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Prior to the current computer age questionnaires were sent out to Whitlock descendants all over the world.  This collection of family information formed the beginnings of our current huge database.   Many extracts from Family Bibles are included.

File Descent From Marriage Year Location Province Country From Family Code Chart Code
Q001 Silas & Mary (Hooper) Whitlock 1848 Langtree Devon England Harold Melbourne Whitlock WS1 W01
Q002 Thomas & Ann (Whitlock) Whitlock 1841 Langtree Devon England George Milton Whitlock WT11 W01
Q003 Edward & Sarah (Smith) Whitlock 1852 PEI Canada Victoria Alexandra (Whitlock) Huestis WED1 W01
Q004 Edward & Sarah (Smith) Whitlock 1852 PEI Canada Blanche (Cameron) Whitlock WED1 W01
Q005 Harold Frederick & Elizabeth Mary (Grimes) Whitlock St.Pancras London England Mrs. G.M. Whitlock WH2
Q006 Silas & Mary (Hooper) Whitlock 1848 Langtree Devon England Clifford Avery Whitlock WS1 W01
Q007 Graham Brice & Elizabeth Jane (LeBlanc) Whitlock Chandler Quebec Canada Robert Graham Whitlock WGR1 W50
Q008 Mark & Ann Frances Warin (Bull) Whitlock 1863 London England Mark Peter Whitlock WM1 W20
Q009 Thomas & Sarah (Bradley) Whitlock 1849 Salisbury Wiltshire England Arthur Edward Whitlock WT12 W03
Q010 Charles Whitlock London England Charles William Whitlock WCA207
Q011 John & Catherine (Palmer) Whitlock 1808 Langtree Devon England Catherine Annie (Whitlock) Johnson WJ22 W01
Q012 Samuel Haight & Jeanette Emmet (McEvers) Whitlock 1850 New York New York U.S.A. Bache McEvers Whitlock WSA4 W16
Q013 George Washington & Fanni (Banta) Whitlock 1834 Fulton Co. New York U.S.A. WG12 W09
Q014 George Franklin & Katherine (Redfield) Whitlock 1889 Wichita Kansas U.S.A. Emelyn Jane Whitlock WG28
Q015 George & Jane (Pickering) Whitelock 1862 Oxford Co., Dereham Ontario Canada Donald Thomas Whitelock WG8 W27
Q016 John & Eliza (Pickering) Whitelock Oxford Co., Dereham Ontario Canada Evelyn (Ross) Whitelock WJ29 W27
Q017 Samuel Haight & Jeanette Emmet (McEvers) Whitlock 1850 New York New York U.S.A. WSA4 W16
Q018 William Hobart & Hester (Francisco) Whitlock 1829 Cuyahoga Co., Mayfield Ohio U.S.A. June (Whitlock) Isaksen WW458 W83
Q019 Thomas & Mary (Ponsonbay) Whitlock 1799 Surry Co. North Carolina U.S.A. Ernest Clyde Whitlock WT156 W25
Q020 Jessie H. & Martha (McGraw) Whitlock 1847 Springfield Illinois U.S.A. Harry Edward Whitlock WJS2 W47
Q021 Thomas & Ann (Whitlock) Whitlock 1841 Langtree Devon England Ethel Muriel (Whitlock) WT11 W01
Q022 Benjamin & Eliza (Hands) Whitlock 1864 Syresham Northamptonshire England David R. Whitlock WBE13 W77
Q023 Charles & Georgina Vittery (France) Whitlock Billston Staffordshire England Conrad France Whitlock WCA16
Q024 Nathaniel & Marion (Lawson) Whitlock Nottingham Nottinghamshire England Cicely Marjorie Whitlock WN4 W02H
Q025 James & Jane Whitlock Stoke Canon Devon England Gladys Joyce Whitlock WJA24
Q026 Thomas & Elizabeth (Quy) Whitlock 1795 Tilbury Juxta Clare Essex England Harry Rex Whitlock WT71 W08
Q027 John Thomas & Jane Elizabeth (Brown) Whitelock 1883 Hoxton London England Edward Charles Whitlock WJ90 W59
Q028 Thomas Whitlock Bournemouth Hampshire England J. Whitlock WT45
Q029 John & Frances (Oliver) Whitlock 1793 Nottingham Nottinghamshire England Claude Bulstrode Whitlock WJ43 W02H
Q030 Nathaniel & Marion (Lawson) Whitlock Nottingham Nottinghamshire England Claude Bulstrode Whitlock WN4 W02H
Q031 James & Harriet (Moody) Whitlock 1842 East Dean Hampshire England May Louise Whitlock WJA13 W15
Q032 Henry John & Isabel Sophia (Forster) Whitlock Olney Buckinghamshire England WH6
Q033 George & Elizabeth (Doyle) Whitelock 1834 Barony Lanark Scotland Esme Marion (Whitelock) Trotter WG52 W26
Q034 William & Adeline (Dean) Whitlock Ternascobe Co. Armagh Ireland Jean Whitlock WW187 W28
Q035 John & Alice (Burgoyne) Whitelock 1851 Northumberland England Wilma Florence (McMaster) Whitelock WJ61 W19
Q036 John George & Rebecca (Symonds) Whitelock 1848 St.Marylebone London England Trafford Wallace WHITELOCK WJ88 W89
Q037 Thomas George & Alice Mary (Whitlock) Whitlock 1898 Sholing Hampshire England Patricia (Whitlock) Hyland WT135 W50
Q038 George Washington & Fanni (Banta) Whitlock 1834 Fulton Co. New York U.S.A. Mrs. G.G. Ross WG12 W09
Q039 William & Jane (Green) Whitlock 1854 Petrockstow Devon England John Richard Whitlock WW34 W01
Q040 Arza M. & Amelia (Repka) Whitlock 1884 Southbury, New Haven Co. Connecticut U.S.A. Joyce Whitlock Dreslin WAZ1
Q041 George & Milly (??) Whitlock Milton Bryant Bedfordshire England Joanne Noble WG79
Q042 William & Adeline (Dean) Whitlock Ternascobe Co. Armagh Ireland Cuma Schofield WW187 W28
Q043 John C & Charlotte (Welsh) Whitlock Ashton, Bristol Somerset England Doris Crawford WJ280
Q044 Hillery Charles & Eliza Mary (Fairhead) Whitlock 1821 Colchester Essex England Janis Kirby WH66 W67
Q045 Samuel Seabury & Mary P. (Kelsey) Whitlock 1827 Castleton Vermont U.S.A. Iola Ebendorf WA22 W09
Q046 George & Lily Louisa Maud (Hayton) Whitlock 1893 Hobart Tasmania Robert Whitlock WG96
Q047 Alfred William & Emma (Steer) Whitlock 1861 Winterslow Wiltshire England Richard John Whitlock WAL6 W05
Q048 William Alfred & Marjorie Mary (Glass) Whitlock 1933 Swan Hill Victoria Australia John William Gary Whitlock WW228 W05
Q049 Richard John & Jessie Edith (McDonald) Whitlock 1947 Swan Hill Victoria Australia Jessie Edith (McDonald) Whitlock WR64 W05
Q050 Caleb & Frances (Miller) Whitlock London England Caleb Baden Whitlock WCB2
Q051 George Ernest & Catherine (Standingford) Whitlock Oxfordshire England Frederick Whitlock WG97
Q052 William Henson & Clare Alice (White) Whitlock 1939 Hove Sussex England Andrew Henson Whitlock WW229 W02
Q053 William & Mary (Malarchy) Whitlock 1855 Rutherglen Victoria Australia Edith Whitlock WW230
Q054 Joshua & Jessie (Wilson) Whitlock 1892 Campaspe Victoria Australia Noel Grenville Whitlock WJSH4 W05
Q055 Noah & Ellen Mary (Jerred) Whitlock 1880 Pitton Wiltshire England Jean (Margetson) Whitlock WNO1 W03
Q056 Christopher & Ann (Coad) Whitlock 1869 Little Torrington Devon England Christopher William Whitlock WCHR22 W01
Q057 Joshua & Jessie (Wilson) Whitlock 1892 Campaspe Victoria Australia Bruce Joshua Whitlock WJSH4 W05
Q058 John Levi Whitlock Isle of Wight England Derek Clive Whitlock WJ317
Q059 Norman & Mabel (Lawry) Whitlock 1935 Tooleen Victoria Australia Graeme John Whitlock WNR2 W05
Q060 Thomas & Mary (Hatty) Whitlock 1891 White Hills Victoria Australia John David Whitlock WT180 W05
Q061 Thomas & Mary (Hatty) Whitlock 1891 White Hills Victoria Australia Norman Keith Whitlock WT180 W05
Q062 William Alfred & Mary Jane (McPherson) Whitlock 1904 Bendigo Victoria Australia Julie Kathleen Whitlock WW227 W05
Q063 Samuel Seabury & Mary P. (Kelsey) Whitlock 1827 Castleton Vermont U.S.A. Helen Whitlock Rupert WA22 W09
Q064 Edward &Sophia (Bradley) Whitelock 1835 Sheffield Yorkshire England Barrie Whitlock WED37
Q065 Charles Henry & Mary Ellen (Weatherby) Whitlock 1868 Northamptonshire England Roderick Bert Whitlock WCA53 W77
Q066 Walter & Ann (Hayes) Whitelocks 1878 Sheffield Yorkshire England Owen Edward Whitlock WWA17
Q067 Hubert Edward & Elsie Annie Jennie (Davis) Whitlock 1914 Waverley New South Wales Australia Phillip Edward Whitlock WHB7
Q068 Frederick William & May Olive (Brown) Whitlock 1916 Charlbury Oxfordshire England Paul Whitlock WFD20 W77
Q069 Alfred Henry & Mary Jeanetta (Taylor) Whitlock 1892 Portsea Hampshire England Alfred James Whitlock WAL10
Q070 Leroy & Allien (Stokes) Whitlock Bea Whitlock
Q071 Frederick & Emma (Lynam) Whitelock 1918 Lillie Michiel
Q072 George & Beth (Perisho) Pratt 1934 Beth Pratt
Q073 John M. & Josefa (Lucero) Whitlock Victor J. Dodier
Q074 Thomas & Anna (Grace) Whitlock 1827 Sue Clives
Q075 Edward & Jane (Smith) Whitlock Edward J. Whitlock
Q076 Robert & Lucinda Whitlock Dora DeVaun
Q077 John & ? Whitlock Ann Whitlock
Q078 James & Annie (Hogg) Whitelock 1865 Raymond J. Skinner
Q079 Silas & Mary (Hooper) Whitlock 1848 Helen M. Wuerth
Q080 Meshach & Mary (Carter) Whitlock 1802 Graham Holton
Q081 Thomas Lee & Louisa (Innes) Whitlocke 1856 George Albert Whitlock
Q082 Henry & Florence (Wedge) Whitlock 1928 Louise Dujay
Q083 Richard & Mary Whitlock Iris D. Brant
Q084 Jack & ? (Abbott) Whitlock Raymond G. Simpson
Q085 Thomas G. & Susan A.(Johnson) Whitlock 1871 Peggy Ruth (Estes) Ernst
Q086 Thomas C. & Bertha (Harris) Whitlock 1845 Shirley Case
Q087 William & Sarah Ann (Hamilton) Whitlock 1839 Chas. W. Nowell
Q088 Walter John & Margaret (MacMunn) Whitlock 1949 Peter John Whitlock
Q089 William & Elizabeth (Green) Whitlock 1817 Anna Popejoy
Q090 William & Christiania (Derryberry) Whitlock Ruby Pantalone
Q091 Willard Wilson & Elsie Jane (Wood) Whitelock Ronald Whitelock
Q092 Charles C. & Melissa Semple (Whitlock) Allton 1887 Connie Sue Allton Fall
Q093 Robert Lewis & Lydia (Morris) Whitlock Donna J. Woods
Q094 Ervin James & Mary (Abney) Whitlock 1848 Lorraine A. Keith
Q095 Hugh Anthony & Helen Cambell (Tate) Whitelocke 1846 (anonymous)
Q096 William Whitlock Shirley Ann Smith
Q097 George A. & Nancy Emily (Whitlock) Hyatt 1852 Ellen L. Jacobus
Q098 Levi & Rena Sprague (Kingsley) Whitlock 1835 Richard H. Heineman
Q099 Alexander & Ionet Whitlock William A. Ford
Q100 Richard & Mary (Whitlock) Harward 1743 Kathleen Lewellin
Q101 John & Minerva (Brown) Whitlock (1840?s) Margaret Hoagland
Q102 John & Elizabeth (Archer) Whitlock 1849 Judy Ireland
Q103 James & Mary (West) Whitlock 1813 Betty Whitlock
Q104 David & Mary (Whitlock) Lewis Ethel Myers
Q105 Isaac & Joanna (James) Whitelock Cyril Whitelock
Q106 William & Mary (Tustin) Whitlock 1799 Lucy Hamid
Q107 Frederick & Sarah (Knutt) Whitlock Ernest Tom Osman
Q108 Robert & Lucinda Schoolcraft Purvis (Fields) Whitlock Dora DeVaun & Donna Woods
Q109 William & Mary Jane (Draper) Mortimer Brenda Baker
Q110 Legrand & Esther (Whitlock) Whitney Connecticut U.S.A. Ann Demsky
Q111 George & Sarah (Higinbottom) Whitlock 1860 Glossop Derby England Samuel Eric Whitlock
Q112 Hardy Henderson & Laura Elizabeth (Donnelly) Whitlock 1892 Illinois U.S.A. Janet Gauthier
Q113 Bennett & (1) Nancy (Whitlock) & (2) Frances Adeline (Harlow) Whitlock Union Co. South Carolina U.S.A. B.J. Adams
Q114 Melkia & Uzetta (Whitlock) Conrad 1834 Tompkins Co. New York U.S.A. Mileta Farr Kilroy
Q115 Clyde Woolsey & Angie Victoria (Flanders) Whitlock Rinard Illinois U.S.A. Carol Pierson Harner
Q116 George & Martha (Moore) Whitlock 1853 Bedminster, Bristol Somerset England Lois Smith
Q117 A.J. & Sarah (Whitlock) Parker 1876 Moore Co. Tennessee U.S.A. Evelyn Tatum
Q118 William Henry & Elizabeth Anne Whitlock 1878 Stoke Dameral Devon England Derek F. Whitelock
Q119 Asa & Nancy (Todd) Whitlock Marengo Co. Alabama U.S.A. Ron Thompson
Q120 Samuel & Julia Ann (White) Whitlock Vickie & Betty Smith
Q121 Richard Isaac Whitelock and son William Henry & Elizabeth Ann (Pascoe) Whitelock 1878 Stoke Dameral Devon England R.A. Bate
Q122 Samuel Norris & Emily (Benedict) Whitlock 1851 Warsaw New York U.S.A. Norris H. Whitlock
Q123 Lawson Alexander & Sarah (Ivey) Whitlock 1850 Stanly Co. North Carolina U.S.A. Shirley W. Brendle
Q124 William Henry Harrison & Fannie Hester (Oaks) Whitlock Tehama Co. California U.S.A. Iola Brubeck
Q125 William Douglas & Harriet Whitlock Chelsea London England Marianne K. Whitlock
Q126 James & Elizabeth (Whitlock) Hallmark 1748 Backford Cheshire England Olwen Taylor
Q127 George & Emma (Whitlock) Gall 1876 Hales Norfolk England Ray Langley
Q128 John & Martha (Whitlock) Arnold North Carolina U.S.A. Margaret Christensen
Q129 Timothy & Sally (Padgett) Whitlock Kentucky Jackie Little
Q130 Edward Carlton & Frances Mary (Rowe) Whitlock 1882 Gisborne New Zealand Maureen Andrew
Q131 William Joseph & Sarah Jane (Allen) Whitlock 1874 Penniac, York Co. New Brunswick Canada Garnet Hayward Whitlock
Q131 William Joseph & Sarah Jane (Allen) Whitlock 1874 Penniac New Brunswick Canada Garnet Hayward Whitlock
Q132 Robert & Aggy (Stringer) Whitlock North Carolina U.S.A. Mary S. Maxfield
Q133 John & Nancy (West) Whitlock 1815 Wilson Co. Tennessee U.S.A. Todd W. Zimmerman
Q134 John & Mary Jane (Whitlock) Quimby Ithaca New York U.S.A. Esther M. Johnson
Q135 Thomas & Hannah (Phillips) Whitlock Wythe Co. Virginia U.S.A. Gwen Hurst
Q136 Edward Carlton & Frances Mary (Roe) Whitlock 1882 Gisborne New Zealand Sheryl Webb
Q137 George & Catherine Rachel Hern 1847 Stockwell London England Chris Hern
Q138 Thomas & Mary Ellen (Veal) Whitlock 1871 Oxfordshire England Peter John Whitlock
Q139 Samuel Whitelock Dernasigh Co. Armagh Ireland Henry F. Ludder
Q140 William & Susannah (Burris) Whitlock 1796 Horton Dorset England Mavis Porter
Q141 Arthur & Alice (Johnson) Whitlock Birmingham Warkwickshire England Roger Whitlock
Q142 Harvey Duncan & Sarah (Kitchens) Whitlock Union Co. South Carolina U.S.A. Sarah W. Smith
Q143 Ora Herman & Bobbie Evelyn (Hancock) Whitlock 1924 Warren Co. Tennessee U.S.A. Cynthia Wills Whitlock
Q144 James & Ellender (Whitlock) Black Union County South Carolina U.S.A. Claudia Maple
Q145 Harry & Mary Ann (Cassidy) Whitlock 1888 Parkes New South Wales Australia Lorna Driver
Q146 Ebenezer Joseph & Eva Helen (Gillette) Lake 1887 Sacramento California U.S.A. Carole Blanscet
Q147 Benjamin & Abiah (Archer) Whitlock 1796 Danbury Connecticut U.S.A. Marilyn E. Thompson
Q148 Josiah & Catherine Ann (Markham) Whitlock 1866 Colusa Co. California U.S.A. Wilford D. Morgan
Q149 William James & Henrietta Whitlock 1874 Ontario Canada Kathleen Margaret Harrison
Q150 Edward & Elizabeth (Warford) Whitlock 1852 Petworth Sussex England Elizabeth Mary Neve
Q151 Albert Edward Francis Leigh & Hazel Marion (Bell) Whitlock 1913 Sussex New Brunswick Canada Janis Richard
Q152 Thomas & Prudence (Palmer) Whitlock 1833 Blisworth Northants England Audrey Fader
Q153 Thomas & Mary Ellen (Veal) Whitlock 1871 Islington Middlesex England Mary Ellen Seager
Q154 Joseph & Grace (Whitlock) Stoneman 1854 Ohio U.S.A. Patricia Root
Q155 Jessie & Frances (Whitlock) Holmes Dallas Co. Alabama U.S.A. Elizabeth Wykes
Q156 Thomas Wesley & Sarah Pearl (Nail) Whitlock Tecumsah Nebraska U.S.A. Ann Sims
Q157 Henry & Rebecca Emily (Arnold) Whitlock 1843 Frederickton New Brunswick Canada Bruce Stevens
Q158 Silas & Mary (Hooper) Whitlock 1848 Langtree Devon England Ruth Horne Johnson
Q159 Harvey G & Minerva (Abbott) Whitlock 1830 Cuyahoga Co. Ohio U.S.A. Karell Kelley Reader
Q160 Amos G. & Katie Lillie (Wheeler) Judson New York U.S.A. Nancy Decker Ostuni
Q161 George William & Alice Blanche (Hollidge) Whitlock Pimlico London England Daphne Moody