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X1345 1 Direct line of Mary Cecil Whitlock Cordell from Robert & Agnes (Alford) Whitlock (M1762) Goochland, Va
X1346 7 Letters from the Tom Roach papers from Mary Cecil Cordell
X1347 9 Roane Co., Tn marriages and deeds from Mary Cecil Cordell
X1348 1 Letter from James K. Jeffrey re descent from James & Frances Whitlock (M1700?) of Hanover Co., Va
X1349 1 Burials Woolfardisworthy, Devon 1739-1758 & Charity Whitlock at Britford, Devon 1699; 1861 census Hounslow, Middx re Mary Whitlock b.Ealing, Middx; 1851 census Norwood, Middx re Frederick Whitlock b. Ealing, Middx from Beryl Metherell
X1350 21 Titherleigh, Balkwill and Risdon research (Devon) from Nell Balkwill
X1351 2 Letter from Donna Coutts Dd Aug.30,1992 re Whitlocks of Birmingham, Warwickshire
X1352 2 Descent from Thomas & Mary (Cush) Haynes (M1759) of Pitton, Wilts, from Lois Comeadow
X1353 2 Hants births and marriages, Vernham Dean, Broughton, Andover & Hurstbourne Tarrant from Angela Lyon
X1354 1 Letter from Mary Joyce Funk Dd Sep.1,1992 re descent from Joshua Luster Whitlock
X1355 2 Family Group Sheets with descent from Steven & Sarah (Thorn) Whitlock (M1854) Hants from Jennie Andrews
X1356 1 Letter from Allan F. Hull Dd Sep.4,1992 re Wakeman & Rhoda (Whitlock) Hull (M1770's) of Conn
X1357 2 Letter from James K. Jeffrey re James & Sarah (Whitlock) Hunt (M1720's) of Hanover Co., Va
X1358 3 Letter from Peter John Whitlock Dd Sep.6,1992 re 1851 census Clifton & North Aston, Oxfordshire
X1359 1 The Whitlock Family Tree, descent from Thomas & Sarah (Harris) Whitlock (M1840's) of Oxfordshire from Peter John Whitlock
X1359A 1 Letter from Mavis Porter Dd Sep.17,1992 re Anthony Edwin Whitlock of Winterlow, Wilts
X1360 1 Extracts from the Bideford [Devon] Weekly Gazette 1892-1904 from John R. Whitlock
X1361 2 Letter from Allan F. Hull Dd Sep.19,1992 re Wakeman & Rhoda (Whitlock) Hull (M1770's) of Conn
X1362 4 Letter from Marianne Whitlock Dd Sep.21,1992 re Whitlocks of Chelsea, London plus Hants marriage licences
X1363 1 Letter from Geneva Campbell Dd Sep.23,1992 re updates to WHITLOCK.10 chart
X1364 3 Whitlock & Christmas families of Henrico Co., Va from Karen Jorgensen
X1365 1 Letter from John E. Ernest re descent from Ralph & Lucy Ann (Whitlock) Wingfield (M1805) of Hanover Co., Va
X1366 1 Additions to the Whitlocks of Birmingham, Warwickshire, WHITLOCK.74 chart from Donna E. Coutts
X1367 1 Letter to Donna E. Coutts from Gerri Mason Dd Jun.29,1992 re Elmwood Cemetery, Winnipeg, Manitoba
X1368 12 1850 Census Va from Barbara Ferguson
X1369 5 Family Group Sheets with descent from Steven & Sarah (Thorn) Whitlock (M1854) Hants from Jennie Andrews
X1370 1 Descendants of Ebenezer Swan & Hannah & Mary Whitlock of New Brunswick, Canada (M1814&1829) from Gerry Gower
X1371 2 Letter from Gerry Gower Dd Oct.12,1992 re Forest City Cemetery, Portland, Me
X1372 1 Misc information re Ouseley family; William Charles Whitlock of Sholing, Hants; William Whitlock, Goldsmith of Clerkenwell, London
X1373 7 Hull family of Conn from Allan F. Hull
X1374 4 Letter to Allan F. Hull from Phyllis Hughes Dd Dec.7,1991 re Wakeman Hull and Rhoda Whitlock
X1375 2 Virginia Magazine of History & Biography Vol.98, 1990 re Charles E. Whitlock, President of Planters Bank of Richmond (Va); Vol.99, 1991 re Kenneth Whitlock Student at Chandler School 1955-1967; Theatre Survey Vol.XIII,2 re Elizabeth Kemble Whitlock of Cha
X1376 2 North Carolina Land Grants Recorded in Greene Co. Tn; Obituaries & Marriages from Early Tennessee Newspapers 1794-1851; 35,000 Tennessee Marriage Records and Bonds 1783-1870; Greene Co. Tennessee Marriages 1783-1868 from Gwen Hurst
X1377 3 Letter from Eileen Wheway Dd Oct.30,1992 re Whitlocks of Portsea, Hants
X1378 2 Letter from Sue Clives Dd Oct.25,1992 re bapt. of Phebe Whitlock at Pitton, Wilts Jan.8,1769
X1379 1 Woolwich [Kent] & District FHS #46 June 1992 re index to 1841 census, Greenwich
X1380 1 Descent from John & Sarah Whitlock (M1660's) of Pitton, Wilts from William Whitlock
X1381 4 The Whitlock Family Tree, descent from Francis & Sarah (Mendam) Whitlock (M1751) of Landford, Wilts from William Whitlock
X1382 6 Notes on the 1860 and 1900 census' of Louisa Co., Va from Lucy Atkins
X1383 4 Letter from Gwen Broad Dd Nov.6,1992 re Copp, Daniel, Fursman, Smale & Whitlock families of Devon & Cornwall
X1384 1 Christmas newsletter from Arvilla Corey re birth of granddaughter Joanna Rae June 29 (W25 chart)
X1385 1 Letter from Gwen Hurst Dd Nov.26,1992 re William Whitlock of Obeys River 1793
X1386 5 Misc notes re Whitlocks of Barbados, Pa., Va., N.J., N.C., Ma., S.C. incl. The British Register of Servants sent to Foreign Palantations 1654-1686 by Peter Wilson Colham 1988; Maryland Marraiges 1634-1777 by Robert Barnes 1978; Virginia Marriage Records b
X1387 1 Letter from Ruth Spalding Dd Nov.25,1992 re Dixon family of Tonbridge, Kent & Little Rollright, Oxford
X1388 2 Letter from Frank Ernest Dd Oct.17,1992 re Lucy Ann Whitlock of Va 1780. Whitlock/Wingfield connection
X1389 3 Descent of John H. & Lucy Ann (Whitlock) Earnest of Hanover Co., Va (M1831) from John E. Ernest
X1390 2 Letter from Beryl Metherell Dd Dec.7,1992 re Whitlocks of Petrockstow, Tavistock, Stoke Canon, Devon; Harold & Debbie (McDonald) Whitlock, she died 1988 Modesto, Ca
X1391 4 Family Group Sheet re family of Jennie Andrews of N.S.W., Australia from Jennie Andrews
X1392 1 Misc British military Whitlock references 1914-1918 from Merryl Wells
X1393 2 Letter from John R. Whitlock Dd Dec.12,1992 re Heaman family of Frithelstock, Devon
X1394 5 1840-1870 census' Lycoming Co., Pa; 1810 census Luzerne Co., Pa from Chuck Rockett
X1395 1 Muncy Cemetery, Lycoming Co., Pa from Chuck Rockett
X1396 1 Letter from Lorna Driver re Whitlocks of Birmingham, Warwick re death of her mother, Dorothy Jul.13,1989
X1397 1 Letter from Doris Spencer re Barrett & Cour Barron families of Ca.
X1398 4 Letter from Todd Zimmerman Dd Dec.21,1992 re descendants of Rev. John Whitlock (1797-1881) of Tn
X1399 2 Letter from Dianne Sutton Dd Jan.7,1993 re descent from Isaac & Mary (Hatwood) Whitlark (M1754) of Wavendon, Bucks
X1400 1 Family Group Sheet re Benjamin & America L. (Whitlock) Herndon (M1880) of Warren Co., Tn by Margaret Hoagland via Todd Zimmerman
X1401 1 Letter from Allan Mitchell Dec.25,1992 re Samuel & Abigail (Whitlock) Coley (M1814) of Norwalk, Conn
X1402 1 Letter from Nigel Cresswell Dd Dec.16,1992 re Gale/Whitlock families of Pitton, Wilts
X1403 3 The Spy House Museum, [N.J.] newsletter Dd Dec.31,1992 from Gertrude Neilinger, Curator
X1404 2 Letter from Ted Whitlock Dd Jan.6,1993 re Whitlocks of Chelsea
X1405 2 Descent from John Whitlock (d.1845) of Henrico Co., Va; descent from Richard & Virginia (Sweeny) Whitlock (M1847) from Ernestine Dodl
X1406 2 Letter from Jean E. Whitlock Dd Jan.4,1993 re birth of Carly Ann Whitlock Dec.2,1992 (W3 chart)
X1407 1 Additions to the W10 chart from Mary Funk
X1408 3 Letter from Helen Wuerth Dd Jan.8,1993 re birth of a son Mar. 1992 to Stephen & Rosemary Dolman of Vancouver, B.C.
X1409 1 Descendants of Aaron & Abigail (Whitlock) Hull (M1770) of Redding, Conn from Caroline Nielsen
X1410 1 Descendants of Stephen & Hannah (Wakeman) Hull from Caroline Nielsen
X1411 1 Letter from Geneva Campbell Dd Jan.13,1992 re birth of Kylie Louise Whitlock Nov.1,1992, Royal Oak, Oakland Co., Michigan
X1412 1 Letter from Lottie Hill Dd Jan.10,1993 re birth of 30th Great-grandchild, Cassandra Sheila Siple born Dec.21,1992
X1413 2 Misc Whitlock extracts Va., Tn., My., N.J., Barbados, N.C. from Gwen Hurst
X1414 3 Letter from Gwen Hurst Dd Jan.9,1993 re Elizabeth Whitlock of Barbados 1677; Misc Delaware & Pa; Louisa Co., Va marriages 1766-1815 by Joan Colbert Gioe, 1991; Goochland County Virginia Marriages 1730-1810 by Joan Colbert Gioe, 1991
X1415 1 Members' interests from The Second Boat 1982-1988 re descent to Noel Louise (Davis) Ross of N.Y. from Donna Sand
X1416 2 Letter from Beryl Metherell Dd Jan.18,1993 re 1881 census Mitcham, Surrey; 1871 & 1881 census' Northolt, Middlesex
X1417 1 Letter from Wilf Whitlock Dd Jan.16,1993 re birth of Candace Joy Whitlock Aug.22,1992
X1418 1 Descent from John & Elisabeth (Archer) Whitlock (M1849) of Brackley, Northamptonshire from Pauline Elisabeth Whitlock via Mark Peter Whitlock
X1419 1 Additions and amendments to W20 chart, Whitlocks of Oxfordshire from Mark Peter Whitlock
X1420 4 Letter from Mark Peter Whitlock Dd Jan.20,1993 re Whitlocks of Oxfordshire
X1421 2 Letter from Sarah W. Smith Dd Jan.19,1993 re Whitlocks of Union Co., S.C.
X1422 1 Note re R.H. Whitlock & Owenbilt Mills of Marietta, Illinois from Arvilla Corey
X1423 16 Maine vital records 1892-1907 from Gerry Gower
X1424 1 Wiltshire Apprentices and Their Masters 1710-1760 by Christabel Dale, 1961 from Peter F. Whitaker
X1425 2 Letter from Peter F. Whitaker Dd Jan.27,1993 re Whitlocks of N.S.W., Australia and William Whitlock of Narrabeen
X1426 Letter from Sheila & Maurice Pike Dd Feb.3,1993 re baptisms at Ottery St.Mary, Devon
X1427 2 Letter from Ted Whitlock Dd Feb.6,1993 re Whitlocks of Chelsea; obit of George F. Whitlock of Vancouver, B.C. Nov.6,1992
X1428 1 Letter from John R. Whitlock Dd Feb.1,1993 re burials at Bideford, Devon, Philip Whitelock 1820 & John Whitlock 1850
X1429 3 Additions to the W09 chart, the Whitlocks of Connecticut from Marilyn Finke
X1430 1 Ancestors of William Warriner (1672-1738?) from Royal Roots by R.L.Dickson, 1992 re Hannah (Whitlock) Baldwin from Marilyn Finke
X1431 1 Card from Beryl Metherell Dd Feb.2,1993 re Middlesex marriages 1607-1807
X1432 1 Letter from Sylvia Mort Dd Feb.6,1993 re updates to the W08 Chart, The Whitlocks of Essex
X1433 4 Letter from Marian Warren Dd Feb.5,1993 re death of Wayne C. Whitlock May 20, 1992
X1434 2 Letter to Marian Warren from Harold Whitlock Dd Apr.10,1992 re descent from Alfred Whitlock of New York b.Nov.12,1806
X1435 1 Notes from Mercena Whitlock to Marian Warren re Thomas Whitlock of Monmouth Co., N.J. from Kings. Co., N.Y. Early Settlers by Bergen 1881
X1436 2 Misc notes from Gwen Hurst, Tx; Ga; Ky; N.C.; Tn; Va extracts
X1437 1 Letter from Joyce Brown Dd Feb.12,1993 re death of husband A.A.C.W. Brown. Charles died Jan.25,1993.
X1438 3 Letter from Ginny Priestman Dd Feb.14,1993 re Whitelocks of Skelton, Cumberland
X1439 1 Letter to Norris Whitlock from Virginia B. Bepler Dd Feb.5,1993 re John Whitlock of Connecticut (d.1659)
X1440 2 Extracts from "Families of Wilton" by G.E. Hubbard re Whitlock and Whelpley families from Virginia B. Bepler via Norris Whitlock
X1441 2 Letter from Beryl Metherell Dd Feb.15,1993 re extracts from registers of St.Pauls, Clifton, Glocestershire 1891-1899
X1442 1 Letter from Betty J. Adams Dd Feb.17,1993 re children of Harvey Duncan Whitlock of Union Co., S.C. (M1840's)
X1443 2 1851 census Buckland Brewer & Bideford, Devon; 1871 census Shadwell, Stepney & Limehouse, London; misc Kent extracts 1598-1727 from Janis Kirby
X1444 1 Letter from Richard Ralston Whitlock to Dr.Marcellus G. Whitlock of Trenton, S.C. Dd Dec.28,1965 re Harvey Duncan & Sarah (Kitchens) Whitlock of Union Co., S.C. from Sarah W. Smith
X1445 2 Descent from Steven Henry & Nancy (Davis) Whitlock of Greenville Co., S.C. & William Troy & Sarah (Whitlock) Smith from Harry Douglas Smith
X1446 6 Early Scribners of Ct. U.S.A. & N.B. Canada, 1670-1990 by Albert W. Scribner from Glenna Jamieson
X1447 1 Pedigree Chart with descent from Richard & Penelope (Van Princis) Stout (M1630's) to Lydia Bowne who married John Whitlock of N.J. 1758 from Doug Truran
X1448 Family Group Sheet of Samuel & Deidamia (Lyman) Whitlock (M1802) of N.Y. from Linda Stucker
X1449 3 Letter from William D. Lindsey Dd Mar.4,1993 re Thomas & Sarah (Whitlock) Brooks (M1796) of Va & Ky
X1450 1 Letter from Volney W. Steele Dd Mar.4,1993 re Charles Francis Whitlock of N.C. & Monett, Mo
X1451 1 1820 census S.C.; 1860 census Ms from Sarah W. Smith
X1452 1 Misc S.C. Whitlock references from Doug Smith
X1453 1 Letter from Beryl Metherell Dd Mar.5,1993 re Whitlocks of Bristol, Soms, Temple Back Day Industrial School, 1899-1915
X1454 2 Corrections to the Whitlocks of Kalamazoo, Mi family from Marilyn Finke
X1455 2 1850-60 census of Martin, Allegan Co., Mi from Marilyn Finke
X1456 1 Letter from Virginia Bepler Dd Mar.8,1993 re descent from Ephraim & Ann (Whitlock) Lockwood (M1767) Weston, Ct.
X1457 1 Data concerning Hester/Esther Whitlock of Ct who married Legrand Whitney (M1839) NYC from Ann Demsky
X1458 11 Indented chart with descent from Thomas & Susannah (Stock) Whitlock (M1640's) of N.J. from William K. Whitlock
X1459 21 Generation chart for above family from William K. Whitlock
X1460 25 Family Group records with descent from Robert & Martha (Nance) Whitlock (M1790'?s) of Tn from Mary Cecil Cordell
X1461 3 Letter to Cuma Schofield Dd Mar.25,1982 from Gordon H. Whitlock re Ernest S. & Mary Ellen (Drury) Whitlock (M1905) from Cuma Schofield
X1462 5 Family Group sheets descent from Aaron & Laura (Sanford) Whitlock (M1811) of Mi from Gordon H. Whitlock via Cuma Schofield
X1463 2 Letter to Cuma Schofield Dd Nov.5,1984 from Lester F. French re Whitlocks of Wis. from Cuma Schofield
X1464 1 Extracts from the Prescott [Mn] Journal Jul.25,1863 re death of Ida Frances Whitlock & Polk County [Mn] Press June 1,1872 re marriage of James & Anna (Whitlock) Booth May 21,1872 from Cuma Schofield
X1465 1 Early Georgia Wills and Settlements of Estates, Wilkes County by Sarah Quinn Smith, 1983 re John Whitlock to dau. Polly Jarroll, gift 1794; Marriages of McMinn Co. Tn re marriage of William & Eliza (Smith) Whitlock Aug.26,1858; Cherokee by Blood re Saml.
X1466 6 Family Group sheets descent from Sidney Vincent & Katherine Anne (Cunningham) Whitlock (M1942) of Ia from Iola Ebendorf
X1467 1 Letter from Beryl Metherell Dd Mar.31,1993 re 1891 census Hillingdon & Yiewsley, Midd, England
X1468 1 Letter from Lottie Hill Dd Mar.21,1993 re death of Norman Easton Dec.1992
X1469 2 Descent from Edward H. & Martha A. (Wells) Whitlock of Dinwiddie Co. Va (M1839) from Elaine Radosevic
X1470 1 Dates of death for Charlotte Agnes (Whitlock) Cour-Barron, Kathleen Hamilton (Cour-Barron) Barrett, Donald Leslie Johnson & Norman McMyn from Doris Barrett
X1471 1 Whitlock Family Tree descent from John & Elizabeth Whitlock (M1770's) of Oxford, England from Peter John Whitlock
X1472 1 Letter from Peter John Whitlock Dd Apr.12,1993 re Whitlocks of Oxford, England
X1473 1 Main Line of George Cleon Whitlock descent from James Whitlock of Va b.1650's from Gladys Whitlock
X1474 7 The Name and Family of Whitlock by The Media Research Bureau, Washington, D.C. from Gladys B. Whitlock
X1475 3 Letter from William D. Lindsey Dd Apr.12,1993 re Thomas Whitlock of Montgomery Co., Va oath of allegiance Sep.6,1776
X1476 12 Family Group Sheets descent from James & Agnes (Christmas) Whitlock of Va (M1740's) from William D. Lindsey
X1477 3 Will & probate of Thomas Brooks of Morgan Co., Ala 1839 from William D. Lindsey
X1478 1 Letter from George M. Whitlock Dd Apr.21,1993 re marriage to Brenda Phyllis Crew Jan.7,1956 at Edmonton, Alta and names of their four children
X1479 1 Letter from Ron Thompson Dd Mar.21,1993 re death of Willie Ethel (Whitlock) Anderson Sep.1992
X1480 2 Letter from Harry Douglas Smith Dd Apr.15,1993 re 1850 census S.C.
X1481 5 1860-1910 census' Anderson Co., S.C. re family of William Troy & Sarah (Whitlock) Smith from Harry Douglas Smith
X1482 1 Misc S.C. Whitlocks from Harry Douglas Smith
X1483 1 War Memorial, Harrod's [London] Employees 1914-18 re Private H. Whitelock (Shipping Dept) Royal Irish Rifles from Marianne Whitlock
X1484 1 Littlebourn, Oxford parish register 1859-1893; Hurst, Berkshire re William Whitlocke 1723 from Marianne Whitlock
X1485 1 Letter from John Ernest Dd Apr.26,1993 re John H. & Lucy Ann (Whitlock) Earnest (M1831) of Hanover Co. Va
X1486 11 Descent from George E. & Stella (Porter) Collison (M1901) of Nebraska from Esther M. Johnson
X1487 3 Descent from John H. & Lucy Ann (Whitlock) Earnest (M1831) of Hanover Co. Va from John E. Ernest
X1488 1 Letter from Harry Douglas Smith Dd Apr.27,1993 re descent from Winfrey & Elizabeth (Boothe) Whitlock (M1790's) of Edgefield Co., S.C.
X1489 1 Descent from John & Sarah Whitlock (M1820's) of S.C. & Ga from Mary Janet Thompson Casey
X1490 1 Huron Co., Ontario Probates 1880-1884 re Isaac Whitlock d.Jun.5,1882 at Exeter, Huron Co., Ontario from Marge Kapas
X1491 4 Extracts from Woodstock, Oxfordshire parish registers from Peter John Whitlock
X1492 1 1851 census Witney, Oxfordshire; marriage of John Whitlock & Elizabeth Lindsey Jun.24,1752 at St.Cross, Oxford, Oxfordshire from Peter John Whitlock
X1493 2 Letter from Peter John Whitlock Dd May 4, 1993 re Whitlocks of Oxfordshire
X1494 24 Whitlocks of South Carolina including descent from Winfrey & Elizabeth (Boothe) Whitlock (M1790's) from Charles Whitlock Nowell
X1495 2 Letter to Harry Douglas Smith from Vivian Toole Cates Dd Apr.20, 1991 re Winfrey Whitlock of S.C.
X1496 2 1850/1860 census extracts for S.C. from Harry Douglas Smith
X1497 1 Letter from Julie Whitlock Dd May 17,1993 re descent from Alfred & Emma (Steer) Whitlock (M1861) of Wiltshire & Australia
X1498 1 Extract from Manchester [Lanc] Genealogist Vol.29 #2 re E.B. Whitlock born Dec.4. Connections to the Tasker & Davenport families from Pam Shields
X1499 1 Letter from Lottie Hill Dd May 19,1993 re death of Norman Easton Dec.15,1992
X1500 1 Isaac Asimov Science Fiction Magazine Nov.1987 re "Roadkill" by Dean Whitlock from Lottie Hill
X1501 63 Descent from Thomas & Sarah (Whitlock) Brooks (M1796) of Wythe Co.?, Va and Ky from W.D. Lindsey
X1502 15 Descent from Charles & Elizabeth (Rea) Whitlock (M1790'S) of Tn from George Cleon Whitlock
X1503 2 Letter from Beryl Metherell Dd May 18,1993 re Henry Whitlock of Ashreney, Devon, bond Dd Sep.16,1664
X1504 1 1891 census Fulham, London from Beryl Metherell
X1505 2 Letter from Ruby Pantalone Dd May 26,1993 re 1910 census Marion Co., Ore
X1506 1 Updates to the WHITLOCK.30 chart, The Whitlocks of Vermont from Richard Heinemann
X1507 3 Descent from Elisha & Anne (Carter) Whitlock (M1696) of Oxfordshire from Peter John Whitlock
X1508 1 Extracts from parish registers of Oxford from Peter John Whitlock
X1509 4 1841/1851 census of Oxfordshire from Peter John Whitlock
X1510 1 Oxfordshire parish register extracts from Peter John Whitlock
X1511 2 Letter from Peter John Whitlock Dd Jun.1,1993 re Whitlocks of Oxfordshire
X1512 3 Letter from Chuck Rockett to Seneca Falls [NY] Historical Society Dd May 1,1981 and their reply of Jan.9,1982 re Whitlocks of Seneca Falls, NY
X1513 1 Letter from Historical Crossroads Village, Flint, Mi Dd Dec.22,1980 re Family Bible of Mrs. Sarah Whitlock from Chuck Rockett
X1514 2 NY Newspaper extracts 1802-1827 from Chuck Rockett
X1515 3 NYC city directory extracts 1819-1829 from Chuck Rockett
X1516 1 Letter from Tompkins County [NY] Department of Health Dd Oct.6,1980 re pre 1880 Whitlock records from Chuck Rockett
X1517 1 Descent from Reuben & Rachel (Teeter) Whitlock (M1822?) of Ithaca, NY through George E. & Mary Ann (Whitlock) Johnson from Chuck Rockett
X1518 1 1870 census Ithaca, Tompkins Co., NY from Chuck Rockett
X1519 1 1892 census Ithaca, Tompkins Co., NY from Chuck Rockett
X1520 1 Eastlawn Cemetery records [NY] from Chuck Rockett
X1521 2 1900 census Ithaca, Tompkins Co., [NY] from Chuck Rockett
X1522 3 Letter from David R. Potter to Chuck Rockett Dd Feb.11,1983 re Linderman & Whitlock families of Tompkins Co., [NY]
X1523 2 History of the Presbyterian Church, Ithaca, Tompkins Co., [NY] re photo of John Whitlock; General Index to Surrogates Records, Tompkins Co., [NY] 1818-1936 from Chuck Rockett
X1524 2 Letter from Seneca Falls [NY] Historical Society to Chuck Rockett Dd Feb.25,1982 re Charles H. Whitlock obit 1890
X1525 1 NYC parish register extracts 1809-1860 from Chuck Rockett
X1526 1 Deposition of Charles E. Whitlock of Ithaca, NY Dd Feb.19,1894 re estate of his grandmother Catherine Whitlock from Chuck Rockett
X1527 2 Rev. War Pension & Bounty Land Application Files re William Whitlach/Whitlatch b.Apr.20,1761 Hartford Co., Md d.Mar.14,1846 Greene Co., Pa re Rev. Barnet Whitlatch Jr. from Chuck Rockett
X1528 1 1863 Directory, Gloucester re Rev. J. Whitlock, Vicar in Stroud; Return of Owners of Land 1873, Oxfordshire re Thomas Whitlock of Hailey; Hunsdon, Herts burials re Susan Whitlock wife of ?? Nov.19,1700 from Marianne Whitlock
X1529 3 Patents and Deeds and Other Early Records of New Jersey 1664-1703 by William Nelson, 1976 re Whitlocks of Monmouth Co. from Gwen Hurst
X1530 1 San Francisco [Ca] Ship Passenger Lists by Louis J. Rasmussen, 1969 from Gwen Hurst
X1531 1 History of New London, Ct, by Frances M. Caulkins, 1852 re Ensign Whitlock killed New London 1781; The Bristol Registers of Servants sent to Foreign Plantations 1654-1686 by Peter Wilson Coldham re Francis Whitlock servant to Elizabeth Paine of Bristol. T
X1532 2 Early Connecticut Marriages as Found on Ancient Church Records Prior to 1800 by Frederic W. Bailey, 1979 from Gwen Hurst
X1533 19 Letter from Elsie Davis to W.D. Lindsey Dd May 5, 1993, letter to Corinne B. Crider from W.D. Lindsey Dd May 13, 1993, letter to Elsie Davis from W.D. Lindsey Dd May 17, 1993, letter from Corinne B. Crider to W.D. Lindsey Dd Apr.13,1993 all regarding the
X1534 1 Notes taken during telephone conversations with various Whitlock families of Halifax, Nova Scotia Jul.13,1993
X1535 2 Letter from John Andrew Sass Dd Jun.11,1993 re descent from William & Susan (Clark) Whitlock (M1780's) of Franklin, Somerset Co., NJ. Also Ellender Whitlock b.Jul.25,1814 d.Mar.31,1873 of Tn & Tx
X1536 1 Descent from Joshua & Harriet (Clarke) Whitlock (M1830's) of Pitton, Wilts from Julie K. Whitlock of Australia
X1537 1 1850 census Hall County, Ga from Doug Smith
X1538 1 Correspondence through PRODIGY computer service listing persons interested in Whitlock families of Va from Pam Hallock
X1539 52 Descent from Reuben & Christine Whitlock (M1760's) of NJ possible parents of John Whitlock b.Nov.11,1767, William Whitlock b.Jan.17,1778 & George Whitlock b.Aug.22,1781 from Chuck Rockett
X1540 23 Descent from Winfrey & Elizabeth (Boothe) Whitlock (M1790's) of Edgefield Dist., SC from Vivian Toole Cates
X1541 21 Carpenter family of Edgefield Dist., SC from Vivian Toole Cates
X1542 2 Index to Conference Minutes of Bethesda Church, Greene Co., Ga (Union Point) 1811-1865 by Vivian Toole Cates
X1543 2 Letter from Vivian Toole Cates Dd Jul.2,1993 re Whitlocks of SC