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X0743 3 Letter from Dora DeVaun Dd May 13, 1988 re Taylor County Kentucky Cemeteries Vol.1 - six cemeteries
X0744 3 Letter from Mary I. Whitelock Dd May 26,1988 with additions to the WHITLOCK27 chart, Yorkshire family
X0745 2 Letter from Donna Sand Dd May 14,1988 with corrections to the WHITLOCK24 chart, Rose Parker fam.
X0746 4 Kew Record Office, ship register re Bulstrode Whitlock(1647-1679);Book of Commissioned Sea Officers of R.N. 1660-1815 Vol III Passing certficates re James Bulstrode Whitelock 1812, William Whitelock 1793 & Bulstrode Whitlock 1676; Queens American Infa
X0747 1 Main Line of Les Brown with descent from John & Ann (Light) Whitlock (M1798 Havant, Hants)
X0748 1 Descent from John & Ann (Light) Whitlock from L.Brown
X0749 1 Extract from Friesen Family History with family of Clive Lawrence A. & Judith Elaine (Friesen) Whitlock (M1967 Manitoba, Canada) from Tracy Spears
X0750 2 Pedigree Charts with descent from James & Agnes (Christmas) Whitlock (M1730's Virginia) from Douglas L. Whitlock
X0751 2 Letter from Helen Wuerth Dd May 16,1988 with additions to WHITLOCK1 chart, Kerri Lynn McKinnon b.Apr.30,1988 & Matthew Rae Tooze b.Jan.28,1988
X0752 1 Letter from Judy Ireland Dd Jun.26,1988 re Whitlocks Northampton, England - Ben Whitlock (1850-1930)
X0753 4 1851 census Brackley & Syresham from Judy Ireland
X0754 1 1851 census Islington, London and Compton Pauncefoot Somerset from Maisie Whitelock
X0755 7 Family Group Records with descent from Thomas & Malinda Whitlock (M 1830's Illinois) from D.L.Whitlock
X0756 3 Family Group Record of John & Keturah (Quinn) Whitlock (M1820, Tennessee);1860 & 1870 census Elwood Twp, Vermilion Co, Illinois; 1880 Soundex for Illinois; 1900 Soundex for Pueblo, Colorado; 1910 census for Otero Co., Colorado from Douglas Whitlock
X0757 1 Exeter Cathedral, Roll of Honour WWII re William W. Whitlock died May 14, 1943
X0758 3 Family Group Sheet with descent from Absolom & Susannah Caroline (Corder) Reager (M1828 Halifax, Va) two letters re Reager family from Dora DeVaun
X0759 2 Letter from John & Vickie Smith Dd Aug.5, 1988 with descent from Harvey Whitlock (M1850's? U.S.A.)
X0760 1 Washington Co., Tennessee Wills from Betty Whitlock
X0761 2 Additional information re John & Elizabeth (Taylor) Whitlock (M1670's London) Stationer of London and possible brother to the James Whitlock of Virginia?
X0762 1 1891 census Halton Co., Esquesing Tp re Isaac s.of Thomas & Ann (Whitlock) Whitlock from David Jackson
X0763 1 1851 census Northampton; St.Sepulchre, Northampton parish registers; Stoke Bruerne parish register extract from Margaret Bowman
X0764 1 Letter from Wilma Whitelock Dd Aug.15,1988 re birth of Michael Graeme Whitelock Aug.2,1988
X0765 3 Letter from Sylvia Mort Dd Aug.11,1988 re additions to WHITLOCK8 chart, Whitlocks of Essex
X0766 1 Monumental Inscriptions, St.Andrew's, Great Yeldham Essex from Sylvia Mort
X0767 1 Monumental Inscriptions, Little Yeldham, Essex from Sylvia Mort
X0768 1 Monumental Inscriptions, St.Margaret of Antioch, Toppesfield, Essex from Sylvia Mort
X0769 2 Descent from Robert Randolph & Frances America (Beadle) Whitlock (M1833 Tennessee) from Carol Harner
X0770 1 Obit of Jesse Whitlock from Ithaca Daily Journal, Jun.6,1901 from Mileta Kilroy
X0771 1 Extracts from Deal, Kent parish reg. from Tom Woods
X0772 2 Children of Foster Smith & Sarah Arilla (Clink) Whitlock from Carol Harner
X0773 2 Family Record by Clyde Whitlock May 24,1942 from Carol Harner
X0774 1 Aldworth, Berkshire re De la Beche effigies from Jim Whitelock
X0775 1 Notes on Whitlock research found at the Berkshire Record Office from Jim Whitelock
X0776 1 Entries re William Whitlock of Badbury 1390's from Jim Whitelock
X0777 1 1851 Census Witney, Oxfordshire plus note re James Whitlock (1570-1632) owning land at Cogges, Oxfordshire 1609 from Kevin Dowd/Lucy Hamid
X0778 1 Hunts Marriage Index 1754-1837, Woolley, Spaldwick, Barham & Buckworth, Hunts extracts from Kevin Dowd
X0779 1 Bedford PR's extracts from Kevin Dowd
X0780 1 Bedford Methodist extracts, Luton & Northants entries from Kevin Dowd
X0781 1 Main Line of Ruth Estes Ernst with descent from Thomas K. & Dicey Elizabeth (Brogan) Whitlock
X0782 1 Pedigree Chart with descent from Thomas K. & Dicey Elizabeth (Brogan) Whitlock from Bonnie Mae Upton
X0783 1 Letter from Stephanie Matich Dd Sep. 1988 re marriage of Robert Tucker & Charity (Whitelock) Spark at St. Mary's Arches, Exeter, Devon 3.12.1823
X0784 1 Main Line of Janis Kirby with descent from James Whitlock (1750?-1820) of Essex?, England
X0785 1 Misc entries, London, Kent, 1851 Census Yorkshire from Janis Kirby
X0786 3 Buckinghamshire PR extracts, 1841 Census Bucks descent from Abraham Whitelark of Ellingdon, Northants Mar. Margaret Harney 1726 from Iris Brant
X0787 1 Whitelock of Plymouth from Maisie Whitelock
X0788 2 Letter from Dora DeVaun Dd Sep.16,1988 re Robert Franklin Whitlock of Statesville, Wilson Co., Tenn.
X0789 1 Extracts from the Exeter, Ontario Cemetery including Johns, Whitlock, Allison, Westaway, Ford & Brook
X0790 1 Letter from H. Rex Whitlock Dd Oct.13,1988 re corrections to the Essex Whitlocks chart
X0791 4 Descent from John & Agnes (DelaBech) Whitlock with possible connections to the James Whitlock of Virginia by Johni Cerny from Billye O. Jenkins
X0792 1 Descent from John & Agnes (DelaBech) Whitlock with possible places James Whitlock of Virginia could connect (3 Jun 1980) from Billye O. Jenkins
X0793 9 Research Report by United Ancestries Dd Nov.5,1984 re James Whitlock of Virginia from Billye O. Jenkins
X0794 7 Research Report by United Ancestries Dd Sep.5,1985 re James Whitlock of Virginia from Billye O. Jenkins
X0795 4 Pedigree Charts with descent from James & Margaret Whitlock (M1690s, Virginia) from Billye O. Jenkins
X0796 3 Family Group sheets descent from Charles & Esther Whitlock of Albemarle Co., Virginia from B. Jenkins
X0797 1 Descent from John & Agnes (Planner) Whitlock with connection to Thomas Whitlock (1658-1678) of Rappahannock Co., Virginia from Billye O. Jenkins
X0798 3 1861 Census Cheshire, Glossop from S.E. Whitlock
X0799 2 Letter from S.E. Whitlock Dd Oct.10,1988 re connection of Whitlocks of Cheshire to Whitlocks of Buckingham
X0800 1 Main Line of Elaine Hall Radosevic with descent from Jeremiah & Delila (Eaton)(Holderfield) Whitlock (M1855) & 1850-1870 Census, Illinois, Williamson Co.
X0801 1 Letter from John R. Whitlock Dd Oct.23,1988 re firm of Sneedon and Whitlock, Greenport, Long Island and William Whitlock (1570-1597) who served with Sir Francis Drake
X0802 2 Letter from Jim Whitelock Dd Oct.7,1988 re various 15th and 16th Century Whitlocks of Devon
X0803 1 Whitlocks in the 1300's, Silton & Badbury, Dorset from Jim Whitelock
X0804 2 Letter from Marcella S. Whaley Dd Nov.4,1988 re family of Nehemiah & Anna (Knapp) Whitlock (M1750's)
X0805 2 Family Group Sheet with descent from Thomas & Joane Whatlock (M1560's Suffolk) from Douglas L. Whitlock
X0806 2 Family Group Sheets with descent from Thomas & Malinda (Shirk) Whitlock (M1833) from D. L. Whitlock
X0807 1 Family Group Sheet with descent from John & Keturah (Quine) Whitlock (M1820) from Douglas L. Whitlock
X0808 1 Illinois, Vermilion Co. marriages 1840-1860 plus two from 1870's from Douglas L. Whitlock
X0809 2 List of grandchildren mentioned in wills of Thomas Whitlock 1878 & John Whitlock 1887 from D.L. Whitlock
X0810 1 Extracts from Faversham, Kent parish register 1620- 1773; Marriage of S. Whitelock at Kirby Underdale Nov.29,1831 from Janis Kirby
X0811 4 Pedigree charts of Connecticut families - Joseph Whitlock (1718-1758), Josiah Whitlock (1726-1769) & Oliver Whitlock (1728-??) from Mileta Farr Kilroy
X0812 1 Letter from Art & Jean Whitlock Dd Dec. 1988 re birth of Justin Eric Schadlich Nov.28,1988
X0813 4 Pedigree charts with descent from James & Frances Whitlock (M1710's) from David L. Preston
X0814 1 Main Line of Douglas Lee Whitlock with descent from Thomas & Joane Whatlock (M1560)
X0815 1 Card from Howard & Lynda Whitlock re birth of Marshall Francis Jacob Whitlock Nov.30,1987
X0816 1 Card from Vera Whitelock re birth of Tom Whitelock Apr.16,1987 to Paul & Jeryl Whitelock
X0817 2 Letter from Cicely Strutt Dd Dec.19,1988 re deaths of husband, brother and sister in 1988
X0818 2 Letter from Denise Wilson Dd Dec.29,1988 re birth of Alfred Thomas Henry Whitlock Sep.22,1896 & marriage of Alfred Henry Whitlock & Mary Jeanetta Taylor Dec. 3,1892 at Portsea, Hampshire
X0819 1 Letter from Ian Gardner Dd Jan.8,1989 re birth of Eliza Whitelock Aug.7,1850 at Clerkenwell; 1851 census, Thorpe, Surrey
X0820 1 Additions to WHITLOCK10 chart from Carol P. Harner
X0821 1 1881 census Thorold, Ontario; 1900 census Alameda Co California from Vona Smith
X0822 1 Birling, Kent parish records May 5, 1561 John Wheitlocke, buried - from Tom Woods
X0823 2 Letter from Shirley A. Smith Dd Jan.11,1989 with descent from Wm & Hannah (Hinton) Whitlock (M1861)
X0824 1 St.Mary's, Ealing parish records 1772-1835 re family of Mark & Elizabeth (Living) Whitlock (M1772) from Gordon Whitlock
X0825 1 Letter from Gordon Whitlock Dd Jan.13,1989 re Whitlocks of Ealing, London
X0826 1 Letter from D.H. Pearce Dd Jan.14,1989 re Whitlocks of Sheffield in Australia
X0827 1 Copy of Rankin Brothers & Sons letter Dd Aug.17,1988 showing directors Colin Whitelock Rankin & John Whitelock Rankin from John R. Whitlock
X0828 3 Letter from Mary I. Whitelock Dd Jan.19, 1989 with updates to WHITLOCK27 chart
X0829 1 Index of Whitelocks in Naval records at Public Record Office, Kew from Maisie Whitelock
X0830 2 Letter from David Addis Dd Jan.24,1989 re co-author of "The Far Distant Oxus", Pamela Whitlock born @1920
X0831 1 Family Group sheet for Isaac & Esther (Morgan) Whitlock (M1840s) from William A. Ford
X0832 1 Letter from Ron Thompson Dd Jan.25,1989 re family of Asa & Nancy (Todd) Whitlock of S.C. & Alabama 1800's
X0833 2 Copy of letter to Bonnie Davis Dd Jun.30,1982 re family of Thomas K. Whitlock of Tennessee
X0834 1 1820 US census Bowen, Warren Co., TN; Halifax Co., VA marriages 1780-1800 from Bonnie Davis
X0835 1 Letter from Bonnie Davis Dd Feb.1989 re family of Thomas K. Whitlock of Tennessee
X0836 1 Family Chart with descent from Samuel & Caroline (Hurd) Whitlock (M1849) from Mattie Ruth Whitlock
X0837 1 Letter from Mattie Ruth Whitlock Dd Jan.3,1989 re descent from Benjamin R. & Amanda Caroline (Sandidge) Whitlock (M1834)
X0838 1 Letter from David Addis Dd Feb.13,1989 re Pamela Whitlock mentions letters 1934 to 1936 to A. Ransome
X0839 3 Letter from Iris Brant Dd Feb.15,1989 re Whitlocks of Worcestershire & Herefordshire; 1851 census Bromyard, Herefordshire; marriages St.Martin's, Worcester; 1871 census Tibberton, Worcestershire; Syresham, Northamptonshire parish registers
X0840 1 1851,1861 & 1881 census' Cotheridge, Worcestershire from Iris Brant
X0841 1 Worcestershire parish register extracts, Doddenham, Wichenfold & Broadwas; plus Shobdon, Herefordshire, Cotheridge, Worcs., St.Nicholas, Birmingham & Knightwick extracts from Iris Brant
X0842 1 Extract from "County Guide of Buckingham" re Stowe, Buckingham from Iris Brant
X0843 1 1891 Census, Canada, Assiniboia East, Qu'appelle re George & Mary Whitlock from David Jackson
X0844 3 Letter from Dora DeVaun Dd Feb.25,1989 re Marriage Bonds & Ministers Returns of Halifax Co. Va 1753-1800
X0845 33 Family Group Sheets with descent from William & Christiana (Derryberry) Whitlock (M1835?) from Ruby Pantalone
X0846 3 Oregon Marriage Index 1971-1986; 1850-1880 Oregon Census extracts from Ruby Pantalone
X0847 5 Oregon Death Index 1903-1987 from Ruby Pantalone
X0848 2 Letter to Chuck Rockett from Donald Ledford Dd Jul. 25,1983 re Ervin & Mary (Abney) Whitlock (M1848?)
X0849 1 Letter from Daniel L. Galiher Dd Mar.26, 1989 re Whitlocks of Virginia chart (W10)
X0850 1 Letter from Thomas & Evelyn Tatum Dd Mar. 1989 re A.J. & Sarah (Whitlock) Parker (M1876)
X0851 2 Descent from Edward & Sophia (Bradley) Whitlock (M1835) of Sheffield, Eng. from Douglas Whitlock
X0852 1 Descent from Abraham & Rosana (Whitlock) Shrodes (M1824) of Virginia from June Lutz
X0853 1 British Naval Service entries 1860-1890 from Maisie Whitelock
X0854 6 Letter from Betty Whitlock Dd Mar.18,1989 re Tennessee Marriage and Census records
X0855 4 Letter from Jim Whitelock Dd Mar.29, 1989 re Richard (Roger?) Whytlock of Okehampton 1437
X0856 1 Whitelocks in the Old Delmer Cemetery, Oxford Co., Ontario, Canada from Fay Bailey
X0857 3 Corrections to Whitlock19 chart from Wilma Whitelock
X0858 1 Decent from Abraham & Rose (Whitlock) Parker (M1644) from Lorraine Woolley White
X0859 1 Northampton F.H.S. Journal, Footprints Sep. 1979 & Mar. 1980 re Richard Hutchins Whitelock; Hannah Whitelark of Raunds from Margaret Bowman
X0860 2 Kent parish register extracts, Chevening, Higham, Bexley, Wrotham, Eynsford & Sutton-at-Hove fr T.Woods
X0861 1 Letter from Evelyn Tatum re 1880 census Moore Co., Tn
X0862 1 Corrections to Whitlock19 chart from Wilma Whitelock
X0863 1 1851 census extract Paddington, London fr Kevin Dowd
X0864 1 Index of Probate Records of the Archdeaconry of Suffolk 1444-1700 from Kevin Dowd
X0865 1 Letter from Ray Skinner Dd May 12,1989 re Whitelocks of Pickering, Yorkshire
X0866 1 Miami Co., Ohio Marriage Records from Donna Sand 867/5 1905 Scotts Mills, Marion Co., Oregon Census from Donna Sand
X0868 4 Some Whitlock items from the Silverton (Ore) Appeal 1893-1908 (not complete) from Donna Sand
X0869 1 Letter from Dora DeVaun Dd May 3, 1989 re 1820 & 1830 North Carolina Census'
X0870 3 Children of Joseph & Hannah (Whitlock) Baldwin (M163-?) from Don Gilbert
X0871 2 Letter from Ruby Pantalone Dd Apr.18,1989 re Additions to Whitlock10 chart
X0872 3 Family history notes re Whitlock10 chart from Ruby Pantalone
X0873 1 Descent from Elisha & Fanny Whitlock (M1846) of Pitton, Wiltshire from Ivor Whitlock
X0874 3 Letter to Evelyn Tatum from Betty Whitlock Dd May 20 1989 re family of Jackson Whitlock of Moore Co. TN
X0875 1 South Stoneham, Hampshire parish record extracts 1779-1836 from Maisie Whitelock
X0876 1 Letter from Lois McCracken re family of George & Jane (Pickering) Whitelock (M1861)
X0877 1 Letter from Barbara Ferguson Dd Jun.20,1989 re Whitlocks of Missouri. Frank b.1861, Laura Ann b.1878 Gracie b.1882, Luther b.1886?, William ?, Lucy ?
X0878 15 Descent from Melkiah & Uzetta (Whitlock) Conrad (M1834) from Mileta Farr Kilroy
X0879 1 Letter from Mileta Farr Kilroy Dd Jun.15,1989 re probate records of Edgar M. Whitlock, d.1918 France
X0880 1 1861 Census, Ontario, Cobourg re George & Maria Whitlock from David Jackson
X0881 2 Letter to Mr. Brown from Ralph Whitlock Dd Jan.22, 1987 re Whitlocks of Pitton, Wiltshire
X0882 1 Letter from Nigel B. Creswell Dd Jul.5,1989 re descent from George Thomas & Elizabeth Anne (Gale) Whitlock of Pitton, Wiltshire & New Zealand
X0883 1 Letter from Ian Gardner Dd Jun.27,1989 re 1851 Census West Middlesex, 1871 Census London, C Ayton, 1851 Census, St. Mary Paddington (index entries only)
X0884 1 Letter from Ron Thompson Dd Jul.13,1989 re Whitlocks of Marengo Co., AL, Lauderdale Co., MS - Wm. Asa W.
X0885 2 Letter from Margaret Hoagland Dd Jul.10,1989 re Descent from Benjamin & America Ludella (Whitlock) Herndon (M1880)
X0886 2 Descent from Robert & Laura Ann (Whitlock) Monroe (M1896) Laura d.of John & Eliz. (Williams?) Whitlock from Barbara Ferguson
X0887 7 Updates to the WHITLOCK27 chart, Whitelocks of Yorkshire #2 from Lois McCracken
X0888 1 Descent from Robert Davis & Elizabeth (Whitelock) Reid (M1882) of Olds, Alberta from Lois McCracken
X0889 2 Descent from John & Catherine (Foster) Whitelock (M1835) from Lois McCracken
X0890 2 Letter from Aubrey Mansfield Dd Jul.16,1989 re wills at PRO 1762-1766
X0891 2 Letter from Helen Kinsey Dd Jul.21.1989 re marriages Feb.8,1775 of Sarah Whitlocks to James Olmstead and John Tean at Wilton and Weston, Connecticut, U.S.A.
X0892 1 Descent from Homerus Benjamin & Harriet (Conrad) Farr (M1857) from Mileta Farr Kilroy
X0893 2 Farr Family Reunions 1987 & 1989 from Mileta Kilroy
X0894 3 Melchia Conrad Family Chronicle fr Mileta Farr Kilroy
X0895 12 Updates to the WHITLOCK36 chart, Whitlock of New Jersey #2 from Mileta Farr Kilroy
X0896 1 Letter from Alberta J. McArthur Dd Aug.9,1989 re Joseph & Hannah (Whitlock) Beers (M1711)
X0897 1 Letter from Raymond Skinner Dd Aug.12,1989 re will of John Whitelock of Baldersby, Yorkshire, d.1556/7
X0898 8 Transcripts of Yorkshire wills 1589-1699 from Raymond Skinner
X0899 4 Five Yorkshire Blacksmiths article for Family Tree Magazine by Raymond Skinner
X0900 2 Letter from Jim Whitelock Dd Aug.5,1989 re Charity Whitelock bp.Aug.2,1799, Plymouth, Devon; Descent from William Henry & Elizabeth Anne (Pascoe) Whitelock (M1878)
X0901 2 Letter from Dora Caple DeVaun Dd Aug.12,1989 re James Pulaski Whitlock & sister Elvira T. Whitlock of Union Co. South Carolina and Calhoun & Dallas Co. AL
X0902 5 Pedigree charts from Helen Kinsey tracing her descent from James & Sarah (Whitlock) Olmstead (M1775) and Robert & Mary (Whitlock) Blodgett (M1598)
X0903 1 Warren,Vigo & Vermilion Co., Indiana Marriages; Will of Ambrose Whitlock (1767?-1863) fr Douglas Whitlock
X0904 1 Letter from Douglas Whitlock Dd Aug.31,1989 re marriage of musician Dave Brubeck & Iola Whitlock 1942
X0905 1 Letter from Les Brown Dd Aug.22,1989 re closing of Whitlock Motors of Cricklewood, London Nov. 1989
X0906 3 Letter from Robert W. Dalton Dd Aug.22,1989 re corrections and additions to WHITLOCK25 chart
X0907 2 Letter from Sylvia Mort Dd Jan.22,1989 re Dodd family on WHITLOCK8 chart (Essex, England)
X0908 4 Yorkshire Whitelock wills from Ray Skinner. John 1748; Jane 1741; Thomas 1781; John 1795
X0909 7 Whitelocks of Yorkshire - family groupings by Ray Skinner covering the 1520's to 1800's
X0910 2 Notes on John Whitlock (1649?-1696) Stationer of London from Tony Lavin
X0911 4 Letter to Jim Whitelock from Richard Bate Dd Jul.18 1989 re Whitelocks of Plymouth, Devon
X0912 4 Two letters c1925 written by Elizabeth Ann (Pascoe) Whitelock to son Frederick Joseph Whitelock from Richard Bate via Jim Whitelock
X0913 2 Index to Numbered Records in the War Dept.Collection American Revolutionary War from Chuck Rockett
X0915 1 Whitlocks of Allegan Co & Martin Twp re Orville, Orville J. & Samuel S. Whitlock from Mileta F. Kilroy
X0916 2 Letter from Maisie Whitelock re 1881 census Cheshunt Hertfordshire re Edward & Louisa Whitlock
X0917 3 Notes by Dora DeVaun re Bacons in Early Virginia County Records
X0918 2 Kentucky Lucketts by Dora DeVaun
X0919 2 Lipscomb notes by Dora DeVaun
X0920 2 Kentucky & Indiana Whitlock notes by Dora DeVaun
X0921 2 Early Marriages of Va, Tn & Ky by Dora DeVaun
X0922 4 Letter from Ivor Whitlock Dd Oct.2, 1989 re marriage of Elisha & Fanny (Roberts) Whitlock at Odstock 1846
X0923 2 Letter from Jim Whitelock Dd Sep.21,1989 re Philip Whitlock bp at Stoke Damerel 1816
X0924 3 Letter from Georgia James Dd Sep.26,1989 re death of brother and sister
X0925 28 Whitlock research cards mainly concerning old Va families from Ruby Pantalone
X0926 13 Family Group Sheets from Lucille Muir re family of Harvey Gilman & Minerva (Abbott) Whitlock (M1830)
X0927 1 Note re Bessie Frances Whitlock b.1923 and address of Louis Ebert from Rosemary Payne
X0928 1 Letter from Lesley Marston Dd Oct.8, 1989 re James & Ann (Worrell) Whitlock of Ealing, Middlesex
X0929 2 Whitlocks of Edmonton, Alberta from Carla Wilson
X0930 5 Letter from Jim Whitelock Dd Oct.16,1989 re Whitelocks of Plymouth, Devon
X0931 2 Letter from Ruby Pantalone Dd Oct.3,1989 re 1850 & 1870 census of Oregon
X0932 3 Notes from Chuck Rockett re Emigrants in Bondage 1614-1775; Obits from Ontario Christian Guardian re Rev.G.O. Whitlock d.1864; Vol. Soldiers 1784-1811 re Ambrose Whitlock; Old Wars Pensioners 1815-1926
X0933 3 1850-1910 census of Indiana; Shelby Co., Missouri marriages; family of James S. & Philura (Malone) Whitlock from Douglas L. Whitlock
X0934 2 Letter from Douglas Whitlock Dd Oct.21,1989 re Brand Whitlock papers; Elmer & Donna N. (Whitlock) Ashmead; John M. & Nancy (Cooberly) Whitlock; Samuel & Orissa L. (Lee) Whitlock
X0935 2 Descent from Philip & Ann (Chope) Whitlock (M1776) at Bideford, Devon from Richard Bate
X0936 2 Wilson Co., Tn Court Records from Dot Waters
X0937 1 Sumner City, Tn Court Records from Dot Waters
X0938 2 Proposed Descent from Thomas & Susannah (Webb) Whitlock (M1788) from Dot Waters
X0939 1 Wilson Co.,Tn Census 1820-1840 from Dot Waters
X0940 1 Descent from Robert & Aggy (Stringer) Whitlock (M1780's) Va or NC from Mary Maxfield via Dot Waters
X0941 1 Guardian Settlement 1873 re children of Stanhope Whitlock from Dot Waters
X0942 2 Letter from Dot Waters Dd Oct.20,1989 re family of Thomas K. Whitlock of Tennessee
X0943 1 Letter from I.L. Williams Dd Nov.6,1989 re 1821 census of Upper Ryde, Isle of Wight
X0944 1 Letter from Chris Docherty Dd Nov.16,1989 re Whitlocks of St.James Southbroom, Devizes, Wilts. 1861 & 1881 census Devizes