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Digital copies of extracts from Newspapers as far back as the 1700's.  Many obituaries and stories about important and some less important events in the lives of Whitlocks.

File Description Notes
NP0401 ? Spartanburg, SC Feb.19,1962 Obit of Ida (Maner) Whitlock, 93 from Shirley Brendle
NP0402 ? Salisbury, NC May 1990 Obit of Ivey L. Whitlock, 72 died May 26,1990; ? Salisbury, NC June 1992 Obit of Lula (Wolfe) Whitlock, 72 died Jun.13,1992 from Shirley Brendle
NP0403 ? Albemarle, NC Jul.17,1978 "John Whitlock Taken by Death Here Monday" Obit of John U. Whitlock, 82; ? SC May 1991 Obit of Lucienne (Whitlock) Hinceman, 66 of Fort Mill, SC from Shirley Brendle
NP0404 ? NC Mar.17,1950 "Addie Whitlock Circle Meets"; ? NC Mar.24,1950 "Mrs. Whitlock To Head P.T.A. at North Albemarle re Mrs. Inez Whitlock from Shirley Brendle
NP0405 ? Norfolk, Va 1970's "New deb bears proud name" re Virginia LeGrand Coupland grandaughter of Virginia LeGrand Whitlock Cobb-Moll from Shirley Brendle
NP0406 The Virginian-Pilot and the Ledger-Star Sep.21,1994 Obit of E. Bruton Peacock 81 died Sep.20,1994. Married 1939 Jessiebeth Whitlock from Shirley Brendle
NP0407 The Virginian-Pilot Dec.15,1995 Obit of Ruth Turner Whitlock, 87 died Dec.13,1995 from Shirley Brendle
NP0408 The Virginian-Pilot May 22,1996 Obit of Randolph Guynette Smith, 75 died May 21,1996, father of Elizabeth Maie Whitlock from Shirley Brendle
NP0409 The Virginian-Pilot Mar.24,1996 Engagement of Susan Ruth Whitelock & Joshua J. Bennett from Shirley Brendle
NP0410 The Virginian-Pilot Jun.16,1996 Marriage of Susan Ruth Whitelock & Joshua Jeremiah Bennett Jun.15,1996 Ringwood, NJ from Shirley Brendle
NP0411 The Enterprise [Lynnwood, Wa] "Fuller and Whitlock to wed July 19" re Lissa Fuller and Neal Whitlock from Pam Hallock
NP0412 Portland [Me] Press Herald Jul.3,1996 Birth of Braden Edward Virgin born Jun.18,1996 son of Ian Virgin and Christine Whitlock from Jerry Gower
NP0413 Atlanta [Ga] Journal/Constitution Aug.5,1996 Obit of Billy Waymon Whitlock, 65 of Marietta died Aug.3,1996 from Earl Johnson
NP0414 The [Vancouver, BC] Province Aug.25,1996 Obit of Milton Earl Whitlock b.Oct.13,1919 Medicine Hat, Alberta d.Aug.22,1996 White Rock, BC; In Memoriam re Maxine Whitlock d. Aug.25,1995
NP0415 The Virginian-Pilot, Sep.20,1996 Obit of Margie Twilley Sunday mother of Dianne (Twilley) Whitlock of Chesapeake from Shirley Brendle
NP0416 Herald Express, Hemel Hempstead, Herts, England Apr.18,1996 In Memoriam re John Whitlock died Apr.9,1984 aged 64 from Merryl Wells
NP0417 Atlanta [Ga] Journal-Constitution Dec.9,1996 Obit of Jennifer K. (Byrom) Whitlock d.Dec.8,1996 from Earl Johnson
NP0418 Atlanta [Ga] Journal-Constitution Oct.14,1996 Obit of Ossie Fulbright Whitlock, 93 d.Oct.11,1996 from Earl Johnson
NP0419 London [Ont] Free Press Aug.30,1996 "Whitlock grabs '300' pole" re Dave Whitlock of Petrolia, Ont from Helen Wuerth
NP0420 The Sunday Telegraph [London] Jan.12,1997 "The quest of Mrs. Evans" re Prof. Dorothy Whitelock, "the great Anglo-Saxon historian" from Ian Gardner
NP0421 Sunday Gazette-Mail [Charleston, WV] Dec.1995 "Anniversaries" Brown re Frank & Lillian (Whitlock) Brown married Dec.24,1935 from Fern Adams via Jerry Gower
NP0422 ?? [WV] Obit of Albert W. Whitlock, 68, d.Jan.22,1996 at Berkley, [WV] from Fern Adams via Jerry Gower
NP0423 ?? [Sask] Obit of Robert Whitlock, 81, d.Jan.15,1996 at Fort Qu'Appelle, Sask from Ted Whitlock
NP0424 The Western [Canada] Producer Dec.19,1996 "New rules" re Cliff Whitelock, a Drayton Valley, [Alta] farmer from Ted Whitlock
NP0425 ?? [Sask] Ad for Husky re Howard & Shirley Whitlock of the Regina, [Sask] Husky Car/Truck Stop from Ted Whitlock
NP0426 The Modesto [Ca] Bee, Oct.8,1996 "Municipal Court Judge" re candidate Dan Whitlock, 51 from Jean Coeur-Barron
NP0427 The Modesto [Ca] Bee, Oct.26,1996 "Municipal Court Judge" re candidate Dan Whitlock, from Jean Coeur-Barron
NP0428 The Modesto [Ca] Bee, Oct.28,1996 "Municipal Court Judge" re candidate Dan Whitlock, from Jean Coeur-Barron
NP0429 Advance Community Supplement [Modesto, Ca] Nov.1996 Ad for Dan Whitlock candidate for Municipal Court Judge from Jean Coeur-Barron
NP0430 The Modesto [Ca] Bee, Nov.3,1996 "If money talks, races are over" re Dan Whitlock candidate for Municipal Court Judge from Jean Coeur-Barron
NP0431 The Modesto [Ca] Bee, Nov.3,1996 "Six strive for Municipal Court judgeship" re Dan Whitlock from Jean Coeur-Barron
NP0432 The Modesto [Ca] Bee, Nov.6,1996 "Voters say yes to Cummins in race for Municipal Court" re Dan Whitlock from Jean Coeur-Barron
NP0433 The Modesto [Ca] Bee, Nov.7,1996 Election results, Daniel Whitlock 3rd 14,146 votes - 15% from Jean Coeur-Barron
NP0434 Daily Mail [London] Jan.11,1997 "A first among royal scandals" re murder of Sir Thomas Overbury September 1613 book review of Unnatural Murder: Poison At The Court of James I by Anne Somerset from Marianne Whitlock
NP0435 Daily Press [Va] Dec.7,1971 "Nansemond man kept math book" book of George Washington Holland 1798 ref to Charles Whitlock estate from Shirley Brendle
NP0436 The Virginian-Pilot Feb.3,1997 obit of Leland D. Whitelock Sr. age 89 died Jan.31,1997 of Clearwater, Fla & Norfolk, Va from Shirley Brendle
NP0437 The State [Il] Journal-Register Feb.24,1997 "Local students win awards in engineering contest at LLCC" re Doug Whitlock from Mark Whitlock
NP0438 Public Records, Oklahoma City, Ok Feb.25,1994, re birth of a son to Jack & Terri Whitlock of Norman from June Lutz
NP0439 Family Circle, Mar.16,1993 Phone Etiquette re Dave Whitlock; 1991 Johnson-Johnson ex-aide Foster Brand Whitlock died May 24 Ellsworth, Maine age 76; 1990 Whitlock-Koster, Marriage of Richard David Whitlock & Sherri Lyn Koster; Las Vegas Feb.15,1993 Obit of Karen B. Whitlock age 46 b.Oct.3,1946, Davenport, Iowa from June Lutz
NP0440 National Enquirer Sep.1996 Fowl! Cop tickets caring driver for stopping to help baby ducks re Katigan Whitlock age 32 of Indianapolis [Ind] from June Lutz
NP0441 National Enquirer 1992? Hubby charged with beating wife to death re Detective Sgt. Bill Whitlock of Brampton, Ont from June Lutz
NP0442 Review Journal Jan.17,1992 Nevadans who served remember Desert Storm re Pat Whitlock & husband Bill Liddle from June Lutz
NP0443 The State Journal-Register, Springfield, Il Apr.16,1997 Obit of Charles D. Whitlock age 68 of Modesto, Ca from Mark Whitlock
NP0444 The Journal, Oct.31,1996 Woodland tribute to a man of the trees re Hilda Whitlock widow of Ralph Whitlock, founder trustee of Bentley Wood near Winterslow, Wilts from Kathy Payne
NP0445 The News & Observer, Raleigh, NC Mar.4,1997 Blackbeard's or not, a true treasure by Craig Whitlock, staff writer from Sara Smith
NP0446 South Carolina, 1886 Obit of Sarah A. (Kitchens) Whitlock born Oct.18,1821 died in Chester Co., Dec.12,1886 from Barbara Roesch
NP0447 Portland [Me] Press Herald Mar.7,1997 In Memoriam re Frederick Whitlock (Mar.7,1917-Apr.30,1995) from Jerry Gower
NP0448 The Atlanta [Ga] Journal/Constitution Jun.26,1997 Funeral service of James E. Whitlock of Atlanta from Earl Johnson
NP0449 State Journal Register, Springfield, Il Aug.9,1997 Obit of Edna Iola Whitlock age 74 of Carrollton wife of Randall Whitlock
NP0450 Ne ?? Sep.1947 "Golden Wedding Celebrated Tuesday" re John Robinson Whitlock & Ida Mae Stanton; "Sisters Have Their First Visit in Thirty-five Years" re Sarah Pearl (Nail) Whitlock; ?? 1921 Obit of Thomas Floyd Whitlock (1895-1921) from Ann Sims
NP0451 The Benton Courier Aug.7,1992 "50 years: Memories of Guadalcanal" re Claude Whitlock from Ann Sims
NP0452 Qualicum [BC] Totem Aug.1997 "Two visions of a 'pesticide-free' future" re Whitlock Golf and Country Club, Hudson, Quebec from Douglas Einerson
NP0453 Tecumsah, Ne Jul.10,1952 obit of John Robinson Whitlock age 76 from Ann Sims
NP0454 The Florence [Al] Times Sep.15,1997 obit of Methyl Whitlock Horton age 84 from Ann Sims
NP0455 The Modesto [Ca] Bee Sep.1,1997 obit of Mildred Whitlock Richmond age 73 from Mary Jean Coeur-Barron
NP0456 The Modesto [Ca] Bee Aug.16,1997 "Court date set for man in Whitlock slaying" re Deborah Ann Whitlock d.1986 from Mary Jean Coeur-Barron
NP0457 The Modesto [Ca] Bee Aug.7,1996 "Harold Whitlock, 93, Escalon educator, dies" from Mary Jean Coeur-Barron
NP0458 The Exeter [Ont] Advocate Dec.14,1922 "Young man passes" re George Franklin Johns of Usborne, Ontario; The Exeter [Ont] Advocate Mar.26,1908 obit of Isaac Whitlock Johns of Usborne, Ontario from Lawrence Otis
NP0459 The London [Ont] Free Press Aug.28,1997 "Petrolia driver in fast lane" re Dave Whitlock from Lawrence Otis
NP0460 The Press Democrat, Santa Rosa, Ca Jun.26,1997 re Stephanie Whitlock of Toronto, [Ont] from Priscilla A. Clement
NP0461 Oxford [Ms] Town Oct.23-29,1997 Broken Pelvis Festival, a Wayne The Dog Memorial re The North Mississippi All-Stars featuring Jim Dickinson & Bobby Whitlock from Sara Smith
NP0462 Benton [Ark] New Era Jan.20,1921 F.A. Whitlock of Amboy, Ill attending his brother's funeral from Ann Sims
NP0463 Tecumseh [Ne] Chieftain [The Herald?] Sep.23,1897 re marriage of John Robinson Whitlock & Ida Mae Stanton; Obit of Ida Mae (Stanton) Whitlock Sep.16,1967 from Ann Sims
NP0464 Tecumseh [Ne] Chieftain Sep.19,1914 obit of Jessie Frances Whitlock age 4; obit of Eileen Grace Whitlock age one month children of John Robinson & Ida Mae (Stanton) Whitlock from Ann Sims
NP0465 Tecumseh [Ne] Chieftain Jul.8,1922 "Married on the Fourth" re marriage of Arthur Eugene Stover & Manila Floyde Whitlock, Elk Creek July 4,1922; Obit of Manila Floyde (Whitlock) Stover Apr.20,1990; Obit of Arthur Stover Nov.11,1973 from Ann Sims
NP0466 Beatrice [Ne] Daily Sun Apr.2,1996 obit of Floyd Thomas Stover died Mar.19,1996; Tecumseh [Ne] Chieftain Apr.4,1996 obit of Floyd Thomas Stover from Ann Sims
NP0467 Tecumseh [Ne] Chieftain June 1957 obit of Dewey Jerome Whitlock died Jun.10,1957, Sabetha, Kansas; In Memoriam card re Edna Frances (Grady) Whitlock (Sep.26,1900-Dec.15,1990) from Ann Sims
NP0468 Tecumseh [Ne] Chieftain Oct.17,1996 obit of Garold Eugene Whitlock (Nov.29,1915-Oct.6,1996) died Omaha, Ne; Im Memoriam cards for Garold Eugene Whitlock and Lorraine Murina Whitlock (Mar.28,1921-Feb.45,1973) from Ann Sims
NP0469 In Memoriam cards for Robert Verl Whitlock (Apr.17,1913-Oct.26,1982) & Virginia (Beckwith) Whitlock (May 13,1917-May 9,1990) of Beatrice, Ne from Ann Sims
NP0470 Tecumseh [Ne] Chieftain Jul.24,1953 "Whitlock Roller Rink Hit by Recent Storm"; "Whitlock is Giving Free Skating Periods" re Garold Whitlock; The Star 1905 "Child Swallowed Poison" re Sybil d of John Robinson Whitlock from Ann Sims
NP0471 The Stratford [Ont] Beacon Herald Nov.7,1997 obit of Lillian Constance (Marsh) Whitlock Nov.5,1997 at Lanark Heights from Lawrence Otis
NP0472 Lake City [SC] News and Post Nov.12,1997 "Remember to keep your eyes open" re Chuck Whitlock scam buster and author of Scam School from Sara Smith
NP0473 The Modesto [Ca] Bee Jan.22,1992 "The Law Offices of Whitlock & Whitlock" ad from Mary Jean Coeur Barron
NP0474 The Modesto [Ca] Bee Jan.30,1996 obit of Leslie A. Whitlock Jun.17,1908-Jan.28,1996 of Modesto formerly of Marshall, Tx from Mary Jean Coeur Barron
NP0475 The Modesto [Ca] Bee Feb.3,1996 "Seven years later mother's grief still fresh" re Deborah Mulvihill Whitlock d.Mar.25,1988 from Mary Jean Coeur Barron
NP0476 The Modesto [Ca] Bee Dec.12,1997 "Accused murderer in court" re Deborah Whitlock d.Mar.25,1988 from Mary Jean Coeur Barron
NP0477 The [Vancouver, B.C.] Province Jan.15,1998 "Hard, heavy and loud" re Kara Whitlock of band Ten Days Late
NP0478 The [Abbotsford, B.C.] Times Feb.17,1998 "Psychics a poor draw in Bible belt" re Manisha Whitlock from Jill Buker
NP0479 The Virginian-Pilot Hampton Roads May 3,1997 Virginia Beach Obit of Kenneth L. Corron died May 1,1997 age 39 re sister Bonnie Whitlock from Shirley Brendle
NP0480 Argus, Burlington, Wa May 21,1997 "Cheri Whitlock joins Youth Dynamics staff" from Arvilla Corey
NP0481 ?? Fl "W. Whitlock former area lawmaker" obit of William Eugene Whitlock died Dec.31,1997 Tallahassee, Fl; Obit of Hilmer (Whitlock) Horne died Jan.12,1998 age 84 from Eulia Whitlock Stathis and Sara Smith
NP0482 Lake City [SC] News and Post Jan.21,1998 Obit of Vivien (King) Whitlock died Jan.7,1998 age 82
NP0483 Oxford [Ms] Town Feb.19-25,1998 "Bobby Whitlock" Cassie Todd Foundation Benefit at Full Moon Saloon, Tuesday, February 24 from Sara Smith
NP0484 Vancouver, B.C. ?? Obit of Julie (McCorquodale) Whitlock died February 21, 1998 from Nora Whitlock
NP0485 Saturday Telegraph [London] Apr.12,1997 The Birth of Daniel Christopher Whitlock, Sharoe Green Hospital, Preston, Lancs Mar 14,1997 from Ian Gardner
NP0486 The Voice Feb.19,1998 Obit of Glen Kilner 1918-1998 from Ursula Kilner
NP0487 Berkshire Record Feb.20,1998 obit of Glen Kilner, 79 of Salisbury, Ct from Ursula Kilner
NP0488 Keizer Times Oct.30,1997 "Noted Scout leader" re John Allen Voves, 73. Married Oct.14,1944 Marianne E. Whitlock Astoria, Oregon from Ruby Pantalone
NP0489 Scottish/Glasgow Daily Record Mar.26,1998 "Paula's Spice of life" re Disc Jockey, Paula Whitelock from David Whitelock
NP0490 The State Journal-Register, Springfield, Illinois Apr.1,1998 "Pleasant Plains student top scorer on statewide physics test" re Douglas Whitlock, 17 from Mark Whitlock
NP0491 The State Journal-Register, Springfield, Illinois Apr.10,1998 obit of Robert Lee Whitlock, 80 of Jacksonville from Mark Whitlock
NP0492 The Vancouver [BC] Courier, May 13,1998 "A chicken and egg argument" re Peter Whitlock
NP0493 Sunday Express Magazine April 1998 "Whitelocks" Leeds' [YKS] oldest pub from Frederick J. Whitlock
NP0494 Benton [Arkansas] Courier May 1997 obit of Claude L. Whitlock b.Dec.1,1916, age 80 Benton, Saline Co., Arkansas, U.S.A. from Ann Sims
NP0495 Benton [Arkansas] Courier? March 1951 "Services Held Thursday for Levi Whitlock" obit of Levi Q. Whitlock d Mar.5,1951 age 66 Benton, Saline Co., Arkansas, U.S.A. from Janet J. Stahl
NP0496 Denver, Colorado, U.S.A.? obit of Robert R. Whitlock d Jun.11,1964 age 56 Denver, Colorado, U.S.A.? from Janet J. Stahl
NP0497 Charlottetown, PEI, Canada? Sep 14,1982? "Couple Mark 40 Years" re 68th wedding anniversary of Caleb Weston & Hazel (Bryenton) Whitlock, Charlottetown, PEI, Canada; Sep.30,1983 "Couple Wed 69 Years; Say 'Would Do It All Again'" re 69th wedding anniversary of Caleb Weston & Hazel (Bryenton) Whitlock, Charlottetown, PEI, Canada from PEI Archives
NP0498 J.P. [Charlottetown, PEI, Canada] May 14,1986 obit of Caleb Weston Whitlock May 1,1986 aged 93 born Charlottetown Jan.20,1893 s Caleb James & Hannah (Strain) Whitlock; Guardian [Charlottetown, PEI, Canada] Nov.30,1990 re marriage of Christine Denise Whitlock & Roger Paul Arsenault Dec.29,1990; Guardian [Charlottetown, PEI, Canada] Oct.17,1988 obit of George Whitlock Oct.14,1988 Charlottetown, PEI, Canada; Guardian [Charlottetown, PEI, Canada]? obit of Darren Roy Whitlock July 8,1988 s Roy & Peggy Whitlock b July 17,1966 of Charlottetown, PEI, Canada from PEI, Archives
NP0499 The Virginian-Pilot Daily Break Mar.29,1998, Stanardsville, Va, Engagement of Dana Gail Whitelock & Stephen Dancel Ripley, wedding date July 25,1998 from Shirley Brendle
NP0500 The Virginian-Pilot Hampton Roads Apr.25,1998, Norfolk, Obit of Irma Wessely Donegan, 87 grandmother to Emily Whitlock & ggrandmother to Anna Whitlock from Shirley Brendle
NP0501 The Virginian-Pilot Hampton Roads Apr.15,1998, Jamestown, Tenn, Obit of Rev. Ralph David Moulton Sr., 76 father to Susana Whitlock of Lakeland, Fl from Shirley Brendle
NP0502 Macleans Magazine Jun.22,1998 P.6 C.3 "Nuclear reaction" by Jeremy Whitlock, Deep River, Ont
NP0503 London [Ont] Free Press Jun.1,1998 Obit of Liliane (DeNeire) Witlox died May 30,1998 age 62 from Lawrence Otis
NP0504 The Register Guard, Eugene, Ore Nov.16,1997 "Identity thief can make crime pay" re Chuck Whitlock, Investigative reporter
NP0505 The Beacon [Va] Mar.29,1998 "Kevin Thompson: businessman, gadget lover" Division president of The Whitlock Group from Shirley Brendle
NP0506 [Va] Norfolk, obit of Doris R. Williams b.Mar.28,1927 d.Mar.2,1998 re aunt Viola Whitlock from Shirley Brendle
NP0507 The Virginian-Pilot Feb.13,1998 Richmond, "Judge's impartiality questioned in case" re abduction Jan.5,1990 of Leanne Whitlock, age 19 from Shirley Brendle
NP0508 London [Ont] Free Press Jul.27,1998 "Whitlock fourth in Calgary" re Dave Whitlock of Petrolia from Lawrence Otis
NP0509 Waynesboro, Va? & Washington, DC? & Pomona, Ca? Obits of Sarah Ellen (Whitlock) Cash died Jun.22,1968 age 94 from Mary Conner
NP0510 [Vernon, Mo?] May 1958 "Arthur G. Whitlock Dies" obit of Arthur Golden Whitlock, 64 from Joan Francis
NP0511 [Clinton, Mo?] Jan.5,1944 "Former CHS Class Officers Meet as Marines in Pacific" re Corporal Reginald Whitlock from Joan Francis
NP0512 Feb.18,1944 "Corporal Whitlock Honored" re Reginald Whitlock from Joan Francis
NP0513 D. Ledet in maneuvers re David L. Ledet husband of Regina d.of Reginald & Gladys Whitlock from Joan Francis
NP0514 Ledet returns from tour of oceans re David L. Ledet from Joan Francis
NP0515 Miscellaneous clippings re Reginald Whitlock from Joan Francis
NP0516 Last Rites at Eugene for Mrs. Matilda Whitlock, 87; items re funeral of Arthur G. Whitlock from Joan Francis
NP0517 Reggie Whitlock In Drills with USC At Marine School re Reginald Whitlock from Joan Francis
NP0518 The Virginian-Pilot, Hampton Roads, Sep.8,1998 "White man's execution in death of black would be 1st since 1863" re Jan.1990 death of Leann Whitlock from Shirley Brendle
NP0519 The Virginian-Pilot, Hampton Roads, Jul.19,1998 Obit of Eva Diane Pennington, 52 died July 16,1998 d. William Thomas & Jessie June (Whitlock) Pennington from Shirley Brendle
NP0520 London [Ont] Free Press Aug.21,1998 "Whitlock assumes national lead" re Dave Whitlock of Petrolia [Ont] from Lawrence Otis
NP0521 London [Ont] Free Press Sep.3,1998 "Dave Whitlock is gunning for the big-time" re Dave Whitlock of Petrolia [Ont] from Lawrence Otis
NP0522 London [Ont] Free Press Sep.7,1998 "Whitlock wins 3rd CASCAR title" re Dave Whitlock of Petrolia [Ont] from Lawrence Otis
NP0523 The Toronto [Ont] Star Aug.25,1998 "Dr.Harold Johns, 83 pioneer in medicine" obit of descendant of Richard & Eliza (Whitlock) Johns (M1850's). Awarded the Order of Canada in 1977 for his discovery of cobalt-60 radiation therapy. From Lawrence Otis.
NP0524 Detroit [Mi] Free Press Nov.12,1969 "Mayor Brand Whitlock And Golden Rule Jones" re Brand Whitlock, mayor of Toledo, Ohio from Andrew Whitlock
NP0525 Detroit [Mi] Free Press Nov.21,1969 "War Protest Common In Most U.S. History" re Brand Whitlock, mayor of Toledo, Ohio from Andrew Whitlock
NP0526 Eugene [Ore] Register Guard Oct.18,1998 Obit of Leslie "Percy" Wicks, 71 d.Oct.16,1998 Cottage Grove, Ore from JoAnn Whitlock
NP0527 The Farmville (Va.) Herald Sep.13,1989 re William F. Whitlock s.of Mr. & Mrs. James L. Whitlock of Farmville earned his masters of Teaching degree from the University of Virginia from Mary Maxfield
NP0528 Orange County [Va] Review Jun.11,1998 Obit of Mildred D, Whitlock, 91 of Gordonsville d.Jun.6,1998 from Mary Maxfield
NP0529 Cleveland, Ohio ? 1927 "W.P. Whitlock Dead in Paris" obit of William Percival Whitlock died age 40. Son of Francis Metherall Whitlock & Susanne Annie Beacham from Ione Whitlock
NP0530 Ohio 1945 "Dr.F.M.Whitlock Leaves Marietta" re Rev. Francis Metherall Whitlock age 90 from Ione Whitlock
NP0531 Lake City [SC] News & Post Oct.21,1998 "Panthers and their supports take to Main Street" re Lake City High School student Beth Whitlock from Sara Smith
NP0532 The Dallas [Tx] Morning News Dec.13,1998 "Murder trial reveals sordid secrets of the elite" by Craig Whitlock of Washington Post from Earl Johnson
NP0533 Wanganui [NZ] Chronicle Oct.21,1998 "Member of prominent city family dies" obit of Howard Percival Whitlock, 85 from Carol Whitlock
NP0534 Wanganui [NZ] Chronicle Oct.21,1998 obit of Howard Percival Whitlock, 85 d.Oct.16,1998 from Carol Whitlock
NP0535 The [London] Times Nov.7,1998 "1914-1918: The Last Survivors" re Arthur Whitlock, 107 of Kent born Oct.1891 from Cyril D. Whitlock
NP0536 The Virginian-Pilot, Hampton Roads Jan.14,1999 Obit of Ida Grace Jones, funeral at 164 Whitlock Court, Providence Square, Chesapeake from Shirley Brendle
NP0537 The Guardian Dec.29,1998 "Token memory of transported convicts" re Mary Ann Whitlock, vagrant from Maisie Whitelock
NP0538 Lakeville [Ct] Journal Oct.8,1998 "War-Weary POWs Slogged Through Corner" re research of Ursula Kilner into the Revolution's Longest March, Nov.1778 from Ursula Kilner
NP0539 The Virginian-Pilot, The Daily Break Feb.14,1999 Celebrations, Weddings, Elswick-Aston re Ashley Whitlock and Sarah Whitlock cousins of the bride, Dianne Whitlock mistress of ceremonies from Shirley Brendle
NP0540 The Virginian-Pilot, Feb.13,1999 William E. Wood and Associates, Realtors re Faye Whitlock from Shirley Brendle
NP0541 The [London] Sun, Oct.17,1998 re Arthur Whitlock age 107 of Tenterden, Kent from Marianne Whitlock
NP0542 The Mail on Sunday, Nov.8,1998 "The soldier for whom the war never ended" "Survivors" re Arthur J. Whitlock, 107, Gunner, Royal Artillery; Ypres from Margaret M. Cohoe
NP0543 ?? Rising Sun, In, Aug.28,1941 "Whitlock Plant Is Operated by 4th Generation" re Dean & Stewart Whitlock & Mildred Neaman from John W. Whitlock
NP0544 State Journal Register, Springfield, Il, Apr.20,1999 Obit of Gilbert Louis Whitlock b.Sep.25,1922 d.Apr.19,1999 of Waverly, Il from Mark D. Whitlock
NP0545 Lake City [SC] News & Post, Apr.7,1999 "Night of a Lifetime" re Beth and Kate Whitlock, sisters and daughters of Bill and Susan Whitlock. The Junior-Senior Prom of Lake City High from Sara Smith
NP0546 The Vancouver [BC] Province, Jun.17,1999 “Fowl play” re Peter Whitlock, Interim General Manager, BC Egg Marketing Board
NP0547 The Vancouver [BC] Sun, Jun.23,1999 obit of Arthur F. Whitlock, died Jun.19,1999 age 80
NP0548 The Vancouver [BC] Province, Jun.25,1999 obit of Fred Whitelock, died Jun.22,1999
NP0549 ?? NC, Oct.1969 “Whitlock Funeral Held Here” re Calvin Whitlock, 92 of Forest City, died at Clyde, NC from Les Conner
NP0550 The Virginian-Pilot Apr.11,1999 Portsmouth, re wedding Apr.10,1999 of Ashley Sheridan Whitlock & Michael LaValle from Shirley Brendle
NP0551 The Guardian, Jun.3,1999 “Rose Whitlock” Obit of Rose Whitlock, boatman, born May 29,1917 died May 17,1999 from Diane Sutton & Maisie Whitelock
NP0552 Romford & Havering Post, May 29,1999 “Maisie’s The New Mayor” from Maisie Whitelock
NP0553 [Romford] Recorder, May 28,1999 “A welcome for Madam Mayor” from Maisie Whitelock
NP0554 [Romford] Recorder??, May? 1999 “Millennium mayor is delighted by honour” from Maisie Whitelock
NP0555 ?? Ore, obit of Marjorie Nystrom, Cottage Grove, d.of Clara (Whitlock) Gleason b.Aug.23,1914 d.May 5,1999 from JoAnn Whitlock
NP0556 The Modesto [Ca] Bee, May 27,1999 “Whitlock’s ‘88 murder is admitted” re Deborah Ann Whitlock from Mary Jean Coeur-Barron
NP0557 The Modesto [Ca] Bee, Apr.8,1999 “Dr.Coeur-Barron, patients’ champion” obit of Neil Hamilton Coeur-Barron Jul.3,1925-Apr.4,1999 ggson of Frederick & Charlotte (Oliver) Whitlock from Mary Jean Coeur-Barron
NP0558 PC Times [Fl?], Jun.11,1999 obit of Fred W. Leipler, of New Port Richey died Jun.9,1999 age 84 retired plant manager from Whitlock Associates in Farmington, Mi from Eugenie Fellows
NP0559 Frome, Som ?? Mar.1956 “Death of Mr. P.E. Whitlock” obit of Percival Edward Whitlock ropemaker b.Frome, Somerset d.Mar.27,1956, age 82 from Eric Whitlock
NP0560 Orange County [Va] Review, Mar.18,1999 “Miss Orange County Contest” re Susan Whitlock age 17 d. of Pam Whitlock from Mary Maxfield
NP0561 State Journal Register, Springfield, Il, Jul.13,1999 “Whitlock-35th” re wedding anniversary of R.Thomas Whitlock & Sally Ann Mitchell married Jul.5,1964 from Mark Whitlock
NP0562 St.Croix, [NB] Courier, Mar.11,1875 re wedding of William Henry Whitlock & Mary Murdock Goss Mar.9,1875 Linton Mills, St.George
NP0563 St.Croix, [NB] Courier, Dec.6,1877 obit of William Whitlock of St.Andrews died Dec.3,1877, age 78
NP0564 St.Croix, [NB] Courier, Mar.1,1877 obit of Rebecca (Munro) Whitlock of St.John died Feb.25,1877 age 78
NP0565 St.Croix, [NB] Courier, Apr.12,1883 re wedding of Colin Campbell Whitlock & Annie Inches April 9,1883 St.Stephen
NP0566 St.Croix, [NB] Courier, Oct.9,1884 re ad “New Livery & Boarding Stable, W.H. Whitlock, proprietor, St.Stephen, NB”
NP0567 St.Croix, [NB] Courier, obit of infant child of Amos Whitlock died Aug.16,1885, Milltown, Me
NP0568 St.Croix, [NB] Courier, obit of Margaret (Campbell) Whitlock died Apr.2,1886 St.Stephen, NB
NP0569 St.Croix, [NB] Courier, Sep.4,1890 re ad C.C. Whitlock, Grocer, McGrath’s Corner, Calais, Me
NP0570 St.Croix, [NB] Courier, Oct.15,1891 re wedding of Isaac L. Whitlock & Lucy A. Ross Oct.6,1891 Union Church parsonage; “Notice of Dissolution of Co-partnership” between William H. Laughlin and R. Watson Whitlock at Milltown, Me
NP0571 St.Croix, [NB] Courier, Mar.30,1893 re ad “Insure with Whitlock” re Julius Thompson Whitlock
NP0572 St.Croix, [NB] Courier, Mar.30,1893 re ad insurance Julius Thompson Whitlock
NP0573 St.Croix, [NB] Courier, Mar.30,1899 re Julius Thompson Whitlock & bride
NP0574 St.Croix, [NB] Courier, Mar.30,1899 re wedding of Julius Thompson Whitlock & Madeline Sisson at St.Stephen, Mar.21,1899
NP0575 St.Croix, [NB] Courier, Oct.23,1913 re wedding of Samuel Hallett Whitlock & Mary L. Budd Oct.,22,1913 St.David
NP0576 St.Croix, [NB] Courier, Oct.23,1913 re ad “For Sale Sheep and Poultry from Prize Winning Stock” by Robert Watson Whitlock; “Mss Jessie C. Whitlock” Teacher of Pianoforte, King St. St.Stephen
NP0577 [Romford] Recorder, Jun.18,1999 “Mayor Says Thanks”; “Cha Very Much”; “Swinging in the Rain-ham carnival” from Maisie Whitelock
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