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X1544 1 Letter from William Abel Whitlock Dd Jul.20,1993 re descent from Jeremiah & Matilda (Brockett) Whitlock (M1810's)
X1545 2 Letter from The Elmwood Cemetery Association of New Brunswick, NJ to William K. Whitlock Dd Aug.27,1992 re Whitlock burials 1875-1987
X1546 5 Whitlocks of Australia, descent from Joshua & Harriet (Clark) Whitlock, John & Jane (Adkins or Mortimer) Whitlock & Jesse & Maria (Self) Whitlock from Peter F. Whitaker
X1547 1 Descent from Joshua & Harriet (Clarke) Whitlock of Wilts from Julie K. Whitlock
X1548 2 Letter from Lois Comeadow Dd Jul.9,1993 marriage of William & Sarah (Whitlock) Mortimer (M1871) of South Australia; extract from Notorious Strumpets and Dangerous Girls, Convict women in Van Diemen's Land (Tasmania) 1803-1829 re Benjamin & Hannah (Whitele
X1549 1 Letter from County of Hamilton, Ohio, Office of Recorder to Chuck Rockett Dd Apr.23,1986 advising no record of Letters of Administration for Reuben Whittock (d.1797)
X1550 1 Ancestor Chart with descent from Darias M. & Lucy (Alverson) Whitlock (M1870's) from Chuck Rockett
X1551 1 Ancestor Chart with descent from Charles & Peninah (Copeland) Whitlock (M1788) of Henrico Co., Va from Chuck Rockett
X1552 1 Letter from Virginia State Library to Chuck Rockett Dd Aug.4,1991 re Virginia Whitlocks plus book titled John Whitlock & Keturah Quine Whitlock and their Descendants (CS 71 W594 1940)
X1553 1 List of six publications concerning Immigrants and passenger lists from Chuck Rockett
X1554 4 Letter from Nettie M. Thompson to Chuck Rockett re descent from James Whitlock (1791-1878) of Tn
X1555 1 Letter from Shirley Case to Chuck Rockett Dd Feb.14,1983 re Thomas C. & Bertha Ann (Harris) Whitlock (M1845) of Mo
X1556 1 1860 census Rockingham Co. & Augusta Co., Va from Chuck Rockett
X1557 3 Letter from Betty Whitlock to Chuck Rockett Dd Jan.4,1982 re James Whitlock (1791-1878) of Tn
X1558 1 Letter from Catherine B. Thurman to Chuck Rockett Dd Feb.17,1983 re Thomas & Mary (Ponsonbay) Whitlock (M1799) of N.C.
X1559 1 Letter from Gary E. Young to Chuck Rockett Dd Nov.26,1983 re Dicken, Gentry & Whitlock families of Va
X1560 1 Va Will Records 1659-1775 from Chuck Rockett
X1561 1 Will of Agnes Whytlokke Dd Jul.7,1445, pr Aug.12,1445 of Saint Albans, Herts from Marianne Whitlock
X1562 1 Will of William Whytlok Dd Apr.15,1454 of Redbourn, Herts from Marianne Whitlock
X1563 1 1851 census Newbury, Berks from Marianne Whitlock
X1564 1 1881 census British Royal Navy Ships from Marianne Whitlock
X1565 2 Letter from Peter M. Whitlock to Chuck Rockett Dd Jul.30,1993 re Whitlocks of N.J. corrections and updates plus analysis of two Reuben Whitlocks
X1566 3 Extracts from PRODIGY service re descent from William & Christina (Derryberry) Whitlock (M1830) of Tn & William T & Lela Ann (Holland) Whitlock (M1890's) of Va from Pam Hallock
X1567 1 11 sources of information regarding Whitlocks of Marion Co., Oregon from Barbara E. Hartley
X1568 7 Family Group sheets re descendants of Tarlton & Winifred (Dunlap) Whitlock (M1810) of Va, Mo & Oregon from Barbara Hartley
X1569 2 Pedigree Chart with descent from Tarlton & Winifred (Dunlap) Whitlock from Barbara Hartley
X1570 1 Descendants of Jeremiah & Matilda (Brockett) Whitlock (M1818) of NY & Minnesota from Peggy Weber
X1571 5 Descent from Robert & Susanna (Guyer) Whitlock (M1770) of Ct from Peggy Weber
X1572 1 Descendants of Abel & Mary (Hustard?) Whitlock (M1794/5) of NY from William Abel Whitlock
X1573 4 Pedigree chart descent from Henry A. & Elizabeth (Graham) Whitlock (M1827) of Floyd Co., Va from Rhonda Smith
X1574 6 Descendancy Chart descent from Henry A. & Elizabeth (Graham) Whitlock from Rhonda Smith
X1575 7 Descendancy Chart descent from James & Temperance (Whitlock) Bartlett (M1780's) from Rhonda Smith
X1576 8 Descendancy Chart descent from Thomas & Susannah (Webb) Whitlock (M1788) from Cynthia Wills Whitlock
X1577 1 Lineage Chart descent from William Harrison & Sarah Ann (Lawson) Whitlock (M1853) of S.C. from Doug Smith
X1578 1 Lineage Chart descent from William & Mary (Whitlock) Jones (M1770's) of Va from Doug Smith
X1579 8 Descendants of Reuben & Christine Whitlock (M1760's) of N.J. from Chuck Rockett
X1580 2 State of New Jersey Index of Wills, Inventories etc In the Office of the Secretary of State Prior to 1901, Vol.1, 1913 from Chuck Rockett
X1581 1 Phone call from Howard P. Whitlock re birth Aug.28,1837 of Mary d.of James & Ann (Worrall) Whitlock at Ealing, London
X1582 2 Letter from John Ernest Dd Sep.26,1993 re Whitlocks of Hanover Co., Va
X1583 1 Letter from Jean Noble Dd Sep.27,1993 re Robert & Mary (Whitlock) Blodgett (M1590's) of Stowmarket & Haughley, Suffolk
X1584 1 1850 & 1860 census Oregon from Ruby Pantalone
X1585 1 Marriage Record Indian Territory re James E. & Lucy (Whitlock) Hamilton married Sep.7/9,1893 & John & Lucy (Whitlock) Thompson married Apr.27,1893 from Ruby Pantalone
X1586 1 Quaker Records in Borthwick Institute, York re burials in Sheepscar, Yorkshire 1780-1822 from Marianne Whitlock
X1587 1 Royal Navy Memorial, The Hoe, Plymouth, Devon re S. Whitlock 1918 & E. Whitlock 1914 plus Brighton [Sussex] Presbyterian Chapel bp. 1701-1706 from Marianne Whitlock
X1588 1 Phillamores Norfolk Marriages 1744-1808 from Marianne Whitlock
X1589 1 Piggotts Directory of London 1823 from Marianne Whitlock
X1590 36 Descendancy & Pedigree Chart descent from Robert & Mary (Whitlock) Blodgett (M1590's) Suffolk from Jean Noble
X1591 1 Phonecall from Sarah Smith re Ciro Glenn & Christine (Johnson) Whitlock buried at Oxford, Mississippi
X1592 99 Maine Vital Records 1890's - 1960's research by Jerry Gower
X1593 6 1861-1881 census St.Mary's, York Co., New Brunswick; 1891 census Farnham, Missiquoi, Quebec
X1594 1 Copy of photo of Johnson - Whitlock gravestone at Oxford, Mississippi re Ciro Glenn & Christine (Johnson) Whitlock from Sarah Smith
X1595 1 Birth announcement of Victoria Magdalena Guerra born Nov.1,1993 at Royal Columbia Hospital, New Westminster, B.C.
X1596 1 Letter from Audrey B. Curtis Dd Nov.4, 1993 re marriage of George Irons and Hannah Whitlock at Potterspury, Northampton, Oct.15,1807. Both died at Towcester 1853 and 1851 respectively
X1597 1 Letter from Beryl Metherell Dd Nov.3, 1993 re Whitlock baptisms at Bristol, Somerset, 1920-1963
X1598 1 Card from Beryl Metherell Dd Oct.1993 re 1891 census Bethnal Green, London
X1599 1 Letter from Brenda Baker Oct.11,1993 re descendants of William & Sarah Jane (Whitlock) Mortimer of Australia
X1600 5 Descendancy Chart descent from James & Ellender (Whitlock) Black (M1830's) of Union County, South Carolina & Texas from Claudia Maple
X1601 3 1881 & 1891 census Islington, Middlesex; 1881 census Woodstock, Oxfordshire; 1861 census Kent? from Peter J. Whitlock
X1602 1 Oxfordshire Electorial Register 1885 from Peter J. Whitlock
X1603 1 Descent from Joshua & Harriet (Clarke) Whitlock (M1830's) of Pitton, Wiltshire, from Bruce W. Hamann
X1604 3 Letter from W.D. Lindsey Dd Oct.16,1993 re Thomas & Hannah (Phillips) Whitlock of Wythe Co. Va
X1605 5 Typed transcript of will & inventory of estate of Thomas Whitlock of Cumberland Co., Ky proved 1830 (original REF649-651) from W.D. Lindsey
X1606 1 Family Group Record, descent from Abraham & Rose (Whitlock) Parker (M1644) from Richard Hart
X1607 1 Note from Wilma Whitelock re birth of Laura Beth Fraser b.Aug.16,1993
X1608 3 Updates of the Whitlocks of Maine, U.S.A. (W09 family) including 1851 census of York Co., New Brunswick from Jerry Gower
X1609 2 Letter from Charles Whitlock of Birmingham, Warwickshire to his brother Harry Dd Sep.8,1886 from Lorna Driver
X1610 2 Letter from Charles Whitlock of Birmingham, Warwickshire to his brother Harry Dd Nov.1,1876 from Lorna Driver
X1611 2 Letter from Fanny to brother Harry Whitlock Dd ?? from Lorna Driver
X1612 3 Updates to the (W36 chart) from Esther Johnson
X1613 3 1880, 1910, 1920 census Ponca, Dixon Co., Nebraska from Esther Johnson
X1614 4 Descent from Benajah & Katherine Ann (Apgar) Whitlock (M1820's) from Esther Johnson
X1615 6 Pedigree Chart, descent from William R. & Julia Ann (Whitlock) Turner (M1829) of S.C. & Campbell Co., Ga from Flo Nell Ozell
X1616 1 1891 census of Greenwich, Kent from Ralph Jones
X1617 33 Updates to the Whitlocks of Maine, U.S.A. (W09 family) from Jerry Gower
X1618 3 Main Line descent from Abraham & Rose (Whitlock) Parker (M1644) from Richard Hart
X1619 1 Phone call from Ralph Jones re 1851 census Deptford, Kent
X1620 38 Evelyn Speer's Family Group Sheet Exchange. Descent from Nehemiah & Electa (Whitlock) Grover (M1818) Gallia Co., Ohio. Robert Russel & Lela Mae (Daniel) Whitlock (M1920's) of Oklahoma. Robert & Eula Jewel (Dukes) Whitlock (M1950's) of Oklahoma. James & Si
X1621 3 Misc Kent records 1513-1880's. 1841 census Mile End Old Town, London. St.Bartholomew the Great, London. London directories 1862-1900 from Janis Kirby
X1622 2 Letter from Janis Kirby Dd Jan.4,1994 re Whitlocks of London & Wiltshire
X1623 1 Letter from Sylvia Mort Dd Jan.4,1994 re Whitlocks of Essex
X1624 1 Family Group Record descent from William Anders & Nancy Jim (Whitlock) Poindexter (M1882) of Decatur, Wise Co., Texas from Marena G. Morris
X1625 1 Marriage of Willm Chamberlain & Mary Whitlock May 30,1768 Marks Tey, Essex from Marianne Whitlock
X1626 1 Bapt. Morice St., Wesleyan Chapel, Devonport, Devon 1817-1821; 1851 St.Andrews, Plymouth, Devon from Marianne Whitlock
X1627 1 1851 census Battle, Sussex from Marianne Whitlock
X1628 1 1851 census index London from Marianne Whitlock
X1629 1 Dickenson's Register, Guildhall Library, Nonconformist Register 1644-1752, St.Mary's, Nottingham from Marianne Whitlock
X1630 1 Descent from John & Ann (Webb) Whitlock (M1735) Winterslow, Wiltshire from Eddie Gullick via Merryl S. Wells
X1631 1 Ampthill, Beds marriage Jan.21,1615 Rob. Lee to Eliz Whitloocke; Family of Joseph & Hannah (Whitlock) Baldwin (M1636) of Bucks & Mass from Merryl S. Wells
X1632 1 Letter from Peter John Whitlock Dd Jan.6,1994 re Whitlocks of Oxfordshire
X1633 1 Ancestor Chart, descent from William & Sarah (Hall) Whitlock (M1820s) of N.C. from Benny Hensley
X1634 1 Letter from Benny Hensley Dd Jan.19,1994 re Jackson Whitlock of Jefferson Co., Tn
X1635 1 Letter from Barbara E. Hartley Dd Dec.8,1993 re Whitlocks of Missouri & Oregon
X1636 2 Letter from Jennie Andrews Dd Jan.15,1994 re 1881 census for Caverton, Somerset
X1637 2 Main Line of Carole Blanscet, descent from Thomas & Joan Whatlock (M1560) of Rattlesden, Suffolk
X1638 1 Pedigree Chart descent from Thomas & Joan Whatlock (M1560) of Rattlesden, Suffolk from Carole Blanscet
X1639 3 Descendants of Robert Lewis & Sarah Ann (Skaggs) Whitlock (M1891) of Marion Co., Ky & LaSalle Co., Ill from Rita Welsh
X1640 1 1881 census index Tormowam, Devon; 1881 census Huntingdon; 1881 census Rutland
X1641 33 Partial list of submitters to the LDS Ancestral File
X1642 1 The Rolls Room, P.R.O. Chancery Lane, Will indexes 1833-1858 from Marianne Whitlock
X1643 1 Letter from Dan Morgan Dd Jan.24,1994 re Josiah Whitlock of Tehama Co., Ca
X1644 1 Letter from Geneva Campbell Dd Jan.4,1994 re updates to the W10 chart
X1645 25 Descendants of Sven (Svensson) & Johanna Caroline (Blomberg) Wittlock (M1835) of Sweden from Mary Wittlock
X1646 2 Letter from Mary Wittlock Dd Jan.5,1994 re Wittlocks of Sweden & Delta Co., Mi, U.S.A.
X1647 1 Letter from Ann Whitlock Dd Jan.21,1994 re updates to the W25 chart
X1648 1 Additions to the W10 chart from Todd Zimmerman
X1649 1 Letter from Marilyn E. Thompson Dd Jan.30,1994 re family of Benjamin & Abiah (Archer) Whitlock (M1796) of Ct & Meigs Co., Ohio
X1650 6 Family Group Record Descent from Joel & Eunice (Haskins) Higley (M1760's) of Ct from Marilyn E. Thompson
X1651 1 Meigs Co., Ohio marriages 1819-1913 by Wes Cochran, published by Gallia Historical Society from Marilyn E. Thompson
X1652 1 Ancestor Chart descent from Earl P. & Laurinda (Higley) Archer (M1783) of Ct & Meigs Co., Ohio from Marilyn E. Thompson
X1653 1 Letter from Anne Picketts Dd Jan.24,1994 re John Picketts who married Marie Whitlock Feb.23,1862 Greens Norton, Northants, England
X1654 13 Updates to the Whitlocks of Maine (W09 family) from Jerry Gower
X1655 2 Letter from Jerry Gower Dd Jan.20,1994 re 1861 census York Co., New Brunswick, Canada
X1656 1 Letter from John H. Whitlock to Jerry Gower Dd Jan.24,1994 re Whitlocks of Maine
X1657 4 Main line of Loren L. Seifert, descent from John Whitlock (d.1659) of Ct; descent from Aaron & Abigail (Whitlock) Hull (M1770) of Ct
X1658 3 Descendants chart, descent from Aaron & Abigail (Whitlock) Hull (M1770) of Ct from Loren L. Seifert
X1659 3 Clark Co., Ill deed index 1821-1865 from Donna Macy Sand
X1660 1 Wording on Whitelocke tombstone in churchyard at Fawley, Bucks, England from Ernestine Dodl
X1661 3 Letter from Ernestine Dodl Dd February 1, 1994 re tour of England to visit places connected to Sir Bulstrode Whitelocke (1605-1675)
X1662 2 Letter from Eugenie Fellows Dd Feb.10,1994 re Rose Whitlock bp. Jun.6,1624 at Wheathampstead, Herts, England - possible connection to Hannah (Whitlock) Baldwin
X1663 1 Letter from Hertfordshire County Council to Ms. Jeanne Weber Dd Oct.18,1993 re Rose Whitlock b.1624 from Judith Allen Koehler
X1664 1 Data sheet on Silvey Jones of Ga b.1764 who married James Whitlock from David L. Jacques
X1665 21 Descent from Thomas & Elizabeth Jacks (M1700's) of Va from David Jacques
X1666 5 Descendants of Virgil Roy & Georgia Louise (Morgan) Crabtree (M1923) (W37 family) from Georgia Crabtree
X1667 1 Letter from Esther Johnson Dd Feb.4,1994 re updates to W36 chart
X1668 6 Letter from Darrel E. Johnson to Steuben Co. [N.Y.] Historical Society Dd Feb.11,1992 with reply re Benajah Whitlock of Ithaca Co., N.Y.; 1850 Steuben Co., N.Y.; 1840 US census Ithaca, Tompkins Co., N.Y.; 1855 census Cattaraugus Co., N.Y.; Letter from Woo
X1669 19 Updates to the Whitlocks of Maine (W09 family) from Jerry Gower
X1670 3 Pitton & Farley, Wilts Bishops Transcripts; Phillimores Wilts marriages; Wilts records office (Salisbury) re marriage of Thomas Judd & Mary Whitlock Oct.7,1770 at Winterslow; Wilts record office wills, Joseph 1741, George 1724 & Alexander 1762; Pitton & F
X1671 1 Maine Brides and Grooms index 1977-1985 from Jerry Gower
X1672 2 Letter from Mark Peter Whitlock Dd Feb.19,1994 re his marriage at Khartoum, Sudan
X1673 1 Pedigree Chart descent from Thomas & Joane Whatlock (M1560) of Rattlesden, Suffolk to John & Mary (Bradstreet) Kimball (M1650's) compiled by Michael L. Call & received from Carole Blanscet
X1674 2 Additions to the W81 family descent from Henry & Martha (Whatlock) Scott (M1594) of Rattlesden, Suffolk to Joel Henry & Louisa (VanderWalker) Gilliett (M1860's) from Carole Blanscet
X1675 2 Letter from Benny Hensley Dd Feb.10, 1994 re Whitlocks of Cocke Co., Tn; William & Nancy Whitlock of Fox Squirrel Dist. NC
X1676 2 Cocke Co.,Tn marriages 1880-1953 from Benny Hensley
X1677 1 Ancestor Chart descent from Charles & Mary (Davis) Whitlock (M1793) of Wythe Co., Va to Andrew Jackson & Roselie Virginia (Johnson) Grayson (M1856) compiled by D. G. Leatherwood & received from Benny Hensley
X1678 1 Ancestor Chart descent from David & Elizabeth (Whitlock) Gentry (M1790's) of Va to James Lewis & Mary Elizabeth (Hodges) AVERY (M1874) compiled by William A. Heary & received from Benny Hensley
X1679 2 Letter from Thelma Brown Hill Dd 1992 to Benny Hensley re family of Romeo & Nancy E. (Whitlock) Whitlock (M1880) of Cocke Co., Tn from Benny Hensley
X1680 2 1870 US census Tn, Jefferson Co., 5th Civil Dist., Leadvale re K. Jackson Whitlock; 1880 US census Tn, Cocke Co, Dist 7 re Jack Whitlock family & A.D. Whitlock family from Benny Hensley
X1681 7 Family Group Sheets descent from K.Jackson & Harriet (Merral) Whitlock (M1850's) of NC & Tn and Adolphus & Rebecca (Ledbetter) Whitlock (M1856) of McDowell Co., NC & Cocke Co., Tn from Benny Hensley
X1682 1 Letter from Colin Worley re marriage of William Whitlock & Louisa Worley, Paddington, London 1888
X1683 12 Family Group Record descent from William Hobrat & Hester (Francisco) Whitlock from Dan Morgan
X1684 5 1880, 1900, 1910 census' Tehama Co., California from Dan Morgan
X1685 1 Tehama Co., [Ca] Marriage Records 1900-1913, Births 1905-1910, 1914-1919 from Dan Morgan
X1686 1 Whitlocks of Tehama Co., [Ca] from Dan Morgan
X1687 1 California State Library, Newspaper Index from Dan Morgan
X1688 2 IGI Work Sheet, Ohio Whitlocks from Dan Morgan
X1689 2 Letter from the Peabody Essex Museum Dd Feb.17,1994 re Essex Co., Massachusetts records
X1690 6 Essex Institute, Manuscript Division, St.Peter's Episcopal Church 1732-1968
X1691 1 Letter from Ian Gardner Dd Feb.24,1994 re 1851 census St.Giles, London
X1692 1 List of her children, Grandchildren and Great-grandchildren from Georgia Crabtree
X1693 3 Letter from Jerry Gower Dd Mar.3,1994 re Whitlocks of Maine
X1694 1 Letter from Marilyn E. Thompson Dd Feb.28,1994 re Whitlocks of Meigs Co., Ohio
X1695 1 Ancestor Chart descent from Gideon W. & Rebecca Alice (Conkle) Searls of Gallia Co., Ohio from Marilyn Thompson
X1696 2 Letter from Janis Kirby Dd Mar.1,1994 re Whitlocks of Essex
X1697 3 Church records, St.Giles Camberwell, Surrey; St.George in the East, London; St.Marylebone, London; St.Paul, Shadwell; Christ Church, Spitalfields, London; St.Dunstan, Stepney; Tottenham; Philpot St., Wycliffe Chapel; Post Office Directory, London, 1816, 1
X1698 1 Electoral Register 1874, East Sussex; Index of Dorset Photographers 1850-1905 re L.C. Whitlock of Wareham; St.Michael, All Angels, Heavitree, Devon from Marianne Whitlock
X1699 2 Upper Canada Land, Ameliasburgh; Lower Canada land records re John Whitlock, Queens Rangers; Vital Statistics from New Brunswick newspapers by Daniel Johnson
X1700 1 Letter from Valerie Logue re General Whitlock and India Mutiny, 1858
X1701 11 Family Group Sheet descent from Charles Robert & Mary Lenore (Boles) Wittlock of Chicago, Illinois from Mary Wittlock
X1702 2 Letter from Mary Wittlock Dd Mar.13,1994 re Wittlocks of Sweden
X1703 1 Family Group Sheet, Descent from Johan & Caroline (Carlson) Wittlock of Kalmar, Sweden from Mary Wittlock
X1704 4 Letter from Lucy W. Atkins Dd Mar.29,1994 re Whitlocks of Virginia
X1705 13 Updates to the WHITLOCK.35 chart from Lucy Atkins
X1706 3 Descent from Robert & Marina E. (Whitlock) Hicks (M1814) Spotsylvania, Va from Joyce Hicks Palmer via Lucy Atkins
X1707 1 Descent from Joseph & Mildred J. (Whitlock) Bond (M1821) Louisa Co. Va from Lucy Atkins
X1708 1 Bengal, India marriages Vol.153 Charles R. & Ann (Donohoe) Whitlock (M1875) from Pam Shields
X1709 1 Letter from Dolores Rajca Dd Mar.29,1994 re descent from Thomas Jefferson & Sarah (Whitlock) Hoodenpyle (M1823) of N.C. & Tn
X1710 4 Descent from Thomas Jefferson & Sarah (Whitlock) Hoodenpyle (M1823) of N.C. & Tn from Dolores Rajca
X1711 4 Family Group Record descent from Anders & Boel Djurberg (Bengtsson) Witlock (M1776) Kristienstad, Sweden (Children used surname Andersson) from LDS Ancestral File
X1712 2 Descendancy Chart, descent from Joseph & Abigail (Whitlock) Rowland (M1710s?) Ct from Robertson T. Barrett
X1713 1 Ahnentafel Chart 6 generations of ancestors of Sarah Hull (1752-1810) of Fairfield, Ct from Robertson T. Barrett
X1714 1 List of 146 ancestral lines being researched by Robertson T. Barrett
X1715 1 Letter from Beryl Metherell Dd Apr.7,1994 re parish Registers of St.Matthews, Yiewsley, Middlesex
X1716 1 Letter from Hertfordshire County Council Dd Mar.29,1994 re Ann d.of Thomas Whitlock of Barnet, Herts bp.1617
X1717 3 Ahnentafel & Pedigree chart of Warren Thomas Putnam from same
X1718 1 List of Whitlocks in Putnam databank from Warren T. Putnam
X1719 3 Family Group Record of John P. & Sarah Amelia (Whitlock) Putman (M1838) of NY from Warren T. Putman
X1720 2 Family Group Record of Stephen & Elizabeth (Putman) Whitlock (M1838) of NY from Warren T. Putman
X1721 3 Family Group Record of Mayo & Phoebe Douglas (Priest) Whitlock (M1905) of OK, NM & CA from James M. Priest
X1722 1 Pedigree Chart of Phoebe Douglas (Priest) Whitlock from James M. Priest
X1723 3 IGI Marriage Search, William Whitlock from Dan Morgan
X1724 9 Submitters to LDS Ancestral File [Alice Whitlock to Anders Whitlock]
X1725 1 Bengal, [India] Marriages 1897-1910 re Margaret M.M. Whitlock 1903 & Flora E. Whitlock 1909 from Pam Shields
X1726 1 Leighton Buzzard, Beds parish register extracts; Auction of 1860's coach built by Henry Whitlock of London; 1851 census index, Scarborough, Yorks from Merryl Wells
X1727 1 1851 & 1871 census Battle, Sussex re family of David Whitelock from Marianne Whitlock
X1728 1 Letter from Ruby Pantalone Dd Apr.20,1994 re index to Marion Co. [Ore] death certificates; Assessment Roll of Marion County Oregon for the year 1889
X1729 Ancestral File entry re Catherine (Swand) Whitlock (1789-1876) of Ohio from Larry D. Kump
X1730 1 O.S. map, Godfrey edition 1914, Kennington & Walworth, Midd re #42 Red Lion, George Whitlock from Valerie Logue
X1731 1 Pedigree Chart descent from John & Margaret (Willison) Whitelock (M1750's) of Glasgow, Lanark, Scotland from Jerron R. Atkin
X1732 1 Descendants of Major John Mason of Norwich by Edward H. Gaulin (unpublished) re family of John Whitlock & Chloe Mason (M1793) of Castleton, Vt from Richard H. Heineman
X1733 1 Letter from Mary Wittlock Dd Apr.29,1994 re Swedish military record of Franz Oscar Wittlock, connection to the Svensson family
X1734 2 Letter from Marilyn Thompson Dd Apr.21,1994 re Whitlocks of Gallia Co., Ohio
X1735 5 Sherwood Family of US by Connie Lane from Robertson T. Barrett
X1736 5 Updates to the WHITLOCK.39 family from Chuck Rockett
X1737 1 Letter from Hester Jackson Dd May 1,1994 re Lt. Logan T. Whitlock of Surry Co., NC
X1738 1 Bandmaster BBS entry from Chris Nordstom re Anna Lydia Wittlock b.Arby, Sweden 1871 d. of Johan Alfred Samuelsson Wittlock b.Arby, Sweden 1836
X1739 4 Kansas State Historical Society, surname cards for Whitlock from Marilyn Finke
X1740 1 Family Group Sheet for William Richard & Sarah Edith (Stowell) Whitlock (M1900's) of Gray's Harbor, Wa from Arvilla Heard Corey
X1741 1 Extract from Bellingham [Wa] Herald re birth of son Sep.1,1993 to Carlos & Mary Whitlock; TV interview with Albert Whitlock retired screen painter; Whatcom Co. & Skagit Co. Wa telephone directories from Arvilla Heard Corey
X1742 3 Genealogy as Pastime & Profession by Donald Lines Jacobus re will of Cpt. Ebenezer Couch of Milton, Saratoga Co., NY names dau. Anna, wife of Henry Whitlock; Genealogical Dictionary of Me & NH by Noyes re Mary Whitlock widow of Richard Bray; Kentucky Land
X1743 2 Letter from Ruth Spalding Dd Mar.29, 1994 re Whitelocke places in England