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Digital copies of extracts from Newspapers as far back as the 1700's.  Many obituaries and stories about important and some less important events in the lives of Whitlocks.

File Description Notes
NP0001 Cartoon, "Mr. Whitlocke can't speak to you now. He's sculling on the Charles." [in his office]
NP0002 Vancouver [B.C.] Province, Mar.14,1969 "'Mafia' taking over island?" re William Whitlock, junior minister
NP0003 Vancouver [B.C.] Province, Mar.17,1969 "Anguilla expels Britons" re William Whitlock, a British envoy
NP0004 Vancouver [B.C.] Province, May 8, 1969 re Blair Whitelock, Teamster, local President and business agent
NP0005 World-Spectator, Moosomin, Saskatchewan, Mar.31,1971 re Marriage of Nancy Elaine MacDonald & Harold Leonard Graham, January 16, Wawota, Saskatchewan, Usher, Don Whitlock of Kensington, PEI
NP0006 Oakland [Ill] Press, Dec.16,1979 "Oakland lawman prepares to hang up gun and holster" re Capt. Charles T. Whitlock, 57
NP0007 The Art of the Tan re Bob Whitlock, burly, six-foot Toronto [Ont] salesman
NP0008 John Arnold Taylor, Funeral at Wawota died June 24 [no year] Wawota, Saskatchewan
NP0009 New Musical Express, Aug.22,1970 "Clapton: he's not rushing new band" re Bobby Whitlock
NP0010 Vancouver [B.C.] Province, Jan.1971 "Family Trees in Bloom"
NP0011 [part of NP0005]
NP0012 Barrier Miner, Broken Hill, Australia, Jul.19,1971 "Woman injured in car smash" re Fred & Elizabeth Jean Whitlock of Thomas Street
NP0013 Vancouver [B.C.] Province, Sep.24,1971 re Mrs. Aileen Whitlock of Soroptimist Lions Manor
NP0014 Oak Park, Illinois "Cougars, Sharks at Amphitheatre" re Bobby Whitlock, hockey player
NP0015 Vancouver? [B.C.] Obit of Bernice Amanda (Abraham) (Whitlock) Taylor d.Jan.27,1973
NP0016 Vancouver [B.C.] Province, Mar.13,1973 "Hockey - Raiders rise in a no-hitter" re Bobby Whitlock
NP0017 Vancouver [B.C.] Sun, Mar.16,1973 "Sharks and Saints keep right in step" re Bobby Whitlock, hockey player
NP0018 Vancouver [B.C.] Sun, Jun.9,1973 Obit of Harry Edmund Adams Jun.6,1973 daughter Mrs. G. (Bessie) Whitlock of Vancouver
NP0019 Vancouver [B.C.] Province, Oct.29,1973 "WHA roundup - Nordiques in Texas" Chicago Cougars, Bobby Whitlock
NP0020 Notes in..For Cornish Artists re James F. Whitlock from Mrs. C.A. Johnson
NP0021 Daily Telegraph, London, Aug.11,1973 "I'm so happy to say goodbye to suburbia" by Hilda Whitlock from Mrs. L. Collins
NP0022 TV Guide, Jan.10,1976 "The Incredible Dale Hoax" re Whitlock Sharpe
NP0023 Vancouver [B.C.] Sun, Apr.9,1975 "She Keeps 'em Guessing" re Elizabeth Carmichael & Whitlock Sharpe
NP0024 Vancouver [B.C.] Sun, Mar.19,1976 Birth of Kathleen Anne Whitlock Mar.16,1976
NP0025 Vancouver [B.C.] Province, Jul.14,1976 "ICBC yanked 2,600 vehicle licences" R.G. Whitlock, Motor Vehicle Superintendent
NP0026 Bideford & N'th Devon Gazette, Apr.3,1980 "Memory tree" re Mrs. Olive Whitlock from John R. Whitlock
NP0027 Bideford & N'th Devon Gazette, [no date] "Funeral of Road Accident Victim" re Thomas Alfred Whitlock Mar.28,1975 re Mr. Charles Whitlock aged 87, Bideford [no date] W.J Whitlock of Monkleigh fr J.R. Whitlock
NP0028 Chicago, Ill. [no date] Obit of Robert T. Whitlock from Jesse H.P. Whitlock
NP0029 Vancouver [B.C.] [no date] Obit of George James Whitlock Jun.29,1980 of West Vancouver aged 82
NP0030 Globe & Mail, Toronto [Ont] Jun.20,1981 "Calm amid the waxed paper, barbed wire" art of An Whitlock
NP0031 Everett [Wa] Herald, Nov.24,1981 Obit of Victor James Whitlock Nov.21,1981 Chula Vista, Ca from Pam Hallock
NP0032 Vancouver [B.C.] Province, Oct.11,1981 "C.G.A. Introduces Their New Professionals" re Peter M. Whitlock
NP0033 Seattle [Wa] Times, May 31,1982 "This holiday still stands for something important" re Joseph & Nephi Whitlock re Civil War, Ridgefield, Connecticut from Pam Hallock
NP0034 Vancouver [B.C.] Sun, Jul.22,1982 "Recession puts B.C. high-rise project 'on hold'" re Rob Whitlock, development planner
NP0035 Eastern Riverina Observer, Australia, Dec.2,1982 "Whitlocks' 70 years service to district" re Joshua Whitlock of Henty from Noel G. Whitlock
NP0036 St. Mary's, Ontario, 1947 re William James Whitlock from Helen Oliver
NP0037 Moosomin, Saskatchewan, Jan.16,1957 re Mrs. T.E. Oliver daughter of Fred Whitlock of Glen Adelaide from Helen Oliver
NP0038 Sunday Mirror, Dec.2,1984 "Soccer's men of the day plus all the..." re Mark Whitlock from Les Brown
NP0039 Ridgefield, Connecticut, 1985 "Letters home detail the horror, grimness of Civil War service" re Joseph & Nephi Whitlock from George S. Smith
NP0040 Fidelity, Ill., Feb.7[no year] "Fidelity Man Burns to Death" George Whitlock Home Destroyed by fire from George S. Smith
NP0041 Seattle Times, Jan.4,1985 Obit of Vail Whitelock age 70 brother of Frayne, of Woodinville from Pam Hallock
NP0042 Ithaca Journal, New York, Jan.5,1985, "Whitlocks celebrate 50th" re Edward A. & Rhea Ross (Chase) Whitlock married Dec.23,1934 from Marion Ehrhart
NP0043 Seattle Times, Feb.1,1985, Obit of Leonard F. Whitlock, husb. of Kathleen M. Whitlock from P. Hallock
NP0044 Illinois, Jul.23,1984 "Eldorado man dies in crash" re Dan James, son of Georgia Whitlock James
NP0045 Illinois, Jul.23,1984 "Dan James" from Georgia James
NP0046 Post & Weekly News, Devon, Nov.16,1968 "Holsworthy" re Mr. A.J.Whitlock speaker at Women's Fellowship
NP0047 Devon, 1968 ad for Whitlocks, Ford dealers, Holsworthy, Devon from Elmo Ashton
NP0048 Devon, 1960's ad J.P. Whitlock and Sons, Limited Holsworthy, Devon, from Elmo Ashton
NP0049 Seattle Times, Mar.11,1985 Obit of George Whitlock 76 of Bellevue from Pam Hallock
NP0050 Ontario, Apr.20,1973 Obit of Keith W. Turnbull, 49 of Armstrong, Ontario; "Baker-Whitlock" re wedding of Lillian Margaret Whitlock & Charles James Baker; Obit of Frank Hooper Whitlock, London, Ontario Jun.15,1968 from Helen Wuerth
NP0051 Vancouver [B.C.] Sun, May 1985 Obit of Garth Walter Whitlock aged 55, May 7,1985
NP0052 Tampa Tribune, Aug.31,1974 re C.A. Whitlock of Prodigal Son Gospel Quartet from Helen Wuerth
NP0053 Daily Telegraph, London, Dec.28,1985 "Whitlock dies at 82" re Harold Whitlock, Olympic walker died Dec.17, 1985 from Jill Whitlock
NP0054 London Times, Dec.31,1985 "Obituary- Mr Harold Whitlock, Distinguished Olympic walker aged 82 from John R. Whitlock
NP0055 Seattle Times, Feb.2,1986 "Mother learns about war that took her son" re Emily Whitlock from Pam Hallock
NP0056 Olympian, Washington, Feb.4,1986 "Woman searches history for understanding of war that took only son" from Arvilla H. Corey
NP0057 Kent Times, Jun.20,1985 "Quinney:Whitlock" re marriage of Kerry Whitlock to Lee Quinney June 22 from Janis Kirby
NP0058 Hamilton, Ontario, 1986 "Les Whitelock a man of many accomplishments" re Dr. William Leslie Whitelock aged 92 from Loretta Whitelock
NP0059 Michigan, [1856?] Obit of Samuel Whitlock died Nov.17 aged 52 from Pam Hallock
NP0060 Michigan, [1895] Obit of Mrs. I.Miner Chipman aged 76 from Pam Hallock
NP0061 Owosso, Michigan 1889 "The Chipman Golden Wedding" from Pam Hallock
NP0062 Michigan, [1901?] "A Double Funeral" re Mrs. Betsy Comstock & Mrs. Elizabeth Otis from Pam Hallock
NP0063 USA Today, Jun.25,1986 "Family affair" re Bobby Whitlock, performer from Pam Hallock
NP0064 Seattle Times? 1986 Obit Sybil Whitlock 85 from P.H.
NP0065 Reading Standard, Jan.19,1962 "500 Years Old" re Beches Manor, Wokingham from Jim Whitelock
NP0066 Bannister, Michigan, Dec.1986 "Moores To Be Honored" Thomas & Jean (Whitlock) Moore married Dec.5,1936 from Margaret Behme via Pam Hallock
NP0067 The Kentucky Legionnaire, Dec.1986 re J.T. Whitlock of Lebanon, Kentucky from Jesse H.P. Whitlock
NP0068 Western Evening Herald, Plymouth, Nov.28,1986 "It's blast off for a space age Santa" re Liz Whitelock pantomime performer from Jim Whitelock
NP0069 North Devon Journal, Oct.16,1986 "Snaps down the years" re John R. Whitlock's collection from J.R.W.
NP0070 The Herald, Everett, Washington, Jan.16,1987 re Rebekah Whitelock, 20 of Kearns, Utah from Pam Hallock
NP0071 Dix, Illinois, Obit of Ferne I. (Purcell) Whitlock aged 88 died Jan.22,1987 from Margay Whitlock
NP0072 Fort Morgan Times, Jun 1982? "Educators Get Prison Terms" re Gene & Eva Whitlock of Gallup N.M. from Iola Ebendorf
NP0073 St.Croix Courier, St. Stephen, N.B. Canada "Personal" re Mrs. Donna Whitlock of Augusta, Me. fr Bob Dahling
NP0074 Vernon Daily News, Apr.25,1987 "PVSS sweeps math honors in its zone" re Kara Whitlock, Armstrong, B.C.
NP0075 The Province, May 7,1987 "All Jobs Produce Allergy" Re Linda Mae Whitlock of London, Ontario from Joan F.
NP0076 St.John, N.B. "Personals" re Mrs. Erika Whitlock of Ontario & Mrs. Donna Whitlock of Augusta, Me. from Bob Dahling
NP0077 Warsaw, NY "Miss Benita Whitlock" Obit aged 85, died Jul.17,1982 from Chuck Rockett
NP0078 Warsaw, NY "Mrs. Norris C. Whitlock" Obit of Mrs. Muriel C. Whitlock 84 died Feb.28,1983 from C. Rockett
NP0079 Warsaw, NY "Benita Whitlock" Obit aged 85 did Jul.17,1982 from Chuck Rockett
NP0080 The Express July 1987 "Police move in as wife of shot bandit flies home" re Derek Whitelock, 24 of Woolwich from Ian C. Gardner
NP0081 WHITLOCK On Aug.28,1987 at Stoke Mandeville Hospital Doreen Lilian, aged 81 from Ian C. Gardner
NP0082 The Tawakoni News Sep.24,1987 "Naomi Gary Whitlock dies" Died Sep.14, at Greenville from Dora DeVaun
NP0083 Greenville Herald Banner Sep.29,1987 "Three missing as B-1 crashes" re Maj. Wayne D. Whitlock, 39 of Johnson City, Tenn. from Dora DeVaun
NP0084 The Herald, Everett, Wa. Oct.27,1987 "First Lady's mother dies at age 91 in her sleep" re Edith Luckett Davis daughter of Charles Edward & Sarah (Whitlock) Luckett. Mother of Nancy Reagan. from Pam Hallock
NP0085 Western Evening Herald, Aug.31,1987 re wedding of Narrisa Whitelock & Stuart James Aug.29,1987 at St.John's, Cattledown, Devon from Jim Whitelock
NP0086 Washington Oct.1987 "Nancy Reagan's mother dies in Arizona at age 91" from Donna Woods
NP0087 Waterbury Republican Sep.30,1987 "Search for Family ties led to career" re Ursula Kilner
NP0088 Statesman-Journal, Salem, Oregon Feb.18,1988 "Stella M. Jones" Obit aged 90 died Feb.16, 1988 from Ruby Pantalone
NP0089 Ontario, re Gabrielle Whitlock of Scarborough re South-Port Optimist Invitational Swim Meet from Helen Wuerth
NP0090 The Whig-Standard, Mar.19,1988 "Turning egg yolks into gold" re John Wenzel of Kingston, Ontario from Helen Wuerth
NP0091 Toronto Star Jan.1988 "Traditional kilts, tartans back in Style" re John Whitelock owner of the Scottish Shoppe, Calgary, Alberta fr Wilma Whitelock
NP0092 Daily Telegraph, Jul.2,1988 "The World we've Lost" re Ralph Whitlock's book "The Lost Village" from Jill Whitlock, AACW Brown & Joan Mansfield
NP0093 The Vancouver [B.C.] Sun, Mar.19, 1988 birth of Jeffrey Arthur Whitlock Mar.7,1988
NP0094 The Sun, Apr.15,1988 "Cop in wages ambush..." re Derek Whitelock of Woolwich from Jim Whitelock
NP0095 The Sun, May 4,1988 "Raider shot by PC..." re Derek Whitelock, 25 of Woolwich from Jim Whitelock
NP0096 The People, Jul.10,1988 "Britain's big busted barmaids..." re Jill Whitlock, 27 of Tunbridge Wells, Kent from Jim Whitelock
NP0097 The Telegraph, 1988 "Ambush Pc 'feared gangland reprisals'" re Derek Whitelock from Jim Whitelock
NP0098 Western Evening Standard, Jan.2,1988 re marriage of Sarah Jane Whitelock & Andrew Honey Dec.26,1987 from Jim Whitelock
NP0099 The Guardian, Jun.23,1988 "Graham Whitlock" Bude, Cornwall Estate Agent from Jim Whitelock
NP0100 Western Evening Standard, 1959 "Prizes for three students" re J.A. Whitelock from Jim Whitelock
NP0101 Vancouver [B.C.] Province, Sep.26,1988, Happy 40th George Whitlock, Love from Your Family
NP0102 L.L. Bean Fly Fishing Handbook by Dave Whitlock, 1988 from Ted Whitlock
NP0103 Regina? "Co-workers split $1,693,647" re Vera Whitlock Lotto 6/49 winner from Ted Whitlock
NP0104 Windsor? 1953 "The Theatre and its People" re Charles Whitlock noted Negro bassos from Ted Whitlock
NP0105 The Independent, Gallup, N.M. Oct.27,1987 "Mother of Nancy Reagan Dies" from Elaine Radosevic
NP0106 Western Evening Herald, May 11, 1985 "That street party recalled" re VE day celebrations in Plymouth from Jim Whitelock
NP0107 Western Evening Herald, Jun.1,1985 "Old school pals recalled" re May 11th article, Mrs. Whitlock's three sons including "Dinkie" from Jim Whitelock
NP0108 Western Evening Herald, Apr.7,1987 40th anniversary George Harvey & Flora Whitelock; The Sun, Apr.9,1985 "Prize pal" re Mrs. Brenda Whitelock, Newcastle upon Tyne from Jim Whitelock
NP0109 Plymouth Extra, Apr.8,1987 "Southway first 50" re Southway Half Marathon #49 P. Whitlock; Daily Telegraph, Nov.2,1985 Obit Albert Whitlock of Weeley, Essex from Jim Whitelock
NP0110 Western Evening Herald, "Nationwide man in Looe" re David Whitelock from Jim Whitelock
NP0111 Western Morning News, Jan.1970 Obit Mary May Whitelock died Jan.28,1970 aged 78 from Jim Whitelock
NP0112 West M. News, Sep.3,1936 Obit Col.G.F.A.Whitlock; Times, Sep.5,1936 Obit Colonel George Fredric Ashford Whitlock age 68; West M. News, Oct.7,1936 re estate of Col..G.F.A.Whitlock from Jim Whitelock
NP0113 Vancouver [B.C.] Province, Dec.13,1988 Obit Ralph Whitelock died Dec.9,1988 aged 77 from Michael Dawe
NP0114 Daily Mail, Dec.27,1988 "Secrets of a real son of a gun!" re Lt.Commander Peter Whitlock from Jill Whitlock
NP0115 Toronto Star, Obit of Helen Edith Wenzel died Aug.25,1988 aged 92; London Free Press, Obit Harold M. Whitlock died Nov.14,1988 aged 68 from Helen Wuerth
NP0116 Albuquerque Journal, Oct.30,1988 "Texas Grapefruit Taste as Sweet With New Names" re Leslie Whitlock of Texas Valley Citrus Committee from Elaine Radosevic
NP0117 LWT Sep.10,1988 "Lee's mooning about Harvey" re Lee Whitlock from John R. Whitlock
NP0118 East Moline, Illinois Sep.1988 "Educators are special to new superintendent" re Craig Whitlock from Iola Ebendorf
NP0119 Vancouver [B.C.] Province, Jan.31,1989 Obit of Allien Mae Whitlock died Jan.29,1989 aged 86
NP0120/3 Collection of Obits re death of Phil Whitlock Oct.27,1950 Savona, B.C. from Nora Whitlock
NP0121 Seattle Times/Post-Intellegence, Apr.16,1989 Obit John M. Whitlock died Apr.12,1989 aged 63 from Pam Hallock
NP0122 Silverton [ORE] Appeal, Aug.14,1904 "A Serious Accident" re Columbus Whitlock; Sep.16,1904 re recovery of Columbus Whitlock from Donna Sand
NP0123 Arizona Senior World, Jun.1989 "Nursing homes and major social change" re Thomas D. Whitlock, of Anchor National Financial Services from George C. Whitlock
NP0124 Modesto Bee, Apr.30,1989 Obit Norman B. Whitlock died Apr.28,1989 aged 90 from Mileta Farr Kilroy
NP0125/3 Albuquerque Journal, May 14,1989 "One Mother's Anguish" re Janell Whitlock from Elaine Radosevic
NP0126 London, Obit Ruth Millicent Whitelocke died May 8,1989 from Ian C. Gardner
NP0127 Dorset Evening Echo, May 18,1989 "Boost for fund" re Cyril Whitlock from Ian C. Gardner
NP0128 Daily Telegraph, Mar.21,1989 Obit Helinor Joan Mary Whitlock died Mar.18,1898 from Ian C. Gardner
NP0129 Ontario, Scarborough, Obit Roger Whitlock died Jan.31,1989; Legion, Nov.88 Obit Pte. Bruce Whitlock aged 64; Feb.89 Obit Cpl. Harold M. Whitlock died Nov.14,1988 aged 69; Dec/Jan 89 Obit S.Sgt. John L. Whitlock Aug.1988 aged 74 from Ted Whitlock
NP0130/2 Sun, Aug.8,1989 "Barclays ban loan" re Lee Whitlock from Les Brown
NP0131 Devon, "Crimean Veteran" Obit Joseph T. Pascoe; 1926 Obit Elizabeth Ann (Pascoe) Whitelock died Sep.16,1925 aged 69; "Dovercourt ship's steward's death" re Ernest Whitelock aged 58 from R.A. Bate via Jim Whitelock
NP0132 Statesman Journal, Salem, Ore., Sep.27,1989 re Dennis Whitlock from Ruby Pantalone
NP0133/2 Statesman Journal, Salem, Ore., Aug.14,1989 re Dennis Whitlock from Ruby Pantalone
NP0134 Statesman Journal, Salem, Ore., Mar.17,1989 Obit Creta Whitlock died Mar.9,1989 aged 87 from Ruby Pantalone
NP0135 Edmonton Journal, Nov.1944 Obit Vera Ione Whitlock died Nov.23,1944 from Carla Wilson
NP0136 The Independant,"Lt-Cdr Peter Whitlock" Obit died Oct.21,1989 aged 64 from Maisie Whitelock
NP0137 Daily Telegraph Nov.23,1989 Obit of William James Whitelock Nov.21,1989 aged 94. Mayor of Bournemouth 1957-8 from Ian C. Gardner
NP0138 The Journal Nov.2,1989 "Fifty golden years of Teamwork" re 50 years of marriage for Ralph & Hilda (Pearce) Whitlock of Winterslow, Wilts from Mrs. K. Payne & Ralph Whitlock
NP0139 Weekend Oct.7-13,1981 "Albert's such a canny chap" re Albert Whitelock, 60 of Woodborough, Notts from Doreen Whitlock
NP0140 Journal Review Sep.23,1975 "Town founder Whitlock 'gave a lot to gain a lot'" re Ambrose Whitlock of Montgomery Co. Ind from Douglas L. Whitlock
NP0141/2 Journal Review Sep.7,1977 "Henry Ristine, Willianson Dunn quite a pair" re Ambrose Whitlock of Montgomery Co. Ind from Douglas L. Whitlock
NP0142 Obit of Mary Y. Whitelock Dec.6,1989 Poole, Dorset from Ian Gardner
NP0143 La Junta Tribune. Ca. "Makes Last Run" re Clarence O. Whitlock from Douglas L. Whitlock
NP0144 Former prisoner of japs re-enlists in army at La Junta Ca. 1946 re Claude M. Whitlock from Douglas L. Whitlock
NP0145/3 London Free Press, Ont. Jul.20,1989 "Ailsa Craig, Port Elgin in pumpkin tussle" re Mayor Fred Wuerth from Helen Wuerth
NP0146 The Denver Post, Co. Aug.1,1989 obit Joseph Lindell Whitlock Jul.20,1989 age 66
NP0147 The Bellingham Herald Jan.29,1990 "Take that!" and the Everett Herald "Insect art" re Dennis Whitlock of Salem, Oregon from Arvilla Corey & Pam Hallock
NP0148 Daily Telegraph Oct.26,1989 "Lt-Cdr Peter Whitlock" obit aged 64; Daily Telegraph Jan.1989 obit of Edward Whitelock Jan.1,1989 from Jim Whitelock
NP0149 Evening Herald Dec.18,1989 "Victorian party" re Judy Whitlock of Saltash, Cornwall
NP0150 Orange County Register Feb.22,1990 "R.Whitlock 44, Orange police office" re death of Ron Whitlock in Mexico from Douglas L. Whitlock
NP0151/2 Los Angeles Times Feb.25,1990 "Liquid Treasure" re Buddy Whitlock, ranch manager for American Water Development from Douglas L. Whitlock
NP0152 Macoupin Co., Il 1990 "Whitlocks Will Observe 58th Wedding Anniversary" [June 4] re Mr. & Mrs. Leon Whitlock of Litchfield from Douglas L. Whitlock
NP0153/4 Trib-Star Terre Haute, Ind "Mrs. Elizabeth Whitlock Will Be 99 on Wednesday"; Mar.7,1971 "Celebrating Her 99th Birthday"; Feb.20,1972 "Mrs. Elizabeth Whitlock Will Mark 100th Birthday"; WAAC radio Mar.10,1972 "Citizen of the Day"; Dec.13,1972 "Mrs. Elizabeth E. Whitlock Dies Here at 100 Years Old" re Elizabeth E. (Strole) Whitlock from Douglas L. Whitlock
NP0154/12 Terre Haute, Ind Tribune Aug.12,1917 "Judge Files Charge to Disbar Whitlock"; Sep.5,1917 "Judge Files Charges Against C.C. Whitlock"; Sep.19,1917 "Bar Association is Waiting Affidavits"; Oct.17,1917 "Demand Bar Association Examine Him"; Oct.18,1917 "Stimson Answers Whitlock's Charges"; Dec.28,1917 "Indict Local Lawyers" re Charles C. Whitlock from Douglas Whitlock
NP0155 Mar.20,1935 "Whitlock Closes Public Services" re Charles C. Whitlock from Douglas L. Whitlock
NP0156/2 Feb.13,1960 "Sudden Attack Proves Fatal to Ex-Prosecutor"; Feb.14,1960 "Chas. Whitlock Rites Monday" re Terre Haute, Ind attorney Charles Chester Whitlock from Douglas L. Whitlock
NP0157 May 18, 1973 "D. Whitlock Dies While Vacationing" re death in Portugal of Terre Haute, Ind native Douglas Whitlock from Douglas L. Whitlock
NP0158 Burnaby Now Sep.26,1990 "Carousel touches emotions of our lost youth" re Phil Whitlock
NP0159 San Jose Mercury? 1980's "Rev. Dr. Philip W. Barrett, 68 former S.J. Presbyterian pastor" obit of Dr. Philip Whitlock Barrett from Doris Spencer
NP0160 Obit Francis Antony Whitlock on May 21, 1990 Mithian, Cornwall?; Sydenham Whitelock on Feb.18,1990 Poole, Dorset?; Sheila Maud Whitlock on April 28, 1990 in Trowbridge, Wiltshire from Ian Gardner
NP0161 Wanganui Midweek Oct.10,1990 re painting of Ross Whitlock from Ron Whitlock
NP0162 1990 "Whitlock's congratulate Wanganui on 150 years" re Whitlock's Quality Sauces & Pickles since 1877 from Ron Whitlock
NP0163 Toronto [Ont] Star Sep.17,1990 obit of William Whitlock Sep.15,1990 from Wilma Whitelock
NP0164 Dec.1990? "Times past and classic cricket" re Ralph Whitlock writing about Pitton, Wilts from Kathy Payne
NP0165 Evening Post, Charleston, S.C. Mar.1,1983 "Mrs. Norris C. Whitlock" obit of Muriel (Donnelly) Whitlock Feb.28,1983 from Norris Whitlock
NP0166 Buffalo [N.Y.] Courier-Express Jan.1,1978 "N. Whitlock, Ex-C-E Ad Exec. Dies" obit of Norris C. Whitlock Dec.31,1977 from Norris Whitlock
NP0167 The Times, Nov.22,1990 "Mr.J. Whitlock and Miss E.A. Shepherd" re engagement of Jeremy Whitlock of Ashtead, Surrey from Ian C. Gardner
NP0168 Lynden Tribune, Mar.1990 re Yuvonna L. Whitlock, 28 of Lynden, Wa traffic violation from Arvilla Heard Corey
NP0169 Bellingham Herald, Wa, Dec.28,1990 re 1990 Jingle Bell Run for Arthritis re Bryan, Kristin, Mare & Roberta Whitlock from Arvilla Heard Corey
NP0170 Legion, Jan.1991 obit of William J. Whitlock Sep.15,1990 age 74 of Toronto, Ont from Ted Whitlock
NP0171 The Journal, Dec.13,1990 re "A Victorian Village", picture of Pitton, Wilts Band 1895 incl Charles & Edwin Whitlock from Hilda Ford
NP0172 Daily Telegraph Jan.2,1990 "Doctors plan digital atlas of the body" re Prof David Whitlock of University of Colorado from Jill Whitlock
NP0173 Ledger-Star, Jun.27,1985 "Virginia family returns to find front yard gone" re Bill & Diane Whitlock of Fincastle, Va; Dec.1,1985 "Couple loses front yard, fraud suit" from Shirley Brendle
NP0174 Dorset Evening Echo, Jan.31,1991 obit of Charles Alfred Whitlock age 78 at Weymouth from Ian C. Gardner
NP0175 Financial Post, Spectrum, Feb.18,1991 "Thrist for profit fuels water war" re Buddy & Margery Whitlock of American Water Development Inc., Baca Ranch, Crestone, Colorado
NP0176 Marriages, Fedrick-Whitelock re Lee Fedrick & Elizabeth Anne Whitelock Mar.9,1991 at St.Stephen, Saltash, Cornwall from Derek Whitelock
NP0177 The News, Orange Co., Ca Jan.3,1991 re Judy Whitelock agent for Coldwell Banker from Douglas L. Whitlock
NP0178 Troops Find Time for Mail, M&Ms, Game Boy Sunday, Jan.13,1991 [Ca] re Maj Judd Whitlock, executive officer of HMH-462, Tustin from Douglas L. Whitlock
NP0179 Orange Co. [Ca] Register, Dec.24,1990 "Making the Transition" re Tes Whitlock, Orange Co., basketball player from Douglas L. Whitlock
NP0180 The Times Higher Education Supplement, [London] 1.3.91 "Portrait Of An Improbable Puritan" re Diary of Bulstrode Whitelocke by Ruth Spalding
NP0181 Kalamzoo, Mi Gazette, Summer 1990 "George, Alice Whitlock" re 50th wedding anniversary; Whitlock Auto Supply, near Pittsburgh, Pa from Marian F. Warren
NP0182 Brand Whitlock, Brave war Diplomat, is Dead 1934 obits re death of Brand Whitlock from Marian Warren
NP0183 Salisbury [Wilts] & Winchester [Hants] Journal and General Advertiser, May 23,1914 "Disastrous Fire at Pitton" re fire at Uriah Whitlock's farm from Lee Haynes
NP0184 Salisbury [Wilts] and Winchester [Hants] Journal. Feb.6,1869 "Pitton" re death of Mark Whitlock; Salisbury [Wilts] Journal, Dec.6,1990 "Courage that paid dividends" re 50th wedding anniversary of Steve & Muriel Whitlock of Pitton from Lee Haynes
NP0185 Albuquerque [N.M.] Journal, Jan.6,1991 "San Luis Valley Embattled Over Water" re Buddy Whitlock from Elaine Radosevic
NP0186 Keizertimes [Ore.], Apr.18,1991 Obit of Katherine Z. Sanderson, 64 died April 9 from Ruby Pantalone
NP0187 Obit of Foster Brand Whitlock, 76 died May 24,1991 at Ellsworth, Me from Geneva Campbell
NP0188 Calais [Me] Advertiser, Oct.1928 re Obit of Hannah (Swan) Sherrard died Sep.29,1928 from Jerry Gower
NP0189 Vancouver [B.C.] Sun, Oct.1991 Obit of Dorothy Jean (Whitlock) Clark formerly of Montreal West and Calgary in Vancouver Oct.12,1991 from Nora Whitlock
NP0190 ??? Ill, Oct.1991?, "Turner goes home, seeks private life" re Brian Whitlock, Boise, Idaho spokesman from Marian Warren
NP0191 Gallup [N.M.] Independent, Sep.1989 "Whitlock wants WIPP land transfer made" re Sen. Louis Whitlock, D-Carlsbad from Elaine Radosevic
NP0192 The Litchfield County [Ct] Times, Apr.5,1991 "Salisbury Woman Searches Out Other 'Colonial Dames of the XVII Century'" re Ursula Kilner from Ursula Kilner
NP0193 Nov.24,1991 Obit of Jean Butler, 76 of Eldorado, Ill.; Jan.9,1992 Obit of Edward Hume Watson, 91 of Eldorado, Ill. from Geneva Campbell
NP0194 Daily Telegraph [London] Mar.12,1991 Obit of Kathleen Whitlock, 63 Midhurst, West Sussex Mar.10,1991 from Ian Gardner
NP0195 Obit of Donald J. Whitlock b.May 2,1919 Marshall Town, Iowa d.Aug.26,1991 La Jolla, Ca from Douglas L. Whitlock
NP0196 Northern Nebraska Journal, Ponca, Mar.16,1893 Obit of Bennajah Whitlock, 84 of Dixon Co. d.Mar.2 at Sioux City from Esther M. Johnson
NP0197 The Vancouver [B.C.] Sun, Mar.3,1992 Honda & US/Canada free trade, vice-president Scott Whitlock from Marg Kapas
NP0198 The Daily Telegraph, London Apr.27,1982 re Harold Whitlock, 78 the 50km-walk gold medallist in the 1936 Berlin Olympics from Les Brown
NP0199 Seattle [Wa] Sun Times Oct.1931 re death Oct. 8 of William R. Whitlock, age 75, from Betty Hallowell
NP0200 Nebr? June 1924 Obituary of John P. Whitlock of Ponca, Nebr from Esther M. Johnson