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R0957 2 Fayette County Indiana Marriages 1819-1826 by Colleen Alice Ridlen re marriage of Abraham Whitelock & Marget Risk Dec.17,1823 (lic) from Marilyn Finke
R0958 2 Franklin County [IN] Marriages 1811-March 1824 from Marilyn Finke
R0959 5 The American Genealogical Index by Fremont Rider 1951
R0960 2 PERiodical Source Index 1847-1985, annual volumes to 1992
R0961 1 Family Bible record of children of Tarlton & Winifred (Dunlap) Whitlock (M1810's) from Georgia Crabtree
R0962 2 Civil War Discharge of William O. Morgan, Platte Co., Mo from Georgia Crabtree
R0963 2 Will & Inventory of Abraham Whitlock of Finedon, Northamptonshire, Husbandman Dd Oct.22,1721 Pr Oct.26,1723 from Audrey B. Curtis
R0964 1 Administration of John Whitlock of Silverstone, Northamptonshire, Woodman Dd Jul.28,1778 from Audrey B. Curtis
R0965 3 Will & Affidavits re Richard Whitlock of Hulcott [Holcot], Northamptonshire, Yeoman Dd Nov.23,1734 from Audrey B. Curtis
R0966 2 Will of Jeremiah Whitlarck of Thingdon [Finedon], Northamptonshire, Yeoman Dd Apr.6,1713 Pr Mar.1,1713
R0967 1 Administration of Thomas Whitlock of Silverstone, Northamptonshire, Woodman Dd Aug.11,1767 from Audrey B. Curtis
R0968 1 Inventory of the Goods & Chattels of Susanah Whitlock, [of Shutlanger, Northamptonshire, Widow] deceased, taken ...the 19th day of December 1720. Will pr Apr.15,1721 from Audrey B. Curtis
R0969 4 Some Ancestors of Pearl Griggs Kamm (1903-1988) Part I - Colonial New England Lineages by Jones & Jones 1993 re Joseph & Hannah (Whitlock) Baldwin (M1636) of High Wycombe, Bucks from Marilyn Finke
R0970 2 The Arkansas Family Historian Vol V #3, Jul-Sep 1967 re Bismarck Cemetery, Hot Spring County, Arkansas by Lois Hodges Canfield re Margaret Whitlock (Sep.22,1867-Dec.2,1958) from Marilyn Finke
R0971 2 The Hoosier Genealogist Vol.25 #2, Jun.1985 re U.S. Marshals and their Deputies for Indiana 1842-1896 re R.E. Whitlock 1891 from Marilyn Finke
R0972 2 Illinois State Genealogical Society Quarterly Vol.X No.1 Spring 1978 re Genealogical abstracts from Laws of State of Illinois ... Dec.1,1834-Feb.13,1835 re William C. Whitlock ... The Trustees of Jonesborough College from Marilyn Finke
R0973 2 Prince Edward County, Va Abstracts of Wills. Books Nos. 1-7, 1754-1837 re will of Josiah Whitlock Dd Oct.21,1769 from James M. Priest
R0974 8 Anseachin News, Tennessee GS, Spr 1981, Henry Co., Tn 1836 tax record re Baldwin & Harden Whitlock; Spr 1982, re query by Jean Hale re Stanhope Whitlock plus Jefferson Co., Tn marriage records re William Juban & Nancy Wittlock M Jul.20,1802; Fall 1986 Bradley Co., Tn tax lists 1837-1839 re James T. Whitlock from James M. Priest
R0975 7 Probate of will of Anthony Edwin Whitlock formerly of North Richmond in the State of Victoria, Australia, Dairyman. Will Dd Feb.8,1879 died June 1, 1913 from Peter F. Whitaker
R0976 153 Whitlock Families Found Down Under by Peter F. Whitaker re Whitlocks of Australia & New Zealand - update from Peter F. Whitaker
R0977 11 Photocopies of Baptisms at St.Olave, Southwark, Surrey, England 1837-1864
R0978 4 A History of the Sedgwick County [Ks] Medical Society by Howard C. Clark, M.D. re Frederick W., Edward A. & Albert Whitlock of Wichita from Marilyn Finke
R0979 2 Biographical Record, Sedgwick Co. Kansas 1901, p265 re Frederick W. Whitlock from Marilyn Finke
R0980 3 The Kansas Magazine, 1942 re poem by George L. Whitlock from Marilyn Finke
R0981 2 Topeka [Ks] Capital-Journal Dec.19,1971 "Late Starting Artist's Card Popular" re George L. Whitlock from Marilyn Finke
R0982 2 Kansas Press Association Memorials, 1952 re George S. Whitlock, died at Wichita Feb.7,1952 from Marilyn Finke
R0983 2 Wyandotte County & Kansas City, Kansas, 1890 re H.C. Whitlock of Bonner Springs from Marilyn Finke
R0984 3 History of Wynadotte County Kansas and its people by Perl W. Morgan Vol.II, 1911 re John Wesley Whitlock from Marilyn Finke
R0985 1 Kansas Transporter Vol.16-17, 1966-67 "Leonard Whitlock, Past President, is Dead at 57" from Marilyn Finke
R0986 4 Chase County [Ks] Historical Sketches, Vol IV, 1984 re Maynard Sylvester Whitlock from Marilyn Finke
R0987 4 Early History of Wabaunsee County, Kansas by Matt Thomson, 1901 re W.S. Whitlock from Marilyn Finke
R0988 8 New Branches from Old Trees, A New History of Wabaunsee County [Ks] re Maynard S. Whitlock; Stone Church Cemetery, Maple Hill, Ks.; Wilbur S. Whitlock from Marilyn Finke
R0989 2 Genealogy Magazine, A Journal of American Ancestry, Vol.148, July 1925 re The Whitlock Family of Danbury, Ct from Marilyn Finke
R0990 1 Marriage licence for William Sutton & Nancy Bryson Dd Nov.21,1842; Marriage certificate Dd Nov.22,1842 from Bedtty Ruth Donnelly
R0991 2 Will of Elisabeth Whitlock of St.James, Westminster, London Dd Jun.7,1765 Pr Mar.9,1769 & Aug.2,1790 from Marianne Whitlock
R0992 2 Will of John Whitlock of St.Bartholomew the Less, London, Dd Sep.22,1762 Pr Feb.9,1763 from Marianne Whitlock
R0993 5 Will of George Whitlock of St.John, Wapping, Middlesex Dd Dec.23,1776 Pr Nov.21,1777 from Marianne Whitlock
R0994 3 Will of Catherine Whitlock of Walcot, Bath, Somerset Dd Dec.30,1760 Pr Oct.1,1761 from Marianne Whitlock
R0995 1 Index to 1870 US census Alabama from Jim Priest
R0996 1 Index to 1870 US census Arkansas from Jim Priest
R0997 2 1900 US census Choctaw, Oklahama, (Indian Territory) re Dudley Runnels & Susan (Duval) Whitlock family from Jim Priest
R0998 3 Index to Cherokee
R0999 4 The NY Genealogical & Biographical Record, Vol 111, No 2, Apr.1980 re Johnson
R1000 13 The NY Genealogical & Biographical Record, Vol 109, No 2, Apr.1978 re Fifth Ave. Pres. Ch. NYC births; Vol 110, No 2, Apr 1979 re Marriages Solemnized by Gideon Lee, Mayor of New York City, 1833-34 by Peter R. Christoph; Vol 112, No 2 Apr.1981 re Joseph V. Varick (1782-1852) married (2) Widow Phoebe Whitlock; Vol 112, No 3 Jul.1981 St George's Church Baptisms 1838-1841, Fifth Ave Pres. Ch. Marriages 1870-71; Vol 112, No 4 Marriages of the Fifth Avenue Presbyterian Church, New York City 1875-76, Records of St.George's Church Flushing, Long Island, Baptisms 1842-46; Vol 90 No 1 & 3 Jan & Jul 1959 Marriages, Dutch Reformed Church of Claverack, NY; Vol 92, No 3 Jul.1961 The Descendants of William Edwards, Early History of the Thorne Family (Cont. Vol 92 No 4) from Donna Sand
R1001 1 Ancestor Tabulation re Ancestry of Thomas Matthew Brink incl. Hannah (Whitlock) Baldwin from Donna Sand
R1002 3 The Virginia Genealogist Vol 33, No 4 Oct-Dec 1989 re Local Notices from the Virginia Gazette, Richmond, 1785 re sale of land in Albemarle County to satisfy taxes due: William Whitlock 219 acres from Marilyn Finke
R1003 3 The Virginia Genealogist Vol 37, No 4 Oct-Dec 1993 re Louisa Co., Va 1800 Tax List from Marilyn Finke
R1004 3 The Kansas City [Mo] Genealogist Vol 22 No 3 1982 re Missouri's Contested Legislative Elections of 1866: Platt County by Gordon Seyffert from Marilyn Finke
R1005 2 The Kansas City [Mo] Genealogist Vol 31 No 2 1990 re Health Department Vital Statistics, Records of Deaths in Kansas City, Missouri 1880 by Arnette Anderson from Marilyn Finke
R1006 3 Illinois State GS Quarterly Vol 18 No 4, Winter 1986 re University of Illinois Baccalaureate Class Lists 1872-83 by Jeanne R. Stanis re John Franklin Whitlock d.Feb.29,1920, Chicago, Il from Marilyn Finke
R1007 2 Lockwood Legacy Vol 1 No 2 1988? re New Canaan [Ct?] Town Tax List 1838 for Non Residents re Joseph Whitlock from Marilyn Finke
R1008 5 Indenture Dd Apr.12,1892 between Archibald McCullum Day & Elizabeth Pickard of Appledore, Devon & John Whitlock Narraway & Charles Sinclair Thompson of Bideford, Devon from John R. Whitlock
R1009 5 Indenture Dd Sep.14,1903 between Archibald McCullum Day & Elizabeth Pickard of Appledore, Devon & John Whitlock Narraway & Abraham Clements of Bideford, Devon from John R. Whitlock
R1010 1 Marriage Bond Dd Jan.4,1823 re marriage of William Whitlock & Nancy Myers of Surry Co., NC from Carl Whitlock
R1011 2 Indenture Dd Feb.18,1815 between John Dobbins of Surry Co., NC and William Whitlock re land on Hogans Creek on south side of Yadkin River from Carl Whitlock
R1012 1 Indenture Dd Oct.7,1822 between Thomas Davis & John Whitlock of Surry Co., NC re land bounded by 2,000 acres survey of James Bryson and William Davis' land from Carl Whitlock
R1013 1 Indenture Dd Feb.5,1804 between William Whitlock & Eliphalet Jervis of Surry Co., NC re land on Hogan's Creek from Carl Whitlock
R1014 1 Indenture Dd Aug.20,1814 between James Whitlock & Ephraim Padgett of Surry Co., NC re land on Hunting Creek from Carl Whitlock
R1015 4 Will of John Whitlock of Surry Co., NC Dd Aug.27,1833 Pr Nov.1833 from Carl Whitlock
R1016 2 Will of William Steelman of Rowan Co., NC Dd Jun.14,1832 Pr May 1836 mentions daughter Catherine wife of Thomas Whitlock from Carl Whitlock
R1017 2 Land purchase Aug.9,1787 Rowan Co., NC Silvas Whitlock; Land purchase Aug.9,1787 Rowan Co., NC James Whitlock from Carl Whitlock
R1018 1 Land purchase Apr.3,1780 Surry Co., NC Charles Whitlock from Carl Whitlock
R1019 1 Indenture Dd May 7,1796 between Thomas Whitlock of Surry Co., NC to George Moore of Rowan Co., NC re land on Dutchman's Creek
R1020 1 Will of Harvey Luther Whitlock of Lake City, Florence Co., SC Dd Jul.14,1939 from Sara Smith
R1021 4 DAR Application by Maxine Stanley Crosley Dd Oct.5,1983 re descent from William & Mary (Rowntree) Whitlock (M1767) of Goochland Co., Va from Sara Smith
R1022 3 South Dakota Historical Collections and Report Vol.27, 1954 re Whitlocks Crossing from Darrel E. Johnson
R1023 2 South Dakota Geographic Names by Virginia Driving Hawk Sneve, 1973 re Whitlocks Crossing from Darrel E. Johnson
R1024 1 Map of the Thurlestone area of Devon showing Whitlocksworthy from Keith Whitlock
R1025 26 Collection of papers and photographs relating to the family of Nathaniel & Eleanor Caroline (Tackett) Whitlock (M1840s) of Franklin & Colbert Co., Alabama from Carl Whitlock
R1026 3 Deed (with transcription) of Henry C. Earnest Dd Sep.14,1869 of Pulaski Co., Va from John E. Ernest
R1027 2 Descent from Thomas Christmas (1680-1770) of Hanover Co. Va & Bute Co., NC from John E. Ernest
R1028 12 The History of Ridgefield Connecticut by George L. Rockwell, 1989 re Lyman Whitlock & John M. Whitlock members of the Ridgefield Band from Ursula Kilner
R1029 2 Will of Mary Whitlock, Widow of Silverstone, NTH Dd Jan.7,1843 Pr.Aug.1,1843 from Audrey Curtis
R1030 2 Will of George Whitlock, Lath render and Timber Dealer of Silverstone, NTH Dd May 26,1840 Pr Sep.27,1841 from Audrey Curtis
R1031 3 Administration of George Whitlock, Lath render and Timber Dealer of Silverstone, NTH re Pr Sep.27,1841 from Audrey Curtis
R1032 2 Will of Elizabeth Whitlock, Singlewoman of Shutlanger, NTH Dd Jul.20,1852 Pr Apr.14,1856 from Audrey Curtis
R1033 3 Census cards 1905-1935 Potter Co., SD from Darrel E. Johnson
R1034 4 Gettysbury South Dakota 75th Anniversary Jul.11,12,1958 re John F. Whitlock s.of George W. & Fanny (Bonte) Whitlock b.Feb.5,1858 Fulton Co., NY; Potter County [SD] People, Pictures and Progress 1883-1983 re Whitlock's Crossing from Darrel E. Johnson
R1035 2 Will of Mary Whitlock, Spinster of Woolfardisworthy, Devon Dd Oct.12,1752 Pr Jun.16,1758 from Marianne Whitlock
R1036 1 Will of Mary Whitlock, Spinster of St.Mary's, Reading, Berks Dd May 25,1771 Pr Nov.28,1771 from Marianne Whitlock
R1037 2 Will of Martha Whitlock, Spinster of St.John Wapping, Middlesex Dd Dec.17,176(1?) Pr ??,26,1766 from Marianne Whitlock
R1038 5 Will of Thomas Whitlock, Blanket weaver of Witney, OXF Dd Feb.6,1794 Pr Mar.19,1794 from Marianne Whitlock
R1039 6 Central Illinois Genealogical Quarterly Vol.24, No.3 Summer 1988 re Theater Fire in Richmond, Virginia Dec.26,1811. re death of Mary Whitlock grand-daughter of Mrs. Harvie; Vol.25, No.3 Summer 1989 re Newspapers of Old Decatur 1863-1901 re Rev. S.H. Whitlock; Vol.28, No.3 Fall 1992 re Gleanings from The Newton Press, Newton, Illinois, Jasperites Abroad Dec.28,1897 re Miss Nelson Whitlock resides at Stanwood, Michigan from Mary Maxfield
R1040 4 Tennessee Ancestors Vol.7, No.1 Apr.1991 re Some Grainger County, Tennessee cemeteries, Jacob Hinshaw Cemetery & Whitlock Cemetery; Vol.7, No.1 Apr.1991 re Queries re Whitlock
R1041 5 Old Oak by Rev.J.E. Linnell, 1932 re Whitlocks of Silverstone, NTH from R.John Linnell
R1042 1 Index of Bank of England Will Extracts: 1807-1845 from Valerie Logue
R1043 2 Letter from Elias Whitlock to Arthur Whitlock Dd June 20, 1877, Piqua, Ohio from Mark D. Whitlock
R1044 2 Bluestem Root Diggers Genealogical Quarterly, Greenwood Co., Kansas Vol.4,No.4, Oct.1994 re Arthur Albert Cheever who married Mary R. Whitlock Aug.26,1903 from Marilyn Finke
R1045 3 We Claimed This Land: Portland's [Ore] Pioneer Settlers by Eugene E. Snyder re Columbus Whitlock from Marilyn Finke
R1046 6 Wyandotte County, Kansas Cemetery Records - Vol.1 by Joan Kusek, 1993 re Junction
R1047 1 Gone, But Not Forgotten Directory of the deceased in Atchison County, Missouri re Home Cemetery, Tarkio Township & Grange Hall Cemetery, Polk Township to 1990 from Marilyn Finke
R1048 5 Ohio Records and Pioneer Families, 1993, Memorial of Citizens of Washington County May 27,1834 re Samuel Whitlock & John Whitlock from Marilyn Finke
R1049 1 Gran Enciclopedia Argentina, 1963 re Gen. John Whitelocke (1758-1833) [includes portrait]
R1050 5 Who's Who in America 1990-1994 re Baird Woodruff Whitlock, Bennett Clarke Whitlock, C. William Whitlock, Charles Preston Whitlock, David C. Whitlock, David Graham Whitlock, Foster Brand Whitlock, John Joseph Whitlock, John L. Whitlock, Luder Gradick Whitlock & William Abel Whitlock
R1051 1 Who's Who in the Midwest re Charlene Ann Whitlock & McDonald Lee Whitlock
R1052 2 Germans to America Glazier
R1053 2 Dictionary of Canadian Biography Vol.IX (1861-1870) re William Whitlock of Vaudreuil, Quebec 1838
R1054 1 The Georgia Genealogical Magazine, Winter 1973 Union Co., S.C. Deed Book A re William Whitlock Dec.28,1786 from Carl Whitlock
R1055 9 Some South Carolina County Records, Vol.2 by Rev.Silas E. Lucas, Jr., 1989 re Whitlocks of Union Co., mentions Edson, Woodson, Rountree, George, Cain, Williams, Porter & Whatley families from Carl Whitlock
R1056 3 Genealogies of Virginia Families, Vol.1-5 re Ann Whitlock 1652, William Whitlock who married Sallie A. Claiborne & James Woodson who married Elizabeth Whitlock 1754 from Carl Whitlock
R1057 1 Records of Thirteen Families by A.Evans Wynn, 1940 re William Whitlock of Madison, Florida who married Penelope Robinson. Will of Robert Robinson of Edgefield Co., S.C. 1803 from Carl Whitlock
R1058 2 Tax Digest 1810 Jackson Co., Georgia re Nathaniel Whitlock & William Whitlock from Carl Whitlock & Doug Crosswhite
R1059 31 Union County Cemeteries, South Carolina by Mrs. E. D. Whaley Sr., 1976 re Gilead Baptist Church Cemetery from Carl Whitlock & Glenn Whitlock
R1060 3 Huntsville, Alabama Land Office Register of Receipts, 1820-1841 Book 400 re John Whitlock of Morgan Co. 1832, 1834, Thomas Whitlock & Charles Whitlock of Franklin Co. 1852 from Carl Whitlock
R1061 16 Old Land Records of Colbert County, Alabama by Margaret Matthews Cowart re Whitlocks 1852-1893 from Carl Whitlock
R1062 2 Wills 1771-1827 by Jo White Linn, 1992 re Surry Co., NC will abstracts, John Bryson 1804, daughter Margaret possibly married to Thomas Whitlock; will of Philip Howard re 8 children of Nancy & James Whitlock, Nancy grandaughter of wife Sarah Howard from Carl Whitlock
R1063 5 Virginia Tax Records, 1983 re Tithables of Lancaster County, Va 1654 re Thomas Whitlock; Virginia Quit Claim Rolls 1704, King William Co. re John Whitlock, 200 acres from Carl Whitlock
R1064 9 The Third or 1820 Land Lottery of Georgia by Rev. Silas E. Lucas, Jr., 1986 mentions Beasley & Josiah Whitlock of Morgan Co., Catharine & William Whitlock of Jasper Co., Charles & Thomas Whitlock of Franklin Co., George W. Whitlock of Greene Co. & James Whitlock of Jackson Co.; maps of Georgia 1790, 1800, 1810, 1820 & 1985; list of pre 1820 Georgia Tax Digests from Carl Whitlock
R1065 2 Georgia Citizens and Soldiers of the American Revolution by Robert Davis, 1979 & Dasske Doddridge, 1967 re Josiah Whitlock & William Whitlock 1777 from Carl Whitlock
R1066 2 American Prisoners of the Revolution by Danske Daddridge, 1967 re List of 8000 men who were prisoners on board the Old Jersey, John, Joseph & William Whitlock from Carl Whitlock
R1067 7 Known Military Dead During the American Revolutionary War 1775-1783 by Clarence Stewart Peterson, 1959 re John Whitlock d.Feb.13,1777 from Carl Whitlock
R1068 1 Promissory Note for $13 Dd Mar.17, 1891 between William Whitlock & Y.G. Abercrombie of Lumpkin Co., Georgia, security, one steer and wagon from Carl Whitlock
R1069 2 Passenger & Immigration Lists; 1982-1990 cumulations from Carl Whitlock
R1070 2 Will of George Whitlock of Granville Co., NC Dd Aug.1,1773 Pr May 1774 from Carl Whitlock
R1071 7 Will of Charles Whitlock of Surry Co., NC Dd Apr.5,1883 Pr Apr.6,1885 from Carl Whitlock
R1072 1 Will of Charles Whitlock of Stokes Co., NC Dd Mar.24,1811 from Carl Whitlock
R1073 1 Will of John Whitlock of Surry Co.,NC Dd Aug.27,1833 from Carl Whitlock
R1074 1 Franklin Co., Ga marriages re William Whitlock & Elizabeth Green June 8, 1816 from Carl Whitlock
R1075 1 Georgia, Fannin County, Court House in Blue Ridge, Ga re marriage licence Jacob Young & Martha Whitlock married Feb.16,1867 from Carl Whitlock
R1076 3 Some Early Tax Digests of Georgia by Ruth Blair, 1926 Richmond Co. 1818 re William Whitlock, Junr. & George Whitlock; Warren Co. 1794 Josiah Whitlock and Josiah Whitlock as agent for John Whitlock, L.River from Carl Whitlock
R1077 1 Prince George County, Virginia Records 1733-1792 by Benjamin B. Weisiger III, 1975 re Tobacco notes at Boyd's Warehouse, lists John Whitlock Sep.8,1789 from Carl Whitlock
R1078 3 Will of George Whitlock of Pitton, Wilts Dd June 4, 1720 Pr September 1, 1724 from Eddie Gullick
R1079 2 Administration of William Whitlock of Pitton, Wilts Dd September 12, 1728 from Eddie Gullick
R1080 2 Will of William Whitlock of Pitton, Wilts Dd July 7, 1735 Pr March 29, 1743 from Eddie Gullick
R1081 2 Administration of William Whitlock of Warminster, Wilts Dd November 4, 1754 from Eddie Gullick
R1082 3 Administration of John Whitlock of Warminster, Wilts Dd June 11, 1728 from Eddie Gullick
R1083 2 Administration of John Whitlock of Upton Lovell, Wilts Dd August 10, 1764 from Eddie Gullick
R1084 2 Will of Ann Whitlock of Downton, Wilts Dd September 16, 1767 Pr April 2, 1771 from Eddie Gullick
R1085 3 Will of William Whitlock of Pitton, Wilts Dd February 25, 1774 Pr April 25, 1780 from Eddie Gullick
R1086 3 An Illustrated History of Monroe Co., Iowa by Frank Hickenlooper, 1896 re Rev. Wm. Whitlock of United Brethren Church from Todd Zimmerman
R1087 2 Minnick
R1088 2 Minnick Tree by J.W. Minnick re Abner Brown Whitlock from Virginia Minnick Lewis
R1089 13 Administration of the estate of William Whitlock of Edgefield, South Carolina Dd September 17, 1808 from Vivian T. Cates
R1090 1 Map of Silverstone, Northamptonshire (Scale 1:25000) from Enid Fisher
R1091 3 The Rebuilding of St.Michael and All Angels, Silverstone, 1884 re marriage of James Whitlock & Mary Ann Linnell August 4,1884 from Enid Fisher
R1092 3 Will of John Whitlock of Lincolns Inn, St.Clements Dane, Middlesex Dd May 1, 1750 from Marianne Whitlock
R1093 5 Gwinnett County, Georgia Families 1818-1968, by Alice Smythe McCabe 1988 re Calvin Whitlock by Loye W. Payne from Harry Douglas Smith
R1094 1 Savannah Newspaper Digest 1875 re Lizzie Whitlock of Madison, Florida from Harry Douglas Smith
R1095 2 Family Puzzlers Dec.2,1982 No.789 re John Whitlock of Dutchman Creek, Rowan Co., NC 1767 & Susan Elysabeth Cooper & Jacob Whitlock from Harry Douglas Smith
R1096 1 Memoirs of Georgia, Morgan County Sketches, Southern Historial Association 1895 re Josiah Whitlock from Harry Douglas Smith
R1097 2 Who's Who in America, Vol.26 1950-1951 from Derick Hartshorn
R1098 1 An Inventory of William Whitlock of Kettering, Northamptonshire Dd Aug.19,1751 from Audrey Curtis
R1099 71 WHITLOCK the first seventy-five years re Whitlock Golf & Country Club of Hudson, Quebec
R1100 37 Map of Hudson, St.Lazare, Quebec re Upper Whitlock and Lower Whitlock Streets, Hudson Heights, Quebec
R1101 3 Who's Who In Aviation and Aerospace U.S. edition 1983 from Sara Smith
R1102 1 Who's Who In The World 1982-83 edition from Sara Smith
R1103 2 Who's Who in America, 42nd Ed., 1982-83 from Sara Smith
R1104 1 Who's Who of American Women, 12th Ed., 1981-82 from Sara Smith
R1105 7 Ulster Historical Foundation, Whitlock report 1994 re Whitlock research in Ireland from Cuma Schofield
R1106 2 In Remembrance, In Memory of Leigh Vere Whitlock b.Jun.13,1914 Sussex, New Brunswick d.Dec.25,1994 Woodstock, New Brunswick from Janis Richard
R1107 1 In Fond Remembrance of Anna Whitlock who died Friday March 3rd 1882 from Elizabeth Low via Sue Clives
R1108 1 In Memory of Roland James Whitlock b.Nov.3,1907 Richland, Michigan d.Nov.18,1994 Kalamazoo, Michigan from Marilyn R. Finke
R1109 36 Draft registration cards 1942 for Kansas from Marilyn R. Finke
R1110 25 The New England Historical and Genealogical Register Vol. LXVIII to LXX 1914-1916 re Records of The Greenfield Hill Church, Fairfield, Conn from Marilyn R. Finke
R1111 1 Who'Who in the South and Southwest 22nd Ed 1991-1992
R1112 1 Washington 1994 re Beverly Whitlock, Governor, The Chelsea School
R1113 2 Emigrants to Pennsylvania re Isaac Whitelock of Lancaster
R1114 9 Who Was Who in America Vol.I-VIII 1607-1985
R1115 1 Who's Who in America 1908-1915
R1116 21 Estate papers of Bennett Whitlock of Union Co., SC d.1859 includes list of SC wills 1804-1865 from Lee Payne
R1117 2 Collection of Upper SC re will of Joseph Wardlaw filed 1854 from Janet Thompson Casey
R1118 2 Atlantic Canadians 1600-1900 pgs 3506-7 from Mary L. Wittlock
R1119 1 Tree Talks Vol.18 No.2 June 1978 Seneca Co., NY re Johnston Cemetery nr Interlaken, NY, Edward Whitlock (1839-1916) & Lucretia Whitlock (1843-1903) & Edward Jr (1869-1911) from Chuck Rockett
R1120 4 Letter from Earl Gates to Mark Whitlock Dd Jan.20,1985 re Sarah (Spray) (Whitlock) Gates & descent from Earl Raymond Gates (M1956) of Chicago, Ill
R1121 1 Mary Worth cartoon 2-17, 2-18, 2-19 re introduction of new character, "Peter Whitlock" from Marian Warren
R1122 1 The Genealogical Helper Sep-Oct 1983 re Whitlock Gleanings by Thomas Edward Roach from Marian Warren
R1123 1 Brand Whitlock brochure by Urbana Oh city. Mentions launching of ship S.S. Brand Whitlock in Wilmington, Ca in 1943 from Marian Warren
R1124 8 Census of Virginia in 1624 (file on disk) from Bill Vincent
R1125 4 Correspondence 1923-1926 re Claude R. Whitlock Supt. Pierre Indian School, Pierre, SD from Marilyn R. Finke
R1126 28 Draft Registration Cards 1942, Iowa from Marilyn R. Finke
R1127 2 The Devon Family Historian No.73 Feb.1995 pg 15 "Family History Fun" by Sheila Pike, poem telling how a Whitlock will got her hooked on genealogy
R1128 4 State of Vermont probate record re will of Francena L. Whitlock 1919 from Darlene Palmer
R1129 2 Lake View Cemetery, Burlington, Vt record Dd 1885 re Royal P. Snow from Darlene Palmer
R1130 1 The Metcalf Society, Birth Briefs re Mrs. Jean Bradley descent from Thomas Whitelock Metcalf s of Henry Whitelock Metcalf of Brandesburton, ERYorkshire (M1882) Clara Elizabeth Blenkinsop from Marianne Whitlock
R1131 2 Marriage licence of Stephen Whitlock & Elizabeth Kincherton of Hound, Hants Aug.24,1784 from Muriel Allen
R1132 3 Titchfield [Hants] Overseers Accounts 1775-1795 re Stephen Whitlock & Elizabeth Kincherton from Muriel Allen
R1133 1 Titchfield [Hants] Settlement Examination Dd Aug.25,1784 re Stephen Whitlock from Muriel Allen
R1134 7 Will and probate of John Whitlock of Lenox, Ma will Dd Feb.3,1794 proved by widow Rhoda Mar.7,1809 from Marian Downum
R1135 9 Lenox [Ma] Church Records from R.C. Rockwell's Copy from Marian Downum
R1136 5 Indenture Dd Aug.18,1829 between Charls Whitlock of Bedford Co., Tn and John Morton of Rutherford Co., Tn, $1,250, re land on Duck River held jointly with Joshua Farrington from Geneva Campbell
R1137 2 Wilson County, Tennessee, Wills Books 1-13, 1802-1850 by Thomas E. Partlow re William Whitlock inventory 1818 from Geneva Campbell
R1138 1 Death Notices from old Georgia Newspapers The Georgia Gazette, Savannah re Capt. Whitlock of ship Ludlow Apr.4,1793 from Geneva Campbell
R1139 1 Yeo of Woolfardisworthy West, Devon re William Whitlock & Mary Hamlyn (M1701) from Sheila Yeo
R1140 1 Yeo of Woolfardisworthy West, Devon re will of Grace Higham of Islington, Middlesex Dd Feb.26,1725 Pr Apr.31,1726, mentions cousin Mary (Hamlyn) Whitlock from Sheila Yeo
R1141 1 Yeo of Woolfardisworthy West, Devon re Grace (Yeo) Higham from Sheila Yeo
R1142 1 Virginia Magazine, Parish Register of Christ Church, Middlesex Co., Va re Jonas Whitlock s of James & Margaret Whitlock bp Mar.18,1704 from Sara Smith
R1143 1 Virginia Magazine, Vol.5 Abstract of Rappahannock County Wills re Thomas Whitlock's will Dd Oct.9,1659 from Sara Smith
R1144 1 Virginia Historical Magazine, Vol.20 re Mrs. ?? (Herne) Whitlock d of John Herne in Va 1677 from Sara Smith
R1145 1 Virginia Historical Magazine re Walter L. Whitlock, William J. Whitlock & Mrs. Lucy Mary Whitlock, Orange, Va from Sara Smith
R1146 1 Virginia Land Records Feb.28,1789 William Whitlock, place called Carter's Island, St.Paul's, on Chickahominy from Sara Smith
R1147 5 Marriages of Goochland County, Virginia, 1733-1815 by Kathleen Booth Williams from Sara Smith
R1148 1 Gravesites & Cemeteries in Goochland Co., Va from Sara Smith
R1149 2 Goochland Co., Va Tithe Lists 1735-1749 from Sara Smith
R1150 1 12th Va Infantry re Philip Whitlock of Richmond, Va 1861 from Sara Smith
R1151 2 Letter from A. D. Hiller to J.A. Spencer Dd Dec.4,1937 re Rev. War pension of William Whitlatch from Sara Smith
R1152 2 Texas Death Records 1946-1955, 1971, 1972 from Janet Casey
R1153 2 Indenture Dd Sep.3,1839 between John Whitlock of Cobb Co., Ga and Cornelius Kuykendall of Cherokee Co., Ga re land in Cherokee Co., Ga from Janet Casey
R1154 1 Texas Social Security index from "Hilda Whitlock" to "Jessee Whitlock" from Janet Casey
R1155 1 Marriage & Death Notices of the Charleston, [SC] Times 1800-21 re Sarah (Whitlock) Jackson (1775-1810) from Janet Casey
R1156 1 Marriage & Death Notices from Upper S.C. Newspapers 1843-1865 re Mr. Bennett Whitlock & Miss Frances A. Hawlow (sic) Aug.2,1857. Married by Rev. Thos. Ray from Janet Casey