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R0372 2 Will of Richard Whitlock, Citizen & Merchant of London Proved Nov.1642 from Tony Lavin
R0373 1 Apprenticeship Indenture Dd Nov.11,1870 by Richard Isaac Whitelock for son William Henry Whitelock from Richard Bate via Jim Whitelock
R0374 2 Player Sponsorship re British Football Star Mark Whitlock from John R. Whitlock
R0375 1 14th Century Winchelsea re Richard Witloc from John R. Whitlock
R0376 1 Time Magazine Oct.14,1985 pg 80 re microbiologist, James Whitlock of Homestake Mining Co.
R0377 3 Bacon Bible, Lexington, Ga from Dora DeVaun
R0378 2 Index 1870 North Carolina Census; Graves of Rev. War Patriots from Chuck Rockett
R0379 9 Civil War Record & Pension, War Dept. W. 1 Cav. Illinois from Douglas L. Whitlock
R0380 13 Brand Whitlock Papers - Whitlock Genealogy by Sarah Whitlock (Bonnett) Pennell June 1895 Descent from Thomas Whitlock (1620?-1703) from Douglas L. Whitlock
R0381 2 Brand Whitlock Papers - Webb family of Dorset 1400 - 1630's; Essex Antiquarian Apr.1904 Vol.VII, No.2 re John Whitlock of Salem pre 1657 from D. L. Whitlock
R0382 1 Brand Whitlock Papers - Calendar of Patent Rolls Nov.26,1377 re Ralph Wyghtlok. from Douglas L. Whitlock
R0383 11 Brand Whitlock Papers - Descent from Thomas Whitlock 1620?-1703 to J. Brand Whitlock from D.L. Whitlock
R0384 1 A Hero In Spite of Himself: Brand Whitlock in Art, Politics & War by Robert M. Crunden, Alfred A. Knopf New York, 1969, title page only from Douglas Whitlock
R0385 18 Brand Whitlock Papers - Genealogy of the Stebbins and Whitlock Families 1880, Descent from Robert Whitlock of Fairfield, Conn.; Memoir of Rev. J. W. Whitlock (1839-1912) from Douglas L. Whitlock
R0386 1 Brand Whitlock Papers - Note to Brand Whitlock re Bulstrode Whitelocke's Journal of the Swedish Ambassy (sic) (1772 reprinted 1843) from Douglas L. Whitlock
R0387 3 Index to 1870 Virginia Census; Butler Co. Pa will book index re Burwell B. Whitlock 1867 fr C. Rockett
R0388 14 Will of Doctor Franklin Whitlock of Wilson Co., Tennessee, proved 1908 from Dot Waters
R0389 1 Mount Vernon Cemetery, Tennessee from Dot Waters
R0390 8 California Marriages 1960-1979 from Chuck Rockett
R0391 4 Marriages & Deaths in N.Y. Weekly Museum 1788-1817; San Diego Union 1851-1975; List of Persons Taxed in NYC 1850 from Chuck Rockett
R0392 4 Minutes of Common Council Index of NYC 1784-1831; Indices to Notices of Suits in Equity 1827-1855 NY; Genealogy of Dart Family in America 1927; 1855 Census 15th Ward NYC from Chuck Rockett
R0393 2 Flysheet of Family Bible of Joseph Whitlock (1759-1829) of Pitton, Wiltshire from Ivor Whitlock
R0394 1 List of children of Elisha & Fanny (Roberts) Whitlock of Pitton, Wiltshire from Ivor Whitlock
R0395 7 Arkansas Wills & Admons to 1900; Index to Prerogative Wills of Ireland 1536-1810; Land owners in Ireland 1876; 1890 Civil War Vets census, Tn; Somerset Co., Maryland; 1850 Census Somerset Co., Maryland; Marriages and Deaths in Baltimore, Maryland Sun 1837-1850; Indices to Cecil Co., Md Marriage Licences 1865-1885; Cecil Co & Cecil Co.. Marriage Licences 1777-1840 from Chuck Rockett
R0396 1 Marriage Bonds of Henrico Co., Va 1782-1853 from Chuck Rockett
R0397 7 All Known Cemeteries of Fayette Co. Ga re Whitlock Family Cemetery from Chuck Rockett
R0398 5 S.C. Records 1709-21 by Caroline T. Moore 1978 Piracy in 1717 - James Whitlock; Various S.C. records including wills, Jury lists & cemeteries from Chuck Rockett
R0399 5 Lee Co., Iowa, re Charles Whitlock (1834-); 1840 census Van Buren Co., Iowa; 1850 & 1860 census Iowa.
R0400 6 Bowen History of Montgomery Co., Ind. re Ambrose Whitlock from Douglas L. Whitlock
R0401 2 Will of Ambrose Whitlock 1863 from Douglas L. Whitlock
R0402 3 Ind., Montgomery County Magazine "City founder was 'poor man's friend'" re Ambrose Whitlock from Douglas L. Whitlock
R0403 1 Family Tree Magazine, June 1989 re Hilda May (Secrett)(Patrickson) Whitlock of Billericay, Eng. from Valerie Logue
R0404 25 Connecticut births, marriages and deaths by county from Chuck Rockett
R0405 1 Some Ct Nutmeggers who Migrated from Chuck Rockett
R0406 2 Deaths from the N.Y. Herald 1835-55 from Chuck Rockett
R0407 1 Will of John Whitlock of Farley, Wilts 1709; from Muriel Allen
R0408 1 Probate of will of John Whitlock of Farley, Wilts 1712; from Muriel Allen
R0409 2 Will of John Whitlock of Farley, Wilts 1738; from Muriel Allen
R0410 1 Will of Ambrose Whitlock of Farley, Wilts 1771; from Muriel Allen
R0411 2 Will of Martha Whitlock of Pitton, Wilts 1769; from Muriel Allen
R0412 2 Will of Sabina Whitlock of Farley, Wilts 1781; from Muriel Allen
R0413 1 Will of Francis Whitlock of Farley, Wilts 1780; from Muriel Allen
R0414 2 Will of John Whitlock of Farley, Wilts 1743; from Muriel Allen
R0415 5 Port Jervis Union - Gazette re Private Cemetery, Whitlock Farm, Mt.Hope Township, N.Y.; marriage of John Whitlock & Jane Swartwout Apr.6,1848 Deerpark, N.Y. from Donna Macy Sand
R0416 2 Rider's New York City, re marble portrait of Ephraim J. Whitlock (1820-81) & house of Benjamin Whitlock 1850 from John R. Whitlock
R0417 1 Devon by W.G. Hoskins re monument to John Whitlocke 1750 at Woolfardisworthy (pron. Woolsery) from John R. Whitlock
R0418 2 Monday Organ Recitals at St.Michael's Cornhill, London featuring pieces by Percy Whitlock, from John R. Whitlock
R0419 2 1870 census Philadelphia, Pa. from Chuck Rockett
R0420 1 Probate of will of Philip Whitlock of Farnham, Suffolk by daughter Elizabeth Scowlding 1681; from Jim Whitelock
R0421 1 Will of Edmond Whytlok of Coddenham, Suffolk 1538; from Jim Whitelock
R0422 1 Will of Margaret Wytlock, Coddenham, Suffolk 1551; from Jim Whitelock
R0423 1 Admin. of Beches Whitelock, East Bergholt, Suffolk 1612; from Jim Whitelock
R0424 1 Probate of Mary Smith als Whitlocke of Melton, Suffolk, 1681; from Jim Whitelock
R0425 1 Admin of Mary Smith of Melton, Suffolk 1681; from Jim Whitelock
R0426 1 Admin of John Whitlock, Carlton Colville, Suffolk, 1686; from Jim Whitelock
R0427 1 Admin of Francis Whitlock, Martlesham, Suffolk, 1692; from Jim Whitelock
R0428 1 Admin of George Whitlock, Shotley, Suffolk, 1637; from Jim Whitelock
R0429 1 Will of Thomas Whitlok, Debenham, Suffolk, 1477 & Walter Whitlok, Ipswich, Suffolk, 1460; from Jim Whitelock
R0430 1 Will of Robert Whyttloke, Ipswich, Suffolk, 1494; from Jim Whitelock
R0431 1 Admin of Edward Whitelock, Beccles, Suffolk, 1683; from Jim Whitelock
R0432 1 Admin of Philip Whitlock, Farnham, Suffolk, 1681; from Jim Whitelock
R0433 1 Will of John Whitlock, Debenham, Suffolk, 1610; from Jim Whitelock
R0434 1 Will of John Whitlock, East Bergholt, Suffolk, 1670; from Jim Whitelock
R0435 1 Admin of Isaac Whitlock, Claydon, Suffolk, 1688; from Jim Whitelock
R0436 2 Will of Philip Whitlock, Farnham, Suffolk, 1665; from Jim Whitelock
R0437 1 Will of Henry Whitlock, Billingford, Suffolk, 1631; from Jim Whitelock
R0438 1 Will of William Whitelock, Sutton, Suffolk, 1668; from Jim Whitelock
R0439 2 The American Genealogist, Vol.58 re John Whitlock of Fairfield, Ct & Sarah Whelpley from Chuck Rockett
R0440 2 Genealogical Research Directory 1989 from Chuck Rockett
R0441 2 North Carolina Taxpayers 1679-1790 by Clarence Ratcliff, Pages 216-219 from Chuck Rockett
R0442 2 Cumberland Co. Ky Will Records 1815-1912 by Laura Butler & Randolf Smith 1976 pgs. 23-24 from Chuck Rockett
R0443 1 Pioneer Families of the Oregon Territory 1850 p.62 from Chuck Rockett
R0444 2 Surry Co., N.C. Marriage Bonds & Abstracts 1780-1868 p.174; Surry County, N.C. Marriages, 1779-1868 pgs. 216-217 from Chuck Rockett
R0445 1 National Genealogical Society Quarterly, "How to Trace Ancestors by Studying Ships" pgs.178-179 re Christopher Whitlock owner of the Garland, 1619 from Chuck Rockett
R0446 1 Long Island, New York 1870 census index from Chuck Rockett
R0447 2 Eugene Township, Ind.: The First 100 Years, "Diary of Richard Ellis Year 1870" pgs.35-36 re Reverends Allen & James Whitlock from Douglas L. Whitlock
R0448 3 Eugene Township, Ind.: The First 100 Years, "Family & Biographical Section pgs.249,284,304 re Campbell, Malone & Hepburn families from Douglas L. Whitlock
R0449 2 Two indentures between Thomas Whitlock of Monkleigh, Devon and John Whitlock of Langtree, Devon Dd June 16 & 17,1721 from Jim Whitelock
R0450 4 Heritage Quest#18, "Unclaimed West Virginia Civil War Metals" by Frederick H. Armstrong re metal of William E. Whitlock from Chuck Rockett
R0451 3 Early New Brunswick Probate Records 1785-1835 by R. Wallace Hale, 1989 re wills of Ann Whitlock 1811, Solomon Whitlock 1831 & Thomas Whitlock 1793 from Chuck Rockett
R0452 7 Old Rappahannock County Deeds & Wills 1677-1682 re wills of Thomas Whitlock 1678, Deeds 1680-1682 from Chuck Rockett
R0453 2 1841 Census Chelsea, London 25 Markham St., from Marianne Whitlock
R0454 1 1841 Census Chelsea, London Blenheim St., from Marianne Whitlock
R0455 1 Administration of James Whitlock of St.Martin in the Fields, London 1665
R0456 1 Index to 1870 US Census, West Virginia from Chuck Rockett
R0457 2 Scotch-Irish Settlement in Virginia 1745-1800 by Linda Chalkley, 1974 from Chuck Rockett
R0458 1 Index of wills for N.Y. County from Chuck Rockett
R0459 11 A Book of Garretts by Hester Elizabeth Garrett re Humphrey Smith. Includes the wills of two Thomas Whitlocks of Rappahannock Co., Va 1659 & 1678 and Gullock info from Marian F. Warren
R0460 3 Devon FHS 1851 Census Surname Index, East Stonehouse, Plymouth
R0461 9 Pages 162-170 of "A Book of Garretts - Sup.3" by Hester Elizabeth Garrett re Whitlocks of Virginia from Marian Warren
R0462 9 This Old Monmouth of Ours by William S. Hornor re N.J. research of Harriet Whitlock Bray from Chuck Rockett
R0463 6 Pages 236-245 of "British Biography" 1769 re Bulstrode Whitlocke from Joan DeAngeli
R0464 3 Holsworthy, Devon, Draft Register of Electors Oct.10,1987 from Judith C. Wilson
R0465 2 Pages viii-ix of "Napoleon's War Maxims" 1899 re Gen. John Whitelocke? from Peggy Cohoe
R0466 1 1851 Census, St.Luke, Chelsea, p.20, 30 College Street re James & Harriett Frances (Gunn) Whitlock (M1839) from Marianne Whitlock
R0467 893 The Diary of Bulstrode Whitelocke 1605-1675 by Ruth Spalding, 1990
R0468 526 Contemporaries of Bulstrode Whitelocke 1605-1675 by Ruth Spalding, 1990
R0469 1 The Tualatin Valley Harmony Masters presents "Bring Back Those Minstrel Days" re Billy "Hamhock" Whitlock from Pam Shields
R0470 3 History of Warsaw, N.Y. re Julius & Samuel Whitlock from Norris Whitlock
R0471 2 Biographical Review, p.555 re S. Benedict Whitlock of Warsaw, N.Y. from Norris Whitlock
R0472 2 Supplement, Benedict Genealogy re descendants of Samuel Norris & Emma Louisa (Benedict) Whitlock (M1851) of Warsaw, N.Y. from Norris Whitlock
R0473 4 Family Bible in the possession of Helen L. Whitlock-Merlino of Derby, N.Y. from Norris Whitlock
R0474 1 Founders and Patriots of America Index re John Whitlock (d.1659) & Thaddeus & Grace (Burr) Whitlock (M1775) of Ct from Mileta Farr Kilroy
R0475 2 Volume of Memories and Genealogies of Representative Citizens of Northern California,1901 re Charles Morris Whitlock (b.1835) from Mileta Farr Kilroy
R0476 2 Upton Family Bible from Bonnie Upton Davis
R0477 3 Wilton, Ct Families re John Whitlock (d.1659) & The Witchcraft Delusion in Colonial Connecticut from Norris Whitlock
R0478 3 New England Marriages Prior to 1700 by Clarence Almon Torrey, 1985 from Norris Whitlock
R0479 1 Motor Service, Feb.1991 pg.19 re Don Whitlock of Midwest Tech Training Centre in Glen Ellyn, Ill from Douglas L. Whitlock
R0480 2 Will of Philura Whitlock Dd Sep.16,1892 from Douglas L. Whitlock
R0481 1 Montgomery Co., Ind, Quit Claim Deed, Andrew Swank to Jos. H. Whitlock et al Dd Aug.9,1894 from Douglas L. Whitlock
R0482 1 San Juan Co., Colorado, Warranty Deed, Joseph H. Whitlock to Viola B. Zell Dd Jul.16,1901 from Douglas L. Whitlock
R0483 3 Will of Thomas Abbott of Langtree, Devon Dd Sep.12,1641 from Jim Whitelock
R0484 4 The Dinghy, Vol.4 No.1, Feb-Mar 1991 pg.9 re Abraham & Rose (Whitlock) Parker from Ursula Kilner
R0485 4 The Radfords and Friends of the Cumberland Valley, pg.9,10,52 re Thomas & Rebecca (Radford) Whitlock (M1790's) from Marian F. Warren
R0486 1 Will of James Frederick Whitlock Dd Sep.29,1883 of Chelsea, Middlesex from Marianne Whitlock
R0487 1 Letters of Administration of Charlotte Whitlock of Chelsea, Middlesex Dd May 3,1865 from Marianne Whitlock
R0488 1 The family name WHITLOCK by The Name Origin Association, Dec.1988 from Marianne Whitlock
R0489 14 Humphrey Toms Research Papers at UBC Library at Dec.16,1983 re Stratton, Bude area of Cornwall from Pam Shields
R0490 4 All Saints' Church, Farley (Wilts) Some notes for Visitors from Sue Clives
R0491 2 Marriage Contract Dd Sep.20,1726 re Francis Whitlock of Farley, Wilts & Susannah Sayward from Sue Clives
R0492 2 Affidavit Dd Jul.29,1817 by Francis Whitlock re land in St.Mary Extra parish, Southampton, Hants from Sue Clives
R0493 5 Manor of Plaitford, Wilts rolls May 1760 and Apr.8,1799 from Sue Clives
R0494 1 A Victorian Village by Ralph Whitlock, 1990 pg.156,157 re Whitlocks of Pitton, Wilts from A.A.C.W. Brown
R0495 1 Will Book 1844-1848, Wilson County Courthouse, TN will of James Godphrey Dd Oct.17,1844 from Dot Waters
R0496 2 Compendium of Biography by Southern Historical Press pg.338-341 re William Whitlock b.1834 of Hebbertsburgh, Cumberland Co. TN from Dot Waters
R0497 1 1890 Civil War Veterans Census TN, pg.339 from Dot Waters
R0498 4 Tennessee Cemeteries, pg.66-69 Matthews Cemetery to Penuel Graveyard from Dot Waters
R0499 5 Smith Co., TN Deed Books pg.292,274,259,313,316 from Dot Waters
R0500 3 1850 & 1860 TN census - Brogans from Dot Waters
R0501 4 State Records of North Carolina pg.504-505,566-567; Military Land Warrants, Continental Line (NC) pg.232-233, 262-263 re Robert Whitlock from Dot Waters
R0502 8 TN Court Records from Dot Waters
R0503 2 TN Genealogical Records, Revolutionary Warrants, No.3192 re Garrot Whitelock of Anson Co., NC 1785 from Dot Waters
R0504 3 Ratepayers Roll, 1679 for Langtree, Devon, from Jim Whitelock
R0505 6 Wilson Co., TN Whitlock/Brogan Family Bible records in the possession of Mary McMillin from Dot Waters
R0506 1 Union Co., S.C., Will Book A, pg69 re will of Alexander Cain pr.Feb.24,1806 re Jemima Whitlock from Betty Hallowell
R0507 2 Will of John Whitlock of Higher Charaton, St.Ive, Cornwall Pr. Dec.6,1873 from Marianne Whitlock
R0508 1 Will of Thomas Whitlock of St.Johns Horsledown pr Jul.9,1883 from Marianne Whitlock
R0509 7 Will of William Ridsdale Whitlock of Sneinton, Nottingham pr Feb.5,1883 from Marianne Whitlock
R0510 1 Burial Search, Brompton Cemetery, Fulham Rd., London re Julia Mary Whitlock br 1864; Florence Rose Dyers br 1881; James Frederick Whitlock br 1883; Harriet Fraser (Frances?) Whitlock br 1893 from Marianne Whitlock
R0511 15 Whitlocks of Langtree,Devon - first rough draft of history from Jim Whitelock
R0512 2 Calendar of Wills and Administrations, Probate Registry at Canterbury 1396-1558 from Marianne Whitlock
R0513 1 Isle of Wight County, Va records from Geneva Campbell
R0514 1 Biographies of Elias Boudinot, Stand Watie & Elias Cornelius Boudinot of Ga from Betty Hallowell
R0515 3 Maintenance Order of Jun.9,1939; Cancellation order of Jun.20,1939; Affiliation Order Sep.5,1933 re Thomas Edward Whitlock of Thames, New Zealand from Ruth Turnbull
R0516 5 Familiae Minorum Gentium by The Harleian Society, 1895 re Whitelock-Colte families. Pgs 1124-1126, descent from John Whitelock & Agnes de la Beche of Berks from Marianne Whitlock
R0517 2 Visitation of Buckinghamshire, 1634, pg 128 Whitelocke of Fawley Court. Descent from Roger de la Bech (1100's) from Marianne Whitlock
R0518 3 The Beginnings of English Society by Dorothy Whitelock. Frontspiece and biography from John R. Whitlock & Colin Mills
R0519 1 Family Bible of Alfred & Susan (Eve) Whitlock of Camberwell and Whitechapel from David Whitlock
R0520 8 New England Historical & Genealogical Register Jan.1947 to Oct.1949 re Charlotte, Maine, Vital Records from Jerry Gower
R0521 1 Sir Walter Ralegh's letter book, page 469, Nov.9,1605 re Capt. Edmund Whitlock (1564-1608) from Arthur Wakeling
R0522 8 Whitlocks of Langtree, research by Jim Whitelock, pages 1 to 7 (Cont. R544)
R0523 2 Union Co., S.C. Will Record "A" 1777-1815 by Vera Smith Spears, The Carolinas Gen. Soc. Bulletin Vol.8&9 re will of Alexander Cain from Betty Hallowell
R0524 2 Union Co., S.C. Minutes, Court of Common Pleas, General Sessions, 1810-1818 by Maggie Mae Dunn, 1937 re Jno. & Jemimah Whitlock from Betty Hallowell
R0525 2 Dictionary of Alabama Biography Pg.1760 re William Lafayette Whitlock (1825-1892) from Betty Hallowell
R0526 5 Abstracts of the Minutes of the Court of Pleas and Quarter Sessions, Rowan Co., N.C. 1763-1774 by Jo White Linn 1979 from Betty Hallowell
R0527 4 Quips, Quotes & Queries, Sep.1989 re Manson Whitlock of New Haven, Ct from Norris Whitlock
R0528 1 Norwalk by C.M. Selleck, 1896 re marriage of Susan Ann Gruman and Able Whitlock of Wilton Ct from Norris Whitlock
R0529 3 The Ancient Historical Records of Norwalk, Ct by Edwin Hall 1847 from Norris Whitlock
R0530 4 Life of Able Whitlock from Norris Whitlock
R0531 13 Hartland Abbey, Devon circa 1157, guide book from Keith Whitlock
R0532 2 Parish Church of Saint Mary & Saint Gregory, Frithelstock, Devon from Keith Whitlock
R0533 2 St.Peter's Church, Satterleigh, Devon from Keith Whitlock
R0534 2 St.John's Church, Warkleigh, Devon, from Keith Whitlock
R0535 5 700 Years of The Rectors and Patrons of Langtree, Devon from Keith Whitlock
R0536 1 Whitlock entries in Warkleigh, Devon parish registers 1620-1677 from Keith Whitlock
R0537 17 19C directory of Devon. Entries for Langtree area parishes from Keith Whitlock
R0538 1 The Motion Picture Guide by Nash & Ross 1987 re Albert, Earl, Frank, Lewis & Lloyd Whitlock
R0539 3 Index to Arkansas 1911 Census of Confederate Veterans from Chuck Rockett
R0540 4 Some Southern Colonial Families, Vol.1 by David A. Avant, 1983 re Underwood Family of Virginia from Evelyn Tatum
R0541 19 Some Southern Colonial Families, Vol.3 by David A. Avant, 1989 re Catlett Family of England & Virginia; Christmas Family; Underwood Family; Saunders Family from Evelyn Tatum
R0542 3 Old Records of Estates and Administrations, Benton (Calhoun) Co., Alabama, Vol.VI by Mann & Woolf re Lott Whitlock from Evelyn Tatum
R0543 2 Letter from George Whitelock of Olds, Alberta, Dd Jun.18,1893 from Fay Bailey
R0544 9 Whitlocks of Langtree, research by Jim Whitelock, pages 8 to 16 (Cont. from R522)
R0545 2 General Index to Probate Court, Union County, S.C. (1804-1963) from Betty Hallowell
R0546 2 Parish maps of Middlesex and the City and County of the City of London from Marianne Whitlock
R0547 2 1871 & 1881 census St.Johns, Woolwich re Littlewood family from Marianne Whitlock
R0548 2 Will of Eliza (Brown) Whitlock of Sible Hebingham, Essex Dd Jun.10,1835 and proved Jul.8,1843 from Marianne Whitlock
R0549 2 Will of Sarah Whitlock of Mere, Wilts Dd Nov.22,1832 and proved Jun.19,1843 from Marianne Whitlock
R0550 1 Will of John Paul Whitelocke of Mile End, St.Dunstans, Stepney Dd Mar.3,1835 and proved Apr.10,1844 from Marianne Whitlock
R0551 1 1881 census St.Lukes, Chelsea from Marianne Whitlock
R0552 17 The Whitelocks by Esme M. Trotter, 1991 re descendants of George & Elizabeth (Doyle) Whitelock (M1834). Line traced from Armagh, Ireland through Glasgow, Scotland to Canada
R0553 1 Article from Country Life, Nov.28,1991 "Legacy to Honour" regarding Sir Frederick Gore Ouseley of Hereford from Ursula Kilner
R0554 1 Groves Dictionary Pg.577 re Rev.Sir Frederick Arthur Gore Ouseley from Dorothy Stark
R0555 1 Central Pennsylvania Genealogical Pioneers re "Shamokin Log Church" from Ethel L. Myers
R0556 2 Will of James Whitlock of Ealing, Middlesex Dd Nov.14,1842 an proved Jul.31,1845 from Marianne Whitlock
R0557 2 Apprentices of Great Britain 1710-1762 at Society of Genealogists from Kevin Dowd
R0558 8 Pension documents of Thomas Whitlock(1757-1842) of Brunswick Co., Va from Geneva Campbell
R0559 6 Genealogies of Virginia Families from Tyler's Quarterly Historical Vol.IV Walker - Yeardley and Genealogical Magazine by Genealogical Publishing Co., Inc, Baltimore, 1981 from Geneva Campbell
R0560 22 Cavaliers and Pioneers, Abstracts of Virginia Land Patents and Grants 1623-1666 by Nell Marion Nugent, 1974 from Geneva Campbell
R0561 3 1870 census index Iowa from Chuck Rockett
R0562 2 1880 census index Ohio from Chuck Rockett
R0563 11 History of Langtree Whitlocks by Jim Whitelock pages 17 to 27 (Continued from R544)
R0564 2 Disability discharge and pension documents for Joshua Luster Whitlock (1824-1899) of Iowa from Todd Zimmerman
R0565 1 Obit and funeral notice of Helen J. Rubert (1902-1992) of Kalamazoo, Michigan from Marilyn Finke
R0566 4 The Complete Book of Emigrants in Bondage 1614-1775 by Peter Wilson Coldham, 1988 from Mileta Farr Kilroy
R0567 3 1851 census Ealing, Chiswick & Shepperton, Middlesex from Les Brown
R0568 2 Funeral notice of Sidney V. Whitlock (1904-1983) of Strawberry Point, Iowa from Marilyn Finke
R0569 1 1880 census Etowah, Ala from Betty Hallowell
R0570 23 1851 census Bedfordshire; Berkshire; Cheshire; Sherborne, Dorset; Hampshire; London; Middlesex; Nottingham
R0571 1 1790 census Vermont from Marilyn Finke