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Digital copies of extracts from Newspapers as far back as the 1700's.  Many obituaries and stories about important and some less important events in the lives of Whitlocks.

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NP1001 Baptist Banner Nov.15,1899 obit Preston Whitlock died Oct.15,1899 Malden, Kanawha Co., WVa from Greg Whitlock
NP1002 ?? Nov 2006 obit Ray Altis Whitlock died Nov.27,2006 Floyd, Floyd Co., WVa from Greg Whitlock
NP1003 Charleston [WVa] Gazette May 26, 1973 obit Raymond Gerald Whitlock, 39 died May 25,1973 Charleston, Kanawha Co., WVa from Greg Whitlock
NP1004 ?? Apr.2002 obit William Lacy Whitlock, 80 Floyd Co., Va, USA from Greg Whitlock
NP1005 The Everett [Wa], Oct.6,2007 obit Juanita (McCleary) Whitlark, 76 died Sep.29,2007 from Pam Hallock
NP1006 National Post Sep.25,2007 “Dave Brubeck keeps the flame alive” from Patrick Lynch
NP1007 Stratford [Ont] Beacon Herald “Whitelock Street” re George Whitlock (1855-1944) from Lawrence Otis
NP1008 Guardian Apr.6,1936 “Hockey - England Takes Championship” re R. Whitlock
NP1009 Guardian Oct.7,1935 “Walking - Whitlock’s World Records” re H. Harold Whitlock
NP1010 Guardian Mar.14,1969 “Minister’s Day on Rebel Island” re William Whitlock
NP1011 Guardian Mar.9,1936 “Forwards Poor in Trial” re R. Whitlock
NP1012 Guardian Mar.9,1936 “Games as Schools” re ? Whitlock
NP1013 Guardian Apr.1,1935 “Hockey - England Defeat Ireland” re R. Whitlock
NP1014 Guardian Mar.4,1935 “Hockey - England’s First Trial” re R. Whitlock
NP1015 Guardian May 25,1924 “Death of Famous US Ambassador” re Brand Whitlock
NP1016 Guardian Jan.13,1972 “ L& C Puts £180,000 Into Liverpool Shoe” re Whitlock Brothers
NP1017 Guardian Jun.10,1969 “Consular visit to Golding possible” re William Whitlock
NP1018 Guardian Mar.13,1969 “Hostile crowd ejects envoy from Anguilla” re William Whitlock
NP1019 Guardian Mar.15,1937 “Hockey - Ireland Defeats England” re R. Whitlock
NP1020 Guardian Oct.22,1915 “Merciless Execution of Nurse Cavell” re Brand Whitlock
NP1021 Guardian Apr.15,1909 “Oxford Moderations - Classical Honours” re Class II Arthur T. Whitelock
NP1022 Guardian Aug.11,1929 “Houses and Estates” re Messrs James Styles & Whitlock, Estate Agents
NP1023 Guardian Aug.18,1908 “Golf” re A. Whitlock, South Stafford
NP1024 Guardian Aug.23,1879 “The Vicar of Saddleworth” re death of Richard Whitelock (1803-1879)
NP1025 Guardian Aug.23,1920 “Killed in Collision with Push-Cycle” re injured passenger, John Whitelock of Christ Church Street, Preston, LAN
NP1026 Guardian Aug.25,1929 “Houses & Estates” re James Styles & Whitlock
NP1027 Guardian Aug.26,1871 “Fatal Yacht Accident” re Mr. Whitelock 40 miles Milford Haven rescued (son of landed proprietor in Lancashire)
NP1028 Guardian Aug.27,1881 “Manchester High School for Girls” re Head Mistress of the Lower School, Miss Whitlock
NP1029 Guardian Aug.29,1907 “Mr. Roosevelt Attacked” re Mr. Whitlock, a Baltimore attorney
NP1030 Guardian Dec.7,1935 “Births” Dec.5,1935, Cheadle Hume, to Anne, wife of H.R. Whitlock a brother for Anne Colette
NP1031 Guardian Feb.4,1931 “Cricket” re T. Whitlock
NP1032 Guardian Feb.11,1908 Cathedrals and Cloisters of Midland France by Elsie Whitlock Rose
NP1033 Guardian Feb.21,1911 Ad for Henry Whitlock & Co., Body Builders and Motor Engineers, established 1778
NP1034 Guardian Feb.23,1864 Theatricals re Messrs Austin & Whitlock
NP1035 Guardian Jan.6,1911 “Motor Cars” re ad for Henry Whitlock & Co., 18, Watson Street, Manchester
NP1036 Guardian Jan.11,1843 “Salford Hundred Quarter Sessions” Re Rev. Richard Whitelock, magistrate
NP1037 Guardian Jan.12,1880 “Football- Oldham vs Free Wanderers” re Whitelock
NP1038 Guardian Jan.19,1975 “A Man Worth Knowing” re Ruth Spalding’s biography of Bulstrode Whitelocke, The Improbable Puritan
NP1039 Guardian Jan.27,1838 “Fatal Accident” re Thomas Whitelock, 33 of Salford, LAN died Jan.25,1838 (image 9)
NP1040 Guardian Jan.31,1860 G. Whitelocke-Lloyd of Strancally Castle announces his intention to be a candidate to represent Waterford, Ire at the next vacancy or election
NP1041 Guardian Jan.31,1930 “Rich Widow’s Death from Starvation - £3,000 found in Room” re death of Mrs. Hephizbah Emily Whitlock, 88 of Hilton Rd., Islington, LND
NP1042 Guardian Jul.3,1912 “Cheese” Wensleydale or Cotherstone cheeses re W.G. Whitelock (image 20)
NP1043 Guardian Jul.14,1866 “Summary of News - Foreign” re Sir George Whitlock’s forces claim for £700,000 booty captured at Banda and Kirwee, India
NP1044 Guardian Jul.23,1939 “Fifty Kilometres Walk” re H. Harold Whitlock
NP1045 Guardian Jun.1,1858 “India Official Dispatches - Allahabad Division” re General Whitlock at Banda
NP1046 Guardian Jun.7,1936 re James Styles & Whitlock, 44 St.James Place, London, SW1, estate agents
NP1047 Guardian Jun.15,1939 “Walking - Frenchman breaks 18 world’s records” re H. Harold Whitlock
NP1048 Guardian Jun.19,1939 re H. Harold Whitlock
NP1049 Guardian Jun.20,1938 “Walking - Liverpool-Manchester Race” re H. Harold Whitlock
NP1050 Guardian Jun.22,1882 “Opening of a New Market-House at Over Darwen [LAN]” re Major Whitlock
NP1051 Guardian Jun.22,1959 “ N.Notts, Labour Choice - call for enquiry into selection” re William Charles Whitlock
NP1052 Guardian Jun.24,1908 “University Intelligence” Oxford, St.John’s College, For Mediaeval & Modern Languages - P.O. Whitlock
NP1053 Guardian Jun.28,1953 “Rara Avis” re Ralph Whitlock’s Rare and Extinct Birds of Britain
NP1054 Guardian Jun.30,1855 “Sporting Intelligence” re Mr. Mather’s “Whitelock” 4 yrs 5st 9lb [ridden by] J. Walters, 1
NP1055 Guardian Mar.2,1935 “Hockey - English Trial - Whitlock Gets His Chance in the Centre” re R. Whitlock
NP1056 Guardian Mar.10,1855 “Sporting Intelligence” re Mr. Mather’s “Whitelock” 4 yrs 5st 8lb [ridden by] T.Cliff, 3
NP1057 Guardian Mar.11,1955 “The First Five Centuries” C500-1042 edited by Prof. Dorothy Whitelock
NP1058 Guardian Mar.23,1937 “Pillion Rider Killed - Brother Hurt” re Wilfred Whitelock, 24 of Springhurst Road, Shipley died at Harrowgate and brother Gordon Hubert Whitelock, 25 injured
NP1059 Guardian Mar.25,1882 “Manchester High School for Girls” re Head Mistress of the Lower School, Miss Whitlock
NP1060 Guardian Mar.25,1905 “A Country Lover’s Diary” “ Whitlock, who was a student of [bird] migration”
NP1061 Guardian Mar.25,1935 “Hockey - Englands Narrow Victory” re R. Whitlock, England’s centre forward
NP1062 Guardian Mar.30,1936 “Hockey - England Draw in Fast Game” re R. Whitlock (Midlands)
NP1063 Guardian Mar.14,1937 “Remand on Murder Charge” re murder of Robert Whitlock, 19 of Etherwood Road, Shepherds Bush died Mar.10,1937 Regent St., LND
NP1064 Guardian May 17,1854 “Attempted Robbery at a London Bank” re Mr. H. L. Whitelock clerk to Messrs Sapte and Co., witness testimony
NP1065 Guardian May 26,1934 “Brand Whitlock” re death of Brand Whitlock
NP1066 Guardian May 29,1957 “Court Allows Boys to be Named - Explosion at Library” re Mr. J. W. Whitlock, Chairman
NP1067 Guardian Nov.9, 1910 “The Olympia Motor Car Show” re firm of Henry Whitlock & Co.
NP1068 Guardian Nov.19,1936 “Motor Cycle Accident - Three People Hurt” re Mrs. W. Whitlock, 69 wife of Mr. W. Whitlock, building and contractor of Tondu, Glamorganshire, [Wales]
NP1069 Guardian Nov.27,1959 “The seeds of discontent” re Ralph Whitlock’s book Farming as a Career
NP1070 Guardian Oct.10,1935 “Today’s Wireless Programmes - Home and Foreign” Leeds University Midday Concert re Lupton Whitelock (flute)
NP1071 Guardian Oct.15,1928 “Londoners Who Live in Cellars - Teachers Statement” re Mr. A.E. Whitlock, vice president, London Teachers Association
NP1072 Guardian Oct.28,1826 “Shameful Conduct” postal bomb attack re Rev. R. H. Whitelock, postmaster
NP1073 Guardian Sep.1,1936 “Recent Wills - £400,000 Estate” re Francis John Whitlock, 51 partner James Styles and Whitlock Estate Agents, estate £159,757
NP1074 Guardian Sep.7,1936 “Athletics - Whitlock wins London to Brighton Walk” re H. Harold Whitlock
NP1075 Guardian Sep.10,1881 “Manchester High School for Girls” re Head Mistress of the Lower School, Miss Whitlock
NP1076 Guardian Sep.10,1934 “Athletics - London-Brighton Walk - Whitlock’s Success” re H. Harold Whitlock
NP1077 Guardian Sep.17,1948 “Excusable Homicide - Blow by Waiter ‘in Self-Defense’“ re Luther Whitlock, 48 electrical engineer of Aire View, Butt Hill, Kippax, near Leeds, YKS died Preston, LAN Aug.23,1948
NP1078 Guardian Sep.22,1879 “Cricket” re H. Whitelocke, South Manchester
NP1079 Guardian Sep.28,1947 “Country Life” re Peasants Heritage by Ralph Whitlock
NP1080 Guardian Nov.6,2007 The Archive “Whitlock strides to victory in the 50,000-metre walk” Aug.6,1936 Berlin Olympics re H. Harold Whitlock from Colin Mills
NP1081 Royal Gazette Jan.20,1812 “At Public Auction - For Sale” re property of William Whitlock in Saint John, NB from Al Williamson
NP1082 Royal Gazette Mar.2,1812 “Notice” re sale of 1,000 acres of land in Burton, near Swan Creek, NB owned by William Whitlock from Al Williamson
NP1083 Royal Gazette Jun.12,1821 “Sheriff’s Sale” Lot 76, 500 acres in Parish of Kingsclear belonging to William Whitlock from Al Williamson
NP1084 Toronto [Ont] Star obit Ethel Violet Whitlock, 94 died Jun.18,2007 Toronto, Ont from Wilma Whitelock
NP1085 Toronto [Ont] Star obit Arthur Thomas Whitlock, 92 died Sep.19,2007 from Wilma Whitelock
NP1086 Toronto [Ont] Star “Lifecapture Interactive” re Geoff Whitlock from Wilma Whitelock
NP1087 ?? Hamilton, Ont 1939-1945? “Behind the Lines” re Harold Melbourne Whitlock of Hamilton
NP1088 Port Elgin [Ont] Beacon Times Aug.29,2007 “New commander for 440 Squadron” re Lt. Col. Ross Wuerth from Helen Wuerth
NP1089 The Valley Chronicle (San Jacinto, Ca) Apr.23,2004 obit Charles Whitlock, 74 of Al & Hemet, Ca
NP1090 Daily Mail Nov.15,2007 “The city that thinks it is a market town” re Whitelocks of Leeds, YKS from John Lawson Whitlock
NP1091 Beacon, Virginia Beach, Va Dec.27,2007 re Faye Whitlock from Shirley Brendle
NP1092 Weekly News, Hawkes Bay, NZ Mar.3,1943 “Architecture Student” re Wendy Whitlock from Carol Scaggs
NP1093 ?? Columbia, Mo re obit Fred D. Whitlock,81 of Columbia, Mo from Nancy Thompson
NP1094 Portland Press Herald Aug.10,2007 obit Gertrude (Whitlock) Harrington, 91 died Aug.7,2007 Portland, Me from Gerald F. Gower
NP1095 Portland Press Herald Feb.20,2006 obit Patricia Ann (McLeod) Whitlock, 68 died Feb.19,2006 Portland, Me from Gerald F. Gower
NP1096 American Journal, Westbrook, Me May 31, 2007 “Top 12 Students” re Alyssa D. Whitlock d Michael & Gina Whitlock from Gerald F. Gower
NP1097 Portland Press Herald Nov.27,2007 obit Debra A. Whitlock, 46 died Nov.21,2007 Westbrook, Me from Gerald F. Gower
NP1098 St.Mary’s Journal Argus & Exeter Times-Advocate [Ont] Feb.13,2008 re wedding of Don Penninga & Amy Johns Jun.2,2002
NP1099 St.Mary’s Journal Argus & Exeter Times-Advocate [Ont] Feb.13,2008 re wedding of John Beecroft & Kelli Fulton to take place in 2008
NP1100 St.Mary’s Journal Argus & Exeter Times-Advocate [Ont] Feb.13,2008 re wedding of Trevor Skinner & Jennifer Mittleholtz Dec.15,2007
NP1101 Toronto [Ont] Star Apr.16,2008 obit Violet Whitlock died Apr.14,2008 Scarborough from Wilma Whitelock
NP1102 ?? Sep.1991 “Happy First Anniversary September 15,1990" re Jim & Sherry (Otis) Anderson from Lawrence Otis
NP1103 Times-Advocate Aug.6,1997 “Chipps-Otis” Wedding of Lynn Otis & Richard Semesiuk, Ancaster, Ont Jul.5,1997 from Lawrence Otis
NP1104 London [Ont] Free Press Mar.17,2007 “Ingham” birth announcement Megan Emily Grace Ingham b.Feb.23,2007 Lawrence Otis
NP1105 London [Ont] Free Press Jul.15,2000 “Congratulations” re Mike Otis & Donna-Marie Russell graduations fro Lawrence Otis
NP1106 ?? 1976 “Mr. & Mrs. George James Coutts” re marriage Jul.24,1976 Sherry Ann Otis & George James Coutts, Exeter, Huron Co., Ont from Lawrence Otis
NP1107 London [Ont] Free Press Mar.10,2001 “Marriage Announcement - Otis-Ingham” marriage of Amanda Patricia Pearl Otis & Jeffrey Ingham from Lawrence Otis
NP1108 London [Ont] Free Press Jul.17,2004 “Ingham” birth announcement Trevor Jeffrey Allan Ingham b.Jul.15,2004 from Lawrence Otis
NP1109 London [Ont] Free Press Sep.28,2002 “Marriage Announcement, Russell-Otis” re Michael James Thomas Otis & Donna-Marie Russell Aug.24,2002 from Lawrence Otis
NP1110 London [Ont] Free Press May 22,2008 obit of Margaret Long, 91 at Listowel, Ont from Lawrence Otis
NP1111 The [Vancouver, BC] Province May 18,2008 “Queen’s grandson weds Canadian bride” re marriage of Peter Phillips & Autumn Kelly May 17,2008 Windsor Castle
NP1112 Eastern Shore News, Tasley, Va Sep.26,2007 “Local man was merchant in ugliest of businesses” re Snow Hill, Md Messenger Nov.14,1830 ElishaWhitelock of Snow Hill, Md ad for Negroes June 6,1830 from Shirley Brendle
NP1113 The Virginian-Pilot May 16,2008 Realty Sales re William E. Whitlock 504 Bamboo Lane from Shirley Brendle
NP1114 The Mission [BC] Record Aug.14,2008 re birth Jun.15,2008 Ethan Daniel s Daniel Edward & Susan Whitlock from Barb Farthing
NP1115 The London [Ont] Free Press Jul.30,2008 obit Evelyn Violet Elmyra (Whitlock) Horne, 101 South Huron, Ont from Lawrence Otis
NP1116 The London [Ont] Free Press Aug.14,2008 “Cannucks row, row, row into the finals” re Scott Frandsen from Lawrence Otis
NP1117 The Beacon Herald Aug.16,2008 “Hope for more medals in rowing finals Sunday” re Scott Frandsen from Lawrence Otis
NP1118 Sunday Sun [Ont] Aug.17,2008 “Silver lining for Canuck duo” re Scott Frandsen from Lawrence Otis
NP1119 The Virginian-Pilot Jul.18,2008 obit Susan (Gross) (Coe) Weiss, 61 of Virginia Beach re sister Kathryn (Gross) Whitlock from Shirley Brendle
NP1120 Herald, Sep.14,2008 “Forum pulls Obama Waffles” re Mark Whitlock of Franklin, Tn from Pam Hallock
NP1121 [San] Jacinto [Ca] Register Sep.5,1901 Town Topics re Miss Bessie Whitlock & Miss Alda Whitlock from Glenn Whitlock
NP1122 [San] Jacinto [Ca] Register Sep.26,1901 Town Topics re Miss Nellie Whitlock & John Whitlock from Glenn Whitlock
NP1123 [San] Jacinto [Ca] Register Sep.19,1901 Town Topics re Miss Alda Whitlock from Glenn Whitlock
NP1124 [San] Jacinto [Ca] Register Dec.26,1901 Town Topics re Miss Mary Whitlock from Glenn Whitlock
NP1125 The Dominion Post [NZ] Mar.11,13,15,2008 “They call me mellow velo”, “The dangers of riding low”, “Part bullet, part bike and totally intriguing” re Neville Whitlock
NP1126 Shoreline Beacon Nov.19,2008 “Fred Wuerth to be missed by all in Saugeen Shores” re Fred Wuerth ex Mayor of Port Elgin, Ont from Helen Wuerth
NP1127 The London [Ont] Free Press Oct.19,2008 “Pick of the patch” re Candas Whitlock, executive director of Northwest London Resource Centre from Lawrence Otis
NP1128 Florida Today Jan.11,2009 “Civil War veteran gets replacement headstone” re Adoniram Judson Whitlock (1828-1907) from Sandee Natowich
NP1129 Daily Telegraph Mar.18,2002 obit John Whitlock, 80 died Mar.12,2002 from Mark Peter Whitlock
NP1130 Daily Telegraph Dec.15,2004 obit Michael John Whitlock, 73 died Dec.10,2004 from Mark Peter Whitlock
NP1131 Daily Telegram Oct.6,2008 obit Pauline Whitlock, 88 died Oct.1,2008 from Mark Peter Whitlock
NP1132 Coobe & Wool Jan.26,1643 re Bulstrode Whitlock...of House of Commons from Colin Mills
NP1133 Several proceeding, Parliament Feb.1651 re Bulstrode Whitelock, Sergeant at Law, and one of the Lords Commissioners for the Great Seal of England from Colin Mills
NP1134 Mercurious Politican Dec.11,1656 re Timothy Wedlock, a Devonshire man from Colin Mills
NP1135 Whitehall Evening Post Oct.28,1770 “Died” “Yesterday at Streatham, in Surry, Mr. Anthony Whitelock, of Lime Street.” from Colin Mills
NP1136 The Ipswich Journal Feb.22,1800 re death Mr. [William] Whitlock, baker of Burham, Essex last Sunday week from Colin Mills
NP1137 Jackson’s Oxford Journal Feb.22,1800 re Mr. [William] Whitlock, Baker, Burnham, Essex from Colin Mills
NP1138 Caledonia Mercury Mar.27,1800 re Lieutenant-Governor General Whitelock from Colin Mills
NP1139 Morning Chronicle Jul.30,1800 “American Theatricals” re Mr. [Charles Edward] Whitlock former manager Chester Theatre from Colin Mills
NP1140 The Leeds Mercury Dec.24,1900 re pianos for sale by Whitelock & Son Limited, 15 Boar Lane, Leeds from Colin Mills
NP1141 Johnsons Boat Gazette Oct.9,1803 re General Whitelock from Colin Mills
NP1142 Caledonian Mercury (Edinburgh) Nov.22,1800 re General Whitlock from Colin Mills
NP1143 Trewman’s Exeter Flying Post Apr.9,1801 re George Whitlock, Ottery St. Mary, DEV from Colin Mills
NP1144 Trewman’s Exeter Flying Post Jul.23,1801 re Whitlock Sydenham d.Jul.17,1801 Dadbrook, Cullompton, DEV from Colin Mills
NP1145 Trewman’s Exeter Flying Post Oct.7,1802 “List of Certificates....Devonshire” re George Whitlock, Free Warren of Ottery St. Mary from Colin Mills
NP1146 Trewman’s Exeter Flying Post May 26,1803 re George Whitlock elected coroner from Colin Mills
NP1147 Trewman’s Exeter Flying Post Sep.29,1803 “List of Certificates....Devonshire” re George Whitlock, Free Warren of Ottery St. Mary from Colin Mills
NP1148 Jackson’s Oxford Journal Oct.8,1803 re Gen. Whitlock from Colin Mills
NP1149 The Morning Chronicle Nov.15,1804 re Lessees of the Vicar of Wakefield vs Whitlock from Colin Mills
NP1150 Trewman’s Exeter Flying Post Sep.5,1805 “List of Game Certificates....Devon” re George Whitlock, Surgeon, Ottery St. Mary from Colin Mills
NP1151 Trewman’s Exeter Flying Post Apr.10,1806 re death of Mrs. A.[Abigail](Brand) Whitlock 86 of Ottery St. Mary from Colin Mills
NP1152 Jackson’s Oxford Journal Jul.26,1806 “Accidents” re “Mr.[Robert] Whitlock servant to Farmer Maton, of Pitton was struck dead by lightning” from Colin Mills
NP1153 Morning Chronicle Nov.15,1806 “Freehold Aldermanbury” re Messrs Whitlock and Sons, Wholesale Hosiers from Colin Mills
NP1154 Newcastle Courant Mar.7,1807 (06?) Re Munden and Whitlock (Charles Edward) theatre managers from Colin Mills
NP1155 Hampshire Telegraph Apr.13,1807 re “a young man named Whitlock” wagered to cover 17 miles from Shoreditch Church to Ponders End and back in under 2 hours - won his bet (£10) by 10 minutes from Colin Mills
NP1156 Morning Chronicle Nov.7,1807 re estate of Charlton Whitlock of Middle Temple, Whitlock vs Sydenham, contempt of court case from Colin Mills
NP1157 Toronto [Ont] Star Jun.13,2009 “Whitlock hoping to drive into sunset with victory at Mosport” from Wilma Whitelock
NP1158 The London [Ont] Free Press Jan.17,2009 Bessie Olive (Johns) Bencsik died Jan.15,2009 Woodstock from Lawrence Otis
NP1159 St.Mary’s [Ont] Journal-Argus Feb.11,2009 re marriage Sep.20,2008 Johnathan Kirk Beecroft & Kelli Lyn Fulton from Lawrence Otis
NP1160 St.Mary’s [Ont] Journal-Argus Feb.11,2009 re marriage Nov.8 2008 Mark Heimrich & Julia Knoblauch St. Peter’s, Zurich, Ont from Lawrence Otis
NP1161 ?? 1933 obit of Mary Ann (Whitlock) Brown, 85 of Reading, BRK from Les Brown
NP1162 The London [Ont] Free Press May 20, 2009 “Whitlock to push pedal to the metal on final tour” re Dave Whitlock formerly of Petrolia, Ont from Lawrence Otis
NP1163 The London [Ont] Free Press May 25, 2009 “Whitlock takes opener” re Dave Whitlock formerly of Petrolia, Ont from Lawrence Otis
NP1164 The Virginian Pilot Aug.16,2009 “In this case, true love is better late than never” re John “Alby” Jacobson (56) & Jody (??) (Whitlock) (47) (M2008) Norfolk (Va)City Hall from Shirley Brendle
NP1165 The Virginian Pilot Jul.18,2009 “Inmate who asked for execution makes deal of life term instead” re Waverly “Eddie” Whitlock, 28 of Charlottesville, Va from Shirley Brendle
NP1166 The Virginian Pilot Aug.16,2009 photograph by Craig Whitlock of the Washington post from Shirley Brendle
NP1167 The Virginian Pilot Nov. 2008 obit re Mary (O’Neill) Collins,81 died Nov.25,2008 of Newfoundland, Canada died Virginia Beach - daughter Nancy Whitlock and husband Lawrence
NP1168 The Victoria [BC] Colonist Sep 2009 obit Charles Cecil Whitlock, 91 died Victoria, BC Sep.15,2009 from Pat Kelly
NP1169 Sydney [AUS]Morning Herald Jul.5,1961 re birth Jul.2,1961 Mark s Jim & Jean (Case) Whitelock from Lawrence Otis
NP1170 ?? ENG re obit Bulstrode Harry Whitelocke, 77 died Apr 3,1959 Hither Green, LND from Lawrence Otis
NP1171 ?? AUS obit Bert Herbert Whitlock, 60 died May 27,1955 R.G.H. Concord, AUS from Lawrence Otis
NP1172 ?? AUS obit Audrey Irene (??) Whitlock, 56 died Aug.23,1959 Fivedock, AUS from Lawrence Otis
NP1173 Somerset Standard Sep.4,1914 obit Amy Ellen (Tutton) Whitlock died Sep.1,1914 Frome, SOM from Eric Whitlock
NP1174 The London [Ont] Free Press June 13, 2009 re William Whitlock, of London, on a cruise in Queenstown, New Zealand, December 2008 from Lawrence Otis
NP1175 The London [Ont] Free Press August 27, 2009 obit Ruth Geraldine (Neathway) Whitlock of Petrolia, Ont from Lawrence Otis
NP1176 Evansville, In May 18,1978 “Two-thirds of river tonnage energy oriented, Corps says” re W. N. Whitlock from Lawrence Otis
NP1177 The Hour [Norwalk, Ct] May 3,2010 “Freed from Death Row” re Herbert Whitlock from Willard Carter
NP1178 The Toronto [Ont] Star May 9,2010 “No evidence of misuse” re Jeremy Whitlock, Chalk River from Wilma Whitelock
NP1179 The Toronto [Ont] Star May 12,2010 Obit Malcolm Ian Whitlock age 66 died May 8,2010 London, Ont from Wilma Whitelock
NP1180 ?? CON 2010 “Josh, 16, is back on stage for Billy Elliot’s big birthday bash” re Josh Fedrick from Betty Whitelock
NP1181 The Irish Times Feb.17,1954 “Obituary Captain Percy G. Whitelocke-Lloyd” from Vicky House
NP1182 The Nottingham Post July 6, 2010 “On this day in 1973" re William Whitlock, MP from Maggie Richie
NP1183 Chesapeake City, Md 1915? Re William Whitlock 16 year old son of Charles William & Elizabeth (Mumford) Whitlock missing since before Christmas from Sherry Callahan
NP1184 Chesapeake City, Md June 3, (1940's) “Seven Marylanders Listed As Prisoners” re Louis H. Whitlock from Sherry Callahan
NP1185 Cecil [Md] Whig & Cecil Democrat & Cecil Star Dec.14,1895 “Love’s Rough Path” re elopement of Charles William Whitlock & Pearl Eunice Mumford from Sherry Callahan
NP1186 Cecil [Md] Whig Mar.11,1993 Obit of Margaret Jayne (Reynolds) (Murphy) Whitlock, 95 died Mar.10,1993 Elkton, Md from Sherry Callahan
NP1187 Cecil [Md] Whig 1933 “Fear of Operation Is Suicide Cause” re James Pierson Whitlock nr Iron Hill, Md from Sherry Callahan
NP1188 Cecil [Md] Whig Aug 1937 re obit Charles William Whitlock, Port Herman, Md from Sherry Callahan
NP1189 Cecil [Md] Whig Jan.7,1981 re obit Charles Raymond Whitlock d.Jan.4,1981 Elkton, Cecil Co., Md from Sherry Callahan
NP1190 Brooklyn [NY] Eagle Jul.29,1900 Whitlock Right Field KFC Baseball Team from Lawrence Otis
NP1191 Brooklyn [NY] Eagle Aug.22,1902 Whitlock Realty Ltd from Lawrence Otis
NP1192 Brooklyn [NY] Eagle Feb.9,1847 re Sidney Whitlock & Mary Whitlock from Lawrence Otis
NP1193 Brooklyn [NY] Eagle Feb.16,1877 re Addison Whitlock from Lawrence Otis
NP1194 Brooklyn [NY] Eagle Jan.19,1886 “Officers for 1886" re orator, William H, Whitlock from Lawrence Otis
NP1195 Brooklyn [NY] Eagle Feb.26,1897 “Flatbush Prize Winners” re D. G. Whitlock from Lawrence Otis
NP1196 Brooklyn [NY] Eagle Jul.11,1866 “The Negroes and the Public Schools” re Mr. Whitlock from Lawrence Otis
NP1197 Brooklyn [NY] Eagle Dec.12,1862 “ Died” Dec.10 Matilda wife of George Whitlock from Lawrence Otis
NP1198 Brooklyn [NY] Eagle Feb.21,1863 “Died” Feb.20 Frederick Morris s Montgomery P & Harriet S. Whitlock from Lawrence Otis
NP1199 Brooklyn [NY] Eagle Jul.7,1881 “The Board of Education and its Approaching Reorganization” re Mr. Whitlock recently deceased from Lawrence Otis
NP1200 Brooklyn [NY] Eagle Jan.2,1885 “John Solie’s Complaint” re William H. Whitlock carpenter and builder in Woodhaven from Lawrence Otis