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R0572 1 1890 census Michigan (Veterans) from Marilyn Finke
R0573 23 1880 census Michigan from Marilyn Finke
R0574 6 Indenture Dd June 29, 1581 between Thomas Hatch & John Tytherlighe of Great Torrington, Devon re Doggaport farm from Jim Whitelock
R0575 6 Indenture Dd June 30, 1582 between Thomas Hatch & Henry Rolle of Stevenstone, Devon re Manor of Langtree from Jim Whitelock
R0576 2 Indenture Dd Jan.1,1585 between John Tytherley of Great Torrington, Devon & John Lubbone re Doggaport farm from Jim Whitelock
R0577 8 Manor Court Rolls 1536 & 1537, Langtree, Devon from Jim Whitelock
R0578 4 Lord Rolle papers, Court Rolls 1575-1613, Langtree, Devon from Jim Whitelock
R0579 8 Indenture Dd Sep.8,1602 between Henry Rolle & Richard Coplestonne re Manor of Sherneweek, Devon from Jim Whitelock
R0580 3 Will of John Whitlock of Exeter, Devon 1629 from Jim Whitelock
R0581 3 Agreement Dd Dec.17,1634 by Denys Rolle re Bickton, Budleigh & Langtree, Devon from Jim Whitelock
R0582 3 Indenture Dd Feb.10,1688 between John Rolle & Samuel Nethaway of Langtree, Devon re land in tenure of Christopher Heyman in the right of Rose his wife, from Jim Whitelock
R0583 4 Indenture Dd Nov.6,1703 between Thomas Berrie & John Rolle. Mentions Gilbert, Bate & Judd families & Sudden farm, Langtree, Devon from Jim Whitelock
R0584 4 Indenture Dd Jan.6,1731 between Henry Rolle & John Judd re Sudden farm, Langtree, Devon mentions Bate and Netherway families, from Jim Whitelock
R0585 4 Indenture Dd Nov.30,1749 between Thomas Nanskivell & John Whitlock the younger & Susannah his wife re Collacott farm, Langtree, Devon from Jim Whitelock
R0586 2 Langtree, Devon Rate Payers Roll 1679 from Jim Whitelock
R0587 2 Will of Thomas Abbott of Langtree, Devon 1641 from Jim Whitelock
R0588 1 Indenture Dd Aug.24,1724 between John Rolle & Richard Tytherleigh re Stowford Moor and Stevenstone, Devon mentions Christopher Rew and Samuel Forman; Indenture Dd 7 Nov.1738 between Henry Rolle and Christopher Whitlock and Philip Tucker re Bulkmills, Stowford, Devon, mentions Tytherleigh family,from Jim Whitelock
R0589 3 Indenture Dd Nov.7,1738 between Henry Rolle & Christopher Whitlock and Philip Tucker re Stowford, Devon, mentions Tytherleigh family from Jim Whitelock
R0590 1 A Short History of Langtree (Devon) page 12 re Rolle family documents 1602-1617 from Jim Whitelock
R0591 1 Indenture Dd Jan.19,1829 between Very Rev. Joseph Palmer & Richard Johns & Thomas Johns of Langtree, Devon & John Slade, mentions Henry Stevens & Robert Lovell Gwatkin, Lewis Judd, Richard Whitlock, John Seage, Septimus Palmer & Richard Dustin re Shiernweek from Jim Whitelock
R0592 1 History of Alscott, Devon by Jim Whitelock
R0593 4 St.Leger family by Jim Whitelock
R0594 3 Power of Attorney Dd Aug.16,1757 from John Whitlock of Plaitford, Wilts to John Parsons of Farley, Wilts from Sue Clives
R0595 8 Marriage Contracts Dec.19,1710 John Whitlock & Elizabeth Cook of Farley, Wilts; Sep.20,1726 Francis Whitlock & Susannah Sayward, Farley, Wilts; Dec.30,1721 John Lenton & Sarah Whitlock of Farley, Wilts; Jun.24,1712 John Whitlock & Dinah Seward of Pitton, Wilts from Sue Clives
R0596 4 Manor of Pitton & Farley, Wilts Court Baron Held Aug.1757 re John Whitlock & sons John & Stephen from Sue Clives
R0597 4 Pitton (Wilts) Court held May 16,1739 re John Witlock, lately deceased from Sue Clives
R0598 2 Pitton & Farley (Wilts) presentment May 16,1739 from Sue Clives
R0599 3 Testamentary Records in the Archdeaconry Court of London Vol.I (1363)-1649 from Marianne Whitlock
R0600 1 Gentleman's Magazine Dec.1733 re execution of Joseph Whitlock at Tyburn, London Dec.19 from Marianne Whitlock
R0601 1 A Brief Journey Through Time mentions Whitelock's buses of Tollcross, Glasgow 1850's from Esme Trotter
R0602 8 The Life of Thomas Whitlock the Cleric of Fremington, Devon by Jim Whitelock
R0603 4 Genealogical Helper Mar/Apr 1992 re Whitlocks of Tn,Md,Il
R0604 8 Annals of Platte County, Missouri by W.M. Paxton 1897 re Preston Whitlock from Marilyn Finke
R0605 4 1850 census Platte Co., Mo (Agricultural) re Preston Whitlock & Wm. C. Whitlock from Marilyn Finke
R0606 1 1881 census Cambridge, Eng. re John Eden Northmore Whitlock from Ronald Kent
R0607 2 Crockfords Clerical Directory 1963-64 re George William Whitlock, Leslie Edward Whitlock & Alfred Theodore Woodward Whitelock from John R. Whitlock
R0608 1 American Pewterers re John H. Whitlock of Troy, N.Y. 1836-1844 from John R. Whitlock
R0609 2 Indenture Dd Dec.30,1790 between William Whitlock of Union Co., S.C. and Richard Faucett from Mary Cecil Cordell
R0610 1 Deed of Sale Dd Oct.4,1799 from William Whitlock of Union Co., S.C. to Mary Long from Mary Cecil Cordell
R0611 1 Deed of Sale Dd Jan.15,1802 from William Whitlock of Union Co., S.C. to Joshua Hammond from Mary Cecil Cordell
R0612 2 Deed of Sale Dd Jan.23,1802 from William Mitchell to William Whitlock of Union Co., S.C. from Mary Cecil Cordell
R0613 1 Deed of Sale Dd May 19, 1803 from William Whitlock of Union Co., S.C. to John Whitlock from Mary Cecil Cordell
R0614 1 Deed of Sale Dd Oct.6,1803 from John McDonald to John Whitlock of Union Dist., S.C.
R0615 3 Promissory agreement between John Whitlock and Alexander McBath & John Moncreeffe recorded Nov.19,1805 from Mary Cecil Cordell
R0616 2 Deed of Sale Dd Jul.25,1805 from Sally Whitlock of Union Dist. S.C. to John Whitlock of same, mentions father William Whitlock and mother Molly Whitlock from Mary Cecil Cordell
R0617 2 Will of William Whitlock of Union Co., S.C. Dd Nov.26,1804, recorded May 23,1805 from Mary Cecil Cordell
R0618 2 Deed of Sale Dd Oct.24,1822 from James Whitlock of Union Dist. S.C. to son Josiah Whitlock from Mary Cecil Cordell
R0619 1 Deed of Sale Dd Jun.6,1856 from Thomas Conway Whitlock & Wife Elizabeth Right of Monroe Co., Tn to John F. Hannah from Mary Cecil Cordell
R0620 1 Deed of Sale Dd Sep.4,1913 from E.P. Stephenson to C.L. Hoover, W.A. Whitlock, Lettie Whitlock, J.J. Roberts, Josie Roberts of Coffee Co., Tn from Mary Cecil Cordell
R0621 1 Deed of Sale Dd Jul.5,1913 from W.A. Whitlock & Lettie Whitlock to J.A. & W.F. Keller of Coffee Co., Tn from Mary Cecil Cordell
R0622 1 Deed of Sale Dd Oct.2,1913 from J.A. Keller, Mrs. Lola Keller & W.F. Keller & Mrs. Carrie Keller to Charles P. Whitlock of Coffee Co., Tn from Mary Cecil Cordell
R0623 1 Deed of Sale Dd Dec.3,1894 from G.W. Garrett to A.D. Whitlock & W.A. Whitlock of Coffee Co., Tn from Mary Cecil Cordell
R0624 1 Deed of Sale Dd Sep.21,1905 from A.D. Whitlock & wife M.A. Whitlock & W.A. Whitlock & wife Lottie Whitlock of Coffee Co., Tn to J.P. Shelton Jr. from Mary Cecil Cordell
R0625 1 Deed of Sale Dd Feb.25,1905 from William Whitlock and wife Lottie Whitlock of Coffee Co., Tn to T.N. Shelton from Mary Cecil Cordell
R0626 1 Deed of Sale Dd May 9, 1916 from W.A. Whitlock and wife Lottie Whitlock and C.P. Whitlock and wife Carrie E. Whitlock of Coffee Co., Tn to F.P. Hassler and wife Mary L. Hassler from Mary Cecil Cordell
R0627 1 Deed of Sale Dd Sep.27,1913 from W.A. & Lettie Whitlock & C.P. & Carrie Whitlock of Coffee Co., Tn to J.W. Anderson from Mary Cecil Cordell
R0628 1 Deed of Sale Dd Aug.14,1906 from Blanche B. Turner to W.A. Whitlock & C.P. Whitlock of Coffee Co., Tn from Mary Cecil Cordell
R0629 2 Deed of Sale Dd Jan.3,1923 from W.A. Whitlock & wife Ethel of Coffee Co., Tn to J.R. Deason & wife Ellen from Mary Cecil Cordell
R0630 1 Muster Roll of Tennessee Militia from Nov.13,1814 to May 13,1815 re William Whitlock died Feb.5,1815 from Geneva Campbell
R0631 18 The Whitlocks of Warkleigh, Devon, history by Jim Whitelock
R0632 1 Devon & Cornwall Notes and Queries Vol.20 pg 110, History of Kerswell, Devon by A. W. Everett from Jim Whitelock
R0633 27 The Whitlock Family History, New Jersey family with introduction by Sarah Whitlock Pennell June 1895 from William Kyle Whitlock
R0634 2 The Whitlock Family (New York Branch) by Bache McEvers Whitlock III & Mary Bache Kostmayer 1982 from William Kyle Whitlock
R0635 2 Garland County Historial Society, 1985, Vol.XXVI pg.23, St.Mary's Episcopal Church, Hot Springs, Arkansas re Bernard Godfrey Whitlock of Lynchburg, Va son of Emanuel & Carolyne (Booker) Whitlock from Betty Hallowell
R0636 18 Homestead Application #3525, Land Office at Oklahoma, O.T. 1892 to 1902 re Ridge Whitlock of El Reno, Ok from Betty Hallowell
R0637 4 Pitton & Farley, Wilts Manor Court May 11,1722 (in latin) from Sue Clives
R0638 4 Pitton & Farley, Wilts Manor Court Jun.26,1726 from Sue Clives
R0639 4 Abstract of the title of Joseph Crittenden, Esq to an Estate at Farley & Combe in the County of Wilts. 1718-19. re Leaseholds and Copyhold documents destroyed in fire at John Hancock's house in 1718, from Sue Clives
R0640 2 A Book of Reference to the Map of Farley Farm (being Part of the Parish of Farley near Sarum in the County of Wilts) Belonging to the Right Hon'ble Jacob Earl of Radnor 1781 from Sue Clives
R0641 1 Land Tax Assessment of Pitton & Farley, Wilts 1780 listing Names of Proprietors and Names of Occupiers from Sue Clives
R0642 2 Will of Joseph Whitlock of Pitton, Wilts Dd Apr.11,1741 Pr Mar 5,1741 from Sue Clives
R0643 2 Title Deed, Jeanfield Cemetery, Glasgow, Scotland Dd Nov.30,1920 re Henry Whitlock from David McFarlane Whitlock
R0644 1 1988 Guinness Book of Records, p.295 re Hector Harold Whitlock (1903-1985) from David McFarlane Whitlock
R0645 2 Ralph Whitlock's Gardening Diary, Grow your Own ad by Marshall Cavendish Ltd. 1977 from David McFarlane Whitlock
R0646 1 Whitlocks of Warkleigh, Devon arms and crest on family Bible from Sheryl Webb
R0647 1 Genealogical Magazine of New Jersey, Vol.34 Jan/Apr 1959 p.8 "Sarjeant John Whitlock" article from Doug Truran
R0648 4 Indenture Dd May 11,1805 between Thomas Whitlock & Hannah his wife of Wythe Co., Virginia and Agness and Hannah Whitlock heirs of Charles Whitlock Deceased from Gwen Hurst
R0649 2 Will of Thomas Whitlock of Cumberland Co., Kentucky Dd Jan.22, 1824 Pr Jan.19,1831 from Gwen Hurst
R0650 3 Inventory of estate of Thomas Whitlock late of Cumberland Co., Kentucky Dd Jun.15,1830 from Gwen Hurst
R0651 4 Inventory of the sale of the Estate of Thomas Whitlock Deceased of Cumberland Co., Kentucky Dd Jun.16,1830 from Gwen Hurst
R0652 2 Settlement of the executors of the Estate of Thomas Whitlock of Cumberland Co., Kentucky Dd May 21,1832 from Gwen Hurst
R0653 1 North Carolina marriage licence of William Hurst and Mildred Whitlock Dd Apr.22,1805 from Gwen Hurst
R0654 6 Family Bible from Franklin Park, N.J. re family of Robert D. Whitlock & Mary Nevius (M1842) from William Kyle Whitlock
R0655 6 Family Bible from Asbury Park, N.J. re family of Robert Davison Whitlock and Margaret Annie Davison (M1882) from William Kyle Whitlock
R0656 16 Baptismal Records of the Reformed Dutch Church of Six Mile Run, N.J. commencing 1743 from William Kyle Whitlock
R0657 19 A Register of Baptisms in the Congregation of Six Mile Run, N.J. from May 19,1805 from William Kyle Whitlock
R0658 4 The Believers Hymn Book re Hymn written by Samuel Whitlock Gandy (1776-1851) "I hear the accuser roar" from Douglas Morren
R0659 1 Announcement of marriage of Claudine d.of Victor & Necia (Whitlock) Yehia to Mayo Guerra June 25,1992 at St.Thomas, Virgin Islands - residence San Pedro Sula, Honduras from Necia Yehia
R0660 7 Whitlocks of Warkleigh, Devon by Jim Whitelock continued from R631.
R0661 68 Whitlock Family Tree by David McFarlane Whitlock re family of St.Giles, Camberwell, London and Glasgow, Scotland
R0662 1 Crockford's Clerical Directory, 1884, pg.1303 from Virginia Priestman
R0663 7 Oxford parish register extracts, North Aston & Deddington from Carol Canning Alley
R0664 2 Woolwich & District (Kent) F.H.S., Dec.1991 #44 Passage to India article re Thomas Cribb by W.E. Douglas mentions Gen. Whitlock and Indian Mutiny
R0665 2 Supplement to the National Genealogical Society Quarterly, March 1943 - p.1221 Index of Revolutionary War Pension Applications from Marilyn Finke
R0666 2 Abstract of Graves of Revolutionary Patriots, Vol.4 S-Z by Patricia Law Hatcher from Marilyn Finke
R0667 75 Collection of New Jersey extracts from printed sources, mainly Monmouth Co. from William Kyle Whitlock
R0668 2 The Spy House Museum, brochure re The Whitlock-Seabrook House (1663-1703) at Shoal Harbor, Monmouth Co., N.J. from William Kyle Whitlock
R0669 9 Deeds re Thomas Whitlock (1620?-1703) of Monmouth Co., N.J. from 1688-1698 from William Kyle Whitlock
R0670 4 Our Early Emigrant Ancestors. The Original Lists of Persons of Quality...who went from Great Britain to the American Plantations 1600-1700 by John Camden Hotten 1962 from Marilyn Finke
R0671 8 New England Marriages Prior to 1700 by Clarence Almon Torrey 1985 from Marilyn Finke
R0672 1 Extracts from Surnames books, by Ernest Weekley, 1916, C.M. Matthews, 1966-67, Charles Wareing Bardsley 1884 & 1967 from Marilyn Finke
R0673 8 Ulster Historical Foundation report 1988? re Whitelocks of Dernasign, Co. Armagh from Henry F. Ludder
R0674 (missed number)
R0675 5 The Church of St.Mary of Ottery, Devon a short history and guide by John A. Whitham
R0676 1 Chronicles of the Scotch-Irish Settlement in Virginia., Vol.II Augusta Co. Records 1745-1800, by Chalkey, 1974 re petition Sep.1799 of Agness & Hanna Whitlock, infant daughters of Charles Whitlock, decd. from Gwen Hurst
R0677 6 An Inventory and appraisement of the Estate of Mary Whitlock Decd taken the 24th October 1807, Wythe Co., Va also inventory of sale Oct.26,1807 from Gwen Hurst
R0678 2 The "Corn Stalk" Militia of Kentucky 1792-1811 by G. Glenn Clift, 1957 re Nathaniel B. Whitlock 1808 from Gwen Hurst
R0679 6 Virginia Colonial Abstracts Vol. II by Beverly Fleet, 1988 re Thos Whitlock, Tobacconist of Bristol, 1702; J.B. Whitlocke of King and Queen Co.1766?; James Whitlock of King William Co. d.1847; William Whitlocks in the War of 1812 from Gwen Hurst
R0680 7 Virginia Colonial Abstracts Vol.I & III by Beverly Fleet, 1988 re Christmas family from Gwen Hurst
R0681 3 Will and inventory of John Seward of Pitton, Wilts Dd March 11, 1700 Pr June 16,1702 from Sue Clives
R0682 1 Will of Mary Seaward of Farley, Wilts Dd Sep.10,1754 Pr Mar.4,1755 from Sue Clives
R0683 2 Will of Margery Whitlock of Fighledean, Wilts Dd January 5, 1673 from Sue Clives
R0684 2 Will of William Whitlock of Pitton, Wilts Dd Mar.27,1752 Pr Oct.3,1752 from Sue Clives
R0685 2 Obligation (£200?) of Mary Whitlock to Administer the Estate of John Whitlocke of Pitton, Wilts Dd Jan.28,1684 plus renunciation of her rights by Mary Farrant late wife of John Whitlock of Pitton, Wilts now wife of Humfrey Farrant Dd Jan.27, 1684 from Sue Clives
R0686 1 Obligation (£1,400) of Catherine Whitlock, John Harris & John Coster to administer the estate of Alexander Whitlock of Farley, Wilts Dd May 4,1762
R0687 7 Deed Dd Aug.4,1903 Sterling & Rosanah Vineyard to Susie Nance re Oscar and Almond Whitlock, Grainger Co., Tn; Jefferson Co., Tn deeds 1912 & 1921 re Almond & Oscar Whitlock & Susie Nance from Mary Cecil Cordell
R0688 2 East Tennessee Warranty Deed Dd Feb.19,1927 between Charles & Walter Whitlock & Romeo Whitlock of Cocke Co., Tn from Mary Cecil Cordell
R0689 3 Bond re William Whitlock, Constable of Roane Co., Tn Apr.7,1856 be William Whitlock & Preston Whitlock & Levi Lineberry; Oath of William Whitlock; resignation of William Whitlock as Constable in the 6th Civil District of Roane Co., Tn May 4,1857 from Mary Cecil Cordell
R0690 3 Roane Co., Tn marriage licences and marriages 1850-57 from Mary Cecil Cordell
R0691 3 The Complete Book of Emigrants 1661-1699 by Peter Wilson Coldham, 1990 re Whitlocks of Rappahannock Co., Va from Gwen Hurst
R0692 2 Index to 1850 census, Va from Gwen Hurst
R0693 3 Maryland Historical Magazine, Gleanings from English Wills re will of Thomas Dixon of Braughing, Herts Dd Feb.1,1654/5 Proved by the Rt. Hon. Bulstrode Whitelocke, Kinsman and Frances Dixon, relict Feb.22,1655/6
R0694 2 An Introduction to Irish Research by Bill Davis, 1992 re George Whitlock proprietor of 2672 acres in County Clare, Ireland, 1876
R0695 2 Critical Thoughts and Notions by Duane L. Whitlock, ISBN:0-945077-00-9 "This book is not for everyone - only those who are awed and intrigued by man's perpetual struggle to read meaning into the workings of nature." from Iola Ebendorf
R0696 1 Administration of John Whitlock of St.Martin, Ludgate, London 1696 from Marianne Whitlock
R0697 1 1871 census Chelsea, London re Octavius & Adolphus Whitlock of Turnham Green, Middlesex from Marianne Whitlock
R0698 1 Marriages of Wilson County, Tennessee 1802-1850 by Edythe Rucker Whitley 1981 from Geneva Campbell
R0699 37 Whitlocks of Warkleigh, Devon by Jim Whitelock continued from R660, including map of Exeter, 1765
R0700 2 The French Canadians 1600-1900 by Noel Montgomery Elliot, 1992 re Whitlocks listed in 1861 census of Beauharnois, Vaudreuil & Choisy, Quebec
R0701 4 St. Mary's Church, Luppitt [Devon]
R0702 6 1820 Census of Illinois from Donna Sand
R0703 2 The Connecticut Nutmegger, Vol.18,#1, Jun.1985 re Whitlock Family Bible from Donna Sand
R0704 2 Index to Obituary Notices in the Richmond [Va] Enquirer 1804-1828 & Richmond [Va] Whig 1824-1838 by H.R. McIlwaine, 1974 from Gwen Hurst
R0705 18 1841 census Pitton, Wilts from Ivor Whitlock
R0706 4 Wills of the Archdeaconry of Suffolk 1620-24 by Marion E. Allen, Suffolk Records Society Vol.XXXI re wills of Alice Paget, 1621, Elizabeth James, 1623, Rose Bidmer 1624
R0707 44 Amy White of the Old 300, Austin, Texas by Gifford White, 1986, pages 17 to 39 re William & Mary (White) Whitlock (M1813) from Mary Maxfield & Marilyn Finke
R0708 123 Orange County, Va extensive research including tombstone inscriptions, cemetery records and 1850-1920 census records from Sharon Atkins
R0709 28 Census records 1830-50 Alabama, 1850-60 Arkansas, 1860 Arizona, 1860 California, 1880 Colorado, 1790-1860 Connecticut, 1790, 1810-60 Delaware, 1850 D.C., 1850-60 Florida, 1790, 1820-30, 1850-60 Georgia, 1860 Illinois, 1860 Kansas, 1800 Kentucky, 1820 Louisiana, 1776 New Jersey, 1790 Ohio, 1820-30 Tennessee, 1829-36 Texas, 1790 Vermont, 1850 North Carolina from Barbara Ferguson
R0710 4 Veterans' Record re William Whitlock of Tn who died Feb.5,1815 from Geneva Campbell
R0711 21 Complete 1851 census for Pitton, Wilts from Ivor Whitlock
R0712 16 Complete 1861 census for Pitton, Wilts from Ivor Whitlock
R0713 2 Indenture Dd Apr.14,1804 between Jeremiah Parker & Charles E. Whitlock of Philadelphia, Pa from Chuck Rockett
R0714 3 The Michael Shoemaker Book by William T. Blair, 1924, pgs 534, 535 re Elizabeth Lee & John Whitlock of Pa (M1805) from Chuck Rockett
R0715 2 Families of the Wyoming Valley [Pa] by Geo. B. Kulp, 1890, pg 1363 re Friend Aaron Whitlock from Chuck Rockett
R0716 12 Genealogy of the Dymond, Williams and Related Families by Robert Herschel Dymond, 1981 pgs 146-155 re Whitlocks of Conn from Chuck Rockett
R0717 11 Deeds re James & Jane (Kroeson) Whitlock of N.J. 1773-1775 from Chuck Rockett
R0718 11 Deeds re Lewis, Aaron, Joseph & Gould Whitlock of Northmoreland Co.& Exeter Co., Pa 1826-1832 from Chuck Rockett
R0719 3 Deeds re Joseph Whitlock of Exeter Co., Pa 1819 from Chuck Rockett
R0720 23 Lycoming Co, Pa Deeds 1842-1877 from Chuck Rockett
R0721 3 Graves family re children of Lewis & Malinda (Whitlock) Graves (M1860's) of Tx from Todd Zimmerman
R0722 7 Extracts from N.B. Newspapers 1840-1859 from Chuck Rockett
R0723 2 Early Marriage Records of New Brunswick [to 1839] by B. Wood-Holt re Harns (Harris?) Hatch & Miss Whitlock Jul.18,1808 from Chuck Rockett
R0724 4 New Brunswick Vital Statistics from Newspapers 1816-1823 by N.B.G.S., 1982 from Chuck Rockett
R0725 19 Whitlocks of Warkleigh, Devon by Jim Whitelock [continued from R699]
R0726 7 English Duplicates of Lost Virginia Records by Louis des Cognets, 1981 re John Whitlock of King & Queen Co., Va 1699-1704 from Gwen Hurst & Louise Birchfield
R0727 15 Complete 1871 Census of Pitton, Wilts from Ivor Whitlock
R0728 13 The Saga of Special Effects by Ron Fry & Pamela Fourzon, 1977 pgs 174-186 re Albert Whitlock
R0729 4 Oregon Biography Index by Patricia Brandt & Nancy Guilford, 1976 from Donna Sand
R0730 5 Illinois State Genealogical Society Quarterly Vol.XVIII No.1 Spring 1986 Genealogy of Lambert Wilmer of Barrington, Ill by Dr.David Koss re Theodore & Anna (Miller) Whitlock from Donna Sand
R0731 4 Will of William Edmond Whitelock late of 166 Strand, London Dd May 6, 1868 Pr Nov.10,1868
R0732 13 Complete 1881 census of Pitton, Wilts from Ivor Whitlock
R0733 41 A Capital Trip, A Journey round the Coasts of England, Wales, and Scotland, 1876-1882 by Mark Whitlock (1837-1907) with introductions by John Bell & Peter Whitlock, from Mark Peter Whitlock
R0734 5 Records of births and deaths in Maine, U.S.A. 1894-1915 (fathers all born in N.B., Canada) from Jerry Gower
R0735 3 English Adventurers & Emigrants 1609-1660 by Peter Wilson Coldham pgs 6-11 High Court of Admiralty examination re voyage of the Garland 1619 from London to Somers Island (Bermuda) re shipowner Christopher Whitlocke from Peter F. Whitaker
R0736 87 Whitlock in New South Wales 1788-1905+ by Peter F. Whitaker Dec.1992. Data on over 250 Whitlock listed in the Archives Office of NSW, State Library of NSW, Soc. of Australian Genealogists etc. from Peter F. Whitaker
R0737 1 Burials at St.Luke's, Chelsea, Middlesex 1852 from Ted Whitlock
R0738 26 The Letters and Journal of Brand Whitlock, by Allan Nevins, 1936, Biographical Introduction from Doug Truran
R0739 2 Brand Whitlock's The Buckeyes, Politics and Abolitionism in an Ohio Town, 1836-1845, intro by Paul W. Miller from Doug Truran
R0740 3 Michigan Pioneer and Historical Society, Vol.XXVII, 1900 re Miner Chipman 1815-1898 from Marilyn Finke
R0741 1 Des Moines County, Iowa Divorce Index 1835-1930 re Thomas M. & Ida Whitlock 1922 from Marilyn Finke
R0742 2 Missouri Pioneers Vol.6 by Woodruff & Hodges re Samuel G. Whitlock of Jasper Co. from Marilyn Finke
R0743 2 They Came to Michigan by Eda L. Griffin, Detroit Society for Genealogical Research Magazine Vol.39 (1975-76) re Sally (Whitlock) (Munroe) Thornton (1777-1850) & Lyman Whitlock Andrus (1801-1849) of N.Y. from Marilyn Finke
R0744 4 Hull Family Bible records from Caroline Nielsen
R0745 3 Letter from John Jabez Hull of Cranberry, N.J. to his brother in Ohio Dd Feb.28,1848 from Caroline Nielsen
R0746 1 Complete 1891 Census for Pitton, Wilts, from Ivor Whitlock
R0747 2 Genealogical Gleanings in England by Henry F. Waters re Pinchon, Empson, Bulstrode families & Whotlock family of Rattlesden, Suffolk from Gwen Hurst
R0748 2 N.C. Land Grants recorded in Greene Co., Tn, Easley, N.C. by Goldene Fillers Burgner 1981 re William Whitlock grant on West Fork of Obeys River 1796? from Gwen Hurst
R0749 145 Bamboo Sprouts and Maple Buds by Martin W. Johns being memoirs of a life begun in West China in 1913 and transplanted to Canada in 1925 from Martin Johns
R0750 2 Barnes & Mortlake [Surrey] History Society Newsletter No.22 Sep.1967 re Bennet family of Babraham, Cambridge from Les Brown
R0751 6 Archive Service Report of Whitelocks of Skelton, Cumberland from Ginny Priestman
R0752 2 Ordinance Survey map of Penrith/Skelton area of Cumberland from Ginny Priestman
R0753 2 1847 Commercial Directory pages 306-309 re Skelton, Cumberland from Ginny Priestman
R0754 1 Memorial card re Amos Allen Whitlock b.Jun.27,1909 d.Feb.1,1993 of Lebanon, Ky from Marian Warren
R0755 1 Memorial card re Wayne C. Whitlock b.Jan.24,1920 d.May 20,1992 of Harrison, Mi from Marian Warren
R0756 1 Index of Persons, Vols. 1-50 The New England Historical & Genealogical Register by Rayne, Chapman & Kimball 1989 from Gwen Hurst
R0757 3 History and Bibliography of American Newspapers 1690-1820 by Clarence S. Brigham 1947 reprinted 1961 re Richmond [Va] Enquirer 1804-1828 from Gwen Hurst
R0758 12 Stout of Monmouth Co., N.J., Historical & Genealogical Miscellany by Stillwell, Vol.IV from Doug Truran
R0759 1 Index to the Mortality Schedule of S.C. 1850 from Harry Douglas Smith
R0760 1 Civil War Roster S.C. from Harry Douglas Smith
R0761 2 1850 Census Index N.C., S.C.; 1830 Census Union Co., S.C.; 1880 census Dial, Laurens Co., S.C. from Harry Douglas Smith
R0762 5 Old London, Charterhouse to Holborn by Walter Thornbury re masque for which Bulstrode Whitelocke was one of the Committeemen from Pam Shields
R0763 3 Along the Road to Glory by Anthony Rushing 1985 re Thomas Whitlock of Beaver, Saline Co., Arkansas during Civil War from Marilyn Finke
R0764 6 The New York State census 1825 for Tompkins County from Marilyn Finke
R0765 3 Families of Yancey Co., N.C., Vol.9, Dec.1992, Issue #4 re Elizabeth and John Whitlock of Caroline Co., Va, 1750 from Marilyn Finke
R0766 1 1850 census Martin, Allegan Co., Mi from Marilyn Finke
R0767 2 Possible descent of Thomas Whitlock of N.J. from Virginia Bepler
R0768 4 Family of Richard & Virginia (Sweeney) Whitlock (M1847) of Henrico Co., Va from Ernestine Dodl
R0769 5 James T. Talley's Bible, Oct.15,1872, Hanover Co., Va. from Ernestine Dodl
R0770 1 Notes on the history of Glendale in Eastern Henrico Co., Va re family of John Whitlock (d.1845) from Ernestine Dodl
R0771 6 Land tracts owned by Whitlocks in Henrico Co., Va from Ernestine Dodl