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Digital copies of extracts from Newspapers as far back as the 1700's.  Many obituaries and stories about important and some less important events in the lives of Whitlocks.

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NP0801 Brantford [ONT] Weekly Expositor Oct.19,1916 “Met Death While on a Duck Hunt” re Charles Whitlock Clement Westaway from Lawrence Otis
NP0802 Brantford [ONT] Expositor Jul.16,1918 re marriage of Keren Whitlock & Joseph Walsh Jul.6,1918 from Lawrence Otis
NP0803 Brantford [ONT] Expositor Aug.8,1927 re marriage of Vera Ione (Marsaw) Field & John Allen Whitlock Aug.6,1927 from Lawrence Otis
NP0804 Brantford [ONT] Expositor Jun.19,1931 re birth Donald Gordon s John Allan & Vera Ione (Marsaw)(Field) Whitlock from Lawrence Otis
NP0805 Brantford [ONT] Expositor Aug.1,1933 re marriage of Helen Marjorie Westaway & Emerson Morse Bullard Jul.29,1933 at Hamilton, ONT from Lawrence Otis
NP0806 Brantford [ONT] Expositor Jul.21&24,1934 “Accident Fatal to Two Brantford Men” re Richard T. Whitlock, 77 from Lawrence Otis
NP0807 Brantford [ONT] Expositor Apr.18,1936 re marriage of Marion Beatrice Cromar & Frank Whitlock Westaway from Lawrence Otis
NP0808 Brantford [ONT] Expositor Jul.13,1936 re marriage Sandra Marion Malone & William Whitlock Westaway Jul.[Saturday],1936 from Lawrence Otis
NP0809 Brantford [ONT] Expositor Apr.5,1937 re marriage Mary Kathryn Ellis & James Whitlock Westaway Apr.[Saturday],1937 from Lawrence Otis
NP0810 Brantford [ONT] Expositor Jun.14,1937 re birth Jun.12,1937 [Anne Whitlock] d Frank Whitlock & Sandra Marion (Cromar) Westaway from Lawrence Otis
NP0811 Brantford [ONT] Expositor Jul.29,1938 re birth Jul.29,1938 [Mary Lynn] d James Whitlock & Mary (Ellis) Westaway from Lawrence Otis
NP0812 Brantford [ONT] Expositor Jun.10,1963 “Mr. and Mrs. Alderson-Smith Wed at Zion, To Live in England” re marriage Jun [Saturday] 1963 of Janet Cromar Westaway & Chrisopher Colin Alderson-Smith from Lawrence Otis
NP0813 Brantford [ONT] Expositor Jun.8,1964 “Country Club Recption Follows Westaway-Quartermain Wedding” re marriage Jun [Saturday],1964 of Nancy Louise Quartermain & James Glenholme Westaway from Lawrence Otis
NP0814 Brantford [ONT] Expositor Jul.21,1967 re birth July 8,1967 in Vancouver, BC of Ellen Louise d James & Nancy (Quartermain) Westaway from Lawrence Otis
NP0815 Brantford [ONT] Expositor Jul.22,1967 “Cpl. and Mrs. Leece Wed in New Brunswick” re marriage Nancy Ruth Whitlock & Cpl. Alexander Leece from Lawrence Otis
NP0816 Brantford [ONT] Expositor Aug.6,1969 re 50th wedding anniversary Mr. & Mrs. Stan Whitelock, Aug.6,1969 from Lawrence Otis
NP0817 Brantford [ONT] Expositor Oct.22,1969 re birth Oct.20,1969 in Port of Spain, Trinidad of [Mark Whitlock] s James & Nancy (Quartermain) Westaway from Lawrence Otis
NP0818 Brantford [ONT] Expositor May 17,1971 re birth May 14,1971 in Toronto, ONT of Tracey Kathryn d James & Nancy (Quartermain) Westaway from Lawrence Otis
NP0819 Brantford [ONT] Expositor Jun.6,1972 re obit of Frank Whitlock Westaway died Jun.3,1972 Mexico City, Mexico from Lawrence Otis
NP0820 Brantford [ONT] Expositor Aug.31,1993 obit Mary Kathryn (Ellis) Westaway died Aug.30,1993 Toronto, ONT from Lawrence Otis
NP0821 Brantford [ONT] Expositor Jan.26,1999 obit James Whitlock Westaway died Jan.25,1999 Toronto, ONT from Lawrence Otis
NP0822 Brantford [ONT] Expositor Oct.1,2001 “She’s a biker lady at 90 years young” re Marion Westaway from Lawrence Otis
NP0823 The London [ONT] Free Press Feb.14,2004 obit of Marjorie Noreen (Webb) Whitlock died Feb.3,2004 London, ONT from Lawrence Otis
NP0824 ?? obit of Verna Ina Ruth (Whitlock) Allison died Feb,27,1933 at Springfield, Ont from Helen Wuerth
NP0825 The London [Ont]Free Press Apr.8,2004 obit Robert G. Whitlock, 84 died Apr.6,2004 from Lawrence Otis
NP0826 Syracuse [NY] Daily Courier, Mar.28,1857 re J.R. Whitlock & Co. fabrics, hats & gloves from Arthur W. Cole
NP0827 The London [Ont] Free Press May 30,2004 “Turn for the worse” re Dave Whitlock racecar driver from Lawrence Otis
NP0828 The London [Ont] Free Press Jul.5,2005 :Whitlock back in CASCAR contention” re Dave Whitlock racecar driver from Lawrence Otis
NP0829 The Stratford [Ont] Beacon Herald Nov.15,16,1926 obit of Charlotte Swan, 53 wife of George Abell died Nov.14,1926 from Lawrence Otis
NP0830 The Stratford [Ont] Beacon Herald Feb.20,1954 obit of George Thomas Abell, 78 died Feb.19,1954 Toronto, Ont
NP0831 The Stratford [Ont] Beacon Herald Oct.28,1974 obit of Thomas Lydiate, 80 died Oct.26,1974 Stratford, Ont from Lawrence Otis
NP0832 The Stratford [Ont] Beacon Herald Jun.29,1990 obit of Harriett Pearl (Abell) Lydiate, 91 died Jun.27,1990 Stratford, Ont from Lawrence Otis
NP0833 The Stratford [Ont] Beacon Herald Oct.5,1923 obit Lucinda (McNeelands) Lydiate, 25 Stratford, Ont from Lawrence Otis
NP0834 Ingersoll [Ont] Daily Chronicle Oct.26,1901 re wedding Oct.9,1901 of Jesse Allin & Annie Simmons of Dereham Centre from Lawrence Otis
NP0835 Fort Wayne [In] Journal Gazette, Nov.3,1924 obit of Grace Pressler, 38 died Fort Wayne Nov.2,1924 from Cheryl Wells Dahl
NP0836 The News Sentinel, Fort Wayne, In May 8,1935 obit of Francis M. Whitlock,77 died May 8,1935 Fort Wayne from Cheryl Wells Dahl
NP0837 The London [Ont] Free Press Dd Aug.8,2004 “Rowing for Gold” re Scott Frandsen from Lawrence Otis
NP0838 The London [Ont] Free Press Dd Aug.2,2004 “Whitlock owns Calgary” re Dave Whitlock racecar driver from Lawrence Otis [Missing]
NP0839 The London [Ont] Free Press Dd Sep.18,2004 “John & Eileen Witlox Happy 40th Anniversary” from Lawrence Otis
NP0840 Winchester?? Va Apr.26,1921“??nown [He]rb Doctor Passes Away, Dr.William J. Whitlock” from Elwood Morris
NP0841 ?? Nov.1950 “County Resident In His 96th Year” re Peter William Whitlock b.Nov.13,1855 Floyd Co., Va from Greg Whitlock
NP0842 Toronto [Ont] Star Sep.25,2004 “Man on a marathon mission” re Ed Whitlock, 73 of Milton, Ont from Wilma Whitelock
NP0843 Toronto [Ont] Star Sep.27,2004 “A marathon to remember for young and not so young” re Ed Whitlock, 73 of Milton, Ont from Wilma Whitelock
NP0844 Vancouver [BC] Sun Dec.1,2004 obit Philip Ross Russell,53 died Nov.24,2004 Port Coquitlam, BC s Clarence Walter & Lillian Irene May (Whitlock) Russell (M1938) of New Westminster, BC
NP0845 ? Wa obit L.Wayne Corey, 80 died Aug.13,2004 Deming, Wa from Arvilla Corey
NP0846 Hudson [NJ]Dispatch May 4,1937 “Services for Mrs. O’Connor” obit of Viola Margaret (Whitlock) O’Connor died May 3,1937 from Peg Tulloch
NP0847 Hoboken, NJ Sep.3,1921 “Whitlock, Civil War Hero, Goes to Last Reward” obit of George E. Whitlock b.Nov.1847 NY died Sep.2,1921 from Peg Tulloch
NP0848 Evening Standard [Essex, Eng] May 19,2004 “Whitlock the Lion rampant” re Mark Whitlock cricketer from Paul Whitlock
NP0849 Kentish Express Nov.25,2004 “Leo takes the helm at Express” re Leo Whitlock from Paul Whitlock
NP0850 London [Ont] Free Press Dec.7,2004 obit of William Allen Johns died Dec.6,2004 of Exeter, Ont from Lawrence Otis
NP0851 London [Ont] Free Press Sep.30,2004 obit of Harold Douglas Finkbeiner, 81 of Dashwood, Huron Co. Ont
NP0852 New Jersey Record Oct.27,1987 “Edith L. Davis, 91, First Lady’s mom” re Nancy Reagan’s mother, d. Charles Edward & Sarah (Whitlock) Luckett (M1863) family from Dinwiddie Co., Va from Elizabeth Kadel
NP0853 Tarrangower Times [Victoria, AUS] May 23,1917 obit of Christopher Whitlock, 84 died May 21,1917 born Little Torrington, DEV from Trevor Whitlock
NP0854 Tarrangower Times [Victoria, AUS] Mar.17,1942 obit of Ann (Coad) Whitlock, 98 died Mar.16,1942 at Stanley born Liskeard, CON from Trevor Whitlock
NP0855 ?? Alice Springs, WA, AUS Jun.1,1978 “Highway Surveyor Dies Aged 80" obit of Wilfred Hercy Dominick Whitlock, 80 died May 25,1978 from Trevor Whitlock
NP0856 Vancouver [BC] Sun Feb.5,2005 obit Eleanor Mary (Hawkins) Whitlock died Victoria, BC Jan.27,2005 from Barb Farthing & Arlene Lannon
NP0857 Chicago [Il] Tribune Aug.1,1927 “$100,000 in Balm, Woman Editor’s Plea” re William A. Whitlock from James E. Wilson
NP0858 Chicago [Il] Tribune May 5,1928 obit William A. Whitlock died May 3,1928 Chicago, Il from James E. Wilson
NP0859 Chicago [Il] Tribune Jul.28,1947 “Girl, 18, Robbed and Slugged in 3D Taxi Assault” re Mrs. Bettina Whitlock,40 widow of William Amos Whitlock from James E. Wilson
NP0860 The New York Times Jan.16,2005 “Next to a Meadow, Two Barns Hold a World of Books” re Whitlocks of Bethany, Ct from Willard R. Carter
NP0861 Toronto [Ont] Star Mar.6,2005 “One again, it’s all in the family” review by Nathan Whitlock of Emma Richler’s Feed My Dear Dogs + The Virginian-Pilot and Ledger-Star Jan.30,1989 “Accounting firms name new partners” re
NP0862 The Virginian-Pilot - Hampton Roads Dd Jul.22,2003 “Couple shares 70 year together, enjoying memories, kind acts” re friend Gaynelle Whitlock from Shirley Brendle
NP0863 The Virginian-Pilot - Hampton Roads Dd Nov.23,2003 “Logan T. Whitlock Jr” obit of Logan Thomas Whitlock Jr b.Nov.5,1936 d.Nov.21,2003 of Portsmouth, Va from Shirley Brendle
NP0864 The [Va] Beacon Nov.23,2003 “Singers turn holiday performance into reunion” re Faye Whitlock from Shirley Brendle
NP0865 The Virginian-Pilot - Hampton Roads Dd Nov.28,2003 “Jacqueline B. Justice” obit re sister Marjorie Belcher Whitlock from Shirley Brendle
NP0866 The Virginian-Pilot - Hampton Roads Dd Dec.4,2003 “‘Country Logan’ and his harmonica together for all time” re Logan Thomas Whitlock (1936-2003) from Shirley Brendle
NP0867 The Virginian-Pilot - Hampton Roads Dd Jun.21,2004 “Virginia C. Moll” obit re Virginia LeGrand Whitlock Cobb Moll b.Aug.2,1904 Rockingham, NC d.Jun.20,2004 Sardis Oaks, Charlotte, Va from Shirley Brendle
NP0868 The Virginian-Pilot - Hampton Roads Dd Jul.2,2004 “Esther S. Whitlock” obit Esther Scarborough Whitlock, 85 died Jun.30,2004 Richmond, Va from Shirley Brendle
NP0869 Bishop’s Stortford [HRT]Citizen Oct.6,2004 “M11 ‘nightmare’” re Janice Whitlock from Sylvia Mort
NP0870 Chicago, Il Aug.1944 obit Mary Ann (Patrick) Whitlock from James E. Wilson
NP0871 Chicago, Il Jul.1965 obit Anna E. (Schreiber) Whitlock from James E. Wilson
NP0872 The Vancouver [BC] Sun Apr.5,2005 “Runners break the age barrier” re Ed Whitlock of Milton, Ont
NP0873 The Vancouver [BC] Sun Apr.15,2005 “Ontario marathoner, 74, wins match race in Europe in under three hours” re Ed Whitlock of Milton, Ont
NP0874 West Coast [BC] Farmer April 2005 “Egg producers concerned about pandemic” re Peter Whitlock
NP0875 Chicago [Il] Daily Tribune Dec.7,1912 “Tells of seeing secret embrace” re divorce of Harry O. Whitlock & Jessie Nickerson from James E. Wilson
NP0876 Chicago [Il] Daily Tribune Mar.28,1913 “Mrs. Whitlock seeks appeal” re divorce of Harry O. Whitlock & Jessie Nickerson from James E. Wilson
NP0877 Chicago [Il] Tribune Sep.22,24,& Nov.18,1969 “Here Are Con-Con Indorsements” re Albert Nickerson Whitlock from James E. Wilson
NP0878 Toronto [Ont] Star Apr.26,2005 obit Thomas Edward Whitlock Mar.17,1951-Apr.24,2005 died Augusta, Ga from Wilma Whitelock
NP0879 Lowville [NY] Journal and Republican Oct.28,1915 “Germans kill woman despite entreaties of United States envoy” re Edith Cavell & Brand Whitlock from Arthur W. Cole
NP0880 Mansfield [Oh] News May 1934 “Honor Ex-Envoy” re funeral of Brand Whitlock from Arthur W. Cole
NP0881 Coshocton [Oh] Morning Tribune Dec.24,1913 “Rev. Whitlock dead” re Elias D. Whitlock from Arthur W. Cole
NP0882 Western Producer June 2005 “B.C. egg rules up in the air” re Peter Whitlock
NP0883 New York Times Oct.21,1924 “Terrell-Thomas” re marriage of Philip Whitelock Terrell & Ina Mary Thomas at Flushing, Long Island, NY from Jackie Combs
NP0884 New York Times Apr.6,1929 “A Daughter to Mrs. P.W. Terrell” re Philip Whitlock & Ina Mary (Thomas) Terrell (M1924) of Great Neck, Long Island, NY from Jackie Combs
NP0885 New York Times Dec.30,1931 “Daughter to the P.W. Terrells” re Philip Whitlock & Ina Mary (Thomas) Terrell (M1924) of Great Neck, Long Island, NY from Jackie Combs
NP0886 New York Times Nov.13,1936 “Son to Mrs. Phillip W. Terrell” re Philip Whitlock & Ina Mary (Thomas) Terrell (M1924) of Great Neck, Long Island, NY from Jackie Combs
NP0887 New York Times Jan.23,1938 “Alton T. Terrell, 65 Industrialist, Dies” re Alton Truman & Mary Lillian (Whitlock) Terrell (M1890's) of Orange, Ct from Jackie Combs
NP0888 Chicago [Il] Daily Tribune Dec.14,1912"Doctor on Stand in Whitlock Case” re divorce of Harry O. Whitlock from James E. Wilson
NP0889 Chicago [Il] Daily Tribune Dec.18,1912"Brands Doctor and “Evil Genius”“ re divorce of Harry O. Whitlock from James E. Wilson
NP0890 Chicago [Il] Daily Tribune Jun.17,18,1938 “Hospital Loses Licence; Plans Court Appeal” re Dr.Charles C. O’Bryne & divorce of Harry O. Whitlock from James E. Wilson
NP0891 ?? Cleveland, Oh obit of Elizabeth Ann Fowler (Whitlock) Gunn died May 4,1916 from Harry Flynn
NP0892 ?? re Ashley Whitlock, 4 from Lawrence Otis
NP0893 Oakville, Ont ?? opening of Aspire Gallery re Mark Whitlock from Lawrence Otis
NP0894 ?? Women’s Basketball re Amber Whitlock from Lawrence Otis
NP0895 The London [Ont] Free Press Sep.4,2005 “Rivals ready for flag” re racecar driver Dave Whitlock from Lawrence Otis
NP0896 The London [Ont] Free Press Sep.5,2005 “Novotny’s dream about to come true” & “Gibbons unstoppable” re racecar driver Dave Whitlock from Lawrence Otis
NP0897 Toronto [Ont] Star Jul.3,2005 “Canadian pair reach Henley regatta final” re Scott Frandsen from Lawrence Otis
NP0898 Toronto [Ont] Star Jul.4,2005 obit Harry Antonius Witlox died Jun.30,2005 Barrie, Ont from Lawrence Otis
NP0899 The Vancouver [BC] Sun, Nov.5,2005 “Cellphone link is sweet music for indies” re Heath Whitelock
NP0900 The Vancouver [BC] Sun, Nov.9,2005 “Halfway house riles neighbours” re Rob Whitlock, Vancouver’s senior housing planner
NP0901 Toronto [Ont] Star Dec.4,2005 “Art is what we say it is, and critics are charlatans” by Nathan Whitlock from Lawrence Otis
NP0902 The Beacon Herald [Stratford, Ont] Dec.9,2005 “William Edmund’s sleigh was built for his grandson” re Doug & Greg Whitlock from Lawrence Otis
NP0903 The London [Ont] Free Press Nov.5,2005 “Tired Tim’s war” by Innes Jenkins re Leslie Innes Whitlock (1924-1944) from Lawrence Otis
NP0904 The Toronto [Ont] Star Oct.16,2005 obit Tim Ted Whitlock, 83 died Oct.13,2005 from Lawence Otis
NP0905 The Toronto [Ont] Star Nov.29,2005 obit Fern Elizabeth (Ervin) Whitlock, 86 died Nov.25,2005 from Lawrence Otis
NP0906 The Cocoa Tribune, Brevard Co., Fl Jan.27,1958 “Island Residnent Of 82 Years is Claimed By Death” obit Emily Judson (Whitlock) LaRoche, 94 died Jan.25,1958 Courtney, Brevard Co., Fl from Sandra Natowich
NP0907 The Cocoa Tribune, Brevard Co., Fl Mar.21,1935 “Death Takes Island Pioneer After Long Illness, Thursday” obit Daniel Jenkins LaRoche, 76 died Mar.14,1935 The Cocoa Tribune, Brevard Co., Fl from Sandra Natowich
NP0908 The Florida Star Nov.14,1902 “Judge A.J. Whitlock Dead” obit of Adoniram Judson Whitlock,77 died Nov.6,1902 Courtney, Brevard Co., Fl from Sandra Natowich
NP0909 The Cocoa Tribune, Brevard Co., Fl Nov.14,1962 “Frederick (Lit) LaRoche, 66 Died This Morning” obit Frederick Littleton LaRoche from Sandra Natowich
NP0910 Mi? obit Dr.Brenda C. (Whitlock) Churchill died Nov.10,2005 b Sep.1,1952 d Roy & Sarah Whitlock of Huntington Woods from Rita Somers
NP0911 ?? Louisa Co., Va obit Eloise Amaryllis Whitlock, 80 of Mineral died Sep.9,1997 from Elwood Morris
NP0912 ?? Louisa Co., Va obit Louise Ophelia (Whitlock) Fisher, 84 died Dec.7,1991 Louisa, Va from Elwood Morris
NP0913 ?? Va obit Bessie Annie (Nichols) Whitlock, 94 of Mineral died Charlottesville (no date) from Elwood Morris
NP0914 CDP ?? Va May 25,1990 obit Ray C. Fisher born May 1,1925 died May 23,1990 Proffit, Va from Elwood Morris
NP0915 Herts Essex News Star Sep.8,2005 obit Brian Whitelock, 62 died Aug.29,2005 from Sylvia Mort
NP0916 Edinburg, In Jun 1977 obit of Robert Sherman Whitlock,76 Edinburg, In from Dianna Perry
NP0917 West Coast Farmer, Mar 2006 Vol.6 No.2 “Peter Whitlock: Operations manager B.C. Egg Marketing Board”
NP0918 Toronto [ONT] Star Jan.15,2006 “Punk nihilism meets Las Vegas” by Nathan Whitlock from Lawrence Otis
NP0919 The Virginian-Pilot Mar.7,2006 re Rev Cliff Whitlock from Shirley Brendle
NP0920 Benton, Saline Co., Ar 1996 Benton High School Class of 1933 re Claude Whitlock (W86) from Ann Sims
NP0921 Charleston [WVa] Daily Mail Sep.7,1934 obit of Mrs. Elizabeth Walton, 84 re daughter Mrs. Charles Whitlock from Greg Whitlock
NP0922 Charleston [WVa] Daily Mail Nov.22,1922 “S.E. Sanson is held of a charge of arson” re Giles Whitlock from Greg Whitlock
NP0923 Charleston [Wva] Daily Mail Oct.3,1946 obit of Ina Jane (Turley) Whitlock, 34 Charleston, Wva from Greg Whitlock
NP0924 Charleston [Wva] Daily Mail Dec.21,1931 “Murder Charged In Mingo Shooting” death of Ballard Whitlock
NP0925 Toronto [Ont] Star Apr.2,2006 “bad boy makes Good” re Kenneth J. Harvey by Nathan Whitlock
NP0926 Toronto [Ont] Star Apr.23,2006 “Quill & Quire” re Nathan Whitlock
NP0927 The Star [San Juan] May 20,2006 Business “Bank awards culinate SBA week” re Delia Whitlock from Betty Jane Whitlock Adams
NP0928 Country Life in BC (Surrey, BC) “US overproduction raises concerns for B.C. egg producers” re Peter Whitlock
NP0929 Pulse, Park Country Fair, Cody, Wy Jul.21,2006 “Whitlocks - Singing sisters performing since preschool days” re Abbey and Cammy Whitlock of Cody, Wy from Harry Whitlock
NP0930 The Vancouver [BC] Sun Sep.2,2006 obit of Mary Laird (Stevenson) Whitlock b.Jan.6,1928 SCT d.Aug.9,2006 Abbotsford, BC from Rob Whitlock & Nora Whitlock
NP0931 Country Life in BC, Sep.2006 “FIRB specialty review brings peace to egg producers” re Peter Whitlock
NP0932 Roanoke [Va] Times Sep.10,2006 “Whitlock 77th Anniversary” re Dennis & Blake (Hall) Whitlock of Shawville Sep.7,2006 from Greg Whitlock
NP0933 County Republican News Sep.13,1928 “Jim Whitlock died Tuesday” re William James Whitlock of Greenbush, Clinton Co., Mi d.Sep.11,1928 from Kathryn Schneider
NP0934 Clinton County [Mi] Republican News May 7,1931 “Greenbush Pioneer Succumbs May 1st” obit of Mary E. (Whitlock) (Coleman) Whiteside, 80 b.Mar.30,1851 Greenbush d.May 1,1931 Greenbush, Clinton Co., Mi from Kathryn Schneider
NP0935 Republican [Clinton Co., Mi] Feb.10,1910 “Orange A. Whitlock” obit of Orange A. Whitlock, 63 d.Feb.5,1910 Greenbush, Clinton Co., Mi from Kathryn Schneider
NP0936 Toronto [Ont] Star Sep.7,2006 obit Arthur Vogt died Sep.4,2006 Dundas, Ont from Lawrence Otis
NP0937 Lake City [SC] News Aug.2006 obit William Harry Whitlock, 84 died Aug.29,2006 Lake City from Sara Smith
NP0938 Register News, Mt.Vernon, Il Sep.21,2006 obit Russell Ward Whitlock died Sep.14,2006 Las Vegas, Nv from Jean Crowder-Gonzales [Missing]
NP0939 London [Ont] Free Press Jul.28,2006 obit of Robert D. Johns, 70 of Exeter, died Jul.26,2006 London from Lawrence Otis
NP0940 Stratford Beacon Herald Aug.19,2006 birth Addisyn Elaine d Rob & Hilary (Webber) Reinecker born Aug.11,2006 Stratford, Ont from Lawrence Otis
NP0941 The [Stratford, Ont] Beacon Herald Jul.10,22,2006 obit Lloyd Wilbert Longman, 85 died Jul.8,2006 from Lawrence Otis
NP0942 The London [Ont] Free Press Aug.19,2006 re Jen Whitlock 30th birthday from Lawrence Otis
NP0943 The London [Ont] Free Press Sep.14,2006 obit Mabel (Stewart) Whitlock, 92 died Sep.13,2006 from Lawrence Otis
NP0944 Shoreline Beacon [Port Elgin, Ont] Oct.4,2006 “Signifigance (sic) of Douglas Point commemorated” re Jeremy Whitlock from Helen Wuerth
NP0945 Ire 1970's? “This ceili band made history” Athlone Ceili Band of the 1930's re Jimmy Geoghegan from Chris Geoghegan
NP0946 The Chilliwack [BC] Progress Nov.17,2006 “Wind whips through Chilliwack” re Peter Whitlock
NP0947 ?? Vandalia, Fayette Co., Il Aug.1927 obit James Jackson Owens, 104 from Kathy Pressey
NP0948 ?? Piqua, Oh Sep.1894 obit Clara B. (Furnas) Whitlock b.Dec.3,1864 d.Sep.6,1894 the wife of Wilbur Francis Whitlock
NP0949 Sun Times, Vincennes, In Apr.25,1911 “Blame is on Vandalia R.R.” re Charles Wesley Owens died Apr.24,1911 from Kathy Pressey
NP0950 The Vancouver [BC] News-Herald Jul.30,1949 “Skeet Sharpie” re Phil Whitlock, president of the New Westminster Elks Gun Club from Phil Whitlock
NP0951 Kamloops [BC] Sentinel Oct.27,1950 “Two die in Highway Mishap” re Phil Whitlock, propietor of the X-Bar-J Ranch and Hunting Camp at Vidette from Phil Whitlock
NP0952 The Argus, Melbourne, Victoria, AUS Mar.10,1854 Eagle: Thomas Whitelock (supposed to be at Bendigo) will hear of his brother Miles, from Skelton, Cumberland, by applying at Benn and Co’s as early as possible (139 mar 13 d and b) from Laura Taylor
NP0953 The London [Ont] Free Press Sep.30,2006 birth Van Alexander Markson Witlox b.Aug.1,2006 London, Ont from Lawrence Otis
NP0954 The London [Ont] Free Press Nov.11,2006 obit Hazel (Johns) Margison, 85 died Nov.8,2006 from Lawrence Otis
NP0955 ?? Campbellford, Ont Sep.2006 obit Jean D’Oracy (Bartleman) Coultis, 88 died Sep.12,2006 from Lawrence Otis
NP0956 ?? Campbellford, Ont Sep.2006 obit Lawrence Earl Coultis, 87 died Nov.25,2006 from Lawrence Otis
NP0957 Portland [Me] Press Herald Feb.10,2005 “Father Joseph Edward Whitlock, 75" & “The Rev. Joseph Whitlock, 75, welcoming, ‘zealous’ pastor” b.Apr.28,1929 Portland d.Feb.9,2005 Portland from Gerald Gower
NP0958 South Australia 1931? “Still Busy at 84" re R(obert).A(dkins). Whitelock of Brompton from Bob Scott
NP0959 The Virginian-Pilot Sep.24,2006 “Orman-Woodhouse” re Rev. Clifton E. Whitlock from Shirley Brendle
NP0960 Journal-Register, Springfield, Il Mar.12,2007 re obit Irene (Spires) Whitlock, 82 from Mark Whitlock
NP0961 Franklin, Morgan Co., Il Jun.1919 re obit Alexander Whitlock (1840-1919) died Jun.26,1919 from Harry Lee Whitlock
NP0962 Franklin, Morgan Co., Il May 1925 re obit William T. Whitlock (1866-1925) died May 16,1925 from Harry Lee Whitlock
NP0963 ?? Il Dec.1906 re obit John W. Whitlock (1832-1906) died Dec.2,1906 from Harry Lee Whitlock
NP0964 Vandalia, Fayette Co., Il ?? re obit Temperance (Cheney) Bonds, 94 from Harry Lee Whitlock
NP0965 Illinois State Journal, 1940? “Will Hold Open House Today” re Eva (Whitlock) Gotschall, 86 of Morgan Co., Il from Harry Lee Whitlock
NP0966 ?? Franklin, Morgan Co., Il Aug.22,1917 “Franklin Boy Run Down by Automobile” re Harry Lee Whitlock from Harry Lee Whitlock
NP0967 Chapin, Il 1959? “Rilda Whitlock Called By Death Early Thursday” obit Marilda Isabel (Irene) (Vancil) (Hutchison) Whitlock, 92 from Harry Lee Whitlock
NP0968 Elmwood, Il Mar. 1964 “Hardin Whitlock (1903-1964) Funeral Held Here Sunday” from Harry Lee Whitlock
NP0969 Illinois State Journal, Springfield, May 9,1931 “Local Woman, 77 Takes A Spin” re Eva (Whitlock) Gotschall of Morgan Co., Il from Harry Lee Whitlock
NP0970 ..ay Morning, ?? S.C. Sep.26,1937 “Mother of Columbian Oldest G.W.C. Graduate” re Belle (Whitlock) Goudelock from Kathy Wingate
NP0971 Toronto [Ont] Star Feb.5,2007 “The ‘idea guys’” re Geoff Whitlock, president Lifecapture Interactive from Bill & Wilma Whitelock
NP0972 Toronto [Ont] Star Apr.30,2007 re Geoff Whitlock, president Lifecapture Interactive from Bill & Wilma Whitelock
NP0973 The Vancouver [BC] Sun May 30,2007 obit David Robert Whitlock born Sep.21,1919 Regina, Sas died May 24,2007 Burnaby, BC
NP0974 Times-Advocate, Exeter, Ont May 23,2007 “105 Cards of Thanks” re 100 birthday of Violet Elmyra Evelyn (Whitlock) Horne
NP0975 Country Life in BC August 2007 “Vancouver council motion to ban eggs from caged layer hens” re Peter Whitlock
NP0976 The Observer Aug.19,2007 “Hitler’s Olympic oak gift to Briton axed” re Hector Harold Whitlock (1903-1985) from Maisie Whitelock and Joan Whitelock
NP0977 The Virginian-Pilot, Hampton Roads, May 17, 2007 obit Marion Hoy (Procise) Whitlock, 90 Norfolk, Va May 31, 2007 “For more than 40 years, woman was ‘a dog’s best friend’” re Marion Whitlock from Shirley Brendle
NP0978 The Charleston [Wva] Daily Mail, Nov.22,1947 obit Leon S. Whitlock, 19, died Oct.4,1944 Belgium from Greg Whitlock
NP0979 The Charleston [Wva] Gazette, Oct.3,1974 obit Denise Mae Whitlock, 21 died Oct.1,1974 Charleston, WVa from Greg Whitlock
NP0980 The Charleston [WVa] Gazette May 26,1973 obit Raymond Whitlock, 39 died May 25,1973 Charleston, WVa from Greg Whitlock
NP0981 Sunday Gazette Mail [Charleston, Wva] Dec.18,1960 “60th Year Is Marked By Couple” re Joel Preston & Mary Edith(Griffith) Whitlock (M1901) of Olcott, WVa
NP0982 ?? Va Feb.1965 “Alum Creek Home Rite Performed” re marriage Janice Gaye Childress & Robert Eugene Whitlock, Feb.18,1965
NP0983 Roanoke [Va] Times Sep.16,2007 Milestones “Happy 100th Birthday Dennis Whitlock” from Greg Whitlock
NP0984 ?? Dec.6,1947 “Quiet Hamlet of Elimville Was Hub Of...” re Joshua Johns from Lawrence Otis
NP0985 The Exeter [Ont] Times Dec.25,1913 obit of Richard Johns, 89 died Dec.20,1913 Usborne, Huron Co., Ont from Lawrence Otis
NP0986 The Exeter [Ont] Advocate Jan.14,1904 obit Eliza (Whitlock) Johns, 80 died Jan.7,1904 Usborne, Huron Co., Ont from Lawrence Otis
NP0987 The London [Ont] Free Press Oct.9,2004 “Those War Amp tags really do work” re Barry Margison
NP0988 The Exeter [Ont] Advocate Dec.14,1922 “Young Man Passes” obit George Franklin Johns, 20 Usborne, Huron Co., Ont died Dec.9,1922 from Lawrence Otis
NP0989 St.Marys Journal-Argus Apr.21,2004 “Hern-Weppler” engagement announcement Christina Beth-Ann Hern & Carman Murray Weppler wedding May 8,2004 Centralia, Ont from Lawrence Otis
NP0990 ?? Oct.1962 “H. Lloyd Johns dies in Hospital” obit Henry Lloyd Johns, 63 died Oct.27,1962 London, Ont from Lawrence Otis
NP0991 ?? Nov 1937 “The Late Mrs. Hy Johns” obit Ida Alberta (Jones) Johns died Nov.2,1937 Usborne, Huron Co., Ont from Lawrence Otis
NP0992 ?? Mar.1971 “Honeymoon at Niagara” wedding of Marilyn Johns & Gary Eagleson Mar.20,1971 Elimville, Huron Co., Ont from Lawrence Otis
NP0993 Exeter [Ont] Advocate Dec.25,1913 “Richard Johns Dead” obit Richard Johns, 89 died Dec.20,1913 Usborne, Huron Co., Ont from Lawrence Otis
NP0994 Exeter [Ont] Advocate Oct.1920 “Died at Elimville” obit Edith Alberta Johns, 16 died Oct.7,1920 Elimville, Huron Co., Ont from Lawrence Otis
NP0995 Exeter [Ont] Advocate Mar.25,1943 “Henry Johns died in Usborne” obit Henry Johns, 89 died Mar.22,1943 Elimiville, Huron Co., Ont from Lawrence Otis
NP0996 Seaforth Huron Expositor Oct.12,1917 obit John Jones, 86 died Oct.4,1917 Stanley, Huron Co., Ont from Lawrence Otis
NP0997 Seaforth Huron Expositor Jun 9, 1905 obit Catharine (Finkle) Jones b.1837 died Jun.2,1905 Stanley, Huron Co., Ont from Lawrence Otis
NP0998 ?? Salem, Va Jun 2007 obit Ilona (Bailey) Whitlock, 85 died Jun.13,2007 Scottsdale, Ar from Greg Whitlock
NP0999 ?? Dec.1961 obit Mary (Griffith) Whitlock, 77 of Olcott, Kanawha Co., WVa from Greg Whitlock
NP1000 ?? May 2004 obit Ordie Mayer Whitlock, 83 Belspring, died May 21, 2004 from Greg Whitlock