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R1157 3 Greenwood County [SC] Sketches by Margaret Watson re John Harvy Waller & Nancy Whitlock (M1820-30) from Janet Casey
R1158 1 DAR Lineage Book p.337 re Mrs. Marion Roberts Fisher #53751 descent from John & Lydia (Bowne) Whitlock (M1758) of NJ from Mark Whitlock
R1159 2 Whitlock cemetery Rockbridge township, Greene Co., Ill from George S. Smith
R1160 2 A History of Union County, Chapter V, pages 43,44 re Rev. Thomas Ray from Sara Smith
R1161 1 Our Lady of Victory Parish, Seaside, Oregon May 21,1995 re David Whitlock, first communicant from Ruby Pantalone
R1162 1 Abberley, WOR Banns of Marriage May 17,24 & 31, 1890 between Charles Merrick & Catherine Hephzibah Whitlock of Stoke Bruerne, NTH from Beryl Metherell
R1163 5 History of Virginia, Vol.IV, 1924 re Dr.Joseph Whitlock (1849-1921) & Dr. Joseph Lawrence Whitlock (1873-??) from Doug Crosswhite
R1164 2 Will of Joyce (Hasler) Whitelock of St.Mary Whitechapel, MDX Dd June 28, 1754 Pr July 8, 1755 from Marianne Whitlock
R1165 2 Will of Elizabeth Whillock of Stanway, GLS Dd March 16,1765 Pr Nov. 8, 1765 from Marianne Whitlock
R1166 1 Administration of John Whitlock of St.John Wapping, MDX Dd 1763 from Marianne Whitlock
R1167 1 Adminstration of Lydia (Kite) Whittock of St.Leonard Shoreditch, MDX Dd 1763 from Marianne Whitlock
R1168 1 Indenture Dd Jan.15,1800 between Charles Whitlock County of Stokes, NC & Isaac Bullin of same, £40, 100 acres, part of a survey of 640 acres. [See R78
R1169 1 Indenture Dd Sep?.8?,1801 between Jesse Watkins of County of Stokes, NC & Charles Whitlock of same, £60, land in Stokes Co., Little Buck Island Creek being part of Grant given Charles Elliott bearing date the third day of November 1784, in Henry West... line, Henry Watkins line, witness Henry Watkins & David Simmonds [See R78
R1170 1 Indenture Dd Jun.1,1804 between Charles Whitlock of Stokes Co., NC & Moses Lawson of same, £60, land in Stokes Co., being part of the said Whitlocks old survey on the waters of Snow Creek, Richard Woods corner, ...1780, witness J..s Whitlock, Nancy Whitlock, ... Whitlock, proved by John Whitlock [See R78
R1171 2 Letters Patent Dd December 15, 1803 between State of NC and Charles Whitelock Junr for 50 shillings per 100 acres, 25 acres in County of Stokes, on waters of Buck Island ... Charles Whitelock's Senr corner... from Doug Crosswhite
R1172 1 William Whitlock of State of Kentucky...appointed my friend Isaac Vernon of County of Stokes, NC Lawful Attorney, William Radford of Stokes Co., NC, 60 acres, south fork of Snow Creek, witness David Simmonds, John Whitlock, Aug.7,1805 [See R78
R1173 1 Indenture Dd Nov.10,1804 between Charles Whitlock of Stoke Co., NC and Henry Watkins of same 100 pounds, land in Stokes Co. on the waters of Buck Island Creek, 105 acres, witnesses Wm. Whitlock and Charles Whitlock from Doug Crosswhite
R1174 1 Indenture Dd Oct.4,1808 between Joel Foster of Stoke Co., NC and John Whitlock re negro girl named Phebe about six years old, witnesses Henry Watkins and Joshua Watkins, from Doug Crosswhite
R1175 1 Indenture Dd Dec.27,1810 between Charles Whitelock Senr of Stokes Co., NC and John Whitelock of same for 200 dollars a negro girl named Peggy about 8 years old from Doug Crosswhite
R1176 1 Indenture Dd May 22, 1824 between John Whitlock of Surry Co., NC & Joshua Cox Senr of Stokes Co., NC, $100, land in Stokes Co. being part of the parcel of land that fell to Caty Whitlock wife of said John Whitlock by the last will of Richard Cox deceased on the waters of the north double creek of Pan River, 188 acres, witness Alexander Dodson, Jesse Cox, Richard Cox [See R78
R1177 1 Indenture Dd Dec.5,1837 between Catharine Whitlock of Surry Co., NC and Amos Jackson Senr of Stokes Co. $237.50 re land in Stokes Co., known as the Cox tract as heir to Joshua Cox, witness J.H. Jackson [See R78
R1178 5 Whitlock tomb stones in the Swan Pond cemetery, Roane Co., Tn from Glenn Whitlock
R1179 1 Will of Henry Whitlock of Idmiston, Wilts Dd Jun.18,1791 died 1803 Pr 1804 from Eddie Gullick
R1180 1 Will of John Whittock of Bugley, Warminster, Wilts Dd Apr.2,1718 Pr 1722 from Eddie Gullick
R1181 3 Will of Thomas Whittlocke of Devorill Longbridge, Wilts Dd Jan.3,1683 Pr 1684, inventory Dd Mar.19,1683 from Eddie Gullick
R1182 1 Administration of William Whitlock of Melksham, Wilts Dd May 19,1675 from Eddie Gullick
R1183 4 Administration of Thomas Whitlock of Coulston, Wilts Dd Aug.26,1644, inventory Dd Aug.29,1644 from Eddie Gullick
R1184 2 Will of Roger Whittock of Southweeke, North Bradley, Wilts Dd Oct.7,1632 Pr 1636 from Eddie Gullick
R1185 2 Will of Agness Whitlock of Steeple Ashton, Wilts Dd Nov.23,1613 Pr 1614 from Eddie Gullick
R1186 2 Will of Anthony Whitlocke of Steeple Ashton, Wilts Dd Mar.18,1606 Pr 1607, inventory Dd Apr.13,1607 from Eddie Gullick
R1187 2 Will of Robert Whittock of North Bradley, Wilts Dd Aug.22,1593 Pr Oct.1593 from Eddie Gullick
R1188 2 Will of Edward Whittock of North Bradley, Wilts Dd Aug.26,1589 Pr Sep.30,1589, inventory Dd Sep.28,1589 from Eddie Gullick
R1189 2 Will of Henry Whittock of North Bradley, Wilts Dd Aug.20,1558 Pr Feb.23,1558; Will of Roger Whittock of North Bradley Dd Oct.26,1558 Pr Feb.23,1558 from Eddie Gullick
R1190 1 Will of John Whytelocke of Assheton, Wilts Dd Dec.6,1556 Pr Oct.6,1556[sic] from Eddie Gullick
R1191 3 Will of William Whitlock of Farley, Wilts Dd Nov.25,1732 Administration Dd Jan.2,1755 from Eddie Gullick
R1192 6 Oaths of Anthony Edwards Whitlock re administration of George Whitlock of Winterlow, Wilts Dd Aug.16,1845 from Eddie Gullick
R1193 1 Administration of George Whitlock of Winterslow, Wilts Dd Aug.16,1845 from Eddie Gullick
R1194 7 Will of Thomas Whitelock of Devizes, Wilts Dd Nov.15,1837 Pr Feb.24,1838 from Eddie Gullick
R1195 1 Will of Mary Whitlock of Devizes, Wilts Dd Oct.6,1806 Pr Jul.23,1812 from Eddie Gullick
R1196 3 Will of John Whittock of Warminster, Wilts Dd Feb.14,1789 Pr 1789 from Eddie Gullick
R1197 4 Will of William Whittock of Warminster, Wilts Dd Jul.14,1852, Adminstration Dd Aug.12,1857 Pr Aug.13,1857 from Eddie Gullick
R1198 2 Will of William Whittock of Warminster, Wilts Dd Apr.6,1847 Pr Mar.1,1848 from Eddie Gullick
R1199 4 Will of Thomas Whitlock of Winterslow, Wilts Dd Jan.23,1837 Pr Aug.1,1837 from Eddie Gullick
R1200 2 Indenture Dd Sep.29,1634 between John Whitlocke of Little Totham, Essex and William Digby of Coggeshall and Mary his wife re land called Godfrey's and Godfrey's Grove £740 from Reverdy Whitlock via Norris Whitlock
R1201 294 Fourth draft of Peter Whitaker's book Whitelock
R1202 4 Union County South Carolina Will Abstracts 1787-1849 by Brent Howard Holcomb re Robert Whitlock of Union Dist. SC will Dd Dec.31,1801 Pr Nov.19,1804, will of William of Union Dist. SC Dd Nov.26,1804 Pr May 23,1805, will of Mary (Rowntree) Whitlock of Union Dist. SC Dd Apr.26,1813 Pr Jul.5,1813 from Glenn Whitlock
R1203 4 Union County Equity Records Compiled by Mary Bondurant Warren re Elizabeth (Robinson) Whitlock estranged wife of George Whitlock 1835; Bill of sale Dd Dec.23,1792 William Whitlock to Cushman R. Edson both of Union Co., SC re negro boy Stepney aged about 9 for £30 from Glenn Whitlock
R1204 9 The Douglas Register 1750-1797 by W. Mac. Jones, 1966 re Woodson entries from Judy Husman
R1205 2 Antique Shops of Marietta, Georgia re Whitlock Avenue from Sara Smith
R1206 4 Will of John Whitlock of Union Dist., SC Dd Jan.15,1863 Pr Jun.5,1865 from Betty Adams
R1207 16 Will of Jemima (Cain) Whitlock of Union Dist. SC Dd Jan.27,1835 Administration Dd May 2,1840, includes estate accounts and other papers, from Betty Adams
R1208 12 Adminstration of John Whitlock of Union Dist., SC Dd Dec.4,1837 includes inventory and estate sale records from Betty Adams
R1209 85 First draft of Carl Whitlock's book WHITLOCK A Genealogical Study of the Families in Alabama in the 1800's and their Extended Lineage from Carl Whitlock
R1210 15 The History of Long Island [NY] by Benjamin F. Thompson 1843, pages 168-181 from William Kyle Whitlock
R1211 2 1860 census Cotheridge, WOR re families of Richard Whitlock of Moat Cottage and William Whitlock of Black Fields from Beryl Metherell
R1212 2 Leeds [YKS] Archive Guide 1938-88 re Whitelocks Luncheon Bar in Turks Head Yard off Briggate from Ray Skinner
R1213 1 Map of Sheepscar, Leeds, YKS 1793 showing Mr. Whitelock's Estate adjoining the present North Street from Ray Skinner
R1214 1 Ozar'Kin, Vol.VIII, No.2 Summer 1986, Pg.53 Mount Comfort Church near Fellows Lake in Franklin Twp, Greene Co., Mo re T.J. Whitlock and wife 1834 from Marilyn Finke
R1215 5 Bluestem Root Diggers, Greenwood Co., Ks, Vol.5,No.2 April 1995 re The Leader, Virgil, Ks re C.O. Whitlock, teacher; Bryon Whitlock (1894-1921), Toronto, Ks from Marilyn Finke
R1216 1 First Census of the United States 1790, Virginia from Marilyn Finke
R1217 1 Ozar'Kin, Vol.III, No.4 Winter 1981, Letters from the California Gold Fields re Lambert Whitlock Jul.31,1856 from Marilyn Finke
R1218 1 Illustrated Historical Atlas of the State of Iowa, 1875 by A.T. Andres Pg.148 re Residence and Office of Dr.F.W. Whitlock, Farmington, Iowa from Marilyn Finke
R1219 2 Virginia Genealogies by Rev.H.E. Hayden, 1931 re Alfred Wallace married Dec.10,1879 Kate Edgar Whitlock, dau. of Dr.J.C. Whitlock from Marilyn Finke
R1220 4 Genealogy of The McKay Family by Dr.J.A. McKay, 1896 re Luther & Sarah (Carey) Whitlock (M1870's) from Marilyn Finke
R1221 5 Elmwood Cemetery, Kansas City, Mo 1832-1984 by Heart of America GS 1987 re George Whitlock (1848-1902) from Marilyn Finke
R1222 8 Heads of Families at the First Census of the United States taken in the Year 1790, South Carolina Coleman, Rountree, Whitlocks from Glenn Whitlock & Louise Birchfield
R1223 6 South Carolina 1800 Census by Teeples, Jackson & Moore, 1973 Coleman, Rountree, Whitlocks from Glenn Whitlock & Louise Birchfield
R1224 3 South Carolina 1810 Census Index by Jackson, Teeples & Schaefermeyer from Glenn Whitlock
R1225 3 South Carolina 1820 Census Index by Jackson & Teeples from Glenn Whitlock
R1226 3 Index 1830 Census - South Carolina by Hazlewood, Hazlewood & Smith, 1973 from Glenn Whitlock
R1227 2 History of Ridgefield [Ct] pgs 480-1, 500,508 re Whitlock families from Marian Downum
R1228 3 Inventory of John Whitlock of Fairfield, Ct Apr.7,1698 from Marian Downum
R1229 3 Will of John Whitlock of Fairfield, Ct Dd Mar.15,1732
R1230 1 The Loyalists pg 138 re valuation of property of Samuel Whelpley by John Whitlock of Stockbridge, Ma 1786 from Marian Downum
R1231 2 Will of David Whitlock of Fairfield, Ct Dd Feb.11,1713
R1232 2 Articles of Agreement between John Whitlock and Thomas Whitlock sons of John Whitlock late of Fairfield, Ct Dd May 6,1713 from Marian Downum
R1233 7 Court of Probate records re Daniel Wilson and James Keeler of Lenox, Ma Absentees Dd Nov.6,1782 & estate of John Whitlock Jun. late of Lenox, Conspirator & Absentee from Marian Downum
R1234 4 Estate of Rhoda Whitlock late of Lenox, Ma Oct.3,1815 from Marian Downum
R1235 162 WHITLOCK a Genealogy of the Families in Alabama in the 1800's and their extended lineage Revision #1 from Carl Thomas Whitlock
R1236 4 State Census of North Carolina 1784-1787 by Alvaretta Kenan Register from Glenn Whitlock
R1237 4 South Carolina 1850 Census Index by Jackson & Schaefermayer from Glenn Whitlock
R1238 2 South Carolina Marriages Volume II 1735-1885 Implied in South Carolina Law Reports by Barbara R. Langdon re Thomas L. & Harriet (Wardlaw) Whitlock (M1820's) from Glenn Whitlock
R1239 2 South Carolina Marriages 1749-1867 Implied in South Carolina Equity Reports by Barbara R. Langdon re Eliza (Whitlock) Durham, Ellinor (Whitlock) Black & Melissa (Whitlock) Harlan from Glenn Whitlock
R1240 2 South Carolina Marriages Volume IV 1787-1875 Implied in the Miscellaneous Records in South Carolina by Barbara R. Langdon re Nancy N. (Mobley) Whitlock from Glenn Whitlock
R1241 12 Lineage Charts S.C. Genealogical Society Chapters: Charleston; Columbia; Greenville; Greenwood; Pendleton District & Sumpter re descent from William & Mary (Whitlock) Jones (M1760); William Harrison & Sarah Ann (Lawson) Whitlock (M1853); George Washington McDuffie & Nancy Anna (Whitlock) Duncan (M1880's); George & Nancy (Swearengin) Whitlock (M1820's); James & Elizabeth (Whitlock) Woodson (M1754); Richard & Nancy (Whitlock) Faucett (M1780's) from Glenn Whitlock
R1242 1 Pleasant Plains, Illinois Board of Education re Mark Whitlock elected 1991 and 1993 from Mark Whitlock
R1243 1 Memorial re Mary Alma Whitlock Jan.21,1907-Feb.24,1910 d.of Wesley Wood & Ada J. Whitlock of Coffeen, Il from Mark Whitlock
R1244 1 Islip Town's [NY] World War II Effort re Donald H. Whitlock & Walter Whitlock from Lorraine Rogers
R1245 1 1920 US census NY, Suffolk Co. re Daniel G. Whitlock from Lorraine Rogers
R1246 2 The Town of Islip [NY] War Record of... Robert F. Whitlock & Daniel S. Whitlock from Lorraine Rogers
R1247 3 Ulster Historical Foundation Whitlock Report Dd 1994 re Whitlocks of Co. Armagh, IRE from Cuma Schofield
R1248 2 Bastrop County [Tx] Marriage Records 1851-1881 & 1881-1900 from Virginia Lewis
R1249 1 1820 US census Butler Co., Ohio re John Whitlock from Mark Whitlock
R1250 1 Butler Co., Ohio marriages re Oct.15,1827 Elias Whitlock & Mary Johnston from Mark Whitlock
R1251 2 Chargin Falls [Ohio] Preservation Voice Winter
R1252 12 Operator's Edge Fall
R1253 2 Will of William Whittock of St.James Clerkenwell. London Dd May 2,1721 Pr Jul.21,1721 from Marianne Whitlock
R1254 3 Will of Benjamin Whitelock of Putney, Surrey Dd Aug.23,1849 Pr Feb.4,1853 from Marianne Whitlock
R1255 2 Will of William Whitlock of Aldersgate St., London Dd Aug.15,1833 Pr Sep.30,1833 from Marianne Whitlock
R1256 5 Will of James Whitlock of Olney, Buckingham Dd Feb.7,1851 Pr Apr.25,1853 from Marianne Whitlock
R1257 2 Broken Fortunes, South Carolina soldiers, sailors and citizens who died in the service of their country and state in the War for Southern Independence 1861-1865 by Randolph W. Kirkland, Jr. 1995 from Marilyn Finke
R1258 11 The Witchcraft Delusion in Colonial Connecticut 1647-1697 by John M. Taylor 1974 (See also R477) from Marilyn Finke
R1259 3 Bluestem Root Diggers GQ Vol.5, No.4, Oct.1995 re 1855 Census of Kansas re William Whitlock & Thomas Whitlock from Mo from Marilyn Finke
R1260 18 The First Hundred Years, The Early Eighteen Thirties re History of Cobb Co., Ga re Milledge Whitlock of Marietta, Ga from Earl H. Johnson
R1261 2 Misc Ga material incl 1820 census, Ga, Hall Co.; 1820 Manufactures Census; Tax lists etc from Earl H. Johnson
R1262 1 30638 Burials in Georgia
R1263 6 Abstracts of Georgia Wills Vol.1 by Jeannette Holland Austin
R1264 2 In the Name of God, Amen, Georgia Wills 1733-1860 by Ted O. Brooke 1976 re John Whitlock 1807 Greene Co.
R1265 4 Abstracts of Georgia Wills, Vol.2
R1266 4 Some Early Tax Digests of Georgia by Ruth Blair 1926
R1267 1 An Index to Georgia Tax Digests 1789-1817 by R.J.Taylor Foundation 1986
R1268 2 Obituaries Published by The Christian Index 1822-1879 by Mary Overby 1975 re Dr.Isaac W. Whitlock, 1853 Wilkes Co. Ga
R1269 3 Obituaries Published by The Christian Index 1880-1899 by Mary Overby 1982 re home of M.G. Whitlock; Isaac W. Whitlock 1800-1881 of Atlanta, Ga
R1270 1 Personal Name Index to the Augusta [Ga] Chronicle, 1786-1830
R1271 2 Atlanta [Ga] Constitution 1868-1884,1887,1890 by Jeannette H. Austin
R1272 2 Marriages and Obituaries from Early Georgia Newspapers by Judges Folks Huxford re L.H. Whitlock May 11,1884, Elbert Co.
R1273 3 Marriages and Deaths 1820-1830 Abstacted from Extant Georgia Newspapers by Warren & White 1972 re Isaac G. Seymour & Eulalia Whitlock Dec.2,1828; Divorce of Isaiah & Frances Whitlock 1828 Hall Co.
R1274 3 Marriages and Deaths Notices from The (Charleston) Times 1800-1821 by Brent Holcomb 1979 re Edward Whitlock age 14 1804 "son of the respectable Actor and Actress of that name..."; Sarah Whitlock alias Sarah Jackson 1810
R1275 2 Milledgeville, Georgia, Newspaper Clippings (Southern Recorder) re Beasly Whitlock 1824 Morgan Co.
R1276 3 Genealogical Abstracts from the Georgia Journal (Milledgeville) Newspaper, 1809-1840 by Hartz, Hartz & Evans 1990-1995
R1277 2 The 1832 Gold Lottery of Georgia
R1278 2 Index to The Headright and Bounty Grants of Georgia 1756-1909 re Geo. Whitlock, Franklin Co 1837; Isaiah B. Whitlock, Wayne Co. 1836
R1279 6 Reprint of Official Register of Land Lottery of Georgia 1827 by Martha Lou Houston
R1280 3 The Georgia Land Lottery Papers 1805-1914 by Davis & Lucas re Nancy (Clements) Whitlock, Morgan Co. 1843
R1281 2 Georgia Division United Daughters of the Confederacy, Ancestor Roster Vol.9 re Lewis Ashton Minor Thomas & Frances Amanda Whitlock (M1851) of Madison Co., Florida
R1282 3 Georgia Division United Daughters of the Confederacy, Ancestor Roster Vol.10 re Milledge G. Whitlock & Anna Leake
R1283 (number missed)
R1284 2 Roster of Revolutionary Soldiers in Georgia re Elizabeth Whitlock, widow 1827
R1285 1 Roster of Revolutionary Soldiers in Georgia re Mary Whitlock, widow
R1286 3 Georgia Citizens and Soldiers of the American Revolution by Robert S. Davis re Josiah Whitlock 1777
R1287 3 An Index to Georgia Colonial Conveyances and Confiscated Lands Records 1750-1804 by R.J. Taylor, Jr. Foundation 1981 re Thomas Whitlock
R1288 2 A Roster of Spanish American War Soldiers from Georgia by Thaxton, Thaxton & Thaxton re Edward Whitlock, Augusta, Machinist, Aiken, SC 1898
R1289 2 List of letters remaining at the Post Office at Monticello, Ga Apr.1,1819 re Catharine Whitlock
R1290 2 Augusta [Ga] Directory, City Advertiser for 1841
R1291 9 The Georgia Black Book by Robert Scott Davis, Jr.
R1292 2 Index to Georgia Poor-School and Academy Records, 1826-1850 by R.J. Taylor Jr. Foundation 1980 re Charles & J.W. Whitlock
R1293 5 Information on Some Georgia Pioneers Family Heads 1805 Georgia
R1294 2 Methodist Preachers in Georgia 1783-1900 by Harold Lawrence
R1295 3 Valley Leaves, Vol.28, No. re Colbert Co. [Ga] Marriage Records, Book B, 1874-1887 Part 6 re marriage of William Whitlock & Georgia A. Devaney Mar.11,1877
R1296 4 Hunting for Bears Inc., Franklin Co., Al 1890-1902 marriage records re James J. Whitlock & Mary F. Mcleaver 1892 & W.H. Box & Ellen Whitlock 1897
R1297 24 Old Land Records of Franklin Co., Al by Margaret Matthews Cowart
R1298 4 SCMAR Index XI-XX Union County Coroner's Inquisitions 1806-1869 re Juror, William Whitlock 1841
R1299 1 1820 US census Va, Pittsylvania re William Whitlock
R1300 2 Virginia Military Records by Elizabeth Petty Bentley 1983 Court held February 1780 re John Whitcock son of Archillis Whitcock
R1301 8 Virginia Vital Records by Judith McGhan 1982 Register of St.James Northam Parish, Goochland County; Death Notices in the Norfolk Gazette and Public Ledger 1804-1816 by Mary C. Brown
R1302 5 Virginia Marriage Records by Elizabeth Petty Bentley 1984
R1303 3 Henrico County, Virginia Deeds, 1737-1750 by Benjamin B. Weisiger 1988 re David Whitlock 1747 & Richard Whitlock 1744
R1304 4 South Carolina Baptists 1670-1805 by Leah Townsend 1974 re William Whitlock, Sarah Whitlock & Susanna Whitlock (Padgett's Creek)
R1305 2 The Presence of the Past Epitaphs of 18th and 19th Century Pioneers in Greenville County, South Carolina and Their Descendants by Whitmire & Schroder re J. Whitlock, 1876:1918
R1306 1 Greenville County, SC Cemetery Survey
R1307 2 South Carolina Immigrants 1760-1770 re Thomas Whitlock from Barbados 1765 & 1767
R1308 2 Abstracts of the Wills of the State of South Carolina 1740-1760 by Caroline T. Moore re John Whittelock 1759
R1309 3 Spartanburg County, South Carolina Will Abstracts 1787-1840 by Brent H. Holcomb re Cairy Whitlock 1812 & 1814
R1310 4 Genealogical Abstracts from Greenville Co., SC: The Earliest Minute Books of Ten Baptist Churches, 1794-1850 by Storey & McCuen re Drury Whitlock of Fork Shoals & Polley Whitlock of Standing Springs
R1311 4 Indexes to the County Wills of South Carolina by Martha Lou Houston
R1312 4 Greenville County, S.C. Cemetery Survey, Vol.5 Graceland Cemetery, Beth Israel Cemetery by SCGS
R1313 2 Probate Records of South Carolina, Vol.1: Index to Inventories 1746-1785 re John Whitlock 1759
R1314 1 Index to South Carolina wills
R1315 26 Union Co., South Carolina Minutes of the County Court 1785-1799 by Brent Holcomb
R1316 2 Union County [SC] Will Book B re William Whitlock in will of John Fowler 1832; Whitlock's line in will of Edward Hames 1840
R1317 4 The South Carolina Magazine of Ancestral Research, Vol.XI, No.4 Fall 1983 re William Whitlock apprentice boy, Spartenburgh; Query re Nancy (Whitlock) Faucett
R1318 4 The South Carolina Historical and Genealogical Magazine Vol.XLVIII, No.4 Oct.1947 re marriage of Mr. Stephen Whitlock & Miss Nancy Davis Dec.22,1831; Vol.L, No.1 Jan.1949 re Andrew Jackson & Amelia America (Whitlock) Wise (M1860's)
R1319 3 Journal of North Carolina Genealogy Vol. VIII, No.3 Sep.1962 North Carolina Marriage Bonds 1779-1800 Caswell Co. re Buckner Simms & Nancey Whitlock 1784
R1320 3 The Heritage of Alexander County, North Carolina Vol.I - 1986 by Sara C. Allen
R1321 6 The Heritage of Old Buncombe County North Carolina Vol I & II by Doris Cline Ward
R1322 4 The Heritage of Caswell County North Carolina 1985 by Jeannine D. Whitlow
R1323 3 The Heritage of Cleveland County [North Carolina] Vol.I 1982 by James D. Marler
R1324 3 The Heritage of Davidson County [North Carolina] 1982
R1325 4 The Heritage of Henderson County North Carolina Vol.II 1988 by George A. Jones
R1326 8 The Heritage of Iredell County [North Carolina] 1980
R1327 6 The Heritage of Montgomery County North Carolina 1981 by Winnie I. Richter
R1328 3 The Heritage of Person County [North Carolina] 1981 by Madaline Hall Eaker
R1329 4 The Heritage of Rockingham County North Carolina 1983 by Charles Dyson Rodenbough
R1330 7 The Heritage of Rowan County North Carolina Vol.I 1991 by Katherine Sanford Petrucelli
R1331 2 The Heritage of Rutherford County North Carolina Vol.I 1984 by William B. Bynum
R1332 3 The Heritage of Sampson County North Carolina by Oscar M. Bizzell
R1333 2 The Heritage of Stoke County North Carolina 1981 by John R. Woodward
R1334 2 The Heritage of Swain County North Carolina 1988 by Hazel C. Jenkins
R1335 9 The Heritage of Surry County North Carolina Vol.I 1983 by Hester Bartlett Jackson
R1336 2 The Heritage of Wake County North Carolina 1983 by Belvin & Riggs
R1337 2 The Heritage of Wayne County North Carolina 1982 by Mary Daniels Johnstone
R1338 3 The Heritage of Wilkes County [North Carolina] 1982 by Mrs. W.O. Absher
R1339 2 The Heritage of Wilkes County North Carolina Vol.II 1990 by Nancy W. Simpson
R1340 15 The Heritage of Yadkin County [North Carolina] 1981 by Frances Harding Casstevens
R1341 1 Cobb County, Georgia Will Index 1865-1941 re M.G. Whitlock 1921
R1342 2 Cobb County, Georgia 1840 Census by Waters, Lister & Parker re John Whitlock
R1343 5 Cobb County, Georgia Deed Book A, Vol.I by Betty White Lister re Milledge G. Whitlock
R1344 3 Cobb County, Georgia Deed Book A, Vol.II by Betty White Lister re Milledge G. Whitlock
R1345 2 Cobb County, Georgia in 1860 by Mary E. Martin, 1987 re Milledge G. Whitlock
R1346 11 Cobb County, Georgia Index to White Marriages 1865-1937 & Index to Colored Marriages 1865-1966 by Mary M. Hancock 1995
R1347 1 Cobb County, Georgia Cemeteries St.James Episcopal re Milledge G. Whitlock family
R1348 1 1860 Cobb Co. [Ga] Slave Owners re Milledge G. Whitlock
R1349 1 1870 Cobb Co. [Ga] Census re Milledge G. Whitlock
R1350 2 Cemetery Inscriptions of Fannin Co., Georgia by Helen Weaver Casada re Van Hook Cemetery Howard L. Whitlock (1967-1967)
R1351 3 Cemetery Survey of Dade County, Georgia 1992-1993 by P.C.W. Leavitt re Baptist Cemetery North of Trenton & Unknown between Trenton & Rising Fawn
R1352 2 DeKalb County Georgia Marriage Book 1840-1848 by Mary O. McCullough re William Whitlock & Penina Cash 1846
R1353 2 DeKalb County Georgia Marriage Book 1840-1848 by Mary S. Fisher re Robert S. Johns & Ruth E. Whitlock 1856
R1354 2 1850 Census of Georgia DeKalb County by Rhea Cumming Otto re Charles Whitlock 60 and William Whitlock 25
R1355 2 Dodge County [Ga] Newspaper Clippings re W.W. Whitlock & Miss Joel Whitlock 1934
R1356 3 Historical and Genealogical Collections of Dooly County Georgia Vol.III by Powell & Powell re David Moore Family Bible