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X0945 7 Notes from Chuck Rockett re NJ Newspapers 1780's; Indiana wills 1839-1875; Sullivan Co. Indiana cemetery records; descent from Horace & Bell Whitlock of Bremen, Indiana;1860 census Adams Co., Illinois; Will of Hezekiah Whitlock (1757-1857); Illinois
X0946 1 Letter from Ian Gardner Dd Nov.23,1989 re 1851 census, City of London
X0947 2 Decent from Mark & Elizabeth (Living) Whitlock (M1772) from Lesley Marston
X0948 2 Letter from Lesley Marston Dd Nov.19,1989 re Whitlocks of Australia and New Zealand
X0949 2 Berkeley Co., Va. marriages 1781-1854; History of Hampshire Co., Va.; Nicholas Co., WVa. Cemeteries; Tax Assessments of New Castle Co., Delaware 1816-1817; Wilmington Delaware Directory 1814; Cavaliers & Pioneers - abstracts of Va. land patents & Grants
X0950 2 Revised Roster of Vt Volunteers 1861-66; Vt Pensioners of 1812; Marriages & Deaths from Lynchburg, Va Newspapers 1794-1836; Henrico Co., Va Deeds 1737-1750; Colonial Wills of Henrico Co., Va 1737-1781; Richmond Marriage Bonds 1797-1853; Register of St.Pet
X0951 4 Ms Index of Wills 1800-1900; Marriages & Deaths from Ms Newspapers 1837-1863; Wilderness Road Cemeteries in Ky, Tn & Va; Ga Wills 1733-1860; DeKalb Co. Ga Marriage Records 1840-48; Tombstone Inscriptions of Hall Co., Ga; Cemetery Readings Walton Co., Ga;
X0952 1 Daw, Woodman, McCumber & Ackland updates to WHITLOCK19 Chart plus birth of Mitchell James Gregory Ackland Nov.4,1989 from Wilma Whitelock
X0953 1 Birth of Dustin Kevin Earle Shelton Apr.8,1989 from Lottie Hill
X0954 1 Index of Births, Marriages & Deaths from Sacamento Bee Ca; from Elsa Anderson
X0955 2 Letter from Christopher Docherty Dd Dec.4,1989 re Nimrod 1851 index for Southbroom, Devizes, Wilts; marriages at Southbroom; 1861 census Southbroom; Devizes Cemetery
X0956 2 Index to Abstracts of Old Ninety-Six and Abbeville Dist. S.C. Wills and Bonds; History of Union Co. S.C.; Union Co. S.C. Minutes of the County Court 1785-99; Register of St. Philips Parish, Charleston S.C. 1754-1810; 7500 Marriages from Ninety-Six & Abbev
X0957 1 Quaker records for Va, Cedar Creek now Richmond, Henrico Co. from Douglas L. Whitlock
X0958 1 Whitlock Marriages in Montgomery Co., Indiana from Douglas L. Whitlock
X0959 1 Whitelock deaths from St. Catherine's House index 1866-1871 from Ian Gardner
X0960 1 Bacon, French, Luckett & Lipscomb records in Ky & Tn from Dora DeVaun
X0961 1 Updates to WHITLOCK1 Chart from Jack Whitlock
X0962 5 Genealogical Material in Oregon Donation Land Claims; Portrait & Bio. Album of Lee Co. Iowa; Index to Early Marriage Records of Lancaster Co., Nebraska; Marriages of Adams Co., Ill. 1825-60; 1860 Census Adams Co., Ill.; Alabama Records collected by Jones
X0963 19 1910 Census Prairieton, Vigo Co., Indiana; 1850 Census Indiana; 1860 Census for South Indiana; 1860 Census for North Indiana from Douglas L. Whitlock
X0964 1 Descent from Levi B. & Rena S. (Kingsley) Whitlock (M1814 Vt) from Richard Heinemann
X0965 3 Miami Co., Ohio Births, Marriages & Deaths from Donna Sand
X0966 1 Elmira, N.Y. baptisms 1861-96 from Alma Upsdell
X0967 1 Birth of Nathan Lee Tooze Jul.21,1989 Galt, Ont. from Helen Wuerth
X0968 1 1812 Ancestor Index 1892-1970 from Mileta Kilroy
X0969 2 Letter from John R. Whitlock Dd Dec.31,1989 re Painter/Stainers Guild records 1658-??; Northam Devon Churchyard; Samuel Whitlock Gandy, Vicar of Kingston-on-Thames, Surrey 1817-1852
X0970 1 Descent from William & Jane (Green) Whitlock (M1854 Petrockstow, Devon) from John R. Whitlock
X0971 1 Obit Bideford & North Devon Gazette Jun.13 & 20,1944 re Elizabeth (James) Whitlock from John R. Whitlock
X0972 3 London Marriage Licences 1548-1678; Burial St.Mary's, Dover, Kent 1758; London Liverymen 1792; Holden's Triennial Directory London 1805-7; Devon taxes 1581-1660; Devon Subsidy Rolls 1543-5; Devon Muster Rolls 1569; Whitlock Marine Steering Co. Ltd., Luton
X0973 4 Kent Parish Registers, Faversham, Canterbury, Sheldwich, Throwley, Little Chort; Kent Marriage Licenses; Index to Canterbury Archdeaconry Court Inventories 1564-1638, 1710-1842; Canterbury Consistory Court Testamentary Papers; 1861 Census Devon, Stoke Dam
X0974 3 Pedigree Chart with descent from John Whitlock (d.1659) of Ct from Norris H. Whitlock
X0975 1 Letter from Keith Roberts Dd Jan.11,1990 re Whitelocks of Compton Pauncefoot, Somerset & Australia. James Whitelock b.1824
X0976 1 Letter from Shirley Smith Dd Jan.15,1990 re death of William Whitlock at High Wycombe, Bucks Oct.13,1864
X0977 2 Letter from Mildred G. Starr Dd Jan.10, 1990 re Whitlocks of New Brunswick. Charles & Sarah Jane (Stephenson) Whitlock (M about 1850)
X0978 1 Letter from Jean Whitlock Dd Oct.22,1989 re marriages of Lesley Jean Whitlock & John Robert Nicholson Jan.31,1987 plus Karen Diana (Whitlock) Thompson & Stephen Ross Arthur Apr.2,1988 (W3)
X0979 1 Stanly N.C. Baptist Association Minutes, 1905, page 10 re Brother Lawson Alexander Whitlock (1826-1905) from Shirley W. Brendle
X0980 2 Letter from Chris Docherty Dd Jan.14,1990 re Whitlocks of Rowde, Wilts
X0981 1 Descent from William & Jane (Fry) Prewett of Winterbourn, Wilts (M1710's) from Claude Parsons
X0982 6 Pedigree charts showing descent from Charles & Sarah (Stephenson) Whitlock (M1857? New Brunswick?) from Mildred Starr
X0983 4 Descent from John & Sarah Whitlock (M1680's) of Farley, Wilts from Muriel Allen
X0984 4 Descent from Francis & Sarah (Mendham) Whitlock (M1751) of Farley & Landford, Wilts from M. Allen
X0985 1 Card from Art & Jean Whitlock re marriage of Gerald David Whitlock & Lisa Jayne Anderson Sep.16,1989
X0986 2 Descent from Philip & Ann (Chope) Whitlock (M1776) of Buckland Brewer, Devon from Richard A. Bate
X0987 3 Letter from Jim Whitelock Dd Nov.8,1989 re bp Mar.24,1816 of Philip son of Thomas & Elizabeth (Isaac) Whitlock at Stoke Dameral, Devon
X0988 1 Lieutenant General Sir John Whitelocke from British Empire Vol.6,pp 1964-5 from John R. Whitlock
X0989 1 Bishopsgate Institute notes re Roll of Drapers Co., Passenger and Immigrations lists from J. R. Whitlock
X0990 1 Letter from John R. Whitlock Dd Feb.11, 1990 re 1861 census, Bromley-by-Bow, London; 1881 census Stepney, London
X0991 1 Letter from Patrick M. Kelly re Whitlocks of Victoria, B.C. in 1934
X0992 15 1850,1870 & 1880 census extracts for Missouri; Sullivan Co., Ind. marriages; Missouri marriages; Misc. Tn, Mo & Md entries from Barbara Ferguson
X0993 2 Letter from Iola Brubeck Dd Feb.12, 1990 re William Henry Harrison & Fannie (Oaks) Whitlock of Paskenta, Ca. (W.H.H. Whitlock died at Yountville, Ca 1925)
X0994 2 Letter from Chris Docherty Dd Feb.20,1990 re Whitlocks of Rowde, Wilts
X0995 3 Letter from Donna Woods re additions to the WHITLOCK10 chart
X0996 1 Letter from Ray Langley Dd Feb.26,1990 re Emily Whitlock born 1857 Hales, Norfolk, England
X0997 3 Letter from Sherman Isbell Dd Mar.2,1990 re Sally Whitlock of St.Clair Co., Al 1830 & daughter Talitha
X0998 5 1830,1840,1850,1860 census Al, St.Clair Co.; 1860 census Al, Dekalb Co. from Sherman Isbell
X0999 1 Descent from Richard & Martha (Gardner) Whitlock (M1780) of Syresham, Northants from Iris Brant
X1000 3 1850 census Mo from Barbara Ferguson
X1001 2 Letter from Mary I. Whitelock Dd Mar.7,1990 with updates to the WHITLOCK.27 chart
X1002 7 1850 census Illinois from Barbara Ferguson
X1003 1 Letter from Barbara Ferguson Dd Mar.9,1990 re Richard P. Whitlock
X1004 62 Five letters from Donna Woods with additions to the WHITLOCK.10 chart
X1005 1 Letter from Olwen Taylor Dd Mar.19,1990 re James & Elizabeth (Whitlock) Hallmark (M1748) of Backford, Cheshire, England
X1006 2 Letter from Eugenie Fellows Dd Mar.22,1990 re Joseph & Hannah (Whitlock) Baldwin (M1636) of High Wycombe, Bucks & Hadley, Mass
X1007 13 Descent from John & ??Whitlock (M1640's) of Ct from James Alyre Whitlock
X1008 3 Letter from Dora DeVaun Dd Mar.31,1990 re Bacon, Lipscomb & Luckett families & Nathaniel B. Whitlock
X1009 4 Letter from Jim Whitelock Dd Mar.28,1990 re deed of John Whitlock of Langtree, Devon, 1721
X1010 15 1841-1881 census Plymouth, Devon from Jim Whitelock
X1011 1 Extract from Huguenot Trails, Vol.XI, No.3, 1978 re William S. & Rebecca Smith (Fanshaw) Whitlock (M1837) of New York from Margaret Sharon
X1012 3 Letter from Marianne Whitlock Dd Apr.5,1990 re Whitlocks of Chelsea, London.
X1013 1 Letter from Madalene B. White Dd Apr.13,1990 re Charles & March (Whitlock) Scott (M1780's?) of N.C.?
X1014 1 Letter from Margaret Christensen Dd Apr.17,1990 re John & Martha (Whitlock) Arnold (M1760's?) of Halifax Co., Va ?
X1015 1 History of Vigo Co., Indiana re Malone family; Edgar Co., Illinois marriages from Douglas L. Whitlock
X1016 1 Vermillion Co., Indiana marriages & deaths from Douglas L. Whitlock
X1017 1 Letter from Eugenie Fellows Dd May 4, 1990 re descendants of Hannah (Whitlock) Baldwin plus Whitlocks of Bucks, England
X1018 4 Letter from Marian F. Warren Dd May 3,1990 re Thomas Whitlock son of Mary (Smith) Whitlock daughter of Humphrey Smith of Va
X1019 8 Whitlock Family History with descent from George & Abigail (Brand) Whitlock (M1744) of Ottery St. Mary, Devon from Jeremy Archer
X1020 1 Descent from William & Harriet (Turner?) Whitlock (M1821) of Chelsea, Middlesex from Marianne Whitlock
X1021 4 Descent from James Frederick & Harriet Frances (Gunn) Whitlock (M1839) of Chelsea from Marianne Whitlock
X1022 4 Letter from Marianne Whitlock Dd May 20,1990 re Whitlocks of Chelsea, Middlesex
X1023 1 Note from Marge Kapas re Gordon McKay & Doris (Whitlock) Scott (M1956)
X1024 1 Family of William & Sarah (Varvel) Whitlock (M1830's) of Hales, Norfolk from Ray Langley
X1025 1 Main Line of Ray Langley, descent from William & Sarah (Varvel) Whitlock of Hales, Norfolk
X1026 3 Letter from Jim Whitelock Dd May 15,1990 re Heaman family of Frithelstock, Devon
X1027 2 Letter from Lottie Hill Dd May 30,1990 re death of Dorothy Hill Jan.29,1990, birth of Ellen Anne Hondl Jan.15,1990 & Shane Timothy Forsythe Apr.28,1990 plus marriage of Gwen Allard & John Siple Jun.2,1990 and Douglas Hill & Vivian Collins Apr.21,1990
X1028 3 Letter from Ron Thompson re family of William Asa & Nancy (Todd) Whitlock (M1820's) of S.C.
X1029 2 Ancestor Chart with descent from John & Martha (Whitlock) Arnold (M1760's) of N.C. from Margaret Christensen
X1030 2 Letter from Margaret Christensen Dd May 17, 1990 re Arnolds of Halifax Co., Va
X1031 2 Church records of Mark & Elizabeth (Living) Whitlock (M1772) of Ealing, London from Howard P. Whitlock
X1032 2 Descent from Mark & Elizabeth (Living) Whitlock (M1772) of Ealing, London from Howard P. Whitlock
X1033 1 Letter from Howard P. Whitlock Dd Apr.20,1990 re Whitlocks of Ealing, London
X1034 2 Letter to John R. Whitlock from Ethel Lewis Myers Dd April 5,1990 re General John Whitelocke & Lewis family
X1035 4 Whitlock extracts from the 1850 US census of Michigan from Douglas L. Whitlock
X1036 2 Letter from Lottie Hill Dd Jun.18,1990 re birth of Dorothy (Clark) Hill May 29,1918
X1037 3 Family Group Record of James & Rebecca Whitlock and Peter & Temperance (Whitlock) Apple (M1860's) of Illinois from Judi Vermilion
X1038 1 Children of Norman Sinclair & Vera Catherine (Lyddon) Whitlock (M1932) of London from Marianne Whitlock
X1039 1 Miscellaneous London entries from Marianne Whitlock
X1040 4 Letter from Marianne Whitlock Dd Jun.26,1990 re Whitlocks of Chelsea, London
X1041 1 Marriage of William Whitlock & Harriot Turner Sep.22,1821 at St.James, Westminster, Middlesex from Marianne Whitlock
X1042 1 1861 census Chelsea, London re Edward & Jane (Smith) Whitlock from Marianne Whitlock
X1043 1 Letter from Lesley Marston Dd Jul.8,1990 with additions to the WHITLOCK.43 chart the Whitlocks of Ealing, London
X1044 2 Pedigree Chart with descent from Charles & March (Whitlock) Scott (M1790's) of N.C. from Freda Gribbin
X1045 1 Letter from Jackie Little Dd Jul.14,1990 re family of Nathan & Matilda Whitlock (M1860's) of Ky
X1046 2 Letter from Sylvia Mort Dd Jul.25,1990 with updates to the WHITLOCK.8 chart, the Whitlocks of Essex
X1047 4 Letter from Dr.Dorothy E. Long Dd Aug.4,1990 re research by her aunt Grace L. Brush into the WHITLOCK.16 family, the Whitlocks of New Jersey
X1048 1 Children of Nathan & Matilda (Purdom) Whitlock (M1850's) of Ky from Jackie Little
X1049 1 Letter from Jackie Little Dd Aug.22,1990 re Nathaniel Bacon Whitlock of Ky
X1050 1 Corrections to "Descendants of William Henry Harrison Whitlock" book from Geneva Campbell
X1051 2 Additions to WHITLOCK.01 chart, "The Whitlocks of Langtree, Devon" from Peggy Cohoe
X1052 1 Descent from Thomas & Rebecca (Radford) Whitlock (M1790's) to Kristina Lee Warren from Marian Warren
X1053 1 Index card for microfilm copy of "Descendants of Thomas Whitlock (ca.1620-1703) of New Jersey by Grace L. Brush from Chuck Rockett
X1054 1 Letter from The Monmouth County N.J. Historical Association to Chuck Rockett Dd Aug.8,1984 re research by Harriet Whitlock Bray
X1055 Letter from Ian C. Gardner Dd September 19, 1990 re 1851 census of St.Marylebone, London
X1056 3 Births, Marriages and Deaths from the Farley, Wiltshire, parish registers from Ivor Whitlock
X1057 1 Letter from Sylvia Mort Dd September 19, 1990 re Whitlocks of Ridgewell, Essex
X1058 1 Letter from Maureen Andrew Dd October 5, 1990 re marriage of of Maureen Payne & Kevin Wayne Andrew Mar.30,1974
X1059 1 Letter from Joan DeAngeli Dd October 8, 1990 re Amy (Whitlock) Stevens Headmistress of Hungerford, Wiltshire village school
X1060 2 Letter from James A. Whitlock Dd October 1990 re Solomon Whitlock of York, New Brunswick
X1061 1 Births, Marriages and Deaths from the Archdeacons and Bishops Transcripts for Hardley, Norfolk from Ray Langley
X1062 1 Parish Records of Hales, Norfolk from Ray Langley
X1063 2 1841-1881 census records for Hales, Norfolk from Ray Langley
X1064 4 Letter from Ray Langley Dd October 14,1990 re Whitlocks of Norfolk, England
X1065 1 Extracts from the Bideford Devon Weekly Gazette 1870-1899 from John R. Whitlock
X1066 1 Additions to Whitlock.25 chart from Douglas Whitlock
X1067 1 Birth announcement of Catherine Eileen d.of Douglas & Laura Whitlock born October 3,1990
X1068 6 Letter from Susan Roberts Dd October 28,1990 re family of John & Elizabeth (Kirk) Whitlock (M1808) of Woodbastwick, Norfolk incl Bastardy Bond of Jonathan Landermore & Elizabeth Witlock Apr.7,1783
X1069 3 Letter from Marianne Whitlock Dd Nov.22,1990 re baptisms at St.Lukes, Chelsea
X1070 1 Letter from Tom Junkins Dd Nov.25,1990 re Nancy Anna Whitlock (1867-1893) of Anderson Co., S.C. & Lamar Co., Ala, wife George Washington McDuffie Duncan
X1071 1 Union Co., S.C. cemetery records from Bonnie Upton Davis
X1072 1 Letter from Mileta Farr Kilroy Dd Dec.19,1990 re Index to Indiana wills to 1880; Stanislaus Co., Ca directory 1884/5; History of Tioga, Chemung, Tompkins & Schuyler Counties, N.Y.
X1073 2 Letter from Ian C. Gardner Dd Dec.11,1990 re 1851 census, Paddington, St.Mary & St.John & St.James Clerkenwell
X1074 1 1851 census St.James Clerkenwell from Ian C. Gardner
X1075 1 Whitelock wills at St.Catherine's House 1858-1865 from Ian C. Gardner
X1076 5 Descent from George Washington & Talitha Jane (Whitlock) Hulgan (M1864) of Dekalb Co., Ala from Rev. Sherman Isbell
X1077 2 Note from Wilf Whitlock re birth of Ryan Cameron Whitlock at Vancouver Dec.29,1989
X1078 1 1990 Supplement to Brown Family History re naming of Whitelock Street in Rosedale, Manitoba from Esme Trotter
X1079 1 Main Line of Arville Heard Corey with descent from Richard & Margarette Whitlock (M1830's) of Robinson, Mo
X1080 1 Letter from Muriel Beach Dd Dec.14,1990 re Whitlock Lumber Company of Drumheller, Alberta
X1081 2 Letter from Merryl S. Wells Dd Dec.28,1990 re John & Jane (Whitlocke) Baber married at St.Michael's, Cornhill, London Apr.16,1601 and Baber family
X1082 3 Descent from Thomas & Anna (Grace) Whitlock (M1827) of Southampton from Elizabeth G. Low
X1083 2 Letter from Elizabeth G. Low Dd Jan.8,1991 re Whitlocks and Cullins of Southampton and the U.S.A.
X1084 2 Letter from Raymond Blight Dd Jan.11,1991 re John & Salanna (Bright) Whitlock (M1827) & John & Hephzibah (Whitlock) Bright, both of Langtree, Devon
X1085 5 Letter from Jim Whitelock Dd Nov.23,1990 re Whitlocks of Alwington, Devon
X1086 1 Letter from Mattie Ruth Whitlock Dd Jan.10,1991 re Samuel & Caroline (Hurd) Whitlock (M1849) of Michigan
X1087 1 Main Line of Mattie Ruth Whitlock with descent from Samuel & Caroline (Hurd) Whitlock (M1849)
X1088 7 Letter from Bonnie Upton Davis Dd Jan.10,1991 re Whitlocks of Texas
X1089 1 Letter from William D. Sawyer Dd Jan.21,1991 re descent from Lesley H. Whitlock of S.C.
X1090 2 Descent from Mark & Ann Frances Warin (Bull) Whitlock (M1863) of London from Mark Peter Whitlock
X1091 1 Letter from Michael J. Stuttle Dd Jan.22,1991 re John & An (Whitlock) Stuttle (M1700) of Boreham, Essex
X1092 1 Letter from Arvilla Heard Corey Dd Jan.28,1991 re Richard & Margarette Whitlock (M1830's) of Robinson, Mo
X1093 2 Letter from Janis Kirby Dd Mar.9, 1990 & Jan.22,1991 re Whitlocks of Kent & Essex
X1094 2 London Directories 1856,1858; Burnham, Essex burials, 1800/1; 1851 census Plymouth, Devon & Willesborough, Kent; Canterbury Consistory Court Inventory 1596-1679; Canterbury Archdeaconry Court Guardian Register 1616+; Kent early rolls among Quarter Session
X1095 2 Descent from William & Christiana (Derryberry) Whitlock (M1835?) of Tn from Ruby Pantalone
X1096 1 The Sprig of Shillelagh Vol.1,No.1 re marriage of Robert McCoy & Bessie Whitlock at Portsmouth, Oct.1,1890 from Tom Woods
X1097 1 Letter from Elizabeth Sims to Elizabeth Low Dd Jan.28,1991 re prayer book of Thomas Whitlock 1755 of Witney, Oxon?
X1098 1 Letter from Raymond Blight Dd Jan.30,1991 re Bright family of Langtree, Devon
X1099 2 Descent from Francis Bright (br.1791) of Langtree, Devon from Raymond Blight
X1100 1 The Scottish Genealogist, Vol.XXXVII, Dec.1990 re Col. & Brig-Gen. John Whitelock of Kingston, Jamaica from Mary Hodgson
X1101 1 Main Line of Shirley Brendle with descent from Lawson Alexander & Sarah (Ivey) Whitlock (M1850) of Stanly Co., N.C.
X1102 5 Descent from James & Agness (Christmas) Whitlock (M1730's) through William & Mary (Whitlock) Jones of Simpsonville, S.C. from Fern Dick
X1103 1 Letter from Bonnie Upton Davis Dd Feb.4,1991 re Whitlocks of Tn, incl. Thos K. Whitlock & Jackson (John W.) Whitlock
X1104 3 Whitelock Pedigree with descent from Henry & Mary Ann Tagg (Ady) Whitelock (M1801) of London from Ian C. Gardner
X1105 2 Letter from Ian C. Gardner Dd Feb.7,1991 re Whitelocks of Poplar & Bromley, London
X1106 1 Letter from Todd W. Zimmerman re descent from Rev. John Whitlock (1797-1881) of Warren Co., Tn through Joshua L. Whitlock (1824-1899) of Promise City, Ia
X1107 2 Whitlock Family Tree with descent from Alfred & Susan (Eve) Whitlock (M1854) of Camberwell, Surrey from Jean A. Whitlock
X1108 4 Letter from Jean A. Whitlock Dd March 1991 re updates to WHITLOCK.28 chart, Whitlocks of Armagh Co. Ireland
X1109 1 Main Line of Todd W. Zimmerman, descent from John & Nancy (West) Whitlock (M1815) Wilson Co., TN
X1110 6 Ancestors of Ruth Marilyn Haworth Cummings, descent from John & Keturah (Quine) Whitlock (M1820) from Douglas L. Whitlock
X1111 1 Group record of James S. & Philura (Malone) Whitlock (M1857) from Douglas L. Whitlock
X1112 1 Early Missouri Records re Tarlton Whitlock and A. Whitlock 1812-1820 from Douglas L. Whitlock
X1113 1 Index to Avon Monumental Inscriptions, Part 2, Central Bristol from Pam Shields
X1114 1 Letter from Dorothy Waters re Barbee family of New Mexico
X1115 1 Letter from Virginia Steer re Nancekivell family of Langtree, Devon
X1116 1 Letter from Lee Haynes Dd Feb.16,1991 re death of Mark Whitlock of Pitton, Wilts 1869
X1117 1 St.James Shirley, Southampton, Hants cemetery re Charles & Sophia Whitlock from Pam Shields
X1118 1 Letter from Pam Hallock Dd Mar.27,1991 re Alexander and Mary Whitlock (M1887) of Thurston, Pennsylvania
X1119 2 Letter from Mary I. Whitelock Dd Mar.23,1991 re additions to WHITLOCK.27 chart
X1120 2 Letter from Jean A. Whitlock Dd Mar.16,1991 re additions to WHITLOCK.28 chart
X1121 1 Letter from Michael T. McGovern Dd Apr.4,1991 re descent from Christopher & Susan Whitlock (M1640's) of St.Nicholas, Deptford, London
X1122 6 Letter from Dot Waters re Brogan, Patton and Thomas K. Whitlock families of TN; Children of John & Elizabeth Brogan (M1790's)
X1123 5 Letter from Dot Waters Dd Apr.3,1991 re Barbee family and children of Doctor Franklin Whitlock; Descent from William Alexander & Lavina Elender (Patton) Whitlock (M1860)
X1124 1 Wills at Somerset House, London 1883 Index from Marianne Whitlock
X1125 1 Letter from Lee Haynes Dd Apr.12,1991 re 1861 census Pitton, Wilts
X1126 2 Letter from Michael T. McGovern Dd Apr.24,1991 re Whitlock baptisms at St. Nicholas, Deptford, London
X1127 1 Letter from Ruth Ernst re family of Thomas Green & Susan (Johnson) Whitlock (M1871) of Wilson Co., TN
X1128 1 Letter from Muriel Beach Dd Mar.2,1991 re Whitlock Lumber Yard at Oyen, Alberta
X1129 8 Family Group Sheets from Marilyn Haworth Cummings re Haworth & Golden families; Descent from Charles & Esther Whitlock (M1750's) of Albemarle Co. Va
X1130 1 Descent from Robert & Elizabeth Whitlock (M1720's) of Pitton, Wilts from Sue Clives
X1131 4 Family Group Sheets for children of Duane & Martha Content Joy (Morton) Whitlock (M1903) from Iola Ebendorf
X1132 1 Letter from Dot Waters Dd Apr.23,1991 re children of Mitchell Whitlock of Wilson Co., TN
X1133 3 Notes from Dot Waters on Whitlocks of Wilson Co. TN
X1134 3 Map of Statesville, TN showing various Whitlock and relatives' farms from Dot Waters
X1135 1 Notes from Todd Zimmerman on family of Marion & Ola Whitlock of Wayne Co., Iowa
X1136 1 Letter from Michael T. McGovern Dd May 8, 1991 re Whitlocks of St.Nicholas, Deptford, London
X1137 3 Family Group Records re family of Allen Whitlock of Vermilion Co., Ill from Douglas L. Whitlock
X1138 2 Letter from Douglas L. Whitlock Dd May 8, 1991 re Whitlocks of Colorado
X1139 2 Pedigree Chart with descent from James & Sophrenia (Sarf) Whitlock of Quincy Adams Co., Ill (M1872) from Valerie Manley
X1140 1 Letter from Lorraine Keith Dd May 17, 1986 re Erwin Whitlock of Licking Co., Ohio
X1141 1 Letter from Joan M. Fryer re family of Isaac & Augusta (Whitlock) Noyce (M1828) of Pitton, Wilts and family of William Lane & Matilda (Moody) Bast with connections to New Zealand
X1142 1 Letter from David Whitlock Dd May 24,1991 re family of Alfred & Susan (Eve) Whitlock (M1854) of London
X1143 1 Letter from Todd Zimmerman Dd May 22, 1991 re family of Marion Whitlock of Iowa
X1144 7 Children of Joshua Luster & Sarah (Lemon) Whitlock (M1840's) of Iowa from Todd Zimmerman