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File Length (pages) Page Description
R0187 5 Copy of Family Record in possession of Mrs. George Allen of Danbury, Conn. 1936 from Ellen L. Jacobus
R0188 1 History of Ridgefield, CT by George L. Rockwell p.78,79 re Henry Whitlock stageman from Ellen L. Jacobus
R0189 2 Maps of Wokingham, Berks 1881 & 1913 fr Jim Whitelock
R0190 1 Pencil Sketch of Beaches Manor from Jim Whitelock
R0191 2 Map of land owners in Penniac, N.B. from E. Bowman
R0192 p67 Izard B. Whitlocke clerk of Henrico Co. court certifies deed in Deed Book "C" 8 Aug 1815 They Came to Ky by Kirkwood
R0192 p11-12 Virginia Tax Payers 1782-87 by Fothergill & Naugle; PA Land & Tax records 1750-1780; PA military records 1777-1814; KY wills to 1851; VA Surveys & Grants 1774-1791; KY Gazette 1787-1800; KY land records 1782-1924; misc VA records 1657-1947 incl
R0192 p71 Historical Notes on Amelia Co., Va by Hadfield, 1982
R0192 p75 Marriages of some Va residents 1607-1800 by Dorothy Ford Wulfeck from Chuck Rockett
R0192 p5-8 Fayette Co., Cincinnati District
R0192 p1-2 Early Ohio Settlers 1800-1840 by Berry & Berry 1986
R0192 p73 Marriages of Goochland Co. Va 1733-1815 by Williams
R0192 p72 Louisa Co., Rood Orders 1742-28 by Pawlett, 1975
R0192 p7 Marriages & Deaths from Lynchburg , Va Newspapers 1794-1836; Frederick Co. Marriages 1771-1825; Page Co. Marriages 1831-64
R0192 p74 Henrico Parish Va (Annals & History) by Moore, 1979
R0192 p69 Buckingham Co., VA 1800 Tax List; Culpepper Co., VA; History of Orange Co., VA by Scott; York Co., Wills, Deeds & Orders 1657-1662; Marriages of Goochland Co. 1733-1815 by Williams, 1986; Notes on Southside VA by Watson,1977
R0192 p3-4 Ohio Soldiers, Sailors and Marines, World War, 1917-18
R0192 p66 Jefferson Co. KY Will Book A 1784-1812; Master Index VA Surveys & Grants 1774-1791; KY Gazette 1787-1800; KY Pioneers & their Descendants by Fowler
R0192 75 Virginia Research
R0192 p9 WA 1880
R0192 p1 Passenger & Immigration list List, 1984-6 supplements
R0193 1 89th Regiment of Foot 1807 re John Whitelocke (1758-1833) from Pat Knight
R0194 1 Wilson Co. KS, marriages 1864-1900; Sedgwick Co. Kansas re F.W. Whitlock, M.D.; Republic Co., KS re J.G. Whitelock of Chester, Neb.; Kearney Co., Neb. re Mary, wife of Hiram P. Whitlock of VT.; The Beginnings of the West 1540-1854 by Louise Barry re Dr. John M. Whitlock from Chuck Rockett (Gwen Hurst)
R0195 2 Gentry Family Gazette & Genealogy Exchange #32, Aug.1986 re connections of Gentry and Whitlock families of VA from Bob Whitlock
R0196 1 Rotary Club of Hamilton, Ontario Dec.1983 re Dr.W.L.(Les) Whitelock, Pres. 1958-9 from Loretta Whitelock
R0197 1 Genealogical Helper Sep-Oct 1984 re Robert Whitlock -M-(1)Rebecca Anna French, -M-(2)Mary Catherine Cape, copies of Civil War documents from Chuck Rockett
R0198 1 Probate of the estate of Elisah Whitlock of Witney, Oxfordshire, blankett maker by Margarett Whitlock, widow Sep.27,1753 from Kevin Dowd
R0199 1 Probate of the estate of Thomas Whitlock of Ducklington, Oxfordshire by Anne Whitlock, widow Dec.12,1778 from Kevin Dowd
R0200 1 Family Bible entries 1835-1855 re family of John & Catherine (Foster) Whitelock (M1835) from Fay Bailey
R0201 1 The History of Middletown (NJ) by E.W.Mandeville 1927 re Thomas Whitlock 1667 from Jane Hendrickson
R0202 5 The Unpublished Diary of Sir Bulstrode Whitelocke article by Ruth Spalding written for Whitlock News.
R0203 1 The Savanah Cemeteries- Andrew County (Missouri) Hist. Soc. Mar.1985 re Columbus G. Whitlock family from Donna Sand
R0204 6 Printed references to the family of Abraham & Rose (Whitlock) Parker (M1644) from Donna Sand
R0205 2 Genealogy of the Macy Family 1635-1868 by Silvanus Macy 1868 re John & Lydia (Macy) Whitlock (M1858) from Donna Sand
R0206 2 History of Martha's Vineyard by Charles Edward Banks 1966 from Donna Sand
R0207 2 The Plantagenet Roll of the Blood Royal 1907 re family of Richard Hutchins & Frances (Storer) Whitlock (M1800) from Oliver F. Clarke
R0208 4 Alumni Cantabrigienses 1927 from Ruth Spalding
R0209 1 Revised Roster of Vermont Volunteers 1861-66 from Chuck Rockett
R0210 2 Oregon Donation Land Claims pre 1853 re Oliver M. Whitlock from Chuck Rockett
R0211 2 Record of California Troops re James H. Whitlock company "F" 1861 from Chuck Rockett
R0212 1 DAR Patriot Index 1986 from Chuck Rockett
R0213 3 Will of Philip Sydenham of Binham, Somerset dated 22 January 1763 from Jim Whitelock
R0214 1 Old Cleeve 1838 (Somerset) map from Jim Whitelock
R0215 2 Bishop of Bath & Wells Right of Patronage re Old Cleeve Vicarage from Jim Whitelock
R0216 1 Commoners of Great Britain and Ireland 1838 re family of Iltyd & Susanna (Whitlock) Nicholl
R0217 1 Memorial Service for Jesse Harold Phelps Whitlock (1893-1987) of Louisville, KY from James R. Whitlock
R0218 1 The Cackler re Beverly & Marilyn Whitlock, Ontario
R0219 1 Memorial card for Ferne I. Whitlock (1898-1987) from Margay Whitlock
R0220 2 Indenture Dd Nov.10,1806 between Thomas & Susannah Whitlock of Halifax Co., Virginia and Joseph Collins from Betty Whitlock
R0221 1 Disposal of the estate of Thomas Whitlock of Wilson Co., Tennessee 1848 from Betty Whitlock
R0222 1 History of Middle Tennessee Baptists re Elder John Whitlock (1797-1881) from Betty Whitlock
R0223 2 Will of Sarah Jane (Whitelock) Mortimer of Brompton Park South Australia pr Apr.17,1930 from Brenda Baker
R0224 3 Will of William Mortimer of Modbury, South Australia proved May 4, 1875 from Brenda Baker
R0225 1 Genealogical extract re: John Whitelock (1818-1897) of Hindmarsh, South Australia from Brenda Baker
R0226 2 Biographical Index of S.A. 1836-1885 Vol IV from Brenda Baker
R0227 28 U.S. census indexes NY 1860N,IL 1860S,OH 1860,IND 1860N,IND 1860S,FA 1870,MI 1860,AR 1860,BROOKLYN 1860,CT 1860,NJ 1860, Albama 1860,GA 1860,NEBRASKA 1870,SC 1860,TN 1870(CANADA NB1851) fr Chuck Rockett
R0228 1 Descent of James & Nancy (Whitlock) Godphrey (M1820's) of Wilson Co., Tennessee fr Betty Whitlock
R0229 1 Descent of Warren & Susan (Whitlock) Davenport (M1825) of Cannon Co., Tennessee from Betty Whitlock
R0230 1 Westmoreland Co. Pennsylvania Vol.V #2 re Michael Whitlock, Uniontown, blacksmith 1780 fr Chuck Rockett
R0231 2 Marriage & Deaths from the New Yorker 1836-1841 from Chuck Rockett
R0232 2 Abbeville, SC wills and bonds re Harriet (Wardlaw) Whitlock wife of Thomas L. Whitlock 1852 fr Chuck Rockett
R0233 1 The Flowering of the Maryland Palatinate re warrent Dd Jul.20,1652 - 2000 ac for Mr. Samuell Whitlock (1651-1690) one of the sons of Lord Whitlock from Chuck Rockett
R0234 1 Bucks County Intelligencer, Doylestown, Pennsylvania marriages 1835-1860 re Whitelock
R0235 3 1851 Census of Bedminster, Bristol, Somerset from Doris Crawford
R0236 2 1861 Census Dereham, Ontario from Fay Bailey
R0237 2 History of Morganton, NC from Georgia Crabtree
R0238 3 Bible records re family of Tarlton Whitlock Clay Co., Mo & William & Sally Radford (Ball) Whitlock (M1834) from Georgia Crabtree
R0239 15 Pension records of Robert M. Whitlock (1844-1937) of Edinburg, Indiana from Dora DeVaun
R0240 1 Discharge from 4th Royal South Middlesex Militia for Edward Whitlock Mar.22,1878 from Ted Whitlock
R0241 5 Will of Agnes (Planner) Whitlock (1537?-1630?) Dd Jun.8,1629 Wife of John Whitlock (1509?-1589) from Jim Whitelock
R0242 3 Will of William Whitlock of Wokingham, Berkshire Pr Jul.29,1631 from Jim Whitelock
R0243 1 The Ledgers of Moses Scott, M.D. of New Brunswick, New Jersey 1780's; James Whitlock & Peggy Smith 1802; Thomas Whitlock & Cathaline Spier 1760's;NJ rateables 1778-1786 from Chuck Rockett
R0244 1 Map of Counties of Tennessee from Betty Whitlock
R0245 4 1850,1860,1870 Census TN from Betty Whitlock
R0246 1 1860 Census Philadelphia, PA from Chuck Rockett
R0247 2 Probate of the will of Samuel Benedict of Danbury, Connecticut May 30, 1796 from Iola Ebendorf
R0248 2 1862-63 Ordnance Survey map of Plympton, Devon showing Vealeholme from Jim Whitelock
R0249 2 1463 Inquisition post mortem of John Stourton incl Velham, Plympton, Devon, from Jim Whitelock
R0250 1 Canadian Who's Who 1987 re James Whitlock Westaway
R0251 1 1851 Census of Charlotte Co. N.B., from Vona Smith
R0252 3 Will of Agnes (De la Beche?) Whitloke Dd Mar.26,1491 Pr May 15,1491 at Canterbury, Kent from Jim Whitelock
R0253 2 Burke's Peerage re Charles Edward Stourton, 26th Baron Mowbray, 27th Baron Segrave & 23rd Baron Stourton re Stourton family
R0254 3 Burke's Peerage re Sir Roger Edward Lloyd Lloyd Mostyn, 5th Baron Mostyn re descent from Thomas & Elizabeth (Whitlock) Mostyn (M1623)
R0255 2 Extracts from Encyclopedia Britannia re Canterbury Cathedral (Saint Augustine's Monastery)
R0256 6 US census, 1870 Delaware; 1870 Minnesota; 1860 Connecticut; 1850-70 Utah; 1860 Vermont; 1860 Texas from Chuck Rockett
R0257 1 John & Sarah Reynolds of Watertown, MA, 1924 re: Warren & Amanda (Reynolds) Whitlock (M1828) from Chuck Rockett
R0258 2 Will of Martha J. (Bates) Whitlock Dd 31 Oct.1903 from Ruth Ernst
R0259 1 Victoria County Histories - Bedfordshire re: J. Whitloke 1483 from Jim Whitelock
R0260 1 Harl. MSS 433 Honyden, Bedfordshire 1483 re: J. Whitloke from Jim Whitelock
R0261 1 Cavaliers and Pioneers - Patent Book 9 re John Whitlock of Pamunkey Neck 1702 from Bob Whitlock
R0262 1 Green Co. PA, Monongahela Valley by Howard L. Leckey from Chuck Rockett
R0263 16 US census 1850,1860 Mississippi; 1860 Minnesota; 1860 Louisiana; 1850 Kentucky; 1870 Kansas; 1850 Indiana; 1840 Illinois; 1850, 1860 Delaware; 1850 Florida; 1870 Dist. of Columbia; 1850,1860 California;1910 Nevada; 1850,1870 New Mexico from Chuck Rockett
R0264 1 Photograph of Graham Bennett's rare 1930 Whitlock Saloon at the Hellingly Festival of Transport from Shirley Smith
R0265 1 Athenae Oxoniensis by Anthony A. Wood 1692 re Richard Whitlock (1616-1666) Author of "Zootomia" & Minister of Ashford, Kent from Tony Lavin
R0266 1 Officers and Enlisted men of Kittery & Eliot, Maine by Oliver P. Remick 1901 re John Whitelock (d.1781)
R0267 7 History of the Queen's Rangers by James Hannay, 1908 re John Whitlock (174?-1832)
R0268 1 US census 1850 North Carolina from Chuck Rockett
R0269 2 Temple Church Register 1628-1853 re bp Bulstrode Whitlocke Dec.1,1647, son of Bulstrode & Frances (Willoughby) Whitlocke also bp of James Bulstrode Whitlocke Feb.7,1757 son of James Bulstrode & Elizabeth Whitlocke (born Jan.21) from Chuck Rockett
R0270 1 Index to Virginians in the Revolution from C. Rockett
R0271 1 Will of Mary (Rowntree) Whitlock Dd Apr.26,1813 & recorded in Union Co., S.C. Jul.5th from Carrie Davis
R0272 31 Patents and Deeds and Other Early Records of New Jersey 1664-1703 by William Nelson 1982 from D. Macy
R0273 2 Pedigree of Blundell, of Crosby - current heir Mark Francis Whitlock b.1950 from Tony Lavin
R0274 1 Memorial card for Stella M. Jones (1897-1988) of Salem, Oregon from Ruby Pantelone
R0275 1 Will & Inv. of Rose (Whitlock) Parker Dd Sep.17,1691 Pr Mar.15,1696 from Margaret Brinckerhoff
R0276 1 Official Register of the Officers & Men of New Jersey in the Revolutionary War from Vona Smith
R0277 1 Will of William Whitlok of Barowe, London Dd Aug.2,1520 Pr Aug.30,1520 from Jim Whitelock
R0278 1 Map of Canterbury showing St. Augustine Abbey from Doreen M. Perrott
R0279 1 Engraving of Ethelberts Tower, St.Augustine's Monastery (fell in 1822) from Doreen M. Perrott
R0280 1 New Brunswick Loyalists by Sharon Dubeau, 1983 from Peggy Cohoe
R0281 2 Washington National Guard Pamphlet Vol.5, Seattle re John D. Whitlock, 1917 from Donna Sand
R0282 1 Washington National Guard Pamphlet Vol.6 re James M. Whitlock of Tacoma from Donna Sand
R0283 1 Muster Rolls of the Soldiers of the War of 1812 Surry, N.C. re Bowen & John Whitlock from Donna Sand
R0284 1 Photo back plates re H.J. Whitlock, Photographer of 11 New Street, Birmingham 1880's from Les Brown
R0285 2 Records of Merton Priory by Major Alfred Heales 1898 re Stephen Witloc 1242/3 from Les Brown
R0286 2 Passing certificate of William Whitlock showing Royal Navy service 1784-1790;Passing certificate of James Bulstrode Whitlock showing Royal Navy service 1805-1811 from Les Brown
R0287 12 Census Indexes, 1860 West N.Y.;South N.Y.;N.Y. City; Brooklyn, N.Y.; 1870 Texas;1860 VA;1870 LA;1860 WVA;from Chuck Rockett
R0288 2 Yankee Point Cemetery, Georgetown, Vermilion Co,Illinois from Douglas L. Whitlock
R0289 2 Whitlock Cemetery, nr. Georgetown, Vermilion Co,Illinois from Douglas L. Whitlock
R0290 2 1850 census Elwood Twp, Vermilion Co., Illinois from Douglas L. Whitlock
R0291 1 1900 Soundex, Colorado from Douglas L. Whitlock
R0292 2 1880 Soundex, Illinois from Douglas L. Whitlock
R0293 2 History of Vermilion Co., Elwood Twp from D.L.Whitlock
R0294 2 E.Tenn Militia cards re John Whitlock Pvt. 1814-1815 from Douglas L. Whitlock
R0295 9 Articles in Jan. & Aug 1988 issues of Lose Weight Naturally by Jennifer Whitlock
R0296 1 Index to Applications for Texas Confederate Pensions by John Kinney, 1977 from Chuck Rockett
R0297 1 1860 & 1870 census Marion Co., Oregon from R.Pantalone
R0298 1 Marion Co, Oregon Probates from Ruby Pantalone
R0299 1 South Australian Genealogist Vol.15,#2 April 1988 re grave of George Albert Whitlock (1854-1872) from Mary Hodgson
R0300 3 Pitton & Farley Parish Guide & Information Handbook, 1973 from Mollie Collins
R0301 82 A Short History of Langtree by A. C. Edgcombe, 1985 from Jim Whitelock
R0302 2 Fawley, Buckinghamshire A short history of the Church and Parish by Geoffrey Tyack, 1986
R0303 16 Methodist Chapel, Pitton, Centenary 1888-1988 by Ralph Whitlock, 1988 from Ralph Whitlock
R0304 1 The Whitlock Crests from Fawley Court, now in Fawley Church from Ruth Spalding
R0305 1 Portrait Medallion of Bulstrode Whitelocke by Abraham Simon 1653/4 from Ruth Spalding
R0306 1 Landmarks of Tompkins Co (1894) p.105 re Charles E. Whitlock b.1855 from Mileta Kilroy
R0307 3 Two Seventeenth Century Prefaces 1949 ed. A.K.Croston p.iii re Richard Whitlock's Zootomia from Tony Lavin
R0308 2 Bibliographical Society of America p.337 re will of Randall Tayler 1689, mentions son-in-law John Whitlock, Stationer of London from Tony Lavin
R0309 1 The Great British Pub Guide, News of the World Sunday Magazine Aug.7,1988 re Whitelocks Pub of Leeds, Yorkshire, from Jim Whitelock
R0310 2 Letter Dd Jan.14,1656 signed by Bulstrode Whitelocke from Jim Whitelock
R0311 1 Portrait of Bulstrode Whitelocke dated 1662 by Isaac Fuller (1606-1672) from Jim Whitelock
R0312 3 Vital Statistics from New Brunswick Newspapers 1837-1838 re death of Charles Earle Whitlock age 18 & Jane (Hallett) Whitlock relict of William Whitlock age 68
R0313 12 Somerset Co. N.J. Historical Quarterly 1912, 1913, 1915 with many Whitlock ref. from Ursula Kilner
R0314 4 LDS Ancestral File - Alpha Index: "??" Whitlock to "Betsey" Whitlock from Pam Shields
R0315 3 Somerset Co.,N.J. Historical Quarterly 1916 from Ursula Kilner
R0316 8 Somerset Co., N.J. Historical Quarterly 1917 from Ursula Kilner
R0317 2 Will of John Whitlock of Elwood, Vermilion Co., Illinois Dd 1887 from Douglas L. Whitlock
R0318 2 Will of Thomas Whitlock of Vermilion Co., Illinois Dd 1878 from Douglas L. Whitlock
R0319 3 Will of David L. Whitlock of Vermilion Co., Illinois Dd 1864 from Douglas L. Whitlock
R0320 4 Index to Marriages & Deaths in the New York Herald 1835-1855 from Chuck Rockett
R0321 5 Middle & East Tennessee marriages by Sistler from Chuck Rockett
R0322 1 Land Deed Genealogy of Bedford Co., TN 1807-1852 by Helen & Timothy Marsh from Chuck Rockett
R0323 1 35,000 TN marriage records & bonds 1783-1870 Vol.#3 from Chuck Rockett
R0324 2 National Cyclopedia of American Biography, p.524-525 re Douglas Whitlock (1904-1973) from Douglas Whitlock
R0325 2 Whitelocke's Coranto written in 1634 by Bulstrode Whitelocke from Ruth Spalding
R0326 1 Five County Book at Mt. Vernon re Thomas William Whitlock of VA with descent to David Archie Whitlock from Georgia James
R0327 1 Sydney Sands Directory 1895 from Denise Wilson
R0328 26 St. Mary's Nottingham, A Short History & Guide by D. J. Peters, 1974 from Ellen Jacobus
R0329 1 1871 census Canada, Ontario, Halton-Peel re Christopher Whitelock from Vona Smith
R0330 4 Old Motor, May 1981, p.23-26 re Whitlock car from Shirley A. Smith
R0331 3 The Great Cars, p.2556-7; The Veteran and Vintage Magazine re The Last of the Whitlocks from Shirley A. Smith
R0332 3 Veteran and Vintage Magazine, p.140-142 "The Six That Satisfies" by Michael Sedgwick re Whitlock car from Shirley A. Smith
R0333 5 Naval Service Record of Isaac Whitelock, July 1859 - Sep 1879 from Maisie Whitelock
R0334 5 Family Bible of Isaac & Esther (Morgan) Whitlock (M1840's) from William A. Ford
R0335 2 Wilson Co. TN. Guardian Settlements 1851-1856 re Robert Whitlock from Bonnie Davis
R0336 2 Wilson Co., TN, Deeds re Thomas Whitlock from Bonnie Davis
R0337 1 Wilson Co., TN Deed book "K" re James Whitlock from Bonnie Davis
R0338 1 Photocopy of 1840 census Wilson Co., TN from Bonnie Davis
R0339 1 Picture chart showing descent from James Alfred & Jane Coleman (Bagby) Whitlock (M1865) from Mattie Ruth Whitlock
R0340 1 1925 map of Buckinghamshire, England from Iris Brant
R0341 1 Something about the Author, Vol.31, p.181 re Pamela Whitlock 1920-1982
R0342 2 Naval Service Record for John Silas Whitelock b.1870 from Maisie Whitelock
R0343 4 Register of Candidates for Admission to Greenwich Hospital School re J.S. Whitelock fr Maisie Whitelock
R0344 1 Virkers, Vol.7 re Descent from Thomas Whitlock (1620?-1703) of N.J. from Vona Smith
R0345 63 Whitlock research material by Wanda Lockwood-Sequera re Whitlock.10 chart from Chuck Rockett
R0346 329 Whitlock Gleanings by Tom Roach, 1982 from Chuck Rockett
R0347 2 The Second Boat, Vol.10:1 Mar.89, page 11 re Thomas & Mary (??) (Seabrook) Whitlock
R0348 3 Pitton & Farley by Michael Parsons, 1988 from Claude Parsons
R0349 2 A Genealogical Index of Pioneers in the Miami Valley, Ohio re Elias & Mary (Johnson) Whitlock fr Donna Sand
R0350 4 Frontier Justice, A Guide to Court Records of Washington Territory 1853-1889 from Donna Sand
R0351 3 Early Ohio Tax Records by Esther W. Powell, 1985 re Thomas G. Whitelock from Donna Sand
R0352 2 Listing of Inhabitants in 1776, Bedford Co. Pennsylvania by Shirley Iscrupe, 1987 re Thomas Whitelock from Donna Sand
R0353 2 The Federal Census 1850 for Preble County, Ohio re Samuel & Berthena (Bowles) Whitlick, Washington Twp from Donna Sand
R0354 2 Richland County Ohio Abstracts of Wills 1813-1873 by Anne L.D.Budd, 1974 re Amelia (Carr) Whitelock d.of Thomas & Mary Carr from Donna Sand
R0355 3 Records included in Vol.1, 19th century Tennessee Church Records from Donna Sand
R0356 4 Maps of Alabama 1815,1827,1866 & today from Donna Sand
R0357 12 North Carolina Genealogical Society Journal Vol.IX,#1 Feb.1983 Bacon's Rebellion in Virginia and Its Suffers, 1676-1677 by Hugh Buckner Johnston from Dora DeVaun
R0358 2 Family Bible of John Bell & Louisa (Bunch) Whitlock (M1889) from Ruby Pantalone
R0359 4 Indian Wars Pensions 1892-1926 Vol.II L-Z, 1987; Directory of Province of Ontario 1857; Offical Army Register (Civil War) from Chuck Rockett
R0360 1 Tippah Co., MS, U.S.A. deaths re Thomas C. Whitlock d.1856 & Hannah Whitlock d.1850 fr Bonnie Upton Davis
R0361 4 Whitlock Bible records, New York from M.F. Kilroy
R0362 431 Descendants of William Henry Harrison Whitlock of Saline County, Illinois from Geneva Campbell
R0363 4 Ray Family Bible records from Ruby Pantalone
R0364 84 Probate records of Edgar Montgomery Whitlock (1888-1918) from Mileta Farr Kilroy
R0365 1 Index to Deeds, Tompkins Co., N.Y. 1817-1860 from Mileta Farr Kilroy
R0366 1 History of Monmouth & Ocean counties, N.J. by Edwin Slater, page lxiv from Mileta Farr Kilroy
R0367 13 Old Kentucky Entries and Deeds from Dora DeVaun
R0368 7 Early Kentucky Landholders: 1787-1811 by James S. Sutherland from Dora DeVaun
R0369 4 Early Kentucky Householders: 1787-1811 by James S. Sutherland from Dora DeVaun
R0370 318 The Improbable Puritan, A Life of Bulstrode Whitelocke 1605-1675 by Ruth Spalding. Faber & Faber 3 Queen Square, London, 1975
R0371 1 Adminstration Act Books April 1670 re Joanna Whitlocke of Much Hadham, Essex (sic) from Tony Lavin