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Digital copies of extracts from Newspapers as far back as the 1700's.  Many obituaries and stories about important and some less important events in the lives of Whitlocks.

File Description Notes
NP0601 The North Bucks Times Sep.24,1918 Woburn Sands obit of Alfred Whitlock killed in France Aug.23,1918 age 19 from Diane Sutton
NP0602 ?? Luton, [BFD] 1944 “Former Resident of Woburn Sands - Death of Mrs. E. H. Whitlock” obit of Elizabeth Hannah (Gardner) Whitlock died Nov.11,1944 age 66 from Diane Sutton
NP0603 North Shore Star, Elliott Lake [ONT] Jun 1959 “Slow Down and Live May Be the Secret Of Living to Be 80" re Walter Frederick Whitlock from Dianne Sutton
NP0604 Morris [Il] Herald Mar.21,1879 “Mr.A. Whitlock is happy and shows it in his countenance - a girl” (re birth of daughter Lizzie) from James E. Wilson
NP0605 Morris [Il] Herald Sep.12,1879 re Mr.Arthur Whitlock’s claim for Civil War pension from James E. Wilson
NP0606 Lake Charles [La] American Press Jan.18,1915 “Death at Orange of Former Citizen” obit of Arthur L. Whitlock b.Jul.4,1840 from James E. Wilson
NP0607 APCC Shore Line [Cape Cod, Ma] Jun 1998 “30th Anniversary Party” re Dr.Herbert E. Whitlock from Peter L. Whitlock
NP0608 The Cape Codder, Dec.11,18,1998 “Founder of APCC passes away” obit of Dr.Herbert E. Whitlock from Peter L. Whitlock
NP0609 Cape Cod Times Dec.11,14,1998 “Champion of Cape Cod preservation dies at 88" re Dr.Herbert E. Whitlock from Peter L. Whitlock
NP0610 Dorset Evening Echo Jan.26,2000 re obit of Alice Irene Whitelock age 88 of Weymouth and formerly Tavistock, Devon from Ian Gardner
NP0611 The Fort Morgan [Co] Times Apr.2,1999 “Singer/songwriter to minister” re Wade Whitlock of Fort Morgan from Iola Ebendorf
NP0612 Billings [Mn] Gazette Feb.5,2000 & Casper [Wy] Star-Tribune Feb.16,2000 re obit of Charles Howard Whitlock age 93 died Feb.2,2000 b.Feb.28,1906 Gobel, Ar from June Sandberg
NP0613 The Kansas City [Ks] Star Jan.2000 re obit of John E. Whitlock age 74 died Jan.13,2000 b.May 16,1925 Kansas City, Ks from Marilyn Finke
NP0614 Piqua ?? [Oh] Sep.1896 “Memory of Mrs. Margaret [Flomerfelt] Whitlock” from Linda Heiss Whitlock
NP0615 Piqua ?? [Oh] Aug. 1956 Obit of Mrs. Clara Purcell Whitlock b.Mar.3,1866 d.Aug.18,1956 from Linda Heiss Whitlock
NP0616 The Ohio State Journal, Columbus, Ohio Oct.1920's?? “Assistant Rector of Trinity Weds” re Allan Perkins Roe and Elma Whitlock from Linda Heiss Whitlock
NP0617 Piqua ?? [Oh] Feb.1922 “Funeral Held on Tuesday” re Wilbur Francis Whitlock b.Oct.31,1856 d.Feb.18,1922 Dayton, Ohio from Linda Heiss Whitlock
NP0618 Eastern Daily Press 1984 “All In The Family” re Alderman Norman’s Endowed School, Norwich, NFK from Iris Welford
NP0619 Cape Cod Times 1968 “Cape Preservation Unit To Form at Eastham” re Herbert Whitlock from Peter L. Whitlock
NP0620 Stratford [ONT] Daily Herald Aug.11,13,1921 & Stratford [ONT] Daily Beacon Aug.13,1921 “The Late Mrs. Whitlock” obit of Frances Edna (Todd) Whitlock wife of John Hooper Whitlock d. age 63 & Stratford [ONT] Beacon-Herald Mar.5,1927 obit of John Hooper Whitlock, 76 & Stratford [ONT] Beacon-Herald Jul.8,1978 obit of Margaret Flossie (Whitlock) Rae, 91 d.Jun.30,1978 from Lawrence Otis
NP0621 Lake City [SC] News & Post, Mar.22,2000 obit of Susan Rodgers Whitlock Stone, 47 of Kingstree d.Mar.17,2000 d Luther Chapman & Lelia Sitton (Reaves) Whitlock from Sara Smith
NP0622 Romford & Havering Post Jan - May 2000 37 clippings re Maisie Whitelock, Mayor of Havering from Maisie Whitelock
NP0623 The Guardian, Feb.2,2000 “Here’s how we saved £5,000" re Martin Whitlock from Mark Peter Whitlock
NP0624 Tribune Apr.19,2000 “Arthur Whitlock; Believed to Be Oldest Man in Britain at 108" died Apr.18,2000 from Dorrain Satchell
NP0625 ?? Mar.28,1940 “for City Treasurer” re James W. Whitlock of Covina, Ca from Dorrain Satchell
NP0626 Review [Md] Apr.26,2000 re obit of Margaret F. Williams-Hartle b.Dec.14,1909 d.Apr.19,2000 d Daniel Gilmore & Martha Anne “Ray” (Whitlock) Mickley from Becki Heise
NP0627 Connecticut Post Jun.2,2000 obits of J.Donald Willis died Jun.1,2000 s Thomas & Zelta (Whitlock) Willis & wife Ruth M. (Burns) Willis d.Jun.6,2000 from Jane M. Preston
NP0628 The Virginian-Pilot Apr.23,2000 obit of Mary B. Hundley died Apr.21,2000 re service by Rev.E. Clifton Whitlock from Shirley Brendle
NP0629 The Virginian-Pilot Jan.9,2000 Millennium Portrait atop Mount Trashmore for Hampton Roads, 5000 persons including Kathryn Whitlock, from Shirley Brendle
NP0630 Lake City [SC] News & Post, May 10, 2000 Beth Whitlock...crowned May Day Queen at Lake City High School, Friday, May 5, 2000 from Sara Smith
NP0631 Lake City [SC] News & Post, May 31,2000 Obit of Nancy Whitlock Ruffin, 69 of Myrtle Beach, widow of Colin B. Ruffin Sr. died Saturday, May 20, 2000 Nancy d Ted & Latisha (Rogers) Whitlock from Sara Smith
NP0632 The Modesto [Ca] Bee Aug.22,1999 “American Legion names leadership” re Dan Whitlock from Mary Jean Coeur-Barron
NP0633 The Modesto [Ca] Bee May 21, 2000 re California Gold Medal to Dave Brubeck and honorary doctor of letters to Iola (Whitlock) Brubeck for her contributions to music as a lyricist and librettist from Mary Jean Coeur-Barron
NP0634 The Modesto [Ca] Bee Aug.14,1999 “Story solves murder” re Debi Whitlock d.Mar.25,1988 from Mary Jean Coeur-Barron
NP0635 The Modesto [Ca] Bee Jul.7,2000 Obit of Lily L. Whitlock, 96 of Escalon. b.Verona, ND Jun.3,1904 d.Jul.4,2000 from Mary Jean Coeur-Barron
NP0636 State Journal-Register, Springfield, Il Jun.20,2000 obit of Velma Helen (Bingham) Whitlock b.Oct.11,1913 d.Jun.19,2000 wife of Charles Leon Whitlock from Mark Whitlock
NP0637 Washington [DC] Post Jan.5,2000 “Blacksburg Deserted” re Tom Whitlock of Fredericksburg, Va from Mary Maxfield
NP0638 Park Ridge [Il] Herald, Feb.1948 obit of Harry Oliver Whitlock, 69 d.Feb.9,1948 from James E. Wilson
NP0639 Beaumont [Tx] Enterprise, Jan.26,1943 obit of Abraham Lincoln Whitlock, 77 Beaumont, Tx from James E. Wilson
NP0640 Beaumont [Tx] Enterprise, Jan.14,1972 obit of Adeline Victoria (Dunne) Whitlock, 93 Vidor, Tx from James E. Wilson
NP0641 ??, Exeter, RI 1987 obit of James Frederick Whitlock, 92 died May.14,1987 from James E. Wilson
NP0642 ??, Tx 1959 obit of Ira Elizabeth (Hugghins) Whitlock, 58 died Jun.27,1959 Fort Worth, Tx from James E. Wilson
NP0643 ?? 1944 obit of Mary A. (Patrick) Whitlock from James E. Wilson
NP0644 State Journal Register, Springfield, Il obit of Don T. Traylor born Oct.19,1927 died July 7, 2000 Coffeen, Il grandson of Denis Albert & Orah Mae (Whitlock) Traylor (M1905) from Mark D. Whitlock
NP0645 The London [Ont] Free Press May 19, 2000 “Dave Whitlock feels he’s due” re Dave Whitlock CASCAR driver from Lawrence Otis
NP0646 The London [Ont] Free Press Jul.8,2000 obit of Dorothy (Loxton)Whitlock died Jul.7,2000 age 81 of Corunna, widow of Ben Whitlock from Lawrence Otis
NP0647 Orange County [Va] Review Aug,17,2000 obit of Elisabeth Aiken Nolting (Nov.16,1906-Aug.12,2000) d William Otto & Maria Louisa Whitlock (McGuire) Nolting from Mary Maxfield
NP0648 The Post and Courier [SC]Oct.3,2000 obit of Elijah Whitlock died September 29,2000 North Charleston, SC from Norris Whitlock
NP0649 The [London]Mail, Aug.20,2000 “Slaughter that built an empire” re General John Whitelocke from John C. Whitlock
NP0650 Woodstock Sentinel-Review? Jun.16,1983? Obit of Peter Duncan Whitelock died Jun.15,1983, 78 of Woodstock from Lawrence Otis
NP0651 Toronto [Ont] Star Oct.2000 obit of Edna (Christie) Whitelock died Oct.25,2000 from Wilma Whitelock
NP0652 Owen Sound [Ont] Sun Times Feb.7,2000 “Young curler in big spiel” re Ian MacKinnon grandson of Helen Wuerth from Helen Wuerth
NP0653 Shoreline Beacon [Port Elgin, Ont] Dec.27,2000 “Peacekeeper on mission in Bosnia” re Lt.Col.Ross Wuerth from Helen Wuerth
NP0654 The Virginian-Pilot, Hampton Roads Aug.4,2000 obit of James M. Walker 73 died Aug.3,2000 s Daniel Francis & Irene (Whitlock) Walker from Shirley Brendle
NP0655 Toronto [Ont] Star Jan.20,2001 obit of Anne Whitlock, Ipswich, England died Jan.18,2001. Anne owned and operated the Cheshire Cheese pub in London.
NP0656 State Journal Register, Springfield, Il Mar.5,2001 obit of Earl H. Sharp 81 died Mar.4,2001 Coffeen. Born Feb.11,1920 Oklahoma City. Wife Wilma Whitlock from Mark Whitlock
NP0657 State Journal Register, Springfield, Il Mar.11,2001 obit of Bert Mills Whitlock 84 Modesto born Feb.,13,1917 s Gilbert Robert & Opal Oleta May (Mills) Whitlock from Mark Whitlock
NP0658 Saratoga Co., NY ??1812 “Dying Blue” ad re Aaron C. Whitlock of Rathbun’s Mills in Milton Apr.18,1810 from James E. Wilson
NP0659 The Toronto [Ont] Star Dd Mar.16,2001 “Still setting records at 70" re Ed Whitlock of Milton, Ont from William H. Whitelock
NP0660 The London [Ont] Free Press Dd Mar.19,2001 “Senior races through life” re Ed Whitlock of Milton, Ont from Lawrence Otis
NP0661 The London [Ont] Free Press Dd Jan.26,2001 obit of Marie (van Geel) Witlox died Jan.24,2001 age 96 widow of Tys Witlox d.1967 from Lawrence Otis
NP0662 The London [Ont] Free Press Dd Feb.24,2001 “Aiming for safer shooters” re Ed Witlox of Aylmer, Ont from Lawrence Otis
NP0663 Independent & Free Press (Georgetown, Ont) Dd Jun.30,2000 “New exhibit at the Mill” re Doris Whitlock from Lawrence Otis
NP0664 ?? Saskatchewan, CND Jan.2001 Obit of Edward Joseph Whitlock, 87 of Raymore. Died Lestock, Saskatchewan Jan.11,2001 from Marianne Whitlock
NP0665 Fort Morgan Times Mar.9,2001, “Athletes of the Week” re Amber & Andi Whitlock, daughters of Guy & Sandi Whitlock of Iowa ??from Iola Ebendorf
NP0666 Globe & Mail [Toronto, ONT] Jul.11,2001 “Farmer builds business on a better egg” re Peter Whitlock
NP0667 Connecticut Post July 15, 2001 re obit of Brenda Michelle (Day) Whitlock, b.Apr.26,1965 d.Jul.5,2001, Colorado Springs, Co from Jane M. Preston
NP0668 The London [Ont] Free Press Dd Apr.23,2001 “London site of run at record” re Ed Whitlock of Milton, Ont from Lawrence Otis
NP0669 The London [Ont] Free Press Dd May 14,2001 “Whitlock misses goal by just 25 seconds” re Ed Whitlock of Milton, Ont from Lawrence Otis
NP0670 The London [Ont] Free Press Dd May 20,2001 “Whitlock on track for home win” re Dave Whitlock of Petrolia from Lawrence Otis
NP0671 The London [Ont] Free Press Dd May 21,2001 “ Sponsor-seeking Micks has winning car for sale” re Dave Whitlock of Petrolia from Lawrence Otis
NP0672 Exeter [Ont] Times-Advocate Jun.6,2001 re wedding of Steve Witlox & Bobbie Lyn Snell June 16,2001 London, Ont from Lawrence Otis
NP0673 The London [Ont] Free Press Dd Jun.18,2001 obit of Douglas James Whitlock of Petrolia, Ont from Lawrence Otis
NP0674 The Sunday Chieftain [Pueblo, Co] Mar.11,2001 “Book about Chico Cemetery pays ‘Tribute to Pioneers’” re Jason & Sarah A. Whitlock (M1880's) of Pueblo Co., Co from Miriam Gillespie
NP0675 The West Coast Farmer July 2001 “Egg producers reject BCSPCA Plan” re Peter Whitlock
NP0676 Country Life in BC Dd Sep.2001 “Organic egg producer ups prices to pay for looming court battle” re Peter Whitlock
NP0677 The [London] Times Jan.31,2001 obit of Joan Mary (Whitlock) DeAngeli, 77 died January 26,2001 in Winston-Salem, NC from Mark Peter Whitlock
NP0678 Daily Telegraph [London] Nov.14,2000 obit of Nan Whitlock, 79 died Nov.12,2000 Ashton House, Haywards Heath, West Sussex from Mark Peter Whitlock
NP0679 Daily Telegraph [London] Feb.7,2001 obit of Dorothy Louisa (Whitelock) Payne died Jan.31,2001 Eastbourne, Sussex from Mark Peter Whitlock
NP0680 Daily Telegraph [London] Oct.31,2000 obit of Doris Whitlock, 95 died Oct.25,2000 Bournemouth?, HAM from Mark Peter Whitlock
NP0681 Daily Telegraph [London] Jul.17,2001 obit of Pauline Ruby Williams of Milford on Sea, HAM died Jul.12,2001 re Hugh Whitlock of Milford on Sea from Mark Peter Whitlock
NP0682 The London [Ont] Free Press Sep.22,2001 “Forthcoming Marriage” re Jon Whitlock & Jen Sens of London, Ont from Lawrence Otis
NP0683 The London [Ont] Free Press Sep.29,2001 “Whitlock in familiar spot” re Dave Whitlock of race car driver of Petrolia, Ont from Lawrence Otis
NP0684 The [London] Guardian Nov.7,2001"Loyal Labour MP took the blame for a colonial humiliation” obit of William Whitlock b.Jun.20,1918 d.Nov.2,2001 from David Whitlock?
NP0685 Portland [Me] Press Herald Nov.2001 obit of Mary Perpetua (Whitlock) Abare, 83 died Nov.17,2001 San Diego, Ca from Jerry Gower
NP0686 ?? Nov.2001 “William Whitlock Labour MP once taken by Tory whips for one of theirs” obit of William Whitlock b.Jun.20,1918 d.Nov.2,2001 from John Lawson Whitlock
NP0687 ?? Mar.13,1969 “Old Holsworthy Business Sold” re John Partridge Allen Whitlock (1865-1927) from John Lawson Whitlock
NP0688 The Virginian-Pilot, Hampton Roads Jul.29,2001 obit of Winfred R. Whitlock 82 died Jul.27,2001 from Shirley Brendle
NP0689 The Virginian-Pilot, Nov.4,2001 engagement of Karen L. Whitlock and Dean M. Perry, Karen L. d Bernard L. Whitlock of Chesapeake from Shirley Brendle
NP0690 The Mena [Ar] Star 1970's re photo taken pre 1902 of Jonathan G. & Nancy Minerva (Whitlock) Ellison family in Ar from Ann Sims
NP0691 New London (Ct) Day Dec.30,2001 re marriage of Frederick Edward Whitlock & Madeline Gayle Lewis at The Spa at Norwich Inn Frederick Edward s Lawrence & Linnette Whitlock from Jane Preston
NP0692 Houston [Tx] Chronicle Jan.13,2002 obit of Alice Irene (Branson) Whitlock died Jan.11,2002 Houston, Tx b.Oct.29,1940 wife of Leslie E. Whitlock from Ann Sims
NP0693 Dallas [Tx] ?? 2002 “83 Combined Years of Serving Johnson County’s Banking Needs” ad re Tim A. Whitlock, Branch President
NP0694 ?? Ainsworth Ia Feb.6,1913 obit of Eliza Jane (Burnett) Whitlock died Feb.6,1913 wife of Thomas J. Whitlock from Cheryl Coverly
NP0695 ?? Ainsworth, Ia ?? obit of Thomas J. Whitlock from Cheryl Coverly
NP0696 Lancaster, Mo Aug.1924 obit of Charles Alexander Whitlock died Aug.4,1924, Ainsworth, Ia from Cheryl Coverly
NP0697 Sunday’s Herald, USA Weekend Feb.15,-17,2002 “Broadcast News” re Cordell Whitlock from Pam Hallock
NP0698 West Coast Farmer Feb.2002 “Egg producers facintg production cuts” re Peter Whitlock
NP0699 Hillsboro [Il] Journal Jan.31,2002 obit of C. Leon Whitlock, 92 of Litchfield died Jan.29,2002 Springfield, Il
NP0700 Bellingham [Wa] Herald Oct.31,2000 “Vikings crush MSU” re Western Washington University’s Kristin Whitlock from Donna Sand
NP0701 Aylmer [Ont] Express Jul.14,1892 obit of John Whitelock, 83 Delmer, Ont from Fay Bailey
NP0702 The Stratford [Ont] Beacon Herald, Nov.15,1988 obit of Harold M. Whitlock, 68 of Mitchell died Nov.14,1988 Seaforth, Ont from Lawrence Otis
NP0703 The Stratford [Ont] Beacon Herald, Oct.4,1943 marriage of John Stanley Wenzel & Annabel Charlotte Hawkins Oct.2,1943 John Stanley s Valentine Stanley & Helen Edith (Whitlock) Wenzel from Lawrence Otis
NP0704 The Stratford [Ont] Evening Beacon, Jul.18,1892 obit of Walter John Whitlock, 3rd son John Hooper & Frances Edna (Todd) Whitlock died Jul.18,1892 from Lawrence Otis
NP0705 The St.Marys [Ont] Journal-Argus, Feb.2 & 17,1927 obit of Frederick Whitlock, 83 died Jan.24,1927 New Westminster, B.C. from Lawrence Otis
NP0706 The Stratford [Ont] Daily Herald, Jun.7,1907 marriage of Arthur Percival Whitlock & Cora Eunice MacDonald Jun.5,1907 Meaford, Ont from Lawrence Otis
NP0707 The Stratford [Ont] Daily Beacon, Sep.20,1922 marriage of Bertram Doud Turnbull & Hilda Winnifred Whitlock, Sep.20,1922 Stratford, Ont from Lawrence Otis
NP0708 The Stratford [Ont] Daily Herald, Oct.2,1915 marriage of Frank Hooper Whitlock & Lillian Mae Seymour, Oct.2,1915 Stratford, Ont from Lawrence Otis
NP0709 The Stratford [Ont] Daily Herald, May 20,1908 marriage of William Rae (Wray) & Margaret Flossie (Florence) Whitlock May 20,1908 Stratford, Ont from Lawrence Otis
NP0710 The Stratford [Ont] Daily Beacon, Mar.11,1918 “Stratford Soldier Ends Life - Had Nervous Breakdown” obit of Valentine Stanley Wenzel, 26 died Mar.10,1918 Stratford, Ont from Lawrence Otis
NP0711 The Stratford [Ont] Daily Beacon, Jan.12,1916 marriage Valentine Stanley Wenzel & Helen Edith Whitlock Jan.10,1916 Stratford, Ont from Lawrence Otis
NP0712 The Stratford [Ont] Beacon Herald, Sep.21,1971 marriage Peter John Whitlock & Susan Jane Kinkade, Sep.17,1971 Stratford, Ont from Lawrence Otis
NP0713 The [Vancouver, BC] Province, Apr.12,2002 “And, now, for the winners...” re Phil Whitlock from Nora Whitlock
NP0714 Connecticut Post Dd May 12,2002 obit of Ethel Whitlock, age 77 died May 11, 2002 from Jane Preston
NP0715 Phoenix, Ar ?? Dd Mar.2002 obit of Phyllis Whitlock, 84 died Mar.8,2002 from Iola Ebendorf
NP0716 ?? Ont Obit of A. Clifford Whitlock, died Oct.28?,1976 St.Thomas, Ont age 88 from Lawrence Otis
NP0717 The London [Ont] Free Press Dd Apr.26,2002 obit of Laura Evelyn Irene (Ford) Dickey, 85 died Apr.18,2002 Exeter, Ont from Lawrence Otis
NP0718 The Stratford [Ont] Beacon Dd Aug.24,1900 re George Whitlock of Elmira conductor on GTR from Lawrence Otis
NP0719 The London [Ont] Free Press May 16,2002 “Whitlock rolls number again” re racer Dave Whitlock of Petrolia, Ont from Lawrence Otis
NP0720 The London [Ont] Free Press May 17,2002 “Wheely Excited” re racer Dave Whitlock of Petrolia, Ont from Lawrence Otis
NP0721 The London [Ont] Free Press May 25,2002 obit of Hugh William Whitlock, 86 of Tilbury, Ont died May 23,2002from Lawrence Otis
NP0722 ?? [NB] Dec.1926 “Played A Large Part in Town’s Activities” re obit of Julius Thompson Whitlock died Dec.11,1926 from John Johnson
NP0723 ?? Sep.9,1963 obit of Helen (Whitlock) Johnson of Los Angeles, Ca s Colin Campbell & Annie (Inches) Whitlock (M1883) St.Stephen, NB from John Johnson
NP0724 ?? 1968? obit of Bessie (Whitlock) Andrews d Colin Campbell & Annie (Inches) Whitlock (M1883) St.Stephen, NB from John Johnson
NP0725 ?? 1950 obit of Muriel York Whitlock died Feb.27,1950 St.Stephen, NB d Colin Campbell & Annie (Inches) Whitlock (M1883) St.Stephen, NB from John Johnson
NP0726 ?? Dec.1877 obit of William Whitlock died December 3,1877 St.Andrews, NB from John Johnson
NP0727 ?? Nov.1938 obit of Annie (Inches) Whitlock , 80 wife of Colin Campbell Whitlock died Nov.29,1938 Calais, Me from John Johnson
NP0728 The Virginian-Pilot, May 2,2002 obit of John G. Wingo, 80 died Apr.30,2002 Virginia Beach, Va re sister Pauline Whitlock of Kings Mountain, NC from Shirley Brendle
NP0729 The Virginian-Pilot, Sep.29,2001 obit of Mary M. Holloman, 92 died Sep.28,2001 Virginia Beach, Va re sister Annie Lee Whitlick of Geneva, Al from Shirley Brendle
NP0730 ?? Co Sep.5,2002 obit of Lucile Irene (Ebendorf) Wycoff died Lakewood, Co Sep.3,2002, age 78 d Frederick & Ruby Eunice (Whitlock) Ebendorf from Iola Ebendorf
NP0731 The London [Ont] Free Press Aug.17,2002 re 40th Wedding Anniversary, Bev & Joan Whitlock of Glencoe married Aug.25,1962 from Lawrence Otis
NP0732 The London [Ont] Free Press Sep.28,2002 1st Wedding Anniversary re Jonathan & Jennifer (Sens) Whitlock from Lawrence Otis
NP0733 West Coast Farmer Vol.3 #6 June 2002 “Revised egg quota plan” re Peter Whitlock
NP0734 West Coast Farmer Vol.3 #6 June 2002 “SPCA’s certification program” re Peter Whitlock
NP0735 The British Columbian Feb.11,1950 “Whitlock Returned as Gun Club Prexy” re Phil Whitlock of New Westminster, BC from Nora Whitlock
NP0736 The CV Corporation of Virginia Newspapers March 2002 “Whitleigh achieves Virginia Century Farm status” re William James Porter & Lucy Amelia (Leigh) Whitlock (M1911) Louisa Co., Va from Elwood Morris
NP0737 Pueblo, Co., July 13,1912 “Well Known Builder Is Called by Death” re William Jesse & Annadelphia (Arter) Whitlock (M1880's) of Il & Co
NP0738 The Evening Sun, Hanover, Pa Dec.3,2002 obit of Boyd Alexander Whitlock b.Oct.15,1928 Staunton, Va d. Petersburg, Va Nov.30,2002 from
NP0739 Franklin Co., Mo, Aug.1932 obit re Doctor Newton Whitlock b.Oct.20,1856 died Aug.19,1932 from Sue Caldwell
NP0740 Orange County Review, Orange, Va Feb.9,1989 obit re Jesse W. Whitlock, 75 of Gordonsville, died Jan.31,1989 in Gordonsville from Mary Maxfield
NP0741 Toronto [Ont] Star, Apr.6,2003 “Ageless Ed Whitlock is still on the run” re distance runner Ed Whitlock from Bill Whitelock & Joan Barber
NP0742 The [Vancouver, BC] Province, Dd Apr.7,2003 re birth of Anne Romy Tarves b.Mar.14,2003 d.Ron & Roslynn (Whitlock) Tarves
NP0743 The Washington [DC] Post, Apr.11,12,2003 “Man Charged With Killing Mother, 83, a D.C. Activist” re William B. & Lorraine Whitlock from Mary Conner & Elizabeth Kadel
NP0744 The [Abbotsford, BC] Times, May 16,2003 “Breaktime - Special Delivery?” re Gary Whitlock, letter carrier from Fran Gordon
NP0745 The Vermont Chronicle, May 7,1834 re marriages Feb.13,1834 of Mr. Levi B. Whitlock to Miss Irene Kingsly & Mr. John G. Whitlock to Miss Mary Sanford in Castleton, Vt from Richard Heineman
NP0746 ?? Oct.2002 Obit of Glendon Harry Whitlock died Oct.14,2002 b.Feb.25,1908 Ponca, Ne from Erlean Hills
NP0747 ?? Jan.1945 “Rites Held for Eugene Whitlock” obit of Eugene Whitlock, 84 died Jan.17 born Eldred, Pa Sep.10,1860 from Erlean Hills
NP0748 ?? Jul.1955 Obit of Nellie B. Searle widow of Irving B. Searle died Jul.22,1955 Franklinville from Erlean Hills
NP0749 ?? Oct.1953 Obit of Belle C. Pratt died Oct.1,1953 from Erlean Hills
NP0750 ?? Dec.1947 Obit of Harry G. Butler died Dec.15,1947 from Erlean Hills
NP0751 ?? 1908 Obit of Emily Emma (Whitlock) Butler, 51 from Erlean Hills
NP0752 ?? Obit of Irvine Searle died Olean from Erlean Hills
NP0753 ?? Feb 1927 Obit of George Henry Haynes died Feb.3,1927 Larabee from Erlean Hills
NP0754 ?? 1930 Obit of Catherine Ann (Whitlock) Haynes died at Larabee from Erlean Hills
NP0755 ?? Jan.1950 Obit of Lewis Kenfield from Erlean Hills
NP0756 ?? Mar 1893 Obit of Benajah Whitlock, Sioux City from Erlean Hills
NP0757 Allegany Citizen Dd Nov.27,1941 “Grace Whitlock Taken By Death” obit Grace Whitlock of Five Mile, age 75 from Erlean Hills
NP0758 ?? Nov.1941 “Former Allegany Resident Dies” Obit of Grace Whitlock of the Five Mile, Allegany from Erlean Hills
NP0759 ?? Mar.29 ?? “House On Five Mile Destroyed” re home of Frank Whitlock, Morgan Hollow from Erlean Hills
NP0760 ?? Feb.1926 Olean, Obit of Charles Whitlock, 58 the Five Mile from Erlean Hills
NP0761 ?? “Medora A. Whitlock, Wesley Potter, Wed” from Erlean Hills
NP0762 ?? Jul.1943 “Clair Whitlock Rites Saturday” Allegeny, New York from Erlean Hills
NP0763 ?? Sep.1962 Ellen (Linderman) Whitlock died Sep.26,1962 from Erlean Hills
NP0764 ?? May 1943 “R.J. Whitlock Rites Conducted” Allegeny, New York from Erlean Hills
NP0765 ??an Times Herald, Jan.10,1945 “Hinsdale Man, Family Lost in Clipper Crash” re Paul John Whitlock of Brooklyn, New York died Port of Spain, Trinidad Jan.8,1945
NP0766 ?? Aug.1935 “S.M. Whitlock Succumbed To Long Illness” died Aug.2,1935 from Erlean Hills
NP0767 The London (Ont) Free Press May 17,2003 “Rain just a bump after Whitlock winter” re Dave Whitlock racecar driver from Lawrence Otis
NP0768 The London (Ont) Free Press May 19,2003 “Whitlock Party on hold”re Dave Whitlock racecar driver from Lawrence Otis
NP0769 The London (Ont) Free Press May 23,2003 “Whitlock loses money,points” re Dave Whitlock racecar driver from Lawrence Otis
NP0770 The London (Ont) Free Press Jun.3,2003 obit of Dorothy Yvonne (Lessard) Whitlock died May 31,2003, Tilbury, Ont from Lawrence Otis
NP0771 The London (Ont) Free Press Jun.6,2003 “Official disputes claim” re Dave Whitlock racecar driver from Lawrence Otis
NP0772 The Daily Echo [Southampton, HAM] Apr.3,2003 obit of Harold Francis Oliver Whitlocke, 85 died Mar.30,2003 from Muriel Allen
NP0773 The Daily Echo [Southampton, HAM] Apr.30,2003 obit of Doreen (Holdaway) Whitlocke, 75 died Apr.26,2003 from Muriel Allen
NP0774 The News-Times [Ct] Dd Aug.10,2003 obit of Walter Lansley Whitlock, 80 of Danbury, Ct from Willard R. Carter
NP0775 Toronto [Ont] Star, Sep.29,2003 Milton runner, 72, sets world record re Ed Whitlock from Bill & Wilma Whitelock
NP0776 The London [Ont] Free Press, Jul.10,2003 Family Reunion re Tys & Maria (VanGeel) Witlox (M1930's) of Netherlands & Ontario from Lawrence Otis
NP0777 The London [Ont] Free Press, Aug.31,2003 Whitlock gets message out re racecar driver Dave Whitlock from Lawrence Otis
NP0778 The London [Ont] Free Press, Sep.25,2003 CASCAR tempers boiling over re racecar driver Dave Whitlock from Lawrence Otis
NP0779 The London [Ont] Free Press, Sep.26,2003 CASCAR president downplays remarks re racecar driver Dave Whitlock from Lawrence Otis
NP0780 The London [Ont] Free Press, Jul.25,2003 Whitlock big in Calgary re racecar driver Dave Whitlock from Lawrence Otis
NP0781 The London [Ont] Free Press, Sep.28,2003 Rain cancels CASCAR weekend re racecar driver Dave Whitlock from Lawrence Otis
NP0782 The London [Ont] Free Press, Sep.28,2003 Eva Mendes hand-picked for role re movie Out of Time Denzel Washington plays role of Matt Lee Whitlock
NP0783 State Journal-Register, Springfield, Il, Nov.14,2003 obit Nelma Fae Calame, 88 died Nov.12,2003 from Mark Whitlock
NP0784 The Hillsboro [Il] Journal, Oct.30,2003 obit James Andrew Whitlock, 97 died Oct.27,2003 Downers Grove, Il
NP0785 Daily Progress, Charlottesville, Va Jul.29,1899 obit William Thomas Whitlock, 40 of Charlottesville, Va from Elwood Morris
NP0786 The Huntington Herald Dispatch, Sep.4,1950 obit Mary (Raines) Whitlock b.Sep.16,1870 d.Sep.2,1950 from Elwood Morris
NP0787 ?? Oct.28,1976 obit Sarah (Hamilton) Whitlock, 78 died Oct.26,1976 from Elwood Morris
NP0788 The Tennessean Dec.18,2003 James Whitlock, pioneer of school computing, dies re James William Whitlock,82 died Dec.17,2003 Nashville, Tn from Mary Cecil Whitlock Cordell
NP0789 ?? Dd May 2003 obit of Beryl Fay Bailey, 69 of Burgessville died May 7,2003 Woodstock, Ont from Lois Bailey
NP0790 Lake City [SC] News & Post Oct.29,2003 Whitlock Fund set up to help injured child re Evan s Hal and Bea Whitlock of Turbeville from Sara Smith
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