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R2157 4 Will of John Normont Whitlock of Green Co.,Il Dd Jan.31,1845 Pr.Dec.21,1850 from Donald E. Strebel & Virginia Lee Johnston
R2158 7 Early East Tennessee Taxpayers by Pollyanna Creekmore & DAR Patriot Index Part III, 1990 re Page Portwood of Anderson Co. 1802 from Virginia Lee Johnston
R2159 5 Vtrginia State Library, List of the Colonial Soldiers of Virginia by H.J.Eckenrode, 1978 re Michael Whitelock & Achilles Whitlock from Virginia Lee Johnston
R2160 3 Virginia/West Virginia Genealogical Data from Revolutionary War Pension and Bounty Land Warrant Records Vol.6 Ullum through Zumwalt by Patrick G. Wardell re Thomas Whitlock of Goochland Co.from Virginia Lee Johnston
R2161 4 Women Patriots of the American Revolution by Charles E. Claghorn, 1991from Virginia Lee Johnston
R2162 3 Original Lists of Emigrants in Bondage from London to the American Colonies 1719-1744 by Kaminkow, 1967 re Wm. Whitlock Jan.13,1733 from Virginia Lee Johnston
R2163 2 Historical Register of Officers of the Continental Army during The War of the Revolution Apr.1775-Dec.1783 by Francis B. Heitman, 1914 from Virginia Lee Johnston
R2164 2 Indenture Dd Jul.15,1828 between Aaron C. Whitlock and Sally his wife of Ephratah and Henry Loucks of Palatine, Montgomery Co., NY from James E. Wilson
R2165 12 Hanover Historical Society No.8, May 1973 & Old Homes of Hanover County, Virginia, by HCHS, 1983 re Laurel Meadow & White Chimneys homes of Isaac Oliver purchased from Daniel Whitlock 1798 from Ernestine Dodl
R2166 5 Hanover County Historial Society Bulletin No.61 Dec.1999 re Harriet Whitlock sister to Mary Jones who died 1884 from Ernestine Dodl
R2167 2 Hanover County Chancery Wills and Notes re will of Francis Timberlake from Ernestine Dodl
R2168 9 Henrico Co., Va documents re George Whitlocke & Ann (Whitlocke) Tait Aug.4,1815; George Whitlocke & Mary his wife May 31,1813; George Whitlocke & Sarah his wife to William D. Whitlocke Sep.20,1834; George Whitlocke & Pauline R. his wife Sep.26,1822 of Lynchburg; also Deed Dd June 6,1862 William D. Whitlock from Ernestine Dodl
R2169 63 Hanover County Land Book 1782 - 1850, originals and typed summary (pgs 53-63) from Ernestine Dodl
R2170 6 Cundall, YKS parish registers 1737, 1768, 1767; 1681-2; 1727 from Jessie Turner
R2171 2 Abstracts of The Wills and Estate Records of Granville County, North Carolina 1746-1808 by Zae Hargett Gwynn, 1973 re will of George Whitlock 1773 from Virginia Lee Johnston
R2172 5 Will of Jeremiah Minter Whitlock of Rockbridge, Greene Co., Il Dd Aug.4,1894 Pr Jul.16,1895 from Virginia Lee Johnston
R2173 5 Magazine of Virginia Genealogy Vol.38 No.3 August 2000 French and Indian War Land Bounty Certificates re Achillis Whitlock, Caroline Co., Va March 1780 & Joseph Whitlock(Whitlaw), Henrico Co., Va Sep.6,1779 from Donna Sand
R2174 3 Magazine of Virginia Genealogy Vol.35 No.2 Spring 1997 Legislative Petitions: The Ten Thousand Name Petition, Nov.1,1776 The Memorial & Petition of the Descenters from the Church of England, & others, in the Counties of Albemarle and Amherst [Va] re Charles Whitlock, [p.101] John Whitlock & Thos Whitlock from Donna Sand
R2175 1 Map of Halifax Co., Va 1859 showing Cherrytree Creek mentioned in 1807 deed of Thomas & Susanna (Webb) Whitlock from Donna Sand
R2176 2 Lunenburg County Virginia Will Book 2, 1762-1778 by June Banks Evans, Jul.13,1775 estate of Isaac Webb mentions attorneys fees Gravels
R2177 2 Halifax [Va] Wills 1792-1797 Estate of Joseph Echolds 1792 from Thomas Whitlock & estate of Wm. Hamblet St. Feb.27,1797 re Archibald Whitlock from Donna Sand
R2178 3 Brunswick County, Virginia Will Books, Vol.5, 1804-1812 by Dr.Stephen E. Bradley Estate of Benjamin Ingram 1803-1805 re Mr.Whitlock, Thos Whitlock from Donna Sand
R2179 14 Genealogies of Virginia Families from Tyler's Quarterly Historical Vol.IV Walker - Yeardley re The Webb Family from Donna Sand
R2180 249 The Descendants of Nathaniel Whitlock & Eleanor Caroline Tackett - A Whitlock Family History in Words and Pictures by Douglas Crosswhite
R2181 5 The Village of Salem [NY] 1761-1994 by Katharine Tomasi plus letter from Salem Area Chamber of Commerce Dd Sep.7,2000 & letter from William A. Cormier Dd Nov.17,1993 re Hebron & Evergreen Cemeteries of Salem, NY from James E. Wilson
R2182 1 Invitation to the wedding of Mary Alice Hawkins and Gary Charles Spencer 7 January 2001, St.Helena, Ca Gary Charles Spencer gggrandson of Fredrick & Charlotte (Oliver) Whitlock (M1868) St.Mary's, Ont
R2183 1 Funeral & cemetery records re Robert Whitlock (1878-1956) died London May 29,1956, buried Streatham Park Cemetery, S.W.16 from Hugh Ainsley
R2184 4 Alden-Smith Genealogy by Harriet Chapin Fielding, 1903 from Priscilla Alden Clement
R2185 3 Letter from William Whitelock of YKS Dd Dec.13,1887 to George Whitelock of Ont from Jessie Turner
R2186 1 Olympia [Wa] GS Quarterly Jan.1987, Persons Liable for Military Duty in Thurston Co., Wa, 1890 re Frank Whitelock age 25 Rainier, Farmer from Donna Sand
R2187 3 The Virginia Genealogist Vol.26 No.1 British Mercantile Claims 1775-1803 re William A. Whitlock, John Whitlock & Josiah Whitlock from Mary Maxfield
R2188 1 1880 US Census, Ephratah, Fulton Co., NY re Peter P. Whitlock from James E. Wilson
R2189 3 1810 & 1820 US Census, Milton, Saratoga Co., NY re Anna Rathbun, David Whitlock & Henry Whitlock from James E. Wilson
R2190 1 1810 US Census, Delaware Co., NY re Peter Whitlock & Ezekiel Whitlock from James E. Wilson
R2191 1 1850 US Census Meredith, Delaware Co., NY re Peter Whitlock from James E. Wilson
R2192 11 War of 1812 claim by Peter Whitlock of Meredith, Delaware Co., NY Dd Jun.20,1857 from James E. Wilson
R2193 12 New York soldiers in the War of 1812 from James E. Wilson
R2194 2 Civil War enlistment NY Co.E 13th Reg. Re David B. Whitlock from James E. Wilson
R2195 8 US Census Washington Co., NY 1850-1870 from James E. Wilson
R2196 1 Springford Tweedsmuir History
R2197 1 Flyleaf of Aesop's Fables printed England 1818 inscribed "Wake, B.N.Zealand Apr.12,1839"? also "Harriet Whitlock 1848" from Malcolm Wake
R2198 1 Homestead record re William A. Whitlock May 20,1862, Choctaw, Lauderdale, Ms from Dorothy Arnold
R2199 1 Cemetery record re William A. Whitlock of DeSoto Co., La Co.C. Stuart's Cavalry, CSA from Dorothy Arnold
R2200 5 Land deeds re Asa Whitlock, of Marengo Co., Al land in St.Stephen, Al Dd Oct.20,1835, 39, 90.5
R2201 2 1860 census Linden, Western Division, Marengo Co., Al re W.H. Whitlock from Dorothy Arnold
R2202 8 Civil War record and pension record David B. Whitlock b.Ephratah, NY Apr.1847 from James E. Wilson
R2203 2 Family Group Sheet and picture of gravestone re family of Isaac Johnson & Mary Maria (McGuire) Whitlock (M1853) of Piqua, Oh from Mark Whitlock
R2204 1 Family Group Sheet and picture of gravestone re family of James & Mary Whitlock (M1830's) of NJ & Oh from Mark Whitlock
R2205 7 War of 1812 Company Muster Roll and Pay Roll documents for Henry Whitlock Jr. Prior's Regiment, NY Militia from James E. Wilson & Richard P. Whitlock
R2206 1 Program for funeral of Edward Joseph Whitlock, 87 Raymore, Sas from Marianne Whitlock
R2207 3 Benson Hubbardton and Sudbury Cemetery Inscriptions Rutland County Vermont by Margaret R. Jenks 1993 from Iola Ebendorf
R2208 8 Castleton Vermont Cemetery Inscriptions by Margaret R. Jenks from Iola Ebendorf
R2209 5 Fair Haven and West Haven Cemetery Inscriptions Rutland County Vermont by Margaret R. Jenks 1989 (Rev.1994) from Iola Ebendorf
R2210 2 Roster of Vermonters who served in the Civil War 1861-1866 by Martha T. Rainville, 1998 from Iola Ebendorf
R2211 2 1840 & 1850 census index Vermont from Iola Ebendorf
R2212 4 Record of Service of Connecticut Men in the War of the Revolution, War of 1812 & Mexican War, by Smith, Barbour, Camp & White, 1889 from Iola Ebendorf
R2213 3 Essex Farming 1900-2000 re Whitlocks of Great Yeldham, ESS from Adrian Corder-Birch
R2214 5 Family History Booklet by Philip Howell re Whitlocks of Great Yeldham, ESS from Adrian Corder-Birch
R2215 1 Lineages of Hereditary Society Members 1600's-1900's, Reg. of the General Society of War of 1812 by re Bache McEvers Whitlock b.1915 from Lawrence Otis
R2216 1 1855 US Census Salem, NY re William & Nancy (Dougan) Whitlock (M1835) from James E. Wilson
R2217 1 1875 US Census Argyle, Washington Co., NY re William & Janet G. (Fairley) Whitlock (M1870's?) from James E. Wilson
R2218 1 1900 US Census Argyle, Washington Co., NY re Henry & Jane A. (Whitlock) Dixon (M1880's?) from James E. Wilson
R2219 1 1905 US Census Easton, Washington Co., NY re Jane A. (Whitlock) Dixon from James E. Wilson
R2220 1 1800 US Census, Milton, Saratoga Co., NY re Henry Witlock from James E. Wilson
R2221 2 Abstracts of Wills of Goochland Co., Va 1727-1777 by Margaret V. Henley 1990 2nd Ed.1996 available from Goochland Co., Hist. Society re will of Grizel Whitlock from Geneva Campbell
R2222 7 Cavaliers and Pioneers Patent Book No.12,14,32,34 re Alexander Logan of Goochland Co., & Matthew Whitlock of Hanover Co. from Geneva Campbell
R2223 2 Marriages of Goochland County, Virginia 1733-1815 by Kathleen Booth Williams, 1960 from Geneva Campbell
R2224 4 Indenture between Alexander Logan & John Richardson Dd Apr.18,1742 re 300 acres on North Side of Treasurers and the West arm in Goochland Co., Va from Geneva Campbell
R2225 3 Indenture between Thomas Dawson & Alexander Logan Dd Sep.18,1731 re 7 acres on the north side of Lickinghole Creek, Goochland Co., Va from Geneva Campbell
R2226 3 Indenture between Alexander Logan & daughter Anne Logan Dd Nov.16,1745 re gift of 107 acres on the north side of James River, Goochland Co., Va from Geneva Campbell
R2227 4 Indenture between Robert Christian & Thomas Whitlock Dd June 17,1747 re 300 acres on north side of James River, Goochland Co., Va from Geneva Campbell
R2228 3 Indenture between Ann Logan and Anthony Logan Dd Sep.9,1754 re 108 acres on Lickinghole Creek on the North side James River, Goochland Co., Va from Geneva Campbell
R2229 4 Indenture between Robert Williamson of St.James, Goochland, Va & Grisell Whitlock of King William Co.Va Dd May 21,1751 re 250 acres on the branches of Beaverdam Creek £80 from Geneva Campbell
R2230 3 Inventory of John Whitlock of Goochland Co., Va October Court 1774, filed May 15,1775 from Geneva Campbell
R2231 6 Rathbone Genealogy by John C. Cooley, 1896 re Aaron C. Whitlock of NY from James E. Wilson
R2232 1 War of 1812 Bounty Land Claims by Peter Whitlock of Meredith, Delaware Co., NY Dd Nov.27,1850 & May 15,1856 from James E. Wilson
R2233 3 Indenture between William Whitlock & Mary his wife of Goochland Co., Va & Peter Walker re 150 acres in St.James Northam Parish £100 Dd Aug.19,1776 from Geneva Campbell
R2234 4 Indenture between William Whitlock & Thomas Whitlock both of Goochland Co., Va re 250 acres £70 on Beaverdam Creek Dd Jan.5,1764 from Geneva Campbell
R2235 3 Indenture between Thomas Whitlock & David Murry both of Goochland Co., Va re 300 acres £60 on Beaverdam Creek Dd May 21,1751 from Geneva Campbell
R2236 3 Indenture between Thomas Whitlock & Thomas Allbriten both of Goochland Co., Va re 50 acres on the three Chapt Road bounded by Thomas Whitlock, & John Goode, Col. Syms £5.7.6 Dd Jan.3,1759 from Geneva Campbell
R2237 3 Inventory of estate of Grizel Whitlock May 15,1759, Goochland Co. Va from Geneva Campbell
R2238 4 Indenture between Thomas Whitlock of Goochland Va and Mary Roundtree £40 150 acres on branches of Beaverdam Creek Dd Nov.17,1767 from Geneva Campbell
R2239 3 Indenture between Matthew Doss of County of Surry, North Carolina and William Whitlock of Goochland Co. Va 100 acres in Goochland for one negro age 10-20 Dd Dec.9,1781 from Geneva Campbell
R2240 8 Whitlock News Vol.6. No.2 Feb.1966 re A. Carleton Whitlock from Adrian Corder-Birch
R2241 4 A History of Great Yeldham [ESSEX] by Adrian Corder-Birch re Whitlock Bros. from Adrian Corder-Birch
R2242 1 The Connecticut Nutmegger Sep 2001 pg352 query by Iola Ebendorf re Hezekiah & Amy (Platt) Whitlock (M1765) Redding, Ct from Priscilla Clement
R2243 3 Indenture between John Goode of Goochland Co., Va and Thomas Whitlock of Goochland Co. Va Dd May 20,1751 £70 200 acres on Beaverdam Creek, North side of James River from Geneva Campbell
R2244 4 Indenture between Robert Williamson of St.James, Goochland Co., Va and Grisell Whitlock of King William Co., Va Dd May 21,1751 £80 250 acres on Beaverdam Creek, bounded by James Christians, Chimes, John Goode, formerly Francis Amoses from Geneva Campbell
R2245 2 Indenture between John Bradshaw and Thomas Whitlock of Goochland Co., Va Dd Feb.21,1764 £6 6 acres on a branch of Beaverdam Creek bounded by Thomas Whitlock, the swamp, John Bradshaw. Witness Tho. allBriten, John Danil Coleman, James Cook from Geneva Campbell
R2246 4 Indenture between Thomas Whitlock of St.James Northam, Goochland Co. Va and John Bradshaw of same £66 for 256 acres on Beaverdam Creek bounded by John Bradshaw, William Oglesby, Samuel Coleman. Witness James Mayo, Champion Napier, Drury Murrell from Geneva Campbell
R2247 5 1860 census Palmyra, Fluvanna Co., Va, 1860 & 1870 census Bula, Goochland Co., Va, 1850 census Goochland Co., Va, 1870 census Charlotteville, Fredericksville, Albemarle Co., Va, re family of Thomas & Mary C. (Holland) Whitlock (M1828) from Elizabeth Kadel
R2248 4 Indenture between Thomas Whitlock of Goochland Co., Virginia and Meshack Hicks and Martin James Dd Sep.23,1839 to secure debt of $40. Witnesses Wm. Bryce, Arch Bryce, J.B. Ferguson from Elizabeth Kadel
R2249 2 Conveyance Dd Jul.15,1936 between George Thomas Whitlock of 73 Lime Road, Bedminster, Bristol, SOM & Herbert Ernest Grimley, £400 from Patrick Lynch
R2250 5 The Abridged Compendium of American Genealogy from Lawrence Otis
R2251 1 The Quintard Family in America re Joseph T. & Sarah (Bellamy) Whitlock (M1840's) from Lawrence Otis
R2252 1 Mason Family: Some of the Descendants of Major John Mason, the Conqueror of the Pequots re Levi & Chloe (Mason) Whitlock (M1793) of Vt from Lawrence Otis
R2253 1 Three Hundred Colonial Ancestors and War Service re Thomas & Damaris (Hide) Whitlock (M1716) of Ct from Lawrence Otis
R2254 2 First Families of America re Brush family from Lawrence Otis
R2255 3 The Report Vol.41, No.2 Summer 2001 List of Clergyman Licensed to Solemize Marriages in Delaware Co., Ohio 1857-1880 re William F. Whitlock 1864 from Mary Maxfield
R2256 2 Ohio Records and Pioneer Families, Vol.XLII No.3 Freeman's Journal, 27 Oct.1798 re A. Whitlock for the Quarter Master Fort Washington, 26 Oct.1798 from Mary Maxfield
R2257 3 Probate documents for Samuel Burnett Dd Mar.27,1871 from Cheryl Coverly
R2258 2 1800 US Census, Greenville, SC re Nathaniel Whitlock
R2259 1 The Old Merchants of New York City by Walter Barret, 1863 Pgs 423-432 re family of William & Eliza Haight (Scott) Whitlock (M1818) from Arthur W. Cole
R2260 3 Inside Track Motorsport News - CASCAR 2001 Year-in-Review Vol.5.No.21 re Dave Whitlock
R2261 4 Yorkshire Ridings Magazine Feb/Mar.2001 Whitelock’s Bohemia just off Briggate, Leeds by Jacqueline Whitelock Gill re Whitelock’s Luncheon Bar in Leeds from M.E. Littlewood
R2262 3 Pine Ridge [Mo] Agency Efficency Record re Francis Waine Whitlock Day School Teacher May 9, 1910 & Oct.11,1912 s Foster Smith Whitlock from Marilyn Finke
R2263 1 Polk's Kansas City (Missouri) Directory 1931 from Marilyn Finke
R2264 2 San Bernardino County [Ca] Marriage Records, Book E. re witness Omer Whitlock Jun.21,1888 from Marilyn Finke
R2265 3 Will of John Whitelock of Dereham, Ont Dd Sep.17,1887 Pr.1892 from Fay Bailey
R2266 4 The Kelsey Genealogy re Henry & Louisa (Kelsey) Whitlock (M1820's) of Castleton, Vt from Iola Ebendorf
R2267 3 History of Trinity Church New Haven, Ct ?? re Henry Whitlock (1777-1814) from Iola Ebendorf
R2268 2 Attestation Paper, Canadian Over-seas Expeditionary Force Dd Feb.5,1916 re Victor Jesse Fairweather s Frederick Henry & Mary Martha Benson (Whitlock) Fairweather (M1890's) from Lawrence Otis
R2269 1 Notice of marriage of Mary Jean (Graham) Coeur-Barron & Ivan John Thompson Mar.31,2002 Modesto, Ca
R2270 2 Between the Fences - Supplementary Usborne Tp. "The Lamport Family" Memories of Farquhar by Rose (Lamport) Ford from Lawrence Otis
R2271 2 Hay Township - Ford - Albert & Family re Albert John & Agnes Ann (Westaway) Ford (M1899) of Hay, Ont from Lawrence Otis
R2272 24 Oxford University Press Four Extemporizations for Organ by Percy Whitlock ISBN 0 19 375896 2 Copyright, 1933 & 1961 from Patrick Lynch
R2273 6 Ease Your Pain words and music by Hoyt Acton recorded by Bobby Whitlock copyright 1970 & 1972 from Patrick Lynch
R2274 2 The Review of Reviews 1907 Spring Novels re The Turn of the Balance by Brand Whitlock from Patrick Lynch
R2275 6 Press Kit on Bobby Whitlock by Jimmy Miller Productions Ltd. including two photos, list of songs on Who's Where on Bobby Whitlock and Biography from Patrick Lynch
R2276 1 Letter from Brand Whitlock to W. Colston Leigh Dd Jan.29,1925 declining a series of lectures in America "next Winter" from Eddie Whitlock
R2277 24 Biscuits & Bullets III: Buffet of Mystery a play by Eddie Whitlock & Michael Dyche production of the Camelot Theatre Company of Griffin from Eddie Whitlock
R2278 2 1900 US census, Philadelphia, Pa re Thomas & Mary Ella (Hopper) Whitlock (M1870's) of Philadelphia, Pa from Rick Crume
R2279 2 Smelcher & Brookston IOOF cemeteries, Prairie, White Co., In from Ann Sims
R2280 2 Will of Elizabeth Whitlock of Pitton, WIL Dd Aug.6,1813 Pr Mar.15,1814 from Quintin White
R2281 2 Will of William Fry of Pitton, WIL Dd Apr.21,1745 Pr oct.22,1745 re Frances wife of Daniel Whitlock from Quintin White
R2282 3 Will of John Whitlock of Pitton, WIL Dd Sep.16,1808 Pr Nov.27,1816 from Quintin White
R2283 2 Will of Zalmon Whitlock of Hubbardton, Vt Dd Dec.3,1856 Pr Feb.4,1861 from Iola Ebendorf
R2284 7 Vermont soldiers in the Civil War. Miles W. Whitlock, Samuel F. Whitlock & Charles H. Whitlock of Castleton, Hiram E. Whitlock of Fairhaven, Franklin A. Whitlock of Clarendon from Iola Ebendorf
R2285 3 Vermont cemetery lists by Margaret R. Jenks re Whitten, Spencer & Whitlock families from Iola Ebendorf
R2286 3 Indenture Dd Nov.15,1770 between Robert Whitlock of County of Halifax, Va & Frederick Talley £17 for 200 acres crossing Bleu Whing branch from Geneva Campbell
R2287 14 Inventory and appraisement of the Estate of Achilles Whitlock Dd Feb.5,1812 £2,737.2.9 Halifax Co., Va (28 slaves listed)from Geneva Campbell
R2288 2 Account sheets for Estate of Achilles Whitlock Dd 1812-Jul.24,1815 £1,951.11.2 Halifax Co., Va from Geneva Campbell
R2289 1 1891 census Perth Co. N, Ont re John Hooper & Frances Edna (Todd) Whitlock (M1884) Stratford, Ont from Lawrence Otis
R2290 2 1891 census Fullerton, Perth Co., S, Ont re Silas & Mary (Hooper) Whitlock (M1848) Langtree, Dev from Lawrence Otis
R2291 2 Thomas Whitlock Estate Appraisal, Halifax Co.,Va November 1789 £63.5.9 by John Irvine, Edwin Garlington, Anthony Grisham from Geneva Campbell
R2292 5 Indenture Dd May 22,1772 between Thomas Whitlock of Halifax Co., Va & Thomas Gordon £200.5.0 for 253 acres on Mirey Creek from Geneva Campbell
R2293 2 Indenture between Thomas Whitlock of Halifax Co., Va & Benjm Jordan of Lunenburg Co., Va £300 for 253 acres on both sides of Mirey Creek bounded by Kitty Calquit, William Dovey, William Hamblett, Patrick Fitzgerald, Thos Davenport from Geneva Campbell
R2294 2 Indenture Dd Feb.19,1778 between Thomas Whitlock of Halifax Co., Va and Haman Miller 354 acres in Halifax Co. on the North side of Dan River re Debt of £600 from Geneva Cambell
R2295 3 Indenture Dd Mar.18,1779 between Henry Bartlett of Halifax Co., Va & Thomas Whitlock of same £1,200 for 300 acres on both sides of Lawson's Creek bounded by Edward from Geneva Campbell
R2296 2 Indenture Dd Mar.18,1779 between Thomas Whitlock of Halifax Co., Va & James Medley of Cumberland City £1,300 for 324 acres in Halifax Co., on the North side of Dan River bounded by Richard Edward (formerly Robert's) in the Switzer branch...William Robert's or Edward's line...being the Land and plantation wherein Thomas Whitlock now lives and the same that he bought of Haman Miller...from Geneva Campbell
R2297 2 Indenture Dd Dec.3,1778 between Thomas Whitlock of Halifax Co., Va & Joseph Johnson of County of Lunenberg £1,200 for 253 acres in Halifax Co., on Mirey Creek bounded by Kittie Colquitt, Wm. Hamblitt, Patrick Fitzgerald, Thos Whitlock Wit: Benjamin Jordan, John Whitlock, Saml Jordan, Mary Jordan. March 18,1779 Elizabeth wife of Thomas relinquishes her rights of Dower from Geneva Campbell
R2298 3 Indenture Dd Feb.16,1786 between Thomas Lipscomb & Thomas Whitlock of Halifax Co., Va & Daniel Malone of Lunenburg Co. £150 for 300 acres in Halifax Co. as by deed from Henry Bartlett to Thomas Whitlock dec'd on both sides of Samson's Creek bounded by Edward's Line from Geneva Campbell
R2299 4 Whitelocks Menu from Whitelocks Bar and Restaurant, Leeds, YKS
R2300 2 Morwenstowe Church [Cornwall] by Philip Docton Martyn, fifth edition
R2301 6 Twentieth Century Two Step March by L.D. Schuman sheet music with Sky Lark's Morning Song, Grand Promenade March, Star of the Summer Sea, & Sing Birdie Sing by Kathleen Whitlock, 1906,1907 The Sun Publishing Co., Rising Sun, In from Eddie Whitlock
R2302 4 Forget Me Not Waltz by Kathleen Whitlock, 1907 The Sun Publishing Co., Rising Sun, In from Eddie Whitlock
R2303 76 Dave Brubeck Time Signatures - A Career Retrospective 1992 Sony Music Entertainment Inc. re wife Iola Whitlock
R2304 2 Extracts from the Whitlocks of New Brunswick family Bible re Thomas & Ann (Taylor) Whitlock (M1752) Philadelphia, Pa from John Johnson
R2305 1 Memorial card re Lucile Irene (Ebendorf) Wycoff died Lakewood, Co Sep.3,2002, age 78 d Frederick & Ruby Eunice (Whitlock) Ebendorf from Iola Ebendorf
R2306 6 1901 Census, Ontario, North Perth, South Perth & Peel Counties from Lawrence Otis
R2307 3 The Martians by Kim Stanley Robinson, 1999 re mineral Whitlockite; Ososoft Mineral Collection; family tree of Herbert Percy Whitlock (1868-1948) from Lawrence Otis
R2308 2 1891 Census, Ontario, Perth South, Usborne re Whitlock & Johns families from Lawrence Otis
R2309 3 The Connecticut Nutmegger Sep.2002 Ancestry Service Whitlocks in 1968-1978 issues from Iola Ebendorf
R2310 1 Indenture Dd Apr.14,1785 between The Right Honorable Henry Thomas Earl of Ilchester and Joseph Whitlock of Pitton, Wilts from Quintin White
R2311 1 Marriage Bond re Daniel Homes Andrews & Margaret J. Whitlocke Dd Feb.24,1840 Goochland Co., Va from Elwood Morris
R2312 3 Will of Lewis Harris of Louisa Co., Va Dd Sep.19,1853? Pr Apr.24,1854 re d Bertha Ann Whitlock from Jan Waltemath
R2313 2 Pike Co., Mo Bowling Green Times 1889 re Edlow Whitlock & Luther Whitlock from Jam Waltemath
R2314 1 The Devon Family Historian No.69, Feb.1994 The Whitlock Journal by H.C. Whitlock, Edited by Alex Sakula re Hubert Cornish Whitlock (1837-1890) from Marianne Whitlock
R2315 3 Application for Widow's pension by Amanda V. (Andrews) Whitlock of Hadensville, Goochland Co., Va from Elwood Morris
R2316 4 Family Bible of John Walker & Permelia J. (Whitlock) Morris from Elwood Morris
R2317 8 Daniel Homes Andrews War of 1812 service & pension records, Goochland Co., Va from Elwood Morris
R2318 4 Family Bible of James Monroe & Martha J. (Whitlock) Payne of Goochland Co., Va from Elwood Morris
R2319 1 Map of Goochland Co., Va from Elwood Morris
R2320 1 Baptism and Burial Register of Banbury, Oxfordshire 1558-1653 by Mrs. N. Fillmore 1965; Banbury Wills and Inventories 1621-1650 by Brinkworth & Gibson, 1976 from Arthur W. Cole
R2321 2 Old Welsh Chips January to December 1888 by Edwin Poole, 1888 re Memoirs of Bulstrode Whitelocke, 7s from Arthur W. Cole
R2322 1 Application for Civil War Widow's pension re Otha Jefferson & Virginia A. (Saunders) Whitlock (M1868) Goochland Co., Va from Elwood Morris
R2323 4 Indenture Dd Jun.8,1857 between David & Susan E. Johnson and David H. Whitlock $2,323 for 202 acres in Goochland Co., Va (with maps) bounded by William G. Brown, David Johnson & Tarlton F. Payne from Elwood Morris
R2324 7 Indenture Dd Mar.16,1853 between Samuel Whitlock & W. Lewis Fleming $90 being last payments on 13 acres in Goochland Co., Va bounded by R.B. Haden & Nelson Martin from Elwood Morris
R2325 7 Pueblo, Co City Directories 1903-1923 (incl Whitlark) from Douglas Lee Whitlock
R2326 1 Will of Mary (Knight) Showell of Banbury, OXF Dd Oct.15,1621 Pr Jun.19,1622 from Arthur W. Cole
R2327 4 Banbury [Oxf] Corporation Records: Tudor and Stuart by Gibson & Brinkworth, 1977 re Knight family from Arthur W. Cole
R2328 5 Old Welsh Chips 1888 by Edwin Poole re Sir William Whitlock 1702 from Arthur W. Cole
R2329 1 Book of place names re Wixford, WAR Wihtlachesforde 962, Witelavesford (sic) 1086 (DB). Ford of a man called Wihtlac. OE pers. name + ford from John W. Whitlock
R2330 1 Birth announcement Nicholas Chase Vaughan born Dec.15,2002 s Robert Hamilton & Meredith Lorren (Smith) Vaughan gs Allie Maitland & Sarah Louise (Whitlock) Smith
R2331 4 Race Walking Record Feb.1986 re Harold Whitlock from Sylvia Mort
R2332 2 Will of John Whitlocke, Sailmaker of St.John Wapping, MDX Dd Jun.24,1727 Pr Dec.22,1727
R2333 4 Will of Whitlock More, of Chelsea, MDX Dd Dec.31,1752 Pr Mar.3,1753
R2334 2 Will of Whitlock Planck, of St.Mary, Lambeth, SRY Dd Jan.24,1774 Pr Mar.14,1774
R2335 8 Will of Whitlock Nicholl of Lantwit Major, Glamorganshire, WALES Dd Oct.30,1787 Pr May 26,1788
R2336 3 Will of Whitlock Nicholl of Cowes, Isle of Wight, HAM Dd Dec.14,1836 Pr Jan.19,1839
R2337 2 Will of William Whitlock of City of Coventry,WAR Dd Jul.18,1829 Pr Jan.4,1831
R2338 2 Will of Sarah Whitlock of 4 Hill Street, Berkley Square, MDX Dd Mar.21,1826 Pr May 24,1826
R2339 2 Will of George Whitlock of Sidbury, DEV Dd Feb.2,1809 Pr Feb.12,1821
R2340 3 Will of Frances (Brown) Whitlock of the Butts, City of Coventry, WAR Dd Jan.20,1834 Pr Oct.10,1834
R2341 4 Will of Elizabeth (Kemble) Whitlock of Clapham Road, SRY Dd Dec.21,1832 Pr Mar.14,1836
R2342 2 Attestation Paper, Canadian Over-Seas Expeditionary Force re Hilton (Harry) Whitlock Smale b.May 11,1880 Dd Jun.28,1915 Calgary, Alberta, Harry gs Jonas & Sally (Whitlock) Smale from Lawrence Otis
R2343 2 Legion Magazine Mar/Apr 2003 article by Jeremy Whitlock, Deep River, Ont from Lawrence Otis
R2344 1 Barbour Collection pg408 re marriage John Whitlock & Maria Spellman Feb.12,1822 Cornwall, Ct from Iola Ebendorf
R2345 1 CreamHill Agricultural School Students, 1845-1869 re Charles M. Whitlock (1837-1922) & Walter B. Whitlock (1836?-??) from Iola Ebendorf
R2346 1 Castleton, Vt history re John & Jemima (Benedict) Whitlock (M1760's) from Iola Ebendorf
R2347 2 Will of Charles Edward Whitlock formerly of Charleston, SC now of Addlestone, Chertsey, SRY Dd May 29,1821 Pr Jul.18,1822
R2348 3 Will of Daniel Whitlock Scott of Sudbury, SFK Dd Dec.12,1835 Pr May 25,1841
R2349 2 Will of Susanna Whitlock of Great Coram Street, Brunswick Square, [LND] Dd Feb.24,1853 Pr Apr.13,1857
R2350 3 Will of William Whitlock of Silverstone, NTH Dd Jan.18,1843 Pr Jan.15,1847
R2351 1 Will of Thomas Whitlock of Montpelier Row, South Lambeth, Surrey Dd Jun.13,1843 Pr Jun.30,1849
R2352 2 Will of John Whitlock of Barley, HRT Dd Nov.2,1807 Pr Dec.2,1808
R2353 3 Will of Whitlock Nichol of Adamsdown, Glamorgan, WLS Dd Jul.2,1853 Pr Oct.15,1853
R2354 4 Will of Samuel Whitlocke Gandy of Plymouth, DEV Dd Mar.2,1826 Pr Apr.3,1852
R2355 2 Will of Thomas Whitlock of Saint John's College , Oxford, OXF Dd Jan.8,1847 Pr Apr 5,1850
R2356 2 Ont Marriages 1860-1868 from Ellen Penner