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R0001 2 Research by Wilfred John Whitlock - Whitlocks of Langtree, Devon to 1968
R0002 7 Whitlocks of Devon research by J.R. Powell Nov.1910
R0002A 5 Whitlocks of Warkleigh, Langtree, Parkham, Devon from Kate Johnson (nee Whitlock) June 1968
R0003 6 Photocopies of Whitelocke entries in Biographical Dictionary
R0004 1 Whitlocks of Warkleigh with connection to Whitlocks of Illinois by Frank M. Whitlock 1936
R0004A 1 Whitlocks of Warkleigh descent from John Lake of Bradmore (Bodleian Library:Rawl D 287)
R0004B 1 Whitlocks of Warkleigh descent from John Lake from Visitation of Devon (edit J.L. Vivian. Exeter 1895)
R0005 4 Letter from M.M. Johns to Elmo Ashton re Whitlocks of Langtree, Devon
R0006 2 Biography of Brand Whitlock (1869-1934)
R0007 3 Whitlocks of Devon parish register extracts
R0008 1 Biography of Percy Whitlock (1903-1946) from Grove's Dictionary of Music and Musicians from M.M. Johns
R0009 1 Letter Dd. June 7,1906 from J. Stanley Wedlock of Stanley Bridge, P.E.I.. to John Whitlock of Holdsworthy (sic), Devon
R0010 3 Whitlock extracts from Biographical Dictionaries from J.E.I. Wyatt
R0011 2 Alumni Oxonienses, The Members of the University of Oxford, 1500-1714 by Joseph Foster from Ruth Spalding
R0012 1 Biographical sketch of Thomas Whitlock (1806-1875)'s life by Rev.W.C.Beer
R0013 54 Whitlocks of Berkshire descent from John Whitlock & Agnes De la Beche (M about 1454) from J. Wyatt 1969
R0014 (renumbered)
R0015 1 Newspaper clipping re 50th Wedding Anniversary of Mr. & Mrs. F.O.I. Whitlocke of Eastleigh, Hampshire
R0016 22 A History of The Whitlock Family by W.H. Whitlock, Macomb, Illinois, 1941 updated by Georgia Ruth Whitlock James 1966
R0017 2 Letter from Devon Record Office Dd Aug.19, 1969 re Whitlocks of Collacott Farm, Langtree, Devon
R0018 8 Extracts from The National Cyclopaedia of American Biography, Vol.XIII
R0019 (renumbered)
R0020 4 Extracts from History Today, Mar.1973 "General Auchmuty: a soldier overseas" re Gen.John Whitelocke
R0021 6 Frank Allaben Genealogical Company re: Descent of Robert Whitlock of Ridgefield, Connecticut
R0022 3 Letter from Bache McEvers Whitlock re Whitlocks of New York
R0023 27 Letter from Arthur Wakeling Dd Dec.20,1971 re: Whitlocks of Pitton, Wiltshire
R0024 1 Record of the births of the ten children of George & Elizabeth (Allen) Whitlock dated July 8, 1872
R0025 1 Letter from Justina Sutton to Sarah Holloway Smith Dd Dec.19,1916 (Justina was the youngest daughter of Jonas & Sally (Whitlock) Smale) from John G. Smale
R0026 1 Whitlock Coat of Arms by Halberts
R0027 3 Mourning Cards for Mark Daniel May 17, 1888, John Whitlock Jul.8,1873, Susanna Whitlock Jan.16,1882, William Whitlock May 31,1904, John Furseman Nov.4, 1903, Catherine Fursman Aug.24,1903 all of Cornwall
R0028 3 Letter from College of Arms Dd Jun.17,1970 re: Whitlock Coats of Arms
R0029 2 Feb.1899 article re Mr. & Mrs. John Fursman of Pensilva, Cornwall
R0030 2 Berks, Bucks & Oxon Archaeolocial Journal Vol.30 No.1, Spring 1926 re: Puritan Ministers of Wokingham
R0031 2 Letter from Charles Whitlock to Edwin Whitlock of P.E.I.. Dd.May 31,1855 re: leaving for New York
R0032 8 Letter from Samuel Whitlock to "Dear Parents" of Langtree, Devon Dd. Cleveland, Ohio Jul.16,1848
R0033 1 Extract from the letter book of Sir Walter Raleigh Nov.9,1605 re: Capt.(Edmund) Whitlock & Powder Plot
R0034 1 Life of Sir Carbery Pryse son of Carbery & Hester (Whitlock) Pryse. (Hester d. of Bulstrode Whitlock)
R0035 8 Indenture Dd Dec.14,1715 between John Rolle & Elston Whitelocke of Langtree, Devon
R0036 3 Will of John Whitlock of Langtree, Devon Dd Apr.15,1848 the Archidiaconal Court of Barnstaple Jul.13, 1848
R0037 2 Will of Susanna Smale of Frithelstock, Devon Dd. Mar.28,1854 Pr.Aug.28,1856
R0038 1 Will of Christopher Whitlock of Langtree, Devon Dd. Dec.7,1830 Pr.Jan.19,1838 Plus will of John Whitlock of Langtree, Devon Dd.Dec.15,1824 Pr.Jan.15,1825
R0039 2 Will of Peter Nethaway of Langtree, Devon Dd.Feb.16,1812 Pr. Jan.28,1832
R0040 3 Will of George Palmer Whitlock of Nunney, Somerset Dd. Jan.11,1913 Pr.Jul.10,1913
R0041 1 Administration of George Henry Nethaway Whitlock Dd. Jun.23,1913
R0042 8 Indenture Dd. Apr.17,1800 between Elias Tucker of Langtree, Richard Whitlock of Langtree, William; Hackwill of Little Torrington, John Smale of Frithelstock & Rev. Peter Glubb of Great Torrington
R0043 2 New Mexico Historical Review article re death of Dr.John Marmaduke Whitlock at Fort Stanton, 1862
R0044 2 Background information on the Whitelock family of Lanark Scotland by Esme Trotter 1976
R0045 2 William Whitelock member of the Manitoba Seed Growers Assoc. plus family of Professor Dorothy Whitelock of Cambridge, England
R0046 2 Indenture Dd. Mar.28,1863 between John Whitlock, Watchmaker of Langtree and William Ward of Little Torrington
R0047 1 Notes of the 1851 Census of Pitton, Wiltshire by Ralph Whitlock
R0048 3 Petty Sessions Records, Salisbury & Amesbury, Wilts. 1843-1888 from Ralph Whitlock
R0049 1 Whitlock/Fox connections of East Dean, Wilts 1600's plus extracts from Farley churchwarden's accounts
R0050 1 Administration of Thomas Whitlock of Pitton's estate to Widow, Catherine Whitlock 1833 from Vera Hedges
R0051 1 Extract from The Encyclopedia of Motorcars 1885-1968 re: Whitlock car 1904-1936
R0052 4 Extract from "Kelwood Bridges the Years" 1967 re: Reminiscences by William Whitelock from Esme Trotter
R0053 1 Extract from 1871 census Lanark, Scotland re: George Whitelock & Family from Esme Trotter
R0054 4 Letter from William Whitelock Sr. to Mr.& Mrs. Wm. Whitelock of Sherbrooke, Quebec telling story of how the Whitelocks came to Kelwood, Manitoba
R0055 2 Photocopy of Births and Deaths pages from Whitelock Family Bible beginning in 1852 from Wilma Whitelock
R0056 1 Photocopy of Marriages page of Whitelock Family Bible re marriage of Henry J. Whitelock & Emma Darker 14 Oct.1878 from Wilma Whitelock
R0057 2 Letter from John Whitlock Dd. Aug.7,1841 re allegience to the crown of Great Britain
R0058 1 Certificate of Authenicity re lithograph "Canada Geese Flushed" by Don Whitlock
R0059 1 Confirmation Certificate of Philip Michael Whitlock Mar.12,1961
R0060 1 Confirmation Certificate of Peter Mark Whitlock Mar.11,1962
R0061 1 Extract from Illinois State Historical Society Vol. XXIV re Kate Whitlock, died Mar.15,1931
R0062 2 Laws of Virginia Oct.1790 re duplicate of military certificate of John Whitlock
R0063 66 Photocopy of "Liber Familicus" by James Whitelocke (1570-1632)
R0064 1 Announcement re marriage of Catherine Laurie Jones to William James Laurence Whitelock May 19, 1979
R0065 55 Twilight England by Arthur Wakeling re life of Arthur Whitlock of Pitton, Wiltshire
R0066 46 The Madge Family of Devon by Myrtle Madge Johns
R0067 36 The Johns Family of Devon by Myrtle Madge Johns
R0068 51 The Whitlock Family of Devon by Myrtle Madge Johns
R0069 7 Papers re F.O.I. Whitlocke of Eastleigh, Hampshire
R0070 12 Katonah The history of a New York Village and its people re Whitlocks of Whitlockville, New York from Mrs. Hasselman & Chuck Rockett
R0071 4 Whitlocks of Ridgefield, CT, descent from Henry Whitlock & Matilda Burr from Noel Ross
R0072 14 Whitlocks of Wokingham & New Jersey & descent to Pearl (Madsen) Olsen from Richard Price
R0073 1 Extract from "The Book of Sonning" by Angela Perkins Barracuda Books Ltd. 1978 from Pam Shields
R0074 6 Extracts from "Twilight England" by Arthur Wakeling from Journal of the Wiltshire Folk Life from J. Cole
R0075 1 The Newberry Library Genealogical Index from N. Ross
R0076 2 Will of Philip Stoneman of Langtree, Devon from John R. Whitlock
R0077 5 Letter from John Dorman Dd. Apr.23,1981 to Richard Price re Whitlock research in Virginia
R0078 p355 County Map for the State of Virginia
R0078 p426 N.C. Surry Co. Deeds
R0078 p359 Goochland Co. [Va] wills
R0078 p274 Review of book, Records of the Parish Church and Parish of Wokingham [Berks] by Canon B. Long
R0078 p351 Family Group Sheet re James & Agness (Christmas) Whitlock
R0078 p515 Whitlock 1733 - (too light to read)
R0078 p259 Commissory Court of London
R0078 p223 Index to 'A Few of the Burials in the London area by P. Boyd
R0078 p287 Records of the Parish Church and Parish of Wokingham [Berks] by Canon B. Long, 1937
R0078 p293 St.Margaret's Westminster, London parish register
R0078 p553 Map of Virginia (old)
R0078 p544 County Map For the State of Virginia (Same as R78/355)
R0078 p214 Index to Records of Old Rappahannock 1654-1692 & Essex Co. [Va] 1692-1700
R0078 p524 (Duplicate pages)
R0078 p394 1820 census Ky
R0078 p458 Wills - Part III re John Heyward of New Poquoson, York Co., Va
R0078 p284 Leighton Buzzard [Beds] and its Hamlets by Robert Richmond, 1928 re Whitlock memorial in All Saints' Church (Cont. R78/294)
R0078 p42 William Whitlock of State of Kentucky...appointed my friend Isaac Vernon of County of Stokes, NC Lawful Attorney, William Radford of Stokes Co., NC, 60 acres, south fork of Snow Creek, witness David Simmonds, John Whitlock, Aug.7,1805 (See R1172)
R0078 p 15-33 Report on Whitlock family of NJ based on research by Sarah Whitlock Pennell
R0078 p517 The Douglas Register
R0078 p295 Wokingham [Berks] Borough Records 1630-1748
R0078 557 Thirty years of research into the Whitlocks of England and Virginia from Pearl Olsen & Rick Price
R0078 p313 History of the County of Nottingham
R0078 p492 Colonial Index Extracts: Christopher Whitlock owner of ship Garland 1619; Richard Whitlock of London, owner ship Bonaventure 1632; Richard Whitlock, executor George Payne 1634; Godfrey Whitlock of Bristol - four years in Barbados 1663; Banbury, OXF wills 1622 Isaiah Showell re Richard Whitlock: Sir John Borlase will 1689 bequest to William Whitlock of Henley on Thames; Will of John Mitchell of Fen Drayton, CAM 1583 re William Wytlocke; William Whitlock 1635 on Peter Bonaventure for Barbados; Will of Edward Rawson of Colebrooke, Langley Marris, BKM 1604 re Edward Whitlock; Will of Anne Herdson of Merton, SRY 1668 re Rt Hon the Lady Whitlocke's son Samuel Whitlocke
R0078 p383 July 8 1759 then received of John Christmas the sum of twenty seven pounds..., John Grills, Witness Joel Terrell
R0078 p417 N.C. Stokes Co. Grantor & Grantee Index & Deeds
R0078 p541 Family Group Sheet - Charles & Elizabeth (Rea) Whitlock
R0078 p13 - p154 Family Group Sheets re Whitlocks of Va & London
R0078 p 73 Index to Whitlocks mentioned in Va quarterlies
R0078 p41 N.C. wills Surry Co.
R0078 p281 The Proposed Memorial to King Henry the First re The Beches, Wokingham [Berks]
R0078 p519 Letter from Claire Phillips Dd Jan.11,1978 re Va Whitlock sources
R0078 p412 Indenture Dd Mar.10,1778 Charles Whitlock & Esther his wife of County of Albemarle, William Gooch of same, £160, 319 acres, land in County of Albemarle on branchs of Moores Creek, Hastings marker, Samuel Deadman, Woods line, Goochs line, witness David Allary, Mark Leak, Philip Gooch
R0078 p396 N.C. census' 1784-1820
R0078 p392-393 Surry Co. [N.C.] Land entries 1778-1784 & Taxables 1771-1790 Apr.17,1778 Surry Co., NC, 640 acres, Charles Whitlock, Flag Pond on Snow Creek including the improvement that was Palathiel Skelton's
R0078 p421 Indenture Dd Jun.1,1804 between Charles Whitlock of Stokes Co., NC & Moses Lawson of same, £60, land in Stokes Co., being part of the said Whitlocks old survey on the waters of Snow Creek, Richard Woods corner, ...1780, witness J..s Whitlock, Nancy Whitlock, ... Whitlock, proved by John Whitlock (See R1170)
R0078 p 11 Report on Whitlock research at PRO and Somerset House
R0078 p441 Cavaliers & Pioneers, Patent Books 1 - 5 [Va]
R0078 p537 (Duplicate pages)
R0078 p433 Will of Josiah Whitlock, Prince Edward Co. [Va] 1770
R0078 p218 Whitlock entries in Biographical Dictionaries
R0078 p258 Index Peculiar Cts Bucks, Berks, Oxon; Peculiar Sarum Calendar; Consistory Court of Sarum
R0078 p 89 Misc Whitlock/Gullock of Somerset & London research
R0078 p 45 Whitlocks of N.J.
R0078 p 41 Goochland, Va will book re Grizzell Whitlock 1759
R0078 p395 1810 census Ky
R0078 p462 Wills & Land & Property, Rappahannock Co., Va re will of Thomas Whitlock 1659 & Thomas Whitlock 1678
R0078 p 69 Rappahannock [Va] Records
R0078 p363 Louisa Co. [Va] Grantor & Grantee Index to 1810
R0078 p554 Map of the Diocese of Virginia (as of 1964)
R0078 p299 Boyd's London
R0078 p481 Correspondence 1974 re search for James Whitlock of Va
R0078 p484 Will of Mary Whitlock of County & Parish of Henrico, Va 1786
R0078 p 36 Virginia parishes searched
R0078 p552 Hanover County [Va] by Rosewell Page; Land Patents, Henrico Co. Va
R0078 p 72 Report on Whitlock & Rea families
R0078 p397 N.C. census 1830
R0078 p 42 Milborne Port, Somerset registers re Whitlock
R0078 p516 Index to 18th Century Va Newspapers?
R0078 p534 Indenture Dd Nov.10,1804 Charles Whitlock of Stokes Co., N.C. & Henry Watkins of same, £100, land in Stokes Co., NC ...on the waters of Buck Island Creek, Charles Whitlock Senr line, William Hilrong?, Elliot old line, Martin & Perkins line, Charles Whitlock's corner, 105 acres, witness William Whitlock, Charles Whitlock, proved by Jno Whitlock
R0078 p 74 Virginia Colonial Militia by Wm. A. Crozier re Achilles Whitlock 1758
R0078 p 34 Virginia wills
R0078 p 77 Virginia Wills and Administrations by Torrance, pg 455 (See R78/356)
R0078 p 76 Letter from J.D. Eggleston Dd Jul.26,1945 (page 2) see pg 40 for 1st pg
R0078 p12 Letter from John Row of Woking, Surrey Dd Jul.21, 1961 to Mr. Kurr re bp Feb.11,1660 at Lambeth, Surrey of John s of John Whitlock
R0078 p59 - p514 The Valentine Papers, Bacon & Winston Family
R0078 p155 - p211 Institute of Family Research Corres. 1974 - 1980 re James Whitlock of Ware Gloucester Co., Va
R0078 p296 St.Peter-le-Poer, London Marriages 1561-1722; Births 1616-1622; Deaths
R0078 p 52 Whitlock History with descent from Thomas Whitlock of Halifax Co., Va
R0078 p282 Campling MSS re Whitlocks of Norfolk
R0078 p322 History of Berkshire, Sonning Hundred, Wokingham
R0078 p53 purchase of land in Albemarle Co., Virginia 1760
R0078 p377 Albemarle Co. [Va] Deed Book Indenture dated Nov.14,1777 between William Barton & Sarah his wife of Albemarle Co and William Whitlock of Goochland Co., 100 acres, £150, land in Albemarle Co., Hogstops line, Witness Anthony Haden, John Roberson, Daniel Allegre
R0078 p54 Kentucky Land Grants/ Warrants
R0078 p312 Wokingham [Berks] Burials 1675-1688
R0078 p 7-14 Descent from Thomas Whitlock of NJ from 1660's
R0078 p425 N.C. Surry Co. Marriage Bonds
R0078 p429 Virginia Historical Magazine, Virginia Legislative Papers, Petition of Albemarle and Amherst Dissenters 1776
R0078 p4 N.C. census 1790
R0078 p491 PCC wills 1606-1632
R0078 p56 Virginia Historical Magazine, Miscellaneous Colonial Documents re Lords Whitelocke & Widdrington & Petition of Richard Bennet (Whitelocke's brother in law)
R0078 p24 Probate Indexes & Extracts (PCY) Prerogative Court of York
R0078 p 87 Letter to C.E.H. Whitlock of New Haven, Conn from G.E. Whitlock of Palmona, Ill
R0078 p 79 Family Notes #1 misc Va wills and land records
R0078 p522 Louisa Co. Va Whitlock extracts
R0078 p489 Will of James Whitlock of Hanover Co., Virginia 1736
R0078 p 4 Letter from J.D. Eggleston to Mr. F.G. Kurr Dd Jul.26,1945 re Charles & Elizabeth (Rea) Whitlock (Cont. on pg 76)
R0078 p535 N.C. Stokes Co. Deed Book #4 pg 528,529 re Charles Whitelock 1803. fifty shillings for every hundred acres hereby granted paid into the Treasury by Charles Whitlock Junr, 25 acres, County of Stokes on the Waters of Buck Island, Martin and Perkins corner, Charles Elliot...line now said Whitlocks, Charles Whitlock Senr corner, William Nilsons, Elliots old line, Entered the 8th June 1802, Witness James Turner, Esq Our Governor Captain General a Commissioner in Chief at Raleigh the 15th day of December 28th year of our Independance, 1803
R0078 p226 Extracts from PCC wills
R0078 p 78 1790 census Va
R0078 p555 Map of Colony of Virginia 1634 / Map of the Diocese of Southern Virginia as of 1962
R0078 p46 Will of Richard Cox 1810, son-in-law George Campbell, Witness James Cook, Tyre Riddle, James George
R0078 p497 Correspondence 1975-6 re search for James Whitlock of Va
R0078 p545 Map of Hanover County, Va
R0078 p276 Puritan Ministers at Wokingham [Berks] by Arthur T. Heelas
R0078 p385 The Douglas Register by W.Mac.Jones, 1966
R0078 p495 Currer-Briggs Colonial Records Index
R0078 p 39 Pension petition of Nancy (Whitlock) Flinn age 88 in 1843
R0078 p398 N.C. census 1810
R0078 p334 History of Berkshire, Beyhurst Hundred, Remenham
R0078 p419 Indenture Dd Sep?.8?,1801 between Jesse Watkins of County of Stokes, NC & Charles Whitlock of same, £60, land in Stokes Co., Little Buck Island Creek being part of Grant given Charles Elliott bearing date the third day of November 1784, in Henry West... line, Henry Watkins line, witness Henry Watkins & David Simmonds (See R1169)
R0078 p 7 Will of Josiah Whitlock of Prince Edward Co., Va 1770
R0078 p523 Letter from Grace Knowles Dd Sep.30,1955 re Charles Whitlock research
R0078 p361 Goochland Co. [Va] Court Order & Minute Books 1752-1766
R0078 p52 Early Virginia Immigrants, 1623-1666 by George Cabell Greer
R0078 p 75 Extracts from Va quarterlies
R0078 p418 Indenture Dd Jan.15,1800 between Charles Whitlock County of Stokes, NC & Isaac Bullin of same, £40, 100 acres, part of a survey of 640 acres, (very hard to read, see R1168)
R0078 p217 Commisary Court of London 1681-1687 search for Henry & Johanna Harris
R0078 p 66 Whitlocks of Old Fairfield, Connecticut by Jacobus Vol.1
R0078 p 1 Whitlocks of New Jersey by Sarah Whitlock Pennell June 1895
R0078 p459 English Duplicates of Lost Virginia Records by Louis des Cognets Jr., 1981 re List of Patents signed in October 1701 re Pamunkey Neck in King & Queen Co., Va
R0078 p27 Fresh Light on the History of Wokingham [Berks] in the 17th and 18th centuries
R0078 p434 Va Colonial Abstracts, York Co., by Bev Fleet, Vol 26, Essex Co. Vol.29
R0078 p428 Report on Charles Whitlock by DeLoris A. Hill
R0078 p335 Victoria County History, Beds, Leighton Buzzard
R0078 p55 Index to Virginia quarterlies - Whitelock
R0078 p264 Minutes of Parliament 1620-1654
R0078 p548 Index Virginia Genealogies
R0078 p496 Vestry book of St.Paul parish, Hanover Co., Virginia 1706-1786
R0078 p422 Indenture Dd May 22, 1824 between John Whitlock of Surry Co., NC & Joshua Cox Senr of Stokes Co., NC, $100, land in Stokes Co. being part of the parcel of land that fell to Caty Whitlock wife of said John Whitlock by the last will of Richard Cox deceased on the waters of the north double creek of Pan River, 188 acres, witness Alexander Dodson, Jesse Cox, Richard Cox (See R1176)