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X0543 2 Update from Margay Whitlock to WHITLOCK10 chart
X0544 1 Update to WHITLOCK6 chart from Helen Wuerth
X0545 2 1860 census Nebraska;Arizona Deaths; Mormon Pioneer Catalogue; Index to St. Louis, MO marriages 1804-76; MO marriages prior to 1840; War of 1812 Bounty lands in Illinois from Chuck Rockett
X0546 1 Letter from State of Arizona, Library to Chuck Rockett Dd Oct.12,1984 re Whitlock Mountains
X0547 1 Main Line from Samuel Seabury Whitlock to Marilyn Ruth Finke, niece of Helen Rubert
X0548 1 Indiana Marriages 1807-1838 from Chuck Rockett
X0549 1 Pioneer Lewis Families by Michael L. Cook re Sallie d.of James J.& Susan (Whitlock) Sanders. Susan d.of Joseph Whitlock from Pam Hallock
X0550 2 1871 census Warwickshire; Will of James Whitlock of Great Coggeshall, Essex Pr.1820; Exeter Cemetery, Ontario; 1865 London,Eng. P.O. Directory; 1859 Directory,London; Kent Hearth Tax 1664 fr Janis Kirby
X0551 2 Letter from Comoretta Brandon Dd Jan.21,1987 re Jesse, George and Mariah Whitlock of Green Co. TN
X0552 3 Letter from Mr.& Mrs.Harold Whitlock of Dexter, Michigan to Stan Whitlock re Whitlocks of Alabama, Georgia and Arkansas from Pam Hallock
X0553 8 AZ,IA,IL,MO census (same as X277) from Chuck Rockett
X0554 3 1871 census, Silverstone, Northampton, England from Shirley Anne Smith of Manchester, England
X0555 1 Letter from Shirley Smith Dd Jan.10,1986 re marriage of William & Hannah (Hinton) Whitlock 1861 Wiltshire
X0556 1 Letter from Peg Comber Dd Feb.3,1987 re Florence d. of George & Elizabeth (Long) Whitlock, born 1894 Chelsea, London
X0557 1 1871 census London (two index entries) fr V. Melanson
X0558 1 Burial of child of James Whitlock at St.Nicholas, Aberdeen, Scotland Jul.22,1858 from Vi Grant
X0559 1 Letter from Cheryl Mulhair Dd Jan.28,1987 re corrections to the WHITLOCK9 chart
X0560 1 Descent from James s.of Hiram Higley Whitlock of Meigs Co. Ohio from Cheryl Mulhair
X0561 2 Pedigree Chart tracing descent from John & Mary (Lee) Whitlock (M1736) to Cheryl Ann (Wells) Mulhair
X0562 2 Letter from Winifred E. Whitlock Dd Jan.13,1987 re Whitlocks of Adelaide; F. Whitlock & Sons of N.Z.
X0563 1 Letter from Janis Kirby Dd Jan.1987 re James Whitlock of Great Coggeshall, Essex & marriage of Hilary Charles Whitlock & Eliza Mary Fairhead 1821
X0564 1 Letter from Richard H. Heineman Dd Feb.7,1987 re Levi Whitlock b.1813, VT, -M-Rena Sprague Kingsley
X0565 2 Family Group sheets for Endimyon Brandon & William Carter Brandon (-M- Eunice Whitlock b. Greene Co., TN Apr.12,1846) from Comoretta Brandon
X0566 4 Letter from Jesse, George & Mariah Whitlock Dd Oct. 22,1853 Wash. Co, TN, to Rebecca Brandon ("Dear Aunt") from Comoretta Brandon
X0567 3 Letter from ??, to "Mother" (Rebecca Brandon) Dd Sep. 28,1853 Santa Clara Co., CA from Comoretta Brandon
X0568 1 Letter from Comoretta Brandon Dd Feb.10,1987 re marriage of Carter & Eunice (Whitlock) Brandon 1867
X0569 1 Card from Jean Cole Dd Jan 1987 re bank official who absconded from Nottingham to Western Australia 1897
X0570 1 Will of Elisha Whitlock 1727, Witney, Oxford from Kevin Dowd
X0571 1 Will of Amey Whitlock 1681, Banbury, Oxford from Kevin Dowd
X0572 1 Letter from Kevin Dowd Dd Feb.22,1987 re Norfolk FHS Vol4/3 June 1986 Eliz. Whitlock Exam. for Settlement and Bastardy bond 1783-1785
X0573 1 Note by Bessie Hayes re deaths of George, Mathew and James Whitelock 1888-1892, Ontario from Fay Bailey
X0574 1 Descent of William & Alice (Whitelock) West (M1885) from Fay Bailey
X0575 1 Letter from Peg Comber Dd Mar.2,1987 re Whitlocks of London
X0576 2 Patrick Co. VA marriages, tombstones & 1850 census from Nettie S. Clifton
X0577 1 Index to 1851 Census Manchester, England from Val Melanson
X0578 1 Descent from George & Elizabeth (Kase) Whitlock (M c.1808) from Chuck Rockett
X0579 4 Letter from Mr.W.F.Sowerby Dd Feb.9,1987 re Whitlock registered in the Catholic church, Chelsea, London (Brampton Oratory) 1861-1886 from Ted Whitlock
X0580 2 Descent from Abraham & Rose (Whitlock) Parker from Donna Macy
X0581 3 Descent from Thomas & Sarah (Gigins) Dent (M c.1818) from Margaret Baker
X0582 1 Corrections to ML34 from Ursula Kilner
X0583 2 Letter from Georgia James Dd Mar.12,1987 re updates to the WHITLOCK10 chart
X0584 1 Marriage of Machin Spencer & Hellen Whitlock 20 Jul,1770 at Bodney, Norfolk, England from Tom Woods
X0585 1 Letter from Renee Rennie Dd Apr.5,1987 re 1851 census Bradford, Yorkshire re William & Mary Ann Whitlock of Devon
X0586 1 Washington Co. Tennessee marriages 1787-1840 from William Ford
X0587 2 Family Group sheet for Joseph & Hannah (Whitlock) Baldwin from Valerie Giorgi
X0588 5 Family History of Thomas Christmas (1695?-1769) including will dated 29 Dec.1768 from Jane Christmas
X0589 1 Early Georgia wills and marriages from Chuck Rockett
X0590 1 Letter from Chuck Rockett Dd Apr.11,1987 re Levi B. Whitlock entry on the 1840 census of Tioga Co., PA.
X0591 4 Jim Whitelock's summary of our information on the Whitlocks of Old Cleeve and Binham, Somerset. Plus the Sydenham family.
X0592 3 Letter from Jim Whitelock Dd Mar.4, 1987 re Medieval Devon & Somerset Whitlocks
X0593 13 Descent of Levi B. Whitlock of Vermont from Richard Heineman
X0594 3 Descent of George Harwoode of Plymtree, Devon re Mary Whitlock of Luppitt, Devon, 1743 from Kathleen Lewellin
X0595 1 Descent from John Whitelock, Plumber of Hommerton, London from Dianne E. Gardner
X0596 3 Letter from Dorothy Waters Dd Apr.27, 1987 re family of John Whitlock (1797-1881) of Tennessee. Baptist Minister who had three wives and 23 children
X0597 2 Descent from Doctor Franklin & America Wasson (Word) Whitlock (M1851) from Dorothy Waters
X0598 1 Extract from "Oxford Men" 1880-1892 re Richard Henry Anglin Whitelocke from Ruth Spalding
X0599 1 Letter from Betty Whitlock Dd May 12, 1987 re James Whitlock (1791-1878) of Warren Co. Tennessee. Possible descent from Thomas & Susannah (Webb) Whitlock of Virginia
X0600 2 Letter from Harry E. Whitlock Dd May 6, 1969 re: Jessie Whitlock of Springfield, Illinois 1906
X0601 1 Robert Whitlock of Camberwell, Surrey 1839; S.African War Deaths 1899-1902; Army Baptisms 1761-1924 from K.Dowd
X0602 1 1851 Census, Oxford from Kevin Dowd
X0603 8 Letter from Betty Whitlock Dd May 27,1987 re: Whitlocks of Virginia and Tennessee
X0604 1 Note from Pam Hallock re:Whitlock/Swan marriage in Maine and Whitlock/Worrill marriage in N.Carolina?
X0605 1 Family Group Sheet showing marriage Roy P. Whitlock & Mary I. Geer from Ginger August
X0606 1 Letter from Cyril Whitelock re: descent from Isaac Whitlock of Petrockstow, Devon
X0607 1 Pedigree Chart with descent from John & Sarah (Wilburn) Whitlock to Susan (Whitlock) Davenport (M1825) from Vera Andrews
X0608 1 Letter from Ruth Ernst Dd Jun.10,1987 re: Thomas & Susanna (Webb) Whitlock of Halifax Co, Virginia
X0609 2 Letter from Georgia James Dd Jun.15, 1987 re deaths of several members of her family (WHITLOCK10 chart)
X0610 2 Family group sheets for James Whitlock b.1700 and Thomas Whitlock b.1728 of Brunswick, Virginia from John J. Massey
X0611 1 Dates for children of Robert Brown & Bess (Courtaway) Whitlock (M1922) from Margay Whitlock (W10 chart)
X0612 1 Letter from Beth Wallis Dd Jun.20,1987 re descent from Thomas & Susanna (Webb) Whitlock of Virginia
X0613 9 Letter from Betty Whitlock Dd Jun. 16, 1987 re: Tennessee census entries & possible connection Whitlocks of Virginia
X0614 9 Descent from James & Mary (West) Whitlock (M1813) of Wilson Co., Tennessee from Betty Whitlock
X0615 1 Letter from Tom Roach (1984?) to Betty Whitlock re Bowen Whitlock of Surry Co., North Carolina. Will dated 19 Sep.1800
X0616 13 Descendants of John Whitlock (1797-1881) from Betty W
X0617 1 Descent from Christopher & Mary (Davey) Whitlock (M 1804) of Buckland Filleigh, Devon fr Cyril Whitelock
X0618 1 1841/1851 Census Stratton, Cornwall from Cyril Whitelock
X0619 1 Children of John & Jemima (Benedict) Whitlock of Castleton, Vermont from Elizabeth Davis
X0620 1 Adelaide, South Australia Births, Deaths & Marriages 1850-1900 from Brenda Baker
X0621 6 Adelaide Lands Titles Office Whitlock & Mortimer entries from Brenda Baker
X0622 6 Family Chart showing descent from William Mortimer of Modbury South Australia from Brenda Baker
X0623 2 Family Chart showing descent from Richard Mortimer of Willunga, Australia from Brenda Baker
X0624 479 Whitlock extracts from the 1900 U.S. Census from Chuck Rockett
X0625 1 Family Group Sheet of James Whitlock (1791-1878) of Warren Co. Tennessee, from Betty Whitlock
X0626 1 Letter from Charles A. Walker to Tom Roach Dd Sep.18,1984 re: Dupree/Whitlock connection in Lunenburg, Virginia from Betty Whitlock
X0627 1 Children of John Whitlock (1797-1881) of Tennessee from Ann Whitlock, via Betty Whitlock
X0628 4 Letter from Betty Whitlock Dd July 15, 1987 re: Tennessee Whitlocks who went to Illinois. 1830 Census of Fayette Co. Ill.
X0629 1 Letter from Dora DeVaun Dd Jul.23,1987 re: pension file of Robert Whitlock b.1844 Marion Co., Kentucky
X0630 2 Letter from Cyril Whitelock Dd Jul.22,1987 re: 1841 Census of Buckland Filleigh, Devon
X0631 1 Letter from Jeanne Strong Dd Jul.23,1987 re husband's descent from John Whitlock (d.1659) of CT (W9 chart)
X0632 1 Letter from Doris Crawford Dd Jul.31,1987 re 1851& 1861 census' of Bedminster, Bristol, Somerset re John & Martha Whitlock
X0633 1 Letter from Fay Bailey Dd Jul.27,1987 re Matthew and James Whitelock of Oxford Co., Ontario. James & Mary (Allin) Whitlock
X0634 1 Descent from William & Jane (Aylesbury) Baldwin (M146?) re Hannah Whitlock who married Joseph Baldwin from Bob Dahling
X0635 9 Descent from William Allen & Celia Ann (Rutherford) Whitlock (M1887) of Texas from Beth Wallis
X0636 1 Extract from "Leaves From The Family Tree" re Whitlock/Morgan families of Tennessee from W.A. Ford
X0637 1 Descent from Henry Thomas William Whitelock (M1860's) of London from Ian C. Gardner
X0638 1 Letter from Sylvia Mort Dd Aug.17,1987 re family of Francis & Eliza (Brown) Whitlock (M1830's) Essex, Eng
X0639 8 Letter from Betty Whitlock Dd Aug.4,1987 re 1840-1870 census of Tennessee & 1820-1830 Census of Illinois
X0640 4 Letter from Dora DeVaun Dd Aug.11, 1987 re Whitlocks of Kentucky. Extracts from 1860,1880 & 1900 census' of Kentucky
X0641 6 Letter from Donna Woods Dd Aug.18,1987 re descent from Robert & Elizabeth (George) Whitlock (M1808) Halifax, Virginia
X0642 8 Paper written by R.H. Whitlock re beginnings of Whitlock family in Virginia 1638 to early 1700's. Questions to be solved
X0643 2 Indenture dated Nov.7,1738 between Henry Rolle of Stevenstone, Devon and Christopher Whitlock and Philip Tucker re land in Langtree, Devon, from J.W.
X0644 1 Lord Rolle papers re indentures dated Aug.24,1724 and Nov.7,1738 re land in Langtree, Devon, from Jim W.
X0645 1 Catalogue of non-Whitlock papers in possession of Mr. B. Copp of Langtree, Devon, from Jim Whitelock
X0646 2 Whitlock papers in the possession of the Marquis of Bath. 1562-1684 from Jim Whitelock
X0647 1 Translation of Langtree Manor docs 1536-1537 fr J.W.
X0648 1 Chancery Action Whitelock vs Sydenham 1810 from J.W.
X0649 3 Estates of the Whitlock Family of Warkleigh 1625 from Jim Whitelock
X0650 1 Letter from Walter D. Hays Dd Sep.8,1987 re Sarah Lucretia Whitlock of Fall Branch, Tennessee
X0651 5 Children of Sarah Lucretia (Whitlock) Hays from Walter D. Hays
X0652 9 Descent from John & Jane Whitelock of Castle Sowerby Cumberland (M1680's) from Brenda Parker
X0653 1 List of Cumberland wills 1601-1699 from Brenda Parker
X0654 2 Family of Isaac & Eliza (Perkins) Whitelock from Cyril Whitelock
X0655 1 Letter from Ian C. Gardner Dd Sep.14,1987 re family of Henry Thomas William & Elizabeth Harriet (Hollands) Whitelock (M1858) Hackney, London
X0656 1 Descent from Henry & Mary Ann Whitelock (M1808?) from Ian C. Gardner
X0657 4 Letter from Jim Whitelock Dd Aug.13,1987 re Whitlocks of Devon & will of Agnes (De la Beche) Whitloke
X0658 9 Descent of William Allen & Celia Ann (Rutherford) Whitlock (M1887) from Beth Wallis
X0659 1 Corrections to WHITLOCK10 chart from Beth Wallis
X0660 2 Letter from Donna J. Woods Dd Sep.9,1987 re descent of James & Susan E. (Whitlock) French (M1867)
X0661 9 Letter from Betty Whitlock Dd Sep.2,1987 re WHITLOCK10 chart TN tax lists, wills, 1830 census
X0662 1 Additions to WHITLOCK1 chart by Howard Jay Whitlock
X0663 1 Barry Co., Michigan births, deaths & marriages 1862- 1958 from Iola Ebendorf
X0664 2 1478 Inquisition Post Mortem of William Stourton
X0665 6 Notes on the Stourton family re connection of William Whitloc of Calais, France from Jim Whitelock
X0666 2 Letter from Jim Whitelock Dd Sep.22,1987 re additions to WHITLOCK1 chart, Jim's immediate family
X0667 1 Roll of Drapers Co, London 1540-1724; 1861 Census of London; 1871 Census, Kent from Janis Kirby
X0668 1 Thomas Witlock bondsman to marriage licence bond for Peter Wilson & Ann Saunders 1732 Pockthorpe, Norwich Norfolk, England from Tom Woods
X0669 8 Letter from Betty Whitlock Dd Oct.13,1987 re Whitlocks of Tennessee
X0670 2 Letter from Royal Institution of Cornwall to Masie Whitelock Dd May 30, 1987 re Isaac & Johanna (James) Whitelock (M1835) at Stratton, Cornwall
X0671 1 Letter from Dora DeVaun Dd Nov.3, 1987 re Whitlocks of Kentucky, Berry P. Whitlock, Robert Lewis Whitlock
X0672 3 Letter from Donalie Whitlock Dd May 7 1987 to Dora DeVaun re family of Rufus Doak Whitlock of Tennessee
X0673 2 Descent from Joseph & Hannah (Whitlock) Baldwin (M1636) from Valerie Giorgi
X0674 3 Letter from Robert O. Parks Dd Nov.15, 1987 re John & Susannah (Whitlock) Pew(M1690's) of New Jersey
X0675 1 Letter from Peg Comber Dd Dec.3,1987 re George son of Joseph & Emma (Simpson) Whitlock b.Feb.20,1867 at Marylebone, London
X0676 7 Domesday Book (1086) references to AELFRIC of Hampshire from Jack Whitlock
X0677 3 Letter from Ian C. Gardner Dd Nov.28,1987 re family of Henry & Mary Ann Whitelock (M1800?) of London
X0678 1 Letter from Lottie Hill Dd Dec.5,1987 re births of Dwight Justin David Howe July 6th and twins Alisha Eileen and Crystal Alice Shelton Oct 25th
X0679 2 Letter from Ruth Ernst Dd Nov.16,1987 re family of Thomas K. & Martha Jane (Bates) Whitlock (M1851)
X0680 1 Note from Bill & Wilma Whitelock re birth of Keira Fraser Dec.6,1987
X0681 1 Note from Rex Whitlock re death of Noreen Barbara May (Jarvis) Whitlock Oct.10, 1987
X0682 3 Letter from Ray Skinner Dd Dec.10,1987 with list of Yorkshire wills 1556-1950 including many extracts
X0683 3 Letter from Jim Whitelock Dd Nov.6,1987 re Whitlock of Wokingham and Stourton family
X0684 2 Letter from Georgia James Dd Dec.16,1987 re birth of Afton Danielle James Nov.5,1987
X0685 2 Note from Pam Hallock Dd Sep.6, 1987 re births of William Mackie Morrison Aug.12,1987 & Karleen Ruth Hallock Aug.22,1987
X0686 41 Letter from Donna Woods re family of Robert L. & Lydia (Morris) Whitlock (M1839) & family of Robert M. & Lucinda (Purvis) (Schoolcraft) (Fields) Whitlock
X0687 1 Saratoga, N.Y. 1609-1878 re Abel Whitlock of Milton Passenger Arrivals at Port of Philadelphia 1800-1819 re Chas. Whitlock 1810 and 1812 from Chuck Rockett
X0688 2 Letter from John R. Whitlock Dd Dec.23,1987 re Whitlocks of Langtree, Devon & Abbotsham, Devon
X0689 6 Letter from Lucy Atkins Dd Jan.4,1988 re proposals that descent of Whitlocks of Virginia has several mistakes with suggested new lines of descent
X0690 1 Main Line of Lucy Atkins from John Whitlock d.1717
X0691 2 Letter from Bob Whitlock to Lucy Atkins Dd Dec.9, 1987 re Nathaniel West connection to Whitlocks of Pamunkey Creek, Virginia
X0692 2 Letter from James Whitlock Dd 1970? re Whitlocks of Christchurch, Hants
X0693 3 Letter from James Whitlock Dd 1970? re family of James & Lucy (Dale) Whitlock (M1920's)
X0694 3 Letter from Lucy Atkins Dd Jan.4,1988 re family of Josiah Whitlock b.ca1714 of Prince Edward Co., Va & possible descent to Nancy (Davis) Reagan
X0695 2 Letter from Shirley Smith Dd Jan.16,1988 re family of James & Kezia Whitlock (M181?) of Pitton, Wilts
X0696 2 Notes re John Whitlock of Pork St., Dublin, Silk Weaver Wit to Will of James Johnston 1760's & James Carleton Whitelock nephew of Samuel Bindon from Joan Fishleigh
X0697 4 Letter from Mary I. Whitelock Dd Jan.17, 1988 re updates to WHITLOCK27 chart, Whitelock of Yorkshire
X0698 1 Letter from Lucy Hamid re family of George & Henrietta (Holden) Whitlock of London
X0699 4 Letter from Dora Caple DeVaun Dd Jan.13,1988 re Lucketts of Marion Co. Kentucky
X0700 1 Letter from Dora Caple DeVaun Dd Jan.19,1988 with extracts from Jefferson Co., Kentucky County Court Minute Books 1796-1809 re Nathaniel B. Whitlock
X0701 2 Misc extracts re Essex, Freeholders 1759-1815; Poor Law 1716-1752; Marriage Licence Index (index only); Personal names from 1500 re Bulstrode Whitelock 1650-1658 from Janis Kirby
X0702 2 Letter from Carrie Davis Dd Feb.10,1988 re Whitlocks buried in Union Co., S.C. cemeteries
X0703 1 Letter from Richard Price Dd Feb.17,1988 re Richard & Frances (Alston) Whitlock (M1712) of Pavenham,Beds.
X0704 6 Descent from John Whitlock d.1758 of Virginia with corrections and updates by Lucy Atkins
X0705 4 Letter from Suzanne Gilbert Dd Feb.20,1988 re origin of large silver spoon with the arms of the Whitlocks of Wokingham engraved. Arms are of a spinster.
X0706 1 Letter from Margaret Brinckerhoff Dd Feb.21,1988 re family of Rose (Whitlock) Parker. Mentions will of John Whitlock (1568-1614).
X0707 2 Update of WHITLOCK27 chart from Don Coulter
X0708 1 Update of WHITLOCK33 chart from Lucy Atkins
X0709 3 Letter from Lucy Atkins Dd Feb.24,1988 re various Virginia families, Achilles Whitlock, Eliz. Dupree
X0710 1 Letter from Lucy Atkins Dd Feb.29,1988 re corrections to Virginia families, Grizel Coleman, Lewis Wilborne
X0711 1 Letter from Betty Whitlock Dd Mar.6,1988 re Tennessee marriages pre 1840
X0712 3 Letter from Carrie L. Davis Dd Mar.9,1988 re Ray family of South Carolina
X0713 2 Letter from Pam Hallock Dd Mar.11,1988 re Lawrence & Lulu (Ellsworth) Whitlock
X0714 1 Letter from Ian C. Gardner Dd Mar.6,1988 re 1851 census of London, Mile End
X0715 1 Descent from Henry & Mary (Ady) Whitelock (M1801) marriage at St.Luke Old St., London, from Ian Gardner
X0716 1 Letter from Donna J. Woods Dd Mar.1988 with update to WHITLOCK10 chart descent from Asure Burt Whitlock
X0717 4 Letter from Dora DeVaun Dd Feb.27,1988 re Reager & Luckett families of Kentucky
X0718 1 Bapt. of Thomas s.of James & Mary Whitelock at Hanslope, Bucks Aug.31,1817 from Shirley Smith
X0719 1 Notes from Margaret Brinckhoff re family of Rose Whitlock, possible connection to John Whitlock d.1658
X0720 1 Letter from Margaret Brinckerhoff Dd Mar.22,1988 re family of Rose (Whitlock) Parker
X0721 2 Letter from Dora DeVaun Dd Mar.21,1988 re extracts from 18th century newspapers of Virginia, 1770-1797: Vineyard family
X0722 1 Sketch of Whitlock Coat of Arms engraved on silver spoon, dated 1745 from Suzanne Gilbert
X0723 1 Letter from The Heraldry Society Dd Apr.28,1966 to to Suzanne Gilbert re Whitlock crest.
X0724 1 Letter from The Heraldry Society Dd Jun.7,1966 with further information about Whitlock coat of arms
X0725 1 Letter from Janet Gauthier Dd Apr.7,1988 re descent from Hardy Henderson Whitlock
X0726 1 Will of John Achant of Headcorn, Kent May 18,1866 re Joan Whitelock from Tom Woods
X0727 2 Letter from Laura Butler Dd Apr.8,1988 re Suzannah Frances Elizabeth Whitlock of Birmingham (1847?-1928)
X0728 2 Genesee Co, New York Whitlocks - research by Margaret Behme from Pam Hallock
X0729 1 Whitlocks from Vol.III DAR Patriot Index from P.H.
X0730 2 Letter from Molly Collins Dd Apr.17,1988 re death of husband Leonard Collins Apr.29,1985
X0731 1 Letter from Margaret Brinckerhoff Dd Apr.15,1988 re descent from Jonathan Childs (W24 chart)
X0732 1 Decent from Rose (Whitlock) Parker to Jonathan Childs from Margaret Brinckerhoff
X0733 1 Letter from Betty Whitlock Dd Apr.2,1988 re Lewis Wilborne will. "Lucy" or "Sary" (Wilborne) Whitlock
X0734 2 Possible descent from Grizel (Coleman) Whitlock from Betty Whitlock
X0735 6 Descent from James & Mary (Adams) (Golden) Whitlock (M1780's) from Janet Gauthier
X0736 2 Letter from Laura Butler Dd May 6,1988 re Joseph & Suzannah F.E. Whitlock, Jem cutter of Birmingham
X0737 4 Family of Charles & Esther Whitlock (M1760's) of Albemarle Co., Va & Stokes Co., N.C. from J. Gauthier
X0738 4 Letter from Gayle Blankenship Dd Apr.30,1988 with update on Halifax Co., Va Whitlocks
X0739 1 Letter from Lou Pero Dd May 8,1988 re Whitlocks of Franklin/Ebert Co., Georgia & Franklin Co., Alabama
X0740 2 Letter from Jim Whitelock Dd Feb.10,1988 re will of William Whitlock 1453/4 in Hertford Record Office
X0741 2 Letter from Lois Smith Dd May 17, 1988 re Whitlocks of Bedminster, Somerset & Australia
X0742 2 Extract from Missouri Pioneers Vol.XXX, 1976 re Lycurgus J. Whitlock plus obits from St.Louis Christian Advocate, Methodist 1851-1882 from D.DeVaun