock, 87 died Feb.17,2006 Salt Lake City, Ut from Lawrence Otis
X7126 1 Deseret News Oct.16,2006 obit Oris Whitlock Hansen, 86 died Oct.14,2006 Ut
X7127 1 onlineAthens Athens Banner-Herald Jul.24,2001 obit Donald Lafayette Whitlock, 55 died Jul.23,2001 Danielsville, Ga from Lawrence Otis
X7128 1 re Stephen & Harriet (Whitlock) Read (M1810) Pitton, WIL from Lawrence Otis
X7129 1 Main Street News Obits Oct.6,2010 re Rachel Viola (Whitlock) Heery, 85 died Oct.3,2010 Decatur, Ga from Lawrence Otis
X7130 1 Poole, DOR Marriage Challenge re Alick John Francis Whitelock & Rose Hayward m Dec.26,1900 Heatherlands, Kinson, DOR from Jenny Compton
X7131 1 Wessington Springs, True Dakotan, SD obit Jan.6,2009 re Robert C. Whitlock, 91 died Dec.19,2008 Kalama, Wa from Lawrence Otis & email from Craig Wenzel Dd Oct.21,2011
X7132 1 Kamloops [BC] Daily News, Jan.27,2005 obit Rosemary Doreen Whitelock, 66 died Jan.22,2005 Sorrento, BC from Lawrence Otis
X7133 1 Saint John [NB] Times Globe Oct.7,2006 obit Richard Lawrence Whitlock died Apr.6,2006 Saint John, NB from Lawrence Otis
X7134 1 Dignity Memorial, Rollins Funeral Home obit Ruby Helen (Whitlock) Howard (1936-2010) of Bentonville, Ar from Lawrence Otis
X7135 1 Jan.4,2006 obit Ruth E. Whitlock,77 died Jan.3,2006 Rossville, Ga from Lawrence Otis
X7136 1 LaFource Daily Comet Sep.27,2008 obit Randy Whitlock, 50 died Sep.7,2008 Raceland, La from Lawrence Otis
X7137 1 Email from Alan Taylor Dd Oct.24,2011 re William & Sarah (Porter) Whitlock (M1804) St.Mary's Newington, SRY
X7138 1 Email from Leslie Bush Dd Oct.30,2011 re obit Betty Whitlock died Oct.4,2011 Moggerhanger, BFD
X7139 1 Email from Sarah Williams-Major Dd Nov.4,2011 re Rev. War enlistments for Ct
X7140 17 Emails Nov.11&18,2011 & GenForum Nov.12,2000 regarding Cherokee origins of the Green Family of Al
X7141 1 Genforum from Carol Comp Dd Nov.9,2011 re James & Catherine (Lott) Whitlock (M1800's) of NJ
X7142 1 Email from Bjorn Witlox Dd Nov.25,2011 re Willem Witloc taxed in 1517 dead by 1530
X7143 4 Email from Douglas Lee Whitlock Dd Nov.25,2011 re Dec.1954 deaths of Oilar family
X7144 1 Email from Dianne Sutton Dd Nov.30,2011 re Bucks Herald Oct.25,1856 re Frederick Whitlock of Wavendon, BKM
X7145 18 Notes from the Bosch Protocol (Port tax records) for Brabant, Holland 1408-1810 from Bjorn Witlox
X7146 1 Various research sources regarding Col. Christopher Potley (1590's-1661) St.James Clerkenwell, LND
X7147 1 Email from Christina Luckings Dd Dec.10,2011 re Medway Messenger Dec.9,2011 obit Emlyn Rees Whitlock d.Nov.29,2011 KEN
X7148 1 Marriage Challenge Bath, SOM (2) from Barbara Roach
X7149 2 Emails from Doreen Myers to Carol Comp Dd Dec.9,2011 re James Whitlock & Catherine Lott
X7150 1 Email from Eric Hall Dd Dec.18,2011 re Earl Whitlock (1884-1971) of Klamath Co., Or
X7151 1 Descendants of Francis Bowman Turner (1849-1935) from Jennifer Hart
X7152 1 McNeil family of Westmoreland, Jamaica from Jennifer Hart
X7153 2 Family of Francis & Jane (Bourne) Whitelock (M1844) Chester, CHS from Jennifer Hart
X7154 1 Email from Jennifer Hart Dd Jan.14,2012 re Whitelock vault in St. Leonard's, Shoreditch, LND re family of Peter Whitelock (1702-1781)
X7155 1 GenForum from Martha Whitlock Endres Dd Jan.7,2012 re John Copins Whitlock (1847-1919) Va
X7156 4 Descendants of James & Frances Elizabeth (Whitelock) Heywood (M1830) Manchester, LAN from Jennifer Hart
X7157 1 re grave of Reginald John Ripley (1866-1928) Addison Chapel cemetery, St.George's Co., Md from Jennifer Hart
X7158 1 re Pamela Whitlock, weaver
X7159 4 Maximilian Genealogy Master Database 2000 re ancestors of Frances (Storer) Whitelocke (1780-1821) from Jennifer Hart
X7160 3 Family Tree Maker Online - Research into family of Richard Wilburn & Ann Whitlock of Goochland Co., Va 1715-1760
X7161 14 Corvey "Adopt an Author" re Harriet (Crosley) Ventum b.1760's LND
X7162 4 Descendants of Lewis Cornet & Julia Ann (Wright) Jones (M1840's) from Alma Nagy
X7163 8 Dd Jan.19,2012 Whitlock family of Augusta Co., Va from Martha Endres
X7164 4 Email from Sus God Dd Jan.17,2012 re 3 Sturges Sellecks
X7165 1 Letter from Roberta (Howard) Whitlock Dd Nov.23,2011 re death of James Floyd Whitlock of Springfield, Mo
X7166 2 Emails from Martha Whitlock Endres Dd Jan.22,2012 re descent from John Copins & Sarah Mary (Alexander) Whitlock (M1876) of Va
X7167 14 Descent from John Wiley & Mary Jane (Whitlock) Quimby (M1847) NY from Mike Palmer
X7168 2 Emails from Lauren Elliott Dd Jan.21,Feb.1,2012 re family of John Wallace Southern b.1935 West Looe, CON
X7169 1 GenForum from Pat Keene Dd Oct.6,2000 re Adler Buchanan & Mary Jane (Whitlock) Hulsey (M1880) Ga
X7170 1 Facebook from Maria Ludham-Pearce Dd Jul.29,2011 re Thomas & Amy Hilda (Morgan) Whitelock (M1900's) of Burnham on Sea, SOM
X7171 18 Directory [M-Z] Of The Representative Business And Professional Men of Augusta County And Staunton, Va from Martha Endres
X7172 2 Will of John Edward White of St.Pauls, Chatham, Kent Dd Nov.11,1871 re children of Richard Hutchins Whitelocke (1772-1833) from Jennifer Hart
X7173 21 Descent from Fanny Whitelock b.1859 daughter of William & Matilda (Webb) Whitlock of Compton Pauncefoot, SOM
X7174 7 Emails from DeAnna Hatch Dd Jan.30-Feb.4,2012 re Orlando & Clorinda (Whitlock) Williams (M1905) Coffeeville, Ks
X7175 1 Family of Levi Quinter & Mary May (Chaney) Whitlock 1920? Ok? from
X7176 1 Family of William & Margaret (Whitlock) Mowrey (M1858) NY from Ross Mowrey
X7177 1 Marriage of William Ridsdale Whitlock & Catherine Ann Hoyle June 20, 1864 St.Marys, Nottingham, NTT
X7178 3 Email from Layna Jane Wilson Dd Feb.7,2012 re Orange Adelbert & Delight (Rose) Whitlock (M1869) Clinton Co., Mi
X7179 1 Augusta Co., Va certificates from Martha Whitlock Endres
X7180 1 Email from Necia Yehia Dd Feb.10,2012 re William P. Whitlock on Dawes Rolls, Choctaw by marriage
X7181 2 Obit Thelma Mae Whitlock (1917-2012) died Feb.15,2012 Coffeen, Montgomery Co., Il from Mark D. Whitlock
X7182 1 Email from Marion Gray Dd Feb.15,2012 re Thomas & May (Lackenby) Whitlock (M1941) DUR
X7183 3 Emails from Bobby Minish Dd Feb.1618,2012 re Isaac & Agnes (Whitlock) Minish (M1797?) Surry Co., NC
X7184 9 Ancestors of John Orin Eagle (1873-1965) re John Eagle & Susannah "Mary" Whitelock married Dec.4,1827 Licking Co., Oh
X7185 82 Descendants of Abram Sailors re Charles Scott & Martha Whitlock (M1800?) of Fayette Co., In
X7186 1 Family Bible entries for children of John Copins A. & Sarah Mary (Alexander) Whitlock (M1870) Waynesboro, Augusta Co., Va from Martha Endres
X7187 2 Descendents of John Robinson & Ida Mae (Stanton) Whitlock (M1897) Elk Creek, Johnson Co., Ne
X7188 3 Email from Anna Popejoy Dd Feb.19,2012 re Nathaniel Whitlocks of NC & Ga
X7189 1 Email from Rob Whitlock Dd Feb.21,2012 re obit Capt Nicholas S. Whitlock of Newnan, Ga died Feb.18,2012 near Camp Lemonnier, Djibouti, Africa
X7190 1 Email from Margaret Spiller Dd Feb.22,2012 re Surrey Herald obit Cyril Alan Whitlock 86 died Jan.29,2012
X7191 1 Prison Registers 1790-1924 Ireland 6 Whitlocks 1 Whitelock
X7192 5 Index to Merchant Seaman records
X7193 1 Email from Dianne Sutton Dd Feb.27,2012 Northampton Mercury Jun.13,1868 re Frederick Whitlock (1821-1897) of Woburn Sands, BKM
X7194 1 GenForum from Curtis White Dd Feb.25,2012 re Joshua Luster Whitlock (1824-1899) of Tn & Ia
X7195 1 GenForum & email from Matt Stothart Dd Feb.27 & Mar.2,2012 re Myrtle Whitlock b.1872 Marietta, Ms
X7196 1 Family Group Sheet Thomas Humphrey & Jemima (Hancox) Whitlock (M1852) Wolverhampton, STS from Anne Hawkins
X7197 1 Email from John Arthur Whitlock Dd Mar.1,2012 re decent from Richard & Elizabeth (Sherreth) Whitlock (M1830) Syresham, NTH
X7198 6 Ancestors of Georgina Vittery (France) Whitlock (1881-1940) from Anne Hawkins
X7199 2 Email from Andy Rogers Dd Mar.1,2012 re descent from Thomas & Susanna (Whitlock) Allin (M1805) Langtree, DEV
X7200 1 Wikpedia origins of Whitlaeg, King of Denmark or Angeln from Germanic Legends from Bjorn Witlox
X7201 1 Email from Rob W. Whitlock Dd Mar.4,2012 re marriage of daughter Kristina Marie to Adam Thomas Fournier Feb.29,2012 Cancun, Mexico
X7202 2 Information from Joyce Crain Whitlock re Whitlocks of Ky & Patrick Co., Va via Greg Whitlock
X7203 1 GenForum from Jane Whitlock-Bolton Dd Mar.8,2012 re Bennett Whitlock
X7204 1 GenForum from Perry Whitelock Dd Mar.8,2012 re George Whitelock of Md 1745
X7205 1 GenForum from Belinda Green Dd Mar.13,2012 re Joshua & Jessie (Wilson) Whitlock (M1892) Rochester, Victoria, AUS
X7206 4 Rootsweb from Andrew Dd May 25,2011 re Whatlocks of Rattlesden, NFK
X7207 1 Email from Belinda Green Dd Mar.17,2012 re Bruce Raymond & Joyce Lillian (O'Connor) Whitlock (M1948) Melbourne, Victoria, AUS
X7208 1 Email from Marlene Dance Dd Mar.21,2012 re Milton Earl & Katherine Noel (Brown) Whitlock (M1946) Senlac, SAS
X7209 1 Email from Vicky House Dd Mar.22,2012 re Whitelock gravestones at Downholme, YKS
X7210 1 Facebook from John Stephen Sydney Lanigan-O'Keefe Dd Apr.1,2012 re second married to Anna Louise Alexandria Tamba Jul.9,2010 Wood Green, LND
X7211 2 Daily Telegraph Feb.17,2005 obit Sir Geoffrey Voltenlin Bates died Feb.5,2005 re 3rd wife Juliet Eleanor Hugolyn Whitelocke (d.2003)
X7212 1 Family Group Sheet John C. & Celia (Thomason) Whitlock (M1846) St.Clair Co., Al from Harold J. Whitlock
X7213 6 Crosley & Triquet families of LND update from Jennifer Hart
X7214 1 Extract of marriage Samuel Crosley & Elizabeth (Whitelock) Lee Nov.29,1761 St. Bartholomew the Less, LND from Jennifer Hart
X7215 1 Extract of birth of Charles Triquet Sep.3,1753 Threadneedle St. French Huguenot, LND s Charles & Marianne (Merle) Triquet from Jennifer Hart
X7216 1 Extract of birth & death of Charles Triquet s Charles & Hannah (Lee) Triquet b.Oct.7,1785 d.Aug.1,1787 St.Benet Gracechurch, LND from Jennifer Hart
X7217 1 Extract of birth & death of Harret Triquet d Charles & Hannah (Lee) Triquet b.Jul.4,1787 d.Jul.19,1787 St.Benet Gracechurch, LND from Jennifer Hart
X7218 1 Extract of baptism of Eliza Ann Triquet d. William Daniel & Eliza Ann (Humphrey) Triquet bp.May 2,1823 St.Giles, Camberwell, SRY from Jennifer Hart
X7219 1 Extract of baptism of Harriett Caldecott Triquet d. William Daniel & Eliza Ann (Humphrey) Triquet bp.Jul.4,1828 St.Giles, Camberwell, SRY from Jennifer Hart
X7220 1 Extract of baptism of Sophia Triquet d. William Daniel & Eliza Ann (Humphrey) Triquet bp.Jan.29,1830 St.Giles, Camberwell, SRY from Jennifer Hart
X7221 1 Extract of birth of Julia Watkins Triquet d. William Daniel & Eliza Ann (Humphrey) Triquet b.Sep.8,1833 St.Giles, Camberwell, SRY from Jennifer Hart
X7222 1 Extract of burial of Julia Watkins Triquet d. William Daniel & Eliza Ann (Humphrey) Triquet b.Oct.19,1870 St.Giles, Camberwell, SRY from Jennifer Hart
X7223 1 Extract of birth of Hannah Triquet d Charles & Hannah (Lee) Triquet b.Oct.19,1790 St.Benet Gracechurch, LND from Jennifer Hart
X7224 3 GenUKI Devon Will Project
X7225 11 Obit of Rear Admiral Dennis Cambell (1907-2000) from Vicky House
X7226 65 The Williams Family of Australia re Samuel & Catherine (Dolben) Whitelock (M1702) Westminster Abbey, LND from Vicky House
X7227 1 Leamington Courier Apr.25,2012 obit Vida Whitlock 89 died Apr.14,2012 Warwick from Bob Golder
X7228 1 Email from Mark D. Whitlock Dd May 8,2012 re obit William Earl Whitlock May 8,2012 Litchfield, Il + birth Landon Scott Whitlock May 5,2012 Springfield, Il
X7229 3 Emails from Tony Hyman Dd May 19-21,2012 re Philip Whitlock, cigar maker, Richmond, Va
X7230 1 Email from Necia Yehia Dd May 8,2012 re Cheri Whitlock Drive, Siloam Springs, Benton Co., Ar
X7231 3 Descent from John & Susanna (Whitlock) Pew (M1690's) of NJ from Bill Helene
X7232 2 Descent from John & Nancy (Whitlock) Bryson from John Cook
X7233 1 Email from Belinda Green Dd Jun.2,2012 re birth Peter Lesley Whitlock Jul.17,1951 Henty ,NSW, AUS
X7234 1 Email from Wilhelmina Meads Dd Jun.4,2012 re Seth Whitlock s Samuel & Esther (Mead) Whitlock (M1770's) of Danbury, Ct
X7235 1 Vancouver Sun Jun.7-9,2012 obit Helen Roseanne (Smith) Whitlock died May 20,2012
X7236 6 Letter from Roberta Whitlock Dd May 6,2012 re updates to family of Arthur & Selina Onita (Dye) Whitlock (M1932) of Mo
X7237 1 Email from Robert Fowler Dd Jun.5,2012 re William Elias Whitelock of Port Talbot, WLS died Oct.25,1918 buried Highland Cemetery, Le Cateau Nord, France
X7238 4 Emails from Kathy Diebold Dd May 23, 2012 to Jun.11, 2012 re family of George Lincoln & Georgia Ethel (Haynes) Whitlock (M1898) of KS
X7239 4 Genforum & emails from Jean Suddarth Dd Jun.5,2012 re James & Mary (Munday) Whitlock (M1750's) of Essex Co., Va
X7240 1 Email from Eric Michael Whitlock Dd Jun.11,2012 re death of Michael Terence Whitlock Jun.5,2012 Dursley, GLS
X7241 2 Email from Muriel Allen Dd Jun.16,2012 re updates to WHITLOCK50 chart
X7242 2 Extracts from Essex Co., Va deed books
X7243 1 Los Angeles [Ca] Times Dec.24,2010 obit Robert Clair Smale (1931-2010) died Nov.9,2010 from Lawrence Otis
X7244 1 Marriage William Whitlock & Judith Springer Aug 8,1841 St. Lingwood, NFK from Bernie Guymer
X7245 1 Email from Sharon Fahrer Dd Jul.2,2012 re Abraham Whitlock (1845- ) of Asheville, NC
X7246 1 Email from Jennifer Hart Dd Jul.9,2012 Re graves for the family of Richard Hutchins Whitelock (1772-1833) Cheetham Hill, Manchester, LAN
X7247 1 Whitlock entry from FaNUK re orgin of Surnames
X7248 4 Emails from Paul Houle Dd Jul.16,22,2012 re descend from Sandy Wallace Whitlock (1879-1958) of Chelsea, LND
X7249 1 Descendants of Antoni Ruger (Reager) by Jim Reagor
X7250 2 Email from Audra Seldeen Dd Jul.19,2012 re family of Benjamin Elbert & Virginia (Coe) Whitlock (M1875) Vermilion Co, Il
X7251 1 descendants of John Bell Hickey re Wallace Edwin & Muriel Adelle (VanAllen) Whitlock (M1915)
X7252 2 re Muriel Anne (Whitlock) (Faulkner) Lukas (1939-2009) of Kitchener, On
X7253 9 re descendants of Hyrum Wallace & Annie (Waye) Whitlock (M1892) PEI
X7254 2 Emails from David Wesley Whitlock Dd Aug.6,12,2012 re descent from Andrew Frank & Tennessee Belle (Edwards) Whitlock (M1900's) of Sparta, Christian Co., Mo
X7255 2 Emails from Gwendolyn (Carpenter) Hellriegel Dd Aug.6,7,2012 re descent from Dennis & Elizabeth (Whitlock) Carpenter (M1847) Edgefield Co., SC
X7256 4 Wikipedia re Max Whitlock (1993- ) of Hemel Hempstead, HRT gymnast 2012 Olympics from Dianne Sutton
X7257 4 re descent from Robert Franklin & Lavina Paralee (Purcell) Whitlock of Wilson Co., Tn from David Wesley Whitlock
X7258 3 Emails from Karma Lee Hall Dd Aug.25-28,2012 re descent from WHITLOCK25 family through John Harden & Elizabeth (Christiansen) Whitlock (M1883) Ephriam, Sanpete Co., UT
X7259 1 Obit Vera Jean (Wellington) Thompson 90 died May 5,2009 of Strathroy, On from Lawrence Otis
X7260 1 Obit Dora Bernice (McKay) Wellington 91 died Dec.6,1910 Strathroy, On from Lawrence Otis
X7261 1 Obit Grace Lorraine (Barnes) Tilford-Proctor 72 died Oct.26,2010 London, On from Lawrence Otis
X7262 1 BC Archives entry for Murven Stanley Hay Carlton (1880-1964) died at Surrey, BC Feb.15,1964 from Lawrence Otis
X7273 1 Obit Dorothy Margaret (Bromberg) Whitlock 87 died Feb.20,2008 Sarnia, On from Lawrence Otis
X7274 1 BC Archives entry for Earl Francis Rees (1907?-1963) died April 27, 1963 Tappen, BC from Lawrence Otis
X7275 1 BC Archives entry for Edith Lois Hay (1915?-1986) died Aug.17,1986 Langley, BC from Lawrence Otis
X914 37 Collection of Whitlock research 1986-1989 by Elsa Anderson re family of Harvey Gilman & Minerva (Abbott) Whitlock (M1830) from Mileta Farr Kilroy