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R1757 68 Material re St.Mary's, Ontario, Museum, maps of the town, history, Perth Co. road maps showing original concessions
R1758 8 Whitlocks of Trenton, Edgefield Co., SC by Charles Whitlock Nowell, 1985 descent from Winfrey & Elizabeth (Booth) Whitlock (M1790's) from Linda Goetz
R1759 1 Calendar of State Papers re letter from Jno Turberville? Dd Nov.4,1813 re Geo. Whitlock from Louise Birchfield
R1760 2 The Virginia Genealogist Berkeley County 1800 Tax List re Silvester Thatcher and Thomas Whitlock from Louise Birchfield
R1761 2 Origins of Virginia counties with earliest Whitlock references from Louise Birchfield
R1762 1 Virginia Historical Magazine Notes and Queries re marriage of Samuel McCraw & Mrs. Frances Emily, widow of William Whitlock, Nov.1805 from Louise Birchfield
R1763 1 The Virginia Genealogist Vol.3 Queries re Mary Richeson who married Benjamin Whitlock May 19,1793, Caroline Co., Va from Louise Birchfield
R1764 1 The Virginia Genealogist Vol.3 re Lewis West who married Elizabeth Dabney Whitlock, Caroline Co., Va Aug.23,1790 from Louise Birchfield
R1765 1 The Virginia Genealogist Vol.1 Henry County wills, Benjamin Cook, estate account May 19,1786 re William Whitlock from Louise Birchfield
R1766 1 The Virginia Genealogist Vol.22 Nansemond County Gleanings re Whitlock's old wharf from Louise Birchfield
R1767 1 William and Mary College Quarterly Marriage Bonds in Goochland County, [Va] re Richard Clough to Jennie Woodson Sep.22,1779 from Louise Birchfield
R1768 1 The Virginia Genealogist Vol.21 Some Delinquent Taxpayers 1787-1790 Goochland Co., [Va] 1789 James Whitlock from Louise Birchfield
R1769 1 The Virginia Genealogist Vol.21 List of Insolvents, Charlotte Co., [Va] 1789 re Wm. A. Whitlock from Louise Birchfield
R1770 2 The Virginia Genealogist Vol.20 Some Delinquent Taxpayers, 1787-1790 Charlotte Court May 5,1789 Insolvents returned in the Revenue Tax for 1788 re Wm. Whitlock from Louise Birchfield
R1771 1 The Virginia Genealogist Vol.19 Register of Rebel Deserters re E.B. Whitlock, Richmond, Va from Louise Birchfield
R1772 1 The Virginia Genealogist Vol.18 Register of Rebel Deserters re F.T. Whitlock, Norfolk City from Louise Birchfield
R1773 4 Genealogical Abstracts of Revolutionary War Pension Files Vol.III N-Z by Virgil D. White, 1992 from Louise Birchfield & Jerry Gower
R1774 4 William and Mary Quarterly Vol.23 Hanover Co. land records 1786-1791 re David Whitlock, Ann Whitlock and Nathan Whitlock from Louise Birchfield
R1775 1 William and Mary Quarterly Vol.22 Hanover Co. land records 1784 re David Whitlock from Louise Birchfield
R1776 5 William and Mary Quarterly Vol.21 Hanover Co. 1772-1791 re James Whitlock, David Whitlock and William Whitlock from Louise Birchfield
R1777 3 The Valentine Papers Mosby, Henrico Co., [Va] Marriage Bonds 1784-1786 re William Whitlock from Louise Birchfield
R1778 1 The Valentine Papers Winston:St.Paul's Parish Vestry Book 1763-1767 re Matthew Whitlock & David Whitlock from Louise Birchfield
R1779 1 Calendar of State Papers Vol.10 1809 re Izard B. Whitlock clerk of Henrico Co. [Va] Court from Louise Birchfield
R1780 1 Calendar of State Papers Vol.5 Apr.26,1790 re William Whitlock, Clerk of the Court, Petersburg [Dinwiddie Co. Va] from Louise Birchfield
R1781 2 Calendar of State Papers Vol.6 re Nathaniel Whitlock 1792-1793 from Louise Birchfield
R1782 2 Calendar of State Papers Vol.6 1793 Petersburg [Dinwiddie Co., Va] re William Whitlock, Secretary from Louise Birchfield
R1783 1 Calendar of State Papers Vol.7 1794 Wm. Whitlock to the Governor from Louise Birchfield
R1784 1 Virginia Historical Magazine Vol.38 re Thomas Whitlock of Rappahannock Co. 1658-1660 from Louise Birchfield
R1785 1 Virginia Historical Magazine Vol.22 Lunenburg County List of Insolvents to December 1788 re Jos. Whitlock of Ga from Louise Birchfield
R1786 1 The Virginia Genealogist Vol.9 re Mary Whitlock d.of Capt. Joseph Richeson of Caroline Co., Va from Louise Birchfield
R1787 2 Descendants of Winfrey & Elizabeth (Booth) Whitlock (M1790's) of Edgefield Co., SC from Linda Goetz
R1788 2 Survey 8 Oct.1795 for Thos Whitlock 140 acres of Land by Virtue of an entrie made 19th of June 1793, Wythe County, Virginia from Bill King
R1789 6 Virginia Quit Rent Rolls, 1704 re John Whitlock 200 acres from Bill King
R1790 13 Virginia extracts re Charles family from Bill King
R1791 11 A Contribution to the Coleman-Leak Genealogy by Irene Moss Sumpter from Bill King
R1792 4 Cavaliers and Pioneers re Hearne family from Bill King
R1793 3 Wills of Rappahannock County, Virginia, 1656-1692 re wills of Thomas Whitlock (1615-1659) and Thomas Whitlock (1658?-1678) from Bill King
R1794 8 Virginia Colonial Abstracts Vol.15 King and Queen Co., Va from Bill King
R1795 12 Goochland Co. [Va] Court Minutes May 1751-Dec.1759 from Bill King
R1796 1 Indenture Dd November 1761 between Sugar Johnson and Thomas Christmas of Hanover Co., Virginia L110 re 100 acres in Granville Co. from Bill King
R1797 1 Indenture Dd March 13, 1790 between John Whitlock of Surry County, North Carolina and John Beeman of Rowan Co. North Carolina L100 re 320 acres on Dutchman's Creek, Rowan Co., North Carolina from Bill King
R1798 1 Index of Johnson Co., Nebraska Marriages re Elk Creek, Ne from Ann Sims
R1799 3 Letter written by Thomas Wesley Whitlock Dd Jul.14,1901 to son John Robinson Whitlock of Elk Creek, Ne from Ann Sims
R1800 3 Letter written by Emma May Whitlock Dd Nov.11,1901 to John Robinson Whitlock of Elk Creek, Ne from Ann Sims
R1801 1 In Memoriam card re Frank K. Hazen (May 29,1903-Jan.9,1982) died Meza, Arizona, husband of Jennie Baird Whitlock from Ann Sims
R1802 2 1910 census Fayette Co, Alabama re Thomas Wesley Whitlock family from Ann Sims
R1803 1 City of Fayette, Fayette Co, Alabama cemetery re Emma May Whitlock (Sep.21,1883-Feb.26,1908) from Ann Sims
R1804 1 In Memoriam card re Clyde Leslie Whitlock (Dec.26,1917-Feb.29,1996) died Houston, Tx from Ann Sims
R1805 2 The Colonial Courier NSDAC Vol.XVI #4 Feb.1972 page 16,17 Restoration of the "Spy House" re Thomas Whitlock (1623?-1703), Monmouth, NJ from Marilyn Finke
R1806 2 Missouri State Genealogical Association Summer 1996 Names and Residences, 1887 Missouri State Horticultural Society by Judith Marshall Arnold re T.E. Whitlock, Louisiana from Marilyn Finke
R1807 6 Missouri State Genealogical Association Winter 1996 Vol.XVI No.1 Postmasters in Missouri's "Little Dixie" Region, 1905 re Jas. L. Whitlock of Pike Co., Mo from Marilyn Finke
R1808 5 Magazine of Virginia Genealogy Vol.25 Aug.1987 No.3 Some Recently Uncovered Goochland County Marriage Bonds 1781-1789 by Lee B. Turner Oct.3,1789 Anderson Page & Fanny Williams. Bride's P
R1809 9 Magazine of Virginia Genealogy Vol.31 Feb.1993 No.1 Legislative Petitions from Virginia Counties with Significant Record Losses - Hanover County by Jean Pickett Hall re Nov.10,1779 Chickahominy Swamp, Mattw Whitlock; Dec.9,1780 James Whitlock; Jun.6,1783 Matthew Whitlock; May 28,1784 Matthew Whitlock; Nov.16,1784 Matthew Whitlock & David Whitlock; Nov.30,1784 William Whitlock, Matthew Whitlock & Nathl Whitlock from Marilyn Finke
R1810 2 Magazine of Virginia Genealogy Vol.32 Feb.1994 No.1 Legislative Petitions from Virginia Counties - Hanover County by Jean Pickett Hall Oct.26,1791 Natl.B. Whitlock from Marilyn Finke
R1811 3 Magazine of Virginia Genealogy Vol.32 Feb.1994 No.1 Virginia Land Patent Book 32 Feb.6,1754-Mar.10,1756 by Mary Ruth Northrop re David Whitlock from Marilyn Finke
R1812 2 Magazine of Virginia Genealogy Vol.32 Nov.1994 No.4 Legislative Petitions from Virginia Counties - Buckingham County Nov.15,1794 Thomas Whitlock from Marilyn Finke
R1813 3 Magazine of Virginia Genealogy Vol.24 Aug.1986 No.3 Patrick County Land Tax 1791-1799 by Lela C. Adams Whitlock, Thomas 1799 acres 100,064,146 from Marilyn Finke
R1814 9 WHITLOCK AND OTHERS compiled by Grace L. Brush, 1930 re descent from William & Rebecca (Fanshaw) Whitlock (M1837) of Monmouth Co., NJ from William K. Whitlock
R1815 2 BRUSH AND OTHERS compiled by Grace L. Brush, 1930 index only from William K. Whitlock
R1816 4 Brochure for Grand Princess Cruises departing Aug.20,1998 with Brian T. Whitlock, Guest Lecturer from Betty Hallowell
R1817 8 The Whitlocks of Middlesex compiled by Alison Honeyfield descent from Mark & Elizabeth (Living) Whitlock (M1772) from Howard P. Whitlock
R1818 2 Deposition re Case of John W. George No.135676 Dd 16 Apr.1896 at Near Litchfield, County of Montgomery, State of Illinois by Calvin Cornelius Whitlock from Nancy K. Blevins
R1819 2 Deposition re Case of John W. George No.135676 Dd 17 Apr.1896 at Hillsboro, County of Montgomery, State of Illinois by John M. Whitlock from Nancy K. Blevins
R1820 4 Deposition re Case of John W. George No.135676 Dd 17 Apr.1896 at South of Irving, County of Montgomery, State of Illinois by Elizabeth Whitlock from Nancy K. Blevins
R1821 1 The Lady Oct.14-20,1997 "To hail a hummingbird" by Janet Rougvie article regarding 1897 electric cabs in London. In 1903 a French-built 12hp Prunel by Henry Whitlock & Co. of Holland Gate took over. From Sylvia Mort
R1822 22 Letters from Jeremiah Whitlock to his son Friend Jay Whitlock 1855-1866 from William Abel Whitlock
R1823 16 Letters from Abel S. Whitlock to his brother Friend Jay Whitlock 1874-1886 from William Abel Whitlock
R1824 7 Letters from Abel S. Whitlock to his nephew and neice Friend Jay Whitlock and Dorliska F.C. Whitlock 1887 to 1888 from William Abel Whitlock
R1825 34 Letters from Dorliska F.C. Whitlock to her brother Friend Jay Whitlock 1857?-1870? from William Abel Whitlock
R1826 6 Indenture Dd Oct.26,1808 between Thomas Paup and Nancy his wife and Samuel Nelson and Thomas Whitlock of the County of Brunswick, Virginia £185 136 acres bounded by James Quarles, Samuel Gillam, Robert Kennidy, John Paup and John Penn in Brunswick Co. copy and typed transcript from Geneva Campbell
R1827 2 Indenture Dd Jan.8,1811 between Thomas Davis and Thomas Whitlock of Brunswick County, Virginia witnessed by Henry M. Whitlock £72 112 acres bounded by James Edwards, James Quarles, Frederick Briggs and Sturgeon Run in Brunswick Co., Virginia copy and typed transcript from Geneva Campbell
R1828 4 Indenture Dd Feb.4,1832 between Thomas Whitlock and Sally his wife of Brunswick Co., Virginia and Joseph A. Kennedy $60 20 acres bought from Thomas Paup, copy and typed transcript from Geneva Campbell
R1829 9 Request for Revolutionary War pension by Thomas Whitlock of Brunswick Co., Virginia Dd Sep.3,1832 including letter Dd Jul.31,1857 by grandson Geo. H. M. Culiely? copy and typed transcript from Geneva Campbell
R1830 2 Indenture Dd Sep.4,1838 between Thomas Whitlock and Sally his wife of Brunswick Co., Virginia and William Kennedy $10 5 acres in Brunswick Co., Virginia bounded by Thomas Whitlock, William Kennedy and Thomas Ruffin copy and typed transcript from Geneva Campbell
R1831 2 Woman's Day Sep.17,1996 "Get Better Health Care for Less Money" by Robin Warshaw re Patty Whitlock of Fort Lauderdale, Florida from Donna Sand
R1832 1 OGS Report 30:2 (1990) Lorain County [Oh] Tax 1827 re Luke Whitlock and John Whitlock from Donna Sand
R1833 1 NEHGS NEXUS, Vol.VIII, No.2 query re Descent from Abraham & Rose (Whitlock) Parker (M1644) of Ma, from Jeanne Weber 24 Tunsdall Rd., Scarsdale, NY 10583 from Donna Sand
R1834 1 Wedding invitation February 14, 1998 Claudine J. Yehia and Majeed S. Goldrick at Minnehkada Lodge, Coquitlam, B.C.
R1835 4 Second Boat, Vol.7 #4 Sep.1986 ancestor list of Dawn Linden, Route 1, Box 241, Paragould, Ar., USA 72450 descendant from Abraham & Rose (Whitlock) Parker (M1644) of Ma from Donna Sand
R1836 1 Ct Nutmegger V18#3 Sep 1985 5990-11 re William Whitlock b.Armagh Ire 1801 M
R1837 1 Ct Nutmegger V19#2 Sep 1986 3065-49 re Abraham & Rose (Whitlock) Parker (M1644) Ma from Donna Sand
R1838 1 Ct Nutmegger V19#2 Sep 1986 9726-9 re George A. & Nancy E. (Whitlock) Hyatt (M1852) Ridgefield, Ct from Donna Sand
R1839 1 Ct Nutmegger V19#4 Mar 1987 5307-59 re Joseph & Hannah (Whitlock) Baldwin (M1636) High Wycombe, Bucks from Donna Sand
R1840 1 Ct Nutmegger V20#1 Jun 1987 re Samuel & Abigail (Whitlock) Coley (M1800's) of Ct from Donna Sand
R1841 1 Ct Nutmegger V20#2 Sep 1987 re Hezekiah & Amy (Platt) Whitlock (M1765) Redding, Ct from Donna Sand
R1842 2 Ct Nutmegger V18#1 Jun 1985 re Whitlock Family Bible in possession of Sarah Bradford Whitlock. Family of John Wessels & Sarah (Nixon) Whitlock (M1809) of NY from Donna Sand
R1843 4 The Story of the Century by John R. Nilsson, 1946 re 100th Bombardment Group 1943-1945, prisoner of War, R.E. Whitlock, Rt.2, Terre Haute, Ind from Donna Sand
R1844 1 OGS Newsletter 20:6 (1989) 95 Recent Acquisitions - History of the Central Ohio Conference of the Methodist Episcopal Church 1856-1913 by Rev.Elias D. Whitlock, Rev.Nathaniel B.C. Love, Rev.Elwood O. Crist. 1913 from Donna Sand
R1845 6 Draft registration cards 1942 for South Dakota from Marilyn R. Finke
R1846 4 Draft registration cards 1942 for North Dakota from Marilyn R. Finke
R1847 14 Draft registration cards 1942 for Minnesota from Marilyn R. Finke
R1848 8 Draft registration cards 1942 for Nebraska from Marilyn R. Finke
R1849 2 United States Department of the Interior, Bureau of Indian Affairs, Application for Admission to Post High School Education Programs by Roberta Shareen Whitlock b.Nov.19,1958 of Ca d.of Robert & Marjorie (Gates) Whitlock from Marilyn Finke
R1850 4 Missouri Genealogical Gleanings 1840 and Beyond, Vol.3 by Sherida K. Eddlemon, 1996 re John F. Whitlock b.Nov.11,1848, Mo and Della Whitlock settled Wakarusa, Ks Oct.1,1854 from Marilyn Finke
R1851 4 Orange County, California Genealogical Society Journal, Oct.1997, Minnesota in the Civil and Indian Wars 1861-1865 re George W. Whitlock, James M. Whitlock & Josiah Whitlock from Marilyn Finke
R1852 2 The Genealogical Record, Vol.XXXIX,#4, Dec.1997, Houston, [Tx] Genealogical Forum, List of Soldiers at the Battle of San Jacinto re Robt. Whitlock [guard Hospital] from Marilyn Finke
R1853 2 Guideposts Dec.1997 Golden Rule Jones by Thomas Fleming re Brand Whitlock from Marilyn Finke
R1854 3 Roane Ramblings Vol.13 No.4 1997 And Then There Were Two by Marlene R. Scott re Thomas C. & Mary Ann (Lane) Whitlock (M1865) of Roane Co., Tn from Marilyn Finke
R1855 2 Hill's Norfolk (Norfolk Co., Va.) City Directory 1961 from Shirley Brendle
R1856 5 1820 Census, Hall Co., Ga re Nathaniel Whitlock, Jas. Whitlock & Chs Whitlock from Doug Crosswhite
R1857 9 The National Archives, Bounty Land Files re Thomas Whitlock of Franklin Co., Alabama Nov.22,1850 from Doug Crosswhite
R1858 1 Family of John Mark Crank & Elizabeth (Atkinson) DeLesDernier (M1783?) of Miramichi, N.B. re dau. Matilda married William Whitlock 1829 from Jerry Gower
R1859 2 Tax Digest Jackson Co., Ga 1817 re Charles Whitlock from Doug Crosswhite
R1860 2 Messenger, Tullahoma, Tn Feb.18,1998 Sympathy to Jeff Dodd whose uncle, Earl Whitlock, passed away on February 12, 1998, in McMinnville, Tn from Sara Smith
R1861 3 Halifax Co., Va, Will Book 1 - 1773-1783 will of Thomas Whitlock Dd Dec.27,1779 Pr Jun.15,1780, Inventory and Appraisement Oct.13,1788 (after widow's death), Accounts Current completed Aug.25,1791 £55970
R1862 4 Marriage Bonds and Ministers Returns of Halifax Co., Va 1753-1800 from Geneva Campbell
R1863 7 Early maps of Virginia from Geneva Campbell
R1864 1 Name changes of Virginia Counties from Geneva Campbell
R1865 1 Cheque stub from Whitlock Coal Company Dd Aug.20,1963 of Olcott, Kanawha Co.,WVa from Greg Whitlock
R1866 9 Bounty Land Files, War of 1812, re William Whitlock volunteered in Jackson Co., Ga Aug.1,1812, application Jun.6,1855 from Doug Crosswhite
R1867 19 Service Pension, War of 1812, Widow's Brief Elizabeth widow of William Whitlock enlisted in Ga from Doug Crosswhite
R1868 2 CD, Derek & The Dominos, by Eric Clapton, Bobby Whitlock, Jim Gordon, Carl Radle & Duane Allman 1970 PolyGram
R1869 1 The Connecticut Nutmegger Dec.1997 "How One Descendant of Baldwin, Catlin and Ward Became A Canadian" by Eugenie Fellow re Joseph & Hannah (Whitlock) Baldwin from Priscilla Clements
R1870 1 The Connecticut Nutmegger Dec.1996 "Newtown, Ct - Bills of Mortality 1797-1821 re Thankful Whitlock Wd., 70 ye Mar.31,1804
R1871 2 Halifax Co., Va Book 1, 1788 marriage of Thomas Whitlock & Susannah Webb November 28, 1788 from Geneva Campbell
R1872 1 1851 census Yorkshire, Pickering, Eastgate Northside re John Whitelock b. Marton, Yorkshire from Fay Bailey
R1873 2 Bulletin of The Genealogical Society of Old Tryon County, N.C. An Index to the 1910 U.S. Census of Rutherford Co., NC from Marilyn Finke
R1874 2 Documents relating to the Colonial, Revolutionary and Post-Revolutionary History of the State of New Jersey Vol.XXXV - Calendar of New Jersey wills, administrations etc. by Elmer T. Hutchinson 1939 re will of Thomas Whitlock, 1789 from Marilyn Finke
R1875 13 The American Descendants of Cretien Du Bois of Wicres, France by William Heidgerd, Part Five, Eight, Twelve, Fourteen re Whitlocks of New York from Marilyn Finke
R1876 3 The Ripley County [Missouri] Heritage Vol.VI, No.4, Dec.1997 Original Land Owners of Ripley County re Robert M. Whitlock 1855 from Marilyn Finke
R1877 2 The Longhunter Vol.XXI, No.2, Apr.1998 Old Union Baptist Church Cemetery, Warren County, Kentucky re Sherman & Vannah Whitlock (M1890's) from Marilyn Finke
R1878 7 British Military discharge papers Dd Oct.31,1840 re William Whitlock born in Pitton, Wilts about 1805 from Marianne Whitlock
R1879 6 British Military discharge papers Dd Aug.26,1854 re Thomas Whitlock born Pitton, Wilts about 1803 from Marianne Whitlock
R1880 7 British Military discharge papers Dd Aug.3,1840 re Henry Whitlock born Romsey, Hants about 1819 from Marianne Whitlock
R1881 1 Map of Oxfordshire showing Little Rollright from Muriel Allen
R1882 3 History of Middle Tennessee Baptists Biographies of Deceased Ministers re James H. Whitlock (1869-1900) & Smith B. Whitlock (1839-1893) from Ann Sims
R1883 1 1860 US census, Minnesota, Winona Co., La Crescent P.O. re families of Levi C. Whitlock b.1804?, George B. Whitlock b.1832? & D.B.(Levi B.?) Whitlock b.1835? from Janet J. Stahl
R1884 3 1851 census, Ontario, Hullett Twp. re John & Martha Whitlock (M1840's), James & Catherine (Whitlock) Longman (M1846) from Lorne E. Carter
R1885 1 Mourning card re Catherine Anne (Whitlock) Longman died in Londesboro, Ontario Feb.11,1900 age 75 and 2 months; obit of Mary (Longman) Stevens died Apr.3,1966 born Apr.4,1873 from Lorne E. Carter
R1886 1 Stanly County [NC] Genealogical Society Journal Vol.XVI, No.4 Minutes of the Stanly Baptist Association Nov.16-19,1905 re obit of Lawson Alexander Whitlock born Jan.3,1826 died Apr.3,1905 from Shirley Brendle
R1887 1 Mourning card re Peter Whitlock died in Usborne Township [Ontario] Feb.27,1939 in 76th year from Lawrence Otis
R1888 1 Indiana Magazine of History Vol.LXI June 1965 Fort Knox, Indiana re Ambrose Whitlock from Arvilla Heard Corey
R1889 2 History of Morgan Co. Illinois 1878 re Alexander Whitlock (1840-1919), Mary (Shepherd) Whitlock (1801?-1889), Simeon Whitlock (1842-??) plus others from Don Hayes
R1890 4 Morgan County, Illinois re Judge Herbert G. Whitlock (1831-1903), Sarah (Whitlock) Bracewell (1815-??) from Don Hayes
R1891 2 Jacksonville [Illinois] Genealogical & Historical Society XXIV #1 March 1996, Former Jacksonville Man Nears 96th Anniversary, William T. Williamson re Squire Ira Whitlock, county judge from Don Hayes
R1892 1 Illinois State Genealogical Society Quarterly Vol.IX No.4 Winter 1977, Genealogical Abstracts From Early Laws for Illinois 1827-1832 re James Whitlock, enrolling cler. Gen. Assembly from Don Hayes
R1893 2 History of Greene County [Illinois] re William & Ali (Sheppard) Whitlock (M1829), Charles & Martha (Wilson) Whitlock (M1820's) from Don Hayes
R1894 1 Misc N.C., Tn, & Ky extracts re Whitlock & Shelton families from Don Hayes
R1895 1 Stokes County [NC] Wills Vol.II 1790-1816 re Charles Whitlock 1814 from Don Hayes
R1896 1 Map of Stokes & Surrey Counties, NC 1784-1795 from Don Hayes
R1897 1 Third Census of the United States (Census of 1810) County of Adair, Ky re Chas. Whilock & William Whylock from Don Hayes
R1898 3 Kentucky Land Records, Adair Co. Book A-D re Chas. Whitlock; Russell Co., Ky 1826-1835 re Ira Whitlock from Don Hayes
R1899 1 Greene Co., Illinois, 1830 re Ira Whitlock & Charles Whitlock from Don Hayes
R1900 1 1835 Morgan Co., Illinois re Shelton & Whitlock families from Don Hayes
R1901 1 Marriages Performed by the Reverend Henry Winfrey, Adair Co., Ky re Ira & Teresa (French) Whitlock (M1821) & John & Polly (Shepherd) Whitlock (M1824) from Don Hayes
R1902 1 Index of NC Ancestors Contributed by 1003 of their descendants by NC Gen.Soc. 1981 re John Norment & Abigail Whitlock from Don Hayes
R1903 1 History of Macoupin County, Illinois Range S.West re W.H. & Hettie Whitlock from Don Hayes
R1904 2 Morgan Co., Illinois, re descendants of William & Roseanne (Shelton) Whitlock (M1800's) from Don Hayes
R1905 4 Between the Fences - Usborne [Ont] Twp 1842-1992, Horne Family re family of Peter & Martha Jane (Williams) Whitlock (M1886) from Lawrence Otis
R1906 5 Whitlock & Graham families of Floyd Co., Va from Mary Conner
R1907 8 The Complete Organ Works of Percy Whitlock (1903-1946) Graham Barber plays the Organ of Hull City Hall, Volume One, CD by Priory Records
R1908 6 Donovan Essence to Essence CD by Sony Music Entertainment (UK) Ltd. re Lazy Daze with Bobby Whitlock vocals and organ
R1909 6 What God Hath Joined Together A history of the Holmdel Baptist Church 1668-1968 re Thomas Whitlock of NJ from William K. Whitlock
R1910 4 Old Dominion Gardener, Virginia Federation of Garden Clubs, Inc. Fall 1998 No.3, Vol.29 re Macon Tavern 1875 Giles Bridge Road home of Richard N. Whitlock from Shirley Brendle
R1911 2 A Celebration of the Life for John Stanley Wenzel d. Jun.16,1998 plus obit from the Whig-Standard [Kingston, Ont] Jun.15,1998 from Helen Wuerth
R1912 2 Will of Emily Ann Whitlock of Southhampton [Hants] Dd May 18,1920 Pr.Jul.27,1921 at Winchester from Frederick J. Whitlock
R1913 2 Will of George Whitlock of Shirley [Hants] Dd.Apr.11,1919 Pr.Aug.27,1924 at Winchester from Frederick J. Whitlock
R1914 2 Will of Albert William Whitlock of Freemantle [Hants] Dd Jan.30,1926 Pr.May 8,1928 at Winchester from Frederick J. Whitlock
R1915 1 Will of Ernest Alfred Whitlock of Southampton [Hants] Dd Jun.19,1931 Pr.Nov.3,1938 at Winchester from Frederick J. Whitlock
R1916 1 Will of Agnes Whitlock of Northam [Hants] Dd Feb.18,1930 Pr.Jan.23,1933 at Winchester from Frederick J. Whitlock
R1917 1 Will of Uriah James Whitlock of Pitton [Wilts] Dd Oct.30,1920 Pr.Apr.8,1935 at Winchester from Frederick J. Whitlock
R1918 2 Will of Draycott Kelly Whitlock of Southampton [Hants] Dd Jul.25,1916 Pr.Oct.21,1916 at Winchester from Frederick J. Whitlock
R1919 2 Will of Albert Henry Whitlock of Southampton [Hants] Dd May 6,1932 Pr.Oct.28,1940 at Winchester from Frederick J. Whitlock
R1920 1 Will of William John Whitlock of Salisbury [Wilts] Dd Aug.14,1931 Pr.Aug.9,1935 at Winchester from Frederick J. Whitlock
R1921 2 Will of Ellen Whitlock of Bursledon [Hants] Dd Sep.3,1914 Pr.Jul.25,1931 at Winchester from Frederick J. Whitlock
R1922 1 Will of James Whitlock of Saint Bartholomew Hyde [Hants] Dd May 28,1899 Pr.Jul.31,1906 at Winchester from Frederick J. Whitlock
R1923 2 Will of Sarah Whitlock of Salisbury [Wilts] Dd Oct.27,1914 Pr.Jul.6,1923 at Winchester from Frederick J. Whitlock
R1924 2 Will of George Whitlock of Winchester [Hants] Dd May 8,1911 Pr.Sep.15,1911 at Winchester from Frederick J. Whitlock
R1925 2 Will of Albert Luke Whitlock of Southsea [Hants] Dd Apr.23,1903 Pr.Apr.8,1910 at Winchester from Frederick J. Whitlock
R1926 15 Chart showing descent from Roger De la Beche (AD1200?) through John Whitloke & Agnes De la Beche (M1454?) from Robert Whitelocke Fountaine
R1927 1 Administration of estate of John Whitlock of parish of St.Anne Blackfriars, London to widow Euphemia Dd September 1745
R1928 1 Administration of estate of Richard Whitlock of Edmonton, Middlesex to widow Susanna Dd October 1714
R1929 1 Advertising bill by Whitlock Realty Co., 309 Broadway St., New York, NY re Ocean Front property in Greater New York via Staten Island Ferry (early 1900's?) from Andrew Whitlock
R1930 1 How the Central Powers Fell re Brand Whitlock from Andrew Whitlock
R1931 1 Virginia Gazette & General Advertiser, Vol.5 No.218 Oct.6,1790 re Military Certificate lost by John Whitlock of Lunenburg Co., Va; Vol.5, No.219 Oct.13,1790 re marriage of Captain William Reynolds and Miss Betsey Whitlock of Henrico Co., Va from Andrew Whitlock
R1932 2 In Memoriam card for Leslie Eston "Percy" Wicks (1927-1998) d.Oct.16,1998 Cottage Grove, Ore from JoAnn Whitlock
R1933 1 Geographic Names Information System, Tn re Whitlock place names in Tn from Glenn Whitlock
R1934 3 The History of Fayette County [Ga] 1821-1971 re Wilson Obie & Eliza Catherine (Pollard) Whitlock (M1873) Fayette Co., Ga from Glenn Whitlock
R1935 2 A Collection of Miscellaneous Grants, Crest, Confirmations, Augmentations and Exemplications of Arms by Willoughby A. Littledale, 1926 re Grant of Arms to Richard son of Richard Whitlock Apr.20,1592 from Marianne Whitlock
R1936 2 Examination of a Candidate for the Situation of a Police Constable, Dd Jul.14,1896 re Thomas Whitlock of Yardley Gobion, NTH from Marianne Whitlock
R1937 1 Essex surnames by Frederic Vanson re Whitlock from Marianne Whitlock
R1938 5 M.J. Minerals newsletter by Margaret of Whitelock House, Gunnerside, Near Richmond, North Yorkshire DL11 6LE from Marianne Whitlock
R1939 2 Central Illinois Genealogical Quarterly Spring 1998 Late Prisoners of War Oct.12,1880 re Young Whitlock, Ser.K, 130 Ill., Marshall, Ill from Mary Maxfield
R1940 4 Neptunus Rex: Naval Stories of the Normandy Invasion, June 6,1944 by Edward F. Prados re Private Bob Whitlock d.Jul.11,1944 from Mary Maxfield
R1941 1 Doo-dah! Stephen Foster and the Rise of American Popular Culture by Ken Emerson Chapters 8 & 9 re Billy Whitlock 1843, banjo player from Mary Maxfield
R1942 9 Genealogical and Historial Sketch - Whitlock- by William Percival Whitlock & Francis Metherall Whitlock Dec.25,1936, Marietta, Ohio from Ione Whitlock
R1943 2 New Jersey Tax Lists 1772-1822 Vol.6 Editor Ronald Vern Jackson from Priscila Clement
R1944 3 Early American Series Early New Jersey Volume 2 1793-1799 from Priscilla Clement
R1945 1 Thanksgiving and Harvest by Ralph Whitlock cover page from Sara Smith
R1946 4 In Loving Memory of Doris K. Spencer b.Mar.10,1917 Vancouver, B.C. d.Nov.12,1998 Yountville, Ca Obit and Eulogy from Gary Spencer
R1947 3 Canadian National Archives, Canadian Expeditionary Force of WWI Whitlocks with Regimental numbers from Lawrence Otis
R1948 2 Bobier Villa [Dutton, Ont], Official Opening Ceremonies Sep.12,1997 re Whitelock Place from Marie Thompson
R1949 26 Life and Experiences of a Railwayman by George Whitlock (1855-1944) of St.Mary's Ontario from Muriel Beach
R1950 3 The Story of New Jersey re Louis I. Whitlock and Hamilton J. Whitlock from Chuck Rockett
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