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R0772 2 Notes on some families in Eastern Henrico Co., [Va] in the mid 1800's from 1850 census from Ernestine Dodl
R0773 2 Additional notes on some families in Eastern Henrico County [Va] in 1850 from Ernestine Dodl
R0774 9 The Battle of Glendale, June 30,1862 re Whitlock house from Ernestine Dodl
R0775 195 The Forebears and Descendants of Job Haines [of Australia] by Lois Comeadow re family of Thomas & Phebe (Whitlock) Haines (M1789) of Pitton
R0776 1 Administration of Eliza wife of Francis Whitelock of 254 Oxford St., Middlesex, England Dec.24,1859 from Dianne Gardner
R0777 3 Will of Francis Whitelock of St.Clements, Hastings [Sussex] Dd Dec.9,1862 Pr Apr.16,1863 from Dianne Gardner
R0778 1 Administration of Henry William Whitelock of 103 Waterloo Road, Lambeth, Surrey Dd Feb.22,1865 to widow Fanny Charlotte Whitelock from Dianne Gardner
R0779 2 Will of Fanny Charlotte Whitelock of 103 Waterloo Road, Lambeth, Surrey Dd Jun.2,1867 Pr Sep.6,1867 from Dianne Gardner
R0780 2 Will of Mary Ann Whitelock of 22 Upper Phillimore Place, Kensington, London Dd Mar.7,1870 Pr Apr.8,1874 from Dianne Gardner
R0781 3 Will of William Whitelock of 46 Northampton Street, Clerkenwell, Middlesex, Dd Jan.17,1859 Pr.Oct.11,1873 from Dianne Gardner
R0782 1 Will of Anna Eliza Whitelock of Chatham, Kent Dd Oct.26,1867 Pr Oct,5,1870 from Dianne Gardner
R0783 2 Will of Sarah Whitelock of 1 Victoria Villas Avenue Road, Regents Park, St.Marylebone, Middlesex Dd Dec.5,1857 Pr May 31,1858 from Dianne Gardner
R0784 2 Naturalization Alien File no.5866, papers of William Whitlock formerly of County Armagh, Ireland Sept. term 1836 Jefferson Co., New York from Cuma Schofield
R0785 1 1860 census Pierce Co., Wisconsin from Cuma Schofield
R0786 1 Index to 1840 census New York from Cuma Schofield
R0787 1 Marriage record of James & Anna (Whitlock) Booth May 27,1872 at St.Croix Falls, Wisconsin from Cuma Schofield
R0788 14 Manorial records Pitton & Farley, Wilts 1753-1771 from Sue Clives
R0789 8 Whitlocks of Devon installment by Jim Whitelock. (Cont. from R725)
R0790 4 Somerset County [N.J.] Historical Quarterly Vol.VIII, 1919 re Innholders 1778-1799 & Marriages 1795-1879 from Ursula Kilner
R0791 2 Will of Elisha Whitlock of Witney, Oxford Dd Apr.14,1727 from Peter John Whitlock
R0792 2 Brooks Bible re Thomas Brooks of Frederick Co., Va (b.1775) from William D. Lindsey
R0793 1 DAR magazine Nov.1952 p.1177 Bible record of James Brooks by Memory A. Lester from William D. Lindsey
R0794 3 Ministers and Justices, Wayne Co., Ky Marriages and Vital Records 1801-1860 Vol.2 by June Baldwin Bork re Thomas Brooks from William D. Lindsey
R0795 2 B.C. Agriculture Magazine Apr.1993 Vol.4,No.5 'Hike of 20 per cent in table egg consumption' re Peter Whitlock
R0796 15 Family Bible of Thomas & Ann (Whitlock) Whitlock (M1841) of St.Mary's, Ontario from George M. Whitlock
R0797 3 History of Oregon by Harvey K. Hines 1893 re William Whitlock (1825-1883) & son William Thomas Whitlock (b.1849) from Ruby Pantalone
R0798 2 History of Willamette Valley [Oregon] by Herbert O. Lang 1885 re William Whitlock (b.1849) and brother Edward H. Whitlock (b.1850) from Ruby Pantalone
R0799 2 History of Oregon by Charles Henry Carey 1922 re Earl Whitlock (b.1884) from Ruby Pantalone
R0800 2 History of Klamath County Oregon by Rachel Applegate Good 1941 re Earl Whitlock (b.1884) from Ruby Pantalone
R0801 3 History of Oregon by Charles Henry Carey Vol.II re John Porter Whitlock (b.1873) from Ruby Pantalone
R0802 3 Genealogical Gleanings in England re will of George Fenwick of Sussex pr Apr.27,1657 connections to Capt.John Cullick of New England from Merryl Wells
R0803 2 Barbados Records, Wills and Administration Vol II 1681-1700 by Joanne McCree Sanders 1980 re Thomas Whitlock will pr Nov.14,1688 from Harry Douglas Smith
R0804 1 Barbados and America by David L. Kent 1980 re Zachirah Whitlock from Harry Douglas Smith
R0805 3 Genealogy Bulletin No.17 Jan-Mar 1993 by Dollarhide Systems re Simon & Sally (Grace) Whitlock (M1822) of New Jersey
R0806 5 Aiken County (SC) Cemeteries Vol.I by Aiken-Barnwell G.S., Inc., from Doug Smith
R0807 5 Aiken County (SC) Cemeteries Vol. III by Aiken-Barnwell G.S. Inc., from Doug Smith
R0808 4 Granitville Cemetery, Granitville, Aiken County, SC by Aiken-Barnwell G.S., 1991 from Doug Smith
R0809 4 Anderson County [SC] Cemeteries, Volume One by R. Wayne Bratcher from Doug Smith
R0810 5 Anderson County [SC] Cemeteries, Volume Two by R. Wayne Bratcher
R0811 2 Pickens County, SC Cemetery Survey, Volume Three by SCGS from Doug Smith
R0812 5 1860 Mortality Census of Upper South Carolina, Vol.I by Faye Berry from Doug Smith
R0813 8 Land grant correspondence re John & William Whitelock of Richmond, Upper Canada (Ontario) 1831. Possible connection to Ireland from Public Archives, Ottawa (C-2957 R.G.1,L3, Vol 531) (W. Bundle 16, Petition 70)
R0814 9 The Virginia Genealogist Sep.1992 article 'John and Mary Hudson Wingfield of Hanover County, Virginia' by LeBron C. Preston & Richard Wingfield Quarles re Whitlock
R0815 1 Early Settlers of Alabama by Col.James E. Saunders, 1899 re Mark Lindsey from W.D.Lindsey
R0816 1 Will of Mary Brooks of Frederick Co., Va Dd Jul.9,1786 from W.D. Lindsey
R0817 7 Donation Certificate #4541, Notification #5676 re John H. Whitlock's land in Marion Co., Oregon 1875 from Ruby Pantalone
R0818 5 Donation Certificate #3143, Notification #5648 re Mitchell Whitlock's land in Marion Co., Oregon 1873 from Ruby Pantalone
R0819 9 Oregon Pioneers plus census indexes 1849, 1850, 1860 from Ruby Pantalone
R0820 5 Oregon Land Claims from Ruby Pantalone
R0821 4 Donation Certificate #275, Notification #4616 re Oliver M. Whitlock's land in Yam Hill, Co., Oregon 1855 from Ruby Pantalone
R0822 1 Index to Oregon Donation Land Claims from Ruby Pantalone
R0823 1 Family Records, TODAY, Vol.14, No.3 - July 1993, pg 131 re write-up on Whitlock Family Newsletter from Marilyn Finke
R0824 1 State of New York discharge certificate re Abram B. Whitlock of Ithaca, Tompkins Co., NY Dd Jun.24,1873 from Chuck Rockett
R0825 1 Index of Awards Soldiers of War of 1812, N.Y. Adj. Gen. Office from Chuck Rockett
R0826 1 1879-1880 NY City Directory, p.1606 from Chuck Rockett
R0827 16 Widow's Pension Claim #738,313 Dd Aug.13,1901 re Emily R. Whitlock widow of George C. Whitlock, Co.A. 40th Regiment New Jersey Inf'ty from Chuck Rockett
R0828 12 Pension application #807317 re Abram V. Whitlock, Co.G. 38 N.J. vols, documents Dd 1891 to 1918 from Chuck Rockett
R0829 16 Pension application #801,960 re George W.H. Whitlock, Co. B, 1 N.J. Inf. vols documents Dd 1891 to 1913 from Chuck Rockett
R0830 4 Merchant Sail p.1269 re Whitlock's Clipper Packets, William Whitlock Jr. of NY from Chuck Rockett
R0831 1 N.Y. Times Obits, 1858-1968 pg.1094 from Chuck Rockett
R0832 5 Widow's Pension Application Dd Jun.18,1908 re Julia (Beach) Whitlock of Seneca Falls, N.Y., widow of Charles H. Whitlock from Chuck Rockett
R0833 1 Marriages at St.Mary Le Strand, London 1620 from Chuck Rockett
R0834 1 The Groton Avery Clan, pg.898,899 re descent from James & Almira (Eaton) Whitlock of Vt from Chuck Rockett
R0835 2 Discharge Certificate Dd Jan.2,1865 re George H. Whitlock, Co.G, 109B Reg. of Inf., vols state of NY, died Sep.1,1864 from Chuck Rockett
R0836 2 Norwalk by Rev. Charles M. Selleck, 1896, pg.421 re Lewis Whitlock keeper of Norwalk Island lighthouse from Ursula Kilner
R0837 5 Beach Family, Book XIII by Walter Beach Plume, N.J.H.S. re family of George M. & Harriet N. (Morse) Whitlock (M1856) of Ithaca, N.Y. from Chuck Rockett
R0838 1 Return of Owners of Land, 1873 Oxfordshire re Thomas Whitlock of Hailey from Marianne Whitlock
R0839 5 Brief History of Henry Holdren' Family re Simon & Sally (Holden) Whitlock (M1848) from John Andrew Sass
R0840 1 Abstracts of Rev. War Pension Files, P.1677 re Simon & Sally (Holden) Whitlock from John Andrew Sass
R0841 1 Hermes Precisa Australia re Whitlocks of Victoria, Australia from Julie K. Whitlock
R0842 3 An Index for the 1860 Federal Census of Georgia by Acord & Anderson, 1986 from Doug Smith
R0843 2 Georgia 1870 census index Vol. III N-Z from Doug Smith
R0844 7 The Estate of the Late Henry Whitelock Esq. in Account Current with Thomas Moody Adminstrator, between 10th Nov. 1785 & 10th Nov.1786, Halifax, Nova Scotia. Public Archives of Nova Scotia RG 48 v.465 reel 19,425 W71
R0845 6 Rev. War. Company Muster & Pay Roll re Reuben Whitlock Mar.1778-Dec.1778 from Chuck Rockett
R0846 4 The Valentine Papers, Winston: Hanover County [Va] & Bacon Family of New Kent, Va
R0847 p16 Virginia Wills and Administrations
R0847 p3 Norfolk's Hebrew Cemetery
R0847 p18 Bute Co., North Carolina Will Book A. re Thomas Christmas
R0847 p1 Essex Co., Tax List 1800
R0847 p7 Burton Family Letters re George Whitlock
R0847 p11,11A Lunenburg Co., British Mercantile Claims re John & Josiah Whitlock 1785
R0847 2 Extracts from the Virginia Genealogist Volumes 1-20, 1957-1976 by John Frederick Dorman, Index 1981 from Chuck Rockett
R0847 p12,12A British Mercantile Claims re Josiah Whitlock to Ga about 1796
R0847 p5 Caroline County 1800 Tax List
R0847 p4 Query re Josiah Whitlock of Prince Edward Co.
R0847 p8 James Mayo of Virginia re marriage of Thomas Whitlock & Hannah Richardson 1792
R0847 p13 Brunswick County, Virginia 1800 Tax List re Thomas Whitlock
R0847 p15 Nansemond County Legislative Petitions re William Whitlock 1778
R0847 p9 Loudoun Co. 1771 Tithable list
R0847 p14 Buckingham County 1800 Tax list re Thomas Whitlock
R0847 p17 Rappahannock Co., Va Deeds #7 (1682-88) re Thomas Whitlock
R0848 2 A Book of Garretts, 1600 to 1900 by Hester Elizabeth Garrett, 1963 pg 55,56,89,231,232,241,377-389 from Chuck Rockett
R0849 16 The Parish Register of Saint Peter's, New Kent County, Va from 1680-1787, NSCDA 1966 from Chuck Rockett
R0850 3 History of Virginia Vol.IV, Virginia Biography, 1924 re Dr. Joseph Lawrence Whitlock from Chuck Rockett
R0851 3 Encyclopedia of Virginia Biography by Lyon Gardiner Tyler, Vol.V, 1915 re Charles Evans Whitlock from Chuck Rockett
R0852 8 Bible Records of Suffolk and Nansemond County, Virginia by Fillmore Norfleet, 1963 re Elisha Copeland - Whitlock Bible from Chuck Rockett
R0853 1 Some Emigrants to Va 2nd Ed. by Stannard re ?? & ?? (Hearne) Whitlock of Va 1677 dau of John Hearne from Chuck Rockett
R0854 1 Virginia County Records re St.Peter's Par. Reg., New Kent from Chuck Rockett
R0855 1 A Brief of Wills and Marriages in Montgomery & Fincastle Co., Va 1733-1831 pgs.42,43 re Henry & Elizabeth (Graham) Whitlock (M1827) from Chuck Rockett
R0856 1 Passenger and Immigration Lists Index from Chuck Rockett
R0857 1 1790 U.S. census index Virginia from Chuck Rockett
R0858 3 Barbados Records Wills and Adminstrations Vol. I, 1639-1680 by Joanne McRee Sanders re Edwin Carter 1661 mentions legacy given daughter Jannet by Thomas Whitlock, decd.; Francis Willoughbye of Parham 1666 from Chuck Rockett
R0859 3 Sons of the Revolution in State of Virginia, Vol.2, No.2, Apr.1923 re descent from Bulstrode & Frances (Bacon) Whitlock (M1770's) from Chuck Rockett
R0860 2 Burton Chronicles of Colonial Virginia pgs.244
R0861 5 Joseph Moser and Isabelle Duncan (Dunagan), Their Ancestors and Descendants in America by Marvin D. Coffey, 1990 re descent from John H. & Elizabeth (Moser) Whitlock (M1852) of Silverton, Oregon from Barbara E. Hartley
R0862 1 Miller Cemetery N.E. of Silverton, Oregon short history from Barbara E. Hartley
R0863 1 Family Bible of Dorliska C. Whitlock given to her by her grandfather Moses Scott Sep.20,1849 re descent from Abel & Mary (Hustard?) Whitlock (M1794
R0864 9 Elmwood Cemetery, New Brunswick Co., NJ diagram of graves and photocopies of Whitlock index cards in their files 1875-1991 from William Kyle Whitlock
R0865 3 Missouri Genealogical Records & Abstracts Vol.5: 1755-1839 by Sherida K. Eddlemon, 1993 re Charles Whitlock Deed of Conveyance Aug.12,1831, Ralls Co. from Marilyn Finke
R0866 6 The Nevada Tombstone Record Book, Vol.1, by Richard B. Taylor, 1986 re Charles A. Whitlock Jan.14,1867-Aug.18.1926 Panaca; Andrew Whitlock d.Sep.4,1870 Killed by James Maxwell. He made sure Whitlock would not testify in Court, Pioche, Boot Hill from Marilyn Finke
R0867 3 United States Land Sales in Missouri Springfield Land Office Abstracts, Vol.1 - 7, Jun.1835-Feb.1846 by Ozarks G.S., 1982 re Thomas Whitlock, Richard P. Whitlock & Thomas J. Whitlock from Marilyn Finke
R0868 3 Franklin County [Mo] Probate Index by Four Rivers G.S. re Martha J. Whitlock,1904; Archie P. Whitlock 1955, Edgar E., Barbara, Helen M., Joyce L., Melvin W. Whitlock 1947 from Marilyn Finke
R0869 2 Marriage adn Death Notices from the Up-Country of South Carolina as taken from Greenville newspapers 1826-1863 by Brent H. Holcomb re marriage Dec.22,1831 of Stephen Whitlock & Nancy Berry of Greenville District, S.C. from Doug Smith
R0870 1 Index to 1840 US census, South Carolina from Doug Smith
R0871 1 Union County [S.C.] Heretage by Minnie Lee Mabry re Bennett Whitlock, Bennett W. Whitlock & John Whitlock from Doug Smith
R0872 1 1850 census Richmond Co., Georgia from Doug Smith
R0873 13 The Whitlock Journal of Hubert Cornish Whitlock edited by Alex Sakula, 1993 from Dr Sakula
R0874 2 Contemporary Authors, Vol.107, pgs 546-547 re Dorothy Whitelock (1901-1982) & Pamela Whitlock (1920-1982) from Gwen Hurst
R0875 3 Extracts from The Letters of Brand Whitlock from Doug Truran
R0876 23 Whitlocks of Australia & New Zealand by Peter F. Whitaker
R0877 2 Caribbeana, pgs 184,185 re Gen.John Whitelocke (1758-1833) from David Jackson
R0878 23 Whitlocks of Devon by Jim Whitelock (Cont from R789)
R0879 1 Index to 1870 census Chicago, Illinois from Chuck Rockett
R0880 1 Index to 1870 census of Pennsylvania West from Chuck Rockett
R0881 2 An Index to The Wills Proved in the Prerogative Court of Canterbury 1750-1800, Vol.6, Si-Z edited by Anthony J. Camp, 1992 from Marianne Whitlock
R0882 3 The Tenmile Country and its Pioneer Families [Washington & Green Counties, Pa] re Whitlatch family from Chuck Rockett
R0883 43 A Comprehensive Listing of the Surname WHITLOCK Contained in the [USA] Death Master File, Updated to September 1, 1993 from Chuck Rockett
R0884 3 Early Adventures on The Western Waters, Vol.II The New River of Virginia in Pioneer Days 1745-1800 by Mary B. Kegley; The Iron Industry of Wythe Co. [Va] from 1790 by James Whitman; Wythe Co. [Va] Chapters by James S. Pregraves, 1972, all regarding Thomas Whitlock of Reed Island Creek, Wythe Co. Va from W.D. Lindsey
R0885 1 Map of Wythe Co., [Va] showing Reed Island Creek and town of Patterson from W.D. Lindsey
R0886 1 The Countryman Spr.1977, p141 re Gentle Giants by Ralph Whitlock from Ursula Kilner
R0887 8 British Army Review, 1993? p37-44 General Whi telocke - Vanquished at Buenos Aires in 1807, copy of article he had published from Jeremy Archer
R0888 4 Maine vital records, Charles L. Whitlock d.1913, Bessie Beatrice Whitlock b.1927, Autumn Aurilla Whitlock b.1911, Hellen Whitlock b.1894 from Jerry Gower
R0889 4 Barbados Records Marriages 1643-1800 Vol.II by Joanne Mcree Sanders from Chuck Rockett
R0890 2 1870 US census index Ky East & West from Chuck Rockett
R0891 2 1880 US census index Tx from Chuck Rockett
R0892 6 Early Settlers of New York State by Janet Wethy Foley Vol II from Chuck Rockett
R0893 1 Family Tree Magazine Sep 1988 Some Thoughts on Anniversaries and Centenaries by Raymond Skinner re Whitelockes of Yorkshire, inventory of Lancelott Whitelocke 1687 from Raymond Skinner
R0894 1 Genealogists' Magazine June 1990 Vol.23, No.6 The Blacksmith's Craft by Raymond Skinner re Whitelockes of Yorkshire from Raymond Skinner
R0895 3 Everton's Genealogical Helper Dec-Nov 1993 Submitters List re Wittlocks of Sweden, Whatlocks of Suffolk
R0896 1 Adopt a Family for Christmas re Earnetta Whitlock of Ms from Sarah Smith
R0897 1 Ponca [Ne] Cemetery list from Esther Johnson
R0898 11 Medical Associates, North Burnaby, [B.C.] (a History) by Dr.Gerald L. Smith, 1993 re Nora Whitlock from Nora K. Whitlock
R0899 2 1860 US census index NC, 1910 US census index Idaho from Chuck Rockett
R0900 52 Whitlock Families Found Down Under by Peter F. Whitaker re Whitlocks of Australia & New Zealand from Peter F. Whitaker
R0901 5 Lord Mayor's Court of London Depositions Relating to Americans 1641-1736 by Peter Wilson Coldham, 1980 re Thomas Whitlock of Rappahannock, Va from Marilyn Finke
R0902 3 The Ancestral Lines of Herbert Spaulding Avery 1883-1968 by Thomas Avery Benson, 1992 re descent from Abraham & Rose (Whitlock) Parker of Ma from Marilyn Finke
R0903 2 Will & probate of William Whitloke of Rainham, Kent 1512 from Janis Kirby
R0904 1 Family Bible record re William Logan Whitlock (1849-1887) & Bertha Adelia Haines Parkhurst (1863-1908) from Arvilla Heard Corey
R0905 8 Memorial Record re funeral of Frederick Whitlock b. Langtree, Devon 1842 d. Pitt Meadows [B.C.] 1927 from Doris Spencer
R0906 1 Marriage Bond Oct.8,1770 re Thomas Judd of Winterslow, Wilts & Mary Whitlock of Winterslow, Wilts from Merryl Wells
R0907 7 1881 census index Devonshire & Somersetshire
R0908 2 Will & Probate of Rev. William Spencer Whitelocke of Foston, York Dd Jan.10,1849, Pr Oct.2,1855 from Marianne Whitlock
R0909 2 1891 census Finchley, Middlesex re John E. Whittick b. Kensington from Marianne Whitlock
R0910 5 The Pioneer History of Meigs County [Ohio] by Stillman Carter Larkin, 1908 from Marilyn E. Thompson
R0911 1 Genealogy Bulletin from Dollarhide Systems, Jan-Mar 1993 re Simon & Sally Whitlock (M1813) of N.J. from Donna Macy Sand
R0912 1 Cite AB May 19,1986 Books Wanted re Whitlock's Inc of New Haven, Ct from Donna Macy Sand
R0913 2 Genealogy & History, Washington, D.C., Sep.1952, Issue 109 re Nathan & Rachel (Scribner) Whitlock (M1790's?) from Donna Macy Sand
R0914 3 Early Settlers of North America and Their Descendants by Jerome B. Holgate, 1848 re Rev. William L. Johnson & Mary Whitlock of Long Island, N.Y. from Donna Macy Sand
R0915 3 Blore's Northamptonshire Marriage Index, Whitlock, Whitlark marriages 1699-1813 from Audrey B. Curtis
R0916 39 Bishops Transcripts of Fawley, Bucks 1613-1697 re family of Bulstrode Whitelocke (1605-1675) from Ernestine Dodl
R0917 1 The Warner-Harrington Ancestry by Frederick Chester Warner p.560 The Scott Family of Rattlesden, Suffolk from Carole Blanscet
R0918 11 Cocke County, Tennessee, and its People from Benny Hensley
R0919 2 McDowell County Heritage North Carolina by Joanne S. Johnston, 1993 re A.D. Whitlock from Benny Hensley
R0920 1 Tennessee Postmasters, Cocke County re Romeo Whitlock from Benny Hensley
R0921 2 1860 US census NC, McDowell County, Broad River from Benny Hensley
R0922 1 NC, McDowell Co., Land Entry 1862 re A.D. Whitlock from Benny Hensley
R0923 1 North Carolina Marriages (to 1890's) from Benny Hensley
R0924 1 Memorial Card re Elizabeth Whittlock Adams (1898-1978) died Rankin, Cocke Co., Tn from Benny Hensley
R0925 3 Article about Rankin, Cocke Co., Tn re Romeo Whitlock, Postmaster from Benny Henlsey
R0926 1 1920 US census Tn, Cocke Co, 4th Civil District re family of Romeo Whitlock from Benny Hensley
R0927 5 Descendants of Thomas Mattingly. Descent from Chris Roger & Theresa Geneal (Mattingly) Whitlock (M1941) from Beryl Metherell
R0928 1 Marriage contract of Josiah Whitlock & Catharine Ann Markham Dd May 1, 1866 Colusa Co., Ca from Dan Morgan
R0929 2 Blore's Northampton Marriage Register 1813-1837 from Audrey Curtis
R0930 5 Appendix to Langtree, [Devon] book by Jim Whitelock
R0931 2 South Australia families re family of William & Sarah Jane (Whitelock) Mortimer (M1871) from Lois Comeadow
R0932 7 Will of Peter Whitelock of St.Leonards, Shoreditch, Middlesex, Dd Jun.22,1781 Pr.Aug.21,1781 from Marianne Whitlock
R0933 1 Will of Celia Whitelocke (widow of Samuel Whitelocke) of Froxfield, Wilts Dd Apr.2,1783 Pr. Sep.1,1785 from Marianne Whitlock
R0934 3 Will of Isabella Whitlock, spinster of St.Luke, Chelsea, Middlesex Dd Oct.3,1792 Pr.Dec.19,1792
R0935 2 Angels in Blue Jackets by J.W. Wilson & Roger Perkins, 1985 re sailors involved in 1908 Messini Earthquake, H. Whitelock, Leading Carpenter
R0936 4 Surry County [N.C.] Soldiers in the Civil War by Hester Bartlett Jackson re John Whitlock & Logan T. Whitlock from Marilyn Finke
R0937 2 Index to the Census of Canada 1891 - Assiniboia East by Eileen P. Condon 1990 from Marilyn Finke
R0938 3 Henry County, GA. Land Records 1821-1828 Deed Books A and B by Moss & Turner 1991 re Mary Whitlock to Mahala Whitlock 1826 from Marilyn Finke
R0939 3 Genealogical Dictionary of Maine and New Hampshire by Noyes, Libby & Davis 1988 re Whitlock
R0940 7 Tombstone Records, Stanly County, North Carolina Albemarle, Volume I & II by Shaver & Cruse 1993 from Marilyn Finke
R0941 4 Alabama Pension Commission, application of Mattie S. Whitlock, widow of Ira A. Whitlock, Confederate Pensioner from Betty Hallowell
R0942 475 Memoirs of Bulstrode Whitelocke by R. H. Whitelocke 1860 from Myrtle M. Johns
R0943 1 Obit and funeral announcement for Harry O. Whitlock (1918-1994) s.of Charles & Mary (Olmsted) Wittlock from Mary Wittlock
R0944 8 Church & census records (1870-1880's) of Grodinge, Stockholm, Sweden re children of Frans Oscar & Anna Lovisa (Johansdotter) Wittlock from Mary Wittlock
R0945 23 Lower Canada [Quebec] Land Papers 1790-1820's re John Whitlock, Queens Ranger re towns of Warwick & Tingwick, P.Q.
R0946 2 A History of Monmouth & Ocean Counties [NJ] by Edwin Salter 1890
R0947 11 The Register of voters for the Mid Division of the County of Oxford 1885-1887 from Peter J. Whitlock
R0948 2 Will of William Whitelock of Mahon, Island of Minorca [Menorca] Dd Aug.5,1776 Pr Aug.21, 1780 from Marianne Whitlock
R0949 2 Will of Richard Hutchins Whitelock of Charlton on Medlock, Lancashire Dd Nov.30,1821 Pr Oct.30,1833 from Marianne Whitlock
R0950 2 Will of Ann (Noell) Whitlock of St.Clement Danes, Middlesex Dd Jan.23,1748 Pr.Feb.7,1750 from Marianne Whitlock
R0951 2 Will of Anna Whitlock, Spinster of St.John Wapping, Middlesex Dd Jan.16,1758 Pr.Sep.23,1765 from Marianne Whitlock
R0952 2 History of the Indian Mutiny by Havelock Div. VII p.558,559 re General Sir George Cornish Whitlock from Val Logue
R0953 6 Extracts from Family Tree magazine Sep.1990, Dec.1991 & Jan.1992 re Bernau Index of Chancery and Exchequer Court Depositions and Proceedings from Beryl Metherell
R0954 1 The Town of Bedford [NY] - A Commemorative History 1680-1955 by R.T. Barrett from Robertson T. Barrett, Jr.
R0955 1 1820 census index New York from Marilyn Finke
R0956 2 St.Joseph County [IN] Marriages 1838-1844 re marriage of Ransom Hubbard & Marriett Whitlock Dec.5,1842 from Marilyn Finke