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R0078 p365 Goochland Co. [Va] Grantor Deed Indexes & Deeds
R0078 p43 Will of Charles Whitlock 1814, witness Charles Beasley, Edmund Beasley
R0078 p55 Index to Virginia quarterlies - Whitelock
R0078 p 89 Misc Whitlock/Gullock of Somerset & London research
R0078 p459 English Duplicates of Lost Virginia Records by Louis des Cognets Jr., 1981 re List of Patents signed in October 1701 re Pamunkey Neck in King & Queen Co., Va
R0078 p394 1820 census Ky
R0078 p295 Wokingham [Berks] Borough Records 1630-1748
R0078 p312 Wokingham [Berks] Burials 1675-1688
R0078 p4 N.C. census 1790
R0078 p554 Map of the Diocese of Virginia (as of 1964)
R0078 p 69 Rappahannock [Va] Records
R0078 p363 Louisa Co. [Va] Grantor & Grantee Index to 1810
R0078 p537 (Duplicate pages)
R0078 p 78 1790 census Va
R0078 p337 Bishops transcripts of Wokingham [Berks]
R0078 p417 N.C. Stokes Co. Grantor & Grantee Index & Deeds
R0078 p 7-14 Descent from Thomas Whitlock of NJ from 1660's
R0078 p425 N.C. Surry Co. Marriage Bonds
R0078 p 4 Letter from J.D. Eggleston to Mr. F.G. Kurr Dd Jul.26,1945 re Charles & Elizabeth (Rea) Whitlock (Cont. on pg 76)
R0078 p419 Indenture Dd Sep?.8?,1801 between Jesse Watkins of County of Stokes, NC & Charles Whitlock of same, £60, land in Stokes Co., Little Buck Island Creek being part of Grant given Charles Elliott bearing date the third day of November 1784, in Henry West... line, Henry Watkins line, witness Henry Watkins & David Simmonds (See R1169)
R0078 p359 Goochland Co. [Va] wills
R0078 p284 Leighton Buzzard [Beds] and its Hamlets by Robert Richmond, 1928 re Whitlock memorial in All Saints' Church (Cont. R78/294)
R0078 p548 Index Virginia Genealogies
R0078 p484 Will of Mary Whitlock of County & Parish of Henrico, Va 1786
R0078 p 75 Extracts from Va quarterlies
R0079 2 Will of Joseph Whitlock of Pitton Dd Apr.11,1741 Pr Mar.5,1741 by wife Martha from Aubrey Mansfield
R0080 1 Photocopy of Pitton/Farley Bishop's Transcripts 1739 from Aubrey Mansfield
R0081 81 Research by Wanda Lockwood-Sequera into Whitlock families of Virginia & New Jersey
R0082 2 Will of Samuel Whitlock of Warren, CT Dd 20 Feb.1793 Pr Mar.9,1795 from Pam Hallock
R0083 4 Will of William Smale of Frithelstock, Devon Dd.Nov.15, 1834 Pr.Jan.19,1839 (value under £12,000) from W.J. Whitlock
R0084 9 An Inquiry as to the heirs at law of Maria Stebbins who died intestate, in New York Apr.8,1875 from Pam Hallock
R0085 2 Mar.1905 Obit of Henry Elliott, J.P. who came to P.E.I.. in 1831 with Whitlock family
R0086 1 Death Certicate of William Hastie Feb.10,1925 at Drummoyne, N.S.W., Australia from Margaret Cohoe
R0087 1 Death Certificate of Zillah Hastie Apr.25,1945 at Balmain, N.S.W., Australia (d.of William & Selina (Whitlock) Redcliffe) from Margaret Cohoe
R0088 5 Families of Old Fairfield (CT) from Pam Hallock
R0089 2 Dictionary of Printers 1668-1725 by Henry R. Plomer plus Stationers' Co. Apprentices 1641-1700 by D.K. McKenzie (1974) re John Whitlock 1690's from T.Lavin
R0090 2 Stationers' Co. Apprentices 1701-1800 (1978) re George Whitlock 1719 & Thomas Whitlock 1729 from Tony Lavin
R0091 2 List of unclaimed letters, Victoria, B.C. Post Office Apr.23,1861 re Whitlock, C.
R0092 1 Index to 1881 Census of B.C. re Alfred Whitlock
R0093 1 Whitlocks of Frithelstock - Arms from Pam Shields
R0094 2 Photocopy of Emigrants From England "Port of London, Feb.1776" by Gerald Fothergill, 1976 re Mr.Willm Whitlock - from Vona Smith
R0095 2 Will of Solomon Whitlock of New Brunswick dated 30th October 1829 from Gerry Gower
R0096 1 Photocopy of page 403 of Annals of Newtown, in Queens County, New York re William Whitlock who marriage Jane Hallett from Laura M. Foltinek
R0097 8 Will of John Parsons of Farley, Wilts. dated 21st January 1806 from Claude Parsons
R0098A 1 Photocopy of Naval Allotment of William Hodgson dated 27th Sept.1899 signed by Ernest Whitelock Magistrate for North Riding, Yorks from Mary Hodgson
R0098B 25 Thomas Judd's family Birthday Calendar 1981 from Pam Smith
R0099 4 Hampshire Family Historian Vol.10:2 family of Stephen & Sarah Whitlock (M.1790's?) from Val Melanson
R0100 1 Photocopy Loyalists' Centennial Souvenir p.158-159 re Jane A. d.of William & Jane Whitlock d.1807, from Vona Smith
R0101 1 Copy of Waterborough Parish, New Brunswick Map #128 Lot 29 William Whitlock from Kay Leonard
R0102 4 Photocopy from "Wiltshire" by Ralph Whitlock p.82-85,112 re Wishford, Wilts from Les Brown
R0103 1 Memorial Cards: Bertha Whitlock Truscott d.1947, John Oliver Truscott d.1946, Daniel Oliver d.1901 from Helen Oliver
R0104 1 Auction flyer re sale of farm stock of Daniel Oliver of Blanchard, Ontario Mar.19,1891 from Helen Oliver
R0105 24 Letters written by Frank M. Whitlock of Marietta, Ohio to Leslie Whitlock of Holsworthy, Devon July 30,1941 - May 8,1945
R0106 2 Photocopy of Will and Probate of John Whitelock, Marriner d.July 1740 from Les Brown
R0107 2 Photocopy of Will and Probate of Sarah Whitlock, singlewoman of Southampton 1827 from Les Brown
R0108 2 Photocopy of Will and Probate of John Whitlock of Froghams, Fordingbridge Dd 1822 Proved 1831 from Les Brown
R0109 1 Marriage Agreement between Elston Whitlocke and Henry Robins, father of Margrett Robins Dd 27 Nov. 1700
R0110 1 Legion,July 1982 p.43 re deaths of Clarence H, Sgt. Robert J., & Pte. William J. Whitelock from Tom Woods
R0111 1 Photocopy of Parish Register of Monkleigh, Devon Deaths 1562-1566 from Jean Cooper
R0112 p179 Research Calendar
R0112 p 21 Tyler's Quarterly Historical and Genealogical Magazine Vol.IV, 1923 re Mrs. Lucretia Whitlock, North Carolina, 1770's
R0112 p 36 Abstracts of the Inquistitions Post Mortem relating to the City of London returned into the High Court of Chancery Henry VII re Thomas Whitlock 1560
R0112 p 51 Index to Chancery proceedings 1649-1714 to be researched
R0112 p 64 Chancery Proceedings (Many entries highlighted - unreadable)
R0112 p 95 PCC Letters of Adminstration 1620-1630, Inclusive indexes to wills by J.H. Morrison 1935
R0112 p215 Archdeaconry Court of London wills & admins 1368-1781; Wills & admins of the Minor Courts at Somerset House, Court of Delegates, Muniment Books; Wills & admins of the Minor Courts at Somerset House, Calendars of Minor Court Wills Westminster 1504-1858; Dean and Chapter of St.Pauls 1608-1633
R0112 p 52 David L. Zolman & Associates, Research Report, Olsen, Mar.20,1982
R0112 p 88 David L. Zolman & Associates, Research Report, Olsen, Jul.8,1982
R0112 p121 Various Whitlock entries submitted for Temple ordinances
R0112 p11 Letter from White House, Mar.29, 1982 re Nancy Reagan's Whitlocks
R0112 p111 Stone B.T.'s Gloc 1578-1812; Year Book of Probates from 1630 - abstracts Probates Acts in the PCC (Too light to read)
R0112 p115 PCC wills #146 Fairfax, p.66 Will of John Herne WD 1623 WP 1649 (Too light to read)
R0112 p 3 Wills and Adminstrations 1520-1800 PCC; Cases in the Court of Arches 1660-1913 re Andrew v Whitelocke, 1682 (Sir.Matt. A. Knt.) of Walton-on-Thames, Surrey Carleton W. A.15
R0112 p214 Commissary Court of London wills & admins 1585-1720
R0112 p 93 Research Calendar
R0112 p18 HEARN-WHITLOCK marriage 1981 London IGI, Norfolk 1981 IGI, Gloc & Dorset 1981 IGI (Too light to read)
R0112 p194 Register of Burials at the Temple Church 1628-1853 (Cont from pg 183); St.Nicholas Cole Abbey Burials 1665 (John Herne); Jurisdiction of various parishes for matters of probate
R0112 p25 Boyd's Marriage Index 3rd series London; Harefield Middlesex register; St.Margaret's Westminster, St.Vedast, Foster Lane & St.Michael Le Quern (all Herne)
R0112 p117 PCC wills Farifax #40 1649 Will of John Horne (Too light to read)
R0112 226 PCC wills, Chancery Proceedings in particular exploring Herne and Hooker family connections and the Whitlocks of Wokingham, Berks. re Whitlocks of Virginia from Pearl Olsen via Richard Price
R0112 p26 St.Vedast Foster Lane, parish register; St.Dunstan, Stepney parish register; St.Margaret Patten, London parish register (all Herne)
R0112 p187 Archdeacon Court London wills 1669,1676,1677 (Hearne, Hooker, Whitlock)
R0112 p22 Adminstration of John Whitlock of St.Martin Ludgate, London, 1696
R0112 p 1 Genealogies of Virginia Families from the Virginia Magazine of History and Biography Vol.V Randolph - Zouch, 1981
R0112 p146 Herne, Hooker & Whitlock Family Group Sheets
R0112 p118 PCC wills Essex #39 Will of John Horne of Kent (Too light to read)
R0112 p19 PCC wills folio 231 1655 (Too light to read)
R0112 p183 Boyd's London Burial Index re John Herne 1676; St.Giles Cripplegate Burials 1651 re John Herne; St.Bartholmew by the Exchange Burials 1677 re John Herne; St.Giles without Cripplegate Burials 1676 re John Herne; Register of Burials at the Temple Church 1628-1853 re John Herne 1676
R0112 p29 Maps of London showing parishes by The Institute fo Heraldic and Genealogical Studies
R0112 p 23 Genealogies of Virginia Families from Tyler's Quarterly Historical and Genealogical Magazine Vol.IV Walter-Yearley by Gary Parks 1981 re will of David Whitlock 1798 and James Whitlock 1733 both of Hanover Co., Va.
R0112 p112 Probate Acts Vol.2-4, 1635-1649 (Too light to read)
R0112 p119 Rappahannock Co., Va records
R0112 p186 Consistory Court London wills & admins 1670-79 (Herne)
R0112 p 18 Prerogative Court of Canterbury Will Index Vol.80 1694-1700
R0112 p 41 Emigrant report of Whitelock in Virginia up to 1700 by Francis Leeson
R0112 p 62 Research Calendar
R0112 p116 PCC wills Fenner #51 Will of Nicholas Herne (Too light to read)
R0112 p113 PCC wills #145 Fairfax, Will of John Herne
R0112 p 8 Letter from Peter M. Whitlock Dd Sep.13,1981
R0112 p192 Topographical Dictionary of London by James Elmes 1831 re "Temple"
R0112 p173 David L. Zolman & Associates, Research Report, Olsen, Jan.13,1983
R0112 p 43 IGI coverage of English counties
R0112 p 6 Research Calendar
R0112 p17 Boyd's Marriage Index and 1981 IGI Va. Suffolk Boyd's marriage 1625-1675 (Too light to read)
R0112 p 26 Correspondence with Simeon Clarke 1981
R0112 p 99 PCC Register "Scroope" 1630 Abstracts and Index by J.H. Morrison, 1934
R0112 p27 CFI (Herne)
R0112 p 33 Abstracts of Wiltshire Inquisitions Post Mortem returned into the Court of Chancery in the reign of King Charles I by Fry & Fry 1901, reprint 1968 re Robert Ball, land in Wokingham, Berks
R0112 p138 David L. Zolman & Associates, Research Report, Olsen, Nov.8,1982
R0112 p 31 Index Chancery Proceedings Charles I 1624-1649 S-Z
R0112 p 85 English Estates of American Colonists by Peter Wilson Coldham, 1980
R0112 p 83 Virginia Genealogies, Vol.2 compiled by Brown, Heppner, Myers & Sipe
R0112 p136 The Index Library, Index to Testamentary Records in the Archdeaconry Court of London Vol.I 1363-1649 by Marc Fitch 1979 (re Herne family)
R0112 p 1 Institute of Family Research Inc. Research Report to Pearl Olsen Oct.15,1981
R0112 p16 Index Library, Marriage Licence Allegations Bishop of London 1597-1648 (Too light to read)
R0112 p133 Extra Volume, Year Book of Probates, Sentences and Complete Index Nominum 1630-1639 by Matthews & Matthews 1907
R0112 p 44 PRO Lists and Indexes
R0112 p195 Historical and Genealogical Miscellany New Jersey by John E. Stillwell Vol.V, 1970 Whitlock of Monmouth County
R0112 p 29 Index to Chancery Proceedings 1649-1714; A Calendar of Marriage licences issued by the Faculty Office commencing 1632; Wills and Administrations in the Peculiar Court Dean of Sarum, Vol II, Dorset wills 1658-1799; The Act Books of the Archbishop of Canterbury
R0112 p24 Searches conducted for will of John Whitlock
R0112 p189 Dictionary of London by Henry A. Harben 1918 re "Temple"
R0112 p217 Family Group Records of Whitlocks of London
R0112 p185 Archdeaconry Court London wills 1600-1700
R0112 p 38 Historical and Genealogical Miscellany New Jersey by John E. Stillwell Vol.V, 1970
R0112 p212 PCC wills (Herne)
R0112 p122 Year Books of Probates from 1630 PCC by Matthews & Matthews 190-
R0113 7 Photocopies of Military Records of Richard A. Whitlock of Watertown, New York 1864-1865 from Cuma Schofield
R0114 3 Cleveland F.H.S. Vol.2:7 p.18-23 re James Whitelock 1803-1874 of Hartlepool by Raymond J. Skinner from Val Melanson
R0115 2 Photocopy of Burial Extract of the Mission of Coteau du Lac, Montreal 1832 re John Whitlock of Vaudreuil from Cuma Schofield
R0116 2 Photocopy of "Historic Hudson, Old Cavagnal", Quebec by Celia Nelson 1975 re Whitlock House, home of William Coley Whitlock son of Capt. John Whitlock of Queen's American Rangers from Cuma Schofield
R0117 5 Photocopy of Will of John Whitlock of Vaudreuil, Montreal, Quebec Dd 1829 Proved 1834 from Cuma Schofield
R0118 1 Copy of The News-Times, Danbury, Conn Jul.3,1984 re Whitlock brothers Joseph & Nephi sons of John & Salli Whitlocki n Battle of Gettysburg July 1,1863 from Marion Ehrhart (and others)
R0119 8 Large survey map of Pitton & Farley, Wilts from Claude Parsons
R0120 1 Photocopy page 141 of "The Mary Rose" by Margaret Rule re Peter Whitock, the Trust's P. R. Officer from Val Melanson
R0121 1 Photocopy of will of George Whitlock Wood and Coal Dealer of Hursley, Hampshire Dd.1868 Pr.1873 from Les Brown
R0122 3 Photocopy of will of William Whitlock, Priest of Bramdean Wilts. Dd & Pr. 1554 incl inventory from Les Brown
R0123 3 Photocopy of pages 145,170&171 of "The Reverend Richard Bradford" by Grace D. McGibbon
R0124 35 Photocopy of pages of "Cavagnal 1820-1867" by John B. Thompson
R0125 8 Photocopy of Agreement dated 10 August 1826 between G.S. Henshaw & Charles Whitlock of Vaudreuil Quebec re: land in Lennox, Mass.
R0126 3 Photocopy of Letter of Attorney from Samuel M. McKay to G.S.Henshaw Dd August 1,1825
R0127 3 Photocopy of Letter of Attorney from John Whitlock to Charles Whitlock Dd August 3,1825
R0128 11 Photocopy of Montreal Kings Bench case 1827 re John Whitlock & Samuel M. McKay - Judgement
R0129 5 Photocopy of Deed of Sale The Hon.Lewis Geigy, Sheriff to John Whitlock May 1,1828
R0130 5 Photocopy of statement in french Dd Dec.9,1829 re John Whitlock of Vaudreuil, Quebec
R0131 4 Photocopy of statement in french Dd Nov.4,1829 re John Whitlock of Vaudreuil, Quebec
R0132 8 Photocopy of extracts from "le Mouvement Insurrectionnel dans la Presqu'ile de Vaudreuil 1837-1838
R0133 15 Photocopies of pages from "The History of the Anglican Parish of Vaudreuil" by Rev.E.C.Royle
R0134 19 Photocopy of "St.James Anglican Church Cemetery" by Ottawa Branch, Ontario Genealogical Society; (REF123-134 from CUMA SCHOFIELD)
R0135 1 Memorial card from Georgia James re death of her son Dany James July 23,1984
R0136 1 Photocopy of record of marriage of E. H. Whitlock & Martha A. Wills at Petersburg, VA from Lucy Atkins
R0137 1 Photocopy of Oath re marriage of E.H. Whitlock & Martha A. Wills from Lucy Atkins
R0138 1 Photocopy of bond re marriage of E.H. Whitlock & Martha A. Wills from Lucy Atkins
R0139 2 Photocopy of pages 14-17 Cleveland F.H.S. Journal Vol.2:9 re Jane Whitelock 1739-1794 from V. Melanson
R0140 1 Photocopy of Smith Family Bible showing marriage of Thomas & Jane Smith 1819 and births of five children at Chelsea, London from Edward Whitlock
R0141 13 Photocopy of Appraisal and Division of the estate of John Whitlock of Castleton, VT 1814 from I. Ebendorf
R0142 4 Will of John Whitelock of Sheffield, formerly of East Retford, Nottingham, Linen Draper dated Nov.14,1835 Proved Sep.24,1838 from "a member of the BCGS"
R0143 4 Langtree Manor Court rolls 1536/1537 (in Latin)
R0144 2 Lord Rolle Papers pre 1603 re Langtree, Devon
R0145 1 Hearth Tax Langtree 1640/41
R0146 2 Apprenticeship Indentures, Devon re Henry son of Elston Whitlock of Langtree, Clerk Apr.20,1723
R0147 2 Will of John Whitlocke of Warkleigh dated October 3, 1651 Proved at London Nov.20,1651
R0148 5 Will of Samuel Whitlocke (son of Elston Whitlock) dated 1773-1781 Proved at London Sep.17,1781
R0149 1 Typed extracts from Will of Thomas Whitlocke, Vicar of ffremegton Dated Nov.12,1578 Proved Dec.12,1578
R0150 1 Typed extract of Will of Elston Whitlocke Dated Jun.10, 1730 Proved Aug.24,1731
R0151 1 Typed extract of Will of Philip Whitlocke of Lyons Inn dated Mar.2,1714 Proved Jun.9,1716
R0152 2 Typed extract of Will of John Whitlocke of Lincolns Inn Dated May. 1,1750 Proved Nov.15,1750
R0153 2 Records of the Inland Revenue Land Tax Redemption Office 1798, Langtree, Devon
R0154 1 Barnstaple Hundred 1274 re Henry Wytlok
R0155 1 Madras Military Fund Registers re John Whitlock
R0156 1 Feoffment to the uses of a Will 1488, St. Mary Steps Exeter re William Whytlok' (Ref143-156) from Jim Whitelock of Plymouth, Devon
R0157 4 A History of The Whitlock Family by Robert Harrison Whitlock. A brief Outline of the Whitlock family in England with detail on the Virginia branch
R0158 2 Extract from "Canada's First City, Saint John" re Loyalist Whitlocks of New Brunswick from Pat Cook
R0159 2 Tennessee Marriage Records 1783-1870 from C. Rockett
R0160 1 Biographical Record of Oklahoma re Napoleon Whitlock son of Dudley R. Whitlock of Alabama from C. Rockett & Betty Hallowell (NAPWHIT1.JPG) (NAPWHIT2.JPG)
R0161 2 Heart of Texas Vol.28:1 re Osage Cemetery from Val Melanson
R0162 1 Will of George Whitlock of Granville Co., North Carolina Dd Aug.1,1773 Pr.May 1774 from Bob Whitlock
R0163 4 Loyalists of the American Revolution by Lorenzo Sabine pages 424,428,595 from Cuma Schofield
R0164 1 Copy of letter from Matilda Whitlock Dd. 3 Feb. 1836 re imprisonment of husband William in Montreal Gaol Sir John Colborne's papers (MG24, A40) Vol.7 pg 1644 Public Archives of Canada from Cuma Schofield
R0165 1 Capper's Weekly Sep.24,1985 re quote by Bulstrode Whitelocke from Iola Ebendorf
R0166 1 Benedicts in America re marriage of Jemima Benedict & John Whitlock from Iola Ebendorf
R0167 1 Gilbert Gallery Vol.I Jan,1986 re Gershom Gilbert & Eunice Whitlock (M1770's) from Donna Phillips
R0168 1 Obit of Sadie Whitlock 1891-1986 of Oak Park, Illinois from J.H.P. Whitlock
R0169 5 British Expeditions to South America 1806-1807 re: General John Whitelocke's assault on Buenos Ayres from Jean Cole
R0170 6 North Carolina Marriage Bonds 1741-1868 from Chuck Rockett
R0171 1 Ohio Wills & Estates to 1850 from Chuck Rockett
R0172 1 Robinson's History of Greene Co., Ohio 1803-1820 from Chuck Rockett
R0173 1 West Kingston, R.I. Court of Common Pleas 1741-1749 Re will of George Whitlock of Boston from Chuck Rockett
R0174 6 Jose de San Martin re Gen. John Whitelock's assault on Buenos Ayres, 1807 from John R. Whitlock
R0175 1 Will of George Whitlock, Merchant of Boston Dd. Apr.22,1743 Proved Jun.14,1743 Susanna Dumares Executrix from Chuck Rockett
R0176 1 Page 8&9 of Devon Family Historian #38 April 1986 re Port Books 1618-1660 showing Richard Bennett
R0177 3 Will of Benjamin Whitlock of Meigs Co., Ohio Dd Aug.19,1841 Pr.May 11,1842 from Chuck Rockett
R0178 2 Page 349 of "A Genealogical Dictionary of First Settlers of New England" by James Savage 1969 re Abraham & Rose (Whitlock) Parker (M1644); from Ursula Kilner
R0179 2 Page 522 of above re John Whitlock d.1658 of Conn.; from Ursula Kilner
R0180 2 Page 351 of "Founders of Early American Families" by Meredith B. Colket, 1985 re Thomas Whitlock of N.J.; from Ursula Kilner
R0181 2 Page 809 of "New England Marriages Prior to 1700" by C.A. Torrey 1985 re Whitlocks of CT & NY; from Ursula Kilner
R0182 4 Mount Holyoke College, Alumnae Register 1983 from Ursula Kilner
R0183 2 1871 Census of Scotland extracts from Esme Trotter
R0184 1 History of Old Kent Bank-Central re C. William Whitlock, from Pam Hallock
R0185 1 Shiawassee Steppin' Stones Vol.15, Book 1, Sep.1985 list of Whitlock deaths 1846-1896 from Pam Hallock
R0186 1 Warminster Poor Law Union 1859 from Jean Cole