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File Length (pages) Page Description
R1557 31 Revolutionary War Pension file Va Thomas Whitlock; from Earl Johnson
R1558 2 Memory's Scrapbook, A History of Early Days of Scott Co., Arkansas by P.M. Clounts 1938 re Thompson Bates family & Obe Whitlock from Lynne Bates
R1559 1 Gateway to the West by O. Alden Smith 1992 re Robert Walter & Geritta Ellen (Whitock) Reed (M1899) of Arkansas from Lynne Bates
R1560 2 Index to Naturalization Records 1855-1906 re Edward Whitlock of Nebraska 1893 b.England from Marilyn Finke
R1561 3 Certified Copy of Marriage Record James Jerry & Deidre Marie (Briggs) Finke (M Sep.14,1996 Holland, Ohio) from Marilyn Finke
R1562 2 The Kansas Historical Quarterly Summer 1966 re Dr.John M. Whitlock from Marilyn Finke
R1563 3 The Kansas Historical Quarterly Vol.XXIX 1963 Kansas Before 1854 re James Whitlock [Shawnees] employed by Indian Department from Marilyn Finke
R1564 2 The Kansas Historical Quarterly Aug.1947 re Recollections of Grant Whitlock published in the McCune Herald Mar.14,1947 from Marilyn Finke
R1565 4 The Kansas Historical Quarterly Summer 1955 re marriages Josiah & Luticia Caroline (Whitlock) Hutchinson (M Feb.18,1855) William & Mrs. Mindful A. (Anderson) Whitlock (M Apr.27,1857) from Marilyn Finke
R1566 3 The Connecticut Nutmegger, Vol.24,#3, Dec.1991 re Wilton, Ct Congregational Church Vital Records indexed by surname 1726-1805 from Marilyn Finke
R1567 6 Hanover County [Va] Chancery Wills and Notes by William Ronald Cocke 1940 from Marilyn Finke
R1568 1 Kansas City Genealogist Vol.30, No.3 Letters in the Post Office at Liberty, Missouri re James Whitlock from Marilyn Finke
R1569 3 The Pioneer Wagon Jackson Co., Mo Vol.XV No.3 Records from First United Methodist Church, Independence, Mo re Robert Whitlock & Sarah Whitlock 1850 from Marilyn Finke
R1570 5 South Bend [Ind] Area Vol.1 Winter 1976 Death Abstracts from Early South Bend Newspapers Sep.6,1855 through Aug.20,1863 re Abel Whitlock Feb.11,1858 from Marilyn Finke
R1571 3 Ansearchin' News [TN GS] Vol.20 No.3 1973 Tennessee Deaths Reported in the Memphis, Arkansas and Quachita Christian Advocate re Polina Whitlock 1858 from Marilyn Finke
R1572 3 Ansearchin' News [TN GS] Vol.21 No.3 1974 Tennesseans by Birth, Missourians by Choice re L.L. Whitlock b. Hardeman Co., Tn 1832 from Marilyn Finke
R1573 3 Ansearchin' News [TN GS] Vol.23 No.2 1976 Roll of the Company B 4th Regiment Tennessee Cavalry re W.A. Whitlock d.Aug.9,1863 from Marilyn Finke
R1574 3 Ansearchin' News [TN GS] Vol.24 No.3 1977 Wilson County Tennessee Marriage Bonds John Whitlock & Nancy West Jul.8,1815 from Marilyn Finke
R1575 2 Ansearchin' News [TN GS] Vol.25 No.1 1978 Abstracts Washington County, Tennessee - Will Book A. 1770-1860 re Alexander Whitlock Jan.31,1822 from Marilyn Finke
R1576 3 Ansearchin' News [TN GS] Vol.25 No.4 1978 Warren County, Tennessee, Deed Book D, Apr.1820-Jan.1824 re Isard Bacon Whitlock from Marilyn Finke
R1577 3 Ansearchin' News [TN GS] Vol.26 No.1 1979 Washington County, Tennessee, Wills Abstracts from Will Book A. 1770-1860 re John Whitlock & Elizabeth (Kincheloe) Whitlock from Marilyn Finke
R1578 2 Ansearchin' News [TN GS] Vol.26 No.2 1979 Washington County, Tennessee, Wills Abstracts from Will Book A 1770 - 1860 re John Whitlock Dd Oct.4,1837 pr.Aug.1843; land adjoining heirs of Alexander Whitlock from Marilyn Finke
R1579 3 Ansearchin' News [TN GS] Vol.28 No.3 1981 Henry County, Tennessee 1836 Tax Record re Baldwin Whitlock & Harden Whitlock from Marilyn Finke
R1580 3 Ansearchin' News [TN GS] Vol.29 No.2 1982 Jefferson County, Tennessee Marriage Records Dec.1792 - Aug.1840 re William Juban & Nancy Wittlock Jul.20,1802 from Marilyn Finke
R1581 3 Ansearchin' News [TN GS] Vol.33 No.2 1986 Bradley County, Tennessee Tax Lists, 1837-1839 re Jas. T. Whitlock from Marilyn Finke
R1582 3 Ansearchin' News [TN GS] Vol.33 No.3 1986 Bradley County, Tennessee Tax Lists, 1837-1839 re James T. Whitlock from Marilyn Finke
R1583 1 Tracing Your Family Tree by Jean A. Cole & Michael Armstrong 1988 re apprentice William Potticary to John Whitlock, Woolstapler of Warminster [Wilts] 6 May 1723 from Iris Welford
R1584 1 Settlement Certificate re John & Mary Whitlock and family of North Stoneham, [Hampshire] 1713 from Marianne Whitlock
R1585 3 Naval Administration of the Interregnum re Bulstrode Whitelocke from Marianne Whitlock
R1586 27 Union County South Carolina Death Notices From Early Newspapers 1852-1914 by Vaughan & Phifer 1995 from Earl Johnson
R1587 32 Union County South Carolina Marriage Records from Early Newspapers 1851-1912, Marriage Registers, Deed Books & Probate Records by Vaughan, Becknell & Phifer 1995 from Earl Johnson
R1588 2 Abbeville County South Carolina 1860 Census by Margaret Vaughan McKinney 1994 re Lesly H. Whitlock from Doug Smith
R1589 1 Edgefield County, South Carolina census 1860 re George Whitlock, Graniteville from Doug Smith
R1590 3 South Carolina Immigrants 1760 to 1770 by Jones & Warren 1994 re Robert Whitelock 1767 from Doug Smith
R1591 2 The First Federal Census 1790 South Carolina Edgefield County by Carlee McClendon 1959 re Winbrey Whitlock from Doug Smith
R1592 1 Clippings re deaths of Ila Gregg Oct.8,1996 & Talatha McCauley Nov.29,1995 both of Ga from Doug Smith
R1593 2 Campaign poster re Dan Whitlock for Municipal Court Judge, Modesto, Ca Nov.1996 from Mileta Farr Kilroy
R1594 1 1850 US census Surry Co. NC re Charles Whitlock from Woodrow W. Brooks
R1595 3 North Carolina Troops, 1861-'65, Twenty-First Regiment re Logan T. Whitlock from Woodrow W. Brooks
R1596 4 Simple Treasures by Surry County [NC] Historical Society, Mount Airy Township re Whitlock House home of Charles Whitlock (1806-1885) from Woodrow W. Brooks
R1597 2 1860 US Census NC, Mt.Airy Village Dist. re Charles Whitlock from Woodrow W. Brooks
R1598 5 Civil War Muster Roll file re Richard C. Whitlock enrolled at Keyesport, Il Oct.19,1861 from Bill King
R1599 3 Civil War Muster Roll file re John T. Whitlock enrolled at Keyesport, Il Oct.19,1861 from Bill King
R1600 6 The Automobile July 1996 Vol.14 No.5 re Whitlock Coachbuilding to cars, cars to coachbuilding by Michael Worthington-Williams from Muriel Allen
R1601 3 Roster of Revolutionary Soldiers in Georgia Vol.III by Mrs. Howard H. McCall 1969 re Martha S. Anderson married to George W. Rowell Jan.31,1841 from Woodrow W. Brooks
R1602 3 Report from Armagh Ancestry re Whitlock & Williamson wills in Ireland from Cuma Schofield
R1603 1 Voter information pamphlet, Stanislaus County, Ca re Daniel E. Whitlock from Mary Jean Coeur-Barron
R1604 2 Washington Death Index 1910-1929 (very hard to read) from Donna Sand
R1605 1 Olympia [Wa] Genealogical Society 2-91 Queries re descent from James & Agness (Christmas) Whitlock by Arvilla Corey from Donna Sand
R1606 1 AGLL Genealogical Bulletin #31 Jan-Feb 1996 re Nathan & Ruth (Scribner) Whitlock of Ct by Lee Anne Dyson from Donna Sand
R1607 1 AGLL Genealogical Bulletin #32 Mar-Apr 1996 re Nathan & Ruth (Scribner) Whitlock of Ct by Lee Anne Dyson from Donna Sand
R1608 1 AGLL Genealogical Bulletin #34 Jul-Aug 1996 re Charles Whitlock, Hanover Co. Va by John E. Ernest from Donna Sand
R1609 2 Friday Harbour Journal, San Juan Co., Wa Oct.15,1931 re Albert K. & Jessie E. (Whitlock) Hale (M1897) from Donna Sand
R1610 1 Whatlocke of Suffolk 1500's by Lorne Kitto from Sand Sand
R1611 3 NEHGS Nexus Vol.XII, No.4 Notable Kin re Thomas Alva Edison (1847-1931) descent from Joseph & Hannah (Whitlock) Baldwin from Donna Sand
R1612 1 Illinois State Genealogical Society Vol.IX Fall 1977 re Pioneers and Old Settlers J.C. Whitlock, J.M. Whitlock & R.C. Whitlock from Donna Sand
R1613 1 Illinois State Genealogical Society Vol.IX Spring 1977 query from Noel Ross re Whitlocks of NY from Donna Sand
R1614 3 Illinois State Genealogical Society Vol.IX Summer 1977 Genealogical Abstracts from Early Laws for Illinois 1822-1825 re Ambrose Whitlock from Donna Sand
R1615 4 The Circuit Rider Sagamon Co. Il G.S. Vol.XIII Spring 1981 The Island Grove United Methodist Church re Virginia Whitlock Erickson from Donna Sand
R1616 2 The Circuit Rider Sagamon Co. Il G.S. Vol.XIII No.1 re Sarah (Sally) Whitlatch Pa from Donna Sand
R1617 2 Eastin Quarterly Feb.14,19-- re Thomas Eastin (1725?-1793?) of Va who married Sarah Whitlock (1728?-pre Jun.1785) from June Sandberg
R1618 3 History of the Old Tennent Church [NJ] by Rev. Frank R. Synmmes 1897 re Whitlock bp. 1731-1763 from June Sandberg
R1619 4 Ancestoring III, Augusta, Ga GS, Magnolia Cemetery records re William Whitlock buried May 31,1846 from Doug Smith
R1620 5 Will of Mary (Whitlock) Bentley Dd May 3,1851 Pr Oct.13,1851 Blount Co., Al from Louise Birchfield
R1621 1 Marriage Bond and Licence re Taliferro Lewis Cox & Lucinda Bentley Dd Dec.28,1835 from Louise Birchfield
R1622 3 Survey of 320 acres in Upshur Co., Tx for Taliaferro Lewis Cox Apr.15,1854
R1623 1 Affadavit Dd Sep.16,1857 by Asberry Cox & Henry Gage re Taliaferro Lewis Cox's settlement of vacant public land from Louise Birchfield
R1624 1 1860 Texas Mortuary Tables re Lucinda (Bentley) Cox from Louise Birchfield
R1625 1 Upshur Co., Tx Marriage Licence and certificate re W.C. Hodges & Malinda Cox Nov.2,1882; J.W. Wilborn & Malinda Hodge Dec.15,1914 from Louise Birchfield
R1626 6 Civil War Muster Roll re Asberry G. Cox from Louise Birchfield
R1627 11 Soldier's Application for Pension re Asberry G. Cox from Louise Birchfield
R1628 5 Soldier's Application for Pension re Lewis Ibzan Cox from Louise Birchfield
R1629 3 Civil War Muster Roll re William Marian Cox from Louise Birchfield
R1630 3 Civil War Muster Roll re Ira McMillan Cox from Louise Birchfield
R1631 4 Civil War Muster Roll re Sidney Riggs Cox from Louise Birchfield
R1632 229 Sugaring Off by Martin W. Johns, 1996 history of the Johns family in Ontario from 1842 from Martin W. Johns
R1633 18 Indian War Pension application re Nathaniel Whitlock Dd Feb.3,1893. Chastain's Co., Ga Vols (Florida War). Widow Eleanor Caroline (Tackitt) Whitlock from Doug Crosswhite
R1634 1 Discharge certificate re Richard C. Whitlock, Private Captain W.C.Kesner Co., 30th Reg. Il Inf. died Nov.11,1863 Keokuh, Iowa from Bill King
R1635 2 Illinois at Vicksburg re 30th Infantry, Illinois Volunteers from Bill King
R1636 1 1881 census St.Lukes, Chelsea re Samuel & Mary A. Whitlock from Marianne Whitlock
R1637 1 1881 census St.Simons, Chelsea re George & Mary Whitlock from Marianne Whitlock
R1638 2 Virginia Settlers Vol.1 by A. Maxim Coppage III Charlotte Co. Marriages re Robert Burton married Nancy Whitlock d. of Charles Whitlock Feb.21,1787. Robert & Nancy's daughter Harriet married George Whitlocke Apr.23,1807 from June Sandberg
R1639 1 Chancery Cases in reign of Charles I, 1649 Rolfe v Whitlock re Edward Whitlock of Throwley, Kent (d.1644) daughters Margaret Rolfe, Bennett Sye & Mary Brice from Marianne Whitlock
R1640 4 Nansemond County, Virginia Index Clerks' Fee Books 1774 & 1789-1800 by Hugh S. Watson G.S., 1978 from Shirley Brendle
R1641 4 Index to Washington State - Daughters of the American Revolution Vol.1 1931-1932 -Vol.52, 1979-1980 by Shirley Swart, 1983 from Donna Sand
R1642 1 National Federation of Music Clubs certficiates, Illinois 1997 re Geoffrey Whitlock & Douglas Whitlock from Mark Whitlock
R1643 2 Indenture Dd July 1, 1765 between James Whitlock of Henrico Co., Va and Thomas Casson re 50 acres on head of White oak Swamp from Ernestine Dodl
R1644 1 Indenture Dd June 1,1752 between William Bacon & Mary his wife of County of Henrico and David Whitlock of Hanover Co. [Va] re 254 acres from Ernestine Dodl
R1645 3 Indenture Dd August 3, 1752 between David Whitlock of the Parish of St.Pauls and County of Hanover [Va] and William Tyree re 113 acres also Indenture Dd August 3, 1752 between David Whitlock of Saint Pauls & County of Hanover [Va] and James Tyree re 113 acres from Ernestine Dodl
R1646 2 Indenture Dd June 29,1751 between Samuel Bugg of the Parish and County of Henrico and Richard Whitlock re 75 acres from Ernestine Dodl
R1647 1 New York Lost & Found - July 1995 A New York Branch of the James Thompson Family of Woburn, Ma by John M. Thompson, Columbia, SC re Thaddeus & Elizabeth (Whitlock) Thompson (M1780) of Lenox, Ma from John Thompson
R1648 2 The Exeter [Ont] Times Dec.25,1913 obit of Richard Johns in Usborne [Ont] aged 89 9 months & 28 days (married Eliza Whitlock of Langtree, Devon); The Exeter [Ont] Advocate Jan.14,1904 Obit of Eliza (Whitlock) Johns aged 80 years 1 month & 22 days; Canada Company Grant and Release to Richard Johns of Usborne [Ont] from Lawrence Otis
R1649 2 Will of Grizel (Coleman) Whitlock of Goochland Co., Va Dd Feb.8,1759 Pr Feb.20,1759; Indenture Dd Dec.29,1758 between Samuel Coleman & James Woodson of Goochland Co., Va from Louise Birchfield
R1650 22 Miscellaneous Coleman extracts from Virginia sources from Louise Birchfield
R1651 2 Castleton Cemetery Inscriptions, Rutland County, Vermont by Margaret R. Jenks, 1988 re Samuel Whitlock mausoleum from Iola Ebendorf
R1652 3 Lane Co., Oregon certificates re Ashby family from JoAnn Whitlock
R1653 1 Warsaw [NY] 1850 census re Samuel Whitlock & Julius Whitlock from Richard Heineman
R1654 21 The National Archives, Bounty Land Files re Nathaniel Whitlock, Pvt Ga Vol. 1836 from Doug Crosswhite
R1655 2 Family Puzzlers re query by Mary M. Harper descent from Beasley Whitlock b.1790 Va from Doug Smith
R1656 6 The Automobile Vol.3 No.9 Nov.1985 re Whitlock car from David Whitlock
R1657 5 Will of John Webbs of Halifax Co., Va Dd Aug.11,1794 Pr Dec.22,1794 mentions daughter Suaner Whitlock. Inventory dated Apr.27,1795. Also typed transcript of above will and inventory from Geneva Campbell
R1658 2 Letter from Herbert Edwin Whitlock (1877-1950) to his children 1914, Ripon, Yorkshire from Iris Welford
R1659 4 Letter from Richard W. Wooton Dd Aug.27,1857 Wilkes Co., NC to his brother and sister (Rebecca Whitlock) from Bill King
R1660 3 Letter from Luston L. Whitlock Dd May 24,1863 to his grandparents (James & Rebecca (Wooton) Whitlock from Bill King
R1661 3 Letters from Richard C. Whitlock Dd Oct.5,1863 to his parents (James & Rebecca (Wooton) Whitlock) from Bill King
R1662 8 Letter from Richard W. Wooton Dd Dec.10,1866 Wilkes Co., NC to his sister (Rebecca Whitlock) from Bill King
R1663 5 Letter from Richard W. Wooton Dd May 9,1868 to James & Rebecca (Wooton) Whitlock from Bill King
R1664 1 Letter from Henry Howard, Justice of the Peace, Claim and Insurance Agent to Rebecca Whitlock Dd Mar.20,1871 re Rebecca's pension claim from Bill King
R1665 2 Letters Dd Oct.25,1882 and Oct.26,1882 re Civil War service of Richard Whitlock and John Whitlock (sons of James & Rebecca (Wooton) Whitlock) from Bill King
R1666 2 Letter from Mrs. H.E. Storey to Mr. Jarious Storey Dd Dec.30,1900 Weston, Umatilla Co., Oregon from Bill King
R1667 5 Family Bible of Harvey Duncan & Sarah A. (Kitchens) Whitlock (M1840) of Union Co., SC from Barbara Roesch
R1668 1 Mourning card for James Marion Robinson d.Mar.7,1901 from Barbara Roesch
R1669 4 Lock of hair from Mary Lillian Robinson b.1892; Obit of Mary Lee Robinson age 97; Telegram Dd Jun.11,1896 re illness of Sallie (Whitlock) Robinson from Barbara Roesch
R1670 7 Copy of decree in Spanish & English translation Dd Aug.13,1824 San Felipe de Austin [Texas] re William Whitlock seeking permission of the Government of Mexico to settle in Province of Texas signed by El Baron de Bastrop & Estevan F. Austin from Louise Birchfield
R1671 11 Copy of decree in Spanish with English translation Dd April 1,1830 Nacogdoches [Texas] re William Whitlock seeking class of settler with land title. Title and decree granted May 11,1831 by J.Francisco Madero from Louise Birchfield
R1672 8 Coleman World Issue No.97-1 re Grizel (Coleman) Whitlock from Louise Birchfield
R1673 1 The New Handbook of Texas re William Whitlock (1784-1835) from Louise Birchfield
R1674 1 Index to 1820 census Va from John Perry Whitlock via Allan Whytock
R1675 1 Index to 1810 census Va from John Perry Whitlock via Allan Whytock
R1676 5 Copies of the 1860, 1870 & 1880 US census Fayette Twp, Vigo Co., Ind re family of Braxton Whitlock & Scott Whitlock from John Perry Whitlock via Allan Whytock
R1677 37 Family Group Sheets descent from Scott & Sarah Elizabeth (Perry) Whitlock (M1888) of Onawa, Monona Co., Iowa from Lucille Whitlock
R1678 1 The Hoosier Journal of Ancestry Vol.9#1 Jan.1982 re Ohio Co., [Ind] 1850 Mortality Schedule re James P. Whitlock d.July 1850 aged 9 mons from Marilyn Finke
R1679 3 The Report Vol.XXV, No.3 Fall 1985 Ohio Natives in Who's Who in Advertising re Victor Whitlock b.Cleveland 1886 from Marilyn Finke
R1680 7 Clay County, Missouri Marriages 1821-1881 from Marilyn Finke
R1681 4 The Kansas City [Mo] Genealogist Vol.XV, No.1 July 1974 Notes from Yesterday, 1860 Voter's List, Clay Co., Mo, Smithville, Missouri re O.G. Whitlock & A.H. Whitlock from Marilyn Finke
R1682 3 The South Carolina Magazine of Ancestral Research Vol.XI, No.2, Spring 1983 Union District Equity Journal re Elizabeth Whitlock aka Elizabeth Robinson from Marilyn Finke
R1683 3 Genealogies of Virginia Families Vol.II, 1982 re Spencer Coleman from Louise Birchfield
R1684 2 Coleman World Issue No.96-3 re Daniel Coleman family also connection to Sarah Whitlock Hunt b.1806 from Louise Birchfield
R1685 1 Confederate Pension Application William Asa Whitlock of Van Zandt Co., Tx Dd Mar.21,1903. Lived at Springhill, Marengo Co., Alabama. Co."E" Jeff Davis Legion from Louise Birchfield
R1686 15 Confederate Pension Application Lavina Paralee (Purcell) Whitlock of Coryell Co., Tx, widow of Robert Franklin Whitlock Dd Sep.25,1906. Robert Franklin Whitlock born in Wilson Co, Tn from Louise Birchfield
R1687 9 Confederate Pension Application Abner Brown Whitlock of Bastrop Co., Tx Dd Jun.11,1923. Abner Brown Whitlock born in Warren Co., Tn from Louise Birchfield
R1688 11 Confederate Pension Application James Howard Whitlock of Bremond, Robertson Co., Tx Dd Sep.29,1906. James Howard Whitlock born in Ga. Dec.1840. Co. "A" 9th La Reg. from Louise Birchfield
R1689 9 Confederate Pension Application Berthia R. Whitlock of Bremond, Robertson Co., Tx. Widow of James Howard Whitlock from Louise Birchfield
R1690 3 Facets of Goochland (Virginia) County's History by Helene Barret Agee, 1962 re Beaverdam Creek & Josiah Payne from Louise Birchfield
R1691 6 The Vestry Book of St.Paul's Parish, Hanover County, Virginia 1706-1786 by C.G. Chamberlayne, 1940 re Matthew Whitlock, James Whitlock & David Whitlock from Louise Birchfield
R1692 2 Goochland County, Virginia Marriage Bonds and Minister's Returns 1816-1854 by Hughes & Standefer from Louise Birchfield
R1693 4 Records of Colonial Gloucester County Virginia by Polly Cary Mason, Vol.1, 1946 re James Whitlock of Ware Parish from Louise Birchfield
R1694 1 Historical Atlas of Westmoreland County, Virginia re Thomas Whitlock of Rappahannock 1650-1659 from Louise Birchfield
R1695 16 The Coleman Family of Mobjack Bay, Virginia by Sherrianne Coleman Nicol, 1997 re maps of Colonial Virginia 1634-1640, 1641-1650, 1651-1660, 1661-1670, 1691-1700, 1701-1710, 1721-1730, 1731-1740, 1741-1750, 1751-1760 & 1761-1770 from Louise Birchfield
R1696 29 Between the Fences - Usborne [Ont] Twp 1842-1992 re Johns and Whitlock families from Lawrence Otis
R1697 4 Dalesman February 1996 "Locked in his own Heavenly Stairway" re Barry Whitelock keeper of 225 year old Leeds[YKS]-Liverpool Canal Five Rise Locks at Bingley from Valerie Logue
R1698 1 Early Records of Georgia Vol.II, Wilkes Co. re John Whitlock Deed of Gift to children, Polly Jarrald Whitlock, Betsy Willingham Whitlock & Beasley Whitlock Jan.6,1794 from Mary M. Harper
R1699 1 Greene County Georgia Deed Book B, 1793-1802 re Deed by John Whitlock Dd Jan.18,1800 to children of brother Josiah Whitlock; Deed by George W. Foster Dd Apr.17,1799 appointing William A. Whitlock of Virginia attorney from Mary M. Harper
R1700 1 Who's Who in Finance and Industry 17th Edition 1972-1973 re Marvin Whitlock of Barrington, Illinois from Jerry Gower
R1701 7 Vital Statistics: County Birth Registers Index to all Children, Fathers and Mothers 1801-1899 (New Brunswick) from Jerry Gower
R1702 6 St.Stephen Rural Cemetery St.Stephen, N.B. Tombstone Insriptions of Charlotte County, N.B. Canada, Vol.I by NBGS 1996 from Jerry Gower
R1703 2 Administration of estate of Harvey Duncan Whitlock of Union Co., S.C. (d.Feb.1864) from Barbara Roesch
R1704 17 The National Archives, Bounty Land Files re William Whitlock of Edgefield Co., S.C. from Doug Crosswhite
R1705 24 U.S. Pension file re Martha M. Whitlock widow of Charles M. Whitlock of Colbert Co., Alabama from Doug Crosswhite
R1706 28 The Coleman Family of Mobjack Bay, Virginia by Sherrianne Coleman Nicol, 1997 from Louise Birchfield
R1707 1 Records of Colonial Gloucester County, Virginia re Coleman family from Louise Birchfield
R1708 1 Virginia County Records Vol.VI re John Whitlock of King & Queen Co., 1702 from Louise Birchfield
R1709 1 Virginia Colonial Abstracts, Essex County, Records, 1702-1706 re Thomas Whitlock, Tobacconist of Bristol from Louise Birchfield
R1710 3 Virginia Colonial Abstracts, Lancaster County, Records, 1652-1655 re Thomas Whitlock of Rappahannock Co., Va Louise Birchfield
R1711 2 Virginia County Records Vol.VI Order Book 1656-1664, Rappahannock Co. re wills of Thomas Whitlock 1659 and Thomas Whitlock 1678 from Louise Birchfield
R1712 11 Union Co., S.C. Heritage re Coleman Family & descendants of William & Mary (Rowntree) Whitlock from Louise Birchfield
R1713 64 Colonial Caroline A History of Caroline County, Virginia by T.E. Campbell re family of John & Mary Whitlock (M1730's) from Louise Birchfield
R1714 56 Powhatan County, Virginia Order Book 1777-1784 references to Charles Woodson & Tarlton Woodson from Louise Birchfield
R1715 5 Powhatan Co., Va Bicentenial History by Richard T. Couture re Henry Whitlock of Jefferson, Innkeeper 1820's - 1840's. References to William A. Whitlock and Patrick H. Whitlock to 1880 from June Lutz
R1716 2 Republic of Texas Pension Application Abstracts re Robert Whitlock of Liberty Co. & W. Whitlock from Louise Birchfield
R1717 4 An Index to Probate Birth Records, Texas Delayed Vol.38 Ward-Whitlow from Louise Birchfield
R1718 4 An Index to Death Records, Texas 1903-1940 Vol.55 Wells-Williams from Louise Birchfield
R1719 134 East Street Book Lenox Historical Society 1987 Lenox, Massachusetts re family of John Whitlock b.1720's d.1808 from Nancy D. Marasco
R1720 2 Form B - Building, Massachusetts Historical Commission re Whitlock Farm (Village Inn) build 1771? from Nancy D. Marasco
R1721 6 Typed transcript of will of Hannah Robinson Dd Jul.15,1859 Pr.Nov.6,1861 Union Co., SC mother of Nancy B. Whitlock from Harry D. Smith (See R1500)
R1722 2 Inventory sale re estate of Hannah Robinson Dec.18,1861 re Jeff Whitlock and Nancy Whitlock from Harry D. Smith
R1723 3 History Today June 1952 Defeat at Buenos Aires 1806-1807 by George Pendle re Gen. John Whitelocke from John R. Whitlock
R1724 1 Ct Society of Genealogists, Vol.29 No.4 re Elijah & Hannah (Whitlock) Barnum (M1760) from Iola Ebendorf
R1725 1 Tax Receipt for 1919 re Floyd Whitlock from Ann Sims
R1726 1 1840 Census Cobb Co., Ga re John Whitlock from Ann Sims
R1727 1 1850 Census Cherokee Co., Ga re John & Sarah Whitlock from Ann Sims
R1728 8 Civil War Volunteer Enlistment & pension in State of Tennessee re Thomas W. Whitlock b. Cobb Co., Ga from Ann Sims
R1729 2 Receipt for taxes Burlington, Kit Carson Co., Colorado 1893 re Thomas W. Whitlock
R1730 2 Order of Induction into Military Service of the United States re Floyd T. Whitlock Dd Apr.1,1918 and Honorable Discharge from the United States Army re Floyd T. Whitlock Dd Dec.26,1918 from Ann Sims
R1731 2 Roster of North Carolina Soldiers in the American Revolution re Robert Whitlock, infirm. Privt. 640 acres 84 months service from Bill King
R1732 3 List of Taxables for 1762 in Granville Co., NC Fishing Creek District re John Christmas, son Thomas, Overseer James Whitlock from Bill King
R1733 1 A List of Taxables Returned by Wm. Sharp, 1772 [NC] re James Whitlock from Bill King
R1734 1 Loyalists and Tories in the Rowan-Davidson-Davie Counties Area, 1778 [NC] re James Whitlock from Bill King
R1735 1 Rowan County Deeds [NC] re Silvas Whitlock & adj James Whitlock from Bill King
R1736 1 Rowan County Register [NC] Minutes of the Court of Pleas & Quarter Sessions 1790 re John Whitlock from Bill King
R1737 1 NC will book re 1784 Estate of James Whitlock, issue to Sylvia Whitlock; will of Samuel Jones 1774? Excrs James Whitlock; re Whitlock Arnold from Bill King
R1738 1 Rowan Co., [NC] will book re 1774 will of Samuel Jones, executor James Whitlock from Bill King
R1739 3 Births, Deaths and Marriages in Berkeley [NC] re David & Sarah Whitlock 1680's from Bill King
R1740 7 Williamson County, Il. Marriages from Bill King
R1741 3 US Civil War, Illinois list of Whitlocks from Bill King
R1742 3 Will of Ephraim Padgett of Surry Co., NC Dd Feb.12,1820 re land of Bowen Whitlock also codicil Dd Mar.21,1825 from Bill King
R1743 2 Will of Thomas Bowen of Surry Co., NC Dd Sep.19,1800 Pr Nov.1800 by James Whitlock from Bill King
R1744 14 James Mayo (1711-1776) of Virginia by Mrs. Bert Harter re marriage of Thomas Whitlock & Hannah Richardson from Bill King
R1745 4 North Carolina marriages from Bill King
R1746 1 North Carolina, 1700-1912 Showing Approximate County Divisions within Present State Boundaries from Bill King
R1747 2 Valentine Papers Winston: Hanover County [Va] from Bill King
R1748 1 1850 Mortality Schedule for Montgomery County, N.C. re James Whitlock age 52 b. SC, Carpenter from Bill King
R1749 1 George Hurst Family re Mildred Whitlock 1805 from Bill King
R1750 1 Marriage of William Reynolds & Betsey Whitlock d.of Ann Whitlock Sep.30,1790 from Bill King
R1751 2 Valley Leaves Franklin County, Volume 31, No.4 re Mrs. J.T.Turner d.of Frank Whitlock d.Jun.1900 age 19 from Bill King
R1752 13 Woodson Family from Bill King
R1753 1 Contract between T.W. Whitlock and Mrs. Jacob Craft Dd Oct.26,1891 re care of Emey May Whitlock from Mary Sims
R1754 1 Bill re James W. Whitlock running for City Treasurer, city of Covina Apr.9,1940 from Dorri Satchell
R1755 2 Index to the 1800 census of South Carolina; copy of entry re Robert Whitlock from Dorri Satchell
R1756 12 Harris County General Land Office, Austin, Texas February 1940 scale 1 inch = 3000 varas, large scale map of original Texas land grants re William Whitlock & A. Whitlock from Louise Birchfield